On The Way To Be Sold


Most people are familiar with the workings of an auction house, but not many with what goes on behind in the scenes in terms of preparation and management.  In this story, suggested by Estralita, we go behind the scenes of a very special auction house to see what goes on when others are bidding.


The blue Skoda drew up to the front gates of the mansion house and stopped.  A security guard came out from a small lodge and approached the driver, who wound down the window of the door.


“Good afternoon, sir.  Can I help you?”


“Yes, my name is James Donaldson.  The agency sent me to join the team here.”


“Donaldson, Donaldson…..  Ah yes, here you are.  Do you have your identification sir?”


James showed the guard his driving licence.


“Thank you, sir, we can’t be too careful.  Please drive to the rear of the house, knock and ask for George.”


The gates swung open, and James drove up a long tree lined lane until a great brownstone house appeared before him.  He drove to the rear as instructed, parked and approached a door.


A grill opened up.


“I’m James Donaldson.  The guard said to ask for George.”


The sound of locks opening could be heard, and the door was opened.  A large gentlemen dressed entirely in black looked at James.


“Follow me,” he said, and James followed the man down a long corridor into a large open room.  A gentleman in a Paul Smith suit turned and looked at the two new arrivals.


“James Donaldson for you, George.”


“Ah yes, our new recruit.  Welcome to Objects of Beauty, James.  As you can see, we are just making final preparations for tonight’s auction, so I suggest you follow me for the rest of the day and then we can discuss your work here.”


As James looked round, he could see a number of displays were being set up, some showing domestic scenes and others with equipment being set up.  At one of the domestic scenes, a dark blue sofa had been placed on an area of grey carpet.  Two men in blue jumpers and slacks were carrying a brown haired woman, dressed in a sleeveless grey dress, but bound by the wrists and ankles as well as above the knees with white rope.  A white cloth over her mouth was obviously holding in place a wad of cloth, judging by the stuffed appearance of her cheeks.  She looked at James with pleading eyes.


“Is this one of the sale items tonight?”


“Yes it is,” George replied, “a young housewife we picked up earlier today.  As you can see, she doesn’t understand exactly what is happening.  Put her in front of the sofa, gentlemen.”


The two men placed her gently on the floor where she struggled to try and get free.  George knelt down in front of her.


“Your old life is over, dear – I suggest you relax and accept your fate.  But I think we need to make you more presentable.”


Grabbing the front of her dress, George pulled it open to reveal her bare breasts.


“Much better – now just sit still and wait there.”


George walked off, and with one last backward glance James followed.


“Why the different styles of displays?”


“Some of our clients like the domestic look, some the more esoteric style.  Take this display, for example.”


George stopped in front of one woman, who was kneeling on a brown carpeted dais.  She was wearing a tiger skin pattern skirt, black heels and opera gloves, and a black lace bra which had been pulled down to show her ample breasts.  White rope circled her wrists and elbows behind her back, as well as her ankles and legs.  A wooden pole was behind her back, and ropes wrapped around her upper body held that in place.  Her ankles were connected to a pole by a further length.


“One of our themes for today is slavery, so this is a perfect opportunity to show our wares.”


The gentleman who had opened the door approached the two men.


“George, the guests are starting to arrive, and we have a late delivery.”


“Come with me, James – you need to see how we process the lots here.  Gentlemen – clear the floor in 30 minutes ready for viewing”



From the main gates, a number of limousines were making their way to the front door.  As the guests arrived, they were shown by female servants into an ante room where drinks were served.


At the rear entrance, James watched as three terrified young women were brought into the building by two masked men dressed in black.


“Is there some sort of sense to the colours people wear?” he asked George.


“Yes – black is arrival, blue is preparation and processing, and as you will see white is handling at front of house.  Management, such as me, dress in suits.  Now, what have we here?”


“Three students we found at a motel,” one of the masked men said, “I presume we are in time.”


“Just about,” George said glancing at his watch.  “Let’s have a look.”


All three women had their wrists bound behind their back, and ropes above and below their ample breasts.  Ropes were tied around their waists and between their legs and each had a silk scarf rolled up and tied tightly into their mouths as gags.


“Very good work, boys.  Bring them through and we’ll get hem processed.”


The two masked men pushed the girls in front of them down the corridor.  George and James followed, as they entered a large room where a number of women were sat on the floor, all bound and gagged in various states of dress.


“Not all of out lots are put on display outside to begin with – we provide guests with advance details of some of them, and others are surprise lots.  Good evening ladies – we shall start in a few minutes.”


The three new arrivals were pushed onto the floor, and their ankles crossed and bound.  A chorus of grunts and muffled screams were heard in response to George’s greetings.


“James, come with me and we’ll visit the display floor now that the guests have started viewing.”


The two men made their way to the area they visited earlier, where the guests were walking around and examining the various displays.  Seats had been arranged in rows for the auction.  James looked in astonishment at the assembled group.


“I never realised that he was into this form of art!”


“Yes, we have a very exclusive guest list, but as you are aware discretion is out first rule.  Ah, madam,” George said as he stopped at one stand, “how may I help you?”


The dark haired woman George was addressing was examining one woman, who had been bound in a strappado fashion to the roof with cuffs and chains.  A black tape gag was over the woman’s mouth.


“I wish to ask this lot a question – is that permissible?”


“Of course madam, this particular lot has been fully trained.  Allow me.”


He reached up and gently peeled away the gag.  “Thank you sir,” the bound woman replied.


“Excellent – you show due deference and respect to your betters.  Will you cause me any trouble if I was to bid for you and win?”


“No madam,” the bound woman replied, “your every wish will be my pleasure to fulfil.”


“Hmmm – you may replace the gag,” the guest commented, and George placed a fresh length of tape over her mouth.  “George, as always your training is exquisite.  Which lot is this?”


Lot 47, madam.  Are you interested?”


“I might be.”


At this point a gavel was sounded, and a deep voice sounded.  “Ladies and Gentlemen, we are about to start the auction.  Please take your seats.”


“Come with me, James – we’ll see if the first lot is ready to bring out.”


The tow men went out of a side door, where two masked men in blue overalls were standing next to two women.  Both were dressed only in panties, and their wrists were securely bound behind their backs.  Ropes were wrapped above and below their breasts, and all were secured together behind their backs, keeping their wrists held in the small of their back.  Crotch ropes had also been applied to both women, and knotted bandanas tied into their mouths.


George examined the two women, then taking a length of rope he tied one end to the ropes behind one girl, and the other to the other girl, so that they had to move together.


“As you can see, our preparers make sure the lots are ready to take out onto the stage when they are required.  The first three lots are out on open display, but I think...”


From the other side of the door a gavel could be heard banging.


“SOLD!  Your number, sir?  Very good – the fee has been deducted from your account.  Take the lot away.”


The door opened, and the woman James had seen earlier in the grey dress was brought in by two men dressed entirely in white.  As one led the screaming woman past, the other took hold of the rope preferred by George.


“Off you go, ladies – enjoy your moment in the limelight.”


The two women looked back over their shoulders as they were led out.


Lot 4 – a pair of beautiful young ladies that would adorn anyone’s gardens.  I’ll start at five thousand, do I hear five thousand…”


The door closed, and George motioned for James to follow.


“So how did you get involved in this?”


“I was sent by the agency some years ago.  Worked my way through to my current position – you would start in a procurement team, and take it on from there.”


Throughout the evening, women were taken either on their own or in pairs or trios from the holding area, until the last pair was taken out.


“Ah, that’s better,” George exclaimed, “It does get a bit noisy in here.”


“What happens when the lots are sold?” James asked.


The sound of the gavel falling interrupted.  “SOLD!  Ladies and Gentlemen, that concludes our sale for tonight.  Please help yourself to further refreshments, and make sure you leave delivery details with our operatives.”


“Come with me,” George said, and he and James went into a room with a black and white checkerboard floor.  The last two women to be taken out were lying on the floor.  One was wearing a black slip top and blue leather skirt, the other a white blouse which had been opened to show a lace bra and black leather skirt.  Their wrists and upper bodies were securely bound, and their mouths gagged.  The two men dressed in white were lashing their ankles and legs together with clean rope.


“In this case, the new owner has dictated that they are to be bound this way when they are collected.  Each has their own requirements, and their own method of collection.  Who is the purchaser in this case?”


“Number 62, sir.”


“Ah yes – then in a minute we will see…”


The large outer doors opened, and two women in black leather entered with a large wicker basket on wheels.  Picking the bound women up, they deposited them carefully in the basket, closed and strapped the lid and wheeled it out again.


“And that’s that.  Gentlemen – debrief in fifteen minutes.  Now, James, do you like what you’ve seen here?”


James nodded – “When can I start?”


“We start looking for new stock for the specialist market tomorrow – let’s go and fill out the paperwork.”


James smiled as he walked along with George – he was going to like this new job.