Summer Night








It was a warm summer night, too warm to sleep with the window shut, so Ali was lying on top of her covers to allow the slight breeze to blow over her.  Her long blonde hair was covering the side of her face, the other side buried in the pillow,


Her baby doll nightdress covered her slim body, the spaghetti straps allowing her skin to breath and the skirt barely covering her bottom, but none of that bothered her.  As the curtains swayed slightly, the moon shone through on her, bathing her in the pale glow it sent onto the earth - until a shadow passed over the light.


He was tall, thin, dressed entirely in black with soft kid gloves on his hands, and as he climbed into the window he saw the way the moonlight caught the highlights of her hair, framed her soft skin as she turned and lay on her back.  So beautiful, so soft, so perfect.


Removing the rucksack from his back, he opened it and took out a wide roll of white medical tape.  Breathing slowly, he peeled off a length and tore it free, then stepped towards the bed, his soft step muffled still further by the carpet.  Gently, carefully he placed the tape over her closed eyes and smoothed it down, covering them before he stroked his gloved hand down her cheek.


She stirred slightly, mumbling something as she buried her head into the pillow again, but she did not wake - a fact that made him smile once more as he carefully rolled her over onto her stomach, and crossed her wrists behind her back.  Once again he peeled the end of the tape free from the roll, and stuck it to the underside of her right arm, taking it around both of her wrists as he secured them firmly together.


She stirred slightly, moving her arms from side to side, but even this did not wake her up.  He nodded as his gloved hand slowly traced down her legs, moving from the soft silk to her flesh, before he placed her ankles side by side.  Once again there was the strange, quiet peeling sound as the tape came free from the roll, and once again the tape adhered to her skin, moving her ankles together until the white band held them as one.


This time she stirred a little more, rolling onto her back again as she tried to move her legs apart.  She bent her legs up and down, and wriggled round a little, before she whispered “Who’s there?  I can’t see - who’s there?”


He placed his gloved hand over her mouth, feeling the soft gasp on his hand as he whispered “Hush, hush - I promise you I mean you no harm.  Do you promise not to scream or shout if I take my hand away?”  She watched as she slowly nodded, then took his hand away and stroked the back of his hand down her cheek again.


“Who are you,” she whispered, “and why can’t I open my eyes?”


“I have blindfolded you,” he said quietly, speaking in a soft tone, “and I am here to give you a very special experience.  You are a very beautiful woman, and you need to know that before I begin.”


“Begin,” she said, “Begin what?”  He did not reply, but instead helped her to sit up, sitting behind her as his hands began to massage her shoulders, easing the tension away from them.


“Ooohhhh,” she breathed, “I don’t know who you are, but that feels so good.”


“I know,” he whispered into her ear, “You do not need to be afraid, I am not going to hurt you.”  He placed his lips on the nape of her neck, kissing her gently as a shiver ran up and down her spine like an electric shock.


“That felt... so good,” she whimpered as he ran his hands slowly down her arms, his lips caressing her neck and shoulders as the soft leather felt like a gossamer scarf on her flesh.  “Oh my god,” she sighed as she felt him kissing the side of her neck, not realising as she sighed that he was moving the straps on her nightdress down her shoulders.  There was a feeling starting inside her, a feeling that was distracting and yet comforting.


There was the strange peeling sound again, and she gasped once more as she felt her arms been held into her side above her chest.  The band pressed down on her, but it was not uncomfortable - somehow it felt right to her, as he kissed the side of her neck.  She moved her head to one side, allowing him to reach the front and suck gently on her flesh.


“What...  What are you doing to me,” she said as she felt the touch of his gloved fingers over her chest.


“Showing you true ecstasy,” he whispered into her ear before he started to nibble on the ear lobe, making her gasp almost as much as the way he gently pulled her nightdress off her breast and down her body.  For a moment she wondered if he was going to remove it, but then she heard the noise again, and felt her wrists pressing against her back as he wound the tape around her arms and waist, then around her lower arms and stomach.


The cool night air was now blowing over her bare breasts, and she felt her nipples tingle as they were forced up and out between the two bands of white.  He could see this as well, and licked his lips, reaching round and starting to stroke his fingers over her delicate tips.


“Ohhmmgod,” she sighed as she pushed her chest into his hands, feeling their grip as he began to gently massage them from underneath, and his kisses continued on her neck.  She was getting warmer, felt the flush in her cheeks as she started to moan and twist round.  She rubbed her legs together as best she could, feeling in herself something beautiful starting.


“That feels so good,” she moaned as his fingers began to trace round her nipples, pressing delicately into her as she pressed forward at each delicate tease.  “Whoever you are, you know what to do....”  She pressed her back into him as he held her even more firmly, her moans growing at every squeeze, every embrace, every stroke.


“I know,” he said a she laid her back onto the bed, her arms sinking into the mattress, “and I know you are going to enjoy this.”  She wondered what he meant, until she gasped at the touch of his lisp on her breasts, gently caressing and teasing with each press.


She was not sure what to do, as she felt his lips gently moving over her body, gasping with each tickle, each stroke of his tongue, and she felt the warmth start to grow throughout her whole body.


“Please,” she sighed, “whoever you are, this is wonderful, but Iaaaaaaaaa.”  Her gasp was silenced by the gentle pressure she felt around one of her nipples, her left she thought, as he sucked on it and ran the tip of his tongue over the her nipple.


The sensation was repeated on the other side, her moans increasing in volume and pitch with each suck, each lick, each caress on her chest.  She barely heard him say “Open wide” to her, but as she gasped one more time she felt something soft pressing down on her tongue as her mouth was filled.  Closing her lips, she moaned at the touch of his on them, raising her head to press as hard as she could against them, before she felt what was becoming a rapidly familiar pulling on her skin as he smoothed a length of the tape over her lips.


He could see the outline of her lisp under the white band, so he bent over and teased her again by kissing the white gag, then worked his way down to her breasts again, straddling her legs as he worked his hands down her sides and onto her hips.


“Mmmmgddddd OOOOOOOOOO” she moaned as she felt his lips on her belly button, his tongue tracing around every single fold of her belly button.  She moved her hips and legs in response, feeling more than warmth between her legs.  There was a fire building there, a longing for somebody to touch her there and ease the growing, relentless ache that she now felt.


“Kppgng,” she moaned as she pushed her head into the pillow and raised her hips, forcing his lips against her skin as his tongue moved over her belly and down her body.  She knew what was coming, anticipated it as she felt the skirt of her nightgown been lifted, but it still came like a lightning bolt as she felt his lips on her pussy, gently kissing and sucking at her.


“AAAAAAA” she called out as she felt his caress between her legs, the fire burning even more brightly as she pressed her hips up to meet his face.  He smiled even more broadly at her before kissing her again, his tongue flicking at her a she tasted the moisture that was coming from her body, before he pushed it past her petals and started to tease the inside of her passage.


“Whtrruddng,” she cried out at the touch inside her, her breath coming more rapidly through her nose as she rocked with him, bucking hard as he found those spots that she knew made her happy, almost as if he knew where to look.


She relaxed a little as he raised his head, only to moan even more as she felt his finger slip past her damp clit and probe her, finding the most sensitive of spots.  The fire was not been quenched - instead it burned even more, consuming her from within as she called out “PLSSSSSMKTSTPPP”


“Not yet,” he whispered, “not unless you say you want me to.”  She felt his lips sucking again and again on her lips, his tongue stroking over her rock hard nipples, and his fingers working their magic between her legs - the fire growing with each tease, each moan that escaped from her muffled and gagged mouth, each buck of her body against him and each gasp, until she nodded and called out “DDDTTTTTTT.”


She felt him move, parting her legs slightly, and then something hard stroke against the petals.   She nodded as she felt it smoothly entering into her, filling her, pressing against her, exciting her as his kisses covered her breasts and neck.  She began to move with him, matching his every push and gentle rock, her fire growing to a crescendo as she felt a throbbing between her legs, a longing that must be, had to be filled.....


Suddenly, she arched her back and a low, long, loving moan escaped from her as she felt herself climax, and the hot flow inside her as well as he held her.  She cried out in happiness, before collapsing into a heap, the moonlight now shining on her sweat covered body.


She felt him withdraw, and then her legs been drawn together by more tape, which he gently wound around her legs below her knees and then her thighs.  She felt him move her so that her head lay against his bare chest, and then something been taken off her eyes.


Finally opening them, she looked up into the face of her taunter, seeing the short brown hair, the handsome face, the blue eyes sparkling as he bent over and kissed her forehead.


“Happy birthday, darling,” her husband said as he held her close, her head nuzzling into his chest as she relaxed.  He had given her what she had wanted - and she was looking forward now to the rest of the day...







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