“Hush now, hush – calm yourself down.  I promise you, I am not going to hurt you, so please stop fighting.”


She had her hands clasped around his arm, trying desperately to pull it down, but to no avail.  His other arm was around her waist, holding her tightly to himself, and as she struggled it slowly dawned on her that he was right – she was not going to break free from his grip.  Taking several deep breaths through her nose, she closed her eyes and slowly nodded.


“That’s better – now, I’m going to take my hand away, and I want you to just stand quite still, all right?”  His voice was soft, barely above a whisper in volume, but she knew he meant what he said, so again she slowly nodded and allowed herself to sigh as he took his hand away.


“It is unfortunate that you came back early,” he said as she stared straight ahead, “otherwise I would have been long gone.  As it is, we must make the best of things.  May I ask your name?”


“It’s Barb – Barbara,” she said as she looked forward.


“Barb – a lovely name.  Now, Barb, I want you to do only what I tell you to do, all right?  I promise you, you will not be physically harmed, provided you do as I say.”


As Barb looked forward, she mentally took herself back over the last hour.  She had left work early, needing to get ready for an appointment that night, and there had been no problems with her journey.  She had come into the house, taken off her coat and left it in the cupboard, and walked into the room to see her papers scattered over the floor near her work desk.


She had not even had a chance to change from her work dress.  Barb worked in a classic fashion boutique, and was wearing a dress from the past decades today.  Made from cotton, it was dark grey with a white floral pattern printed over the outfit.  Buttoning up the front, it had short sleeves that came a short way down her arm and a skirt that reached half way down her upper legs.  Her legs were clad in light coloured hose, with a pair of flat black shoe son her feet.  There was one particular detail she liked about her dress – the white lace collar that went over the front of the dress, around where to buttoned at the top.


Right now, however, she had other questions on her mind.  “Who are you,” she asked as she tried to look over her shoulder.


“Ah ah – look straight ahead please.  You will see me in due course.”  She saw his gloved hand come around again, holding the belt from her white satin dressing gown.  She had brought it down to wash that morning, but had not yet put it into the machine.


“What are you going to do with that,” Barb said, but all she heard was the man whispering “Nothing to hurt you.  I do need to keep you secure for a while, so please, put your hands behind your back.”


“Please, I’m not going to do anything to stop you, so you don’t have to do anything to stop me,” Barb said as she felt the soft touch of the satin around her wrists.  “I appreciate the offer, but I need to be sure,” she heard him say as the cloth band went around and between her wrists, pulling them together side by side.  She suppressed a squeal as she felt the knots tightening, before the man said “Thank you, Barb – now I need you to do something else for me.”


“Wh... What’s that,” Barb asked as she tried to see how her wrists were tied.  “Keep looking straight forward,” the man said quietly, before she saw him hold a wadded up handkerchief in his gloved hand in front of her mouth.  “I need you to let me put this in your mouth.”


“No – I’ll be quiet, I promise,” Barb said, but all she felt was the touch of his hand as he stroked her long auburn hair, and the soft voice saying “I need to be sure, Barb, and I promise it will not be uncomfortable.  Just let me put this into your mouth, all right?”


There was something in his voice that reassured Barb, while terrifying her at the same time, so she nodded and said “all right,” before opening her mouth and allowing him to push the cloth in.  As the cotton went in and pressed down on her tongue, she watched as a strip of white towelling was held in front of her mouth.  She felt it pass between her lips, closing her eyes as she felt it been pulled over her hair and then tied tightly at the back of her neck.


“There now,” the man said as he took Barb by the arm, “come and sit on the floor in front of this chair, and I will do one more thing before I get on with my business.”  He took the woman over and helped her to sit down; her back resting on the front of the chair, and Barb got her first good look at the intruder.


He was about five foot ten, with a black stocking pulled over his head, and dress in dark clothing with black leather gloves over his hands.  As he pulled a length of white rope out of his jacket pocket, and doubled it over, he said “I just need you to cross your ankles for me, Barb – once I’m done, I’ll take your shoes off and put them safely away.”


She watched as he wrapped the rope around her ankles, making several passes round before he cinched the loops and secured the ends together behind her legs.  He then slipped her shoes off her feet, placing them carefully to the side of the chair.  She leaned back against the chair, her head resting on the cushion, as she watched him stand up and start to continue his search through her strongbox.  She struggled, trying to release her wrists from their binding, but only succeeded in pulling the cushion off the chair as she moved, allowing it to fall down between her and the leather seat.


She watched him the whole time, trying desperately to get free without raising the alarm, but in the end all she did do was manage to uncross her ankles.  He glanced over at Barb, and seeing her situation came over and knelt next to her.


“Barb, you need to stay clam – if you struggle too much, you could hurt yourself.”  He reached up and gently pulled her hair out from under the cotton band, making sure he re-tightened it after he did so as her locks fell down her face.  “I need to go upstairs for a few minutes,” he said as he stroked her cheek, “and I want to give you something to think about and enjoy.  Wait there.”


He stood up and left the room for a minute, as Barb drew he knees up and wondered what it was he was planning to do.  Her eyes widened when he returned with length of dark rope, which she had intended to use as washing line.  Knelling beside her, he helped Barb to sit up as he softly said “Let me help you to enjoy yourself.”


Passing the rope around her waist, she watched as he pulled the ends through a loop he had made in the middle, tightened the rope around her waist and passed the ends under.  Her surprise came when he took the ends and passed them down her legs.  “Please, Barb, raise your bottom for a moment,” he said, and as she did so he pulled the rope between her legs, passed it up and through the band at the back of her waist, and took the ropes back through her legs.  “You may sit down now,” he said, and as Barb did so she felt the rope gathering the skirt of her dress, and pressing into her panties.


“Whtrudng,” she mumbled as he pulled the rope through the bottom loop around her waist, and tied it off in front of her.  “Giving you something to think about,” he whispered as he stroked Barb’s cheek again.  “I’m going to have a look round your bedroom – have a nice time now.”



Barb watched as the man walked out of the room, waiting for a few moments before she started to stretch back and try to use the cushion to force the gag out of her mouth.  As she did so, however, something unexpected as she felt the ropes rub between her legs.  It was an experience she had never felt before, and it made her sit up and stay still for a few moments.


It was not as if it was unpleasant – in fact, it had felt wonderful.  No, it was the fact that he had somehow managed to do something that made her feel that way despite the fear of her being bound hand and foot.  She moved her back up and down a few times, feeling the rocking motion against her crotch, and a small sigh escaped from between her lips.  As she closed her eyes, she let her legs stretch out again and tried moving from side to side, feeling again the soft rope as it rubbed against her panties and her hose, the motion awakening something in her.


She found herself lost in a moment, realising the pleasures of the situation and forgetting for a moment just what was going on.  As she slipped to one side, she again let out a small sigh, wondering how long she could let this continue for.  In her mind’s eye, she could see herself calling for the handsome prince to come and...


“Enjoying yourself?”


Barb opened her eyes to see the young man standing there, watching her with a smile clearly visible through the dark nylon.  “You look as if you were,” he said as he walked over and knelt by her, “which makes it a real pity that I have to stop that.  You see, I need to make you more secure, and I don’t want to hurt you in doing it.


“Dmmm,” Barb mumbled as he untied the rope and slipped it from her waist and legs, before he took her by the shoulders.  He helped her to move back on her bottom to a long couch on the far side of the room, where he sat her with her back against the seat as he doubled over another length of rope.  She watched as he passed the rope around her legs above her knees, pulling them together as the rope went around and between her legs.  She sighed as she looked up at him, his smile lighting up his covered face as he retrieved her shoes and slipped them back onto her feet.


“Now, you stay there – I’m just going to have a drink before I leave you.”  His whisper was barely audible, but his intent was clear.  She watched him stand up again and walk out of the room, turning to head in the direction of her kitchen.  As she listened to the sounds of cupboards opening, she started to look round the room, trying to find some way of raising the alarm.  As she looked over her shoulder, she saw something that made her heart jump – her phone, which she had forgotten to pick up that morning.


“I can reach that,” Barb thought to herself as she looked at it, “but I need to do it in a way that he won’t hear.  Now, quietly, quietly...”  She wriggled her legs around, dislodging her shoes again as they fell to one side.  Watching the door all the time, she slid her body down onto the floor, taking every care not to hit her head on the floor.


“So far, so good,” Barb thought to herself as she wriggled round on her back, turning herself so that her feet were facing the couch.  The skirt of her dress was riding up as she did this, but that was the last thing on her mind at that point.  Pausing for a moment, she listened as the sound of a bottle being opened came through from the kitchen.


Satisfied he was otherwise occupied, she slid forward slightly, raising her legs so that her heels were resting on the cushion.  Slowly, carefully, she moved herself along the floor, pushing forward so that her legs rested inch by inch further onto the seat cushions, the phone coming within reach of her feet.


“A few more minutes,” she thought to herself, “and I can ease that phone on the floor.  Then I’ll see if I can call someone and raise the alarm that way.”  Closer her feet got to the small metal object, as the sweat started to creep down her hairline, but the prize was worth the effort.


Closer...  Closer...


“You know, you look cute when you’re working out.”


Barb looked up to see the intruder standing over her, a bottle of beer in one hand and a small grey square in the other.


“I found that earlier, and took the battery out.  Still, I wondered if I left you there whether or not you would try and move it, and you did.  Ten out of ten for effort, but I’m afraid it will do you little good.”


“Bgr,” Barb mumbled as she looked up at him.  “Oh don’t feel so bad - I’m sure you enjoyed it as well.  Anyway, I need to sort you out before I go.”  He reached down and took hold of her ankles, swinging her down so that she was lying on her bound wrists on the floor.  Straightening her legs out, he took hold of her skirt and pulled it down, covering her panties up as he did so.


“Whtrugngtd,” Barb said as she stared up at the ceiling.  “I’m not going to hurt you, if that is what you were wondering, Barb, but I do think I need to make sure you cannot raise the alarm for a while.”  Walking to one of the chairs, he picked up a small brown throw cushion and carried it back to her, laying it on the floor next to her head.


“Why don’t you roll over and rest your head on this,” he said as he smiled down at her and talked in his quiet manner, “and we’ll get started.  I won’t be long, I promise.”  Barb had seen the length of rope he had left on the floor, and had wondered what that was for, so she figured she was about to find out as she rolled over and buried her face into the cushion.


“Plsdnthrtm” she mumbled as she felt him holding her ankles and running his spare hand up and down her legs.  “I don’t do that to women, Barb,” he said as she bent over and whispered in her ear, “but you do have a beautiful pair of legs.  Forgive me if you cannot move them for a while.”


Picking up the spare length of rope, he passed it between her ankles and pulled the ends through the loop, pulling her ankles back so that they were above her knees.  Barb grunted as she felt her wrists been pulled back, and the rope going around the silk band before it was passed back towards her ankles.  She felt them being drawn together before he tied the ropes off near her legs, patting her on the bottom as he stood up.


“It has been a pleasure spending this time with you, Barb,” he said as she kept her head buried in the pillow, “but now I’m afraid I have to go.  Do enjoy your time – hopefully somebody will be along before too long.”


Barb heard the door closing, and lay silently for a moment before rolling onto her side.  She tried to look over her shoulder, but all she could see were the way her ankles were pulled back, and she could not reach the knots holding them in place.  She lay still, starting to softly cry as she tried to figure out a way from her predicament.


How much time passed she wasn’t sure, but she started when she heard a familiar voice saying “Barb?  Where are you – we missed you at the bar and your door was open.”


“Mee?  Nhr” she called out, and as the door opened she saw a young woman in jeans and a leather jacket walk in.  “Oh god,” she cried as she ran over and knelt next to Barb, untying the cloth from her mouth as she did so, “What happened here?”


“A robber,” Barb choked as she saw the stained, sodden mass in front of her that she had spat out of her mouth.  “He tied me up and left me here.  Can you call the police?”


“Sure, once I’ve untied you,” she said as she looked at the knots.  “Did you get a good look at him?”


“Not really – he had a stocking over his head, and he barely talked above a whisper.”  Barb looked at Amy as she said this, noticing the look that went over her face.  “Amy, are you all right?”


Her friend turned and looked at Barb.  “A whisper?  It can’t be...”




“I’ll tell you later – first we untie you, then we call the police,” Amy said as she stood up.  “I’m going to get some scissors – don’t go anywhere.”


“Huh?”  Barb thought as she lay there.  “Now what was that all about?”




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