Marie’s Surprise Visitor







The fourth week of the lock-in was starting to get to Marie as she sat in her back garden.  Normally, she would have loved to lie in the hot sun, but given she had not really left the house for a month now, even that pleasure seemed far away.


Her dark brown hair was pulled back to the back of her head, the scoop neck of her peach top exposing the top of her chest as the sleeves came down to just over her elbows.  She was also wearing a short black skirt and footless black tights, with red sandals on her feet.


Lowering her head, she rubbed her forehead with her right hand while she was sitting in a white plastic garden chair.  Even this was getting boring, and she needed some sort of excitement, something to make the day pass more quickly…


Eventually, however, she stood up and walked back into the house, closing and locking the kitchen door behind herself before she poured some water into a glass, looking out into the back garden and shaking her head.


“It’s just so quiet,” she said to herself as she put the glass down, looking out again – and then catching a glimpse of a reflection in the mirror before the gloved hand was clamped over her nose and mouth, cutting off her air as she tried to break free and screamed.  Her struggles were futile however – the grip was too strong, as her eyes fluttered and then closed…




“Wha…  What happened,” Marie said as she slowly opened her eyes, and then realised she was sitting in the white plastic chair from outside – in her front room.


More worrying was the fact that her arms were heled firmly down to the arm rests, with thin zip ties tightly secured round her wrists and her elbows, the plastic biting into the flesh of her arms.  Worse still, her feet were up on the couch, and she could see the thin bands around her ankles and her legs, above and below her knees, the plastic pressing down on the thin black material.


“What the fuck – what’s going on here,” she called out as she wriggled round, unable to move her hands or feet – and then she felt two strong hands on her shoulders, as a deep male voice said “lady, be quiet, or I make sure you stay quiet.”


“No, I won’t be quiet,” Marie said “let me go you fucchhnnnnhhh…”  Her words were cut off as the large hand was clamped over her mouth, the dep voice saying “I told you to be quiet.  If you don’t stop screaming, I am going to stuff your mouth with the dirty panties I found in your laundry basket.  Your choice.”




“Care to try me,” the man said as he took his hand away, and she saw his other hand coming into view – the dark blue panties she had worn the previous night in his other gloved hand.  Her eyes opened wide as she shook her head from side to side, but the voice whispered into her ear “how can I trust you?”


“Please, no, don’t do that,” Marie whispered quietly, “I’ll be quiet.  Just tell me what you want.”


“You,” the man whispered into her ear, Marie struggling as she heard that, and then felt the pressure on her nose as he pinched it closed.  She tried to keep her mouth closed as well, but eventually she had to breath – then try not to be sick as he stuffed the panties into her mouth, whispering “do not spit them out” before he walked round and looked at her.


He was a big man, in his late forties by her reckoning, wearing a white t-shirt and jeans, with latex gloves over his hands, short cropped greying dark hair, a neat beard – and a complete stranger to her.  “Hhhreuhhh” Marie mumbled, trying not to retch at the taste of her sweat and other things.


“You will see,” he said quietly as he slipped her sandals off, Marie wriggling her painted toes as she looked at him – and then screwing her face up as he started to use his hands to massage her feet.  “Great – a flaming foot fetish freak” she said to herself as he used his thumbs and fingers to knead them, while she tried to twist herself free – with little success.


She could only watch as he put his lips over the big toe of her left foot, and then she felt him suck on it, looking at her as he moved along, sucking each toe in turn.  She could not understand why he was doing this – it was doing nothing to her, but it seemed to be doing something to him.


All she felt was the pain as the nylon bands rubbed in her wrists and ankles, as he continued to kiss, lick and play with her toes, making her want to retch almost as much as what was in her mouth…


But then he stopped and looked at her, before he stood up and walked behind her, picking up a knife as he did so.  Marie was petrified as she felt the flat of the blade on her neck, and then his hands as he started to grope her chest, saying “maybe this will make you more amenable” as his fingers sunk into her breasts.  She wanted to call for help, bur fear was filling her mind as she tried not to struggle, feeling the way her breasts were starting to respond to the assault and firm up, becoming larger almost as she watched…


“Lean forward.”


Marie did as he asked, feeling the pressure go from her neck before her arms were cut free – and just as quickly pulled behind her back, as she felt something soft being wrapped round her wrists and forcing them together.  It was as tight as the plastic, but still softer, as she realised he was using rope to tie her wrists together and stop her using her hands…


She could not see what he was using, but it was strong – and so was he, as she felt the binding tighten and then wriggled her fingers, probing, seeing if she could find any of the knot he had just tied – without success.  She felt him pull her back, his hands on her shoulders, and looked up into his dark eyes.


“You are going to behave, aren’t you?”




“Got a better idea,” he said as he looked at her, and then shoved her forward, before she saw the thin white rope as he passed it over her head, pulling it tight under her chest as she gasped out through the soaking wet soiled material that filled her mouth.  The surprise in the way he did it, with no warning, was nothing compared to the way it was making her feel as he wound the rope tightly round her upper body, two bands forming above and below her chest as he did so, framing her breasts as her top was stretched tightly over it.


Whoever this bastard was, he was not taking any chances, as the ropes were certainly holding her arms in place, and he was making damn sure she could not move her arms in any meaningful way.  But the way those bands were rubbing on her, especially on above her chest, where the bands were rubbing on her bare chest…


He then fed the rope under one arm, pulling it sharply up and pressing on her chest even more from below, before he pushed her head forward and pulled it round the back of her neck, then under her other arm as she let out an involuntary moan.  The bands were much tighter now, and she had to breath in and out through her nose in small gasps, trying to control the knot that was developing in her stomach, a knot of fear – or so she hoped.


Because if this was not fear…


She twisted her body round, the ropes rubbing on her before she felt his hands on her chest again – but somehow it was different this time.  Marie wasn’t sure why, but something felt very different from earlier – and as she felt her breasts firming up, felt his fingers as they danced over them, felt her body starting to feel a tingle, a small electric shock with each touch, each trace of his fingers.






A simple word, and yet the menace behind it was clear, as she twisted round –  then realised that the strange feeling she was experiencing seemed to increase in intensity with each rub of those ropes.  What the hell was going on?


The grip seemed to intensify , and then he pulled the chair away, Marie landing on the floor with a bump as she was dragged backwards, his grip on her chest firmer as he continued to grope, his fingers now stroking what she realised with a shudder where her very firm, very sensitive nipples.


Nipples which his gloved hands were now rubbing on as she felt him kneel behind him, pulling her back against him as continued to grope and move his hands over her.  What was worse, she could feel her body starting to shiver, hear a soft moan coming out of her mouth, and feel a slight dampness between her legs.


That was not the only thing she was feeling – there was also something her fingers were brushing against, a bump, something on him that was growing even as she touched it.


“Shit,” she thought as he pressed harder, forcing her hands against it as she closed her eye.  “Fuck, fuck, fuck…”  She now had a real feeling of what might be about to happen, as she felt her body start to respond even more to the relentless assault.


“Please, don’t do this,” she thought and tried to say, although all that came out was “Phllssdhdntdhthss.”


“Why not, when I can tell your body is craving this.”




Marie’s eyes closed as she continued the battle in her mind, trying to twist out of the way of his hands, and at the same time knowing she was beginning despite everything to crave the attention he was bestowing on her.  And the fact that as she rubbed against him, her fingers were also rubbing on that bulge, and she could feel it getting larger, stronger, throbbing…


He lifted Marie up, his hand snow under her arms as he made go clear of the floor, and then kneel, sitting back on her secured legs as he walked in front of her.  She could now see the bulge – and then the cause of the bulge as he pulled down the zip fastening of his pants, his cock falling out, large, and she could not take her eyes off it.


“You want those panties out of your mouth?”


It was a strange question for him to ask, but Marie figured that meant she would be able to call, scream for help, so she slowly nodded, opening her mouth wide as he pulled the damp – no, soaked panties out.


Before she got a chance to scream, however, he grabbed the back of her head and pulled it back by her hair, and then pushed his cock into her mouth, Marie opening her eyes even wider as she felt the organ on her tongue, pressing it down, the throbbing going through that and into her as he held her head.


She had no choice as she closed her lips over it, and then felt him press into her face as he thrust forward, moved back, thrust forward… with each move she was certain he was going to choke her, with each thrust his cock was going larger, filling her mouth as her lips became a seal, a seal he rubbed on each time he moved to and fro as he held her head firmly in her hands.


She could feel the effect it was having on him – and the effect it was starting to have on her as she closed her eyes.  She didn’t want this to happen, didn’t want him to do this, and yet as he grew larger, his grip unrelenting, the throbbing getting stronger and stronger… She was aware that she was also running her tongue over it, that she was sucking each time he thrust forward, that her body was starting to shake as if an electric current was running through it…


“Hhffhhkk” she mumbled as she sucked harder in response to him thrusting forward more, his sac pressing on her face as well, and his cock getting larger and larger with each passing second.  There was something else – a salty taste as she licked his cock, and she became aware of just how aroused he was…


Then she felt the jerk, and steeled herself as the hot, salty cum hit the back of her throat.  What she was not expecting was for her body to shake at the same time, as she felt the dampness between her legs suddenly increase – but she knew, instinctively, she had to swallow everything he was giving, or he would never let go of her head.  So she swallowed, as he just kept giving, taking everything she could as she wondered what was going to happen next.  Would this be enough for him?


Eventually, she felt his grip loosen and he pulled out, Marie gasping for breath as a thin white line ran down her chin.  “Fine,” she eventually said as she looked up at him, “you got to face fuck me, you got to have me, what else are you hnnhhnhhttgghnnn."


Her words were cut off as he stuffed her soiled panties back into her mouth – roughly rubbing it up her chin and forcing the cum back into her mouth – before he made her turn and forced her head down onto the cushion of the seat.  She then heard a ripping sound before her head was pulled back up, and she felt the pressure on her cheek before the duct tape was wound tightly round her head, covering her lips and stopping her from spitting them back out as a tight silver band formed round her head.


He then thrust her head back down onto the couch, before he started to grope her chest again – and then ripped her top off, the material parting as he pulled it off her breasts, and she felt his gloved hands directly on her as he squeezed her nipples hard.


“Why the fuck did I go commando,” she thought to herself, the salty taste now there and no way to get rid of it as he groped and teased her, the ropes just rubbing on her more and more with each bit of pressure, each pinch, each stroke over her body as she felt a fire growing inside her.








“Because you are afraid you are beginning to enjoy this?”


Marie’s eyes shot open, and at the same time he squeezed her breasts hard – and then she opened her eyes even wider and screamed as he attached a pair of sliver clamps to her nipples, and covered them over with tape.


The pain was excruciating, but somehow she managed to adapt to it, as another feeling ran through her – one that was reflected by the cool air that ran over her as he pulled her skirt off, her tights down, exposing her bottom.




Her words went unheard as she felt his hands on her bottom, squeezing them as he had her breasts, and somehow that was making her aroused as well.  She could feel the dampness getting greater between her legs, and his caress on her bottom, his hands moving round.


Moving between her legs…


She felt his hand playing with her, and she groaned at the touch, his gloved finger stroking her at the most precious of places, and her whole body started to shiver as he eased his finger past her petals, into her passage.


“Oh god, let him do it, get it over with,” she moaned as she closed her eyes, expecting him to spread her legs and enter her.  Well, this was half of what happened – specifically, as she opened her eyes and screamed into the cloth and tape, the part where he entered her behind, while his finger was still in her passage.


Her whole body started to shake as he thrust forward, a sensation she had never experienced before, a sensation she was damn sure she ever wanted to experience again, as he thrust forward and she felt his throbbing member there, sending shocks through her body as she felt the fire increasing elsewhere.


His hands then gripped her chest as she made her raise up, and kept pushing forward into her as he grew and expanded inside her.  She knew what was coming from him – what she had not expected was what was happening within her as he did this…




When the orgasm hit her, Marie had never felt anything like it before, her whole body shaking as she became aware of the flow into her from behind as well, and his groans as he did so.  It was too much for her, as she let out a long, deep moan and allowed her body to fall into the pleasure she was experiencing.


How long it lasted, she had no idea – time seemed to stand still for so long – but eventually she felt him withdraw, and she fell forward, panting through her nose as she tried to process what had just happened.  She could hear him doing something behind her, and then she felt the pressure on her legs released as he cut away the plastic strips at her ankles and legs, and pulled her tights completely off.


She was aware of him turning her over, sitting her on the floor, and of him spreading her legs apart as she opened her eyes, her vision misty as she saw him doubling over a length of cord and kneeling down.  Marie looked to the side as he bent her right leg, and then tied her ankle to her thigh, the rope going around and between both parts of her leg as he secured them together, then between them to make it tighter.


She turned her head slowly as she watched him secure her other leg, and then push them apart before he tore a strip of tape from the roll.


“Close your eyes.”


She slowly nodded as she closed her eyelids and felt the pressure on them as the tape was smoothed into place, and then she felt a gentle touch on her sex.  She could still feel the dampness, and now she felt his lips as he kissed her there, felt his tongue as he gently licked up the flesh, taking her fluids into himself.


She could not see a thing, but she could certainly feel it, and she could feel the tingle in her as he kissed her, licked her, used her tongue to tease her – she twisted round, and that made him lick her more, she could feel his lips on her, his tongue on her, his tongue in her…


“Ohhhshwwttthlhrrddd,” she moaned as she felt him slip past her petals, probe her, feel that most special spot as his tongue ran over it and made her shake once more.  The groans were softer now as she involuntarily pushed her body up to him, and she felt his face on her again – but this time she was not fighting, this time she was submitting, wanting to feel him, wanting to feel him press against her, feel him inside where he should be, where any man should be.


Marie was amazed when she felt him enter her, gripping him and discovering his recuperative powers were amazing – particularly as she could feel the throbbing and the size of him inside her as he pushed forward, raising her hips to meet him as he did so, moving in time with him, gripping him with her muscles as she felt her body starting to shake again.  She was naked, trussed, the ropes rubbing on her in all ways and directions as she twisted round, and she wanted him to satisfy her again.



So when he came, she groaned and shook as well, their orgasms synchronised as they both screamed with pleasure, before she slumped to the ground, and she drifted off to sleep…




As she opened her eyes, Marie realised she could not see, her eyes still covered in the tape.  Her body felt cool damp, as she realised she was still naked, still bound, the sweat on all of her body, her ankles tied behind her to the chest ropes.


“Has he gone,” she thought to herself as she struggled – and then she felt the gloved hand on her body, the voice whispering into her ear.


“I haven’t gone – I will be staying for the quarantine period, and we are going to have such fun together…”


Marie groaned and also smiled under the tape – what could possibly happen next…







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