When a Hero Comes Along






Ann watched the two men as they walked out of her front room.  “Don’t move an inch,” one of them said to her as they closed the door, to which her response was to scream through the white cloth gag that covered her mouth.  The cloth and the pad that was behind the cloth, mean tall anyone would have heard was “Ufrgnbstrds,” but there was nobody to hear.  Her house was set back from the main road, and the blinds had been drawn down, so why would anyone see or hear anything?


They had grabbed her as soon as she had walked into the house.  She had closed her store early, as she did every Wednesday, and came straight home to do the accounting.  Her dress was smart and professional – A blue sundress, sleeveless with shoulder straps and a slightly rounded collar that dropped to just above her breasts, and a matching silk sash around her waist.  She had also been wearing a pair of white pumps, but she could see those on the floor now as she looked down.


At any rate, she had not had a chance to even say anything before the two men had forced her into her front room, made her lie face down on her couch and forced her hands behind her back.  With her face buried in the cushion, she had only grunted as they had tied her wrists together, and then her ankles with thick, coarse white rope.  Finally that had allowed her to sit up, but only for one of them to force the cloth she could taste into her mouth while the other wound rope around her upper body, above and below her breasts, and then over her shoulders so that her breasts were encased in a rope bra.  She could see how they had been forced up and out, straining against her dress, but the additional cloth over her mouth had made protest futile.


After that – well, they had grabbed her purse, taken her money and cards, and also the keys to the store, before walking out a few minutes ago.  It had only been – what, fifteen minutes, but now that she was on her own she finally had time to try and understand her predicament.  She sat there, twisting her wrists to see if there was any give, but they ropes merely bit into her skin even more.


As she sat there, she realised that there was one good thing in all this – she was still alive, even if bound and gagged.  The insurance policy could take place of anything taken from the shop, but she was reasonably unhurt.


“How the hell do I get out of this,” she thought to herself as she twisted round.  She was in her early forties, with blonde hair flecked with grey that fell over her shoulders.  She kept herself fit, but even so this was not a form of exercise she was especially keen to take part in.


An hour or so passed as she twisted round from side to side, trying desperately to free herself, but to little avail.  Eventually, exhausted and with sweat stains showing on her back and around her nipples, she fell onto her side and rested her head on the arm of the lounger.  “If I just close my eyes for a few minutes,” she said to herself, “then maybe I can figure out a way to get free from this.”  Her wrists were starting to ache from their enforced restriction, and she could feel an itch on her arms that she badly, badly wanted to scratch.


Closing her eyes, Ann started to drop off, exhausted as the adrenalin rush started to fade away.  She genuinely had no idea how long she was asleep, but when she heard a quiet voice saying “Hello,” she opened her eyes in an instant.


Kneeling in front of her was a young man, about five ten in height, wearing a dark blue t-shirt and jeans.  In itself that was not unusual, but the dark stocking over his head and the gloves on his hands made Ann open her eyes wider.  “Christ,” she thought to herself, “Don’t tell me...”


“Well now,” the stranger said a she reached up and gently moved the hair away from Ann’s eyes, “It would appear I am not the first person to pay you a visit today.”  His voice was quiet, barely above a whisper, but strangely reassuring.  “If I remove some of these ropes, will you do what I tell you?”


“Pls untm,” Ann mumbled, “nd lld nthgn.”


“Well, we’ll have to see about that,” the man said as he took a small rucksack off his back and laid it on the floor.  “Why don’t you roll onto your stomach and we’ll see if we can help you out.”


“Fnku,” Ann mumbled as she wriggled down and rolled over, watching over her shoulder as the young man started to untie the knots in the centre of her back.  He was quick and thorough, as eventually Ann moved her arms up and down and a length of rope was deposited on the floor.


She looked over her shoulder, then at the young man, expecting him to untie her wrists next.  So when he said “Not yet – I’m afraid you need to stay secured just a little bit longer,” her eyes widened in shock.  After that, he gently rubbed her arms, helping the circulation to start again.


“Please, stay there a moment,” he said as he opened the rucksack.  Ann lay still, drumming her bound feet up and down on the other arm of the couch, before she gasped “NNN” as she saw him take another length of rope out. 


“Please, raise your legs up,” he said, and as Ann found herself raising her legs he quickly lashed them to her wrists with the rope, not pulling them down but leaving them raised above her knees.  “Now,” the stranger said as he stood up, “I’m going to take care of a few things.  Just stay there and stay calm – I won’t be long.”


“Whtrudng,” Ann called out as she raised her head and watched him leave the room.  She could hear him moving about in the kitchen as she squirmed round, finding to her surprise that this was more comfortable then the way the two had left her earlier.  As she looked up, she watched him walk past the door to the room and then up the stairs, after which there came a sound she had not expected.


“Is he... Is he running a bath?”  She listened to the sound of running water, which carried on for about five minutes before he came back down and into the room, a steaming mug in his hands.


“Listen carefully,” he said as he set the mug down.  “As you may have gathered, I have entered your house to rob you.  It would appear, however, that I am not the first to see you today.  Correct?”


Ann looked into his face, his eyes obscured by the stocking, and simply nodded.


“I thought so.  If you promise not to scream, I’m going to remove your gag.  All right?”


“MMMDDSG” Ann said.  “All right, I’m trusting you,” the man said as he reached round and untied the scarf, folding it carefully before gently removing the soaked wad from Ann’s mouth.


“Thank you,” Ann said quietly.  “Who are you?”


“I wish I was your knight in shining armour,” the young man said, “but I am going to rob you.  May I ask your name?”


“Ann.  What’s yours?”


“Sorry, Ann, I’m not going to tell you.  Now, I’m going to untie you, and I have a cup of camomile tea here for you.  I also have a nice warm bath upstairs – I think you need it right?”


As he untied her hands and wrists, he helped Ann to sit up.  “Why do I need a bath – oh no don’t tell me...”


“Ann, I’m only going to rob you, and inconvenience you, but I’m not going to hurt you.  You need to understand – not all robbers are thugs.”  He watched as she rubbed her wrists.  “You have had a shock already today, and I’m not going to repeat that.  Drink your tea, and then have your bath.”


“And after that?”


“After that, I will show you this does not have to be a frightening experience.”  He smiled before saying “By the way, I have disconnected the phone, so I’m trusting you not to raise the alarm.  You have had enough unexpected surprises for today, so I’m going to tell you everything I will do.  In return, relax and enjoy what you can of the experience.  All right?”


Ann looked at the intruder before picking up the mug.  “Oh well,” she said before taking a sip, “What else could possibly happen today?”







An hour later, Ann was in her bedroom, pulling a white vest top over her head.  The young man had indeed run her a warm bath, with her favourite bath salts in the water, and she felt better than she had all day.


Well, as better as she could with the young masked man watching her.  Her vest top had a lace neckline and border, and she had also put on a pair of black silk shorts with white details at the legs and side.  As she sat on the bed, the young man walked in and selected a pair of red leather shoes with three inch heels.


“Here you are Ann,” he said as he handed her the shoes, “Put these on for me as well.”


“Why- are we going somewhere?”


“No – but I want to see you wearing them.  After that, I will explain what I am going to do.”


Ann was intrigued by this soft spoken, polite young man who was intent on stealing her valuables.  “Why are you taking so much time,” she said as she sat on the bed, “Surely you want to get away as quickly as possible?”


“That would be – impolite,” the young man said as he picked u the rucksack Ann had seen earlier.  As he took a skein of rope out, Ann gulped before saying “Please, I’ve been tied up already, I don’t want to be...”


“Shh, shh,” the man said as he handed her the rope.  “Feel it – it is soft, not harsh, and it will not harm your skin.  Having said that, I do want to look around your home, and I need to be sure you will not get in the way.  I promise you, Ann, I will be gentle.”


She looked into his eyes, and saw something there she had not seen with the other two earlier – honesty, compassion, even a little pride in what he was saying.  “All right,” she said as she bowed her head, “what do you want me to do?”


“Just sit with your back to me, and put your hands behind your back,” he said quietly as he unravelled the rope and doubled it over.  “I will show you how this can be pleasurable and not harsh.”


As she felt the young man crossing her wrists and passing the rope around, Ann was shocked to discover  that he was right – the rope did feel soft against her skin, even as it pulled her wrist together.  As he wrapped it round and between, cinching the coils, she actually felt more relaxed than before.


“There,” he finally said, “Does it hurt?”


“No – no it doesn’t,” Ann said as she twisted her wrists around.  “It actually feels – nice.”


“Good,” he said as he took out a much longer length of rope.  “Now, Ann, I’m going to encase your upper body as your earlier visitors did – but gently.  There is nothing to fear, and it will only be for a short while.  All right?”


“All right,” Ann said, and she sat still as she watched the lasso come over her head and around her arms, before it gently pulled them into her side below her breasts.  As she watched the rope go round, again and again, above and below, it contrasted so much with her earlier harsher treatment that she wondered why they were so different.


“It is rude to be impolite,” the man said in answer to Ann’s unasked question, as she felt the rope come over her left shoulder. “Forgive me,” he said as he fed the rope through the bands below her breasts, at a spot between them before pulling it up and over her right shoulder.  The first time she had been scared out of her wits, unable to complain.  This time, to her great surprise, she heard herself sighing as the rope pulled her breasts up and out.


“Why does that feel so good,” she heard herself say as the young man helped her to stand up.  “Perhaps because it is done with care and gently, rather than harshly,” he said.  “Now, Ann, why don’t you walk over there and take a seat on the floor?”


“All right,” she said as she walked over, and with his help sat against the wall.  Ann watched, fascinated, and as he passed more rope around her ankles, taking it between her legs to cinch the coils tightly in place, and then wrapped one final length around her legs above her knees.  This one he did not cinch, but rather tied gently under her legs.


“So, Ann, how does that feel,” he said as he knelt beside her.  Ann pulled her legs up and down, feeling the way the ropes moved and stroked her body, before stretching them out and saying “I don’t know why, but I like this.  Now what?”


“Now,” he said as he picked up a long white woollen scarf, “I need to keep you quiet for a little while so that I can look round.  I will be back in a few minutes, so for now...”




“Enjoy yourself,” he said as he pulled the scarf against her mouth and tied the ends together at the base of her neck.  She watched him as he left the room, before looking down her legs and body.  She twisted round again, realising to her own surprise that she was actually liking the way the ropes caressed and moved with her, making her feel not fear, not shock, but...


“Oh dear god,” Ann said to herself, “This is actually turning me on a bit!”  What anyone would have heard was “mmmmm” as she closed her eyes and stretched her legs up and down, feeling the rope rubbing against the underside of her thighs as she did so.


The dark hose she had put on before her shorts offered some protection, but Ann did not think this was going to leave any marks – at least not nay she could explain.  She closed her eyes and wriggled her upper body round, feeling the rope around her breasts move and run against them.  “Mmmmm,” she continued as she moved round, before slowly realising that the rope around her thighs was working loose.


She opened her eyes and watched as the coils slowly expanded and slipped down her legs, falling down as she pulled her legs back and over her feet.  “So I might be able to get free,” she said as she probed with her fingers, looking for some way to loosen the rope around her wrists, but the knot remained stubbornly out of reach.


Instead, she kept wriggling round, drinking in these new feelings and sensations as well as a warm, glowing sensation between her legs.  She moaned again, falling over onto her side as she did so, and kicking her shoes off her feet with her struggles.  Slowly, however, Ann admitted to herself that she was not struggling to get free.  If anything, she was struggling because she liked how it felt, and she liked the way her body was reacting to it.


Rolling onto her back, she looked up as she felt that warmth increasing, growing, almost as if...


“Enjoying yourself?”


Ann opened her eyes to see the masked man sitting on the bed, watching her.  “Whttmmssmd,” she mumbled as he knelt down and helped her to sit up.


“There is nothing to be embarrassed about, Ann,” he said in his whisper, “Many of the women I visit react the same way.”  He reached round and removed the gag.  “They discover what you have – captivity need not be a terrifying thing, if it is done with love and care.”


“I – I guess not,” Ann said with a smile.  “So, did you find what you were looking for?”


“Mostly – I need to search this room first, but I hate to make a mess.  I’d like your help – in order to keep things neat.  When we are done, I’ll make you more comfortable and then leave you, with a promise that I will tell the police where you are.  How does that sound?”


“Do I have choice?”


“Not really, no.”  He looked at Ann and smiled.  “I’m going to untie your upper body, but leave your ankles tied.  Then, I want you to give me your jewellery.  All right?”


“All right,” Ann whispered.  “After all, why should the police know I’ve been robbed twice?  If you leave me the way I ask you to, I will blame all this on the others.  They deserve it – you don’t.  Do we have a deal?”


“As you wish, Ann,” the man said as he started to untie her arms, a smile on his lips, “As you wish...”




“Thank you,” Ann said as she watched him slip her red shoes back onto her feet.  “It’s getting a little cold, and it may be a bit difficult to put socks on.”


“True,” he said as he examined the rope around her ankles.  He had helped Ann to sit in a white wooden chair in the bedroom, before tying her arms tightly to her side with coils of rope under her breasts.  Much as she had wanted the same arrangement as before, he had explained that this would be more comfortable when she was sitting against a chair like this, with a high curved back that she could lean against.


He had then lashed her wrists down to the arms of the chair; assign the rope around where the arm met the front leg on each side.  The coils held her arms firmly down, but she had a little wriggle room.  This had been her request – after spending most of the afternoon and evening with her hands behind her back, she wanted to rest them, and he had understood this.


“Now, this crook broke in, tied you like this, and then gagged and blindfolded you so that you did not see what he did.  That is the idea, correct?”


“Yeah,” Ann said as she looked up at him.  “Thank you.”


“For what?”


“For treating me like a human being, and not a child to be terrified.”  She looked down at her body.  “Can I ask one more thing?”


“Of course.  What is it?”


“Can you do that thing over my shoulders again?”


She looked at him, and saw him smile a she picked up a folded white silk square.  “Wait and see,” he said as he placed the cloth over her eyes, cutting out the light as Anne closed her own eyes.  She could hear him moving about, but then she got the first of two surprises as she felt a pair of lips brush against her.


“Thank you,” she heard him say as something was placed over her mouth, something that seemed to pull at and form itself to the shape of her skin.  Ann realised that he had used some sort of tape to gag her, but it felt comfortable once she had adjusted to the sensation.


The second surprise was when she felt him doing something to the back of the chair, and then the feeling of rope over her shoulder.  She moaned as she felt the ropes around her arms been pulled up and forcing her breasts against the fabric of her top, as the rope went over her other shoulder and was secured in place.


“Good night, Ann,” she heard him say before the room fell into silence, punctuated by her own moans as she moved around as much as she could.








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