Playing Her Own Games










“This is Ronnie Jane, ABC Channel 7, wishing you all a very good night.”


“And we’re out,” the floor manager said as Ronnie gathered up her papers, and smiled as she walked off the newsroom set.  As she walked along, the same thought that had come to mind every day for the last month came to mind...


She looked over at Maggie as she lay on her bed the bands of rope around her school majorette’s outfit meaning she was unable to do more than squirm around, as a length of rope held her bound ankles to the foot of the bed.  White tape covered her mouth – just as it covered her own, keeping the sponge ball in her mouth as it soaked up the saliva.


Her own arms were tied just as tightly, the rope rubbing on the tan coloured leather slip dress she was wearing.  The masked man had then taken her to her room, and made her show him where her valuables were, before he had laid her on her own bed, binding her legs at the ankles and knees, pulling them back so that he could secure her ankles to her chest ropes, and then carrying Maggie in to face her on the bed and bind her in the same way.


The police had arrived three hours later, Maggie having fallen asleep as Ronnie had watched her, wondering why she felt the way she did...




“Oh, sorry Kate,” she said as she looked at the director, “I was miles away.”


“I noticed – are you still having those flashbacks?”


“Yeah – I mean, I know I shouldn’t, but...”


“It’s understandable – after all, he sounded as if he was a real charmer.”


Ronnie sat down, her leather skirt creaking as she crossed her legs, and said “I know, but he was still an armed robber, no matter how he approached it.”


“Are you sure that is all that’s bothering you?”


“What do you mean?”


“Look,” Kate said, “when I was robbed, I was offered a form of therapy that might benefit you as well, but it needs a level of trust from you.  Would you be willing to try it with me?”




“Well, more of a role play.  Why don’t you come round to my place tomorrow lunchtime, and we can come into the office afterwards together?”




As Ronnie rang the doorbell at Kate’s apartment, she looked nervously round.  She was wearing a black leather jacket over a round necked white top, black jeans and a pair of over the knee black suede boots, with little leather studs around the top.


“Hey – come away in,” Kate said as she opened the door.  The blonde was wearing a red blouse, open at the neck, and a pair of designer jeans with black ankle boots.


“Thanks,” Ronnie said, looking round as she came in and took her jacket off, “nice place you have here.”


“Thanks – want some coffee?”


“Sure,” she said as she sat in the front room, waiting until Kate brought through two mugs of coffee and set them down.


“So, about your flashbacks...”


“Yeah – you said you had been given a form of therapy?”


“I did,” Kate said as she sipped her coffee, “but I want you to approach it with an open mind, all right?”


“You make it sound as if I may not like it?”


“That depends – you’ve heard of flight aversion therapy?”


“Yeah – if someone is afraid of flying, they attend a class, and then are taken on a short flight to confront their fears.  What about it?”


“Well,” Kate said as Ronnie sipped her coffee, “that approach can work in other areas – including the situation you face.”


“Hang on,” Ronnie said as she set her mug down, “you’re not seriously suggesting...”


“Actually, I am.  When that bastard tied me to the bed, and I could not get the image out of my head, the therapist took me through what he did, in a safe and calm situation.  I realised what it was I was afraid of, and moved on from there.”


Ronnie sat with the mug in her hands, thinking over what Kate was saying.  “So you’re saying by you taking me through the experience again, I can come to terms with what happened, and move on.”


Kate nodded as she said “so, is this something you are willing to do with me Ronnie?”


“I don’t know...”


“Look,” Kate said, “would it help if I told you I do know what I’m doing, and I will not hurt you in any way?”


Ronnie nodded slowly as she said “if it means I can finally start to put this behind me, then yes – so what do we do?”


“Finish your coffee,” Kate said as she stood up, “I hoped you would, so I made sure I had what we were going to need to hand, based on what you told me happened.” She walked quickly out of the room, Ronnie finishing her coffee as she said “what the heck have I just agreed to...”


“All right,” Kate said as she put a bag down on the coffee table, and sat next to her friend, “turn round, Ronnie, and put your hands behind your back.”


Slowly, Ronnie turned round and moved her hands behind her back, biting her bottom lip as she felt Kate wrap some rope around her bare wrists, and then secure them together, taking the rope around and between her arms before she tied the ends off and tucked them into the binding.


“There,” she said as Ronnie turned round, “that’s all I’m going to do for the moment, take a moment, and tell me how it feels.”  


As she wriggled her fingers, and tried to twist her arms round, Ronnie said “Well, it feels as tight, but it doesn’t feel as scary.  Mainly because you haven’t got a gun, and Maggie isn’t here.”


“True – I want you to take that in, as I do this.”  Kate slipped onto her knees, and took another length of rope from the bag, using it to bind Ronnie’s ankles together as she watched, fascinated at the way Kate took the rope around and between her limbs, the soft black suede compressed around her ankles.


“That – feels tight,” she said as Kate tied the rope ends together, and then sat back down, sipping her coffee as Ronnie mover her legs from side to side.


“But is it uncomfortable?  Does it hurt?”


“No – no, I guess not,” Ronnie said, her eyes fixed on the rope bands, wondering what it was she was starting to feel.  Was it really excitement, or fear?


“Ready for the next stage?”


“What – oh yeah, what are you going to do next?”


“Your legs,” Kate said as she took another length of rope, and bound Ronnie’s legs together below her knees, again trapping the soft suede underneath as she took the rope around and between them.  Once it was secured, Ronnie stretched her legs out, and said “can you give me a few minutes – I want to try and understand how this feels.”


“Of course – it may help if you talk about it,” she said as she sat back.


As Ronnie twisted her legs round, she said “when he did this to me, I already had my upper body tightly tied, and I was silenced – and I was worried about Maggie.  When he brought her in, however, and laid her next to me, my focus was on her, making sure she still believed it was a game.  It was only after he had left, and she finally fell asleep, I allowed myself to really feel what I was feeling.”


“And what are you feeling now?”


“Honestly?  Strangely safe – does that make sense?”


“Yes it does – are you ready for the next part.”


“The ropes around my chest?”  Ronnie nodded as she said “do it.”


She saw Kate pass the rope around her, and then felt it draw her arms against her body, each pass pressing on her chest as it went alternatively above and below.  She could see her top stretching over it, as the ropes hugged her arms like a lover...


“Where did that thought come from,” she said as Kate tied the ropes off, and said “there – I’m not going to add any more ropes unless you ask me to, but is that like he tied you?”


“Yeah – apart from attaching my ankles to the chest ropes, but yeah this is how he did me.”


“Do you feel scared?”


“No – surprisingly enough, I don’t,” Ronnie said as she wriggled round, “it’s actually very difficult to describe how I feel.”


“Well, I need to ask a serious question now – how did he gag you?”


“He put a sponge ball in my mouth, and then taped it over,” Ronnie said in a matter of fact voice, before she looked at Kate.  “You want me to do that as well, don’t you?”


“IT’s important – because then I want you to do something for me.  So,” she said as she looked in the bag, and took out a small sponge ball, “open wide for me.”


Ronnie was concerned for a second, but then nodded as she allowed Kate to put the sponge in, feeling the material on her tongue as she closed her lips over it, and then felt the tape as she smoothed it over her mouth, pulling on her skin as it had done before.


“There,” Kate said as she stood up and looked at Ronnie, “are you scared?”


Ronnie looked up, and surprised herself by slowly shaking her head from side to side.  She wasn’t scared -  in fact, she had never felt so relaxed.


“Good – now, I want you to express exactly how you felt about that so-called Games Player.  Let rip, let it all out – nobody’s going to hear you except me, and I can’t understand you.”


Ronnie looked at her director, and then – well, for the next ten to fifteen minutes, she screamed and shouted every  insult, every threat, every single thing she would want to say to the masked man if she ever met her again.


And throughout that period, Kate just watched, her arms folded, a smile playing on her lips...


Eventually, Ronnie stopped, panting through her nose as Kate knelt in front of her, and said “Better?”


Ysssmmmbttrr,” Ronnie said, watching as Kate gently pulled the tape away and then eased the sponge ball out.  “I feel...  so much at peace now.”


“Good – well, let’s get you untied and then into work.  When’s Maggie due home?”


“She can look after herself – Kate?”




“Can we do this again some time?”


“Of course we can,” Kate said, “I would love to...”




A week later, Ronnie was driving Kate back to her own apartment after the broadcast.  The events of that afternoon had stayed in her mind, and somehow she knew she wanted to experience it again.


“So Maggie is spending the night at her friend’s house?”


“That’s right – so we have the chance to do another session, if you are all right with that,” Ronnie said.  For the show that night, she had worn a sleeveless blue dress, designed to look like the top was a wraparound, and knee length grey suede boots which zipped up the back, so comfortable on her feet as she walked...


Over the dress, she was currently wearing a darker blue jacket, while Kate was wearing a blue granddad shirt under a black waistcoat,  black leather trousers and ankle boots.  Kate looked over at her and smiled as she said “I’m glad you asked – I got the distinct feeling you ended up enjoying how it felt, to be helpless.”


“I did in the end – so now that I know I’m not afraid, I want to see how it feels to be really tied, if you will help me?”


“Of course I will,” Kate said as she pulled into the garage of her apartment block, and they made their way up.  As Ronnie opened the apartment door, Kate looked round and said “maybe I need to ne a Newscaster instead?”


“No – you’re the best damned news director I ever worked for,” Ronnie said as she put her jacket on the coat stand, and they walked into the front room.  “So, did you bring everything?”


“I brought them,” Kate said as she held her bag up, “but I think we can make it a bit more – personal as well.  For now, however, when do you want to begin?”


“Right away,” Ronnie said as Kate put the bag down, turning round, surprising a giggle of excitement as she felt Kate put her wrists together behind her back, hands palm to palm. And then use some rope to secure them tightly together.


“You didn’t cross my wrists this time,” Ronnie said as she looked over her shoulder, “why was that?”


“Do you want me to really make sure you cannot move?”


“I said that, didn’t I... Oh.”  Ronnie was taken by surprise as she felt another length of roe going round her arms, making her elbows touch as they were pulled together, and she felt the cords around and between her limbs.  It also pulled her shoulder blades back, and she noticed the way her chest was forced out.


“This...  this is different,” she gasped.


“But nice?”


“Yeah – nice,” she whispered as she looked over her shoulders, and felt Kate’s hands stroked own her arms.  To be so helpless already added a fresh level of excitement to what she was feeling, as Kate wrapped more rope around her upper body, securing her arms as it went above and below her chest, the bleu fabric stretching over her breasts.


“May I add a little something extra here as well,” Kate whispered, Ronnie nodding as she felt her director feed the rope under the lower band on her left side, then pull it up and take it around the back of her neck, Kate moving her hair out of the way before she fed it under her other arm, and pulled gently.  She gasped at this, as her breasts were forced even more up and out, and the ropes were tied off.


“Oh my god,” she whispered, “do you have any idea how that feels?”


“Yes, I do Ronnie,” Kate said quietly as she stood in front of her, “tell me how it feels to you.”


Ahhh.”  Ronnie closed her eyes for a moment as the ropes rubbed over her dress, and then said “I really cannot move – and I...  I wouldn’t want it any other way.”


“Where would you like to be while you struggle?”


“Let me sit here,” Ronnie said as she walked over to a leather recliner, sitting herself down as she felt the bands of rope tighten even more.  “You can do my legs here.”


Kate smiled as she knelt down and crossed Ronnie’s ankles, her hands holding the suede covered limbs for a few seconds as she smiled.  “Here we go,” she then said as she took the rope round her ankles, Ronnie giggling as they were drawn tightly together.


“You really enjoy doing this, don’t you,” Ronnie said as she looked at Kate.


“I do – and you enjoy it been done to you, don’t you?”


“Yeah, I do,” Ronnie said as Kate took another length of rope, ad secured her legs together below her knees, lifting Ronnie’s skirt up slightly in order to do so.  As she watched, Kate’s delicate fingers stroking her legs as she took the rope between them, and tied it off.  She then slowly stroked her hands down Ronnie’s legs, looking into the other woman’s eyes as she did so.

“Why...  Why did you do that,” Ronnie said quietly.


“Did you like it?”


“I did – but why did you do it?”


“Because I thought you would like it,” Kate said quietly as she looked at Ronnie.  “Can I say something?”




“I think you look so cute, tied up like that.  I think you look amazing, and I think you know it too.”


Ronnie swallowed as she heard those words, and then looked into Kate’s eyes.  “Thanks for saying that,” she whispered as she tilted her head to one side, “I wonder how you would look, tied like I am...”


“Perhaps I will let you – but not yet,” Kate said.  “I want you nice and quiet first.  Which room is yours?”


“Second door on the right – why?”


“Show you in a minute,” Kate said as she went out, Ronnie squirming round as she felt the ropes rubbing on her, making that strange warmth she had started to  feel grow stronger, her curiosity increasing as she heard herself moan.


“Now, let’s try a different gag,” Kate said as she stood behind her, “open your mouth.”


“All right,” Ronnie said, but as she opened her mouth she felt a silk wad being pushed inside, the tastes strange on her tongue as she wondered what it was.  She then saw a rolled up scarf in Kate’s hands, as she pulled it between her lips, moving her hair out of the way again as she pulled the silk band around her head and secured the ends at the base of her neck.


“There now,” Kate said as she put her arms round Ronnie, “doesn’t that taste good?”


Whststtt,” she mumbled.


“A clean pair of your panties,” Kate whispered into her ear, “they make such an effective gag, don’t they?”


Mpnteees?”  Ronnie looked over her shoulder to see Kate smiling, and then to her surprise she leaned over and gently placed her lips on Ronnie’s.


“I hope that wasn’t taking too much of a liberty,” she whispered, Ronnie staring back at her before she slowly moved her head from side to side.


“Would you like me to do it again?”


Ronnie nodded as Kate walked round, sitting across Ronnie’s lap and leaning over, gently kissing her again as she held her heads in her hands.  Ronnie kissed her back, any thoughts of the fact she was a mover slipping away as she felt Kate’s tongue over the gag.




“Hush,” Kate said as she lifted Ronnie’s legs up, helping her to lie on the recliner, her arms behind her back as she felt Kate stroke her hands down her body, “what do you want me to do?”


Whttffruwnttddd,” Ronnie said, closing her eyes as she felt the soft hands stroking over her booted legs.  She squirmed round, the ropes rubbing on her as Kate smiled, and then stroked her hand between her legs.


“OH that does feel nice,” she sighed as she closed her eyes, feeling the soft suede as she caressed Ronnie’s legs, and then kissed her again, more passionately, as she stroked her hand between Ronnie’s bound legs.


This was something she had never experienced before, and as she closed her eyes she wondered why she wasn’t screaming for help.  Somehow, been secured in this way, she was free to enjoy what was happening – and she could not deny, as Kate started to pull her hands gently down her legs, it was giving her a very strange feeling.

Not a bad feeling – she squirmed round a little, feeling her grip tighten, and then smiled as Kate leaned over and kissed her neck while her hands continued to move up and down her legs.  And as she moved, the ropes rubbed on her chest – she could feel her breasts somehow becoming firmer, and it made the warmth she was feeling grow even more...


Her lips on her neck made her smile as well, Kate nuzzling her as she said “Want to feel something really different?”


Nwhtthsthht,” Ronnie said through half closed eyes as Kate put a cushion on the floor, and then helped her to lie down with her head rested, before she straddled her bound legs, and started to rub her own legs up and down them.


Ronnie opened her eyes wide, as she heard the leather rub on the suede, and somehow, it felt right, it felt natural, as she smiled over the damp cloth in her mouth and started to move in response.


“I told you it would feel good,” Kate said as she leaned over, and kissed her again, Ronnie groaning as she felt the fire growing within her, and wanting it not to stop, but to consume her as Kate started to moan as well, putting her hand between her legs as she kept moving.  She then looked at Ronnie, saying “do you want me to continue?”


Ysss,” Ronnie said, losing herself in the admission of her own desires as she started to buck slightly at her director’s touch – no, her mistress’ touch, especially when she starts to kiss her legs...




“I have to admit, Maggie,” her friends said as they sat on the wall outside the high school, “there’s been something different about your mom on the news recently.  Has she got a new man in her life?”


“Not that I know of,” Maggie said as she saw her mother pull up.  “See you guys tomorrow.”


“See you,” they called out as Maggie jumped into her car, looking at her mother.  She had a grey leather jacket on over a grey check slip dress, and black suede boots.


“You seem to be wearing boots every day Mom – not that I’m complaining, but is there someone you’re impressing?”


Ronnie just smiled as she drove Maggie home, and went in with her.


“I need to go and see Kate tonight – business to talk about.  We’ll eat first, though, all right?”


“Okay Mum – you and her seem to have become really good friends...”


“We have,” Ronnie said.  “I’ll make some pasta and sauce up...”



Kate opened the door to see Ronnie standing there, standing to one side as she came in and said “thank you Mistress.”


She stood with her head down as Kate closed the door, and looked at Ronnie.  Kate had her blonde hair pulled back, and was wearing a black silk blouse, tied under her breasts and leaving her midriff bare, a black leather skirt and over the knee black leather boots.


“All right,” Kate finally said as she picked up two lengths of rope from the side table, and walked behind Ronnie, the woman meekly smiling as she folded her arms behind her back, and secured her wrists to her elbows, “What is your purpose tonight?”


“To serve you mistress,” Ronnie said as she felt more rope around her upper arms, sighing as it caressed and forced her chest out, nodding as Kate created a rope bra by taking the rope over one shoulder, under the lower band and then back up.  She felt safe, secure, and ready to please her mistress.


“Come,” Kate said as she walked into the front room, Ronnie following as she did so, and then knelt down, sighing as Kate knelt behind her and crossed her ankles, the thin white rope sinking into the soft material as she did so.  A second length held her legs together below her knees, before Kate stood up, gently pulling Ronnie’s head back as she said “are you ready?”


“Yes Mistress,” Ronnie said, closing her eyes as she felt Kate’s soft lips on hers, and then opened her mouth as Annie pushed a pair of her own silk panties in.  She closed her lips over it, sighing and smiling as Kate kissed her again, and then smoothed wide, large length of white micropore tape over her mouth and lips, making sure it stuck to the contours of her face.


“Now,” Kate said as she stood in front of Ronnie, and placed her foot on the coffee table, the heel clicking, “if you please me, I will pleasure you.  Begin.”


Ronnie nodded, mumbling “usmstrsss” and feeling a mixture of pride and anticipation, as she slowly began to kiss the booted foot and leg with her tape gagged lips, Kate nodding as she watched...







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