A Friendly Wager


By Rayron D’Olier


It seemed to Audrey that she was always angry these days. Even though she knew it would be best not to be angry, there was nevertheless a lot to be angry about. She had just gotten a divorce, and it had ruined her life, so she thought. She had been married for twenty years and she two daughters in their first and second years of college. She and her husband had married the second they got out of high school and had worked hard all through college to balance a young family and academic success. They had gone on to start a construction business that had been a resounding success and although sexual ardor had necessarily cooled off over the years, she really thought that she had a successful marriage. She really thought she had pulled it off.


Then Mr. Very Big Asshole had one day come to her and announced that he was in love with Miss-Cute-Little-Company-Secretary-Young-Enough-To-Be-His-Daughter and that he desired to part with Audrey in an amicable and adult manner.


After throwing a few lamps at Mr. Very Big Asshole, Audrey did part with him in the most cold-blooded manner possible. He bought her half of the business and their two houses in cash and gave her the vehicle of her choice. This made her a relatively wealthy woman, but Audrey decided to put the money to work for her and to let it increase while she supported herself in another job. Audrey put her accounting and office management experience to work in an automobile dealership and moved in with a lonely friend who had also been shed by her husband for a younger woman. They had been friends since high school and were as close as two women could be considering that their friendship had taken a bit of a back seat to their family lives all these years.


The friend’s name was Ashlee and she had made the decision to keep her house and take a cut of her husband’s earnings. Ashlee had three children – two sons and a daughter – who were younger than Audrey’s children and who took turns living with her and the father.


So Audrey had minimal expenses and a vast fortune in the bank and was at a total loss as to what to do with the rest of her life. She was thirty-eight years old and had no idea what to do about a man. She was like a person whose favorite food has suddenly vanished from the earth. She knew she could probably get another man. She was beautiful and had taken care of herself, but she was not young and she missed being a lifelong partner of her high school sweetheart however much she now despised him. It wasn’t supposed to be like this. But she always consoled herself by understanding how much worse it could have been. What if they hadn’t made so much money? What if she hadn’t taken such good care of her looks? What if she didn’t have two lovely daughters she could be proud of? What if she had no marketable skills? And yet there was bitter disappointment in every day. It wasn’t supposed to be like this.


On this day she was driving home from work in her perfectly restored 1962 Cadillac Eldorado convertible. She had taken this car as part of the settlement because she knew that her husband valued it so. But she loved it too. Audrey at thirty-eight was still a breathtaking beauty. She was five feet, nine inches tall and was as willowy as a she had been in her early twenties. She was only a couple of years removed from her marathon days and had continued to run and work out with weights. Her legs were long and deer-like and her hips and bosom were generous but firm. Her arms were long and thin but with fine definition. Her face was like an inverted triangle with prominent cheeks tapering to a firm chin. Her nose was smoothly curved over a wide thin-lipped mouth. Her eyes were startlingly large and had a greenish gray tint. Framing her face was a tangle of honey-blonde curls that was parted in the middle and fell to her jaw line in an increasing thickness from top to bottom. She had on a black velvet hair band to keep it out of her face. Audrey only betrayed her real age by a certain expression – an expression of serious maturity that belied her youthful appearance.


Today she was dressed in an unremarkable dark gray business suit with the jacket over a pink sleeveless blouse with a double strand of pearls around her neck. The skirt was tight around her thighs and ended just below her knees with a couple of slits, back and front. On her lovely legs were brown, transparent pantyhose and on her feet were very simple black, kid-leather flats. But Audrey always kicked her shoes off before she drove, so her shoes were empty and her stocking feet were on the pedals. As she glided down the street to her roommate’s house, her brake foot slid back and forth on the thick carpet of the Cadillac.


But Audrey was nothing but angry. Where was her life going? Would she and Ashlee end up growing old together in Ashlee’s big old house? Would they soon be the scary old witches of the neighborhood?


Audrey pulled into the driveway, slipped her shoes back on and plodded into the house. There she found Ashlee curled up on the couch watching the television. Ashlee was cute. She was three inches shorter than Audrey and was of a different physical type altogether. Her body was rounder, but equally fit. They had been workout partners for years and Ashlee looked the younger of the two. She had a more cheerful countenance and was quite happy to be shed of an ungrateful husband. Her bosom and hips were more generous even than Audrey’s, but Ashlee seemed the more powerfully muscular of the two. Her face was as round as the rest of her with liquid brown eyes, an upturned nose and a rosebud of a mouth. Her hair was dark brown and she habitually wore it parted on the side, shoulder length and it flipped up in every direction. A few strands of gray had begun to show themselves, but Ashlee didn’t care. It was a frivolous head of hair, but fitted Ashlee perfectly. Ashlee had gotten a good divorce settlement, but she had decided to live cheaply and live off the interest on her capital until she was good and ready to go back to work. She spent her days working out and riding her bicycle. At the moment her children were with their father and she had all the time in the world.


At this particular moment in time, Ashlee was a little drunk and was wearing nothing but a very short, silk baby-doll nightgown. Her hair was a bit damp from a recent shower, and she was sitting on the floor with her back against the couch, sipping wine, eating grapes and watching some stupid move on cable TV. Audrey had come in through the back door and they were both in a family room/den that protruded from the back of a much older house along with a large modern kitchen. Audrey paused in the doorway and she and Ashlee looked at each other.


Ashlee said, “You’re home honey! Make yourself a drink and have a seat. This is a really wonderfully stupid movie.”


Audrey shed her jacket and went to the bar in the corner of the room and made herself a large scotch on the rocks and sat on the couch above Ashlee. Ashlee looked up at her and gave her a rundown on the plot of the movie to bring her up to date.


They sat there silently for a while. Audrey crossed her legs and shed her shoes. After a few more moments and a few more sips of scotch, Audrey curled her long legs up on the couch and around her butt, where she massaged her tired, damp, stocking feet with one hand.


All this time Ashlee kept up a running commentary on the movie, which seemed to be something of a made-for-TV crime drama where a wife was trying to help her husband solve a mystery but got herself captured by the bad guys in the process. The husband was engaged in trying to rescue her.


“Why are we watching this? I mean I’m not sure our husbands would even bother to rescue us. If my dipshit husband saw a kidnappers’ video of me all tied up like that horrible actress, I think he’d just laugh and say his troubles were over.”


“You’re so cynical Audrey. I mean, our husbands are assholes, but we used to love them you know. We had a lot of fun with them and stuff.”


They continued to watch and there was a scene where the captured wife was tied up on a bed in a rundown hotel and left alone to struggle. Needless to say, she couldn’t get loose and had to hop to the window and try to attract the attention of people below.


Audrey snorted, “That is such bullshit. I could get loose if I was tied like that and left alone to do it.”


Ashlee retorted, “I’ll bet you couldn’t. I’ll bet if you were tied up like that you couldn’t even hop to the window much less get away. She’s tied up good and tight and so would you be.”


“These movies are all full of it. I don’t know how you can take this stuff seriously.”


“OK then, what if we make a little bet? What if I tie you up just like the woman in the movie? I’ll bet you can’t get loose. I’ll bet you a hundred dollars in cash.”


Audrey looked down at her friend’s smiling face. “You tie me up? That’s crazy.”


“No it’s not. You said you could get loose. I say you can’t. There’s one hundred dollars at stake … hell make it one thousand … we can afford it and anyway it’ll be fun. But I guess you don’t have the courage of your convictions. You say you can get loose, but I guess you don’t really think you can.”


“OK, OK, but what do you know about tying a person up. You don’t know how to do that.”


“We’ll just see if I don’t. If you can’t get loose then it stands to reason that I do too know how to tie a person up. You’re just scared to lose.”


“OK then make it a thousand dollars.”


“It’s not as simple as that. In any game there has to be rules. I’ll tie your hands behind your back just like the woman in the movie and you’ve got thirty minutes to get loose. But you can’t leave this room and if you can’t get loose after thirty minutes, I get to tie up your feet and keep you tied up for another hour and a half. If you can get loose during that time, I lose the money. Deal?”


“Deal! I’ll get loose in no time at all and you’ll lose your money. But you have to tie me up just like that floozy in the movie for it to be fair. Her hands are tied behind her and her feet are tied together and that’s that.”


 “She’s got a gag in her mouth. I should be able to gag you if you can’t get your hands loose in thirty minutes if I want to. I might not want to, but I should be allowed to.”


“Fine, fine, it won’t come to that. So have you got the rope?”


“It’s in the garage. Let’s go out and look at it.”


They scrambled to their feet and padded out to the garage where Ashlee’s husband had once had his workbench. Ashlee triumphantly held up a large spool of soft, flat, white rope that nobody remembered buying for a purpose nobody could possibly recall. Audrey watched as her almost naked friend pulled a length off the spool, knotted it at both ends and cut the ends off above the knots.


Ashlee dangled the soft limp rope in front of her with one hand and with the other she made a twirling motion to indicate that Audrey should turn around. Audrey wished she had put on her shoes. The concrete floor was clean under her stocking feet, but it was very, very cold.


“Now put your hands behind your back and cross your wrists.”


Audrey gave a contemptuous sniff but did as she was told and felt her friend loop the rope around her wrists and begin to quickly wrap it around them. Audrey’s confidence began to diminish as the rope around her wrist began to thicken. Then she felt a decided increase in tightness as Ashlee wound the rope between her wrists and around the previous wrappings. In spite of herself, Audrey stiffened and became very nervous indeed when she felt her bindings suddenly tighten and then heard and felt the knot being tied. Audrey had a sudden moment of panic when she realized that Ashlee was no longer holding her hands together and yet the rope certainly was. She tested her bonds and found that they felt like a solid band of thick, soft but unyielding cotton. Her stocking feet instantly felt colder and more vulnerable and she was shocked at how helpless she was when Ashlee spun her around and said, “We start the thirty minutes now. You need to walk back into the den. I’ll be behind you, so don’t try anything funny. You’re mine now sweetie. Ha, ha!”


Audrey was keenly aware that she was blushing, but at the same time, she just knew that if she had the time to struggle she could get loose. “I won’t be yours for long and then I’ll take your money.”


With as much dignity as she could muster, Audrey strode back into the den and took her seat on the couch. She sat straight up with her feet flat on the floor and began to struggle. She stopped at one point and watched as Ashlee cut another length of rope off of the spool and prepared it in the same way as the last. Ashlee also had procured a long, white silk scarf from somewhere and smoothed it out and laid it on the back of a chair.


“I don’t know why you’re going to all that trouble. You won’t need that stuff.”


“Hee, hee,  you may not realize it yet, but you, Miss Audrey, are going to stay tied up until I let you go. You might want to walk around a little bit because in twenty five minutes you won’t be able to anymore.”


Audrey emitted a little, “humph,” and went back to her struggle to get her hands free. Her long thin arms bent in every direction as she pushed and pulled against the rope first with one hand and then the other. She looked down and to the side and with some effort could pull her bound hands around her side and could see very well how they were tied. She held them there for a moment while she searched with her fingers for the knot, but in vain. It seemed most frustrating that she could actually see her bound hands and yet that didn’t help her at all.


Ashlee sat in a chair so she could watch and giggle. Her lovely, smooth legs were crossed and one foot was bobbing up and down. Audrey saw that Ashlee was having a drink in one hand and was twirling her hair with the fingers of the other and was shocked to realize that if she wanted to finish her drink, she would have to ask Ashlee for help.


Audrey was becoming damp with the effort to get loose and had gotten up to walk around the room. It was so odd that she could walk freely, but not use her hands. She went up to a mirror and tried to use that to get at the knot. Over her shoulder, she could finally see the knot, but her fingers couldn’t get at it. It was disturbing to watch her arms and hands writhe helplessly in the reflection.


At one point Audrey shook her upper body from side to side in an attempt to get loose through simple brute force, but found that it made no difference – her hands were as tightly bound as ever. She looked at the clock on the mantel and saw that she only had about seven minutes left to get untied. It was then that she gave up. It had been a frustrating, difficult day and Audrey wasn’t interested in feeling frustrated any longer for any reason. She laughed a little and went back to sit on the couch. In an attempt to have at least some control over events, she slipped her little, black, leather flats back on her feet. Then she crossed her legs and dangled one of her shoes off her heel in an unconvincing display of nonchalance.


She looked at Ashlee who had a sort of cat-that-ate-the-rat expression combined with an odd sweetness in her eyes. Audrey relaxed against the back of the couch and was just a little shocked to hear herself say with a bit of wonder in her voice, “Wow, I’m really tied up. I can’t get loose. Tell ya what. I give. You win. Untie me and I’ll write you a check.”


“Oh no, that’s not what we agreed on. In exactly six minutes I’m gonna tie up your feet and I reserve the right to gag your mouth. I’m gonna keep you prisoner for as long as we agreed.”


“You are a merciless little thing aren’t you? I haven’t even had a shower yet and I don’t think I smell very good.”


“You smell just fine. You smell like perfume and stockings and I’ll bet your breath smells like scotch. Want me to help you to another sip?”


“That would be the least you could do if you won’t untie my hands.”


Ashlee leapt up and put the cold glass to Audrey’s lips and Audrey drained it. She needed a bit of fortitude for the next hour and a half. She wasn’t exactly nervous, but she did have a rather startlingly powerful and unfamiliar feeling welling up within her as she wriggled her hands behind her. She had never had her hands tied behind her and she found it hard to believe that she couldn’t get loose. She found it harder to believe that she was totally at the mercy of her very best friend – a best friend who seemed to be very happy about the situation and who was gleefully preparing to make her even more helpless.


When Ashlee took the glass away from her lips, Audrey was shocked to feel a trickle of scotch roll down her chin and shocked even more when her hands tried to reach around to wipe it off and they only flapped ineffectually behind her. She rubbed her chin on her shoulder and watched as her barely-dressed friend padded off to fetch the rope that would bind her feet together.


Ashlee dangled the rope in front of her and said, “Are you readeeee?”


“A deal’s a deal.”


Ashlee bent down on her knees and positioned Audrey’s feet together. Audrey bent over to see how it was done and saw Ashlee wrap several double turns of rope around her ankles and then turn the rope and wrap it between her ankles, thus tightening the whole binding. Then she threaded one of the ends of the rope through a loop in front and Audrey felt a curious sense of finality as the rope was knotted. Her mind shifted gears and she was at first reluctant to even move. If she stayed still, the ropes weren’t quite so evident and she could almost maintain the illusion of relative freedom.


This illusion was immediately shattered when Ashlee in a fit of mischievous fun reached up and tickled Audrey on the ribs. Audrey squealed, shook herself like a wet dog and understood finally and completely that her hands were, in fact, tied behind her back and that her feet were firmly lashed together and kick and squirm as she might, Audrey was at the total mercy of her friend.


As Ashlee went giggling back to her chair, Audrey slowly recovered from the shock. She leaned forward and her arms repositioned themselves within her wrist rope and her feet pushed down flat on the floor as if to keep her shoes on, for her recent spasm in reaction to the tickling had caused one shoe to slip partly off one slippery stocking foot. Audrey looked down at her bound ankles and then glared at Ashlee who was curled back up in her chair with a triumphant grin on her cute, little face.


“Wow, you look really cute all tied up and stuff. I did a really neat job. Your legs and tits look really helpless. How do you feel? You look a little desperate. Just remember, we’re all friends here.”


Audrey relaxed a little. “How do I feel? I’m astounded that I’m really tied up – that I really can’t seem to get loose at all. I suppose I could hop around like that woman in the movie and get loose eventually, but apart from that I’m completely helpless. I feel like I could use another drink. And don’t you dare tickle me again. I’m not very ticklish, but there’s something about being all helpless that makes me that way.”


“I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist. I wanted to unbutton your blouse. I might still do that. I’ll get you another drink in a minute. Let’s just sit and talk.”


As if to taunt Audrey, Ashlee took a long pull from her own drink and then lit a cigarette – two simple everyday things that Audrey was now totally incapable of. Audrey sat back against the couch and without realizing it began working her stocking feet in and out of her minimal little shoes. She looked at Ashlee’s sturdy legs and cute little feet curled up around her butt and felt that she was seeing a certain form of female perfection. It was as if she was seeing her friend for the first time and was finally realizing how lovely she was.


“What will we talk about?”


“We’ve been friends for years. We have lots to talk about. Remember when we used to wonder about ‘boys’ and how ‘doing it’ would be? Well we both know about ‘them’ and ‘it’ now, but there’s always more to know. For instance, I know for a fact you’ve never been tied up before, but what if I told you I have been tied up at least a hundred times and loved every minute of it. Until my divorce, I didn’t feel right telling you everything, but now I don’t care. Ask me anything. I’ve been a wicked, dissolute woman. Ha, ha.”


“I guess the hubby was the villain huh? So I suppose it was like a game for you two.”


“That’s right. We’re playing a similar game now. You’ve always got a time limit where you really will not be let go. Of course sometimes he’d tie me up a lot more than you are right now.”


“How could I possibly be more tied up? Tied to something I guess.”


“There’s a few more places where I could put the ropes on you and yeah, I could tie you to something. If I wasn’t so honest and trustworthy, I’d be tempted. You couldn’t stop me ya know. But we’ll just stick to gagging you later. Here let me help you to a sip of this delicious scotch.”


Ashlee sat next to Audrey and held the glass up to her mouth. Audrey took a large gulp or two and Ashlee set the glass back on the side table. Then she did a surprising thing. As she stood up to go back to her chair, she planted her lips on Audrey’s mouth and gave her an unmistakably amorous kiss followed by a sweet little smile.


Audrey stared after her and then they both began to giggle with a mixture of delight and embarrassment. Audrey twisted her body. Her arms and hands fought the rope a little and she pulled her stocking feet backwards and completely out of her shoes. Her silky heels rose up and began rubbing against the front of the couch. “What was that about?”


“You liked it didn’t you? I’ll do it again before we gag you. I liked it too.”


“I didn’t say I liked it.”


“You didn’t need to. C’mon, admit it.”


“It was different. And I mean that literally. It wasn’t like with a man. So when you got tied up before, did you struggle? Was part of the game that he overpowered you? We couldn’t do that. I could kick your ass.”


“Bold words from somebody who can’t even pick their nose or walk around the room. But yes, I would struggle, but only to the point that he was holding me helpless. I mean, at some point you have to hold still to be tied up I think. If it were a real situation they would have to threaten you. So we would make it seem real, but then I would relax when it was inevitable. In other words, it was like a wrestling match – loser gets tied and I always lost as strong as he was. That was A-OK with me. I just love it. You never had that happen though?”

“I was aware that some people were interested in this stuff, but it never occurred to me to try it or suggest it and Mr. Very Big Asshole was only interested in the standard fuck. I was happy with that. I feel very weird about this. It’s obvious that you’re watching me with a predatory gleam in your eye. I’ve never felt this helpless before.”


“I’ll show you how helpless you are.”


Ashlee stood up and skipped over to Audrey. Audrey fell back against the couch. Her hands tensed behind her and her feet shot straight out in front of her, her toes pointing and gripping the carpet.


Ashlee reached out with one hand and began to unbutton Audrey’s blouse. She didn’t have to hold Audrey still or even use her other hand, she just simply straddled Audrey’s thighs and darted her hand at one button after another until the top five buttons of the blouse were loose. Audrey’s’ response had been to shake from side to side and to collapse into a fit of uncontrollable giggling and squealing. Then Ashlee whipped off Audrey’s hair band so that her curls were free to cascade into her face. As Ashlee started back for her chair, she stooped to pick up Audrey’s shoes and took them away with her.


When Ashlee regained her chair, Audrey was laughing under her breath and blushing. Her shoulders were still twisting back and forth and her feet were tensed against her ankle ropes.


Audrey tossed her hair out of her eyes, “You know, I get the distinct impression that you actually want to have me totally naked before this is over.”


“Well there’s all kinds of things I’d like to do to you, but we haven’t agreed in advance to do them.  The only thing we’ve agreed on is that you will be my captive for the next… um… hour. I assume you’ve given up trying to escape and I have my thousand dollars?”


“That’s safe to say. I can’t get out of the ropes.”


“Well then, we have room to negotiate. The question is what would you be willing to submit to, to get your money back.”


“It wouldn’t have to be much. All I have to do is wait an hour and I’m free.”


“Right, but you’d still be a thousand dollars short. As soon as I untie your hands you’d have to write me the check. I will have to untie you at 8 o’clock. But if you agree to remain my prisoner until midnight and agree to let me do whatever I want during those four extra hours, I’ll relinquish my claim to your money.”


“What does ‘whatever I want?’ mean? You’ve been very aggressive with the kissing and unbuttoning. That went beyond our agreement. Who knows what you’ll do with a free hand. And why did you take my shoes and put them on the table?”


“Oh, I know you liked the kissing, and I took your shoes so you can’t put them back on. You look really great all tied up and squirming around in your stocking feet and with your blouse unbuttoned. You should see yourself. When you start dating men again you have to let them tie you up. You look so devastatingly cute. As for whatever I want, all that means is that I reserve the right to tie you however I want and dress you however I want and touch you however I want. There will be no pain involved. It will all be sweetness and light, but you will probably be brought to orgasm unless I’m totally misreading your present body language. You look like you’re having fun and let me assure you that if you trust me totally, you won’t be disappointed. That’s what this is all about. We’ve been friends for over twenty years. Unless you’re totally turned off by sex between two women, you’re in for a real treat. It’s your decision. Give me a thousand bucks in an hour or submit to me until midnight. I know what I’m doing and I know you. You need to come. You’ve been fit to be tied since your divorce and tonight’s the night. Don’t give me an answer now. I’ll gag you in a little while and leave you alone to think about it. Who knows? You might still find a way to escape. All I know is I like sitting here looking at you all trussed up and I want to make it last until midnight. You should feel lucky. You’re the one tied up, but you’re the one who gets to decide.”


Audrey felt a veritable riot of emotion in her unbuttoned bosom. The cool air on her feet and chest combined with the skillfully tied bonds made her indecisive. She felt as if she were playing a fun game, but at the same time her cute little friend left no doubt that the game was serious. Neither woman had ever had sexual relations with another woman, but it seemed that Audrey was now confronted with the choice of having those relations or losing a thousand dollars. Her scantily clad friend seemed perfectly happy with expanding their relationship and was going to be somewhat merciless in achieving it. Audrey sat and quivered. Her hands worked thoughtfully against their bonds and her tightly bound stocking feet splayed in and out as she investigated her feelings. The money meant nothing to her really. Audrey’s confusion arose from the fact that she still couldn’t quite believe that she was actually tied up. The ropes around her wrists and ankles felt like solid cotton bands that were custom fitted. At the same time she was being asked to participate in what amounted to lesbian sex with her best friend – sex that she would have no control over because she would be tied up, gagged and most certainly naked. Once embarked upon, the train of events would be out of her hands. And yet Ashlee’s deal was quite attractive. Audrey did want to have a delightful orgasm and who better to give it to her? Her brow was furrowed and she was deep in thought when she suddenly found that Ashlee was next to her again.


“I’ve enjoyed watching you think and wriggle around. But now we’ll have another little drink and I’m going to put this gag in your pretty mouth and leave you alone.”


“But I want to talk about this a little.”


“There’s no need to talk. When I come back and ungag you, you’ll say yes or no. Here, finish this drink.”


Ashlee helped Audrey gulp down the scotch. Once again a dribble of it ran down her chin and dripped onto one of her tits. To Audrey’s shock, Ashlee thrust her tongue into Audrey’s mouth and gave her the sweetest kiss she had had in a long, long time. Then she licked the scotch off Audrey’s chin and neck and then Audrey stiffened as she felt Ashlee’s tongue lick the liquid off the top of her tit. Audrey actually said, “Ohhh!”


She also thrashed and struggled against her bonds as if she actually thought she could get loose. The next thing she knew, Ashlee was kneeling on the couch beside and above her and had roughly inserted a white, silk scarf between Audrey’s teeth. Ashlee quickly wrapped all of it around Audrey’s head and between her teeth until Audrey could no longer even touch her lips together. Audrey felt a violent rush of emotion when she felt the gag tighten and then be knotted behind her head. She wriggled against the ropes again and cried out, “Wait a minute!” What they both heard was a muffled, “Ate a mimiph!”


Both women were relieved that this seemed to be funny. Ashlee giggled uncontrollably and Audrey couldn’t stop herself from emitting a faint, “Hmmm, hmmm, hmmm.”


Ashlee checked Audrey’s bonds to make sure there was no sign of looseness and then flounced out of the room with no explanation. Audrey sat and gently flexed her muscles against the ropes and chewed the first gag she had ever had in her mouth. There was no doubt that she was agitated and excited and she realized that she was actually having fun. Her workday had only been over a few hours and yet it seemed like a distant memory. But what was Ashlee up to? Was she just leaving her here on the couch?”


Presently Audrey heard a sort of bumping and rumbling in the long hallway that led to the four bedrooms of the large, one-story house. Audrey gazed with nervous anticipation at the opening that led from the hall to the den.


The rumbling grew louder and louder until Ashlee burst into the room pulling an office chair behind her, its wheels clattering on the hardwood floor and then more softly rustling on the carpet. She pulled it right up to where Audrey sat and then Ashlee said, “I’m gonna cart you back into your bedroom in this chair, so let’s stand you up.”


Audrey felt very strange indeed about the prospect of being transported. She was still not used to being unable to transport herself and once again she had a lesson in what it meant to be tied up and helpless.


Ashlee grabbed her by the shoulders and forced Audrey to her feet. “Now hop around so that you can sit in the chair. I’ll help you.”


Audrey made a couple of little hops and as she did so, Ashlee’s hands made her turn around and then Audrey found herself pushed down into the chair. Then with Ashlee pushing from behind, Audrey was propelled out of the den, down the hallway and into her bedroom at a startling speed. They were both giggling again, but Audrey couldn’t help but be reminded that her friend was her most determined captor and that there was no way she was going to be untied before her time was up.


In her bedroom, Ashlee stood her up and then brusquely pushed Audrey onto her bed. She picked up Audrey’s bound and squirming legs and dumped them onto the bed so that Audrey was lying on her side facing away from Ashlee. Audrey wormed around so that she could look over her shoulder and saw Ashlee standing ceremoniously at the foot of the bed. Ashlee had an announcement to make.


“I am going to leave you here and lock the door behind me. If you manage to escape, you will still win the bet. On the other hand, if you can’t escape, you can still get your money back if you agree to remain tied up and totally at my mercy until midnight. That’s three more hours. The good news is that you will be the beneficiary of a very pleasant experience. But once you agree to remain my prisoner until midnight, there will be no turning back. I promise I’ll do nothing to you that I wouldn’t love to have done to myself, but like it or not, you’ll be tied up a lot more than you are now and you’ll have no control over what you wear or what I do to you. You’ll like it, but you’ll have no, I repeat, no control. By the way, you look really cute right now. I love the way your legs and feet look all tied up and your tits are almost out of your blouse. You can’t imagine how you’re driving me crazy. When you point your feet like that, your stockings wrinkle and I almost can’t contain myself. But I’m a disciplined gal. I’ll be out in the den, thinking of you and having another drink. It’s up to you. Byeeee!”


Ashlee danced out the door and Audrey heard the key in the lock and Ashlee’s bare feet padding down the hallway. She was alone, helplessly bound hand and foot and almost totally silenced. Audrey immediately understood that she was now forced to plumb the depths of her mind and emotions – her body might be tied, but her feelings and thoughts were hers to explore.


It had all seemed so innocent and simple at first – a bet between friends. But really being tied up was a rather extreme thing, and Audrey had submitted to it without really thinking about the implications. Now it was complicated. Now she was about to make a decision about crossing a sexual boundary that had never existed for her before and once that decision was made, she would be tied up, gagged and her body would be manipulated in a way that was just a little frightening. But she had to admit she wanted it. She wanted the soft hands and mouth of Ashlee to be all over her.


The central event in all of this was that she was bound and gagged and Audrey couldn’t help but begin to explore what that meant now that she was without an audience. She was on her side and could tell that it would be difficult to sit up. Every little thing that she normally took for granted was now quite difficult. Even the fact that her shoes had been taken away and her blouse unbuttoned had enormous significance. She was also locked in her own bedroom and even in that small space, it would take much effort and planning to even move from where she was. Audrey thought of the woman in the movie, tied and gagged in a bedroom but able to at least hop to the window. If she couldn’t get untied, at least she could duplicate that damsel’s feat – and wouldn’t it be astonishing to Ashlee if she could present herself free of the ropes when the door was unlocked.


Audrey laughed under her breath. She had nothing else to do. She might as well try to move around and maybe get untied. She lifted her head from the pillow and wormed around on the bed – her stocking feet pushing and her upper body propelling itself to the edge of the bed with her help of her hands. After a surprising amount of effort, she found herself at the edge of the bed and extended her bound feet over the edge. She pushed behind her with her hands and after a couple of jerky attempts managed to sit up with her feet dangling a couple of inches above the floor. She found it all quite exciting to be such a thoroughly bound captive who nonetheless could take action. She was also under a deadline and when she looked at the clock on her bedside table, she noticed that she had only twenty minutes to get loose or make the big decision.


Audrey slipped off the bed so that her feet were flat on the floor. She slowly leaned forward and came to a standing position. She tossed the hair out of her face and was stunned when she caught reflection in the dresser mirror. She looked absolutely wild. The feeling of being bound was extreme, but the sight of herself was doubly so. Her hair and clothes were a mess and she looked so packaged … so captured … so tightly prepared for the attentions of others. She could see her arms and hands tied behind her and found it impossible that her muscles could seem so strong and yet several strands of soft, cotton rope could keep her so helpless. Her unbuttoned blouse revealed a tantalizing glimpse of her bosom, barely contained by her bra. It entered her mind that she couldn’t even do such a simple thing as button up her blouse.


The sight of the gag was a revelation. Her mouth was distorted in a strange, exciting way and her cheeks bulged out a little above the silk scarf. Her hair was disheveled. Audrey now understood what a powerful sight she must be to her captor and she only wished she could see her whole body. She looked down at her legs held fast together at the ankles and saw her smooth, cute little feet emerging from beneath the rope. They were gripping the carpet.


While continuing to look in the mirror, she made a couple of tentative hops and decided that if she were careful she could at least make it around the bed and over to an overstuffed chair beside the window. But first she tried to think if there was something in the room she could cut the ropes with. She stood slightly crouched with her feet splayed out against the ropes for greater stability – her toes gripping the carpet through her stockings.


She looked at the dresser and took a quick mental inventory of what was there and couldn’t think of anything that she might cut the ropes with. There were some tiny manicure scissors, but they were obviously unsuitable. Audrey sighed and gave up the idea of escape. She hopped up and down a few time and watched her tits in the mirror and felt a sudden spasm of vulnerability – anyone could touch her anywhere and she couldn’t stop them. She said to herself inwardly, “It might be nice to be touched. So what if it’s not a man. I like Ashlee. I think she’s beautiful.”


With this pleasant and exciting thought in her head, Audrey began her difficult journey around the bed to the chair by the window where she almost instantly made her decision once she had hopped in a circle and plopped herself down. She was undeniably damp between her legs and was well overdue to be touched there. Being tied up was exciting in and of itself and might add a new dimension to the experience. And why shouldn’t she allow another woman to touch her? It had never happened before, but it would most certainly be worth a try. After all, Ashlee’s kiss had been electrifying.


But Audrey thought of something new to add to their game. She would only agree to extend her captivity if Ashlee would agree to then be tied up herself and to show Audrey how it was done. She knew Ashlee badly wanted her to remain a captive. Audrey would not only keep her money and get an orgasm at the hands of her friend, but she would also turn the tables on her. The thought of Ashlee naked and thoroughly tied up made Audrey shudder. As she shuddered, the ropes once again reminded her of their presence. Her hands remained securely behind her back and her feet remained inescapably lashed together. It was like an ever-ascending cycle of sexual agitation that was in turn ramped up by the fact that she was tightly tied and could do nothing about it.


If her hands and feet had been free at this moment, her legs would be spread and her hands would be massaging between her legs. The gag was another variable. The gag was beginning to become saturated with her spit and the moisture was seeping along her cheeks. In all the movies Audrey had ever seen with the bound and gagged damsel, it had never really occurred to her what it might feel like. The soft, but constrictive bonds and the thick, wet gag were an absolute revelation and Audrey once again was further stimulated by her plight. Her feelings of anticipation were almost unbearable, but she was determined to negotiate a deal so that Ashlee would be her captive.


In a spirit of wallowing in her plight, Audrey suddenly began to struggle for all she was worth and it was if she had awakened the ropes – vigilant ropes that had a mind of their own. They were suddenly very tight. Her hands and arms thrashed behind her and her fingers gripped the air. She looked down and watched her stocking legs and feet pull and push against the cords and a part of her mind was deeply moved by the sight of her powerful legs held fast and the stockings wrinkling at her heels as she pointed her toes. She chewed on the gag and began to break out in a sweat. She wished she could see herself.


After this powerful and stimulating activity, Audrey leaned back in the chair and went very still. It wouldn’t be long now before Ashlee reappeared. She had to compose herself at least a little. She was very nervous and she occupied the time by looking around the room. Every detail of the room was totally familiar and yet it was all impossibly vivid. Because she was unable to stand up and walk across the room and pick up her hairbrush, her hairbrush assumed immense importance. She thought of all the shoes in her closet that she couldn’t put on. She tried to poke her nose between the curtains covering the window beside her and found that it was too far away unless she got up and hopped around a little table by her chair. The remote control to her little television was right there on the bedside table not four feet away and yet it might as well have been one hundred yards away. It kept occurring to Audrey that if only the little knot holding the rope around her wrists were untied that she would be free of her ankle ropes and the gag, but her searching fingers simply could not find the knot – a knot that must only be an inch or two out of her reach. She finally decided that being tied up was just about the strangest thing that had ever happened to her. It was strange, scary and fun and all that on an entirely new level.


She was sitting totally relaxed with her stocking feet flat on the floor, her bound hands limp behind her and her gag slowly oozing with her spit when the lock in her door began to click. It seemed loud and startling and Audrey’s feelings of vulnerability came rushing back upon her. But she tried to sit as prim and proper as her disheveled appearance allowed.


Waiting for Ashlee to enter the room was as suspenseful as a horror movie and the reality was almost as shocking when Ashlee appeared. Ashlee walked in the door, closed it, locked behind her and laid the key on the dresser. Ashlee was completely naked except for some very high-heeled pumps that made her appear four inches taller and made her legs seem even more taut and shapely than they were. She had also put on bright red lipstick and heavy, dark eye shadow. She was carrying a canvas tote bag that was positively bulging with things that Audrey couldn’t see.


Ashlee gracefully strode around the bed and perched her pretty butt on top of it with the bag beside her. Her face was beaming with glee and she crossed her ankles and began pointing her toes in her absurdly high-heeled pumps.


Audrey might as well have been confronted with Dracula. Ashlee looked her over long and hard and finally said, “You are such a mess. I guess you’ve discovered that a person can’t really keep up with their grooming when they’re all tied up and stuff. I like you like that though. Well, anyway down to business. You have five more minutes to make up your mind. Do you want to keep your money and stay my prisoner for three more hours or do you want to pay up and be untied?”


Audrey wriggled against the ropes in spite of herself and said, “I can’t very well tell you with this wad of cloth in my mouth.” To give a more accurate translation, what they both heard was, “I ant ewy eoo e-uh oo iph iph odd off off im I ouph.”


“I know. I just wanted to hear you say it, ha, ha.”


Ashlee jumped off the bed, her tits jiggling, and bent over Audrey to untie her gag. Audrey found that this placed Ashlee’s tits directly in her face and she was overwhelmed with the desire to lick them. This was an unexpected and happy impulse.


Then Ashlee gave Audrey another of her soft, wet, devastatingly exciting kisses and quickly skipped back to the bed and resumed her former position of captor and spectator. Audrey was highly agitated by her inability to get up and follow. Her mind was a blank and her emotions had reached flood stage.


“So what’ll it be? Lose your money or lose your freedom for the next three hours. You’ve got thirty seconds to decide.”


“What are you going to do to me exactly?”


“Whatever I want, but you’ll have to trust me that I know what I’m doing and it will all be great. If you don’t make up your mind right now, then I’ll assume you want to remain my prisoner. Fifteen seconds.”


“But I’ve been tied up for an hour and a half. I need to be let go for a little while.”


“Time’s up. You’re mine until midnight. If you don’t agree right now, I won’t untie you at all cause you might have second thoughts. So yes or no – will you cooperate and trust me or do I have to leave you tied up the whole time because I might not be able to get you tied up again?”


“But …”


“It’s a yes or no question. ‘Yes’ means I’ll give you a little break or two along the way, ‘no’ means you stay tied up. And if you lie to me, you lose your money.”


“Yes.” Audrey looked at Ashlee and had never seen her look so amused and merciless. There was now no doubt for Audrey that she was involved in a very serious game, but she did so want to be touched. She was literally thirsty for orgasm, not to mention a nice scotch and soda.


“Great! I knew you couldn’t resist.” Ashlee hopped off the bed and danced over to Audrey and gave her yet another long, wet kiss. Then she bent down and released Audrey’s feet. Immediately, Ashlee helped Audrey to stand and untied her hands. Audrey was smiling shyly. There she stood more or less fully clothed in front of her naked friend and yet Ashlee held immense authority over her. Audrey felt like a captive and waited for orders while beginning to giggle and blush. She also stretched her limbs that had been so recently tied for so long and was amazed that she no longer took such free movement for granted, especially when it occurred to her that she would certainly be bound and gagged again before long.


Ashlee stood back and surveyed her captive. “You are a mess. The first thing you do is go take a shower, put on fresh makeup and do your hair. And don’t dawdle. If I think you’re taking too long, I’ll come in and tie you up in the middle of it even if you’re wet. I’ll pick out your clothes.”


“Can I have a drink to take in there with me. And how long is too long?”


“Yes, make as big a drink as you like and how long will be too long will simply be up to me. You just hurry it up, but do a nice job on yourself. By the way, those rope marks go away very quickly. They’re not serious.”


Her clothes were taken away from Audrey and she was handed a drink and then gently shoved, totally naked, towards the bathroom. Audrey had sometimes been as sexually agitated as she was now, but never in such a peculiar way. The anticipation and mystery about what would happen next was both delightful and a little frightening. She contemplated the authority that Ashlee held over her and wondered if she would be able to project such authority if Ashlee were her prisoner. She would like to find out, and then it dawned on her that she had forgotten to make Ashlee’s captivity a negotiating point. In fact, being tied up in front of a naked, exotic-looking Ashlee had made Audrey a stammering idiot who couldn’t make up her mind about anything. As she toweled herself off and gratefully inhaled the scotch, Audrey reflected on the fact that she was not only having fun, but that her horrible workday and her constant anger about her divorce seemed very, very distant.


As she looked at her freshly-scrubbed self in the bathroom mirror she reflected, “Who would have thought that being all tied up could be so therapeutic?”


Audrey decided that she would go light on her makeup – gags had a way of messing that up so she kept it minimal. She put on just enough for a smooth glow. But she decided to go all out with bright red lipstick that just happened to match her already painted nails. She just simply shook her hair out and let the blonde curls fall where they may and they stood out from her head with surprising thickness until they ended abruptly just below her jaw line.


Audrey took a deep breath and a deep drink and imagined that on the other side of the door awaited a lot of rope and a probably very minimal amount of clothing. She turned and went out the door to face another three hours of captivity at the hands of her tyrannical little friend.


What she found was Ashlee standing tapping her foot impatiently with her arms crossed. Ashlee had kept her very high-heeled shoes on, but had also added a little black cocktail dress with a low-cut bosom and bare shoulders. The dress fitted her as if it had been painted on and ended halfway down her thighs. Audrey noticed that Ashlee had also donned some very close-knitted, fishnet stockings.


“I was about to come in there after you. Here are your clothes. Get dressed quickly and then we’ll talk.”


To Audrey’s surprise her costume for the evening appeared to be a white blouse with a chaste, round collar and full sleeves over a knee-length, dark tweed skirt. Added to this were white stockings with garters – stockings that were almost opaque – and some very low-cut, low-heeled pumps with thin maryjane straps across the instep. Audrey was going to look like a librarian it seemed.


“Put on these clothes and then come back into the den. I’ll be waiting.”


Audrey did as she was told and found that she felt twice as vulnerable fully clothed as she had naked. She was being dressed and would be tied up and undressed whether she liked it or not. Fortunately she liked it quite a lot. The one omission in her outfit was any kind of underwear at all – no panties and no bra. She could almost feel her hands being tied behind her again and her clothes being removed at the whim of her captor.


Fully-clothed, Audrey pirouetted into the den and stuck what she thought was a seductive pose in front of Ashlee who was again sitting in her chair in her black cocktail dress, black fishnet stockings and her ridiculously high-heeled pumps – one of which was dangling off of a rising and falling foot on the leg that was crossed over the other.


“There you are. You look very nice. Very innocent, which I know you certainly are not. Come over here and stand in front of me.”


Ashlee lifted Audrey’s skirt and then ran a finger between the buttons of her blouse; evidently checking to make sure that no unauthorized underwear was being worn. Audrey shivered a little at Audrey’s invasive touch. She was waiting for the restraints to appear and she didn’t have long to wait. From behind her Ashlee produced a pair of handcuffs and expertly clicked Audrey’s wrists together in front.


“Wow, those are cold.”


“Go sit on the couch please dearie.”


With another set of steel cuffs, Ashlee linked Audrey’s ankles together and then went back to her chair after handing Audrey a fresh scotch on the rocks.


“Where did you get two pairs of hand cuffs?”


“At the gun store. They’re top quality – just like the police use. That’s just to keep you still until I really tie you up. So at no time during this evening could you have gotten out of the ropes?”


“Well, I hopped around the bedroom a little looking for something to cut them with, but even that would have been very difficult. If I had been tied to a chair or the bed I wouldn’t have had even that small opening.”


“Well, that brings us to what’s going to happen next. When you finish your drink and a smoke, I’m going to tie you to a kitchen chair. You will be thoroughly gagged and I will be toying with you from time to time until you’re crazy with excitement. I’ll be doing whatever I want to you and you’ll have to trust me that it will all be good. The terms of our agreement don’t require your consent and I will treat you as if you will do everything in your power to escape. I have to assume that you might try that. You look so soft and sexy dressed like that and with those cuffs on you. You’ll look even better with about a hundred feet of rope on you. You look a little stunned. I like that too.”


“I am a little stunned. I’ve never seen this… this… authoritarian side of you. I feel used, but I also feel quite valuable. To keep me tied in ropes and locked in chains must mean you value my presence quite a lot. So what if I do manage to escape. What do I get? I’ve already got my money back. If I can escape, I should get something from you.”


“What do you want?”


“I want to the right to tie you up if I escape and keep YOU prisoner for three hours and do whatever I want.”


“It’s a deal. But you’ll never get loose. Even if you struggle, I’ll still get the ropes on you. If nothing else I’ll just keep you chained up. Speaking of which, you better finish your drink and go tinkle before I tie you to the chair. God, I can’t wait.”


Audrey downed her drink and extended her cuffed feet out in front of her, kicking her feet up and down in little flutter kicks. “OK, unlock me so I can go tinkle.”


“Oh no. You’ll just have to manage the best you can just like that. I’m not unlocking anything until I’m ready to put the ropes on you.”


“You can’t be serious. These things hardly have any slack at all.”


“You can do it. I know you can hop with your feet tied up. Anyway, I want to watch this.”


Audrey laughed. “You are so mean. I never suspected.”


Audrey struggled to her feet and with her tongue held pensively between her lips she first tried walking, but the cuffs on her ankles only allowed a step of about two inches at most. After shuffling along for about ten yards, Audrey then began hopping. Her hops carried her about six inches and she made much better time as she headed down the hall to the bathroom.


Ashlee was overcome with laughter as she heard her lovely captive thumping her way down the hall, struggling with the bathroom door and then after an appropriate interval, she came heavily thumping and clicking back into the room; her hands were held close together in front of her and were flapping around in their cuffs in an attempt to help her maintain her balance. Her feet in their delicate little maryjane pumps were held even more tightly together so that her ankles wouldn’t pull against the metal cuffs. As Audrey resumed her seat on the couch, she was blushing and breathing heavily.


“Whew. That’s hard work.”


Ashlee stood up from her chair and fetched a small straight-backed kitchen chair that had a laddered backrest and rungs supporting the legs. Its seat was woven basketwork. She set the chair in the middle of the den near Audrey. Audrey eyed the chair – obviously picturing herself attached to it and licked her lips. Then Ashlee dumped a canvas tote bag on the floor. The bag was overflowing with soft, white cotton rope of the kind Audrey had been tied with earlier. Audrey felt that things were about to become very serious indeed.


Without a word, Ashlee went to work. She stood Audrey up, made her turn her butt to the chair with many tiny steps and pushed her into the chair, which creaked under her weight. The chair seemed too small for her. With her feet flat on the floor, her thighs were still lifted and the backrest only came up to her shoulder blades. Audrey’s rather taut and trim butt entirely filled the seat.


Audrey found herself gagged first of all. A long, white, nylon scarf was inserted between her teeth and wrapped a surprising number of times around her head until her mouth was completely filled. She emitted a couple of muffled giggles as it was tied behind her head. Then a thickness of rope was wrapped around her waist and the backrest of the chair as if she had on a seat belt in a car. That too was knotted behind. Audrey’s skirt was pushed up and another rope was added above her knees. That rope was cinched and tied and her skirt smoothed back into place. Ashlee then knelt at Audrey’s feet Audrey felt the cuffs unlock and then almost simultaneously a rope was looped around both ankles. In a spirit of fun, Audrey struggled to keep her feet from being tied, but it was too late – Ashlee was holding her legs together with one arm and wrapping the rope tighter and tighter with the other hand. Then Audrey felt her ankle rope cinched and tied and that was that. Then Ashlee did something else that Audrey couldn’t see, but when Ashlee stood up it quickly became apparent that Audrey’s ankle rope had been attached to the front rung of the chair with what felt like only three to four inches of slack.


“There! You are now attached to the chair. All that’s left is to get your hands tied behind you. If you don’t cooperate, I’ll tickle your feet. You won’t be able to get up even with your hands free, and I’ll tickle you without mercy. Will you hold still while I tie your hands? I noticed you got a little feisty with your feet. Shake your head yes.”


Audrey shook her head yes, said, “Ummm hmmm,” and held out her cuffed hands. Ashlee unlocked the cuffs and drew Audrey’s hands behind her where she quickly tied them together with her wrists crossed. Then yet another rope was added below Audrey’s bosom that wrapped around her body and arms and the backrest of the chair. It was cinched on both sides above her elbows and Audrey heard a felt a great deal of knotting going on behind her. When she tried to move, she found that her hands had been somehow attached to the rope around her waist. Audrey was tightly secured and could only squirm and wriggle a very few inches in any direction. Once again Audrey was astounded that it was really quite comfortable all things considered and the fun of it all trumped what discomfort there was. She looked down at her buttoned up bosom and noticed how her blouse was drawn tight by the ropes. She wriggled and saw her tits and thighs move very little and she heard the chair creak. “I thought I’d been tied up before, but this is complete and utter helplessness,” Audrey said to herself. She looked at her friend almost in awe and saw Ashlee looking very pleased and her normal sweetness seemed to have taken the place of her previously stern authoritarian attitude.


“Wow, you look so totally great. You can’t even move. Your tits and legs and lips and feet are driving me crazy. I’ll be touching them soon, but now I just want to sit and look at you. Sorry you can’t talk. Maybe I’ll ungag you later, but until then you’ll just have to do the best you can. I wonder how you feel? Is it as exciting for you as it is for me? I love it when you wriggle around.”


Audrey said, “If I wriggle around will you come touch me?” This came out to the immense gratification of both as, “Iph I i-uh a oum iw oo om uph ee?” Then Audrey gave her best wriggle and the ropes awoke to their duty. It still surprised Audrey that she could be held so securely by thin, soft ropes. The ropes’ pressure gave her an instant thrill that was completely obvious in her shining eyes. Would she never get used to it?


Ashlee looked thoughtful. “You know, we’ve both had it tough lately. It’s lucky we’ve found an outlet with each other. You do like this don’t you? Not that you’ll have any choice for the next… oh… two and a half hours.”


Audrey said, “I love this.” They heard a very muffled, “I ov iph.” As a further attempt to communicate, Audrey pointed her toes and wriggled against the ropes and giggled. She felt her shoes begin to show signs of slipping off and decided that losing her shoes would be a powerful lure in the near future to get Ashlee to touch her. Audrey was now aching for sexual attention. She had hours to go, but she wanted Ashlee’s gentle little fingers in all the right places pretty damn soon. It seemed so impossible that she should be so tied up and helpless that she just simply had to wait on events.


It was only 9:45, but Audrey’s day seemed like it was a month ago. The ropes were sending her mind into what resembled a dream world. She looked hungrily at Ashlee’s legs, feet, bosom and lips and was astounded to realize that she had never desired a woman before. But she remembered what it felt like to be kissed while bound and helpless. More of the same was in her immediate future and she hadn’t had an orgasm in months and months. Audrey almost moaned at the thought. She began to pulsate against the ropes in a rhythmic motion that made the chair creak.


Ashlee actually licked her lips at the sight of Audrey gently struggling against her extremely secure bonds and all Audrey could think about was that her entire body was at the mercy of Ashlee. Ashlee could either touch her or not. Ashlee could unbutton her blouse, pull up her skirt or not. If Audrey’s tits were bared, she wouldn’t be able to pull her blouse back over them. She was totally, utterly vulnerable. All she could do was wriggle against the ropes and maybe get her shoes off.


So Audrey decided that she would do what little she could. Her shoes were soft kid leather, but the maryjane straps made it a little difficult to work them off her feet. She made a concerted effort and tried to make it seem inadvertent. Audrey locked eyes with Ashlee and began to struggle mightily. She popped her heels out of her shoes by rubbing them against the rung of the chair and then started pulling and pushing against her leg and ankle ropes with first one leg and then the other. The cool air rushed into her shoes and against her stocking feet – Audrey hadn’t realized how warm she had become.


Ashlee watched, giggling – one leg crossed over the other and bounding up and down. Ashlee seemed as cool and collected as Audrey was agitated. Finally Audrey’s shoes slipped off and she flipped them out in front of her. She was inordinately proud of even this small movement. She settled down into a gentle writhing movement, inviting Ashlee to come over with her eyes.


“Getting out the heavy guns, huh? You look a little hot and bothered sweetie. But I think you should really try to relax. You’re going nowhere and I’ll be with you when I’m ready and not before. That’s cute the way your gag is all wet ha, ha. I tell you what. If you can get your shoes back on, I’ll come over and touch you for a little while.


Audrey tried to lean forward, but the ropes attaching her to the chair prevented her from even being able to see her feet. Her stocking feet and toes searched for her shoes, but they were just out of her reach with her feet leashed to the chair rung. Audrey realized Ashlee was toying with her and let out an incoherent, “Hmmmmm!”


“Well nevermind. You won’t be needing shoes. Your feet are so cute tied together and I love the way your tits are poking out. You know it occurs to me that we no longer have a bet on the table. You’re paying your debt to me now and then we’ll be even. I wonder if we should make another little wager?”


Ashlee looked at Audrey as if she actually expected an understandable response. Audrey just shrugged her shoulders and said, “I oomph O. Ake a ave ouph.”


Ashlee just laughed. “Oh well, I can’t understand a word you say. We’ll chat later. I do have a proposition for you however.”


With this Ashlee suddenly stood up and walked off. Audrey instinctively tried to get up and follow her and her bindings instantly seemed to tighten. She twisted in frustration, her hands flapping behind her and her stocking feet pressing against the floor. Audrey marveled that she was still not used to the fact of being inescapably tied. Her body kept trying to move and this sent her mind deeper and deeper into an agitated excitement that she couldn’t satisfy. Watching Ashlee freely walking away gave Audrey a chill. Ashlee disappeared down the hallway and suddenly all was quiet.


Audrey tried to relax. Then Ashlee came clicking back down the hall and approached Audrey saying, “I forgot something.”


Ashlee leaned down and unbuttoned Audrey’s blouse from her neck to the rope below her bosom. She spread the blouse apart a little and kissed Audrey between her tits. Then she blew between them and giggled as she saw how it made Audrey squirm. Then with a toss of her hair, Ashlee instantly went away again.


Audrey was electrified. Her shoes were off and she couldn’t get them back on. Her blouse was unbuttoned and there was nothing she could do about it. Her gag was sopping wet and if she drooled, she wouldn’t be able to deal with that either. And yet still Audrey’s body kept trying to take action. It was only through a determined act of will that Audrey stopped wriggling, sighed through her nose and sat still. She was buzzing between her legs, but she realized that that was just too damn bad. Her only recourse was to realize that she was actually rather lucky to be so excited. It wasn’t everyday she felt like she felt now and before midnight, her desires would be met – maybe not as soon as she would hope, but a tied up and gagged damsel just has to take what she can get and learn to wait for it.


Audrey wondered what Ashlee was doing. The room was quiet except for the occasional creaking of her little chair when she would shift her position. Audrey remembered how she had boasted that anyone could get untied if they were left alone. And yet here she sat unable to do anything but worm around and wait. She looked at the clock on the mantle and saw that she now had two hours to go. The anticipation was unbearable. What would Ashlee have in store for her?


Then she heard Ashlee’s heels clicking down the hall and she glided into the room and gave Audrey a bright little smile. “There you are, just like I left you. And you haven’t put your shoes back on or buttoned up your blouse or anything. Do you know what this is?” Ashlee held up a little plastic bottle.


Audrey’s blonde curls flew around her head as she nodded yes and said, “Iph ubba-cump.”


“That’s right, it’s lubricant. Would you like me to put this on you?”


“Eph, eev.”


“I’ll take that as a yes. Well I will – you can count on it, you just won’t know when.”


Ashlee sat back down in the overstuffed chair facing Audrey and curled her legs around her butt. She let her shoes fall off so that the bottoms of her fishnet-clad feet could be fully appreciated. She looked at Audrey for a while and Audrey looked back. To Audrey, there was something about being so tightly lashed to the chair that made everything move very slowly and at a great distance. She had stopped struggling and was hanging limp in the ropes. One foot had come to rest on top of the other and her hands hung awkwardly behind her. Her gag could not have been any wetter, but Audrey was just simply used to this now.


And yet she wasn’t really used to any of what was happening at all. There was some feeling that had been with her since she was first tied up that she couldn’t quite name. It had been in the background and was like a powerful, emotional backdrop to all the other emotions that had coursed through her, but now Audrey realized what it was: Being tied up and bossed around by her best friend made her feel humiliated. It was humiliating to be at the mercy of her friend, however much fun it was, and it was humiliating not to be able to adjust her clothes, smooth her hair or, worst of all, control the flow of her bodily fluids. Audrey was perilously close to drooling and she was as wet as she had ever been between her legs. Since she had on no underwear, she could feel the wetness on her bare skin and was sure she had a spot on the back of her skirt. She couldn’t prevent Ashlee from touching her and seeing the evidence of her excitement. Audrey’s only consolation was that she found this humiliation only added to the stimulation. It also added to her frustration as she found herself once again beginning to gently struggle. She was rubbing her stocking feet on the carpet and found that hugely gratifying and at the same time hugely adding to her desire to be finished off. But Audrey was beginning to truly understand the meaning of the word submission. As she watched Ashlee, she felt very submissive indeed.


But at the moment, Ashlee just sat in her chair pawing through the canvas tote bag. Occasionally Ashlee would look at Audrey and smile. Once she seemed to have found what she wanted in the bag, Ashlee placed it on the floor without taking whatever it was out and turned her full attention to Audrey. “I wonder how you feel right now? You look a little startled, but you’ve stopped struggling so much. I’ve gotta say though that your legs and feet look so cute tied up and your tits are just precious. If you wriggled around just right, I think they’d fall right out of your shirt.” Ashlee giggled and then reached down into the canvas bag. Audrey wriggled and felt her tits brush against her blouse and looking down saw that they were only held in her blouse by the ropes that kept the fabric stretched tight around them.


Then to Audrey’s horror, Ashlee produced a camera. “You look so cute, I have just have to get a few snaps of you.”


Audrey went nuts. Her mind and body did everything humanly possible to get up and stop Ashlee from taking pictures and both mind and body were deeply shocked that all her body could do was twist and buck against the ropes. The only effect was to make the ropes seem tighter and make the chair creak like an old wagon on a rutted road. From beneath her gag Audrey cried out, “Oo ever moph! Omp oo air oov at phing!”


Ashlee immediately began shooting and caught the entire struggle in ten quick shots. Then she laughed and said, “Don’t you worry. Nobody but you and I will see these and if you want me to delete them I will. But you’ve just got to see how you look.” Ashlee circled around Audrey taking more shots while Audrey tried to salvage some dignity from the situation by glaring at her and looking generally very unhappy. But the effect of being photographed against her will ramped up Audrey’s level of stimulation in spite of herself. How helpless could a gal get? When would the real fun begin?


“OK. Now we’re done screwing around. I’ve only got less than an hour to keep you prisoner and I’ve promised you an orgasm.” Ashlee stood in front of Audrey and with one fishnet stocking foot she began to rub the top of Audrey’s feet. Then Ashlee inserted her foot between Audrey’s thighs and began wriggling it around. Audrey instinctively tried to arch into the foot. She so badly wanted some kind of touch on her vulva. She heard herself hum into the gag and she struggled mightily to move her body into the foot between her thighs. All thought of dignity was gone and when Ashlee took her foot away, Audrey groaned.


But then she watched with mounting glee as Ashlee went to work. She quickly untied Audrey from the chair. Then she untied Audrey’s knees and ankles, “A big strong man would pick you up and carry you, but in this case you’re going to have to walk.”


Ashlee shoved Audrey up on her feet. Audrey’s hands were still tied behind her and her mouth was still filled with a tight, wet gag. With a firm hand on Audrey’s upper arm, Ashlee guided Audrey back down the hall to her bedroom and unceremoniously pushed her face down onto the bed. Before she knew it, she felt her feet being tied together with her ankles crossed so that her knees were forced wide apart. Then she felt some rope added to her bound wrists and then yet another knot tied at her already securely bound ankles. Audrey looked behind her to see Ashlee get off the bed and walk out the door. Audrey struggled experimentally and found that she was now loosely hogtied, and her ankles were tied in such a way that her knees were spread so far apart that she couldn’t hope to even turn on her side. All she could really do was squirm and flap her hands and feet.


Audrey could feel cool air on the dampness between her thighs and realized that she was completely exposed.


Then Ashlee came back into the room holding something in each hand. She moved so that Audrey could see her and held up the bottle of lubricant and a smooth dildo that looked made of ivory. Ashlee grinned and poured lubricant all over the dildo and then, shedding her shoes, she climbed up on the bed behind Audrey’s bound legs and feet.


Audrey breathed sharply in anticipation and then felt the exquisitely beautiful sensation of a hard, smooth, slippery object being inserted into her and then being slowly pulled in and out. Her body strained every nerve in an attempt to participate, but all it could do was writhe and occasionally jerk spasmodically against the extremely secure bonds. Her hands were clenching and unclenching while her feet pointed down and then up.


For her own part, Ashlee contemplated the neatly bound package she had made of her friend. She reclined on her side using one hand to slowly manipulate the dildo. Her head rested on her other hand and she enjoyed the sight of Audrey’s legs and feet straining against the ropes. Ashlee particularly loved the smoothness of legs and feet beneath white, shiny nylon. Every now and then she would leave the dildo in Audrey and reach up and tickle Audrey’s feet a little. Audrey would cry out, “Moe! Moe!” and her body would arch. But Audrey could barely move the way she was tied. Her hands would flap and her head would shake and that would be all.


As for Audrey, she kept forgetting she was tied up and then would be forced to remember it in no uncertain terms. It felt as if an earthquake was building within her and if only she could move a little more, she could gain what promised to be an exquisite release. But the dildo wasn’t sliding in quite the right place and it was like being mercilessly teased. She drove her head into the mattress and tried to arch her body into the dildo, but it was no use and then when her feet were tickled, it was like an electrical shock. At least the dildo provided a deep, slow, rising pleasure that took her further along her desired path.


Then Audrey felt the dildo withdrawn and she turned to look over her shoulder. She could barely see through a mop of damp hair in her eyes, but it looked as though Ashlee was standing next to the bed again. Ashlee smoothed Audrey’s hair out of her eyes and stood back a bit. She began to shed her clothing where Audrey could see her and then crawled back on the bed beside her where she kneeled. Finally, Audrey could feel Ashlee’s fingers begin to touch her between her legs in a way that provided a much more satisfyingly accurate pressure. Audrey also found that she could arch her body into Ashlee’s hand a bit and began to do so in an awkwardly rhythmic manner. She almost could ignore the fact that Ashlee was still lightly tickling her feet from time to time so powerful was the feeling building between her legs and spreading throughout her body.


And it wasn’t only Audrey’s body that was becoming completely intoxicated. Her mind was drifting somewhere it had never been before. Her body might be inescapably bound into immobility, but her mind and emotions had slipped away into the greatest freedom they had ever known. It was like a dream state or fairyland and impossibly vivid. Her clothing, her sweat, the ropes, the bed, her friend all seemed miles away. One vision followed another in what she recognized was an out-of-body experience.


She saw herself tied to the chair earlier – struggling and losing the shoes off her stocking feet. She saw Ashlee lounging in a chair smiling. She saw herself again in a sunlit room dressed in a nightgown with her hands tied behind her back and a huge, handsome man approaching her. She saw what she must look like now and as she looked at herself, she noticed a booming sound in her ears. Each wave of pleasure was larger and larger, but none of them were breaking – she kept floating higher and higher.


Then quite suddenly and with very little warning Audrey’s body was wracked with spasms. She initially tried to get away from the hand between her legs and was instantly reminded that bound as she was, she could do no such thing. So she ground her body into the hand and was shocked at how her body was jerking and bucking up and down and from side to side. There was no longer any rhythm to her movements at all – it was a wild desperate thrashing. Her ears were full of an inner noise and all was forgotten except that she was near the end of her journey. Her goal was right in front of her and then the wave crested. She had the absurd thought that she would never be able to describe the intense feelings. She heard herself yell at the top of her lungs beneath the gag, “UMMMMMMMMMMMM! AHHHHHH! UH UH UH UH UH UH OHHH!”


And then the spasms became slower and she became lightheaded. She relaxed so the ropes would relax and became as limp as she could and then finally with only a last wriggle or two, she became completely still and waited for what would happen next. She didn’t much care, but she expected to be untied. She found herself giggling and crying a little at the same time, but she kept her eyes closed for a one last glimpse of the dream world she was leaving.


Audrey felt the gag untied and pulled away. She continued to giggle while the ropes were untied and was still so deeply moved by what she had been through that she would cry every now and then. When she was untied, she rolled over and bunched a pillow beneath her head. Ashlee undressed her and they lay there together – Audrey about to fall asleep and Ashlee quivering with excitement.


Before she became unconscious, Audrey heard Ashlee say in her ear, “I’ll bet you a thousand dollars you can’t tie me up and keep me tied up.”


Copyright, Rayron D’Olier, 2006











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