Sheila’s Weekend Guest









As Sheila got off the bus, and turned up the collar of her Mac, she looked up at the threatening skies and shook her head.  She was glad it was Friday, and she had the whole weekend to look forward to as she walked down the street to her house.


The Mac covered a grey business suit – jacket and knee length skirt.  Under the jacket was a white blouse with a bow tie neck, while a pair of black stockings covered her legs, the knee length black leather boots keeping the rain and chill off her lower limbs.  A long blue scarf with white peace symbols on it was wrapped round her neck to keep the chill out as well.


What she was really looking forward to now was a hot bath, a meal and a bottle of wine, and a night in front of the television, forgetting about everything that had happened that week.  So as she walked up to the front door, and turned the key in the lock, she was thinking instead of putting the kettle on and relaxing.


Closing the door behind her, she put her bag down on the floor, and went to unfasten the belt that sat tightly round her waist – only to be stopped as a wool gloved hand covered her mouth, and a small metal disc was pressed against her back.


“Not a word,” a voice whispered into her ear, “hands behind your back.”


Sheila nodded as she moved her hands behind her back, and felt a band of material forcing her wrists together, making her gloved hands pressed against each other.  She was then turned round, and saw two people standing in front of her, a man and a woman.


“Who are...


“We said not a word,” the man said as Sheila heard a ripping sound, and then watched as the woman held a length of duct tape in her hand, and pressed it firmly over her mouth, stifling her words as she did so. 


“In there,” the man said as she was pushed into her front room, and she to her dismay saw several coils of nylon rope laid out.  She was made to sit on a chair watching as the man picked up one coil of rope and started to bind her ankles together, while the women picked up a longer length and started to bind her arms tightly to her sides, taking the rope above and below her chest.


As she wriggled round, the man took another length and wrapped it round her legs above her knees, trapping her Macintosh and skirt around her legs as well.


“I think she’ll stay there for now,” the woman said as the man took out a mobile phone, and took a picture of Sheila as she struggled.




“Oh you’ll find out eventually,” the woman said, “for now, just sit quietly.”


Sheila watched as the woman walked out of the front room, and headed up her staircase.  She was in her early twenties by her guess, dressed in jeans and a sweatshirt, and she made no attempt to hide her face or disguise her voice.


Neither did the man, who was a little older, and smiled as he sat watching Sheila.




He just smiled as Sheila wondered what was coming next, while he kept checking the screen of the phone he was holding.


A short while later, the woman came down, and smiled as she said “all done.  Now, how about something to eat?”




“Oh you’ll get something to eat as well,” the man said, “eventually.  Don’t worry, you’re not going to be like that all the time.”


“We might let you go to the toilet,” the woman said, “at appropriate moments.  Now then, I’ll go and prepare the food – let me know when you have an answer.”


Nsswwrtwht,” Sheila said as the woman walked out of the room, but there was no answer, as the man turned the television on and watched the news.



It was nearly nine when the woman came in and said “well?”


“Come and see,” the man said, the woman looking at his screen before she nodded and said “all right – Sheila?  You don’t mind if we call you Sheila, do you?”




“No, not really.  I’m going to unite your legs and take you upstairs.  No funny stuff, understand?”


Sheila slowly nodded as she watched the woman untie her legs, and then help her stand as she was walked up the stairs, and into her bedroom.  As she was sat on the bed, she watched as the woman removed a number of items of clothing from the walk-in wardrobe in her room, and lay them on a blanket box.


“I’m going to remove the tape – speak quietly,” she said as she peeled the duct tape away.  Sheila winced as the tape was removed, then worked her mouth before she said “what’s going on?”


“All will be explained,” the woman said as she began to untie the ropes, “do you need the toilet?”


Sheila nodded as she stood up, and removed her coat, then her jacket as she hung it on the back of her door.


“I’ll take you, and when we come back, you are to change into the clothes I’ve laid out.”


“Why should I?”


“Because I say so,” the woman said as she eased a gun from her pocket.  Sheila saw it, and nodded slowly as she was escorted to the toilet, and then back to her room.  She removed her work clothes, as well as her boots and stockings, and stood in her underwear, slightly ashamed of her chest as she was handed a pair of white wool tights.


“Put these on first,” the woman said, Sheila nodding as she sat down and pulled the tights on, followed by a knee length grey wool skirt.  She was then handed a cream wool jumper, with grey cuffs and waist band, and pulled that over her head while the woman picked up her scarf.


“I like the scarf – wrap it round your neck.”


Sheila could see nothing would come from saying on, so she doubled over the scarf and passed it round her neck, passing ends through the centre as it hung in front of her.


“Now, put these on?”


She looked at her black fabric over the knee boots, and sat down again, pulling them up her legs and then standing up.


“Let’s go downstairs,” she said as she took Sheila’s arm, collecting the rope and taking it down with her as they went to the dining room.  The man was already there, Sheila looking at the casserole on the plates as he pulled a chair away.


“Have a seat, Sheila, and put your hands on your head.”


Looking at both of them, she sat herself down, putting her hands on her head as the woman took two lengths of rope, and tied her ankles to the front legs of the chair, and the man tied her chest and waist to the chair back.  Both stood back for a moment, while a photo was taken of her, and then she was pushed into the table as they sat either side of her.


“Look, can one of you tell me what’s going on – or even your names?”


“Call me Adam, and her Eve,” the mean said.  “I suggest you eat your meal – busy time ahead of us.”


Sheila looked at the two captors, and then at the food, before she picked up the fork – no knife was laid out – and put some rice and casserole on it before putting it in her mouth.


Chewing for a few moments, she nodded and said “this is good – but it doesn’t make up for the fact you’re holding me hostage.”


“True – but we wish to ensure that while we are your hosts, in your house, you are well fed and cared for,” Eve said as she watched.  “So tell me Sheila – if you wanted to watch a film later, which film would it be?”


“You’ve looked through my collection?”


“Oh yes – you have a taste for the crime film and the spy thriller I see.  So, which one?”


Looking at both of them, she said “well – I haven’t seen Three Days of the Condor for a while.”


“Excellent – eat up,” Adam said, Sheila looking at both of them and wondering what was going on.





At just after ten, Adam stood up and said “now, we must complete the task.  Hands behind your back, Sheila.”


“Look, surely you don’t have to tie me up all the time?”


“Yes we do – hands behind your back please.”


“Oh god, not again...”


Shhh,” Eve said as Adam crossed Sheila’s wrists behind her back, and secure them with the nylon rope, before he tied them to the chair back.  Eve then removed her scarf, and used it to cleave gag their captive, taking it twice round her neck as she closed her red lips over the soft material.


Bttwhrudnnths,” Sheila said again as she struggled in the chair, Adam taking yet more photos before he lifted her and the chair, and carried her into the living room.


Once there, she was sat in front of the television, and as the film started she could do little more than wriggle round, as Eve disappeared upstairs again for a few minutes.




It was after half twelve when the film ended, and Adam untied her from the chair.  Removing the scarf from her mouth, Sheila looked at it and said “I like this scarf – now look at it!”


“Don’t worry, we’ll have it cleaned by tomorrow – upstairs with you now.”




“You’ll see,” he said as he showed eve the screen of his phone, and she guided Sheila up, allowing her again to go to the toilet before she was taken into her room.


“Right,” Eve said as they went into her room, “strip again.”


As Sheila removed her clothes, she watched as eve took from the wardrobe a dusky pink roll neck sweater, and a pair of grey trousers.   As she put her outfit to one side, she was handed the pants and sweater, Eve watching as she put them on.


“These as well,” she then said as she handed Sheila her knee length black leather boots.  Sitting down and pulling them on, she looked at her and Adam, and said “now what?”


“Put your hands together in front of you, as if you are praying.”


“Oh god – please, not again...”




She caught the glimpse of the gun, and nodded as she held her hands up, watching as Adam took a length of crepe bandage and wrapped it tightly round her wrists, holding them together before Eve took some of the green nylon rope and tied her arms to her sides, taking the rope above and below Sheila’s chest as her arms were held forcibly to her sides.


She then lay down, watching as her ankles were secured tightly together, and then her legs below her knees, a last length of rope going from her ankles to the foot of the bed.


“Now then,” Adam said as she heard Eve tear something from a roll, “lips together.”


“But what if I can’t breathe...”


“We’ll be watching,” Eve said, “now, close your mouth and pucker those lips.”


Sheila complied, as Eve pressed the wide strip of Elastoplast firmly over her mouth, sealing her lips and preventing from doing more than stare as yet again he took another picture.


The two of them left, turning the light off as Sheila twisted her legs, listening to the creak of rope and leather, and still none the wiser as to why this was going on...





“Good morning.”


Whttmstt,” Sheila heard herself say as she slowly opened her eyes, and then remembered her position.  She looked to one side to see Eve standing there, holding a set of clothes.


“We’ll untie you, let you have some coffee and pastries,” she said as she indicated the mug and saucer on the blanket box, “and then you will change again.  We’re going for a little trip.”




“Because we tell you to,” she said as she untied the captive, allowing her to remove her boots before she was walked to the toilet.  As the door was closed to, Sheila looked at herself in the mirror, before she peeled away the plaster from her mouth.


“It’s like some perverted game show, and I’m the prize,” she whispered to herself, before she stripped off and stepped under the hot water.


A few minutes later, she came out, wearing a towelling robe and drying her hair, to find Eve waiting.  “Come along,” she said as she took Sheila’s arm, “can’t keep them waiting.”


“Keep who waiting?”


“Time for that later,” she said as she took Sheila in, “you need to go shopping, so get dressed in the clothes laid out.”


Nodding, and sensing a chance to get away, Sheila put on the bra and panties, and then the brown woollen tights, before she slipped into the wide long purple skirt, and fastened it round her waist.  She then put on the short sleeved black top, and wrapped the purple and white shawl round her neck.


“Sit down,” Eve said as she held up a pair of tan leather boots, “and put these on.”


Sheila slipped the boots on, fastening the zip on the inside, and then watched as Eve knelt down, took two lengths of cord and then secured her legs together, above and below her knees, taking the rope between her legs in both places before she folded the skirt back.  Handing her the mug and plate, she watched as Sheila ate and drank.


“Is that it?  After the last twelve or so hours?”


“Oh no,” Eve said as she held up a sponge ball, “open your mouth if you have finished.”


“Oh god, what now...”  Sheila looked at her for a moment, and then opened her mouth, feeling the sponge expand in her mouth and pushing her tongue down.  She then saw Eve pick up a wide roll of clear tape, tearing a strip off and then smoothing it carefully down over Sheila’s mouth, making sure there were no creases or air pockets.


“There – have a look in the mirror.”


Sheila stood up and shuffled over, looking at herself, her lips there and the faintest trace of the tape around her mouth.




“You’re going out, and this way you talk to no-one.  Come on – I’ll drive you.”


Sheila walked down the stairs in front of Eve, Adam nodding from the kitchen as she was given her long black leather coat to put on.  It was a cool day, and as they walked out she could feel the slight wind on her face.


“A lovely day, is it not,” Eve said as she took Sheila’s arm and walked her down the garden path, round the corner and towards a Skoda Rapid that was parked on the pavement.  Eve unlocked the car, opening the passenger door and inviting Sheila to get in, before using a pair of handcuffs to secure her wrists together.


“Just until we get there,” she said with a smile as she got behind the wheel, and drove off, Sheila wondering where they were going as they joined the motorway.


“We can’t go where someone may know you – too many risks,” Eve said with a smile, Sheila noticing the pendant she was wearing and shaking her head as they sped down the road.


They eventually pulled off the motorway, Sheila watching as they finally parked in front of an Asda store.  Eve turned the car off, and unlocked the cuffs, before she said “I am armed – if you do anything to raise the alarm, you will regret it.  Do you understand?”


Nodding slowly, Sheila waited for the passenger door to open before she got out, the two women collecting a trolley as they headed into the store.


It was easily the most surreal hour that Sheila had ever spent – the two of them went round the store, doing her weekly shop as she normally would, and nobody – NOBODY – noticed the tape over her mouth, or the way the ropes above and below her ankles made her move in a strange way.


Not even the till assistant noticed, as Eve said “forgive my friend – a touch of laryngitis.”  Sheila could not explain the feelings she had about this – there was fear, certainly, but also curiosity, and uncertainty still as to why this was happening to her.


Eventually, once the bags were placed in the boot of the car, Sheila turned to eve and said “whh?”




Nodding her head, Sheila was stunned as Eve said “because someone suggested it.  Shall we return to your home?  I can see you’re hungry.”



“Ah – let me help you with those,” Adam said as Eve opened the boot, the young man helping to carry the bags in as Eve escorted Shirley back into her own house, sat her on her own couch, and tied her ankles together with rope, before securing her wrists in front of her with another length of rope, and tying that down to her ankles with a connecting length.




Nodding, Sheila waited as Eve peeled the clear tape away, and then eased the sponge from her mouth, before Sheila said “may I have a drink?”


“Of course,” Eve said as she left the room, returning a few minutes later with a glass of water and a straw.  She held it, Sheila taking a long drink before she said “how much longer is this going to go on?”


“Oh – aren’t you enjoying it?”


“Honestly?  I don’t know, because I don’t know what’s happening.”


“Good answer – have another drink.”


As she sipped the cold water, Sheila looked round.  Nothing was disturbed, they hadn’t looked for anything, so this wasn’t a burglary.  Was it something to do with her office?  Were they going to force her to let them in on Monday morning?




“One moment, Sheila,” Eve said as she left the room, returning to say “time to change again.  I’ll untie your ankles, and you can walk up the stairs.”


“What into now,” Sheila asked as they walked back up the stairs, Adam following.


“Just do as we ask,” Eve said as they went into the room, and she untied Sheila’s hands.  The older woman removed her leather coat and laid it on the bed, followed by her scarf, jumper and skirt, before she sat down and untied the two bands of rope, removing her boots and tights and looking up.


She was first handed a pair of black tights, which she pulled on and then added a pair of short black leather boots.  Standing up, she put on the teal corduroy skirt, and then the baggy green jumper, before wrapping the dark wool scarf round her neck.


“Now what,” Sheila said as she tucked the end of the scarf in, “bound and gagged again?”


“Indeed,” Adam said as he guided her arms behind her, Eve smiling as she felt the crepe bandage again, wrapped tightly around her forearms to hold them together behind her.


“So now what?”


“Stand by the door, leaning against the wall.”


Sheila walked over and stood as she was told to, watching Adam as he took a photo.


“Who on earth are you taking those for?  Yourself?”


“Guess – now cross your ankles.”


Sighing, Sheila stood with her ankles crossed as the photo was taken, then looked down as Eve bound them tightly together, the nylon rope going around and between her limbs, and then tied her legs together below her knees.


“I just wish you’d tell me why you’re doing this?  If it’s so you can get into my office Monday, I’ll let you in...”


She saw the strip of Elastoplast, and rolled her eyes before she was gagged again, the plaster pulling on her lips before she screamed as Adam lifted her up and carried her down the stairs, laying her out on the leather couch before he left, and returned with her Peace scarf. 


Sitting her up for a moment, he used it as a blindfold, cutting off her sight before her head was lowered again, and she tried to move.  It wasn’t clear to Sheila what intrigued her more – the sound of the corduroy, the leather, the rope, or that fact she as truly helpless.


And she was beginning – to like it?



Whttmsstt,” Sheila mumbled as she was sat up, and the scarf removed from her eyes.  She blinked for a few minutes, before she saw the start of Strictly Come Dancing on the television.


“We have some pizzas ordered,” Adam said from the chair after he had sat down, “we’ll untie you for that.”


Vrrhlpfll, bttendtlt.”


“Oh – in that case,” he said as he walked over and untied her legs and arms.  “Eve will escort you – the tape remains over your mouth.”


“We’ll use the downstairs one,” Eve said, Shirley nodding as she went in and sat down.  The whole situation was becoming surreal, especially as she heard the doorbell ring, and Eve stood by the door.


When she came out, there were several pizza boxes on the coffee table, as she peeled the tape away from her mouth.  “Once you have eaten,” Adam said, “we want you to change again.”


“Why?  Who’s ordering these changes?”


Adam and Eve looked at each other, before Adam said “the viewers.”


“The WHAT?”


“Eat,” Eve said as she picked up a slice of pizza, “I told you, we’d explain everything – eventually.”


“Viewers...”  Sheila shook her head and picked up a slice of pizza, looking at both of them, and then wondering how they knew her favourite was ham and mushroom...




“Right – time for you to change,” Eve said as the music for Casualty ended, and she escorted Sheila back to her bedroom.  Once inside, she watched as Sheila stripped again, standing in her bra and panties before she handed the older woman a pair of red leggings.


“What’s going to happen to me now, trussed up on the bed all night,” she said sarcastically as she pulled the leggings on.


“Actually – yes,” Eve said as she then handed Sheila a black tunic with red and white flowers on it.  Sheila swallowed, and then nodded as she pulled the tunic on over her head, and looked at Eve.


“These as well.”


She looked at the new black leather over the knee boots, and slipped her legs into them, before she also put on the black jacket and wrapped the red woollen scarf round her neck.


“And now – oh, I might have guessed.”


She turned round and crossed her own wrists behind her back, feeling the rope as it was wrapped round her wrists, and then passed round her waist once the wrists had been secured.  Another band of the rope was then, once more, tied round her arms and upper body, securing her arms to her sides as it went above and below her chest.


She then grunted as the rope was passed under one arm, up and around the back of her neck, and under the other arm, making it even tighter as she wriggled round.


“Please lie down, Sheila.”


“Like I have a choice,” Sheila said quietly as she lay on her side, watching as Eve took more rope and lashed her ankles tightly together, the rope going around and between her limbs, and then her legs below her knees.


“I now need you to open your mouth.”


“Look, please, not the scarf.”


“No – this.”


Sheila looked at the gun, then at the folded headscarf, and nodded as she allowed Eve to push the scarf into her mouth, behind her teeth and pushing her cheeks out.  She managed to close her lips over it, before she heard a strange, squelchy sound, and she saw Eve holding a long wide strip of white tape.


Nodding she felt it as the female captor pressed in into her face, the tape moulding to the shape of her lips and chin as Sheila lay there.  She tried to speak, and was surprised to find the tape moving with her mouth – but not as surprised as she was when her ankles were pulled back, and tied to her chest ropes, leaving her hogtied on the bed.


“Sleep well,” Eve said as she turned the light off and closed the door, Sheila wondering what else they could do as she struggled to free herself – and then the adrenaline wore off, the exhaustion overcame her, and she fell asleep...




As Sheila slowly opened her eyes, she felt something was different.  For one thing, she was colder.  For another, although she was still tightly trussed, it felt different, as if she had been changed...


As she finally managed to focus, she realised she wasn’t in her home anymore, and she wasn’t wearing the same outfit.  She was in a cellar of some sort, lying on a pile of cushions – but she was still tightly bound and hogtied.


She was, however, changed as she looked down herself.  Gone were the jacket, scarf, smock top, leggings and black boots.  Instead, she was wearing her blue denim shirt dress, fastened at the front and with a thin belt round her waist, and underneath was what felt like her brown mohair sweater.


Looking over her shoulder, she could also see she was now wearing her dark brown seventies style knee length boots, and it appeared to her she had on brown woollen tights underneath.


Somehow, they had untied her, changed her, moved her, re-tied her wherever here was – and she hadn’t felt a thing.


She was still gagged – and very effectively, but she noticed something else.  Eve’s pendant was hanging on a hook, facing her.


Efff?  Demmm?  SNYNNEETHRRR?”


She called out and tried to move, but there seemed to be no reply – until she heard a door opening, and heard footsteps on old wooden stairs.  A male voice said “I don’t know what’s going on – we had a message to say to come down, and...  Sheila?  Is that you?”


“PTRRR,” she said as she recognised the church warden, the light going on as she realised she was in the vault of her own church.


“Who did this to you,” he said as he knelt next to her, and removed the white tape from her mouth, easing the scarf out as she coughed.


“Just... Just untie me please,” she said with a sob, “and let me go home...”




Sheila closed the door behind the police officer, and sat down, holding the pendant in her hand that she had brought from the vault.  There had been no sign of Adam or Eve in her house – her handbag, with the house keys, had been left with her in the vault, and nothing was missing when she checked.


She had no idea how they had got her into the vault, but they had managed it – and as she checked her bag, everything was there.


Along with one other thing.


She looked at the USB stick, and wondered for a moment, before she found her laptop and switched it on.  Plugging it in, she waited for a moment before a window popped open.


“Thank you, Sheila, for allowing us to be with you this weekend.  Click here if you wish to see why we did what we did.”


Curious, Sheila clicked on the link, as a web page came up.  It has pictures of Adam and Eve on it, and in a banner header the words CUSTOM KIDNAP – TELL US WHO, TELL US HOW, TELL US WHAT.


“What the hell...”  Shirley clicked on a button labelled “latest update” – and there she was, in her clothes, her struggles, her looks.  Next to each picture was a piece of text, sent in by someone, saying what she should wear, and what should happen to her.


A second window opened, saying she had a new e-mail.  Opening it, she read...




“Many thanks for your hospitality this weekend.  To compensate, the sum below has been deposited to your current account.”


Sheila’s eyes widened when she saw the amount, and then she read on.


“Second, allow us to tell you who nominated you.”


She looked at the name and said “right...”


“Finally, we offer the opportunity for you to nominate someone.  Use the button at the website, and we will seek to meet your request.”


Sitting back, Sheila thought for a moment, and then said “okay then,” as she clicked on the “nominate” button...







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