Strangers in the Night







“Strangers in the night, two ships just passing…”


Christyne sang softly to herself as she sat in her front room, looking at a magazine.  She was wearing a black blouse with a white fern pattern, a square neckline and short capped sleeves, and a long pleated white skirt with white heels.  IT had been a quiet day and evening for her, and she was considering a mug of coca before she went to bed.


“You have a nice singing voice.”


She suddenly looked up – she had not heard any noise, any footfall, but now, standing in the room in front of her, was a young man, wearing a denim jacket and jeans, with a white t-shirt underneath, and black shoes – as well as surgical gloves on his hands, one of which was carrying a large holdall.


“What the…” she whispered, “who are you, how did you get in…”


“Hush – no need for questions,” he said quietly.


“Ummmmmmmmm...what would you like me to do?” she asked quietly.


“Oh I don't know - exactly what I say while I rob you,” he said with a smile, “and if you behave, a little reward?”


“Do I…  Do I have a choice,” Christyne asked as she looked nervously round.


“Not really – no.”




“Well, then I suggest you do as I say. Nice outfit, by the way - it suits you.  Hands in the air please.”


“Why does this keep happening to me,” Christyne said to herself as she slowly raised her arms in the air.


“ you...”  As Christyne looked at him, she whispered “please don't hurt me!”


“Now why would I hurt you?” he said as he put the bag down.  “What are you afraid of?  Or perhaps it is not fear that is making you shake?”


“I-I dunno... you can take whatever you want! I w-won't f-fight you!”  Christyne could not take her eyes off the gun…


“No you won't,” the man said with a smile.  “Now, I have a question for you. Would you care to be seated in a chair or on the floor?”  As Christyne stammered “...f-for w-what?” he kept smiling and said “So that you will be comfortable - now, put your hands behind your back, nice and slowly.”  As he said it, he opened the bag and took out a length of white cord.


Seeing the rope in his gloved hands, Christyne started to shake, as she stammered “Y-You don't have to tie me up! I-I'll behave, honest!”


“Yes you will,” he said quietly “now, put your hands behind your back, or take your blouse off. Your choice.”  As the man said this, he put the gun down where they could both see it, and doubled the cord over.  Christyne swallowed hard as she turned round, put her hands behind her back, and said “Uh...I guess I'll pick a chair then.”


“Excellent,” the man said as he walked to the dining table and brought a high backed chair over.  Setting it in the middle of the floor, he walked behind Christyne and passed the cord round her wrists, her hands palm to palm, and pulled them firmly together as he passed the rope around and between her wrists.


“Ow...d-does it have to be so tight? It hurts...” she called out as her wrists were forced together, biting her lower lip as she tried to stand still.


“If it is not tight,” he said quietly, “it is not doing the job of keeping them together. Now, take a seat on the dining chair.”  He tied the ends off out of reach of her fingers, watching as she said “'kay...” and walked over to the chair, sitting back as much as she could as her arms were pressed between the chair and her back.


Now,” the intruder said as he doubled over a longer length of rope, “let us make it easier and less - messy. Where is your purse?”


“In the closet, on the shelf,” Christyne said as she looked down at the rope as it was wound round her waist, pulling her against the chair back as he hands pressed against her spine.


“Good - and your cell phone?” he continued as he tied the ropes off, and then took an even longer length, wrapping it around his captive’s arms and chest and pulling tight under her breasts.


“My cell---o-on the charger in the kitchen,” she replied as he pulled tighter, and wrapped the rope in two bands above and below her breasts.  “Look, you don't have to truss me up like a Thanksgiving turkey!”


“Good,” he replied quietly as he continued to bind her arms to her sides, “and if I was going to do that, you would be lying face down on the floor. Is that what you want?”


“N-No...  Ow!”  That call was provoked as the ropes were pulled together behind her back, and looking down Christyne could see her blouse stretched over her chest, the buttons barely holding.  She looked over her shoulder, watching him, barely able to move her tied hands between her back and the chair's.


“Hmmm…  How does that feel now? Comfy?”


Christyne struggled, the ropes rubbing on her as she said “Not really...  But I g-guess they're not supposed to...”


“Well, yes - and no.”  He smiled as he said “but I think you need to be more secure…”


“Oh gawd, no!”  She saw his gloved hands moving down her body as she said “certainly this is enough, I'm not going anywhere!”


“I'm sorry - what is the correct answer?”  He said as he squeezed her chest, Christyne gasping as she wriggled in the chair, and called out “Please don't get carried away!”


“Hush, hush - so the correct answer is?”


Christyne looked over her shoulder at the man, and whispered quietly “... yes?”


“Correct.”  Producing yet another length of rope, he tied one end to the back of the chair, at the joint of the seat and the back, and started to wind it around and under her chest ropes, as well as around the chair back.  She gasped as the ropes constricted her chest even more, and she was held even more firmly against the chair back.


“Oh gawd,” she thought to herself, “I'm never going to get out of this.”


“There now,” he said as he tied the rope off at the joint on the other side, “better?”


As she shifted and squirmed in her chair, Christyne sighed and said “As better as it's going to be, I guess...honest, you didn't need to do this.”


“Yes, I did,” he said as to her surprise he began to massage her shoulders, his strong fingers finding and easing the tension she had felt since she saw him.  “So… Purse, Cell phone…  Where is your safe?”


As his fingers worked on her, Christyne felt her shoulders relax...  “Maybe this won't be so bad once I get used to it,” she thought as she whispered “I-In the bedroom closet…”


“And the combination?” he whispered into her ear as his fingers pressed more firmly.  Christyne sighed, saying “Mmmmmm...” as she succumbed to the massage, and said “6-1-1-2-7-4” with her eyes closed.   “This is good…”


“Good, good,” the intruder said quietly.  “Now I need you to answer a question.  Would you prefer your legs together... or apart?”


“What do you mean?? Christyne asked as she sighed.


“I mean, do you prefer to sit with your legs together or apart?”


“Oh, you mean so you can...”  She opened her eyes as she said “oh, uh... together please.”


“As you wish,” he said as he walked round with a doubled over length of rope in his hands.  Kneeling in front of her, he started to bind her ankles together in the same way as her wrists, taking the rope around and then between her legs.  “... uh, nice of you to ask...,” Christyne asked as she tried to lean forward and watch him, but the ropes keep her sitting up straight.


“I told you, I have no wish to harm you,” he said as she felt his gloved hands on the back of her legs, and replied quietly “I believe you...”  She tried to move her legs out of the way, but he held them firm as he produced another length of rope.


“Sit still now... he said quietly as he passed the rope around her legs below her knees, and started to bind them together.


“Easy for you to say,” Christyne thought as she felt his hands stroke the back of her legs, and kept squirming at the unwelcome advances.  She tried to force herself or sit still, thinking “it'll only be a few more minutes until he's done and I can try to get away...”


“There now - you are very cooperative, dear lady.”  As he stood up, he put his hands on her shoulders and looked directly at her, before he said “has anyone ever told you you have amazing eyes?”


Christyne was taken aback at this, as she whispered “Uhm...not recently...”   She blinked as he reached over and removed her glasses, smiling as he folded the legs and put them to the side.


“Well you do...”


She blinked several times quickly and whispered “Uh, well... thank you.”


“Close your eyes.”  Nervously, unsure of what was going to happen, Christyne obeyed, and then felt the pressure as he gently kissed her closed eyes.  As she opened then again, she saw him smiling and said quietly “What...why did you do that?”


“Was it unpleasant?”


As she shook her head and said “No...,” he smiled and said “Would you like me to do it again?”


“I couldn't stop you...” she said very quietly and meekly, unsure as to what was going on as he said “Close your eyes again.”  She did so, slowly, and felt the gentle pressure on her eyelids again.  She sat still, thinking “this isn't your usual robbery...I don't think it is...”


“Mmmmwwww!”  she was taken by surprise as he kissed her lips.


“Don't you want to be kissed?” she heard him say, and then he kissed her again, before stepping back and watching as she opened her eyes.


“For a thief,” Christyne gasped “you *are* a good kisser.”


“Why thank you - so would you like it if you were kissed again?”  Before she had a chance to answer, he did kiss her again, Christyne saying “I-MMMMMmmmwwwwwww...” as he continued to kiss her, his hands gently stroking her sides.


Christyne squirmed as the kissing and caressing continued, unsure of why she was enjoying it so much as his hands gently glided up and down her sides, and the rope bands rubbed on her…  Eventually, he pulled back and looked at her and said gently “Open your mouth.”


Looking up, Christyne nodded and opened her mouth, closing her eyes again as he kissed her, his tongue slipping into her mouth and playing with her own.  This had not happened for so long…  She returned the kiss passionately, their mouths pressed together for a few minutes as their tongues intertwined.


She mewled softly, and then was taken by surprise as he broke off the kiss, and pushed a folded cloth into her mouth.  “I need to take care of business,” he said as he looked into her eyes, “and you need to remain quiet...”


“Mmmwwffph!”  Christyne looked at him, and protested “Bffff Iwwww wnnnn scrmmmfph!”


“Hush – now, close those pretty lips of yours please.”


Christyne looked at him for a few minutes, then with a resigned sigh she closed her mouth over the cloth.  He gently kissed her lips again, then pressed a long, wide strip of white micropore tape over her mouth and chin.  “Now sit there - and when I am done, I have another surprise for you.”




“It would not be a surprise if I told you, would it?”  She shook her head, watching him as he said “Good - I won't be long” and he went into the kitchen.  As she heard him looking round, Christyne looked back and forth quickly, to the window, to the back door in the kitchen...  She struggled, hard, the ropes biting and rubbing as she called out “Hlfph!”


The intruder came back through, smiling as he walked past her and towards the stairs.  She mumbled “Mwwwfffph...,” before he said “If you keep struggling like that, I think you'll look even more attractive...”


She stared at him, before saying “Mmwwff prrff nnnwwwmmph…”


“Yes you are attractive,” he said quietly, “now be patient, I won't be long...”


She watched through blurry eyes as he walked up the stairs, before rocking her chair back and forth, each rock reminding her of how tight the ropes are...  Eventually, she managed to rock and work herself and my chair up and stand up, looking round as she started to hop to the kitchen.


“You have a fine collection of jewels dear lady - thank you for sharing them…  And where are you going?”


“MWPH!” Christyne quickly sat down and watched as he walked in front of her.  “Nww-wrrr” she stammered as he looked at her, placing his firm, strong hands on her shoulders, before he leaned over and pressed his mouth on her taped lips, his hands caressing her sides.


“Mmmmwwwwww...nnnmmmwwwph...” she said quietly before he looked at her, and said “You know, your eyes are only one of the beautiful things about you.”


She looked at him, blushing as she said “Pwfff dnnnph... nwwwww...”


“Don't what? Do you think I am going to hurt you?” he said as he stroked her cheek with his gloved hand, and smiled.  She looked at him, and slowly shook her head from side to side.  She honestly did not want to believe her would hurt her, and his touch was so gentle, as her eyes narrowed…


“That’s right, so relax - I told you I would have a surprise for you,” he said quietly as he kissed her forehead... her eyes... her taped lips...  Christyne tried to relax, but she was now a little scared of what might happen next…  She felt his lips kiss her throat, and sighed “Mmmmwwwfffph...”


“You look flushed – let me help you cool down…”


Christyne felt him start to unbutton her blouse, and shook her head slowly as she said “Nwww...nwwwww...pwffff dnnnn dwww iffph...,” but she could not stop him as he kissed her taped mouth again, opening he blouse as the last buttons flew across the room and pulling it to the sides, revealing her black bra.


“Hlllfffph!” she screamed into her gag as she looked at him.


“Why - don't you think you have a beautiful body?” he said as he stroked her cheek again, “Because I think it is beautiful.”  He smiled as he started to kiss her neck, her throat, her shoulders…


She could feel each kiss, knowing he was going to press his advantage... and not only could she not get away. the gag was muffling every sound she made!


“Do you not believe you are beautiful?”


She looked at him, struggling as she tried to twist her wrists, the ropes rubbing on her bare flesh now, and she said “Nwwww.”


“Well, you are,” he said as he started to quietly, gently massage and caress her chest, his hands pressing on her breasts as she struggled and looked in his eyes.  Christyne was conflicted – she was trussed and tied to the chair, but as he pressed on her chest, she pressed herself forward as much as possible as well.  It felt so nice over the satin cups of her bra, and the ropes holding her back are creating an unusual sensation within her...


“You struggle,” he said as he squeezed a little harder, “but I can see it in your eyes - this is different, and exciting, isn't it?”


She mewled into her gag, unintelligible sounds as she closed her eyes...


“Perhaps I should do something else...”  Christyne wondered what as he kissed the top of her chest, saying softly “Nnnmmmwwww...” as his hands slipped under the cups of the bra, and increased the pressure.  She had heard the stories, read the reports…  Other women being robbed, tied up, molested and raped...  She had never thought it would ever happen to her, but...


“Mmmmmwwwfffffph!”  As she felt this hands on her breasts, Christyne struggled more…


“Hmm - so erect and sensitive, just as you are...”  She looked down as he slipped up the bra from her chest, and she saw her erect nipples.  She hadn’t even realised…


But, as he ran his gloved finger over each nipple, she felt the electric shock running through her.  Her breathing got faster as she grew more nervous…


More excited…


The ropes were now rubbing on her bare breasts, adding to the excitement as he gently kissed each nipple in turn.




“Why?”  He looked at her as he said “Do you not like this?  Be honest with me...”


Christyne could not reply, her body was beginning to betrays her as she helplessly tried to move, and he leaned forward, enclosing her left nipple in his lips as his tongue gently ran over the tip…


She could feel his front teeth graze my nipple, feeling his ropes rubbing at her breasts, as she struggled, her body continuing to respond to him as he moved from side to side…


As he sucked and stroked, her teeth sink into her gag, and as his hands stroked up the inside of her thighs she squeezed them together, feeling the rubs as he moved up, his hand going under her skirt and feeling how damp she was as she moaned softly…




Without thinking she suddenly tried to pull her legs open, each struggle making her want this more...


She groaned as he felt her damp knickers, before looking at her and smiling as he unfastened and began to pull her skirt down, kissing and teasing her chest as he did so. 


Christyne groaned as her head rolled back, staring at the ceiling, then back down at the intruder, seeing the ropes tying her to her chair.  She mewled louder, pressing against the ropes and trying to work herself, pressing her thighs together...


He dropped her skirt to the floor, and then start to ease her panties down, smiling as she shifted her hips, trying to help him…


“Do you know your eyes are sparkling like emeralds?”


Christyne looked at him, slowly shaking her head from side to side and saying “Nn-mm, nnn-mmfph...” as he pulled her panties to the ropes below her knees, and then run a gloved finger up her damp clit.



A tiny climax ran through her as she closed her eyes and called out “Mmmmmfffphmmmmmmmfffggggmmmm...”


“Hmm - you like how this feels, don't you?” he said quietly as he pressed his damp finger to her taped lips.  She nodded, without thinking as she said “Mmm-hmmm...”


“And this...”  He leaned over, and pressed his lips against her crotch, licking her as she pressed herself up as much as she could, her lips to his as she groaned “Mwph!”


She could feel her climax building as his tongue starts to work, continuing to kiss her there as he eased his tongue past her petals and inside her.


“mmmmmmmffff...  nnnwwwmmmmffff...”  Christyne was losing herself now, groaning again and again as he found the sweet spots and teased on them…


She bit into her gag again, straining against the ropes as he tasted her sweet juices, and continued to kiss and tease her as she started to shake…


He was also aware of how aroused he was, but he ignored that for now, as he continued…





She shook violently as the orgasm overwhelmed her, but he continued to tease her, lapping up the juices as they freely flowed, every muscle in her body stiffening as the pleasure washed over her…


Eventually, he stood up and looked at you, before gently kissing her head again.  “There now - wasn't that a nice surprise?”


Christyne didn’t reply – she was panting hard, her clothes awry and her entire body flushed...  She could not even remember she was at the mercy of a burglar who just forced her to climax...


“I said, wasn't that a nice surprise?”


She nodded without speaking, her eyes close to slits as her head fell forward…


“I have to say, I enjoyed it - can you tell?”


Still trying to catch her breath, she opened her eyes and nodded as she saw the bulge in his pants.

“Good - I'm going to remove the rope holding you to the chair, and I want you to kneel down.”  Christyne as still riding the after effects of her orgasm, barely aware of what he said as he lifted her chin and kissed her taped lips, then walked behind her and began to unwind the ropes holding her to the chair.


Her body was a little limp from struggling and from her forced climax...her unbelievable forced climax...  As she was released. She fell forward, but was caught from behind as he held her chest in his hands.




“Careful,” he said quietly, “I want you to kneel on the floor, in front of the chair.”  She nodded as she slowly fell to the floor, kneeling, her legs and feet still securely tied...  She looked up as he knelt in front of her, gently peeled the tape from her mouth, removed the cloth – and then held her head in his hands as he passionately kissed her.


“mmmmmmmwwwwwwwwwww...” she said as their tongues intertwined, his hands gently stroking her cheeks.  She responded in kind, kissing back as she did so…


After a few minutes, he stood up and said “Can you see how excited I have become in response to you?”  Christyne looked at him and nodded as she said “Yes...I can...and I know what you want of me...”


“Good - then you know what to do now...”  He slowly opened his pants, Christyne watching as his cock emerged, engorged, inviting…  She looked at it for a few minutes, and then leaned forward, her mouth wide open…


“Gently... Slowly...” he said as Christyne took his cock into her mouth, watching as she closed her lips round it and he felt her tongue stroking it.  “Oh now that does feel nice,” he sighed as he held her head, “Keep going...”


Christyne as losing herself again, as she slowly stroked her tongue over the base, and then sucked as she pulled her head back, her lips making a soft popping sound as she did so.


“Oh yes...  Keep going…”


She opened her mouth and took him back in, feeling a throbbing on her tongue as she did so, and started to suck gently, moving her head to and fro as she did so.  “That's good,” he said quietly as he started to respond to the sucking, his cock swelling and throbbing in her mouth…


She was starting to lose herself again as he swelled in her mouth, continuing to lick and suck as she wriggled round.  The ropes just seemed to add to her own growing excitement as they rubbed on her, especially on her still sensitive breasts…


“Oh that's good - keep going...”  he said as she felt his cock pressing her tongue down, effectively gagging her again as she varied the pressure and the speed, all to bring him closer to the edge as well…


“OH GOD...”  His grip was tighter now as she worked on him, feeling the throbbing more and more as he felt the pressure building…


Without warning, he groaned as he started to cum, holding Christyne’s head as the hot, salty fluid hit the back of her throat and she was forced to swallow.  She continued sucking on him, breathing steadily through her nose, allowing her mouth to completely fill with her seed before she swallowed and started again…


Eventually, he sighed and let go of her head, stepping back and looking at her as he said “Thank you...”


Christyne swallowed the last of the cum in her mouth, and knelt back, still tightly bound as she whispered “What are you going to do with me?”


“That is a good question - what do you want me to do with you?”


Christyne lowered her head as she said “I don't have any say in the matter...  I'm your prisoner…”


“What do you want me to do with you?” he asked again as he knelt and looked at her.


Looking at the young man, unsure how to answer, she shook her head and said “I don't know....  You have my money and my jewellery...  You've had me...”


She was taken by surprise as he held her head, kissed her, and said “what do YOU want ME to do with you?”


“...I don't know...I don't even know what happened ...”


“Did you like it?”


As she blushed and turned away, Christyne could not bring herself to admit the truth – that she was enjoying this…  She then felt his hand as he gently turned her head back, and repeated “Did you like it?”


Knowing there was nowhere to hide, Christyne closed her eyes and nodded.


“Would you like me to do something like that again?”


“...I'm not sure...maybe...”


She felt his lips on hers, and returned the kiss, before he looked at her and said “Would you like me to do something like that again?”  Christyne looked at him an argument raging in her head, not wanting to admit her feelings and yet wanting that pleasure again…  Eventually, she forced herself to look into his eyes, and nodded.


“How could I refuse such a gentle request,” he said as he untied her legs, and slipped her panties off, folding them into a pad.  “First things first - open wide…”


“Oh, no, not my undieffffph” Christyne said as he gently pushed them in, waiting as she closed her lips over them and tasted herself as he kissed her once more, and then taped over her lips.  Making her sit down, he then bent her left leg, and lashed her ankle tightly to her thigh.  His gloved hands stoked her bare leg again, and as he moved over she could see he was recovering as well.


He lashed her right ankle to her thigh, as Christyne realised she wasn’t even going to be hopping to the door when this was over.  He then knelt in front of her, between her bound legs, smiling as he stated to kiss her breasts again.


“Mmmwwwwph...” she moaned as she felt his gloved hand stroke her damp, sensitive mound, twisting in the ropes as she felt her own fires starting to build again, wondering when he was going to…



She was only mildly surprised as he pushed her onto her back, spreading her bound legs apart as she saw how much he had recovered.  “Here comes the rape” she thought, but nonetheless her body was aching…


“Would you like to feel that inside you?”


How looked at her as she raised her head, and started to kiss the inside of her thighs – but before she could do anything else, Christyne felt him enter her, her eyes widening as she raised her hips and called out “MMMMMFFFFfffmmmmmmmfffph...”


As soon as he went in, he gripped her, feeling the throbbing as he moved in and out, arousing her as he did so, and she tried to move in time to his thrusts forward with her hips. 


She instinctively gripped his shaft and struggled, the ropes still holding firm as she felt him enlarge inside her, felt her own bod respond despite the fact this was against her will…


Against her…


He leaned forward and kissed her neck and chest as she felt his cock throbbing, growing, rubbing on her as the ropes rubbed outside her, sending her into a near frenzy as she closed her eyes and moaned…


He groaned as well as he felt the pressure growing, wanting to hold off, wanting to ensure they came together at the end…


“Oh yes... Oh yes...  Ready?”


Christyne looked at him and nodded, balling her hands into fists as she called out “Mmmmffffph...Yfffph!”


He smiled and leaned down, gently kissing her taped lips before he threw his head back and exploded into her, Christyne arching her back and screaming out “MMMMMFFFFFPRRRRRWWMMMPH!!!” as her own orgasm came.


They kept going as long as they could, before Christyne collapsed onto the floor, the man withdrawing and kissing her neck and chest as he did so.


“Thank you. For that,” he said quietly, “I will give you an extra special surprise.”


Christyne looked at him, slowly calming down as she said “Uwwww, gwwwwph.”


He smiled as he went back to the bag and took out a length of rope, as well as a small white lozenge.  As he walked over, he passed the rope round her waist and tied it below her sweat coated belly button, and then pressed a button on the side before he slipped it into her passage.


“Hmgggdddd,” she moaned as she felt the vibrator, unable to stop him as he rolled her onto her stomach and pulled the rope up between her legs, keeping the device in as he secured the rope to her wrists.  He then tied rope round one ankle, took it under the crotch rope, and tied it to her other ankle.


“It has been a pleasure to meet you,” he said with a smile as he put his pants back on, and collected his gains, Christyne unable to respond as another orgasm started to build.  “I’m sure you will be rescued – eventually.”


As he walked out, Christyne had a different question in mind.  Did she want to be rescued?








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