No Workout Today

No, no, no no no no,

No no no no, there’s no limits.

No no, no no no no,

No no no no, no no there’s no limits!


The thumping music was the sign to the other condo owners that C C Winkleman had started her morning aerobics workout again.  By now they had all grown used to it, so went about their business trying to ignore that rhythmic thumping.


Which was a great pity, as on this particular day C C was not having a workout.  At least, not the one she usually had – and the way she felt as she looked up, she wasn’t sure when she would next do aerobics again………….





“Good Morning, People, and its 6 am in the morning.  This is Tommy Toonan on K-YZZ with your Morning Glory.  Coming up are the latest from Springstein and classics from Led Zeppelin, but first here’s the news.


Police are still searching for the so-called ‘Dawn Raider’ who has attacked and robbed six women in their homes over the last fortnight.  Police Chief Brannigan has warned young women to be alert and watch out for any strange men in their neighbourhood, and to call their local precinct office if they see anything suspicious.


In other local news…”


Catherine Claudette turned off her radio and made her way down to the kitchen.  She followed the same routine every day – a large drink of orange juice, then into the gear for a full hour workout before she got ready for work.  Stretching and yawning, she opened the fridge door to get the juice, and fumbled in the cupboard for a glass.


Looking out of her condo window, she saw the sun begin to rise over the town.  She slowly drank thinking of the day ahead and the work she had to do for her creep of a boss.  On the other hand, he may be a creep but she had the evidence to put him down if he ever tried anything.


Shrugging her shoulders, she placed the glass on the side and headed for the room to get changed.  She failed to notice, however, that she had left a window open, and a hand had slowly started to open the window wider.


CC, as everyone called her, went into her room and removed her robe.  Pulling on a pair of pants, she went into her cupboard and retrieved her workout gear.  She placed her arms through her pink sports top, and fastened it at the front, then pulled on the black and pink mid-length shorts.  Long sports socks and trainers completed the ensemble, as CC made her way to her front room.


Searching through her DVD collection, she found the latest “Workout with Wanda” DVD and made to put it into the DVD player.  As she turned round, she was stopped by the man standing in her living room, wearing a t-shirt and jeans and pointing a knife at her as he put a bag down on the floor.


“Don’t move an inch – this is a robbery.”


CC turned and ran for the door, but the man was too quick and grabbed her by the wrist.  Pulling her arm behind her back, he put the knife up to her throat and whispered in her ear “I told you not to move – now don’t do that again!!”


“What do you want?”  CC choked out.


“Money, valuables, and for you to behave yourself – not in that order.  Now stand still and put your hands behind your back.”


CC nodded, realising that it was better for her to do as he said and try to do something later, and placed her hands behind her back.  The man pulled a length of cord from his pocket, doubled it up and began to wrap it around CC’s wrists, pulling them tightly together.  After he had wrapped the rope around a few times, he began to cinch it between her wrists.


“What’s your name?” he asked as he knotted the rope out of reach of her fingers.




“I just want to know who I’m robbing,” he said as he produced a longer length of rope from his bag and began to find the ventral point.




“Well, CC, you are a very well built young woman – a point I am about to emphasise for you.”


With that, he passed the rope around CC’s chest below her breast, and pulled the ends through the loop he had made behind her back, trapping her arms tightly against her side as he did this.  He then began to methodically pass the rope around her chest, alternately above and below her breasts, and pulling the rope tight each time.  After he had done this three times, he passed the rope several times around the loops behind her arms.  This had a number of effects, one of which was to tighten the ropes around CC’s chest so that they cut slightly into her arms, and another of which was to make her already ample breasts more prominent.


This added build to CC had another, not altogether pleasant effect on her as the fastening at the front of her sports top began to come slightly undone under the additional strain.  CC Looked down and began to shout out “You can’t do this to me – I refuse to be left in such a state.  Who knows what you’ll do next?”


In response, the young man pressed a button on her DVD player, and the workout disc began to play.  “I think we need to make sure you can’t be heard”, he said, taking a white scarf from his bag and folding it into a thick band.


“Oh no, you can’t do that, I promise I won’t scream again!”


“I know you won’t” he said as he pulled the rolled up scarf tightly into CC’s mouth, and knotted the ends off under her long blonde hair at the base of her neck.  The thick scarf made talking nearly impossible, and even if she could the music was starting to play loudly.


“Now, you sit down and I’ll make you more comfortable,” the man said, and as CC sat down he produced three lengths of rope from the bag.


He knelt down in front of her, and in short order had looped a length of rope around her ankles, just above the shoes, and started to lash them together.  Tying the knots under the bindings, he then lashed her legs together below and above her knees, in each case taking care to make sure the bindings were cinched between her legs.


As he stood up, CC looked at the intruder, as the workout disk went into the main session.


“All right, now ladies, move with the beat!!


No, no, no no no no,

No no no no, there’s no limits.

No no, no no no no,

No no no no, no no there’s no limits!”


“All right, CC, I have to go and raid your flat now.  You just sit here, and you’ll be just fine.”


The intruder left the room, and CC began to test the ropes around her to see if it was possible to get any purchase and start to loosen them.  As the music pumped out from the television set, she twisted and turned, but failed to find a way to loosen her bindings.


She did notice in her struggles, however, that the intruder had not disconnected her phone, and that started her thinking.  “If I can just get on my feet, maybe I can make my way over and call for help….”


CC was at on the floor near a condenser unit, so she moved her way over to place her back up against it.  Looking round to make sure the intruder was not returning, she placed her feet flat on the floor and tried pushing down.  It took several attempts, and she was starting to sweat from the effort, but eventually, she managed to get on her feet and stand against the unit with her knees bent.


“And PUSH down on those legs, and back up, and down, and up – let’s keep doing those squat thrusts!!”


Slowly, gradually, she pushed herself up to an almost standing position, although to her regret the effort made her sports top become slightly more undone than before.  Ignoring her predicament on that front, and concentrating on the more immediate situation she was in, she began to slowly shuffle over towards the telephone table, the workout routine continuing in the background.


“and left….. and right….. and left…. And right…. Keep those legs moving, ladies….”


CC felt a small measure of triumph as she drew nearer and nearer to the telephone, and she had almost made it when……


“Oh dear – so you decided you would have a workout after all, did you?”


She turned round to see the man standing in the doorway, his bag closed but obviously full of items, and a smile on his face.


“You really do have a lovely body – these workouts must really do you good.  I am afraid to say, however, that this one is now over.”


Walking over to her, he pulled the phone from the socket in the wall, and stood in front of her.


“Now, what am I going to do with you before I make my getaway, hmm?”


CC looked at him with eyes full of panic, as he picked her up over his shoulder and carried her out of the front room….




It was noon when CC’s boss arrived at her flat, concerned that she had not arrived fro work that day.  Finding the door open, her came in and called out “CC?  Are you in here?”


The sound of muffled screams came from a room at the rear of the building, and her boss followed the cries to her bedroom.


There, on the bed, was CC – her wrists and ankles joined together in a strict hogtie, and her sports top completely undone at the front but still in place thanks to the tight ropes around her body.  She had been crying, and the gag in her mouth was heavy and sodden with saliva, but otherwise she was unharmed.  The assailant she described was indeed identified as the Dawn Raider, but he had escaped to possibly strike another day.