The Most Precious Jewel








Christyne Widdicombe had the broadest of grins on her face as she walked around her front room, talking on the phone to her friend.  She was wearing a cream blouse with a blue floral pattern on it, a blue silk scarf folded and tied around her neck with the ends hanging to one side, a dark blue scalloped dress that came half way down her thigh, light brown pantyhose and dark blue two inch heels.  Her greying hair was carefully styled on her head as she nodded.


“I know – it was sad when she died, but the jewellery she left me is worth a small fortune – not that I ever want to part with it, but I didn’t think she had done that.  It just makes my girlfriends sooooo green with envy!  It's nice being on the taunting side for a change.”


Sitting down on the cream leather couch, she laughed and said “Oh, robbery's the least of my worries!  I have an alarm system and I have the jewellery hidden *really* well!  Like I said, I'm not worried; a burglar would never find them.......”


A sharp rapping sound came from the kitchen.  “Hold on,” she said as she stood up and walked in that direction, “there's someone at the back door.”  Putting the phone on her shoulder for the moment, she turned the knob and opened the door, staring at the man standing there.


He was about six foot tall, broad shouldered, wearing an old leather jacket over a shirt and jeans – but the thing that really had Christyne’s attention was the pistol he was pointing at her, as he said “Hello - not a word, understand."


She slowly backed away from the door, her arm dropping as he stepped in and closed the door.  He looked at her again, and said “whoever it is - tell them you'll call them back."  Christyne nodded, slowly lifting the phone and saying "I---I have to call you back, okay?  Bye...."  She ended the call and slowly raised her hands into the air.


The stranger motioned to the door and said “Into the living room, hands on your head.”  Swallowing, she whispered “Okay, a-anything you say, just don't hurt me, 'kay?” as she placed her hands on her head and made her way into the front room.


“Now, toss the phone on the seat, and draw the curtains.”


Christyne threw the handset onto the loveseat and then walked to the windows, looking to see if there was anyone she could call to.  The street was empty, however, as she slowly drew the curtains closed, and returned her hands to her head, looking at the man standing there.


“Right - anyone else home?  Are you expecting anyone?”  Christyne shook her head, saying “, I l-live alone......” at the same time realising she was stupid to admit that.  Fear was overtaking her as she wondered what was coming next.


“Good,” he said with a smile, “going somewhere?”  As she swallowed and said “I was.....” his smile broadened and eh said “Correct answer - kneel in front of that seat, put your head on the cushion, and your hands behind your back.”


“Okay, anything you say.......,” Christyne whispered, but then she looked at him and said “oh gawd, you're not going to tie me up............”


“Just get on your knees.”


Slowly, she knelt in front of the wingback chair and placed her head down as he had said, placing her hands beside each other behind her back.  She turned her head and stammered “A-Anything you s-say....” looking at him through her brown rimmed glasses.


“Good - just do as I say, and you’ll be fine Christyne,” he said as he crossed her wrists and started to tie them together with rope, taking it five times around and twice between her wrists.  She felt the ropes pulling her arms together as she said “I'll b-behav---how do you know my name?”


“I read the papers.”


Christyne’s eyes widened – there had been a report of the death of her grandmother, and of the will.  Was eh there to...


“Oh gawd, no, please don't tie me up!  I can't stand being tied up!” she cried out as she tried to struggle, but he was too strong, saying “Be quiet, or I will make you quiet" as he started to tie her ankles together.


He took the rope around and between her legs, as well as over her shoes, before saying “I want you to sit back on your heels now, Christyne."  She did as he asked, looking up into his eyes as she said “I-I don't have much........”


"Hush" was his only reply as he passed a length of rope around her body, pulling her arms tightly into her side as he started to wind it above and below her chest.  Christyne had always had a fear of being tied up, and she started shaking as the bands tightened, pulling her blouse tighter as the top button came undone.  She tried moving her wrists, but it was useless – he had been too strong for her.


“Right,” he said as she tied the ropes off, “where do you keep your valuables?”  Her mind raced, desperate to not direct him to her inheritance, as she said “I...I have money in my purse on the table, more in the top buffet drawer for housekeeping....some jewellery in a box on my dresser.....that's all, I swear...”


"I don't believe you," he said as he reached round, and started to grope Christyne's chest, her eyes widening again in shock as she called out “Gaaaaaa!!  Gawd, don't touch me!!” 


"I said to be quiet," he whispered as he continued to grope her chest, Christyne squirming at his touch, swallowing as she struggled more and said “Don't....please untie me, I can't stand this.....gawd stop, please stop, don't touch me!!”


Her relief was real when he stopped, but as he untied her scarf and removed it, a new fear filled her, one confirmed as he said “open your mouth, Christyne."  She started to shake as she said “Why....oh gawd, no, no no no no!”


"Shh" was all he said as he pulled the silk band into her mouth, taking the scarf round and tying the ends together at the base of her neck.  Christyne mewled “Nnnnnmmmmm....nnnmmmfffph mmmmm....mmmmfffph!” wondering if anyone would find her.


"Now," he said as her laid the woman on her side, and tied her ankles to her back, "Don't move - I'm going to have a look upstairs."


Christyne watched him walk out of the room, calling out “Mmmmm...Nnnnmmffph wwwmmmmfffphmmmm!”  She started to struggle, her skirt riding up, her blouse coming undone as she screamed “hhhmmmmph!  Hlllmmmph!”  Turning her head over her shoulder, she looked at the draped window and called again “Hhhhllllmmmph!!  Hlllmffph mmmm!!"


She could feel the ropes tightening around her as she struggled, but she was determined to find help.  Looking up quickly at the doorway, she started to squirm and inch her way along the carpet, hoping to get closer.


Stopping for a breath, she panted through the rapidly dampening silk, and then spotted the cord to the telephone.  She struggled harder, trying to work her way toward it, so near yet..........


"Ahem - you weren't trying to get away now, were you?"


“MMmmffph!” she called out she looked up, her teeth poised over the cord, and saw him standing in the doorway.


"We can’t have that," he said as he dragged her back to the chair, her protests filling the air as he sat her up and looked down at the crying woman.


“Now don't cry Christyne," he said as he brushed her hair away from her face, “I want to have a word with you.  You’re going to answer me, right?"


Christyne mewed quietly and nodded as he said “Good - I found a lot of nice things, but do you know what I didn't find?"


She shook her head and said “Whfffph?"


“All that lovely antique jewellery you inherited from your grandmother - where is it, Christyne?”


“Hwww......Hwww'ff yu knnn'bouff thafph?”


"Well at least you did not deny it," he says with a smile as he untied and removed the gag, shaking it out as Christyne worked her jaw and licked her lips.  Looking up at him, she said “I.....they're not here!"


"Really - I hope you're not lying my dear.  That would be - a mistake."


“Look....look, you robbed me, can't you  just leave me and go?  You don't need them and I'd DIE if anything happened to them!”


She watched as he turned eh round.  "And you may not like it if you don't tell me," he then said as he reached round and started to grope her chest again.  "Where are they, Christyne?"


“NO!” she screamed out as she squirmed and tried to pull away from his probing grasp.  “They' a safe deposit box!  They're heirlooms, please don't take them!!”


"Really?  Where?  Which bank?"  His hands were now sinking into her chest, as Christyne moaned “I---The---please don't take them, I love them so much!!”


“And what can you offer if I don’t," were his next words as he started to unbutton her blouse.  Her eyes widened as she said “Nothing!  Please stop!  Don't touch me!!”


"Then I will ask again - where are they Christyne?"  I say as I open your blouse up.  She started to cry and moan “I love them so much, please!” as he opened her blouse up, revealing her cream bra, but as he gripped her chest and started to rhythmically massage her breasts she started to fear something more happening.


“But you claim you have nothing else to offer...”


Christyne, afraid of what might happen, suddenly shouted out “They're hidden!!”




“Don't steal them!”


“WHERE?” was his response as he gripped tighter, Christyne gasping as she sobbed “In the guest room, behind the register!  I've loved them since I was little, please don't steal them..........!”


“Who said I wanted to steal them?  Get up.”  As he removed the rope linking her ankles to her chest, and helped her to stand, Christyne looked at him, shaking, still panicking, not paying much attention to what he was saying.


“Why--why else would you ask for them?”  She lowered her head and said quietly "Take them.  I know you're going to.....I'll survive...."


"Show me" he said as he frogmarched her, crying like a little girl as she was forced up the stairs and into the guest room.  She nodded to the register and said “They're in there, way back.”


“Sit on the bed,” he said quietly as he pushed her onto it, and don’t move.”  Christyne watched, sobbing as he moved the register and found the hiding place, extracting the box and opening it on the bed.


He gently laid it out on the bed, admiring the silverwork, the jewels, and let out a low whistle.


"Exquisite - you’re a very lucky lady, Christyne."


She choked and said "I know...  they're worth well over $30,000 and I'm going to lose them forever........”  She watched as he took out a camera and started to photograph them, knowing in her heart of hearts he would soon pocket them, gag her, and leave her helpless and all alone in her house...


So as he started to carefully replace them in the box, returned it to the hiding place and pushed the register back, she stammered “wha, why, what th---?”


“Did I ever say I was going to steal them, Christyne?”


She thought for a moment, before saying “But....but you're stealing everything're coming back!  Oh my gawd, you're going to come back for them!”


“No,” he said quietly as he sat on the bed, looking at her, “ I have the photographs, and that is all I want of them.”  She stared back at him, and said “Then, why everything else?  I would've showed them to you if you'd let me, you didn't have to tie me up and rob me to see them.....”


“Oh but I am going to rob you of everything else,” he said as he reached over and removed her glasses, folding them and placing them on the bedside table, “and more besides.”  Christyne blinked, and  said “Oh gawd.....oh dear....” as he stroked her chin and said “You are a beautiful woman, Christyne...”


“Thank...thank you...” she said as she looked away, only for him to turn her face back and whisper “come now, don't be shy..."  Then he kissed her, gently, carefully, before looking into her eyes and smiling.


Christyne turned away, blushing as he said “Was that so bad, Christyne?”  She looked back and said “”


“Then, would you like to be kissed again?"


She stared back at him, confused, wondering what was happening as she said “.....does it....does it matter?”


“It does to me...” he said as she turned to look at him, not stopping him as he pressed his lips to hers again, stroking her sides as she said “Mmmm...mmmmwwmmm..”


He then knelt behind her on the bed, gently kneading her breasts as he kissed her neck and shoulders.  Christyne closed her eyes, wondering if this is the worst to expect, then looked up at him, her eyes slightly unfocused as he slipped her blouse down to the ropes, and traced his fingers around her erect nipples.


“A woman with a body like yours should be worshipped...” he said as she moved slightly, gasping as once again he took her chest and massaged it gently, saying “Does someone worship you, Christyne?”  She slowly shook her head, her eyes now closed to slits, as he said “Then they are fools," his lips caressing her bare neck and shoulders as his hands slipped under the cups of her bra.


Her eyes opened at the touch of his hand on her bare flesh, and she said “Please, no, stop...."


 "Shhh" was all he said as he started to play with her bare flesh, the thoughts flashing through Christyne's mind.  He’s still an intruder, a burglar, and I'm still a hostage who may be raped soon...  this was interrupted as he slipped the cups of her bra down, and started to play with her nipples in the cool air.


“Please don't...please don't.......”


“ Shhh or I will gag you again.”  She felt her nipples hardening as he drew them out, and whimpered “Please don't.....”


“I want you to lie down, Christyne.”


She shook her head, saying “Please don't, I can't.....”


"Do not be afraid" he whispered as he slowly lowered her onto her back, her wrists pressed against her as he started to kiss her neck.


“I'm....I've never been.....I'm begging .......”


"You've never been what," he said as he lips grazed over her shoulders.


“ ....made love to......oh gawd, if you rape me I won't be......oh no.....” as he kissed the top of her chest.  He stopped for a moment, looked at her eyes and said "You've never been made love to, Christyne?"


She shook her head, as he said “Never had a man worship you, and do this?"  She watched as he gently kissed her breasts, whispering “N-No........” as he moved his lips over her breasts.


"Never heard him say how your skin is smooth as silk, and tastes of peaches?  Or how your scent is like the fresh mountain air?"


Christyne shook her head as she looked down at him, feeling his mouth on her nipples, kissing her breasts, like a fantasy lover, making her almost forget the situation....


"Or how delicious you taste to him?" he said as he enclosed her left nipple in his lips and kissed it, making her gasp out loud before doing the same to her right breast.  He kissed it and then said “Because you do," and then sucked gently.  Christyne started to moan as her body responded to the touch, the sensation, the passion...


He moved from side to side, kissing and sucking as she closed her eyes and moaned “Oh gawd....ohhhh GAWWWD.....”


Looking up, he said "I am going to have to keep you quiet if you cannot, my dear goddess.”  She looked at him and nodded, opening her mouth and allowing him to push her own blue scarf in.  As she closed her lips, she felt the cloth pushing on her tongue, as he kissed her lips.  She responded, enjoying the strange feeling before he reached into his pocket and took out a roll of tape.


"To help resist the temptation to spit it out," he said as he tore off a long strip, and pressed it down over her mouth, smoothing it over her lips and cheeks before he kissed her again on the tape.  As he did so, the thoughts that filled her mind were of surrender,  of acceptance, and of anticipation.


“Now, where was I," he said as he looked at her.  “Ah yes, I was worshipping at the Temple of Athena.”  He started to kiss and suckle her again, making her mewl out “MMmmmfffph....mmmmm mmmffwwph....mmfph!”


“Breath slowly and calmly Christyne - this is an experience to be savoured.”  His gloved hands stroked over her belly, as she struggled and mewled, but her body was telling her a different story, so that as he started to kiss her belly button, removing his jacket as his tongue explored every ridge and crevice, she cried out.


She could sense what was coming, as she watched him slowly undress, and part of her wanted to scream, to escape, to run away, while the other part...  the other part...


"So beautiful to taste and to kiss - you are truly a child of Aphrodite, Christyne,” he said as he slowly unzipped and removed her skirt.  She wanted to smirk at the compliment....why is he being so gentle, this isn't how being taken is supposed to it?


"I am going to untie your legs - do not resist, do not try to escape, or it will spoil the time.  Nod if you understand."  Christyne nodded, saying “mmm-hmmmph” as he put his hands under the waistband of her hose, pulling it and her panties down to her knees.  She trembled, in fear and anticipation, as he untied her knees, pulled the garments down, then untied her ankles and feet, slipping her shoes off and dropping them, the hose and the panties to the floor.  Spreading her legs, he dropped his own pants, and started to kiss the inside of her legs as he moved back up the bed.


Christyne squirmed round, unable to resist or stop her body responding to the kissing, the caressing, and the sight of his erect member as he said “Hush" and entered her, breaking the most sacred seal as she closed her eyes and mewed louder, her own body bound and useless to stop him.


He kept pushing forward, Christyne moaning “MMMMMmmmmnnnnnmmmffffph......" as she stretched as much as she could, and by instinct clamped her inner lips around his shaft.


He paid no attention to her muffled pleas, as he started to nibble on her neck and started to push in and out. 




“You know you want this...”


“Nwwwww mmfffmm mmnnrrrmmmph......” was all she said as she felt the throbbing inside her, gripped him even more tightly, and started to rock in time to his thrusts.  She was getting very wet, the passion burning within her as she realised how she was reacting, and she allowed herself to sink deep into it, as he bent down and kissed her nibbles.


“mmmffffwwwmmmmfffff...” she moaned as she started to raise her hips, her lips coming up to meet his mouth, her teeth sinking into the gag as she moaned out “nnnmmmmrrrrmmmnnmmmffffmmmmm.”  She was amazed at what she was doing, what was happening, how good it felt to have her cries muffled, to feel that strong throbbing in there, to have him press against her...


Suddenly, she felt a hot rush inside her and coming from her, as she arched her back and called out “NNNNMMM!! NNNNMMMMMMMMMFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFRRRRRRRRMMMMMMFFFFPH!!!”  He held onto her for as long as he could, hearing her muffled screams over and over again as she exploded in the most fantastic orgasm she had ever experienced, her limbs straining as she leant her head back.


Eventually, she felt him gently lower her onto the bed and leave her body, his kisses on her body as she looked at him through open slits, and she realized that now she was no longer a virgin.


"There - did you enjoy that Christyne?"


She looked up at him, panting as he peeled the tape away, and removed the scarf.  She quietly said “help......oh help......”


“Shhh - or I will put the gag back”


“somebody please help...........”


"Shhhh" he said as he put his gloved hand back over her mouth.  Christyne looked up at him, her most precious possession stolen, and yet she could not deny the way she felt...


“Will you be quiet for me, Christyne?”  She looked up at him, and then slowly nodded as she mmphed into his hand.


“Good - come to the bathroom with me.”


“You'll.....You'll have to help me....”


He helped her to stand and then walked with her, helping her to sit on the toilet seat as he started to run water into the bath.  “Do you use bath salts,” he said as he looked at her.


“Just bubble bath.....” Christyne replied, unsure what was happening as he poured some in, and said "If I untie your arms, will you stay there?" 


She nodded, saying “Yes sir” as she was released, the scented steam rising as she stretched her arms and rubbed her wrists.  “Why.....are you being so.....nice?”


“Because you are a goddess and need to be worshipped Christyne - now, get in the bath.”


“Oh, puh-leez........”


“Why - do you think you are not beautiful?”


She said nothing, instead testing the water with her toe and then stepping in. It was a little warmer than she liked, but it felt good as she slowly lowered her body in.


She started to relax, not resisting as he took her arm and started to wash her down with a flannel, his gloves no longer on his hands.  When he had done, he kissed her hand and lowered it into the water, then washed her other arm.


“I'm so confused as to what's happened.....what an unusual's felt like three or four days.....” she said as he replaced her arm, and then said quietly “Sit up for me, Christyne.”


As she pushed herself up, he started to wash down her back, and then said “Shall I continue?”  She nodded as he started to wash her stomach.  He’d robbed her, tied her up, raped her and taken her virginity, but his rape was more like lovemaking and he's being so gentle now, it's confusing her so.........


“Lie back, Christyne, and give me your leg.”  She did as he asked, closing her eyes as he washed her leg all over and massaged her foot, then lowered it back into the water and did the same for the other limb.


“There is one other place you need to be washed, Christyne, but if you would rather do that yourself...”


She blushed and opened her eyes, saying “Maybe I better....."  He handed her the washcloth and washed between her legs, as he sat on the toilet and said “Thank you."


Wringing out the washcloth, she draped it over the tub and looked at him, saying "You're welcome.  I bet you're going to have a lot of fun bragging to your buddies"


To her surprise, he shook his head and said “No - no I am not.  What happened today is too precious a thing to share with hooligans and thugs.  And it would be disrespectful to you.”


She stared back, wide eyed as she said "Why.....why are you being so nice?  I expected to be tied up on the floor for the next couple of hours.”


“Because you allowed me a great honour today, and for that you need respect, and adoration.  And no, you will not be tied up on the floor for the next couple of hours, as you so quaintly put it.”


Christyne blushed and said “I'm sorry.......”


“For what?  For finally being appreciated for who you are?”


She smiled and said "I have to admit, no one has ever treated me with this much attention before."


“And I intend to do so for a little while longer.  Are you cleansed?”  Christyne nodded as he picked up a bathrobe, holding it as he said “Then step out of the bath and dry yourself.”  She stepped out, drying herself off with a towel before donning the robe.


“Would you like something to eat or drink?”


She blushed and said “Maybe just a glass of water....”


“Then let us go to your kitchen - but please, do not try to raise the alarm.”  Christyne looked at him, and then said “Do you want to tie my hands to be sure I can't?”


“If you want.”


“I'll let you, you've been so nice and everything.....”


He smiled and said “put them together in front of you,” watching as she crossed her wrist in front of the knot in the belt.  Taking some of the rope, he tied them together and then secured them to the belt, before escorting her to the kitchen, making her sit at the table as he poured some water into a cold glass and put a straw in as well.


“Will you be able to drink from that?” he said as he put the glass in front of her on the table.  She nodded and said “Uh-huh.  Thank you for being so nice to me.....”  Leaning forward, she sipped the water as he sat and looked at her.


“It is the least I can do for one so beautiful.  Tell me, was it so bad to be tied up?”


Christyne looked at him, releasing the straw as she said “Well no.....not really....”


“And how do you feel now?”


“I'm....not sure.......”


“A good answer, Christyne, a good answer.”  He watched her sip some more water, and then heard her say “So, what happens now?”


“What would you like to happen?”


“Uhhhh.....I get all my stuff back?”


He laughed, and then said “”Truthfully, honestly, in your heart of hearts, what would you like me to do?  Apart from not take your stuff...”  He looked into her eyes as she stammered “I don't know......being robbed is all sort of new to me.......”


“It is not the only new thing, is it?  Do not be afraid to say it.”


Lowering her head, she shook it from side to side and took another sip, before saying “No, no it isn't.”


“How did it feel, being bound, gagged, unable to be in control?  Tell me truthfully.”






“Terrifying.  Not knowing what was going to happen to me........”


“What else did you feel?”


She looked into his eyes, before saying “Anger and sadness when you took from me the one thing I'll never have back........  And amazement when I expected you to be so violent with me and you weren't.....”


Nodding, he said “I understand - and after the amazement?  What then?”


“Gosh, I don't know.......  Confusion, wonder, I think I touched on every emotion there was when you took me.......  I've read about women being bound and gagged and raped, but their stories were always so horrible.....and you were nothing like that.”


“I thank you - but if you did not feel horror at my touch, what did you feel?”


“Oh I did feel horror!”


“At first - but then?”


“But as you took your time you made it, well, almost I struggled the ropes and my gag seemed to enhance the feelings......”  She sipped her water, still confused at what he was saying.


“But here is the question, Christyne - if I said I was going to bind you, gag you, arouse you, do all except enter you - what would your reaction be?”


She looked up at him, blushing as she said “Wow, I don't know....I might go along with it....I don't know.....”


“Do you trust me?”  She suddenly realised he had stood up and was in front of her, holding her hands as he looked into her eyes.


“You''re a burglar....  But still.....”


“I am - but do you trust me to keep my word?  I will not enter you this time, but I will make you feel unique, special, loved...”


Christyne swallowed and said “I....I guess....  I don't have much of a choice.........”


“You have a choice - you can choose to enjoy it...”


“Or not enjoy it?”


She saw him nod, and then say “Come with me, I wish you to change first."


Christyne smiled as she finished her water and stood up, allowing him to take her arm as he walked her to her bedroom, and untied her wrists.  As she rubbed them gently, he said “Now, put something on to go to bed in.”  She walked to her dresser and took out a dark blue floor length satin nightgown and the matching undies it came with. Letting her robe fall to the floor, she slipped the undies on first, then the nightie, letting it fall over her.


“Very nice, Christyne - come and stand in front of me.”  As she came over, he took her head in his gloved hands, smiled and then kissed her, his lips meeting hers as her eyes closed, enjoying the softness of his lips, the gentleness of his touch.


Looking into her eyes, I say "tell me every thought, every emotion you feel as I do this, all right?"


She nodded, before saying “Right now I'm just sort of.....numb...”


“Turn round, and put your wrists behind your back, hands together palm to palm.”


“Yes sir....” she whispered as she did as she was asked, feeling the soft rope around her wrists as they were bound tightly together.  IT felt more like silk than rope, but it was as secure, as she said “Oh....oh, that's tight.....”


“But?” he said as she stroked his hands down her arms.


“But.....I'm not going to be able to get out of this, I know....  Which I guess is the idea....”


“Does it feel rough?”


Christyne felt the rope, then shook her head and said “No, not at all.”


“Good - now for the next part.”  Taking another length of rope, he wrapped it round her waist, forcing her wrists to be locked against her back as he did so.


“Oh, that's creative...”


“Is it uncomfortable?”  Christyne shook her head as he said “Now, I need to secure your arms some more.”


“Okay....I won't fight you.....”


She watched as he took more rope and passed it round her lower arms and her stomach, locking them to her sides as he wound a double figure of eight round them.  Her breathing began to increase in pace – whatever the ropes were, they were soft but very secure.


”How's that,” he said as he tied the rope off, and stroked her belly.


“It's tight......really tight.....”




“But it doesn't feel bad.......”


“What else?”


Christyne blushed as she said “I feel helpless........”


“Are you scared?”


She nodded and said “Just a little.......”


“Good - turn round for a moment.”  As she turned, she again tested her ropes, but found she could not move her arms or hands at all.  She looked up into his eyes as he held her head again and kissed her, his tongue tracing over her lips as she parted them slightly.  Her tongue touched his for a second, and that was all he needed, as he said “Mmmmm.”


Pulling his head back, she heard him say “It feels different, doesn't it?”


She nodded and said “Uh-huh.......” turning at his command and looking toward the window as he started to pass more rope around her arms, below her chest, and pulled it gently.  As the rope went round, above and below her chest, she felt her freedom slipping away – and found she wanted that.


“You're really making sure I can't get away from you.......”


“Yes, I am - does that frighten you?”


“No.......  I expected it.....”


“But does it excite you?”


“A little..........” she admitted as he tied the ropes off, and started to stroke his gloved hands over her chest.  She began to respond instantly, squirming as he fondled her, rubbing the satin over her bare breasts.


"Ready for the final rope, Christyne, for your chest?"  She nodded, her breathing hard and fast as she whispered “But not the final rope, I'm sure.....”


He smiled as he tied the rope below her left shoulder, took it over and then under the band of rope below her chest, between her breasts, and then pulled it back up, forcing her chest out still further as he took it over her right shoulder and tied it in place.


“How do you feel now?” he said as he caressed her chest. Christyne let her head fall back as she squirmed against him, moaning “Helpless.....but your hands feel soooo good....”


“Then let me continue...”


“I can't stop you....”


“If you could, would you want to, Christyne?”


She looked at him, as if in a daze, and said “if I could what?"


“If you could stop me, would you want to?”


“I don't know.....” she moaned as she shook her head from side to side.  He smiled at that as he started to play with her nipples, clearly visible as they poked up the satin of her nightie.  She sighed as she leaned back against him, enjoying the caress.


“Would you like another kiss?”


“Please....” she sighed as he continued to play with her, feeling a dampness as she felt his lips, opening wide as their tongues entwined and played with each other...


She felt his hand on her crotch, and moved into it with her hips, helping him to rub the satin of her undies against her wet body, and moaning into his mouth as their tongues moved together.  Eventually, he pulled back and said quietly “Lie down.”


She looked at him, whispering “Yes sir" as she backed away and lay on her bed, resting on her bound wrists and arms.  As she watched, he lifted up her skirt and tied her ankles tightly together with the soft rope, sighing at the way it felt on her skin.


“Good?”  She was breathing more heavily, nodding as he started to stroke her legs, kissing them as she shifted and moaned out loud, feeling the skirt of her nightdress move up and then the rope around her legs below her knees.


“What do you feel, Christyne?” he said as he felt the back of her thighs and kissed the top of them.


She looked at him and said softly “I feel as if I'm going to climax again.”


“Not yet...” he whispered as he pushed her skirt up around her waist, and then gently pulled her panties down, Christyne blushing at her own scent, and then the touch of his lips on her most intimate place.


“Mmmm MMMMmmmmmmm”


“Is that nice, Christyne?” she heard him say as his finger ran up the line between her legs.  “Uh-huh............” she whispered as he said “Would you like me to kiss you there again?”


Swallowing hard, she nodded as her moans increased to his touch, seeing a glimpse of his smile as he started to kiss and use his tongue on her.


“Oh gawd.....ooohhh gaaawwwd....”

“Do you need to be kept quiet?”  He looked at Christyne as she nodded and whispered “Yes..... Yes....yesss......”  He left the bed for a moment, returning with a pair of panties and a new blue silk scarf, before kissing and nibbling her breasts.


“open wide."


Christyne heard herself whisper “Really tight........” before he pushed the panties in, filling her mouth before he rolled the scarf into a band and pulled it between her lips, the corners of her mouth stretching as he secured it at the base of her neck.


“Mmmmhhhhrrrffmmmmppphhh Kfff mmm” she moaned as he kissed her gagged mouth, her chest, her belly, and then her clit, making her moan out “Mmmrrrrfffflllmmm mmmffffmmmmph”, electric shocks running through her as he started to lick and tease her, his lips on her mound as he stroked, tasted, probed, drank of her juices.


Christyne herself was all over the mattress, trying to stay still and failing, feeling his tongue and his kisses and struggling against the ropes and gag.  Never had she imagined an experience like this, and when he started to slip his tongue into her passage, she bucked as if another shock had run through her.


She could feel his tongue in here, finding the sweetest of spots and licking gently, as she strained against the ropes and bit down into her gag.  She knew what was coming, she knew what it would mean, and she wanted it so badly...


“mmmmffffmmmmMMMMMFFFFPHHH” she called out as she looked at him.  He raised his head, smiled, and then found the last spot inside with the tip of her tongue, making her scream out “MmmmmmMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMRRRRRFFFMMMMFFMMMMPPHH!!! HHHHHHHMMMMMRRRRRRMMMMFFFFFPPHH!!”


Her entire body spasmed and fought as the waves of orgasm washed over her body, the man who had brought her to this continuing to eat at her as he pushed her into the strongest climax she had EVER experienced!!


“HHHHMMMM!! MMMMFFFPH!!!” she called out as she came again and again, before he raised his head, his mouth dripping with her.  Moving to the side, he lay next to her, holding her and softly kissing her neck and mouth.




“Shhh Shhhh - let yourself come down, my love.” 


Christyne was ready to pass out, as she listened to him, slowly trying to catch her breath, breathing slowly through her nose.....


“That's right, just relax and let the feelings wash over you...” he said as he gently stroked her hair and kissed her neck.  She lay there in his arms, slowly but slowly gaining control, beginning to feel the loops of rope holding her captive again, his arm around her, his lips on her neck...


“When you are ready,” he whispered, “tell me if you want the gag removed.”  He smiled as Christyne slowly shook her head, saying “You wish it to stay?” as he ran his finger over her lips.


She nodded, her eyes half closed as he said “How do you feel now?”  He moved her so that her head lay on his chest, and kissed the top of her head as he said “Happy?”


She could barely answer – She was a victim, wasn’t she?  She should be angry, and yet...  She murmured through her mouth packing that she felt sated, incredible.....happy.


“Good," he said as he let go of her for a moment, using another pair of panties to wipe her, then pulling her own pair up and moving her skirt down to cover her legs.  He paused, then tied her legs together over her skirt and around her thighs, then sat and looked at her.


Christyne looked back at him.  She knew it would be hours before she called the police, but she had already decided certain things had to remain private...






“I...  I cannot take your things.”




“I feel that rather than me taking your most precious possession, you have taken mine.”


Christyne lifted her head and cocked it to one side, wondering what he meant as he looked at her.


“You...  have stolen my heart.”


"Mmm, pwfffph!" she said as she almost laughed and let her head fall back, but then she lifted it and looked at him again.


“I am serious - I came today to rob you, and yes I have taken your most personal possession - but you have also taken mine.”


She shifted slightly, looking at him and wondering what was happening now.


“No woman has ever responded to me the way you have, or shown such complete trust and acceptance of the situation.  You have surprised yourself as well, haven’t you?”


As he looked at her, Christyne nodded and said "Mmm-hmmfph"


“You have experienced something beautiful - and so have I.  Forgive me for my cruelty earlier.”


She looked at him, and realised he was being sincere as she said “Mmmffffph mmmrrmm.......”


“I find myself in a situation where I do not - no, cannot let you go from my life.  How do you feel, Christyne?”




“Do you think you can forgive me and allow me to see you again?”


Christyne was floored – he had fallen for her, and she had to admit, there was something of an attraction of him to her, but what to do?


"Wlll sfffph....mmmbph."


“What can I do to show you the truth of what I say?” he said as he looked at her, waiting for her answer.  Christyne smiled back at him over her gag, and indicated he should remove it.  As he did so, she pushed the panties out with her tongue, and said “Well...”







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