Office Politics




George Kavanagh looked up as the door opened and Sarah, his legal secretary, walked in.  In her late twenties, she looked every inch the professional she was, with her strawberry blonde hair pulled back and a light grey scrunchie keeping it in a pigtail.  She adjusted her horn rimmed glasses and smiled as she took the seat her boss indicated.


George looked at her as she sat there, pen poised over her legal pad.  She was wearing a grey jacket and skirt with a light check in the material, and a thin belt fastened around her waist to keep her jacket tightly fastened.  From the small peek of skin George could see between the lapels, he wondered just what she was wearing under there.  For her part, Sarah crossed her white stockinged legs and looked at her boss.


“You wanted to see me, Mister Kavanagh?” she said with a smile.  George returned the smile and leaned back as he pressed a button on his desktop intercom.


“Miss Jenkins, would you join us in here for a few minutes please?” he said, and then turned to Sarah.  “It’s just an administrative matter, Sarah – I need your supervisor in here when I tell you why I called to see you today.”


“Have I done something wrong?” Sarah asked as the door opened and Jodie Jenkins came in.  She was a few years older than Sarah, with shoulder length dark hair that fell over the collar of her red blouse.  She smiled at Sarah and took a seat slightly behind her, a legal pad in her hand as well.


“Sarah, I wanted you to know that I have been extremely impressed with your work over the last few months – you have shown an attention to detail and form that have been very beneficial to the firm.”


“Why, thank you, Mister Kavanagh,” Sarah said as she started to relax.  Obviously her work was going extremely well, and she felt she was about to be rewarded for her efforts.


“Indeed,” George said as he stood up and walked round the desk, “You have been very helpful to the company.  So much so that we feel you need to have something in recognition of all the extra hours you have put in at the office to keep that standard so high.”


“Extra hours,” Sarah said as she lowered her pad.  “I don’t quite know what you mean.”  George smiled as he picked up a manila file that was on the table.  “We have here all the times you entered and left the building, Sarah – all of them, even the late night visits that you made.  While we reward diligence here, interfering in other aspects of our work tends to be frowned on, and it appears you have been a very inquisitive little girl in your night time visits.”


Like a cheetah, Sarah threw her pad on the floor and started to run for the door.  The big surprise to her was how fast Jodie moved, grabbing her from behind before she had taken more than two steps and holding her left arm with one arm while the other hand gagged her mouth.


“Come now, Sarah,” George said as he sat back on the desk, Jodie tightening her grip over her mouth as she tried to reach back and hit her, “Did you think we would not figure out who was looking into the darker parts of our work?  I’m afraid, good as your disguise was, and we still worked out who you really worked for.”


Jodie continued to press down on Sarah’s mouth as she struggled to break free of her grip, the front of her jacket opening slightly to show the slightly embarrassing fact that the only thing underneath was a very skimpy bra.  As her eyes slowly closed, the last thing she saw clearly was George Kavanagh saying “We’ll talk later,” with a smile that faded into blackness.


“What are we going to do with her, boss?” Jodie asked as she dropped Sarah onto the ground.  “I don’t know yet – but let’s make sure she can’t cause any more trouble.  Why don’t you loosen her clothing while I sort out some rope?”


Jodie smiled as she opened Sarah’s jacket and pulled the lapels either side of her breasts.  Picking up a knife from a table drawer, she carefully cut the straps on her bra and between the cups, pulling the material away and letting her pale pink breasts fall down her chest.  Reaching behind her, she unfastened her skirt and gently pulled it down so that it fell on the floor as George returned with a set of white ropes.


“You take care of her wrists,” he said as he handed Jodie a length of rope, “and I’ll secure her ankles.”  Placing her ankles together, he wrapped the rope around them and pulled them together as Jodie crossed and bound her wrists together, making sure the rope went between her wrists as she did so.  Sarah moaned as the ropes were tightened, but showed no signs of coming to.  Taking a longer length, she wrapped it around her waist to hold her secured wrists in the small of her back, before using an even longer length and passing it around her arms and chest below her breasts, securing the open jacket so that the lapels fell either side of her front.


As Jodie passed more and more loops around Sarah’s upper body, above and below her breasts, George started to tie the comatose girl’s legs together with loops of rope above and below her knees, making sure they were tightly held together.  Jodie passed the loose ends of the rope around Sarah’s neck and shoulders tucking the rope under the lapels of her jacket as the ropes pulled up the loops below her breasts and made her front raise and stick out.


“Who is she working for, then,” Jodie said as she checked her knots.  “No idea yet,” George said as he rummaged in a desk drawer, “and I’m not sure she’d tell us anyway.  Pick up that bra, will you?”


Jodie bent over, her short black skirt rising up as she plucked the lace material from the floor.  “What have you got in mind?” she asked as George took a roll of white bandage out of the drawer, an evil smile playing on his lips.




“Ah, Sarah – glad to see you’re back with us.”


Sarah groaned as she slowly opened her eyes to se George sat on the other side of the desk from her.  She stared back at him as her eyes came into focus, trying to ask what had happened, but all that she heard was a muffled moan.  Looking down below her glasses, she saw a white band wrapped around the lower half of her face, and moving her tongue around her mouth she realised the cloth like taste was more than just a bad sleep.


“Glad to see you are awake,” she heard Jodie say, and turning her head she saw the dark haired woman sat behind her, pad and pen in hand.  “Take a letter, Miss Jenkins,” George said, and Sarah screamed through her gag as Jodie smiled and raised her pen.


“To whom it may concern,


“This is to inform you that the package accompanying this letter has been found to be wanting in terms of loyalty to the company, and that a career readjustment is necessary for her to fulfil her obvious talents.


“I would like to recommend her for the re-training program, and ask that you show every consideration to ensure that she completes the activities required.”


Sarah was struggling in the chair, trying desperately to get free from the constricting ropes as Jodie continued to take the letter down.


“I am sending the package with my assistant, Miss Jenkins, to ensure that safe delivery is completed, and I look forward to hearing from you as to the completion of her training.


“Yours faithfully, etc, etc, etc…”


George stood up and walked round the desk.


“Have that typed up for my signature in one hour, Miss Jenkins.  I leave Sarah in your capable hands.”


Sarah followed him with her eyes as he walked out of the room, Jodie placing the pad on the desk as the door opened and closed.  “Well now,” she said as the door closed, “How will we pass the time, hmm?”  Sarah screamed again to try and raise the alarm, but to no avail as nobody heard her muffled calls.


Her eyes widened as she assessed the seriousness of her situation, before she fell back into the chair.  Jodie merely crossed her legs and put her hands together as Sarah let her head fall down, the ends of the rope flapping as she did so.


“I know,” Jodie said as she stood up, “Let’s play a game of truth or dare.  Ready?”




“Well now, wasn’t that fun?”


Sarah stared up as Jodie finished typing the letter up on her computer.  She had been moved off the chair and was now lying on the floor, her glasses having slipped slightly down her nose as a result of the struggling.


“I find a good tickling always relieves the tension a little,” Jodie said as she placed a sheet of paper on George’s desk, “but we need to be serious for a moment.”  She walked round and stood in front of Sarah, her legs apart either side of the blonde’s head.


“It’s a pity really – if we had spotted your talents earlier, there is a real chance that we might have recruited you.  As it is, however, we cannot keep you here any longer.  It would have been nice to know who you were working for, but perhaps one day we will find out.”


Sarah started to roll over onto her side, looking up at Jodie as she looked through a file she had in her hands.  She tried to call out, to offer a deal, but the gag was preventing any understandable sounds emerging from her mouth.


“Oh I’m sorry, were you trying to scream for help, to offer a deal?”  Jodie looked down at the bound woman, a sad smile on her face.  “It’s too late, Sarah – I’m just going to fetch a van round, and then we’ll have you packed up for transport.  Won’t that be fun?”


As Jodie left Sarah in the room, she rolled onto her back and arched her body in a desperate attempt to try and loosen the ropes around her.  The cold air around her panties was making Goosebumps rise on the bare skin between them and the tops of her stockings, but that wasn’t her real fear.  From what she had discovered of the other activities of this company, she was probably about to take a long flight – and not come back.


She rolled back over onto her stomach and watched the drawer, thinking through various options as she did so.  As the footsteps walked up and down outside, she tried to reach round with her fingers to where her watch was secured by the ropes around her wrists, struggling to reach the button that she used to adjust the time.


As the door started to open, and Jodie walked back in with a man in overalls pushing a crate, she finally pressed the button and allowed herself to relax.  With luck, the emergency signal would be picked up before they reached any airport, and then things might be slightly different….


“Time to go,” Jodie said as the man picked Sarah up and deposited her in the box.  As the lid closed on her, she waited patiently for her rescue, hoping that the team would not take too long.  She knew how The Baroness hated to lose any of her operatives…