Safe at Home


Dexter5 suggested this title with the double meaning, as you will see, and I struggled for a little while trying to think of how to approach his basic suggestion. In the end, I relied on my often hazy memory of cop shows from the seventies to give me an idea – helped a little bit by the fact the name MaryLou still evokes the though of Daisy Dukes to me…


“And to think the day had started out so nicely”, Mary Lou thought to herself as she lay there. The bright sunshine was streaming through the window of her front room, and it was warming her as she lay on the wooden couch in the room, but she wasn’t able to move from her spot even if she wanted to.

She looked up at the clock on the wall. “Ten o’clock”, she thought, “That’s a whole hour I’ve been here. What on earth are they doing anyway?” Looking around at the mess strewn over the floor, she knew they were looking for something, but she had no idea what.

She twisted her hands around, but the rope that held her crossed and bound wrists firmly against the arm of the couch was holding firm. So she lay back and retraced the steps of the morning.



She had seen her husband Carl off to work as usual at 8 in the morning, and sat down to have her own breakfast. It was a beautiful day, and she had no particular plans to head into town, so she was dressed casually in a gingham blouse which she had tied the tails of together under her ample breasts, and “Daisy Duke” style cut off denim shorts. Her breakfast was on the bar, and she had been drinking a cup of coffee when there had been a knock on the door.


Thinking it was the mailman, she had gone to answer, but instead had been confronted by three young men in T-shirts, jeans, baseball caps and shades, who pushed her into the main room.


“Not a word out of you,” one of them had said while another pulled a length of rope out of his pocket and doubled it over. The third man had held Mary Lou’s crossed wrists in front of her as the rope was wrapped around them, pulled tightly and then passed around twice more before it was wound between her wrists to cinch the binding.  After the knot had been tied, they had pushed her towards the couch she was lying on now, made her lie down on her back and secured her wrists to the arm of the couch.

Another length of rope had been pulled out of the man’s pocket, and her ankles were crossed and tied in the same way as her wrists before they too were secured to the other arm of the couch. A pillow had been placed under her head, and a handkerchief stuffed in her mouth with an admonishment not to spit it out. Mary Lou had then been forced to watch as the three men opened every drawer in the front room, tipped out everything on the floor and conducted a very crude and messy search for…


Just what were they looking for anyway?

Now they had moved on to the other rooms of the house, and although she knew she could very easily have spat the cloth out and screamed for help Mary Lou was too scared to even attempt that. Instead she kept trying to loosen the ropes around her wrists and feet, but the more she tried the tighter the knots seemed to get and the rope was starting to bite into her skin. Shouts came through from elsewhere in the house, and Mary Lou heard running steps as the men came together. There followed a brief period of silence, and then she watched the three intruders come back into the room.


“Well, little lady.” The one who seemed to be the leader was talking to her. “We found your husband’s safe. Very smart of him to try and hide it behind that picture, but we found it nonetheless.


“Now, we could try to force open the door, or blow it open, but that would attract too much attention. So I’m going to ask you very nicely to tell us the combination. Will you tell us?”

She shook her head.  They may have tied her up, but no way would she help them.


“You know, it could get very messy very quickly, and we will get that safe open somehow, so make it easy on yourself and tell us the combination?” “Nnnn” she tried to call out. “I see.  Well, we must try and persuade you,” the man said and he stood up. Walking to the side of the couch, he knelt down at Mary Lou’s feet. Very very gently, he brushed the tip of his middle finger down the sole of her left foot, and she had to stifle a giggle.

“Oh, so you’re ticklish are you?  Tell me the combination, little lady.”

Mary Lou shook her head, and the man started to stroke more quickly the sole of her foot. She started to giggle under her gag, and writhe around slightly, so the man started to tickle both of her soles at the same time. “This… This is getting to be torture,” Mary Lou thought to herself as the tickling continued, but she was determined not to tell them the combination. She tried not to laugh.


“You have a go at her,” the man said, and one of the other invaders started to tickle the captive woman in the sides of her torso. She started to wriggle even more, and the giggling got louder and more uncontrolled.


“Will you tell us the combination,” the man said, but Mary Lou was stubborn and refused to tell them. The tickling continued, and indeed increased in the speed and ferocity so that the poor woman was twisting and turning every way she could to escape the probing and stroking fingers.

Her giggling was starting to develop into laughing as well, but Mary Lou suddenly realized that she was starting to cough as well. The leader of the gang heard her coughing, and signaling to the other man to stop he reached up and pulled the handkerchief from her mouth. Mary Lou coughed and laughed for a few minutes. “Thank you,” she finally said as she settled down. “So, are you going to tell us the combination?”


“I can’t – Carl would kill me.” “Oh, so your husband’s name is Carl, is it? Well, little lady, if you don’t tell us the combination we may just have to start tickling you again.” “No, I can’t tell you.”


The man stood up. “Guys, untie her from the couch and bring her up to the main bedroom.”


“Why? What are you going to do?” “You’ll see little lady.”

The other two invaders untied Mary Lou from the couch, but kept her wrists and ankles bound as they carried her up the staircase. As she was being carried, she saw that they had searched the other rooms in the house in the same way as the main room – including her bedroom, which is where they lay her down on the bed.


“Take your positions, boys.” The leader stood at the foot of the bed; while the two others took up position wither side of Mary Lou. “I said what are you going to do?”


“Tell me, little lady, do your neighbors hear you when you and your husband get intimate up here?”


“I should hope not.”


“Good” the man said as he suddenly grabbed Mary Lou by the ankle and began to tickle the souls of her feet again. She tried to twist and roll out of the way, but the other two then started to tickle her on her bare midriff as well, and the poor girl was reduced to hysterics of laughter with no obvious means of getting away.


“Are you going to tell us the combination?” the man said, but Mary Lou shook her head. If truth be told, she was starting to enjoy the feeling, but she failed to notice that the front of her blouse was coming undone from all her rolling around. “Stop minute boys,” the man said, and the other two stepped back.


“I see your blouse is coming undone,” the man said, and Mary Lou looked down. “Now, we can carry on doing this all day, but I think we may have to take that blouse off you to make sure it doesn’t get damaged. Or you can tell us the combination.” Mary Lou thought for a moment. She was enjoying the tickling more than she probably should, but was it worth them stripping her?


“All right, I’ll tell you,” she eventually said, and she gave the man a string of numbers which he wrote down.


“Backwards now, please,” he said, and Mary Lou did as he asked.


“Thank you, little lady. Boys, why don’t you entertain this young lady while I empty the safe?”

Mary Lou watched as the gang leader left the room, and then started laughing uncontrollably again as the two men tickled her midriff and feet. The clock in the bedroom struck eleven as the leader came back into the room. Mary Lou was lying on her side, exhausted from laughing from the tickling.


“Boys, why don’t you untie the little lady and let her freshen up before we make our escape?”

The two others undid the ropes, and Mary Lou rubbed her hands and feet.


“What are you going to do to me?” she asked. “Why don’t you go and wash up, and then we’ll make you nice and comfortable,” the leader said as he held up a roll of duct tape in his hand.


“Do you promise not to tickle me again?” “I do so promise, little lady. You hurry up now.”




The clock struck 12.30 when Carl came back into the house.


“Mary Lou, are you… MARY LOU!!” A groaning noise from upstairs could be heard, and Carl rushed up the stairs into the bedroom. Mary Lou was on the bed. Her wrists and hands were taped together in front of her, and more duct tape was wrapped around her arms and chest. Her ankles were also taped together, as were her legs, and strips were plastered over her mouth and eyes. “Hold on, sweetheart, I’m here,” Carl said, and he gently peeled the tape away from her eyes. As Mary Lou opened them, she looked at her husband with relief.


“Carl, I’m so sorry,” she said as the gag was removed, “Three men jumped me and forced me to tell them the combination before leaving me like this. I’m so sorry, baby, I’m so sorry…”


“It’s all right, angel” Carl said as he held her. “You must have struggled a lot to be this hot, I’m so proud of you for being so brave.” Mary Lou allowed a slight smile to play on her lips as Carl left to find some scissors to free her. The way they had got that combination would remain her little secret.