Point of View




I guess it all depends on your point of view, really.  As far as Agatha was concerned, she had work that needed to be done and she needed me to do it, so I had to come to her house on a Saturday dressed for the office.  From my point of view, I wanted to spend the morning in bed and the afternoon shopping, but I wanted to keep my job more, so I did as I was asked.  From their point of view, I was just one more thing they had to deal with before they robbed the place.

I’d actually been stupid enough to open the door to them as well.  We had been working for about an hour, and as Agatha had asked I was wearing my office outfit – a short black pinstripe dress, perhaps a little low cut but I liked it, with a dark jacket and four inch patent heels in the same colour.  My straw blonde hair was tied back, and I had my glasses on so that I was able to read everything clearly.

Agatha, on the other hand, was in jeans and a jumper – boss privilege, I guess.  Anyway, about an hour after we started the doorbell rang, and I went to answer it.

Huge mistake – I was pushed back in by two men in camouflage jackets and trousers, and forced to lie face down on the floor.  As one of them stood over me with a gun pointed at my head, he told me to lie still while the other one went to see “the old bat” as he called her.  I could hear Agatha’s screams as the front door closed, and the final member of the gang came in.

She was an Amazon, in a t-shirt with the same camouflage pattern as the men, jeans and sneakers, with a matching cap for her top over her head.  She looked at me as I turned my head, smiled and ordered me to get my “F**ing face on the floor.”  Well, they had the guns, so I did as she asked and offered no resistance as she pulled my hands behind my back and started to tie them together.

It hurt like the dickens, and I screamed – which just gave them the excuse to stuff some cloth in my mouth and hold it in place with a length of thin cloth.

That was about fifteen minutes ago, and now I’m sitting here, my ankles tied together and my shoes sitting to the side.  They’ve also tied my arms to my side with the longest piece of rope I’ve ever seen, looped above and below my breasts and passed under my arms as well as around my neck.  That’s made my breasts stick out in front, straining against the fabric of my dress.

I look up at the Amazon, and there’s something in her eye I don’t like.


Well now – the boys have done me proud with this beauty.  I let them run off and have some fun with the owner of the house while I stay and play a while.

I reach down and double check the ropes around her ankles, allowing myself a touch of her stocking clad legs as I do so.  I can actually feel her shudder as I hold her back when I do that – fear, probably, but I prefer to think she may actually like somebody doing that.

As I check the ropes around her chest, she looks up at me through those glasses.  She tries to say something, but I can’t make it out – the cloth is doing the job it was intended to do, so I guess.  I think she’s saying “I think you’re beautiful,” which is nice.  I smile back at her in return, but somehow I don’t think she likes the way I look at her.  Well, I can soon change her mind on that.

“I do like it when a woman is nice to me,” I say as I look through her handbag, which is beside her.  As I suspected, the boys had their eyes fixed on the bigger prize, so they forgot to check what was in there – so missing the mobile phone which I take out.  She looks at me with a look that says “Damn – you found it” and “Damn, you’re hot”- well one of those anyway.  I pout and look at her saying “I guess I just made sure we can’t be interrupted,” pulling on the ropes and enjoying the way her breasts bounce slightly in response.

She need sot relax, so I reach behind her and pull out the object holding her hair up in the ridiculous bun.  I also take her spectacles off, and leave them to one side as I brush her hair down the sides of her face.  “You are quite beautiful,” I say as I touch her face, and she stares back at me in response.  I continue to whisper as I pass my hands down her body, then take one behind her back as I move the other one down to stroke her stomach.

She closes her eyes and starts to squeal, particularly when I stroke her crotch with my fingers.  Her short skirt means I don’t even have to move the cloth – I can reach quite easily thanks to the way it has ridden up just enough to expose the panties she has under her hose.  Anyway, I stroke her gently there as I hold her head, and I can see her eyes closing as she enjoys the sensation.

Duty calls, however, and I stand up and walk over to the other side of the room, leaving her phone on the top of a chest of drawers there.  In the back of the house, I can hear the old bat pleading with my two boyfriends, but it will do her no good – they will get their way.

And I will get mine.

“I’m going to look around upstairs,” I call out both for their benefit and for that of my little friend.  “You just stay there and I’ll be back to play later,” I say more softly as she catches me turn and climb the staircase.



Oh shit – not only am I in a robbery, but the Amazon is a lesbian and has her eyes on me.  I sit still, listening as she climbs the staircase, and then to Agatha as she pleads with the other two bozos in the back room.

Much as I may hate her guts at times, nobody should go through what she obviously is.  So I sit still for a while, until the crying in the back of the house is muted and I realise they have probably bound and gagged her as well.  I can also hear the sound of drawers opening and closing upstairs, so I decide I need to do something while everybody else ahs their attention on other things.

I shuffle forward, bringing my knees up to my chest as I do so, and move away from the wall.  Slowly, carefully, listening all the time to see if any of them are coming back, I move across the wooden floor using my bottom and my legs to scoot along.  Eventually, I manage to get to the foot of the stairs and the chest of drawers, and rest for a moment.  I seem to have worked up a sweat at any rate – I can feel the dampness in my hair as it falls over my jacket.

As I rest, I glance up the stairs to see if she is coming back.  Satisfied that she is not, at least not yet, I move myself round so that my back is resting against the bottom step and brace myself.  Pushing up with my legs, and using the second step to rest my hands on, I eventually manage to push myself so that I am sitting on the staircase.

Once more I stop – there is no noise coming from upstairs, but I can hear the two men talking in the back of the house.


Hmm – I can hear what sounds like a shuffling noise, and the sound of someone breathing heavily.  I look out of the door, and my curiosity is peaked.  Walking quietly, I go to the top of the staircase and watch my little friend trying something very impressive indeed – making sure she cannot see me, of course.


All right then – I press down on the floor with my feet, and manage to get myself to stand up.  It’s a little difficult to keep my balance, but I stand for a few minutes and eventually I get into a position where I’m able to do something.

Taking short little bunny hops, and ignoring he feeling of my breasts moving up and down with each one, I move over to the chest and turn round, looking over my shoulder for the cell phone she left there.  I thought she might have taken the battery out, but obviously she forgot to do that.


Well, well – she fell for it hook, line and sinker.   I knew if I let her see the battery was still in, and the phone left in view, she might try and go for it, and I’m glad she did.  The sight of her breasts and her bottom alone when she started hopping that short distance was worth the price of admission alone.

It seems a pity to interrupt, but time’s a wasting.  Slowly, quietly, I move down the stairs.


What was that?  I glance round, but there’s nobody coming that I can see, so I pick up the phone and look over my shoulder as I try to open it.  I manage to do so, but just as I start to dial 911 I hear the Amazon say “Naughty, Naughty” as she comes up behind me and takes the phone from my hand.

She forces me onto the floor and onto my side as the two men come in from behind.  “Coming?” they say as they head for the door, but the Amazon turns to them and says “I’ll be along in a few minutes – I want a word with Beauty here before I leave.”  As the door closes, she turns and looks at me.

“I hoped you would try that,” she says as she bends over and starts to stroke my breasts.  “I love it when someone I visit tries to call for help – it makes them look more vibrant, more alive, more welcoming.”

As she holds my head in her right hand, her left one comes over my chest and touches my bare skin.  “You are a very beautiful woman,” she says as she slips her hand down the front of my dress and caresses my nipple, “And I really wish I had more time to stay and play with you today, but I do have to get going.”  She takes her hand out and slips it between my legs, stroking me as she leans over and kisses my cheek.

“Perhaps another time, sweetums,” is the last thing she says as she turns and walks to the door.  I look over my shoulder as she leaves, waving before closing the door on us.  I wait a few moments before rolling onto my stomach and letting my head drop to the floor, screaming in muted frustration both at my situation and also at what the Amazon had done.

I can hear Agatha moaning in the back, so I look over my shoulder to see if I can reach the knot for the rope around my ankles – but with no success.  So, I start to roll myself over and sit up – if I have to go to Agatha, I’ll do it on my bottom, thank you very much.  As I start shuffling, one thought is uppermost in my mind.

I never want to see that Amazon again.


As we drive away, I smile to myself.  She was a little beauty, and I’m looking forward to meeting her again.

After all, I stole her driving licence when I took her purse from her bag, so I know where she lives...







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