Repeat Appointments – A Decision







Slipping on her denim jacket, Nadia sat on the foot of her bed and put on her old white trainers.  It was February the 14th and Tom had said something about this being a very special day – but nothing about in what way it would be…


Standing up, she walked and looked at herself in the mirror – white blouse, grey skinny jeans, white sneakers, and her lilac hijab in place as usual.


“Well,” she said to herself quietly, “I guess I just have time to take a quick selfie and post it.”  She picked up her mobile phone and posed in front of the mirror, her head to the side as she took a picture – and then felt a gloved hand over her mouth, as a familiar voice whispered “Thank you, my dear – now the Selfie Snatcher is here to take you away.”


Hnnhhwhtwhllehdhhh,” Nadia giggled as she recognised Tom’s voice.


“Do exactly what I say, and there will be no problems,” he whispered into her covered ear.  “So first things first, put the phone behind you, and then put your hands behind your back.”


“Are you going to kidnap me,” Nadia whispered as she felt the rope around her wrists, securing them together as it went around and between her arms.


“I am indeed,” Tom replied, Nadia shivering at the thought of another day in his arms as his captive…  As the rope was pulled tighter between her arms, and tied off, she said “you’ll never get away with this.”


“Oh I think I will,” Tom said with a smile as she saw a rolled white scarf in front of her mouth.   “Now, open wide – I need you reasonably quiet.”


“HLLLLHHPPMMM,” she called out playfully as the scarf was pulled between her lips, pressing her tongue down as she bit on it, and felt it tighten on her cheeks as the ends were secured at the base of her neck.  She was then gently pushed onto the bed, as she felt Tom cross and secure her ankles together as well.


“There now,” he said as she looked at him, in his denim shirt and jeans, “I think you’re ready to take to my lair.”


Uhllnfffghthewffthss,” she said as she squirmed round.


“do you know what – I think I will,” Tom said before he lifted the struggling Nadia onto his shoulders, patting her on the bottom as she wriggled round, and then out of her room, down the stairs, and through the kitchen into the garage, where his car was parked, the boot already open.


He turned round as Nadia looked, and saw the rug laid out inside, the cushion for her head waiting as he gently laid her in the space.  Taking more rope, he bent her legs and secured her ankles to her wrists, before saying “comfy?”




“It’s a surprise,” Tom said as he closed the boot and then left Nadia in the dark.  She wondered where he had got to, until she heard several doors opening and closing, both in the house and in the car, and then felt the vibrations as the engine started up, the car moving slowly away…


Nadia relaxed, knowing she was in safe hands, especially when the road got rougher.  Eventually, the car stopped and she saw Tom as he opened the boot.


“We’re here,” he said as he lifted her out, and she saw she was in a glade, surrounded by trees, with a small lake visible and a cabin which her boyfriend was now carrying her into. 


Whhrhhwhhh,” she said as he sat her in a chair, and then left, coming back with two bags which he placed on the floor before he closed the door.


“I rented it for today and tonight,” he said as he came over, untying the scarf and easing it out as Nadia saw the large grey damp patch, “we’re actually in Centre Parcs, so tonight I thought we could go and have a meal in the centre, but this afternoon, it’s just you and me.”


“Oh really,” Nadia said as she wriggled round, “and what do you think we could do?”


“Go for a walk – a special walk – if you are interested?”


She looked at him as he sat next to her, then leaned over and gently kissed him as she said “and what exactly did you have in mind?”


“Well, I brought an overnight bag for both of us – why don’t you let me untie you, and I’ll make some lunch while you change anything you need to change?”


“And what makes you think I need to change anything?”  Nadia looked at Tom as he smiled, then kissed her again, before she nodded and stood up.  Collecting her bag, she made her way to the bedroom, while Tom went to the kitchen…




“Okay – what’s your plan for this afternoon,” Nadia said as she put her coffee mug down.  She had changed into a light pink long sleeved top, blue jeans and a pair of low heeled light brown shoes, the blue scarf wrapped as always around her head and neck.


“Well, I wondered if you would accompany me for a walk – but a different one.  One where I lead you, and you – well,” Tom said with a grin, “while preserving your beautiful modesty, how naughty are you feeling Nadia?”


Nadia grinned as she said “what do you have in mind?”  Tom said nothing, but handed her a length of white rope, and said “I dare you.”


“Challenge accepted,” Nadia said as she took the rope and went into the bathroom, returning a few minutes later as she smiled and walked carefully over, sighing as she sat down.


“Okay then,” tom said with a smile as he folded a white cloth, “first, let’s make it so that you are quiet, and nobody can see.  Open nice and wide now.”


Nadia allowed him to push the folded cloth into her mouth, tasting it as it pressed her tongue down, and closing her lips over it while he cut a length of clear tape from a wide roll.


“Do you remember the first time I did this to you,” Tom said, Nadia nodding as he carefully smoothed the tape over her mouth, ensuring there were no air bubbles or creases, and then she stood up and looked in the mirror on the wall.  Unless you looked closely, there was no way you would know she was gagged.


“Of course, that time you didn’t…”


Nadia giggled as she nodded.  It had bene a year since that day he had first made love to her, and their love and trust in each other had just grown from there.  He always treated her with respect, no matter what he did in his other life.


She knew he was a home invader, a burglar, but he was also her lover – and that was the important thing, as he said “do you want to have your hands tied?”


Nadia shook her head as he put his jacket on, and she slipped her denim jacket over her top, and they stepped out of the cabin.  Passing the car, they walked slowly along, Tom with his arm round her as he talked, and she looked at the trees, the wind gently blowing on her face as she realised how much she loved him now…


Each step made that special rope rub that little bit more, and she sighed as she put her arm round him as well.  People walked by them and nodded – but unlike the first time they had done this together, Nadia had realised that unless they really were looking, they would have no idea she was gagged.  Only if her wrists had been tied would it have been more exciting – but then, she would have had to wear a cape or coat, and the February sun was too warm for that…


An hour later, Tom opened the cabin door and they walked in, Nadia watching as he closed the door and looked at her.


“So – how are you feeling?”


Ehhwhntuhhh,” Nadia said as she put her arms round Tom’s neck, and gave him a tape gagged kiss, then started to slowly unbutton his shirt.  As she did this, Tom said “you really are worked up, aren’t you” before he kissed her neck, Nadia nodding as he slowly removed her headscarf, allowing her long brown hair to fall naturally down.  He then slowly pulled her top up, Nadia nodding as she removed his shirt, and then took his hand as they walked into the bedroom.


Looking at him, she lay down on the bed, and then put her hands together as he fetched a length of rope from his bag.  Smiling, he wrapped the rope gently around her wrists, securing them together and taking her wrists above her head as she watched him tie the end of the rope to the headboard.  He then kissed her neck and chest as she wriggled round, sighing into her gag as his free hand gently stroked up between her legs. 


He looked at her and smiled as he slowly unfastened the jeans, pulling them gently down and removing her shoes as well as the pants.  Taking another length of rope, he tied it round her ankle and took it to the side, tying it to the foot of the bed before he started to kiss it, sucking gently on her toes as Nadia wriggled, the rope now visible as it rubbed on her damp panties.


He secure her other ankle to the other corner of the bed, Nadia squirming and nodding as he looked at her, his finger slipping under the crotch rope and playing with her, before he untied it and removed that, then removed his own pants…






Nadia stepped out of the shower, sighing as she looked at herself, and then putting on the fresh underwear before she put on the red dress that was in her bag.  It had capped sleeves, and came down to her knees, Nadia looking at herself as she heard Tom in the shower.


Sitting on the bed, she put on the brown hose, and then the new leather ankle boots, before she stood up again and wrapped the pink hijab round her head.


“You look amazing,” Tom said as he came out in his boxers, towelling his hair off.


“Well, you deserve it,” Nadia said with a smile.  “When is the table booked for?”


“Eight o’clock – I won’t be long,” he said as Nadia went into the front room, sitting and slipping through a magazine while she waited.


“So – think I will pass muster?”


She stood and looked at Tom, in his dark suit, light blue shirt and dark tie, and nodded as she said “I think so.  Not like you to get dressed up like this?”


“Well, it is a special night,” he said as Nadia put on a jacket that matched her scarf, “shall we?”


They walked out of the cabin, and along the lit lakeside path to a large glass roofed complex.  As Tom held the door and she walked in, they saw other couples and families walking round, as Tom led her to a restaurant.


“Ah yes sir,” the waiter said as he checked the board, “we have your table ready.  If you will come this way?”


“How can you afford this,” Nadia said as they sat down.


“Do you really want me to answer that question?”


“Yeah – I think I do,” Nadia said as some wine was poured into a glass for her.


“Well – I and my friends may have paid a visit to a certain loud mouthed racist and misogynistic MP’s home recently, and we may have tied him and his family up, and we may have taken some items from him which may have raised the funds that are paying for today and tonight.”


“Oh,” Nadia smiled, “I guess someone like that does deserve to be taken down a peg or two as well.”


“That was what I thought – so, what would you like to eat?”


“I think the lamb is fine for me,” Nadia said as she looked at the waiter.


“Steak – and some assorted starters please,” Tom said, the waiter nodding as he walked away.


“You know, it’s been a year,” Nadia said as she took Tom’s hand, “and I wanted to say thank you for a truly wonderful year.  I know when we first met, we didn’t exactly hit it off…”


“A slight understatement,” Tom said with a smile, “but I am truly glad we got past that, and that we have got to know each other.”  He squeezed her hand as he said “you are a truly beautiful woman.”


“You’re just saying that to flatter me.”


“I’m saying it because it is true,” Tom said with a smile as the starters arrived, and a band started playing in the background.


“I wonder how many people here are couples, or just bored business people with others?”


“We could try and guess,” Tom said as he looked round.  “I could tell you of at least three who are not with their partners.”


“And how would you…  No, don’t tell me, you’ve met them professionally.”


“Okay – I won’t tell you,” Tom said as they started to eat.




“Well, that was a wonderful meal,” Nadia said with a smile as the waiter took the dessert dishes.  “Now, how shall we spend the rest of the evening?”


“Well,” Tom said very quietly, “the answer to that might depend on the answer to another question.”


“Oh – what question?”  Nadia looked at Tom as he stood up, and then went on one knee, her eyes opening wide as he took a small box from his jacket pocket and opened it.


“This question,” Tom said as she stared at the ring, the diamond sitting a ring of smaller blue stones.  “Nadia – will you marry me?”


The question seemed to hang for ever in the air, before Nadia slowly nodded, watching as Tom took the ring on put it on the third finger of her left hand while the other diners clapped.


“With the compliments of the management,” the waiter said as a bottle of champagne was placed next to the table, Tom standing and pouring it into two flutes before they took one each, and toasted each other.




“Good morning,” Tom said as Nadia came out of the bedroom, smiling as she walked over and kissed him.  “You slept well?”


“I did – once I calmed down,” she said as she sat in her pyjamas.  “We’re really going to do this?”


“I think so – but we do need to head back this morning.  How would you like to go back?”


“You could always return me – after all you kidnapped me?  But if you wanted to do that, I’d really want to be tied…”


Tom smiled as he said “I would do anything you wanted me to do, my love.  I hope I brought the right sort of clothes for that?”


“Oh I think you did – let’s have breakfast first, and then you shower and change before I do…”





“You look like you did the first time I saw you.”


“Well, not quite,” Nadia said as she finished wrapping the black scarf around her head and neck.  It was the same colour as the long black tunic she was wearing over her jeans, the legs of the jeans tucked into flat soled brown suede boots.  Under the tunic she also had on a long sleeved red top, while she finished the outfit with a long brown shawl over her shoulders.


Tom was in a black jacket and jumper, pants and shoes – and black leather gloves, as he picked up a length of rope and said “shall we?”


“Oh yes,” Nadia whispered as she crossed her wrists behind her back, smiling as the soft rope was passed round them and pulled tight, then several more passes around and between her arms before the ends were secured.  A second length of rope around her waist made sure they were locked against her back, as Tom cinched the band between her arms and her back.


“Well, I’m not going to move them,” Nadia said as he doubled over a longer length of rope, and tied it round her, pulling it tight under her chest before he wound it above and below, framing her chest but preserving her modesty as well, before he tied it off – then used tow shorter lengths to cinch those bands between her arms and body.


“Hmm – feels nice,” Nadia said as she twisted round, then sat down and put her ankles onto the low coffee table, watching as he bound them together and the white bands sank into the soft brown leather.  Tom then secured her legs together below her knees, making sure he cinched that band as well as she giggled.


“You’re always going to be ticklish there, aren’t you?”


“Adds to the fun,” Nadia said, “now, I may scream loudly for help.”


“Well, I learned of a way to stop that,” Tom said as he rolled a folded cloth into a white scarf, and then eased the centre of the band between Nadia’s teeth.  The mass pressed her tongue down as he tied the band round her head, and then picked up a roll of white medical tape.  Peeling the end free, he wrapped the round her head as well, covering the cleave gag and pressing on her cheeks.


Hllpmmmhh,” she playfully called out, as Tom then took a roll of duct tape and wrapped that round her head as well – and finally, he took her shawl and folded it, before tying it over the other layers, covering her lower face as she blinked at him.


“Still think you can call for help?”


Mhbbnht,” Nadia mumbled as she rubbed her cheek on his chest, and watched as he walked to the bedroom, returning with their bags as he left the cabin for a few minutes.


Returning, he lifted her in his arms, and kissed her forehead, Nadia blushing and nodding as she was carried out to the waiting car.  Tom laid her gently into the boot, and smiled as he said “let’s get you home – and who knows what might happen there?”


Phrmmsss,” Nadia said as he closed the boot.  She felt the car move off, and wriggled her fingers, wondering what life as his wife would bring next…







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