Party Girl

Amy could still hear the music from the band in her head as she slowly started to wake up, the smell of her talcum powder permeating the air and her nostrils. That was some party, she thought to herself as she lay there, allowing her body to slowly come to full consciousness. It had been her friends fortieth, and she had held a theme night of Dress as in your youth.


Well, no problem for Amy, as she liked to dress in clothes that made her look younger than she was. For this occasion, she had chosen a black leather strapless corset-like top, which hugged her body and chest, and a pair of denim shirts over her favourite dark pantyhose. A pair of patent black leather shoes with three inch heels had completed the ensemble.


My arms feel stiff, she thought as she lay there, as if theyve been stuck in the same position for a while. She had a bit of an itchy nose as she lay there with her eyes closed, but as she tried to bring her hand down to scratch it she found to her horror that she was unable to move it.


What the hell, she said as she tried pulling harder - at least, she tried to say that, but what she heard was whtthl... There had been a taste like old cotton in her mouth, and up to that point she had thought it was just the effect of one drink too many. Now, as she tried to move her tongue, she realised that it wasnt that - it was something stuffed in her mouth, and she could now feel whatever it was around her jaw keeping that in.


SHT she called out as she realised her wrists were bound above her, and the fact she could not move her legs was probably due to the fact they were bound as well. She finally opened her eyes, only to see an opaque white screen over them.


Whtthlsgng, she called out as she lay there, pulling frantically at the ropes until she heard a door opening and footsteps coming in.




I watched her lying there, struggling with her arms bound to the headboard and her legs tied together, the rope crossing over her lower legs as it held them together.


It had been a simple matter to take her from the party - she had already had a few to drink, and was showing the effect. I doubt if she even remembers the man who offered her a lift home when she fell against me.


I had brought her, laid her gently out, tied the bandana into her mouth and blindfolded her before tying her in place. I had my reasons - I had a job to do, and this lovely lady was going to play a part in that job.


Still, doesnt mean I cant have some fun, so I walk to the bed, reach under her legs and tickle the back of her knee, laughing as she starts to thrash her legs about.





Mmsmammammmffmfdfhhhhhh, Amy said as she felt the fingers stroking the back of her legs. She had always been incredibly ticklish there, and as whomever it was continued to move his fingers there she rolled from side to side, desperately trying to get her legs out of the way of her assailant.


She could hear the squeak of her shoes as they rubbed up against each other, and the sweat on her shoulder blades, but as the torture continued all she could do was squirm and go PSALLSASDLAASLSDsflDDSLDSTTTPPPPTTTTT as loudly as she could. Eventually, the torture ended, and Amy was relieved to feel somebody untying whatever was holding her arms in place. As she felt the pressure lessen, she brought her hands down onto her lap and rubbed her wrists, wondering what was next.


She heard someone say Do not remove the blindfold, do not remove the gag, and then felt her wrist been crossed in her lap. Plsltmg," she mumbled, but as she felt what she was sure was rope been wrapped round her crossed wrists she realised she was still going to be held captive. She lay still, wondering what was going to happen next.






She looked absolutely gorgeous lying there, her long brown hair falling down her neck under the blindfold. As I pulled her hands up over her head and tied the rope to the centre of the headboard, I wondered just how long I could carry out the torture for, until I felt she was ready to tell me what I needed to know.


I decided to move to stage two, and rolled her onto her stomach, noting the way she raised her legs as I did so. Sitting by her side, I reached over and gently, delicately started to tickle her in her armpits.


The result was instantaneous - she started to laugh and say MMMGDFMGDFGMGDMFPLSDDDNNT through the bandana gag as she tried to squirm out of the way. I could hear her shoes squeaking, as well as he top as it moved on the sheet. Bliss, sheer bliss.


I wasnt about to stop soon anyway, so I kept tickling her, watching as she thrashed her legs around to make sure she did not kick me. As she did so, she managed to kick one of her shoes off, so I did the only decent thing - I removed her other shoe, placed both of them on the floor, and started to tickle her nylon covered soles.


Well, I thought she was ticklish behind her knees, but as I stroked her feet she went absolutely wild. MSGDSGGDDASDPLSDNTSTTOPPPPPSTPPPP, she called out as I tickled them, first the soles and then each toe, as she tried desperately to get them out of my grip.


I felt she was now ready to talk, so I stopped for the moment and let her feet fall to the floor.





Listen carefully, Amy heard the voice say again, Im going to take the gag out of your mouth, but you have to promise me you wont scream or do anything stupid. Do you promise?


Ysss, Amy said through her pants as she tried to regain her composure. She felt something been loosened at the back of her neck, and then whatever was holding the cloth in her mouth been removed. As she pushed the sodden sloth out with her tongue, she felt a hand underneath her face catch it and take it away.


Whhhh... What do you want? Why have you kidnapped me?


Oh, I need your help with something, Amy - will you do that?


Wha... What if I dont?


She felt her ankles been pulled up, and then something been tied around a belt loop at the back of her shorts. As she tried to lower them down, she realised that her kidnapper had tied her ankles to the shorts, leaving her feet in the air, vulnerable, available.


Oh God, no, please don't, donnnhhahahahahahahahahahhhh, she laughed as she felt her feet been tickled again, mercilessly, her body shaking at the sensations it was generating in her. This carried on, for how long she was not sure, until the stroking stopped and she heard the man say Now, Amy, are you going to tell me what I want to know.


Alll.....All right, Ill tell you, but I really need to go to the toilet. Will you let me do that?


First things first, Amy - your password to your works computer please.


I cant give you thaaaahahhshahshdhsadhhsdhhhahshhhththtt, she exploded as the tickling started again, until she screamed ALL RIGHT - all right, Ill give you it. She reamed off a sequence of letters, listening as somebody typed them out on a keyboard. Eventually she heard the man say All right - you may have a toilet break, but the blindfold stays on.


She felt the ropes been removed, before she was rolled over and helped to sit up. As she rubbed her wrists, somebody took hold of her arm and helped her to stand up, taking her for a short walk, before she felt her shorts and panties been pulled down, and she was sat on a toilet.




As she stood up, she heard her captor say here, and she was handed a sheet of toilet paper. Wiping herself, she let it drop behind her as she felt her panties and shorts been pulled back up.


I dont understand - what do you need access to my work computer for, she said as she felt herself been guided back to wherever she had been before.


Why, I want to rob your company, and you have access to the bank account, the voice said in a completely matter of fact way. I wont be a part of that, Amy said as she was stopped.


Well see - hands behind your back please, to I use the knife I have in my hand to hurt you.


Amy could feel the cold steel against her bare arm, so she moved her hands behind her back, standing still as she felt her wrists been crossed and more rope been tied around and between them, securing them tightly together.


You dont have to do this, she said as she felt more rope been passed around her arms behind her back, Ill do whatever you ask me tooooooo. As she talked, she felt the rope pulling her arms together, and been wrapped around and across her arms and her back.


Im sure you will, the voice said as Amy felt her arms been pulled up her back, but this way I can work and make sure you wont do anything stupid. Now then, lie face down on the bed.


What are you going to dmdsmmmdg, Amy said as she felt the scarf been pulled back between her lips, gagging her before she was gently laid on the bed and rolled onto her stomach.


Youll see, the voice said as he crossed her ankles and bound them together again, before using one last length to secure her in a hog tie, the rope going from her ankles to her wrists. Patting her on the bottom, he left Amy on the bed and returned to wherever he was going.




I watched her from the table where I had set up my laptop, enjoying the scene as she rolled around on the bed, moaning through her gag and trying to get herself loose. It was a beauty to behold as I heard her say thssrdcls as she rolled over onto her side, her head tilted back as she tried to move either her gag or her blindfold out of position.


Turning my attention back to the screen, I watched as the transaction I had typed in started to begin. I knew it was going to take a few minutes before it was completed, so I decided there would be enough time to have a little fun.





Amy stopped struggling after a few minutes, as she felt the pressure on her knees lessen as the rope holding her ankles to her wrist was removed.


Thnks, she mumbled as her feet hit the mattress she now knew she was lying on, the tassels from her top lying down as she lay on her side before stretching her legs back and out. As she was rolled back onto her stomach, and she felt the rope around her ankles slacken, Amy started to believe that her kidnap might be coming to an end.


So when she felt her assailant hold tightly onto one of her ankles, and the rope tighten round it again, she looked down and said whrudngn?She felt her leg been pulled to one side, and secured in place, then the other ankle, before somebody knelt on the bed behind her.


Amy groaned as she felt hands reaching round her body, as the voice said Dont worry, Amy, Im not going to hurt you. She smelt again the talcum powder as the hands stroked her stomach, and she closed her eyes, trying not to react as they stroked her stomach, down her sides, around her bottom, and down her legs - especially when they moved slowly down her legs, feeling her up as they progressed from her hips to her toes.


She tried squirming out of the way again, even though secretly she had to admit she was enjoying the attention, and the sensations she was feeling. Something about been totally helpless like this was arousing her, as it had done before but she was not sure if she should show how she was reacting.


That question was answered when she involuntarily let out a low moan, and her captor said I knew you would like that - shall I go further? Mmmmmpls, Amy found herself saying, but a pinging sound seemed to attract the attention of her captor instead, as the mattress seemed to be raised when he left the bed.





Always the case - just when I think Im going to enjoy myself, work gets in the way. The transaction is complete, and I have a message from my employer telling me he wants to emit in half an hour. Bloody typical.


Im sorry, Amy, I say as I go back to the bed, But I have to go now. Let me just secure your ankles again, so that you have a chance to get free.


I untied her ankles from the legs at the foot of the bed, and re-tied them together side by side, leaving her lying face down on the bed. Before I left, there were two things I wanted to do.


The first was easy, as I started to tickle the stocking soles of her feet again. She laughed, actually laughed as she once again tried to get her feet away from my fingers, and twisted round on the bed. PLSstptpptpptp, she eventually said, and I let her feet go, retrieving something from my case before I closed it.


A little something to remember me by, I said as I slipped it into her shorts, against her crotch, before pressing a little button on the top and leaving her alone.





MDGDSSDNNNNN Amy screamed as she felt the vibration start between her legs, and her powerless to stop it. She started to thrash around again on the bed, rolling form side to side as she was driven to distraction by the vibrating, the sensations, the way she was feeling warmer and warmer under her shorts - and not from the exertion.


How long she did this for, she had no real way of knowing - just the passing of time by the increasing feelings of pleasure she was getting. As she rolled on the bed, however, she felt the blindfold over her eyes loosen and start to slip.


Controlling herself for a moment, she rubbed the side of her head up and down on the pillow her head was somehow lying on, until she finally managed to push it up and off her eyes. Blinking, she looked round and realised she was on her own bed, in her own bedroom, been driven mad by the device the intruder had stuffed down her shorts.


She looked down her body, seeing the white rope around her ankles, and as she craned her neck round she saw the way her wrists and arms were secured. She could also see her handbag, lying on the bed, and as she squirmed her way down, fighting the growing tingling in herself the whole time, she hoped whoever had left her like this had not searched her beg thoroughly.


Turning herself over, she looked over her shoulder as she tipped the bag over, and found the small black rectangle she was looking for. Picking it up in one hand, she turned it over and pressed the end down; dropping it in the assurance the silent alarm at the office would work.


She lay there, panting and sweating, and decided to let the feelings she was fighting wash over her, completely and totally, as she waited and moaned at the way her body was reacting. If she had to wait for Security to come and find her, she may as well enjoy the time...






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