The Hottest Night








It was the hottest day of the summer, and to tell the truth I was regretting my choice of clothing to attend the summer garden party – but I have an image to maintain, and somehow it just seemed right to do so.


I am known colloquially as The Woman in Black, because of the business I run, and the fact that for whatever reason, black demands respect.  I also like leather – that’s my personal choice, not an image one.  So, for the event, I was wearing a knee length black dress, leather but with breathable cloth at the sides and the inside of the arms.  It had a round neckline, and it hugged my body as if it was a second skin.


I was also wearing a pair of black stockings, and high heels.  Black leather gloves were on my hands, bracelets and rings over the soft material.  A large hat, black and white in a yin and yang design, covered my head on top of my long blonde hair. 


Which I needed – even with shades over my eyes, the sun was intense, and I was so glad for the combination of talcum powder and anti-perspirant I had used before dressing.  Not to say it was not a fun event – it was, and I enjoyed myself immensely, and was going home happy.


I live in a – well, yes, a mansion, but apart from my housekeeper, I have no permanent staff, and it was her weekend off.  So I had hired a limousine and driver to take me to and fro – and it was around eight in the evening when I was dropped off at the house.  I knew some meals had been prepared for me to heat through, but in all honesty I was not that hungry – had I been, and had I headed to the kitchen, I would have realised something was very wrong.


As I said, however, I did not feel hungry – so I let myself in, put the keys safely in the box and locked it, then removed my hat as I walked into the drawing room and placed it carefully on a side table, before I turned the lamp on – and saw that things had been moved.


I just stared at the room for a moment – and then someone behind me pressed a damp cloth over my nose and mouth.  I opened my mouth to scream – and then my mind started to seem as if it was filled with fog, a mist falling over my eyes as I tried to struggle free, to get the pad off my mouth and nose.  But the mist seemed to get thicker and thicker, as my eyes slowly closed…



I had no idea how long I was out for, but I do recall some very vivid dreams.  As my eyes slowly opened, I tried to process what had happened, and why I felt as if something was holding me in a tight grip.


As I focused, I realised I was still in the drawing room – but I also saw that things had been moved around, and what was more, the portrait of me had been swung away from the wall.  That was a problem – because behind the portrait was my safe.


There were other problems in my mind as well, however – such as why I could not move my hands, and why I could hear a squeaking sound as I moved.  There was also something in my mouth – some sort of wool or cloth, and it was pressing down on my tongue.


I twisted round, and then realised I was lying on my arms and hands – and then I was able to see the bands of rope that were holding my ankles together, my legs below my knees, my waist, and my chest as my dress was stretched over it.




My words were muffled, but the reply was male, deep, clear as he said “she’s awake.”


“Good – then she can tell us.”


I turned my head to see two men standing there, staring down at me.  They were tall, muscular judging from the tight black jumpers they were wearing – and their eyes and lips were the only things I could see of their faces, because of the grey balaclavas pulled down over their heads.  They were also wearing black pants, black shoes, black gloves – and cruelty in the way they looked at me.


It was clear now what had happened – they had broken in, and knocked me out with something, and then tied me up on the chaise longue.  Whatever was in my mouth was a simple gag – but it was preventing me from saying anything, and as I rolled onto my side, I managed to wriggle my fingers.  I could now feel the band of rope round my wrists, but the knot?  Not a chance.


“Whrruhh?  Whttdhuhwhntt?”


“Direct, to the point,” the taller of the two men said.  “Let me make the introductions – I am number one, this is number two, and you are going to be the one entertaining us tonight.”


“Gthhhlll.”  I twisted round, and then realised what the funny squeaking sound was, as the ropes rubbed on the leather of my dress, and my gloves.  I also realised something else – my rings, my bracelets, had all been removed.   As had my glasses.


“Oh no,” number one said as he walked over and squatted down, looking into my eyes, “not when there is going to be so much pleasure.  For all of us.  But before pleasure, business – what is the combination to your safe?”




“I was so hoping you were going to say that,” he said as he smiled – a nasty smile, before he said “number two?”


I saw the second man walk round me, and I wondered what he was going to do – and then I felt the pain as something was whacked against my bottom, making me squirm.  I looked over my shoulder to see him holding a carpet beater in his gloved hand, as my bottom throbbed.




Whatever was in my mouth had soaked up all the saliva, so that my mouth as dry and a weight was sitting on my tongue, but I shook my head – and then opened my eyes wide as the beater came down on my bottom again.  I started to roll over to stop him doing that – and then screamed out as the beater came down on my breasts instead.




I still refused to answer, as number two brought the wicker beater down on my chest, again and again.  It hurt like crazy, but with each whack, each sound of wicker on leather, I wanted him to stop, because of the way my breasts were starting to throb under the assault.




I shook my head, but the beater came down again and again – and something strange was happening.  With each stroke, it still hurt – but there was something else, a warmth that made me feel giddy.  Surely…  Surely this was not turning me on…


Number one then gripped my face and turned it so that I had to look in his eyes.  “Combination – or we cut that dress open, and he continues.”




I then felt the dress part as number two pulled the zip fastening at my back down, and then number one pulled my dress down my body and arms, the rope squeaking on the leather as he pulled It under and then nestling on my bare flesh.  That’s the thing about a leather dress like this one – no way could I wear anything under it.


He then rolled me onto my back, the leather sitting under my chest, and said “combination.”  I shook my head in response – and then felt the wicker on my breasts as number two hit me again, and I screamed out.


Not just in pain though – despite what was happening, as each blow came down, I was feeling more turned on.  It disgusted me, and it fascinated me, and it aroused me as I started to moan rather than scream with each blow.


Eventually, however, I said “HLLLRHHTTTT!”  Number one came over and pulled the cloth from my mouth, the wet black wad landing between my breasts, before he said “combination – and then the pleasure can begin.”


“All right,” I said as I told him how to open the safe, panting as my breasts throbbed.  I could see the red weals where the carpet beater had hit them, the thin red lines where blood was seeping through -and how firm, how erect my nipples were.


Number one nodded as the safe door swung open, while his partner came back round and forced me to kneel on the floor, the bands of rope holding my legs together tightening as I did so, before he sat behind me.  I wondered what he was going to do, as I felt the sweat running down my body, felt the sting as the beads hit the weals – and then felt his hands as he started to caress my breasts, kneading them, massaging them, and I closed my eyes, letting out a soft moan.


How it had happened, I had no idea, but my body responded as I pushed forward into his hands, wanting the caress, wanting the feeling as they firmed under his fingers, wanting the pain as he gently pinched my nipples…


And the burning pain as he fastened two metal clips on them, and covered them with white tape that tugged on my skin.  It was excruciating, shocking…




“Nice – thank you,” number one said as he stood in front of me, and I saw the bulge in his pants – a bulge that emerged as he opened the fly, and his cock came out.  Large.  Erect.




“I told you pleasure would come if you did as we asked,” he said quietly as he looked down at me, his partner continuing to play with my breasts as the burning settled.  “Kiss it.”


I looked up at him, unconsciously licking my lips, the ropes feeling even tighter round my breasts – and then i leaned forward and placed my lips on the tip, tasting the saltiness before I opened my lips slightly, put them over the tip and then pulled back with a soft pop.


“Go on…”


Seriously, looking back, I don’t know if it was the heat in the room, the burning on my breasts, or the delirious way I was feeling, but I nodded and opened my mouth, taking his member in as he held my head, and number two continued to massage my chest.  There was definitely a fire burning in me now, as I felt it expand in response to the touch of my tongue as it caressed the organ, felt it start to throb on it as I sealed my lips over it and started to suck gently, bobbing my head to and fro.  He groaned softly as well – but so did I, as I felt the flow between my legs, felt the fire there as well, and started to work on number one.


It as the animal side of my brain that seemed to be taking over, as I sucked on him, caressing and licking his cock as it grew and throbbed in my mouth, and felt the fire starting to burn in response to what number two was doing to me as well.  I was losing myself, forgetting that I was tightly bound, seeking only pleasure as the throbbing slowly turned into a pulsing as he held my head in his gloved hands.


It seemed to last an eternity, but as he groaned and I felt him jerk, the taste of the precum hit my tongue – and it only seemed to encourage me to continue, as I swallowed and began to suck harder, moving my head to and fro as he responded in kind.  The fire was intensifying in my body, threatening to engulf me as the assault on my breasts continued…


And then my whole body started to shake and I bucked, sucking harder – which was enough to bring him on, as the hot salty liquid suddenly exploded in my mouth.  I was panting through my nose now as the orgasm washed over me, and I had to swallow all he gave, letting it go down my throat as fast as I could.  I tried my best, but I was aware of a thin trickle out of the corners of my mouth as it leaked out…


Eventually, I opened my mouth as number one withdrew, and squatted in front of me, his gloved hand on my cheek as he whispered “did you enjoy that?”  I slowly raised my head, and nodded as I whispered “yes, damn you…”


“Do not worry,” he said with a smile, “the pleasure is only just beginning.  Stand her up.”


I was lifted form behind and stood there, panting as the arm air hit my breasts.  I could feel the tingling as well as the dampness between my legs now, as I tried to keep my balance on my heels – and then I felt the ropes slacken around my wrists, as they were released.


But only for a few minutes – I felt them move apart, but then they were gripped by number two in his strong hands, as I felt my gloves being removed from my hands, and then the dress slip down my sweat covered body as I saw it fall to the floor.  He then crossed my wrists again, as I heard a soft peeling sound – and then something sticking to my bare wrists as they were secured together again.


My nipples were burning again as I stood there, my stockings held up by the garter belt, only the shoes on my feet as I twisted round.   I wondered what was happening as I felt the stickiness on both arms, and hear that strange, soft peeling sound, while number one just looked at me.


When it ended, I could not move my wrists apart, but then I felt the pressure on my arms ease as those ropes were removed as well.  I realised it was only a temporary measure – because number one had gone to a canvas bag, out of which I could see my jewellery boxes protruding, and took out a large, wide roll of white tape.  He took the end away from the roll – and I realised what the sound behind me had been, as he stuck the tape to my bare arm just below my shoulder and then wound it tightly round my body, forcing my arms to my sides again as he took the tape above and below my breasts.


It was the strangest of feelings as he did this, feeling somehow more helpless and more excited as the tape replaced the ropes.  TI felt softer, not as abrasive – and it was just as tight, especially when Number two reached round and pinched my breasts, and I moaned softly.


“Sit down.”


“What…  What are you going to do now,” I whispered as number two untied and removed the soaking wet scarf from around my neck, while number one knelt down, unbuckled and removed my shoes, and then removed the fastenings and rolled my stockings down, the cool air hitting my feet as I wriggled my toes – and then gasped as he kissed them, before he stood up and looked at me.


“Open your mouth.”


“Be gentle with me,” I whispered as he balled up one of the stockings, and pushed it into my mouth, forcing it to the side of my mouth before the other stocking of the pair joined it.  There was the soft peeling sound again, before I felt the tug on my cheek, and then the pressure as the tape was wound tightly round my head, pressing in on my cheeks as it trapped my hair at the back of my neck.


He wound it round several times as I slowly calmed myself, wondering what was going to happen as I wriggled my toes – and then closing my eyes as number one lifted out up my right foot, and went from toe to toe, putting his lips over them and softly sucking as I felt the kiss of number two on the back of my neck.


I moaned into the silk and tape, as number one moved to my other foot, and then said “stand up – we’re going to go to your bedroom, I still have to search there.”  I nodded and slowly stood up after he had released my legs, the carpet soft on the soles of my bare feet as they walked me out of the room, and up the staircase.


My bed looked so large, but I was still coming down, the tape over the clamps and round my body making me feel giddy as I was made to lie on my back, watching as the two masked men searched through my wardrobes, my drawers, and under my bed.  Needless to say, they found more of my valuables, and put them into their bag.


“I need to go and find something,” number one then said, “look after her.”


Number two nodded as he looked at me while his partner left, and then he said “it’s my turn now.”  I knew instinctively what he meant, as I pushed myself back onto the bed and then lay on my back – I should have fought, I know, but the excitement was already building inside me as I watched him spread my legs, and then kiss the inside of them moving from one to the other.  It felt so good – and then when he kissed me between my legs, I raised my hips up and met his soft kiss.


SAs I moved my hips on him, I felt his tongue on the lips of my labia, and I groaned even more – especially when he eased his tongue past them, and tasted me inside.  The shocks that started to run through me made me shake again, as I groaned – and then I heard him unfastening his pants, lowering them, and I saw he was as well-endowed as his partner.


And I was as greedy to feel him inside me, as I spread my legs further apart, the animal of me definitively taking over as I looked up and smiled under the tape band.  He leaned over, kissing my neck, my throat, my chest, my breasts…


And then I felt him slip so easily into me, and I gripped him, feeling the throbbing inside me as he started to move to and fro.  I was acting on instinct now, wanting nothing more than the pure pleasure of sex, of him giving me what he had to give.


It had been some time, yes, but I remembered what to do, as I ground against him and moved up and down in time with his own movements, feeling the fire engulf my brain as he grew inside me, and I closed me eyes.  I knew what he was doing, knew what it meant, but I wanted him, I wanted him so badly…


I could feel his breath, hot and panting, on my body as well as he looked into my eyes through the eye slits in his mask, and the touch of his lips on my body, strangely cooling but also fanning the fires inside me as I groaned and felt the throbbing build and build...


And then he groaned as I felt the flow, but my grip did not lessen, as I ground against him, feeling him fill me with his gift, as my whole body started to shake in response as well.  It was even more wonderful than with his partner, as I gave as much as he did, and I could tell he was satisfied as well.


I slumped back into the bed as he slipped out, kissing me gently before he got off and pulled his pants back up.  He then found a cloth and wiped down my legs, before he took the roll of tape from the bag, and then secured my ankles together, as well as my legs above and below my knees.


As he patted the tape down, number one came back in – and I saw he had fetched something from the kitchen.  A very large, very wide roll of saran wrap.  He smiled as he got his partner to lift my taped legs up, and then he slowly, methodically, carefully wrapped the clear material tightly round them, starting at my ankles and then moving slowly up, past my knees, before he made me stand up and continued to wind the material round me.


Well, apart from one thing – he stopped just below my crotch, while number two went to the bag and pulled out what looked like a white lozenge – a lozenge he pressed on the ends of, and then slipped into my passage, which was still damp from his gift.  This gift, however, was almost as exciting as I felt it vibrate inside me – and he pressed a length of tape over my clit, before the saran was wrapped around me again.


Number one continued to take it up, covering my chest and my arms, the white bands still visible underneath before he stopped just below my neck and throat.  When he had finished, it was as if I was a mummy – but a mummy who had something inside her that was slowly driving me crazy with the effect it was having on me…


The two of them gently lifted me up and laid me on the bed a sit ride to move – but I could not, the saran holding my entire body in a cocoon as I started to shake, distracted by the first orgasm the vibrator was bringing me to.   I could only watch them as they picked up the bag and walked out, leaving me to moan, to cum and cum, to wonder how much more of this my body could take.





It was the next morning before someone found me – I was meant to be attending a board meeting, and when the driver came to collect me, he found the front door open and unlocked, the house in disarray, and the ropes left on the drawing room floor.  He then called out, and must have heard my muffled moans as he discovered me, the wrap still round me, my eyes red with exhaustion as another orgasm washed over me.


He at least cut the saran wrap from me, and released me as I slowly sat up, then went to call the police while I sat there, the gown he had placed over my shoulders keeping me warm.  I knew I could not shower until after the police had been, but I also wanted to hold this feeling as long as possible.


You see, despite the way it happened, they had made me feel like a woman again, something I had managed to forget, and I never wanted to lose that again.  Perhaps, I would find a man who would love me in the non-threatening way…







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