The Awakening




“Are you sure you don’t feel well enough to go to the beach today, Lesley?”

The seventeen year old looked up at her mother as she pulled the bed sheets up to her chin.  “I’m sorry mum,” she said in a weak, tired voice, “but that veal I had last night kept me up until four this morning.  I just want to stay in bed and sleep it off.”

Lesley’s mother looked out at the clear blue sky outside the hotel room window.  “All right then,” she eventually said, “your father and I will take the twins down to the beach for the day and leave you to rest in peace.  We’ll be back by four, all right?”

“All right, mum,” Lesley said as she looked up.  Her mother leaned over and kissed her on the forehead before walking out of the room and quietly closing the door behind her.  Hiding under the covers, she lay still, listening to the sounds from the room next door as her parents gently persuaded her younger brothers to leave their room and come with them.  Eventually the shouting and laughing faded as she heard them heading for the lifts.

She waited ten minutes more, to make sure they didn’t come back, and then threw the covers off her bed, sitting up in her pink silk top and shorts with a big smile on her face.  “Finally,” she said to herself, “A day to myself – I thought they would never let me have it.”  She walked over to the fridge, pulled out a bottle of orange juice and took a long swig. 

“I’ll give them another fifteen minutes,” she said as she headed for the shower, “and then go and grab some snacks.  After that...”


It was more like half an hour by the time Lesley came back into the room, carrying some cans of soft drink and chocolate bars in her hands which she promptly placed next to the television.   Opening a can and taking a deep drink, she stripped out of the joggers and t-shirt she had thrown on, before looking at herself in the full length mirror.  Her body was slim, with a clean white bra and panties the only other clothes she had on at that moment.

Opening the wardrobe, she pulled out a small brown holdall and placed it on the bed, unlocking the small padlock that held the zip in place.  When she had put it in the car, her dad had asked what it was for, and she had said it was some stuff they may need in case of emergencies.

Actually, as she unzipped the top, it was a special treat she had bought weeks before and kept carefully hidden away.  She lifted out a pair of high heeled black shoes, the three inch heels tapering to appoint and straps to go over her feet, and placed them on the bed.

Next was a new pair of dark sheer silk stockings, which she placed in their packet next to the shoes, and a black garter belt.  Finally at this point was a black clothes bag, which she unfolded and laid out on the bed before pulling the zip down.  Smiling, she picked up the garter belt and fastened it around her waist, before sitting down and opening the stockings.

Her smile grew wider as she felt the silk against her legs, pulling the material over her foot and up, up, up until she clipped the tops to the clips hanging down from the garter belt.  Standing up, she smoothed down her stocking covered legs, enjoying the smooth sensation before reaching into the clothes bag and taking out the dress that was within.

It was a short dress, made of black satin with a scoop neckline that, as she stood through the skirt and pulled the front up, nestled over the bra cups.  She pushed her arms into the puff capped short sleeves, pulling the dress round and reaching round to pull the zip up her back.  The neck and sleeves had a white trim, and as Lesley tied the apron that was in the bag around her waist she looked at herself in the mirror, her dark blonde hair falling around her face.

“You are such a naughty maid, Lesley,” she said to herself as she clasped her hands in front of her waist and twisted from side to side.  Sitting down, she strapped the shoes onto her feet and stood up again, fixing a small white cap to her head with a pair of Kirby grips.  “Now, you must get on with the cleaning.”

She walked round the room, tottering slightly on the unfamiliar heels as she tidied up some items, before she decided it was time to start the main event.  Lesley paused for a moment in front of the mirror, looking at the way the satin hugged her young figure as she smiled again, before getting to work.

Reaching into the holdall, she took out two lengths of soft white rope, a pair of handcuffs and a white silk scarf, before placing a small key on the bedside table.  Placing the bag on the floor, she took one last look at herself in the mirror before turning and holding her hands up in the air, a look of surprise on her face as she said out loud “Who are you?  What do you want?”

Backing towards the bed, Lesley said “All right – I’ll do what you ask, just please don’t hurt me.  You want me to sit on the bed?”  She sat down on the bed, turning herself round so that her feet sat on the duvet cover, and picked up the first length of rope.

“You want me to tie my ankles together?” Lesley said, suppressing a thrill of excitement as she brought her feet up and wrapped the rope around them.  She had practiced this many times at home, and seen many online clips on a similar theme, as she pulled the coils neatly around her ankles and tightly bound them together, making sure she took the ends of the rope between her legs to cinch the binding.

She looked down at her legs, admiring the work she had done, before she said “My legs as well?  Please, don’t make me do this – all right, all right, I’ll do it.”  Doubling the rope over, she wrapped it around her legs just below her knees, gasping as she pulled her legs together and took another pass round.  The feel of the rope against her legs, pressing the silk deep into the flesh of her legs, was one she was enjoying immensely, especially as she cinched the ropes and tied the ends tightly together. 

Stretching her legs out, she tried to move them from side to side, hearing the squeak of her leather shoes as the soft rope rubbed against her legs.  She closed her eyes, sighing at the feeling before she opened them and quietly said “Please, don’t make me put that in my mouth.  I promise I won’t call out.”

Picking up the white square, she rolled it into a band and opened her mouth, pulling the cloth between her teeth and closing them over the material as she took the ends behind her head.  The taste was interesting, clean and slightly scented, as she pulled the ends around each other and tied her gag off.

Finally, she took the handcuffs and fastened one ring around her left wrist.  This was the fantasy she had dreamed of acting out – the hotel maid bound and gagged while the robbers take all the furniture from the room, and she was finally living her dream.  Taking her hands behind her back, she fastened the other bracelet onto her right wrist, mpphign as she lay on her back and rolled over onto her side.

Closing her eyes, she imagined the scene in her mind as the two well built, smartly dressed men took all the cases and headed for the door.  She said “Plsdntlvmlkts” as she closed her eyes, twisting slightly as she moaned into the material filling her mouth.  She moved her legs up and down, enjoying the sensation of the rope rubbing her legs and the way it made her feel warm in herself.

In her mind’s eye she imagined the two men checking her ropes, arching her back as she wondered what the touch of their hands would be like on her dress.  She moaned again as she felt a warmth starting to grow between her legs, a feeling she had created before, and rubbed her legs together as she saw in her mind the robbers finally walking to the door, opening it as they left her helpless...

Her eyes opened with a start as Lesley heard the room to the door actually opening.  “Shit,” she thought to herself as she looked towards the wall that shielded the door from her, “I forgot to put out that bloody ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign.  Please don't let it be mum or dad...”

It wasn’t any member of her family, as Lesley saw a tall, well built man with short greying hair walk into the room.  He was wearing a pair of grey overalls, and carried a tool bag in one hand.  “I’m just her to check the air conditioning,” he said as he walked in, not noticing Lesley lying there, “I hope I’m not disturbing...”

He turned and looked at the young girl lying on the bed, her legs bound and a white scarf pulled between her teeth, the damp patch growing in the centre as she looked at him with frightened eyes.  He placed his bag on the table, looking at Lesley for a moment before saying “Have I disturbed you?”


“Did you do this to yourself?”

Lesley nodded as he walked over and looked at the ropes around her ankles and legs.  As his hand touched her legs, she squirmed out of the way, although his touch on her stockings sent something like a small electric shock through her.

“You did a good job,” he said to her as he stood back.  “Do you enjoy fantasies like this?”

“Mmmm,” Lesley said as he looked at the man.  She had calmed down slightly – he was looking at her, but not in a way that made her feel uncomfortable.  Well, no more uncomfortable than a complete stranger walking in on her made her feel.

“Listen,” the man said eventually, “I need to fix this air conditioning.  If you want, however, I know a few tricks that may make your time more – pleasurable.  I promise I won’t harm you, and if you just shake your head I will leave now and come back tomorrow.

“I get the feeling, however, that you are someone who wants to feel new experiences, so if you want me to show you those tricks I’ll put the Do Not Disturb sign out, help you out and then get to work, and then I’ll let you go before I go.  Sound fair?”

Lesley lay for a few minutes, thinking over what the handyman had said.  He had already seen her tied up like this, and he had promised he would not hurt her, so what else could she do?  Taking a deep breath, she looked back at the man and nodded.

“All right,” he said as he picked up the cardboard hanger and took it with him, “I need to pick up a few things.  Don’t go anywhere.”  Lesley heard him walk out of the room and close the door behind him, and lay for a few minutes, trying to imagine in his mind’s eye what he would do.

Eventually, she heard the door open again, and the handyman came back in, carrying three skeins of rope with him.  “I take it you’re  a maid who has been left by burglars,” he said as he sat on the bed next to Lesley.

“Thtsrt, y?”

“Well, a burglar who came by chance would leave you like this, but what if this was a well planned burglary?  Would you like to experience that.”


“Good – then I need you to sit up for me.”  He took Lesley by the shoulders and helped her to sit herself up, before sitting behind her and unravelling one of the skeins of rope.

“The first thing he would do is make sure you can’t get your hands free.  Now, sit still and see how this feels.”

Lesley looked over her shoulder as the man shook the rope out and doubled it over.  On his breast pocket was a name badge that simply said “Gary.”


“Hmm – oh, you can call me Gary if you want.  Now, sit still.”  He passed the rope around Lesley’s body and pulled the ends through the loop behind her back, forcing her arms into her side as the soft cords came against her bare arms.

She gasped through her gag at this, as he wound the rope round her body again, pulling her arms still further into her side.  With the next pass, however, he took the rope over her body above her small breasts, the rope going against the bare skin of her chest as he pulled it tightly again.  Lesley had never felt so helpless, and she had to admit to herself she liked the feeling, as he wound the rope round again and then pulled the bands together behind her back.

“I’m not finished yet,” he said as Lesley felt her chest been forced up.  Looking down, she could see how the ropes had made the dress stretch across her breasts, the top of her bra showing as the dress slipped slightly.  She barely noticed as Gary took the ends of the rope under her left arm, pulled it tightly to force the coils together there, and took the rope around the back of her neck, feeding the rope down and under her other arm before securing the ends again in the small of her back.

“One last thing,” the man said as he walked round, picked up the small key and went back to behind Lesley.  She felt him unlock the cuffs and remove them, before wrapping a shorter length of rope around her wrists, her hands together palm to palm, and tightly securing them as well.

“If I help you, would you like to see yourself in the mirror,” Gary said, and as Lesley nodded he helped her to stand on her feet and shuffle over to the full length glass on the wall.  Her eyes widened as she saw the way the ropes encircled and forced out her chest, and moaned into her gag at the sight of herself.

“Ready for the next stage,” Gary said as he stood behind her, and Lesley slowly nodded her head.  He took another length of rope, doubled it over and tied it around her waist, pulling her wrists against her back as he did so, before letting the rope drop to the floor.  Lesley looked down, wondering what was happening as Gary knelt down and pulled the rope between her legs.

She soon found out as he pulled the rope up, raising the skirt of her dress up as he passed the rope between the two bands of rope around her chest so that her breast were almost encircled in rope as he pulled the bands together on front of her.  She gasped again, but the feeling this was giving her, as she saw the material of her dress slip a little further, was indescribable.

Even more exciting was the way the rope felt between her legs as Gary took it back down and between her thighs, pulling it up as he secured the end back to the loop around her waist.  The rope was pulling the material of her panties into her crotch.  That was not the only thing, however, for as she twisted round the rope rubbed against her panties, and she could feel another large shock passing through her body every time she did this.

“they would want you to be distracted from what they are doing,” Gary said as he helped Lesley to shuffle back to the bed, sitting her down as she felt the pressure between her legs increase when the ropes tightened.  “How are you feeling?”

“Hgdtflsgd,” Lesley mumbled as she looked up at the older man.

“Well, let’s make it the complete experience,” he said.  “I’m going to help you to lie down, and then I want you to roll onto your stomach, all right?”

“Uenthrtm, rtshm?”

“No, I promise I won’t” Gary said as he cleared the remaining material off the bed, helping Lesley to lie on her back as she pushed herself up to the head of the bed.  As she rolled over onto her stomach, she allowed herself to wriggle round some more, feeling the pressure on her crotch as she began to throb slightly.

“The last thing they will do is make sure you cannot escape,” Gary said as he pulled Lesley’s legs up, the ropes around her upper legs tightening as he lashed a shorter length between her ankles, and then secured the other end to the ropes around her wrists.  “Now then, I need to get on and fix this air conditioning.  Try not to make too much noise, or I may have to silence you even more.”

He went back to the table, picked up his bag and walked into the other room, leaving Lesley to roll from side to side as she came  to terms with how she had been left.  The rope between her legs kept rubbing, making the dull throb she had felt before become stronger and stronger, as she rubbed her legs up and down and from side to side. 

She could also feel the front of her dress slipping down as the material was stretched by the ropes, the cool air hitting her nipples as her sleeves slipped down and took the front with them.  They were stopped by the bands of rope around her arms, but she could feel her bra slipping down as well, and was powerless to stop it.

Did she want to stop it, was the thought that was going through her mind.  The throbbing in her legs was becoming more and more intense, stronger with each pull of the rope as she tried to move her arms up and down – she had only just realised the rope was wrapped around her wrists as well, and she could feel herself buck more with each motion.

Her moans were getting increasingly louder as well, as was a sensation she had never, ever felt before, dampness in her crotch that seemed to increase with each movement of the rope.  Lesley closed her eyes and lost herself in all these new sensations, the sweat breaking out on her body as she moved herself faster and faster, the throbbing growing more and more intense with each pass.

“Having fun?”

She opened her eyes to see Gary standing there, a smile on his face.  She moaned loudly as the sensation between her legs grew stronger and stronger, fighting to keep herself in place.

“Your dress seems to have slipped,” he said as he rolled her onto her back and pulled the front of her dress up, but the touch of his hands on her bare flesh just seemed to make the longing grow even more stronger within her.  This was especially true when he brushed against her nipple as he pulled her bra back into place and Lesley could not stop herself from calling out.

“Hmm – a real burglar would silence you more for that,” Gary said as he looked at Lesley, “and I am tempted to do so.”  Lesley’s eyes widened at this, as she watched him open the desk drawer and remove some of her jewellery, placing it in his trouser pocket, as well as some notes from her purse.  “As it is, you made it so much easier for me to rob you, and I have the sneaky feeling you got more enjoyment than you had planned, right?”


Lesley closed her eyes and moaned, the ropes rubbing so that the pressure increased even more between her legs.  He had taught her so much, and now he was taking her things?


“Tell you what – I’m going to put the radio on, and then leave you.”  He placed a pair of scissors on the bed next to Lesley, as she looked at him, beads of sweat forming on her brow.  “When you’re done, use the scissors to cut yourself free.  Knock yourself out, kiddo.”  He reached over and picked up the remote, turning the television on and selecting a music channel, before turning the volume up as Lesley watched him.  Walking to the door, he turned again and smiled before leaving the room, letting Lesley close her eyes as she rubbed the rope between her legs again, feeling the throbbing intensify even more as the music drowned out her own moans and calls....






“Lesley?  How are you dear?”

As her mother looked round the corner, she saw Lesley lying on the bed, the covers pulled up over her body and her eyes closed tightly.  Smiling, she turned round and said “She’s sleeping – why don't we leave her and go to the play area for an hour or so.”

As the door softly closed, Lesley opened her eyes and breathed a sigh of relief.  She slipped out from under the covers, and opened the wardrobe again, staring at the holdall with the small padlock holding the zip in place.  Inside was a plastic bag, with all the ropes and the cuffs.  It had taken her half an hour to cut herself free of the hogtie, and then the ropes from around her wrists, before she began to wriggle out of the other ropes.

That left the clothing – the dress, stockings and shoes were back in the bag, as was the scarf, and her bra and panties were in the dirty laundry bag.  She had made sure to rinse her panties out thoroughly – she did not want to have to explain some of those stains to her mother.  As for her jewellery and the money – she felt that was a small payment, and they weren’t worth that much.  Not compared to everything else that had happened.

Looking at her naked body in the mirror, she shook before she went to the shower again.  She had learned a lot that day – and could not wait to try some of those tricks at home herself.




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