Maid's Night Off



“Yes, Madame?”


“I am afraid that I have not found your work to be of a satisfactory standard, Selina.  You are slovenly, constantly late and you never seem to do what you have been asked to do on time and properly.”


“I see, Madame – when do you wish me to finish?”


“At the end of the week, Selina.”


“Very good, Madame”


The warm southern air was blowing in through the open window of Constance’s bedroom window.  She was sleeping peacefully beneath the silk sheets on her bed, with the wind blowing through her blonde hair and her short gold silk nightdress lying in folds over her skin.


 She turned over in her sleep, then opened her eyes as someone was speaking to her in her dream.


“Madame, madame……. Wake up madame.”


Constance slowly opened her eyes, and looking over her shoulder she was surprised to see Selina, the maid she had fired earlier that day, kneeling on the bed behind her.  The red-headed girl wasn’t wearing her maid’s uniform either – instead she had on a short sleeved roll necked black jumper, a black leather skirt and over the knee black leather boots.


“Selina…… What are you doing in my room?”


Selina looked around at the ornate red paper and hangings.


“You know, mistress – or may I call you Constance as I don’t work for you any more – this has to be one of the worst decorated rooms I have ever seen, and I’ve seen a few in my time.”


“Selina, I asked you what you were doing in my room – and what’s that noise?”


The sound of things been thrown was coming from the lower floor of her house.


“Oh, that,” Selina said, “that will be my friends who are robbing you, stripping your house bare of your antiques, your valuables, everything you have.”


Constance tried to sit up, but Selina grabbed her by the wrist.


“No, Constance, I don’t think you’re going anywhere.  Don’t try calling for the other servants either – they won’t be able to help you, or even answer at the moment.  You just stay here and let me show you what I can really do when I’m allowed to.”


Constance looked up at the redhead as she reached over and picked up a length of cord.


“Now, be a good girl and turn over, or I may be forced to do something you’ll regret.”


Selina pushed Constance over onto her stomach, and pulled the blonde’s wrists behind her back.  Crossing them in the small of her back, Selina wrapped the cord around her former employer and pulled it tightly, before cinching the rope and tying it off out of the reach of Constance’s prying fingers.


“Why are you doing this, Selina – is it because I fired you?”


“No, we were always going to do this, but you firing me today moved up the schedule.  I wanted payback, and this is just the start.  Now, be a good girl and sit up for me.”


As Selina pulled on her arms, Constance allowed herself to move to an upright position and sit with her legs over the edge of the bed.  “What have you done with the others?”  She asked as Selina produced a long length of rope and doubled it up.


“They’re sleeping soundly and deeply – a little something extra in their drinks tonight.  But I wanted you awake, Constance, so that you could have the full experience.  Now, I’m getting a little tired of hearing you talk.”


The former maid picked up a large dark blue bandana, and rolled it into a band before tying a knot in the middle.


“Open wide, bitch,” Selina said, but Constance refused to do so.  “Very well then, we do this the hard way.”  Selina grabbed ahold of Constance’s left nipple and squeezed hard.  As Constance cried out, Selina pushed the knot into her open mouth, then grabbing the ends of the bandana she pulled them round and tied them off at the base of her neck.


“There now – silence is golden after all.  Let’s just make sure you’re really nice and cosy, shall we mistress?”


Selina wrapped the doubled rope around Constance’s arms and chest below her breasts, and fed the ends through the centre hoop before pulling it tight, bringing Constance’s arms into her sides and holding them there.  The rope was then wrapped around her chest above her breasts, then twice more on top and bottom with the rope pulled tight each time.  The rope was then passed under her right arm, across the back of her neck and back under her left arm before being tied off in her back.


“There now, all nicely wrapped up and tightly tied.  I don’t think you’re going to be any trouble to me now, are you Constance?”


The bound woman looked over her shoulder at her captor.  The noise continued from downstairs, and she was sure she could hear her china being broken.


“Oops – well, you can’t make an omelette without breaking some eggs, as you would know if you had ever had the inclination to learn how to cook.  You never needed to, though, did you?  Always had someone else to do the work for you.


Well, tonight you discover what it is like to be at the beck and call of someone else, dearest Constance.  First, though, let’s just make sure you can’t run anywhere, hmmm?”


Selina slipped off the side of the bed, watching her victim all the time, and taking another length of rope she tied her victim’s ankles together, taking care to pass the rope between her ankles to cinch the bindings.  Satisfied that she had immobilised Constance as much as she wanted to at this point, Selina pushed the woman onto her back, and straddled her stomach.


“So, madame, what do you think I should do now?  After all, you are almost my slave, and you can’t stop me doing whatever I want to.  I mean, I could do this…”


Selina took hold of the spaghetti strap over Constance’s left shoulder, and gently pulled it down until it was under the ropes over the tope of her breasts.  Constance stared at her, trying to say “What do you think you are doing?”  All that could be heard, however, was “Wht d thnk ur dng?”


“I’m sorry, Constance, I didn’t quite catch what you were saying there.  Would you mind repeating it?”  As she said this, Selina leaned over her captive and slowly ran her right hand over Constance’s breasts, in a circular motion that had the effect of causing Constance to twist around.


“Oh come now,” Selina purred, “this doesn’t feel so bad, does it.  After all, many many men have done it to you, so why should it be any different because it’s a woman, hmm?”


Constance moaned through the gag in her mouth.  She was both horrified and slightly exhilarated by what was happening, but she was mostly frightened of what was going to happen next.


“I had better just see if I have bruised you where I pinched you earlier,” Selina softly whispered, and she pulled Constance’s slip down over her breast, revealing the pale pink skin to the night air.


“Oh that’s good,” she said, “I haven’t bruised it at all.  Here, let me rub it better for you.”  She started to rub her hand over Constance’s breast, and the bound woman turned over onto her side to try and prevent that continuing.


“Now, madame, I don’t think you really wanted to do that, did you?  Here – let me tell you exactly how I feel right now.”  Selina placed her right hand on Constance’s stomach, and softly combed through her hair with her left as she leaned over and whispered into her ear “I want you to know true ecstasy tonight, Constance, and I will be the one to teach you it.”


Leaning over, Selina ran her tongue over Constance’s right cheek in a slow and deliberate manner.  Constance closed her eyes and tried to scream, but the gag was too effective and all that escaped was more low moaning.


“Oh, I see you like that,” Selina said as she moved the other shoulder strap down over Constance’s shoulder.  “Well then, madame, let this be my parting gift to you before we part, never to see each other again.”


She rolled Constance back over, and straddled the helpless woman once more before taking her jumper off.  Constance stared at the now semi-naked woman, and tried to scream again as Selina lay down over her…….





 Constance woke with a start.  She looked around at the darkened room, and held the sheets close up to her.  A cold sweat was running down her as she listened carefully to see if there was any noise at all, but nothing could be heard.


“A dream – it was all just a bad dream” she said to herself as she turned over in the bed.


Standing there was Selina, dressed exactly as Constance had imagined her in her nightmare.


“You shouldn’t have fired me this morning, Madame – now I have to rob you tonight instead of later as planned.  I hope you enjoy this as much as I’m going to.”


As Selina produced a length of cord, Constance lay there frozen in fear, unable even to scream as her nightmare began to come true.