Forced to play the game


By Rayron D’Olier




Holly sat on the bed with her back against the headboard. She looked down at herself for the thousandth time in the last hour and saw the same thing. Her hands were tightly tied together with soft white cotton rope, palm to palm in front of her and another rope attached her hands to yet another rope that bound her legs together above the knees. All the ropes were tightly cinched. Beyond this were her ankles, also tightly tied, cinched together and leading from this rope was another that attached her ankles to the footboard. Above all this there was a large quantity of rope encircling her body just below her breasts and this was cinched between her elbows and the sides of her body. To make matters worse her mouth was parted by what appeared to be a long strip of bed sheet wrapped between her lips and around her head until she could not even hope to touch her lips together. She was drooling a bit, but thank God the strip of bed sheet was thick enough to still be absorbing it although Holly didn’t like the creeping wetness along her cheeks.


She struggled a bit just out of habit, but it was no use at all. She was in no pain and if she relaxed, the ropes felt as light as a feather, but as soon as she tried to move there was maybe, at most, an inch of slack in any direction. She was bound, gagged and helpless and lying on her own bed at home. The door was shut and locked and the curtains were drawn. All the lights were on, but there was no radio, no TV and nothing to do but occasionally try to think of some way to escape. But Holly was really too angry to think.


Yes, Holly was at home now, but she was still dressed for work. She had on a flowing, knee-length, floral-print skirt with a light, solid-color suit jacket under which was a white, silk blouse. Until an hour ago she had had on some very cute little high-heel maryjanes, but she had lost those in the struggle against those jerks, formerly her friends, who had tied her up. As she thought about how she would get back at these villains she looked at her toes wriggling in some very nice suntan pantyhose with reinforced toes. Her pink toenail polish was showing faintly through. She still had her jacket on, but it and her blouse and skirt were somewhat rumpled. Holly could see her face in the vanity mirror if she looked to her left and she didn’t really like what she saw. Her dirty blond hair, cut in a shoulder-length pageboy was gathered around her neck by the gag and some locks of hair had fallen out. Her large green eyes had makeup stains from crying in frustration and anger and this made her appear a little crazy. There was a full-length mirror beyond the foot of the bed and in this she could see the bottoms of her feet and most of her legs. She waved at the mirror with her stocking feet. “I wish I were more easily amused,” She thought glumly. She looked away from the mirror and tried once again to think about how to escape.


They had ambushed her soon after she walked in the door. There was one girl, Erin, who was her roommate and two other girlfriends Maggie and Lisa. They had all roomed together in college and were still the best friends in the world. They were all in their early thirties and the two that didn’t live in the house were married. They told each other everything… until now, that is. They certainly didn’t tell Holly they were going to ambush her in her own house when she came home from work. God, that seemed like a lot more than an hour ago. Being tied up can be rather boring, Holly decided.


Holly knew something was up when she pulled into the driveway and saw that Maggie and Lisa’s cars were parked on the street. Holly went to the door and opened it expecting to see everybody, but the house was quiet. She went through the living room and back to the kitchen. Nobody there either. As she went back through the living room and past the hallway she felt many, many hands grab her and lift her off the ground. She was shocked to see Maggie pick up her legs and hold them together. Holly started thrashing and laughing at what she though was a short-lived little joke that would now end, but she began to laugh a little less when she found herself carried to the big eight-foot-long couch on the other side of the living room. There she was dumped on her back and her roommate Erin sat almost directly on top of her breasts, pinning her arms to her side. Erin held her shoulders down and laughed at her and Holly could feel something happening out of sight behind Erin. Maggie and Lisa were very busy down there and it felt like they were wrapping ropes around her wrists and ankles. Holly began bucking furiously and yelling the usual things like, “stop this right now,” and “this is NOT funny guys,” and then finally, “come on guys, please don’t tie me up.” It was no use. They were determined, they had planned ahead and they outnumbered her.


As Maggie quickly finished tying Holly’s wrists and began working on the ropes binding her knees together and then attaching her already bound hands to that rope, Erin said, “Shut up and minute and listen.” Holly listened but she was already very angry that they thought this was so funny. They were giggling like maniacs.


Erin continued. “Now Holly, I know you’re not thrilled about this right now, but we’ve got a real surprise lined up for you later tonight and you’ll just have to play along whether you like it or not. We’re going to keep you prisoner for a few hours so you can either make it easy or hard. Now I’m going to let you sit up, but you have to promise to behave and do as we tell you. We have this all planned and we know how to make you cooperate.”


Erin got off of Holly’s shoulders. Holly tried to sit up, but Erin had to help her. Then Maggie said, “Now Holly don’t get mad but we’re not quite finished yet.” Maggie took what looked like fifty feet of rope and began winding it around Holly’s upper body and cinched it between her elbows and tied it off behind her back. The three girls then stood back and surveyed their handiwork. Holly was glaring at them as she tentatively pulled against her bindings. Lisa whispered something to Maggie who then giggled and left the room. Holly started whining that this wasn’t fair and that it was mean and that they were all acting like stupid, crazy people etc., etc., etc, until Maggie came back in the room with a strip of bed sheet about four inches wide and four feet long. She approached Holly and said, “open wide honey.” At this point Holly stopped talking and pursed her lips shut. She shook her head violently and glared at Maggie. Maggie just smiled and said, “all right Holly, you have a choice. You will either open your mouth and be gagged or we will tickle your feet until you agree. Which is it?”


Holly tried to stand and lunge at Maggie but she was easy to deal with all tied up like she was. They pushed her back on the couch and Holly turned her head away with her lips still tightly pursed. “Get the footstool,” said Maggie. They slid a round ottoman across the floor and Maggie wrapped rope around it like a parcel that was ready to be mailed and knotted it at the top. They grabbed Holly’s legs and two of them placed her feet on the footstool while Maggie tied a short rope around Holly’s footropes and the rope that was around the stool. Now Holly’s legs were straight out in front of her, tied tightly to the ottoman.


Maggie smiled and said gently, “my husband and I play these tie-up games all the time and I am an expert. There is no way you can escape and there is always a way to make you cooperate. Now we will show you we mean business. Holly saw Maggie nod to Erin and Erin came forward and slipped off Holly’s shoes. Her stocking feet were now completely vulnerable and Holly braced herself for what was coming next. It was worse than she could have imagined. Lisa began lightly brushing her fingernails against the soles of Holly’s feet and Holly thought she would explode. She struggled madly, but it was impossible to move any part of her body, much less move her feet out of the way of those relentless fingernails. Holly began crying in anger and when she opened her mouth to yell Maggie slipped in the gag. She wound it around Holly’s head and between her lips until there was nothing left to wind and then knotted it behind her head.


“That was fun, “ said Lisa.


“A riot,” said Erin.


“Uh umph uh it oo aphurv,” said Holly.


Maggie looked at Holly, who was now a bit disheveled and said, “From now on you will cooperate or you’ll get more of the same. If we catch you trying to escape, we will tickle your feet for fifteen minutes no matter how hard you beg us to stop. That will be your punishment. You must take it on faith that you will enjoy what is about to happen later, but we’re not going to tell you what’s going on yet. We’re going to stash you in your bedroom for a bit while we finish our plans. There will be bathroom and water breaks, but if you resist being tied up again we will tie you up anyway and tickle your feet.”


They untied Holly’s feet from the stool, picked her up and carried her to the bed where they sat her with her back against the headboard. Maggie took a length of rope and tied it from Holly’s ankle ropes to something in the vicinity of the bottom of the footboard. Erin said, “we’re going to leave you here a while, and if you try really hard, you might just figure out what this is all about. Maggie’s already dropped a little hint, but I imagine you’ll just have to ponder on it. At any rate, I advise you to try and do something constructive with your time. Bye bye.”


Lisa gave Holly’s feet one last little tickle and they all giggled as they left the room. Holly heard the door click and somebody locked it from the outside. Then Lisa came back in; “here are your shoes in case you want to put them back on, but I think you’ll be more comfortable in your stocking feet, otherwise I’d put them on for you. On second thought, I don’t think you’ll be able to put them on yourself, but just in case I’ll just put them here on the floor. Ha ha ha. It’s fun being a villain!” She left again and the door locked behind her.


Holly thought at first that there must be a way to escape. She thought that because her hands were tied in front of her that she could somehow reach a knot somewhere, but the rope tying her hands together was knotted under her wrists where she couldn’t see it or reach it. The knot on the rope holding her knees together was likewise knotted underneath and so evidently was the rope attaching her wrists to her knees. All of her struggling to reach a knot looked like so much aimless finger waving and hand-flapping. She tried to bend over to pull at the ropes with her teeth, but with her upper body firmly wrapped and cinched, she was prevented from achieving that goal and in any case, her teeth were kept apart by the thick gag. She couldn’t move or bite or even kick very much. The most she could do was sit there and every now and then she would gently writhe. Holly actually caught herself admiring her shapely, pantyhose-clad legs a couple of times as she worked them back and forth against the ropes and she had to admit she had cute little feet as they wriggled around in her stockings, but she soon grew bored with that. “What could they have meant by suggesting that I could figure out what this is all about?” Holly wondered. How could she “figure out” anything while bound hand and foot and gagged to almost total silence? Was being tied up a hint? What was Maggie’s hint that Erin referred to? Why must she be tied up to be surprised? What does it mean to be tied up?


It entered Holly’s mind that, although tied up she certainly was, more to the point, she had been captured by her friends. Being captured and held prisoner was directly linked with being tied up in her mind. All her life she had seen movies and TV shows where people, most often the women, were snatched, tied up and held for ransom or some other nefarious purpose. What purpose could her so-called friends have for nabbing her and why wouldn’t they tell her this purpose? The phrase “damsel in distress” entered her mind. Damsels were tied up, but then they were rescued. Perhaps the rescue was the punch line of this very bad joke. Who would be the rescuer? What fun would it be to be rescued by the very people who trussed her up to begin with? Why would she need to be tied and held prisoner just to be rescued? She didn’t need rescuing an hour ago. She looked at the clock on the bedside table, now it was an hour and a half since her forced state of inactivity began. Holly sighed and decided she might be close to figuring all this out, but like a word on the tip of her tongue, the answer eluded her.


At this moment Holly heard the door lock click open and all three of her friends marched into the room and stood at the foot of the bed. They had all put on nightgowns and looked like they were preparing to have a sleepover party. Maggie as usual was the spokesman. “Now Holly, we are going to untie you, let you go to the bathroom, have something to drink and let you watch TV with us for about 30 minutes. If you so much as make a move that we haven’t told you to make you will be tied tighter than ever and your feet will be tickled for 15 minutes. Nod your head if you agree to cooperate fully.” Holly nodded her head and tried to hide her extreme irritation. Her friends untied her and helped her off the bed. “Now to the bathroom. You have 10 minutes and Lisa will be waiting under the window outside in case you get any bright ideas about escape. Don’t try to lock the bathroom door either; we’ve unscrewed the knob.” Maggie held the knob out so Holly could see it. Holly didn’t say a word, but walked past them with a snooty look on her face and as much dignity as she could muster, but it must be noted that her stride betrayed a little stiffness from being in one position for so long.


Holly went in the bathroom and closed the door. She heard Lisa take her position outside.

Among other things Holly straightened her hair and started wiping off her makeup, but soon the door opened and Erin said, “Bathroom time is over. Come out and see what we’ve planned for you next.” Holly walked out and Erin and Maggie grabbed her by the elbows and steered her toward the living room.


“Stick out your hands,” Maggie said.


Holly blurted out, “but you said I was getting a break!”


Erin said, “That doesn’t sound like cooperation to me, now does it.” So Holly stuck her hands out. Maggie produced a set of handcuffs from behind her back and clapped them on Holly’s wrists. They guided her back to the couch where all this had begun and Maggie put another set of cuffs on Holly’s ankles. “There,” said Erin, “now we can watch TV together for a while without having to keep our guard up. What would you like to drink?” Holly asked for a large bottle of water and everybody sat down around her and they watched some stupid show on TV.


At one point Maggie said, “Holly, you’re not saying anything. Have you still not gotten a clue as to what this is all about?”


Holly said, “I’m never speaking to any of you again. You can’t keep me tied up forever and when you let me go, I’m moving out and our friendship is over.” Holly looked back at the TV with a little pout on her face. Her friends seemed to find her statement infuriatingly funny. Holly saw Lisa give Maggie a look and Maggie just shrugged her shoulders.


They continued to sit like this for the rest of the half hour and then Maggie announced, “Now it’s time for us to tie Holly up again. Since she won’t talk to us, we’ll just talk about her in front of her when we are not giving her orders. Holly, get up and walk to the bedroom.” Holly looked at the cuffs on her ankles and then back up at Maggie. Maggie said, “you can walk with those on, it’ll just be a little slower than usual.” Holly stood up and with tiny steps walked into the bedroom into which she was followed by these insane people that resembled her former friends.


They tied Holly on the bed exactly as she had been before, but when they tried to put the gag back in Holly yelled, “you are not putting that spit-soaked thing back in my mouth! That is just too much!”


Lisa giggled and said, “I think it’s tickle time.”


Holly said, “no wait, wait, I’m sorry, go ahead I would love to have that gross thing shoved in my mouth and wrapped around my head again. Please do it now! I can’t wait!”


Maggie looked a little stern as she re-gagged Holly and then Lisa said, “I think that sarcastic outburst deserves at least five minutes of tickling. After all, she’s been fairly hostile despite our kindness to her.”


Erin said, “I agree.”


Holly pulled her feet up so that her soles were flat on the bed and tried to make herself as rigid as possible so they couldn’t pull her legs out straight, but Maggie and Erin grabbed the rope that attached Holly’s feet to the footboard and pulled it so that Holly slid down the bed and her feet hung over the end. Maggie cinched the rope so it held Holly’s ankles tight to the footboard. Holly saw to her horror Lisa approaching her feet and then begin stroking them with her sharp little nails. It was agony. Holly struggled and thrashed for what seemed like an eternity until finally they stopped. Maggie put the slack back in the rope attaching Holly’s feet to the headboard and they walked out laughing, locking the door behind them.


Holly found herself face down after this devastating session. She was breathing hard and had to wipe a little snot off her nose on the bedspread. She was not comfortable this way. Her arms and hands were under her and her weight was putting them to sleep. Since she had been pulled all the way to the foot of the bed there was now quite a bit of slack in the rope that attached her to it. She decided to try something different. She bent at the waist and pulled her knees toward her head until she was balanced only on her knees and the top of her head. Then she shifted her weight backwards until she pivoted back so that she was sitting straight up with her legs tucked under her and her feet peeking out just behind her butt. She shook some hair out of her eyes and looked for possibilities in this new position. There was a pair of nail clippers on the bedside table! Why hadn’t she seen them before? Holly tried to knee-walk toward them, but she could only get about halfway there before she ran out of slack in the rope leashing her feet to the footboard. “Damn, damn, damn.”


Then she had an idea. She dropped to the bed so she was lying on her side. Since they had attached her to the bed with enough room to sit up against the headboard, she could wriggle around until her head was directly over the bedside table. She was at the limit of all the slack of all the ropes now and they felt really tight. She had almost no range of movement, but her head was now poised two inches from the nail clippers. Holly shoved them with her nose until they were near the edge of the table nearest the bed and began to try and pick them up with her mouth. She couldn’t touch her lips together, but maybe she could push down hard on the clippers with the gag and gain some kind of purchase. It was worth a try. They wouldn’t come back for her for at least an hour. She could hear them out there talking to somebody on the phone and laughing like loons. Holly lined her mouth up with the clippers, pushed down hard and then closed her jaw against the gag as hard as she could. When she lifted her head, the clippers were in her mouth, or rather in a fold her bite had made in the gag. She slowly and with infinite care rolled over on her back, lifted her head and let the clippers fall on her breastbone. Then she rolled over until they fell on the bed. She was able to grab the bedspread with her fingers and pull the clippers to her hands. She had to stop for a second before she grabbed them because her hands were shaking. How long had it been since they had left her? She looked at the clock and saw it had been almost 30 minutes. “Time flies when you’re busy,” Holly thought. She carefully grabbed the clippers and positioned them to begin the laborious process of cutting through one of the ropes binding her wrists together. She was lying on her side facing the door and was trying to hear what her friends were doing as she attempted to cut through the rope with her inadequate tool. She knew she could get it done eventually, but would it be in time?


The rope was barely frayed when she noticed that the house was totally silent. No more laughing, no more phone calls, no more TV. Holly decided that if they came in she should throw the clippers on the floor on the other side of the bed from the door, so she turned over on her other side and began working on the rope again. “Being tied up and trying to escape is damn hard work,” she thought as she awkwardly worked the clippers and kept tossing her hair out of her eyes. She also found herself a little sweaty and the gag was no longer absorbing her drool so that too was running down her chin a little. Suddenly things began moving very fast. She barely had time to throw the clippers on the floor and turn on her back when she heard the door lock click. The door opened and her innocent-looking gang of kidnappers once again walked in smiling.


“God, Holly, you look like you’ve been struggling and sweating the whole time since we left you here. You’re a mess. But that’s OK because now the next phase of the plan begins.” Holly lay there exhausted. She had been a prisoner for about three hours. It must be about 9 p.m. now and they were still planning to put her through more of this madness. Maggie said, “If you had just accepted the inevitable and relaxed you wouldn’t be in such a state right now, but we are going to move on. I’ll tell you about it while you’re still lounging around in bed so I won’t be interrupted. You are going to have a date tonight so you’ll need to get ready. (Holly barely lifted an eyebrow) We’ve picked an outfit for you. Here is what we think will be most fetching for a damsel.”


Lisa came forward with an outfit that suited Holly very well indeed. She held up a black dress speckled with tiny red and white flowers. The bosom was low cut, the waist was tightly fitted and from there the skirt flowed out to almost full at the bottom, which ended about mid-calf. The sleeves were very short and showed most of the shoulder. Lisa pressed the dress to her front and pirouetted around and then laid it on the bed next to Holly. “Next we have a double strand of pearls, white, slightly shiny pantyhose and these very cute low-vamp flat pumps with little bows over the toes.” Lisa was positively gushing.


Erin chimed in next; “When we untie you, you will enter the bathroom and make yourself as clean and beautiful as possible. Don’t worry too much about your hair because that will get messed up again, but otherwise do everything you would do to prepare for the most important date in the world. You will find your finest silk underwear already waiting for you, hung on the bathroom door. When you are done, you will emerge from the bathroom, we will dress you and then we will tie you to a chair in the bedroom and gag you, with a fresh gag, and there you will sit, looking beautiful, and wait for the big surprise. You might have to wait as much as an hour, but probably not. Now are we going to have any trouble with you about this? Are you going to force us to punish you again, because beautiful dress or not, we will do what we have to do and you can just look like a mess again instead of looking like the most gorgeous damsel in distress ever. Please indicate if you are going to help us do this the easy way.” 


Holly nodded her head. Perhaps the end of her ordeal was near, but in any case she felt as limp as a wet dishrag. She thought, “Being all tied up and trying to escape might be hard work, but at least I’m not as bored as I was.” And she found to her surprise that being reconciled to her captivity caused her to become a little relaxed and all the anger had gone out of her. These were still her friends and they would explain everything in good time. They would all laugh about this years from now. Perhaps this could be fun. Holly had mixed feelings, but they were tending toward the positive now.


They untied Holly and helped her undress and escorted her to the bathroom where she was once again informed that Lisa was outside the window smoking and would stay there to make sure Holly didn’t get any bright ideas such as going through the window with nothing on but her best silk underwear. They also warned her to be quick about it. Holly said OK and went in the bathroom where she had a nice hot shower, did her makeup and everything else that would be appropriate for this alleged “date” her friends had planned for her. She also put her hair up in a loose bun on top of her head in anticipation of the inevitable “fresh gag” Maggie had promised. When she stepped out of the bathroom in her long, silk slip she looked fantastic. Maggie handed her the pantyhose and Holly put them on. Lisa helped her into the dress, which she then buttoned up in the back. Erin fastened the string of pearls around her neck and then held each little shoe as Holly slipped on one and then the other. They all stood back as Holly surveyed herself in the full-length bedroom mirror. Satisfaction was felt by one and all. Holly was feeling curiously sexy, and she suddenly thought of her boyfriend, Charlie. “That’s it!” Holly thought, “That’s it! He is involved somehow. Charlie is in on this, I just know it! That’s what they wanted me to try and figure out.” With this thought it all made sense. It was the “damsel in distress” scenario with rescue and mad lovemaking at the end. That’s why it’s in the movies and TV! Holly felt her legs grow a little weak as she began to get the first imaginings of what might happen in the very near future.


Maggie came up next to her as she was still looking in the mirror, “don’t get too infatuated with your lovely image, we still have work to do.” Maggie dangled a bit of rope in front of Holly’s face.


Holly smiled and looked at Maggie and said sweetly, “Must you tie me up again? I won’t try to escape.”


Maggie said, “Now you’re getting the idea and yes we must tie you again. We have to leave you alone for a bit and there will be no escape for you my pretty ha, ha, ha.”


Maggie produced one of the kitchen chairs. It was a small low-backed wooden thing and she placed it on the floor at the foot of the bed and invited Holly to sit down. Holly smoothed her skirt under her as she took a seat. Erin and Lisa each grabbed an arm and pulled them behind the chair’s backrest where Maggie crossed her wrists and tied them securely together. Then Maggie wrapped turn after turn of rope around Holly’s body underneath her breasts. This rope also encircled Holly’s arms that were behind the backrest. Maggie then wrapped a cinch around the ropes between Holly’s arms and behind the chair, just above the elbow, and Holly felt her pull it tight and knot it somewhere in the middle of the backrest. Erin and Lisa then grabbed Holly’s legs and lifted them so they were straight out in front of her and Maggie pulled her skirt back until her thighs were revealed. Then she wrapped several turns of rope around Holly’s legs just above the knees and tied a cinch between her legs, knotting it on top. Holly took note of her quick, expert technique and thought, “I wonder if Charlie knows how to do that?” Then as Erin and Lisa still held Holly’s legs Maggie moved to Holly’s ankles and began tying them.


Holly’s new attitude about this kidnapping business and her suspicion that Charlie was waiting in the wings somewhere had begun to heighten her physical senses and she found that the rope wrapping around her ankles while she was helpless to do anything about it made her ticklish and she giggled and involuntarily began to try and pull her feet away, losing a shoe in the process. Her friends just laughed, held her legs more firmly and Maggie knotted the ankle ropes very tightly indeed. They put her feet back on the floor and Lisa smoothed Holly’s dress back over her knees. Then Maggie knelt down at Holly’s feet and attached Holly’s ankle ropes to one of the rungs of the chair with a short rope that had about four inches of slack. Before she got up, Maggie grabbed the lost shoe and slipped it back on Holly’s foot. “Now for a nice clean gag, and it even matches your dress.” Maggie held up a long black scarf and tied a thick knot right in the middle of it. “I like what you did with your hair, Holly. Having it up like that will look very nice. I believe I might say that it will accentuate the effect of your being a helpless damsel. Now open wide.” Holly opened wide and Maggie inserted the knot between Holly’s red lips. Then Maggie wrapped several turns of the scarf between Holly’s lips and teeth and knotted it firmly at the back of her neck.


Holly saw her three friends dressed in their absurdly sexy little nightgowns stand back and admire the sight. Lisa said, “I wish I was in your place and you’ll see why in a little under an hour you lucky thing.” Erin pushed back her long black hair and just looked a little wistful.”


Holly said, “Uh eh-uh if iv if eh-uh ee oob.”


“Don’t worry,” Maggie said, “you’re ready now and it will be great! We’re going into the back bedroom so you just sit here looking beautiful, thinking beautiful thoughts and the surprise will come to you.”


Lisa turned the full-length mirror so Holly could see herself and with smiles and little waves, they were gone. Holly noticed that they didn’t lock the door this time, they just pulled it closed. She also noticed that she was positioned in the room so that anyone opening the door would be confronted with her against the far wall, tightly bound and gagged to a little kitchen chair. Holly tested her bonds and found them more restrictive than those that had bound her to the bed earlier in the night. Tied to the chair, there was little movement possible at all; every part of her body was attached to something. She could move a couple of inches from side to side and a little less bending forward. The ropes that encircled her body, the chair and her arms kept her arms firmly behind her back. When she looked down behind her and tried to see one of her hands, she was barely able to see a couple of fingertips. But again she was in no pain. If she sat very still, the ropes just felt like clothing that was a little too snug, but any attempt at movement was quite simply impossible. Her legs and feet were similarly restricted. She looked at herself in the mirror. The skirt of the dress was very full, but ended in time to show most of her lower legs; only her knees were partially obscured. The rope around her body was lifting her bosom and had tightened the dress around it so that her breasts seemed quite prominent. Still looking in the mirror, she began to struggle like a real damsel in distress. She strained against the ropes and shook her head a little. She pulled against her ankle ropes with first one leg, then the other and then pointing her toes and kicking out with both legs together the very few inches she was able. She had to say that struggling against the ropes made her leg muscles show very nicely through her white, shiny pantyhose. In the course of this activity a lock of hair came loose from the bun and threatened to obscure the vision of one eye and one of her shoes came off again. Holly began to feel excited at the prospect of rescue by Charlie. She began to play around with how she might look most fetching when he came through the door. Should she laugh or should she play the distressed damsel pleading for rescue and mmmphing through the gag? Should she struggle until she was damp with sweat or wait quietly and remain unruffled? Shoes off or shoes on?


She didn’t have a lot of control over much of this but there were some things she could do. She played around for a while with slipping her feet in and out of her shoes and checking the mirror enabled her to do this. She couldn’t see her feet because they were attached to the chair, but with the mirror she could manage. She pointed her toes and the little, bowed flats slipped off her heels and she pushed them each to one side, careful not to push them too far away. She practiced various leg and foot positions to see what might appear to be most fetching at the moment of rescue, not that the ropes allowed a great deal of variation. She slipped her shoes on again with some difficulty and found that she couldn’t decide about that issue. Her mind was not working right anyway. Emotion was taking over. The more she moved against the ropes that bound her, the greater the tingling between the tops of her legs. She closed her eyes and imagined Charlie and started gently sliding her legs together the inch or two the ropes allowed. She tried shifting her weight from one side of her butt to the other and that made her even more excited. Holly opened her eyes and looked at her feet in the mirror. “One shoe on and one shoe off,” she decided. She worked her heel out of her right shoe and kicked it a few inches away. “And to hell with staying still. I couldn’t if I tried.”


Minute after minute Holly was ceaselessly moving, careful not to chaff against the ropes, but desperate to scratch the itch between her legs. She tried to appease the growing power of this itch that was surging through her body, but the more she wriggled the greater it grew. She almost sobbed in frustration; “My God, if I could just touch myself I would go through the roof in two seconds!” Her eyes were closed and every move was brought up short by what now seemed some very cruel, tight ropes indeed. The chair creaked as she kept writhing. When would Charlie come? “When he does he damn well better finish me off with no preliminaries at all.” She opened her eyes and looked in the mirror. She was moving slower now in an attempt to quiet the torment, but she was somehow surprised to see very little change in her appearance. Surely so much struggling and so much surging emotion should result in some sort of dramatic difference in the way she looked. But there she sat, still tightly tied to the chair. The only difference was that the other shoe had been kicked off and Holly found it odd that she hadn’t noticed. For some irrational reason she decided it was very important to get that one shoe back on, but it was just out of reach of her toes. While she was straining against the ropes that bound her ankles together and to the chair rung in order to reach the shoe, the door opened and there was Charlie. Omigod, she wasn’t prepared.


Charlie came in, closed the door and sat on the bed about halfway between the door and where Holly was tied to the chair. She began trying to tell him through the gag that she needed to have an orgasm now and with no bullshit. Of course this stream of incoherent gibberish just made Charlie laugh and he said, “You be quiet for a second. I know you don’t know what this is all about, but after your friends snatched you, they called me on the phone and made me pay $100 dollars before they agreed to tell me where you were and then they put the house key under the mat. So I’ve paid good money for you and I want to enjoy this. I like you this way, I think.” Charlie stood up, smiled an excited and quite winning smile, and looked at his damsel. “So I suppose you expect me to rescue you now.”


Holly looked at him for a second and then slowly shook her head “no” and said, “uh uh.”


“No? Well then what should we do with you?” Charlie walked back behind Holly’s chair and put his mouth up to her ear. “Lets try something and see if you like it.” Holly saw Charlie’s right hand reach from behind her and pull her skirt all the way up past the top of her thighs. She saw that her pantyhose were already soaked. Holly closed her eyes and waited for what she had wanted for the longest time. She felt Charlie’s hand begin stroking her vagina with two fingers. It was sliding up and down gently, but relentlessly. He was whispering something in her ear, but she was too far gone in her mind to hear it.


Holly was helpless and in the hands of another, and those hands were doing what her own bound hands couldn’t do. The feeling within her was indescribable, just as all impossibly intoxicating and powerful feelings are. It was impossible to tell where this power was centered; it seemed everywhere. The feeling made her feel like her mind was in heaven and her body’s only function was to make her happy. The ropes and the gag weren’t even noticeable now. The thought that she was tied up would have never entered her mind at this moment, but it was her very helplessness that allowed her to relinquish all control and just let go. And she finally let go. She heard herself moaning through several turns of silk scarf and the she strained against the ropes as she tried to bring her body even closer to Charlie’s blessed fingers, but Charlie was keeping it slow and gentle. Holly almost convulsed; her fingers clawed the air behind her back, her leg muscles bulged against the ropes in her shiny white pantyhose, her feet scrabbled on the floor and tried to push her legs against Charlie’s fingers, but then suddenly her head jerked back, her toes pointed and braced themselves against the floor, her body went still and rigid and she exploded within. It seemed to go on forever. Her body involuntarily began bucking against her bonds and her legs closed in a vise-like grip around Charlie’s fingers. A bright light appeared behind her closed eyes and then she had a gentle falling sensation and feeling of floating.


She was still floating when she regained consciousness. She found Charlie just finishing untying her ankles. The rest of her was free, but for once that night she wanted to be as still as if she were tied up. Charlie undressed her and put her to bed where he soon joined her. They fell asleep to the distant sound of three giggling women in nightgowns, all plotting to take their own turns as damsels in distress so they could be rescued in the very near future.


Copyright, Rayron D’Olier, 2005          





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