Sunny Day and Night






As she looked back on the events of that day, Sunny was still trying to process what had happened to her, what the woman had done to her, made her do, and how it had made her feel – and how much it had changed her life, her approach to things day by day.  It seemed like a dream, and yet so real…


“It’s seven in the morning, and you are listening to W-KYG all music station…”


Sunny took another sip from her coffee mug, and then went to the bedroom, slipping out of her robe before she stepped under the shower, feeling the warm water wash over her as she closed her eyes.  She had a busy day ahead meeting with clients to discuss designs and the plants she wished to use, and it had to get started at some time…


The September spring day was going to be cool but dry, according to the weather forecast, and as she stepped and dried herself off Sunny started to consider the clothes she should wear that day.  They needed to be practical, but reflect her and her style, and as she took out the shirt dress she knew this was the basis for the day. 


Putting on her glasses, she looked at herself in the mirror, with her short brown hair, and then pulled on her underwear, before putting on a loose fitting pair of black leggings.  She then put on over herself the light blue denim shirt dress, fastening the front to her throat, and then sat on the bed as she slipped on a pair of knee length black leather boots.


Walking to her wardrobe, she took out one of her favourite scarves, a large shawl like one with a gold square pattern and a black border, and put it over her shoulders, fastening a thin brown leather belt around her waist and trapping the two ends in front of her underneath that.


Sunny looked at herself in the mirror, satisfied she looked good, and picked up her handbag, intending to head for work – but as she walked across her hallway to head for the kitchen door, and the car, she was stopped in her tracks as a leather gloved hand was suddenly clamed over her mouth, and a soft female voice whispered into her ear “I’m afraid you’re not going anywhere just yet, sweet lady.”


Hrruuhhhuuu,” Sunny mumbled, her eyes wide open in fear and surprised in equal measure, wondering what was going on as she tried to process what was happening.


“Now, you are going to do exactly what I tell you, aren’t you?”  Sunny slowly nodded as the female said “that’s good, we’re going to take a little trip, and then we are going to have some fun.  I am going to take my hand away, and I want you to open your mouth as wide as you can.  Understand?”


Sunny slowly nodded, wondering what was going to happen as the gloved hand was taken away, and she opened her mouth.  She caught a brief glimpse of a blue band, and then a large knot was pushed into her mouth – as it pressed on her tongue, she felt the smooth material, tasted the faint essence of perfume as whatever the knot was in was pulled and tied round her head, pressing her cheeks in as she closed her lips over it.  The mass pressed her tongue down, and made it difficult for her to do anything except mumble as she felt the pressure on her cheeks.


“Put your hands behind your back.”  That was not a request, as Sunny felt her arms been folded behind her, and then some form of rope around her wrists and elbows, holding them together on both sides as she wriggled her fingers.  More rope was tied around her forearms, before she felt her coat as it was placed over her shoulders, and then her captor walked round in front of her.  she had to be in her early twenties, with bleached blonde hair and a couple of inches taller, slim, wearing a black leather jacket and tight leggings with over the knee black fabric boots, and she smiled as she fastened up the front of the coat, covering Sunny’s arms.


“There,” she said with a smile, “now, look at yourself in the mirror.”  She walked Sunny over to where she could see her reflection, her lips closed over what she now realised was a large blue scarf that had been rolled into a band, the knot sitting between her lips and then tied round her head.


“Now, we’re going to walk out of the door, and into a van out there.  Walk quickly, and say nothing, understand?”  She smiled as Sunny nodded, and opened her door, walking her quickly across the pavement and into the side of the grey van parked outside.  There was a mattress laid on the floor of the van, on which she was made to sit and watch as the woman took more rope and tied her ankles tightly together, as well as her legs below her knees.


Sunny twisted round as the woman looked at her, her gloved hand on her cheek.  “My name is Ana,” she said with a smile, “and we are going to spend some time together.  Do not move from here – the drive will be a short one.”


All Sunny could do was nod as Ana smiled at her, and left, closing the side of the van as her captive tried to twist round – but it was no use, her arms tied in this way meant she had no chance of finding any knots, so she had to sit and wait as she felt the van start to vibrate, and then move off…





How long they had bene moving for, she could not say, but she could feel how heavy the knot on her tongue was getting as the time passed, the silk soaking up the saliva from her mouth as the journey continued.  When the van finally came to a stop, she listened to the sound of a door opening and closing, hearing only the sounds of birds outside until she was blinded as the side door was opened, the sunlight streaming in.


She could smell the perfume of blossom on the air as Ana climbed in, untying her ankles as she said “walk with me – take small steps, and let me guide you.”  Sunny nodded as she stood up and walked out of the van, stepping onto grass as she saw she was in a glade in a wood, no other sing of life around as Ana walked her towards a small log cabin.  She was helped to step onto the patio, and then walked through a door into an open living area.  She could see there were couches and seats, a fireplace against one wall, but she still wondered why she had been brought there.


“Now,” Ana said as she closed the door, and then removed Sunny’s coat, “you have been very good staying quiet over the journey, and I think you deserve a reward for that.  Come with me.”  She led her captive to a door on the far side of the room, and then into a bedroom, Sunny looking round as she was led over to the large double bed.


“Lie down,” Ana said as she made Sunny sit on the bed, watching as the older woman looked at her, and mumbled “whhhshlddhh?”  She reached over and removed her glasses, folding the legs carefully and placing them on a bedside table, before she said “because I say so, Sunny.”




“Oh I’ve bene watching you for quite some time, Sunny,” Ana said as she lifted her legs up and turned her round so that she was sitting on the bed, and then slowly unzipped and removed her boots.  Sunny could only watch her doing this, wondering why as the younger woman started to slowly massage her feet, her fingers kneading the soles and gently stroking as Sunny said “plssthlmhhwhtuwhnt.”


“Can’t you guess,” Ana said quietly before she put her lips over Sunny’s big toe and gently kissed it, then moved down each toe on each foot, Sunny twisting round as she tried to comprehend what was happening.  Was this young woman, who had taken her against her will, bound her arms, gagged her – trying to seduce her?


Ana smiled as she re-bound Sunny’s ankles, and stroked her hands up the older woman’s legs as she walked by the side of the bed, gently pushing her captive onto her back as she stroked the hair away from her face with her gloved hand.  “You are beautiful,” she said quietly as she kissed Sunny on her forehead, and then on her lips, the older woman’s eyes opening wide as she shook her head.


“I know this is a shock for you, but let me show you what I am feeling,” Ana said quietly as she looked at Sunny, and then put a pillow under her head before she slowly unfasten the brown belt, pulling it out from under her before she unfastened the top button of her dress, opening her neck up slightly before she leaned in and gently placed her lips on Sunny’s throat.


Hmhgghdfddd,” Sunny mumbled as she felt the gentle pressure, wondering why this young woman was doing this to her – and wondering just why the gentle touch felt so good.  She looked down, watching as button by button was undone and her dress was opened up, her brown scarf falling to the sides as Ana revealed her bra.  Sunny shivered as she felt the air on her bare midriff – and then moaned softly as she felt the hands on her chest, gently massaging her as the lips of the younger woman touched her neck and throat.


Her mind was screaming out that this was wrong – she had been kidnapped, she was been held against her will, and her captor was stripping her, planning to do something, and she should not be enjoying this.


She should not be enjoying this.


She should not…  Sunny shivered as she felt her breasts firming, her body starting to move slowly to and fro as the fingers kneaded her chest, her breath escaping from under the dark blue and wet knot in her mouth with short gasps as she felt something else happening inside her.


“Would you prefer to be blindfolded, Sunny?”


Ana’s word took her by surprise – but even more surprising was that she shook her head, watching as Ana smiled and pulled the cups of her bra down, leaning over as she enclosed her left nipple in her lips, gently kissing and then pulling back as her lips made a soft popping sound.  Sunny closed her eyes and gasped as something like a small electric shock ran through her, and then another as the younger woman repeated the process on the other side.


What was more, Ana then started to gently suck on her nipples, one at a time, her tongue running over the hard mound as she did so, and Sunny could not stop herself from squirming round, arching her back and pushing herself into the younger woman’s mouth as her muffled moans grew louder.


It was an exquisite sensation as a warmth started to spread through her body, making her shake slightly while Ana continued her kisses, her gentle caresses, and then she felt the gloved hand as it moved between her legs, the dampness suddenly becoming clear to her as Ana smiled and ran one finger slowly up…


Hmmhlhrdddd,” she groaned as she closed her eyes, and then felt her leggings as they were pulled slowly down, her panties following, and then the loving pressure as Ana kissed her between her legs, her body reacting automatically as she pushed her hips up to meet her tormentor, her captor…


The woman who was bringing her slowly, gently to a peak she had not felt for such a long time…


Her mind was still screaming that this was wrong, she should not be doing this, she should not be….


“HMMHSHWWWGHDDDD!”  Sunny opened her eyes wide as she felt a small orgasm begin, but Ana looked at her, shaking her head as she said “not yet, my dear lady, not yet – I will tell you when.”  She nodded slowly as she felt the lips moving over her mound, the tongue slowly stroking up her damp, sensitive, responsive clit and making her groan even more.  If this was torture, then it was a sweet, loving torture, and one she wanted to last for as long as possible…


And then it happened, her body suddenly shaking as she had her first real orgasm in years, Ana gently kissing and licking her as Sunny arched her back and screamed into the wet silk knot.  She was shaking, and she could feel her fluids flowing, but Ana gently brought her through it, bringing her slowly down until Sunny collapsed onto the bed, her body glistening with sweat as she opened her eyes and looked at her captor.


“There – I told you I have been watching you for some time, and dreaming of making you feel that good.  Are you ready for the next step?”


“The next step,” sunny thought to herself as she panted, “what next step?”  But as she looked into the blonde’s eyes, she slowly nodded as Ana started to untie her legs, and then helped her to sit up as she untied her arms.


“Go into the bathroom over there,” Ana said as she pointed to a door, “there is a shower there, cleanse yourself – and when you come out, do as I say.  You may remove the gag if you promise not to try and call for help.  And I don’t think you want to call for help, do you?”


Sunny stared at her, and then to her surprise shook her head as she walked to the bathroom, her cloths slipping off her as she did so, and looked round.  There were no windows, but there was a shower, and she stepped under it, letting the warm water wash over her as she thought about what was happening…






“I beg your pardon,” Ana said as Sunny came back out, a towel wrapped around her.


“Why have you kidnapped me, brought me here – you have done to me…”


“What you needed,” Ana said quietly as she looked to the bed.  “Dry yourself off, Sunny, and then I want you to tie this over your head.”  She held up a large red headscarf with a print on it, Sunny looking at it and then nodding as she dried her hair off, standing naked as Ana watched, and then folded the red scarf along the diagonal before she tied it over her hair, letting the ends fall down the back of her neck as she looked at Ana.


“I would like to take the opportunity to explain why I did what I did, and we can do that as we take a walk,” she said quietly as she picked up a length of rope, “but I want to do something to you first.  Stand with your hands on your head please.”


“And you will explain everything?”


“I will explain everything,” Ana said quietly, Sunny nodding as she put her palms on the silk covering her head, watching as Ana doubled the rope over, and then tied it round her waist, tying a knot just under her belly button before letting the long ends drop to the floor in front of her.  She then smiled as she walked behind the older woman, and said “please, stand with your legs apart.”


“All right, but WHY….”  Sunny had to stop herself calling out as Ana took the lengths of rope between her legs and pulled them up, the ropes sinking into her slit as she tied them off to the band around her waist, and she felt the ends at the back of her legs.  She shivered as she imagined what was coming next, as she felt the soft gloved hands on her stomach, Ana hugging her and kissing her neck as she said “I shall continue.”


“What…  What are you going to do now,” Sunny whispered as Ana took more rope, and tied it round her body under her chest.  She repeated the process above and below her breasts, squeezing them up and forcing them out as the bands of rope rubbed on them, and Sunny started to shiver some more.


She could feel Ana at her back, tying the rope off and pulling them slightly together, and hen bringing the rope round again, this time taking it diagonally between her breasts and back around.  She thought of how she had secured buttons on blouses and dresses in the past, and knew how that approach made the stitch hold tighter, longer – but she had never dreamed someone would do this to her chest, or that it would have a similar effect, the bands tightening as they rubbed around her breasts, making her feel faint, and aroused at the same time.


“The Japanese have a rope binding technique they call the Karada,” Ana said as she tied the ropes off again, “an intricate arrangement of ropes and knots that encircle the person’s chest and body.  I do not have that skill, that knowledge, but this will give you an idea of the effect.”  Sunny nodded – she could tell her exactly what the effect was, especially as Ana then pulled the rope that was tied between her legs up, and secured the loose ends to the ropes encircling her chest as well.


“Have you…  Have you any…  Have you any idea what this feels like,” Sunny gasped as she tried to move round, and felt the ropes rubbing in areas that made her feel faint, hot, aroused…


“I have a fair idea – there is a jumper and skirt on the bed as well as a pair of shoes.  Put them on please.”


Sunny nodded and picked up the long, wide skirt, made of cotton and with bands of material of different colours – white at her waist, then getting gradually darker, through cream and lime to brown at the bottom.  As she put the skirt on, she watched as Ana stripped herself, revealing a black bra and panties before she put on a denim mini dress, and a pair of low heeled black shoes.


As she allowed the skirt to fall over her legs, Sunny then put on the red jumper, the sleeves coming to her elbows as she realised the ropes were now covered, invisible to the outside world, but not to her – especially as she moved and twirled round, the ropes rubbing on her bare flesh with each twist, each turn.


“I need you to be quiet while we walk,” Ana said as she came over.


“I…  I can be quiet.”


“I need to be sure,” the blonde said as she folded a white scarf.  “Open your mouth again.”


“But – won’t someone notice I have a scarf tied between my lips.”


“It won’t be – open your mouth, please – lover.”


Sunny looked at the young blonde, and then nodded as she opened her mouth, tasting the clean silk as the cloth was gently pushed inside, and closing her lips over it.  She looked at Ana, who placed her hands on the sides of her head, and then gently kissed her lips, Sunny closing her eyes as she returned the kiss, finding herself responding to the attention, the appreciation.


The love…


It was a strange way for her to show it, and even stranger as Ana then tore a strip form a wide roll of clear tape, and gently pressed it over Sunny’s mouth, making sure there were no creases, no air bubbles.


“There, beautiful,” Ana said quietly as she looked at Sunny, “how do you feel?”


Vhrhrestrhhnsh,” Sunny said through the cloth and tape, but Ana put a finger on her taped lips and said “it was a rhetorical question.  It is a beautiful day Sunny – let’s go for a walk.”


She walked to the door and looked at Sunny, the older woman nodding and walking with her – stumbling at first as she felt the ropes rubbing, but then walking as normally as possible as she followed Ana out to the woods.  The young girls looked up to the sky, and said “it was a day like this when I first saw you – you were younger then, I was a thirteen year old, and you were doing some garden design work for my parents.


“I remember seeing you – wearing that t-shirt and shorts, the blue scarf round your neck and the second one over your hair, as you dug and planted, and I was captivated by you, the way you moved, the way you spoke…”


They walked to the lake side, Sunny starting to groan softly as the ropes seemed to rub on the most sensitive parts of her body, the cool air almost seeming to pass straight through her skirt and top and making her shiver slightly – or was it the ropes…


“Anyway, I have been watching you from afar ever since then, admiring you, slowly falling in love with you…  My parents passed away recently.”


Hmshreethrhrtht,” Sunny heard herself say, and she was genuinely sorry – but the ropes, the blasted ropes…


“So I inherited some money, and I laid my plans.  I have been a dom for some time, with different people – but for you, I wanted to show you how much I thought of you by making sure you cam and spent this time with me.  You are a beautiful woman, Sunny, and I want you to know that.”


Sunny slowly turned her head and looked at Ana as she started to shake slightly, Ana smiling as she said “I am only speaking the truth, but you are a private person Sunny, I could see that – hence bringing you here, and making sure you came.  I…  I guess I should apologise for forcing you to come with me.”


Sunny stopped and slowly turned, looking at Ana as she shook her head, and said “hsshllrhttt.  Hwhsshsckhhd, bhtnhh….”  She then turned her head slightly, and pressed her taped lips onto Ana’s before she stood up and looked at her.


“Thank you,” Ana said quietly, “for that.  I was not sure if you would feel that way.”




“Dinner,” Ana said quietly, “and then I want you to allow me to take you to the peak and back.  Will you do that?”


Sunny slowly nodded and then looked at Ana, her eyes wide as she softly groaned.


“Yes, it can have that effect – would you like to stop for a while?”


Shaking her head, Sunny said “nnhhlhsswhllshmmhrrr…”






Sitting on the bed, Sunny looked at herself in the mirror, not quite believing what was happening.  She was now wearing a black lace short skirt, with the red jumper, and a blue scarf now tied over her head.  She was also wearing underwear, and black tights, with her boots – Ana had brought a change of clothing as well.  She could smell fish cooking, as well as vegetables, before she heard Ana say “you can come in now.”


Standing up, she smiled as she walked in and saw Ana standing there.  She was now wearing a black leather dress, with capped sleeves and a short skirt, and thigh high black suede boots, and smiled as she held a chair away from the table for Sunny to sit in.


“You’re not going to tie me to the chair?”


“Do you want to be tied to the chair?”


Sunny looked at Ana for a moment, and then shook her head as she said “not to eat, no.”  She pulled her chair in as Ana went to another door, and then carried through two plates with baked salmon and vegetables.


“Would you like some water?  I do not believe you drink alcohol.”


“Thank you,” Sunny said as she accepted the drink, and they started to eat.


“So, if your parents are dead, what are you living on?”


“Oh, I have a job,” Ana said quietly, “I have the weekend off.  I like your outfit.”


“I like yours as well,” Sunny said as she took a drink, “so is the cabin yours as well?”


Ana nodded.  “It was – is – our holiday home.  How is your fish?”


“Delicious,” Sunny said as she patted her mouth.  “So – what are you going to do to me after dinner?”


“What makes you think I am going to do anything to you?”


“I am still your captive, aren’t I?”


Ana slowly nodded as Sunny put her napkin down, and then put her hands behind her back.  Standing up, Ana picked a length of rope up form a stash sitting on a chair, and bound Sunny’s wrists tightly together behind her back, the older woman biting her tongue as Ana did so.


She then took a longer length of rope, and tied it round Sunny’s upper body, pulling her arms into her sides as Sunny started to sigh, the rope sitting above and below her chest as she felt the pressure, the sweet pressure on her breasts…


Ana worked quickly, tying the bands off behind Sunny’s back, and then taking the rope under one arm, pulling it up and around the back of her neck, then under the other arm, before she said “stand up.”


“Yes mistress,” Sunny said as she did that, watching as Ana tied the rope around her waist, then back between her legs and back up, Sunny smiling as she felt the pressure there as she was standing there.




Sunny did so, looking over her shoulder as Ana bound her ankles together, and tied them to her wrists – taking the rope round the crotch rope as she did so.  Sunny moaned as she twisted round, and said “are you not going to gag me?”


“Not yet – I need you able to use your lips.”


Sunny looked up as Ana unzipped and stepped out of her dress, the leather slipping to the floor as she stood naked save for the boots she was wearing.  As she stepped forward, she put her hands on Sunny’s head, and said “I made you feel so special this afternoon, didn’t I?”


“You did mistress,” Sunny said as she slowly nodded, “would you like me to return the favour?”


“I would – and I want you to enjoy yourself as well.  Do this, and I will give you a wonderful reward for the night.  Will you do this?”


Sunny slowly nodded as she watched Ana walk forward, presenting herself to her older captive as she slowly tugged on her wrists, feeling the pressure on herself as she gently placed her lips on Ana’s clean shaven sex, kissing it gently as Ana sighed softly, and using her lips and tongue slowly, gently, sensually, tasting the fluids as she felt her own body responding to the caress of the ropes on her own sex.


It was the least she could do, for a day which had started so strangely, and she was not sure why she was glad to do it – only that she was glad, as Ana pushed herself gently forward and Sunny started to shake at the way the ropes were working on her.


She lost track of how long she was doing it for, only aware of the way Ana’s moans deepened and how much softer her petals were, before she gently eased her tongue past them and worked inside her captor.


No – inside the woman she wanted to pleasure, not her captor, but the one who had released her from the bonds that she never knew she had…


So when she suddenly started shaking, and Ana held her head, the juices suddenly flowing more openly, she lapped them up, using her tongue and moving herself to seek them both coming to a climax together, a mutually special event…


Finally, her eyes shot open as her orgasm came, making her press her head and lips onto Ana as she came too, the two of them screaming out in their own way before Sunny fell back onto her calves, and said “I hope…  I hope I have pleased you mistress?”


“Oh you have Sunny – and I promised I would reward you,” Ana panted as she released Sunny from her hogtie, and then lifted her up, carrying her into the bedroom as they kissed each other, and then sitting her on the bed as she untied her body.


“Strip,” Ana said quietly, Sunny nodding as she removed her clothing, her boots, her tights, her bra, her panties, her soaking wet panties…


“No – put those in your mouth, then use your headscarf to gag yourself.”


Sunny looked at Ana, and nodded as she tasted her own juices on her tongue, smiling before she picked up the large blue headscarf, rolled it into a band and pulled it between her lips, the material pulling the corners of her mouth back as she did so.


Ana smiled as she went to a drawer, and took out four long red scarves, tying one to each of Sunny’s wrists and each of her ankles before the older woman lay on her back on the bed, watching as Ana spread her arms and legs out and secured them to the four corners of her bed.


“I will sleep with you,” Ana said as she stood there naked, “and enjoy your moans.”


Hndwhwhwhlhmhnnn  hhhhh    NNNHHHHHHHHHHHH.”  Sunny saw the small device, and then heard it before Ana slipped it into her passage, the vibrator working immediately on her as Ana lay down beside her, gently kissing her neck and chest as she put her arm round her and rested her head on Sunny’s arm.


And as she felt the sensations building again, Sunny knew what she would have to do, what she wanted her future to be with this wonderful woman…






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