Sweet Caroline




Sweet Caroline,

Good times never felt so good.

I’d be inclined,

To believe there never was so much love…


“They’re playing your song again, Caroline.”


Nick looked in on his young wife as he pulled his jacket on and grabbed the car keys.  Caroline was in the back room of their new house, preparing to start decorating the bare walls.  Her red blouse was tied below her breasts, with the sleeves rolled up, and her blue denim shorts had a thin black belt around them.  She was wearing knee pads and white socks with her work boots, and her eyes glistened as she smiled back at her husband.


“Yeah, well, I need the music while I get on with this.  What time will you be back?”


“About 5 – I’ll see you then.”


Nick kissed her lightly on the cheek and headed out of the front door.  Caroline smiled to herself and poured some paint into the tray ready to use the paint roller on.


Two hours passed as she ran the roller up and down the wall, listening to the radio at the same time.  An old sixties song was playing when she heard something in the back room.


Stop, Listen, What’s that sound,

Everyone look what’s going down….


“Must be the cat,” she said to herself as she put the roller down and stepped back to look at her work so far.  As she did so, she failed to notice the young man coming into the room behind her until she literally backed into him and he grabbed her around the throat.


“Now, you’re not going to give me any trouble, are you?”  He said in a low whisper, and Caroline quietly nodded her head as his arm constricted her throat.


“Very good, now stand up and put your hands behind your back.”


Caroline did as she was asked, and she felt a length of rope being passed around and between her wrists pulling them together tightly.  She watched as a longer length of rope was passed over her head, around her waist and tightened around her waist at the front.  The loose length was then passed between her legs and pulled up towards her back, before it was passed through the original loop and used to secure her bound wrists into the small of her back.


“Who are you…? What do you want?”  Caroline finally said.


“I’m a robber, and I want you to do what I tell you so that you don’t get hurt.”  With that he turned Caroline around, and she looked at the tall dark man who had bound her.  He was unshaven, with shoulder length hair, and wearing a blue boiler suit.


Caroline had an involuntary shudder, and then realised the rope between her legs was rubbing in some very sensitive areas.  The feeling was not unpleasant, but the fear she felt at her situation meant she did not want to feel anything the made this seem like pleasure.  The music on the radio continued to play


Red, red wine,

Goes to my head…


“Bend over” the man whispered in her ear, and as she did so Caroline saw him uncoiling a long length of rope.  Doubling it up, he passed the loose ends between her arms and back, and pulled her arms together above her elbows, tying the rope around them so that her arms were held firmly together, but leaving a length of rope trailing down to the ground.


“You look lovely this way – but let me make you more secure.”


Another length of rope doubled up, and he passed it around her arms and chest below her breasts before standing in front of her and pulling it tightly so that her arms were pinned against her side.  Slowly, slowly, he wound the rope around above and below her breasts, constricting her chest so that the buttons on her red blouse began to pop and her breasts begin to poke put from her vest and blouse.


Never saw you looking as lovely as you did tonight,

Never saw you shine so bright,

You were amazing.


“Please, stop, I won’t do anything I promise…”


“I know you won’t – now sit down.”


The man pushed Caroline gently down on the shoulders, and she sat herself down on the groundsheet she had put down for painting.  Quickly, he removed her knee pads and boots and wrapped rope around her ankles, cinching it so that she was unable to even think of running away,


“Just sit there while I sort a few things out” he said, and Caroline watched as he left the room.  She could hear him moving around the house, and was sure he was taking things she loved and valued, but she was too afraid to scream out, and she had to admit the feeling from the ropes around her was becoming – dare she say it, pleasurable?


A short time passed before the man came back into the room.


“I need to go now, but I want to make sure you won’t raise the alarm when I leave.  Please, don’t try to resist me.”


Caroline wondered what he was talking about, until he pushed her gently onto her back and rolled her onto her stomach.  The reason for the lengths of rope on the floor became abundantly clear to her now, as her pulled her bound ankles up and used the loose ends to place her in a strict hogtie.  She looked up at him as he surveyed his work.


“Well, good night dear,” he said, and before Caroline could say anything a sweet smelling rag was clamped over her mouth and nose.  As hard as she tried to resist, a deep sleep fell over her and her eyes slowly closed…..






Caroline was quietly sobbing when she heard the door open.


“Caroline, are you there?” she heard Nick calling out, but she felt too ashamed to call out.


Nick could not take in what he saw when he approached the room.  Caroline was bound in a strappado fashion to the door frame, her vest ripped and her pants opened.  She weakly looked up at her husband and mouthed the words “help me.”


“Caroline – Caroline, wake up.  Can you hear me?”


Caroline opened her eyes to the sight of her concerned husband looking into her face.  She looked around and realised she was still hogtied on the floor, but now lying on her side, and the sun was setting through the open window.  She started crying, tears of both relief and fear, as Nick gently untied the ropes and helped her to her feet.