Honey, I’m Home!


By Rayron D’Olier


Anne was driving home from the office. She referred to her workplace as “the office,” but it was more accurately an automobile dealership where she was the head fleet buyer. This Friday, for so it was, had been a day like many others before and was the end of a more or less typical week.


Anne was an extremely cute woman of 34 years of age. Everyone thought she was cute and adorable. At one time in her life, Anne would most definitely have preferred to be thought of as beautiful and elegant, but she had long ago learned that an extreme degree of cuteness was considered devastatingly sexy by some very desirable men. Being cute also gave her an almost unfair advantage in her career as a saleswoman because she was constantly being underestimated. Very few people could imagine that such a profoundly darling little woman could have such a penetrating mind and iron will. Being cute had proved to be a very desirable asset indeed and Anne appreciated the power of it. Her looks also softened her otherwise alarming tendency to be somewhat hyperactive; always busy and moving fast.


Anne was a small woman. She was no more than an inch taller than 5 feet and her compact body was curvy, with a generous bosom and bottom. She was not exactly petite, but she was in excellent physical condition and all her curves were in perfect proportion to her height with a narrow little waist and short, but well defined, arms and legs. Her feet and hands were quite tiny of course and Anne was a very big fan of high heels. She didn’t like them extremely high because she felt this made her gait too awkward when she was clicking rapidly through her day, but two or two-and-a-half inches at her heels were a fine thing in Anne’s opinion. On the other hand, there were days when she decided that cute little flats were the perfect complement to a cute little person. They looked so sexy on her small, high-arched feet.


Anne’s face continued the theme. People were always saying she had the face of a doll or an angel. Her face was an almost perfect vertical oval, punctuated by absurdly large blue eyes, a perfect nose and a rosebud for a mouth. Her cheekbones were slightly high and when she smiled a curious and heartbreaking double dimple appeared in each cheek.


Anne’s lovely face was framed by a thick, full halo of shiny auburn waves that she usually parted on the side and held in place on the long side with a tortoiseshell barrette. This startlingly attractive head of hair ended rather abruptly just below her jaw line and tapered down a little from the back of her neck to her chin where it flipped up and out in several different directions. Anne’s tastes ran to red lipstick and red fingernail polish, but she didn’t grow her nails out long.


Today Anne was dressed in a light khaki suit coat over what could be described as a young girl’s party dress. The dress was a very dark blue and was sprinkled with tiny white, yellow and green flowers. It had a low-cut bosom and sleeves that just barely covered her shoulders. The dress fitted her upper body like a bodice and had buttons down the front from her bosom to her waist where it gradually filled out into a full skirt that ended just above mid-calf. She had on natural-color pantyhose that had a slight sheen and reinforced toes. Her shoes were two-inch, black leather heels that were cut low around the feet and toes and had a single crisscross of thin leather cords or laces that were tied in a decorative bow low on her instep. As Anne drove, her shoes were off and her stocking feet gripped the clutch, brake and accelerator pedals with her toes. She was driving her large old pickup truck today while her much more sporty and luxurious automobile was having its convertible top replaced.


Anne had on her round prescription sunglasses and was smoking a cigarette while she hurried home.


On the surface, today was just another Friday, but Anne felt a much more intense and eager desire to get home than usual because today had to be the day. Almost a week ago on Saturday, she had given her husband, Wayne, “the signal.”


The signal indicated to Wayne that sometime within the next seven days, Anne would like very much to be taken captive, tied up and toyed with for several hours until she, first, needed an orgasm so bad that she would beg for it, and secondly, that she would get that orgasm – an orgasm so long deferred and so excruciatingly orchestrated that it would sometimes make her literally faint. The signal was given with no words and no discussion would follow. As befitted Anne’s dynamic and somewhat aggressive personality, the signal she came up with was to plunge a knife into a cutting board in full view of Wayne. She felt that this somewhat threatening and out-of-control act was a perfect sign that somebody was in need of restraint.


During the seven days after the signal, Anne would never know when she would be snatched, bound, gagged and teased into a state of sexual delirium. She would also not precisely know how long the session would last nor what sort of role Wayne would assume as her captor. Anne would be free to assume any role she wanted, but as the necessarily passive and frequently gagged partner in this game, her role was primarily to be the object of much attention or, alternatively some benign neglect. Although their game was loosely scripted, Anne and Wayne knew and trusted each other and Wayne had a very accurate feel for the length and style of game that Anne would most enjoy. As for Wayne he was always profoundly moved by the experience and quite creative in constructing an exciting scenario.


There were only a few standing rules. One was that Anne was really a captive. Once Wayne tied her up, she had no right to expect to be untied unless it suited him. If she needed to go to the bathroom, she had to negotiate. Perhaps she would promise to give him a blowjob every day for a week or perhaps she just had to pay him $100. It was up to her to think of something that was attractive enough to convince him. Much of the time Wayne would untie her without having her beg or negotiate because he liked tying her up again, but he kept his responses unpredictable. A corollary to this rule was that mild discomfort or boredom were also not reasons for being untied. They were part of the experience of being held as a bound captive. Serious problems that demanded release were signaled by a code word or sign that she had never yet used.


Another rule was that Anne was obligated to escape if she could. As a real captive she owed it to Wayne to allow him the fun of being a real captor. The definition of escape was that Anne be able to make her way out of the house either to a tree in the center of the backyard or to the car in the garage. She could do this tied or untied and it counted as escape. An alternate method involved Anne getting to a phone and calling Wayne’s cell phone. An escape attempt meant that the game could take a different path.


If Anne were caught making an unsuccessful attempt, she would be tied securely to a kitchen chair, her feet would be tied to a large, heavy ottoman and she would be tickled on the soles of her feet for fifteen minutes. Wayne loved to do this, but Anne preferred that it not happen. On the positive side, she found that being tickled accentuated her feeling of helplessness and exponentially increased her sexual urgency – after it was over. While actually being tickled, however, Anne just simply couldn’t bear it. Being bound hand and foot made her whole body infinitely more sensitive to physical input and her already ticklish feet became a veritable sexual hot spot. The tickling was almost a win-win for both of them, but the game was exciting enough for Anne without going through the agony of a fifteen-minute tickling. But the prospect of being “punished” made escape attempts exciting for her and she would rarely resist taking an advantage of an opportunity. Occasionally she succeeded.


When Anne succeeded in escaping, she would not be untied, nor would the length of her captivity be curtailed. It was as if she had been captured again, but Wayne would have his punishment. Since he was the active partner and should be able to keep Anne from escaping, with all of his advantages, Anne had argued that he should have to pay dearly for letting her escape. She had proposed and Wayne had surprisingly agreed that for seven days after a successful escape, Wayne would not be allowed to have an orgasm in any way, shape or form. If Anne wanted one, he had to give it to her orally or manually, but he was not allowed to have one with her, nor was he allowed to give himself one. This made preventing Anne from escaping extremely important to Wayne and the benefit to Anne was that the game was given that much more realism.


Apart from this their game was defined by their knowledge and trust of one another and they knew what would and wouldn’t work for each other. Wayne knew that he must not be too rough or mean and Anne knew that she must not be too passive or weepy. She was expected to struggle while being grabbed and bound, but only to a point – once she was overpowered she was expected to calm down and let herself be tied. For Anne it was great fun to struggle and beg and for Wayne it was fun to be the determined, but gentlemanly captor, but it wasn’t fun to force things to the point that he either had to let her go or hurt her. They had experimented with trying to see if Wayne could tie her up in spite of a really determined struggle and he was able to, but it made the ropework sloppy and they agreed that they had come close to actual fighting while engaging in this exciting, but emotionally dangerous activity. But Wayne was a strong fellow and it was clear that he could control her physically. When he tied her up, it was no illusion.


Other than these general guidelines, Wayne was free to do with her as he would. Anne like to be tied up fully clothed because it was quite thrilling to have Wayne pawing beneath her clothes or removing some articles of clothing while she was helpless to prevent him, but once the game started, he could strip her naked if he wanted to and could tie her in any position he liked that didn’t actually cause pain. He had a very good understanding of positions and how long they could be enjoyed and his tying technique was precise and comfortable.


As Anne left the freeway she found herself contemplating these things and in the last miles to their home her gleeful anticipation grew apace. Parallel with anticipation was a stirring between her legs as she felt in her mind and body that first rope winding around her wrists and the electrical charge she always felt when the first knot was tied and at that second she ceased to be free and became a damsel with her hands tightly tied behind her back. That first, transitional second changed everything.


All the previous week, Anne had expected every day to bring that moment as she walked in the door. One of the little rules was that during the week after the signal, neither of them would mention what was going to happen that week. Accordingly she had no idea what Wayne had planned for her. Every day she had come home and the second she came in the door all her nerve endings would brace for the feeling of strong arms grabbing her and carrying her away to be helplessly bound. It could happen at any time. In the past, it had happened as she came in the door. It had happened as she was having a drink or undressing for bed or even having a shower. She had been tied up all sweaty after a run. She had been snatched out of the shower and tied up sopping wet. Once they were going out to dinner at a formal awards ceremony and Wayne had waited until they were both completely dressed up before he suddenly tied her to a kitchen chair, gagged her and called to make his excuses with some friends of theirs saying, “Anne doesn’t feel quite herself tonight and I’m going to stay in with her and see that she’s taken care of.”


Perhaps Wayne’s most bizarre little scenario occurred one night when she came home from work and he had ambushed her right at the door. He had tied and gagged her very securely and stashed her in their bedroom, which was right over the living room. Then he left her, locking the door behind him. She had been left on the floor with a rope leashing her ankles to the bedpost and a pillow under her head. It wasn’t unusual for Wayne to bind her and then leave her alone for a while to bounce around in her own mind, but this time there was an extra twist to the plot. After about fifteen minutes of struggling on the bedroom floor, Anne, to her horror, heard the doorbell ring. She put her ear to the floor and listened and was even more horrified to hear that Wayne had made an appointment for someone from work to drop by, have a drink and look over some papers. This proved a very exciting spur to her imagination and she was amazed at how exquisitely helpless she felt being bound and gagged not ten feet above a total stranger.


“Yes,” Anne thought, “Wayne is a truly heroic playmate. Ha ha.”


As Anne turned onto their street, she shivered when she saw their 100-year-old Victorian at the end of the block. She glanced down at her stocking feet and legs and had a vivid image of how very soon they would be unable to work the pedals on the truck and how very nice the tight ropes would look around her ankles.


Anne pulled into their driveway and noticed with some concern that Wayne’s car wasn’t in the driveway. He usually came home an hour earlier than her. She pushed the automatic garage door opener and saw that his car was there. She closed the garage door and left the truck in the driveway. She slipped her feet into her shoes and gathered her purse and made her way into the house. Her anticipation became acute as she entered a very quiet house. To her surprise there were no lights on and no sign that anyone was around. She checked the alarm and saw that someone had turned it off. Wayne had to have done that.


Anne called out, “Honey, I’m home!” as she deposited her purse on the dining room table and stood there listening with her hands on her hips. There was only silence. She went into the back yard and looked around. There was a guesthouse at the back of the large backyard and she went in there to see if he was, for some unknown reason, in there. He wasn’t. Walking back across the yard Anne was grinning, “He’s got something special planned. He’s planned a little ambush no doubt.” Anne went back into the house and began roaming through the halls and rooms, upstairs and downstairs, almost bursting with the expectation that any second she would be swept off her feet and a wiry hand clapped over her mouth. She wondered if he was waiting for her to do something, like start to get undressed or mix a drink. She decided to stay completely dressed, including her suit jacket and just keep wandering around. It was almost spooky. She thought it was like a horror movie when the heroine is poking around the scary old house and the audience cringes with the anticipation of some beast appearing out of nowhere.


Anne walked back into their home office in the back of the house, which was in the only downstairs bedroom. She pushed the button on the answering machine and heard Wayne’s voice say, “Annie, I got home earlier, but then Max came by and told me about a situation at one of the job sites. I had to go with him and I’m there now. I didn’t think it would take this long, but I’ll keep you posted. Bye.”


Anne stamped her delicately shod little foot on the floor and said, “Damn, damn, damn. What a letdown.” She stood there for a minute looking cross and then sighed and went into the den which was also on the back of the house, across the hall from their home office. The bar was there and Anne poured herself a large tumbler full of scotch over ice. She still had on her sunglasses and she stood there at the bar and took a couple of large gulps of scotch while looking out the big bay window that looked out over the back yard.


She was still tingling between her legs and her body hadn’t quite yet gotten the message that fun would be delayed. Anne found herself at odds and ends. She didn’t quite know what to do with herself. Her mind and body began to relax as the level of scotch in the glass fell, but she still just stood there at the bar. She leaned against it, still looking out the window, and began slipping one shoe on and off her foot, unconsciously playing with the shoe and unsuccessfully trying to think of what to do now. Watch TV? Have another drink? Take a bath? Go for a run? See what’s in the refrigerator? Take a nap?


Nothing sounded very interesting. She made another drink and with a swirl of her skirt she turned to go into the kitchen. There was a swinging door connecting the den with the kitchen and she pushed through. As she heard the door swing behind her she was shocked to find the now totally unexpected pressure of strong arms around her arms and body and to feel herself lifted off the floor and carried with great speed through the kitchen, dining room and into the living room at the front of the house.


As she was so propelled she was screaming with an unaccustomed level of conviction and incoherence, “Ahhhhhhhhhh! Oh my God, oh my God, Wayne you bastard, you bastard, Eeeeeeeeee! Ha ha ha!” Her genuinely surprised body struggled in earnest to begin with and then she continued to do so out of a sense of fun. She heard her drink hit the floor and the glass shatter, her glasses fell off and she felt both shoes fly off her feet as she kicked and twisted in Wayne’s grip. There was a panicky undercurrent to all this as she realized that she wasn’t at all sure it was Wayne, but as the shock wore off, she recognized his touch and could see that one of his hands was gripping a breast.


She found herself lowered onto their huge leather couch, face down, and felt Wayne sit on top of her butt. She was overtaken by a hopeless fit of laughter and couldn’t get her breath. She had never, ever been so surprised and this released a flood of energy that translated itself into a passionate fight not to let him tie her. But Wayne had her in an awkward position. She tried to kick back at him with her feet, but that was a useless gesture even when she made contact. He outweighed her by about a hundred pounds, so with him sitting on her, she couldn’t twist around to hit him with her hands. But in any case she was so weakened by laughter and lack of breath that by the time she began to struggle her hands had already been drawn behind her and laid side by side in the small of her back so that her forearms were parallel to each other and her hands were pointing in opposite directions. She tried to pull them apart, but then almost instantly felt the first two cords of rope pull tight around them.


This thin, but soft, wrapping of rope was quickly followed by many quick, expert turns which were then followed by a couple of cinches between her wrists. These cinchings always felt especially exciting. It almost tickled her hands and it definitely made the ropes feel snug. Then she felt that moment that was always so special. That moment, before which she was still free and after which she was a bound captive. It was that instant when she felt the first part of the knot pulled tight and then the sound and feel of the second part that announced to her as nothing else that she had now lost control of her hands, her body and everything else that would follow for the rest of her captivity. She was under the control of man she loved and trusted and it was at this moment that she began both to relax and to feel a welling up of a dreamlike sexual desire that would grow stronger and stronger.


The knot was tied. Anne wriggled her hands and felt the soft, but unyielding bonds that wouldn’t be untied until Wayne made the decision to do so. She flapped her hands like a bird’s wings and laughed. Wayne got up off of her and went to the middle of the room so he could look at her. She looked back at him and they both smiled. She said, “Hi honey, I’m home!” Wayne just grinned and produced another rope from his back pocket and approached the couch where Anne was still lying as he had left her.


As he approached, she thrashed around until she was on her side and began kicking at him so he couldn’t tie her feet. She began yelling, “Don’t you dare. You better untie my hands right now you son of a bitch. You asshole.”


Wayne dodged a couple of kicks and came in sideways to grab both legs in his arms and then he spun her around so she was face down again and held her legs so his back was to her face and his face was to her feet. Anne felt an electric surge go through her as her ankles were roped together side-by-side. Wayne cinched between her ankles and this tickled Anne more than just a little as Wayne’s hands brushed her shoeless, stocking feet. Then Anne felt the ropes tighten up and could hear the knot tied. At this moment, Anne would always think something along the lines of, “I couldn’t stop him from tying my hands because he’s too strong. I can’t stop him from tying my feet, because my hands are tied behind my back. I won’t be able to run away because my feet will be tied. I won’t be able to do anything about what happens next.”


When Wayne finished the knot at her ankles, Anne felt him give the soles of her feet a couple of licks. He might as well have touched her with a cattle prod. She bucked like mad and squealed, “Stooooooooop! Nooooooo!”


Wayne got up from the couch and helped her sit up. She sat there quietly, looking cute and beautiful, but somewhat disheveled. Her jacket had been pulled back off her shoulders and her hair was straggling in her face a tad. Wayne put her jacket back in place and smoothed her hair. Anne was gazing at him in admiration. She was also curious to see what role, if any, he was going to assume. There were times when he had an entire fantasy mapped out that explained why this lovely woman would need to be tied up for a while whether she liked it or not. There were other times where he was just himself and they had a romantic evening together except that she just happened to be bound and gagged most of the time and watched like a hawk, lest she escape, when she wasn’t.


Anne was still recovering from this unprecedented ambush and contented herself with twisting around a little, testing her bonds, and squirming with the delight of being helpless to control the rising carnal desires that she knew would end by overwhelming her completely. Her shiny legs emerged from under her long, full skirt from about mid-calf and her darling little feet, bound together in soft, white, cotton rope were flat on the carpeted floor. She was alternately curling her toes and rubbing her feet back and forth a little on the carpet. She could still vividly recall Wayne’s tongue licking at her feet. She was aware that, feeling like she did right now, if her hands and feet hadn’t been tied, she would either be feeling between her own legs or she would be all over Wayne.


Wayne hadn’t said a word yet and still without speaking he went out of the living room, through the dining room and into the kitchen, letting the door swing shut behind him. Anne could hear him cleaning up the drink she had dropped when he had ambushed her. “He’s in a weird mood this time,” she thought, “I think this might be a special day.”


When Wayne left her tied up and alone, Anne always felt that it was her duty to look for a way to escape. There was never a possibility of getting loose by simply struggling. Wayne was too skillful for that. Escape always had to be by an indirect method. Anne looked around the room. She could have hopped to the front door in a few minutes, but the front door wasn’t viable. She had always wondered what the neighbors might think, but she definitely didn’t want to know for sure. At this moment she was interrupted by a nose itch and her hands fluttered behind her as they tried to do their job and scratch it. Anne always found that she was constantly being reminded by things that she was tied. Her body would be surprised that it couldn’t respond. This was one more feeling that would send her excitement level up a notch or two. Escape was forgotten as Wayne walked into the room. He appreciated everything about Anne’s predicament. He loved the way she looked and loved the fact that it was he that had tied her. He loved her slightly disheveled appearance and he noticed when he entered the room that under her perfume and he could smell the distinctive odor that nylon-clad feet made when they had been in and out of shoes all day. It was quite pleasant and was merely a nice olfactory undercurrent to her usual smell.


He had two drinks with him. He sat on the couch next to Anne and put one of the drinks on the end table; there wasn’t a coffee table. The other drink had a straw in it and he held it in front of Anne’s face. She sucked at the drink and then tossed her head back and said, “How thoughtful. Thank you.” They looked at each other with excited little smiles on their faces and Anne felt herself blush. Wayne still hadn’t said anything. Anne decided to break the ice. She said sweetly, “I’m a little confused. Would you care to tell me why I’ve been tied up? I figure there must be a very good reason for me to have been rendered completely helpless – my hands and feet very tightly tied. Perhaps I don’t mind so very much, but I am curious.”


Wayne laughed in appreciation and finally spoke, “Well, I have a very good reason for tying you, but I don’t see why I should tell you. The reason wouldn’t make any difference in my plans for you, so I think you should be less inquisitive. I will tell you though that I’ve decided to try something a little different this time. After we sit here for a while and finish our drinks, I’ll give you the general outline.”


At this Wayne leaned over and gave Anne a deep, wet, long kiss that gave her body one of those surprises that thrilled her so. Her body wanted to respond to the kiss by moving closer and grabbing Wayne and by perhaps wrapping a leg around his body. The shock at not being able to do this made Anne’s body twice as urgent to do so and Anne could feel her feet and hands pulling and pushing against the ropes. Wayne would alternately offer her a sip from her drink and kiss her again. Anne started taking very small sips in order to maximize her odds of getting more frequent kisses. Perhaps Wayne would even condescend to touch her in some other wonderful places.


After Anne was obviously agitated and indeed a bit sweaty, Wayne held the drink in front of her face and said, “Use it or lose it.”


Anne placed her mouth on the straw and sucked the glass dry. Wayne put the glass on the end table next to his and bent down and untied Anne’s feet. He said, “Walk in front of me back to the den if you please, my cupcake.”


She tried to kiss him again as they stood by the couch, but Wayne spun her around toward the door and said, “March, my dear, march.”


Anne languidly and soundlessly padded out of the room. As she reached each of her shoes that she had lost while being earlier carried into the living room, she paused and worked them back on her feet. When they reached the kitchen she had to turn around to push the swinging door open from the dining room and then the one into the den. She swept into the den with Wayne behind her and began aimlessly executing little dance steps in the middle of the room between the TV and the couch while Wayne made another drink.


Wayne sneaked a peek at this charming sight. He was moved by the vision of his cute and lovely wife twirling around as if on a dance floor, but with her hands firmly tied at the small of her back. Her hands did the best they could to participate – gently moving up and down, where they emerged from the ropes, to whatever internal rhythm Anne was dancing to, her fingers gracefully gesturing along. Wayne wished he had taken her jacket off before tying her hands. He loved the way her bosom looked when her shoulders were drawn back and her dress was tight against her breasts.


He went over to her and hugged her from behind and said, “I’ve got a surprise for you. Don’t try to run for the tree because I’ll only be gone for a second.”


He went through the kitchen door and she heard him open the door that communicated with the garage and then he almost instantly came back. Anne saw that he was carrying a small chair. It looked like an antique chair that had once belonged to a dinette set. It was noticeably smaller than the ones they had. It was all of wood and the backrest was extremely narrow and described a gentle ovoid shape with a rounded point at the top. Just below this point was the cutout of a heart. The backrest inclined backward slightly and the ornate legs were connected to each other by rungs.


Wayne placed the chair in the middle of the den and said with a satisfied smile, “I found this in our attic. Please come over here and have a seat.”


They had always had a bit of a problem tying Anne to their own kitchen chairs. She was so small that her arms couldn’t really be tied behind the backrests with any comfort and when she was leaning on her bound arms against the hard, wood, she had problems with her arms feeling pinched and the circulation cut off. Wayne was a problem solver.


Anne gave Wayne a demure look and said, “Please don’t tie me to the chair. I like walking around the room. Isn’t it enough that my hands are tied?”


Wayne walked over to her and grabbed her by an upper arm and began pulling her toward the chair. Anne wailed, “Nooooo!” and began trying to twist out of his grip and run away. Wayne stopped pulling her and picked her up over his shoulder and carried her to the chair and sat her in it. He bent down and gathered up both her legs and pulled them up straight in front of her. He pulled a length of rope out of his back pocket and tied her ankles together just as they had been before, but when he knotted the rope, he made sure there were a few inches in the rope that emerged from the knot. With these two lengths he leashed her ankles to one of the chair rungs so that Anne could only pull her feet away from the chair about three or four inches. Anne was twisting and struggling and saying things like, “Hey, c’mon, I won’t try to run away, really. I don’t want to be tied to the chair.”


Wayne wasn’t talking anymore; he was going about the business of getting Anne securely bound. He pulled her bound arms to the side and back and slipped them behind the backrest of the chair. Then Anne saw and felt a very large quantity of rope being wound around her body and arms, just below her bosom. After this rope was thick and tight, she felt Wayne cinch that rope between her arms and the backrest on both sides and she could hear him tie the knot somewhere behind her. She felt a charge as she tested the ropes and found that her upper body was incapable of any meaningful movement. She was in a soft, tight hug with the backrest between her arms and body and this greatly diminished the sideways movement she was capable of with only her hands tied.


As she sat there gently wriggling in all these new ropes, she suddenly saw a white silk scarf appear before her face. When she opened her mouth to speak, Wayne pulled it between her teeth and wound it around and around her head ­– each turn adding to the thickness that forced her teeth and lips apart until her mouth was more than full and she was unable to make her lips touch each other. This was firmly knotted behind her head as she protested vociferously and quite incoherently with what sounded like muffled squeals and mmphing noises. All this time she was struggling and the more she struggled, the more her excitement grew. It was early yet, but she was already beginning to feel that dreamlike urgency that would eventually grow into an unbearable need to be touched everywhere. It was a need that would be starved and teased until every nerve in her body was one giant craving for sexual release.


There she sat bound and gagged in her very own little chair, but Wayne wasn’t quite through yet. Anne almost swooned as he lifted her long skirt up to the top of her thighs and began to tie her legs together just above her knees, cinching and knotting it tight just as he had everywhere else. Then Wayne delicately lifted the fabric of her skirt and let it waft back into place so that when he stood back her could see her legs from about mid-calf. He admired his work and thought that this time Anne’s suit coat wasn’t really in the way. The ropes around her arms and body had made the coat tight against her breasts. With most of her hair pulled against her neck by the gag and the rest floating around her head and face, Anne looked a very convincing and absolutely devastatingly cute damsel. She was looking at him with those huge pleading eyes and trying to communicate with him still.


Wayne fetched his drink from the bar and went to the couch about fifteen feet away from Anne where he could sit and watch her as she flexed against the ropes. She made the most of what little slack she had and Wayne gratefully saw that one of her little shoes was beginning to slip off of the heel of her foot, showing the instep of a very cute stocking foot. This worked on Wayne like a rocket, but he had an easier time keeping his composure than did Anne.


Wayne looked at Anne brightly and said, “I’ve decided to speak to you seriously today. As I’m sure you know, I dearly love to hold you captive. When you take that huge knife and plunge it into the cutting board, I am filled with happiness and thinking of how I will capture you and what I will then do to you is one of the most pleasant occupations I can think of apart from actually doing it. But this week, I found that I had a hard time coming up with something original. I thought about it long and hard and finally came up with the answering machine ploy. I hope you were sufficiently astounded?”


Anne said, “O eph i uz. It uh illiuph!”


Wayne smiled, “I’ll take that as a yes. But I kept trying to think of something even more interesting and I think I have it. Usually when we do this, it is an evening’s activity at most, but I waited until Friday this time because I have decided to keep you prisoner until noon on Sunday. It is now 7 p.m. on Friday evening so that means that you will be a prisoner for almost two days. If it turns out that you don’t enjoy this then we’ll never do it again, but I can assure you that this time at least, you don’t have a choice.”


Anne was staring at Wayne hard. Wayne couldn’t read her expression very well. She didn’t try to say anything, but she had stopped writhing against the ropes and her eyes seemed a little wide.


Wayne continued, “Now obviously you will not be actually tied up all this time, but our house rules still apply in full. You are still obligated to escape and I am obligated to prevent you, so just play the game as we normally would. Let me repeat that I won’t do anything that will make you too uncomfortable, but there will be times when I won’t be able to watch you. I have prepared myself, so I think you can trust me when I say that I believe we might enjoy this a great deal. I will never surprise you with this again. If we are to do this extended version then we will have to add an added signal if you ever want to try it in the future. Ha ha. Maybe after you plunge the knife into the cutting board, you could spit on the floor (Wayne was highly amused at the thought of his cute little wife violently stabbing the cutting board and then contemptuously spitting on the floor). I’m tempted to ask you how you feel about this, but like I said, you have no choice. If you’re mad about the idea and want to sulk all weekend then that’s just what you’re going to do. If I’m wrong about all this, I’ll admit it Sunday afternoon and apologize profusely, but until then, little lady, consider yourself the cutest little prisoner I’ve ever seen.”


Anne didn’t know what to think about this but she was staring at Wayne as if transfixed. Her hands were making thoughtful little gestures behind her and her shoes had fallen half off her feet and her toes were curling up inside them.


Wayne got up from the couch and went over to the window and pulled the shades. He walked behind Anne and bent down and kissed her ears and played with her breasts for a while and told her, “I’m going to leave you like this for about an hour while I take a shower and make a phone call. Give this some thought. Don’t let the idea frighten you. I think it’ll be great and I’ve got some wonderful things planned for my little sweetums. Ha ha.”


Anne heard Wayne go down the hall behind her. He closed the door and she heard him lock it with one of the skeleton keys that could lock every room in the house from either side.


Anne sighed a wriggled a little. “Well, well. Here I am lashed to this chair and locked in this room. This could be fun. This very idea has occurred to me from time to time. Am I angry or frightened by this? Not really. Perhaps it’s a little overwhelming. There’s no doubt that I’ll enjoy some of it. I’ve loved the last hour or so. How will he keep me captive when we go to sleep?” Anne pondered several practical questions like this, but finally told herself, “I’ve always trusted him and he’s never let me down. The bottom line is that I have no choice so I’d better decide to just have no opinion and take things as they come. Hopefully I will be coming several times in the next two days. Ha ha.” She had the sudden thought of Wayne’s hands moving all over her body and she involuntarily shivered and breathed in sharply. Anne made the decision, “I will love this. This will be incredible. It will be exactly like being a real captured, bound and gagged damsel who falls in love with the gentlemanly villain as she spends time with him.” Anne was now charmed by the idea and if anyone else had been in the room they would have been charmed by the sight of Anne smiling behind the gag and wriggling around in glee as much as the ropes allowed.


Anne liked the chair for being tied up in. It was small enough that her arms went behind it comfortably and she was actually able to put her feet flat on the floor. She kicked her shoes all the way off and began rubbing them on the rough texture of the carpet. This was the only part of her now hypersensitive body that she could satisfy and she made the most of it. “How strange,” she thought, “that my feet should be so unbearable ticklish when Wayne puts his hands on them, but when I rub them on the floor, they just make me feel really good. I feel sexy and vulnerable and feminine. It’s indescribable how I feel. I can never find the words.”


Anne was a bit damp with sweat from the new level of stimulation coursing through her body and there was a definite dampness between her legs. The gag was also commencing to soak up her spit and she could feel the wetness creep along her cheeks. Feeling damp and wet had become associated in her mind with being bound and gagged. It was just another one of those things that she couldn’t do anything about until someone decided to untie her. It was like her nose itching or her hair falling in her face or someone’s hands searching under her clothes regardless of her struggle to stop them. And then there was the delightful problem of those same hands working on her a little too slowly and a little too gently so that her desperate need to be satisfied was prolonged to the point of agony. When Anne began to beg for an orgasm, she knew then that she would have one of those really devastating ones that sent her almost into hallucinations and unconsciousness.


Anne began giggling, “Just think about having two of those in one day. No don’t think about it – I can’t stand it.” The anticipation began to turn up the wick on her level of excitement and she noted that this new game was as surprisingly compelling as the first one they had ever played when it was all new. The game had never gotten old, but there’s nothing like the first time if everything goes well. Anne sat there simmering a little as she digested the implications of extended captivity. She reflected on the curious effect that being bound always had on her. As an extremely energetic and active person, Anne sometimes had difficulty relaxing, but when she was forced into inactivity by the fact of being tied up, she would begin to feel a languid, dreamy contentment that she felt at no other time. At the same time there was a seemingly contradictory rise in her level of excitement, both physical and mental. At moments of acute sexual agitation, she would find herself attempting to move and struggling madly and her inability to move and become active would put her right back in a state of stimulated lassitude.


It was all magnificently enthralling and the cycles of emotion would feed on themselves. The contradictory feelings precipitated by being bound while sexually stimulated were actually quite complementary and tended to enhance one another. Anne was sometimes afraid of analyzing these things too closely for fear of ruining it, but apart from enjoying the experience, she was also deeply interested and couldn’t help but contemplate it. In any case, she had noticed that whatever understanding she had of the game had enabled her to play various roles in it more effectively. But the primary enabling factor of skillful role playing was the actual fact of truly being a prisoner and at the present moment, Anne had never felt more keenly what it was like to be bound, hand and foot, and gagged against her will, but at the same time feeling no fear or pain. She might or might not like it, but she had no choice. When Wayne told her she had no choice, she knew him well enough to know that he was telling the truth.


These extremely interesting and exciting thoughts occupied her mind and she had no idea how much time had passed when Wayne entered the room. He had changed out of his business suit and was wearing a t-shirt, jeans and cowboy boots. It is time to see Wayne through Anne’s eyes. Wayne was built like a gymnast – short, compact and hard as a rock. Every muscle was well defined and his upper body seemed to belong to a larger man than to one who was only 5 foot, nine inches. He was almost forty to Anne’s thirty-four and his face was a study in weather-beaten lines. She often thought he resembled a character in a western movie with his firm jaw and steely eyes. His hair was fast going gray and was cropped very short – almost, but not quite a flattop. Wayne owned a very successful window and door installation company that specialized in providing bulk quantities of doors and windows to large developers, both residential and commercial. As a sideline, he also had developed a line of doors, windows and fixtures for those wishing to refurbish older houses, such as the one they lived in.


As Wayne entered the room, Anne liked what she saw and she felt a sudden tension between her legs and up into her stomach. She saw his body moving freely around and wished that his hands would please touch her. The fact that he could move freely about and that she couldn’t influence what his hands did in the least only stimulated her the more. Just for the fun of it she said, “Wayne, please come over here and kiss me. Take out the gag and kiss me.” What Wayne heard was, “Aim, eeeph um o-uh-ear am iph ee. A owe uh av am iph ee.”


Wayne sat down on the couch, drink in hand, and smiled pleasantly and said, “Yes, it is a nice evening. I have noticed. Would you like to have a drink, puddin’ head?”


Anne nodded her head eagerly while saying, “Ummm hmmm.”


Wayne nodded and said, “OK, but first I have a few things to show you.” He produced a large canvas tote back from the floor beside him and pulled out two pairs of genuine police handcuffs, a massive wad of black scarves that Anne recognized as her own, two huge rolls of wide, white adhesive tape and a handful of what seemed to be an entire bed sheet cut into long strips. Finally he pulled out a long length of chain, identical to, but five times longer that the handcuff chain. At each end of this chain was a padded, leather cuff with a lock. “Variety is the spice of life my love. But now let’s untie you for a while and you can join me for a drink.”


Wayne untied her and made her a drink while she sat on the couch and stretched. She took off her suit jacket and Wayne had to admire the way her low-necked dress showed off her bosom in such an innocently sexy manner. Anne had taken her place at the other end of the couch from Wayne and had curled her legs around her so that her very cute stocking feet were nestled against the side of her bottom. Wayne wished the long dress was positioned to reveal more of her legs, but he decided that he shouldn’t be so greedy this early in their weekend. “More will be revealed. Ha ha.”


Wayne handed Anne her drink and retreated to his end of the couch. Anne was still grappling with a certain amount of greed herself. The need to be touched was still there, but her physical freedom diminished the desperation she sometimes felt while tied. She decided to dissimulate. “I will not be too eager. We have a long way to go,” Anne thought.


They sat there and smiled at each other for a moment. Anne let a few beats go by and then said, “You’ve got a hell of a nerve, you know. I mean do you really think you can get away with keeping me a prisoner all weekend? I might have plans. There might be things I need to do; appointments to meet people. Whatever. What will you do if somebody calls or comes to the door?”


Wayne’s eyes crinkled with laughter, “We’ve dealt with that before. That was so funny when I had that contractor come over and I left you all roped up in the bedroom upstairs. I could hear you moving around occasionally and it was hard to keep from cracking up completely. Anyhow, there’s no way you’d alert anybody. You couldn’t stand the embarrassment. By the way, do you have any plans? Not that it will matter. Your plans have been made for you.”


Anne looked at Wayne with a little half smile. She did have plans. She was supposed to meet her friend Jennifer for tennis and lunch the very next morning – Saturday morning at 10 o’clock. She decided not to mention it right now and think about what to do later. Somehow she felt there was potential for a provocative complication in Wayne’s little caper that could be precipitated by this appointment. She didn’t know how to use it yet, but if she told him, he’d make her cancel it now. Anne said, “No, strangely enough I haven’t made any plans at all for the next two days.”


Wayne’s eyes narrowed a little, but he didn’t challenge this statement. If she was lying, then that was a perfectly proper tactic. He gestured at the floor in front of the couch and asked, “So what do you think of my bag of tricks, hey Felix?”


“Well, I assume you’re going to use all that stuff on me, eh stud? Where did you get handcuffs? Are those real?”


“Oh yeah, they sell those at the local sex store. You would not believe what they’ve got in there. I’m telling you they’ve got a whole section for people who like to capture each other. I don’t like most of that stuff though. Any specialized equipment somehow detracts from the… um… the realism. It’s the same with clothes that are too overtly sexy. I’ve told you how I think you’re much sexier in everyday clothes and underwear and stuff than in some kind of “sex outfit.” It may be a contradiction, but I don’t think that tying you up in specialized restraints would seem nearly as genuine as using something that one might find around the house or buy at the hardware store. Soft, white rope is the champ.


Anne bent down and picked up a pair of handcuffs and dangled it in front of her and said, “These are specialized restraints.”


Wayne said, “That’s true, but they are also things you see all the time and in general, they are devoid of sexual significance. How sexy is a criminal being led away by the police in handcuffs? On you, however; well, that’s different story.”


Anne studied the handcuffs and accidentally found how they ratcheted around in one direction, but not the other. She locked one cuff around one wrist and the other cuff around the other. “Very nice. Why did you get two?”


Wayne grabbed the other pair off the floor. Then he grabbed Anne’s ankles and pulled her legs out straight on the couch, making Anne squeal, and locked the cuffs around her ankles. “There! In a split second, you’re totally helpless. Well, not totally. If I left you alone like this you could get into all kinds of mischief. It would take you a while, but you could get to the phone or even the tree in the back yard. But take it from me; they’ll come in handy. Ha ha.”


Anne giggled a little and said, “OK, you can take them off now.”


Wayne mimicked her giggle and said, “Oh I think you’re just fine the way you are. You just finish that drink and we’ll think about what’s next.”


Anne drew her knees up so that her feet were flat on the couch and she was leaning against the arm of the couch. She held her drink in both hands and sipped it occasionally. “You know, it’s a little strange that we’re not in character in any way. We generally play around with some kind of role even when we’re not actually playing a spontaneous script.”


Wayne said, “We don’t need to assume fictitious characters. This is real. This is more serious than a mere game, because it’s going to play out so much longer and because you really, really, really are my prisoner, just like I said. If you don’t quite believe it, then you soon will my pretty.”


Anne liked this kind of talk, but she tried not to show it. She felt a great deal of anticipation and an unfamiliar sensation not unlike stage fright. “So what are you going to do with me next, you horrible man; you heartless villain?”


“I thought we could just sit here for a bit and have drinks and talk and then I’m going to tie you up a little bit. It’s that simple. That’s a lovely dress by the way. Did you wear it for me?”


 “I did, and look at what happened. I’ve been in it all day though and I’m not feeling exactly fresh. I wonder if I could change before you put the ropes on me again?”


“No dearie, you can’t. You can do that later.”


They sat there, sometimes talking about the game and sometimes leaving the subject altogether. Anne was sitting there with her wrists and ankles cuffed and Wayne would occasionally move around the room fixing a drink or just standing up and pacing around. He knew that when she contrasted her captive state with his total freedom that it excited her. She had never told him in so many words, but he had noticed.


After a couple of hours of this at about 9 o’clock Wayne looked at his watch and said; “Now we need to get you all bundled up again.”


Wayne unlocked Anne’s cuffs and stood her up. He drew her arms behind her and once again Anne experienced the odd thrill of feeling the rope wound and cinched and knotted so that her hands were fast behind her back. She again noted the little electrical charge during the second before the knot was tied. Before the knot, she was still theoretically free. As soon as the knot was finished, she was utterly helpless. No matter how many times her hands were bound behind her, she still twisted her arms and hands against the ropes and felt the firm softness that told her in no uncertain terms that her body was no longer her own.


Wayne kissed her on the neck from behind and said, “Let’s go upstairs.”


Anne felt an immediate surge of desire and wondered, “Will it start now? Already?”


Wayne followed as Anne padded through the house. He loved the look of her body as it moved beneath her dress. He adored her little bound hands crossed at her bottom and he always melted at the sight of her tiny stocking feet as her heels rose and fell on their way down the hall. And her legs looked so nice as their muscles worked beneath the stockings and shined as they came out of the shadow of her dress. Anne looked a little awkward going up the stairs because her tied hands meant that her balance was off, and that, Wayne thought, was a very nice sight indeed. He directed her into a very small guest bedroom that was on the back of the house. It was very nice for a small guest bedroom, with an old double bed, an overstuffed chair and an armoire that also served as a TV cabinet. As she walked by the bed, she turned and opened her mouth to say something, but only managed a squeal as Wayne picked her up and deposited her on the bed. He tied her feet together and then gave her one of those long, deep kisses that had her squirming against the ropes and hoping to rub her body against his.


Wayne broke off the kiss and moved down to kiss her breasts and then moved farther down to her feet. There he stroked her legs and made them contract every muscle. Finally he held her legs still and kissed her feet, which were pointing their toes and pulling against the ropes, wrinkling the stockings at her heels.


Wayne stood up and walked to the door. When he looked back, Anne was on her side holding her head up toward him, with her hands balled into fists behind her and her feet pointing and scrabbling at the bedspread. The way she was lying, Wayne could see down the neckline of her dress all the way between her breasts. The dress was tight against her bosom and it seemed to him as if Anne was almost ready to start panting.


Wayne couldn’t speak so he just waved and shut the door as he went into the hall. Anne heard a key turn in the lock and there she was again. She involuntarily gave a determined struggle against the ropes and then gave up. She lay on her side with her head on a pillow and her legs drawn back behind her slightly. She was mad with desire and couldn’t do anything about it.


After a period of gentle writhing, Anne began to relax a bit. At times like this she felt as if there was a hive of bees buzzing around between her legs and it was difficult to remain completely still, but she did the best she could and the buzzing diminished some. The slight lessening of her stimulation made it pleasant and freed her part of her mind for other thoughts. Her competitive juices were flowing just as her sexual ones were and she pondered the possibility of escape. Failing that she turned her mind to her appointment for tennis the next day with her best friend Jennifer. Anne somehow knew that if she could just talk to Jennifer, Jennifer could be manipulated into becoming a complication in Wayne’s plans – but how to do it?


It would be much easier, Anne reflected, if she let Jennifer in on their secret and recruited her as an active accomplice. But, apart from the difficulty of speaking with her privately, Anne was very nervous about letting anyone know about her status as the bound captive of her husband. She had never told anyone about this, but there were times when she had thought that it would be fun to share it with someone and she had come very close a couple of times to confiding in Jennifer. At the moment Anne was curiously eager to have an outside ally and it could only be Jennifer. Anne decided that the decision to confide or not confide could be deferred. The first order of business was to establish secret communication.


Anne knew that the room she was in had no phone. There was a wall jack, but they had never bothered to put a phone in the room. “The first step is to get out of this room. I might not get another opportunity to be left alone ungagged and not actually tied to anything.”


Anne wriggled around and got her legs swung off the bed and dangling down the side. She had had plenty of practice at making the most of her limited range of movement while tied and she was a confidant hopper. She moved her bound hands as far to her right side as possible and opened the drawer of the bedside table. There wasn’t much to see in there. The drawer held a book of matches, a three-year-old magazine, the TV remote and a coaster. Anne hopped off the bed and stood next to the table to better rummage the drawer. By looking down she could see most of her hands emerging from behind her back and she began by picking up the magazine and placing it on the tabletop. And there it was! There was one of the skeleton keys that fitted the locks of every internal door in the house. “I’ll have to find a way to hang onto that even if it doesn’t help me now.”


She took the key in her fingers, slid the magazine back in the drawer and closed it. She made a couple of test hops to see how much noise she made. She didn’t know where Wayne was, but she hoped he wasn’t right below her in the den. There was a large, round carpet in the room on top of the polished hardwood floor and her feet made very little noise hopping up and down. With about a dozen little hops, Anne made her way to the door and carefully positioned the key in her hand for inserting it into the keyhole.


Unlocking the door was a delicate operation. With her hands crossed behind her she couldn’t quite feel how her fingers should move, but by watching and moving slowly, she was able to turn the key. She took the key out of the keyhole and tightly grasped it in one fist. Losing it would be a disaster. She slowly turned the doorknob and flicked the door open into the room. She found it so odd to now be able to look out of the door and down the hall and yet still be tied up. She began playing the “stating the obvious” game that seemed to be a part of being bound. “There’s the hall. I could usually walk down it in seconds without even thinking about it, but now my feet and hands are tied. This will take time and I have to plan.”


She knew where she was going. She had to hop the entire length of the hallway and enter the master bedroom where she knew there was a cordless phone. She decided to take the hand piece and without losing a moment take it back to the room she had been stashed in, lock the door and get back on the bed. “Or maybe it would be easier in the chair,” Anne thought. “That’s putting the cart before the horse. First things first.”


Anne began hopping down the hall using the smallest little hops possible to keep the noise down. She reflected that if she was caught now that this would be considered an official escape attempt and she would be in for fifteen minutes of excruciating foot tickling. The thought made her feel a mixture of excitement and dread, and a sort of evil glee began to rise in her. “God, this is fun,” Anne realized. At the top of the stairs she stopped and listened and heard that the stereo was playing at low volume, but that was probably enough to mask any noise she might be making. She headed through the open door of the master bedroom. She hopped with confidence and got to the phone in, what she thought, was record time. She hopped around in a circle so that her hands could grab the hand piece of the cordless phone and once in possession of it, she hurried as fast as she could back to her room. She was sweating a little from the exertion and the ropes around her wrists and ankles seemed tighter from the tautness of her muscles against them. She knew that would happen and also knew how far she could struggle and hop before she had to rest and let the ropes relax for a while.


Anne reentered her room and swung the door closed. With a surprising dexterity, she relocked the door and hopped over to the bed and stood there for a moment to think. She looked at the overstuffed chair and decided that would be a better place to call from. “I’ll put the phone on the arm rest and I can work it with my nose.” She hopped around and bent so her hands could rest the phone on the chair arm and then pondered about what to do with the key. She wanted to keep that key as long as possible because it was standard practice for Wayne to lock her in whenever he left her alone, tied or untied. Anne grabbed her skirt with the hand that wasn’t clutching the key and began pulling it up so that her butt was exposed. She reached up as high as she could and slipped the key into the waistband of her pantyhose. She let her skirt fall back down and sat in the chair.


Anne took a breather. She looked at the phone and had a sudden urge to call Wayne’s cell phone and score an official escape, but she really didn’t want to do that so early in the game and she didn’t particularly want to give him a reason to keep her more closely confined as she knew he would after a successful escape and the resulting “recapture.” Anne also knew she had already made the decision to tell Jennifer everything and was now eager to do so. What fun to have a girlfriend she talk to about this! Jennifer was divorced and lived alone, so she would be able to do all kinds of things without having to explain to anyone else. She might have a date over the weekend. Anne didn’t know, but generally, Jennifer was at home on Friday night, with or without her new boyfriend.


Anne took a deep breath and pushed the on button with her nose. She carefully dialed Jennifer’s number and then placed the side of her face over the phone to both hold it on the chair arm and to be able to hear and talk. “Please answer the damn phone.”


After three rings she heard Jennifer’s voice say, “Yes?”


Anne smiled and in a loud whisper said, “Hey Jennifer, it’s me Anne.”


Jennifer said, “Why are you whispering?”


Anne said, “Just listen until I’m done, I’ve got to tell you something and I don’t have much time. For one thing, I’m all tied up. What do you think of that? Ha ha.”


Jennifer stammered, “What do you mean you’re tied up?”


Anne giggled, “Just listen.”


Anne gave a condensed, fast explanation about the great tie-up game and how Wayne had left her an opening to create mischief and how Jennifer could be the outside agitator.


When Jennifer next spoke, Anne could hear her excited and eager interest. Jennifer said, “Wow! That’s so totally unbelievable. So you’re tied up and locked in a room upstairs. Oh, wow! What do you want me to do?”


Anne said, “I’m not totally sure of the details and I’ll leave some of that up to you, but the first thing is that you should show up here tomorrow morning and when Wayne opens the door you should announce that you’re here to pick me up to go play tennis. We’ll just see how Mr. Slick can come up with a quick explanation about why I not only can’t go, but that you can’t even see me. If you can make an excuse to get in the house (maybe you need to use the bathroom) do that and see where that takes you. Just be infuriatingly and persistently curious about where I am. Yell out my name or something, I don’t know. You’re a fun loving gal. Have fun with it. Wayne’s reactions will be priceless and you can play off them.


“When he finally gets rid of you, keep calling back all day and maybe drop by again later. If he says I’m sick and asleep, you could come back with chicken soup or something. You get the picture. Oh, and if he decides not to come to the door, just start wandering around the outside of the house calling my name. Go in the back yard and peer in the window. Make yourself innocently pushy and unable to take a hint. Ha ha, this is going to be great!”


Jennifer was giggling uncontrollably, “OK, so you can expect me to drop by about 9:30 in the morning. Hee hee. I assume Wayne doesn’t know about our appointment?”


Anne said, “No, I almost told him, but just in time I decided it might be possible to have an outside accomplice. I probably won’t get to talk to you again though. Wayne’s usually pretty careful about keeping me from escaping. I’ve rarely been able to do it, but this is even better. We’ll drive him crazy. I’ll try to think of some way to cooperate with you on this end, but I haven’t figured that out yet. Oh shit! He’s coming up the stairs, I’ve got to hang up. Just do what’s fun. Drive him nuts. Bye!”


Anne pushed the talk button with her nose to turn the phone off and began frantically looking for a place to hide the phone. She twisted around in the chair and brought her bound hands as far to the side and in front of her as they would go and grabbed the phone. She began stuffing it between the chair arm and the seat cushion and just as it disappeared from view, Wayne unlocked the door and entered the room.


He caught her in her last struggling movements to push the phone deep within the chair and noted her somewhat moist and disheveled state. He looked at her suspiciously. “What have you been up to here?”


Anne looked up with a smile whose effect was totally ruined by the wild look in her eyes and sweetly said, “Nothing. I’m just sitting here. I got tired of lying on the bed so I had just hopped over to the chair when you came in. What else could I do all tied up and all?”


She twisted her shoulders and swung her hands from side to side behind her and thrust her bosom out at Wayne. She extended her legs and feet out in front of her and pulled and pushed against her ankle ropes while pointing the toes of her lovely stocking feet as if to demonstrate, “See, I’m all tied up just like you left me, you brute.”


Wayne helped her stand up and as he did he noticed a strange dent in the seat cushion. He reached down into it and pulled out… the phone. Anne didn’t see this. She was standing, waiting to be either untied or picked up and carried somewhere. Wayne decided to keep his discovery a secret. He kneeled at her feet and untied them. Then he said, “Open wide,” and gagged her between her teeth with the thick handkerchief she had been gagged with before and said, “Let’s go back to the den.” He followed behind her appreciating the endearing combination of awkwardness and grace that Anne exhibited when she walked with her hands tied. He loved the way she smelled. She still smelled very nice and clean, but he could tell she had been sweaty and damp. Being tied up frequently had that effect on her. And he just loved watching her little stocking feet pad across the floor.


Anne was a little uneasy as they entered the den, but she wasn’t sure why. Wayne had a secret smile on his face, “But maybe he’s just having fun,” thought Anne. She stood in the middle of the room for a moment.


Wayne picked her up and placed her in the leather recliner, which he then pushed back. He bent over her feet and tied them tightly together and then with a short length of rope, he leashed her feet to the recliner’s footrest. To Anne, this was an ominous sign. He hardly ever tied her to the recliner unless it was time for the fifteen-minute tickle punishment for an unsuccessful escape. He had made no indication that tickling was imminent, but already she felt highly vulnerable. There was no slack at all in the rope that leashed her feet to the recliner’s footrest, so the soles of her feet were completely exposed. Even if she pointed her toes as far as she could, there were still several inches between the soles of her feet and the footrest. Even though she wasn’t sure of being tickled she already began to exhibit the signs of tension that were usual when Wayne was about to tickle her and was taking his time about it.


She became rigid and her feet began to try and hide behind each other. First one foot and then the other would mask the sole of one foot. Her toes were curling and her legs were sharply defined as they pulled against her ankle ropes.


Wayne watched this with a little too much glee and then without warning produced the phone from behind his back, “Does this look familiar? Can you truthfully deny that you stuffed this phone down beside the chair cushion in order to try and hide the fact that you were trying to escape? Can you my sweet?”


Anne tried to sit up as far as she could and she screamed, “Eeph, eeph, I eeem OOO!” She shook her head violently as she tried to make herself understood, but Wayne continued to stand in front of her with the damning evidence in his hand.


“This is the phone from our bedroom. I don’t know how you got it back in the room I put you in, but I know you did. Did you hide it there earlier today? I can’t imagine that you somehow got out of a locked room, hopped down the hall, went back to your room and relocked the door. But however you did it, you did it and I caught you seconds before you could call and deprive me of the right to come for an entire week. God that was close! But now you must suffer the consequences. What would be best to tickle you with I wonder? Hmmmm?”


Anne yelled, “MO! MO! MO!” and thrashed from side to side in the chair and tried to make the recliner go upright, but she was utterly helpless to influence her fate. Her stocking feet pointed and flexed as if already shrinking from whatever ticklish instrument would be put to them. Wayne thought it was so cute the way the stockings made the bottoms of her feet look perfectly flat and smooth and how her toes were barely visible through the reinforcement.


He left the room and went in search of a really effective tickling device. He knew his fingers were perfectly sufficient, but he also knew that the delay made her crazy with trepidation at what was to come and what he would use on her. He knew he would come back and find her with beads of sweat on her forehead and her chest would be heaving.


Anne tried to shrink back in the chair when Wayne came back in the room. She shivered when she saw what was in his hand. He had the usual kitchen timer for the fifteen minutes, but he also had an ivory backscratcher. He pulled up a kitchen chair and set the timer. For a few unbearable seconds he just sat there, occasionally flicking her feet with his fingers and making her desperately try to pull her feet away. Then he began tickling in earnest. Anne closed her eyes and lost control of her body. She was yelling at the top of her lungs through the gag, “Ummmmmmmm! Mo! Oph Oph!” Wayne always took a little pity on her and would pause every so often, but the respite wasn’t really very helpful. The main effect of the tickling was not only the excruciating feeling itself, but the increased buzzing of the hive between her legs that such evidence of her helplessness set off. Anne’s whole mind was sent into a concentrated listening for the kitchen timer to go off, but her entire body became so over stimulated that every nerve cried out to be touched.


It was only fifteen minutes, but it seemed to Anne that she had gone on a long, hard, hour-long run. When the bell sounded, she was damp with sweat and she was laughing so hard, she couldn’t get her breath. She continued to writhe and twist even when it was over.


Then to her relief, her unutterable relief she felt Wayne’s hands moving up her legs and with one hand he began lightly massaging between her legs, right where that buzzing was and where that deep throbbing needed to be touched so badly. With his other hand, he pulled her dress down all the way off her shoulders and began massaging her breasts. He had such a light touch and Anne’s body arched into it. He maintained a gentle, rhythmic motion and Anne went into a dream world. At times like these, Anne understood what it was like to have an out of body experience. The image in her head of her bound body being manipulated into explosive orgasm was so vivid that she felt like she was floating above it all. The ropes that bound her were now neither here nor there. As long as they didn’t prevent her from getting satisfaction, she didn’t even feel tied up. If Wayne were to suddenly stop touching her, she would almost convulse in an attempt to get untied. But Wayne didn’t stop. She could hear him a long way off saying, “You poor thing. You’re so lovely and I’ve treated you so bad. Let’s make you happy. Tell me what you want. You are so cute, so beautiful, I love you so very, very much.”


He went on and on and on and he watched as she exploded. Her body convulsed and thrashed as she came. Wayne always enjoyed watching her legs and feet at this moment. They would brace themselves and work hard to spread apart and arch her body toward his hand and the ropes would be tight at her ankles with her stockings wrinkling and every muscle standing out. Then as the final devastating coital hammer blow arrived, her legs would clap together to trap his hand and her toes would spread wide and then her feet would point and her toes curl under. Then Anne would be seized by a laughing fit. Tears would be running down her face she would laugh so hard. She had explained that the laughter was quite simply a reaction to something that was so extremely moving and fun and that brought such an overwhelming wave of happiness washing over her that the only appropriate response was laughter. Wayne loved to see it. He loved it even more that he could give it.


As she lay there laughing Wayne untied her. Her body was still hypersensitive and everywhere he touched her seemed to tickle. He got the ropes off her and picked her up and took her upstairs to the bedroom. He undressed her as she lay on the bed rolling around and trying to kiss him. Wayne laughed to himself when he found the key she had hidden in her pantyhose. When she was entirely naked, he joined her on the bed and she pulled him to her. They made love as if there would never be another chance.


Afterward, Anne was dimly aware that Wayne had gotten up from the bed. She laughed when she felt a padded, leather cuff lock around one of her ankles and then heard the other end locked to something else. She fell deeply asleep before Wayne came back to bed and had very sweet dreams indeed.


Anne awakened at 6 o’clock and shook Wayne awake. He unlocked her soft cuff and they took a long hot shower together. He put on a robe and she put on one of his white dress shirts and they went downstairs for coffee. They kissed and fondled one another and had more coffee and talked. Anne did a lot of moving around. After being tied up she always found it exhilarating to be free. Once she opened the back door and Wayne instantly grabbed her by the shoulders and said, “The backyard is off limits. Remember, you’re still my prisoner.”


Anne kissed him, pouted and said, “You’re so mean. I just wanted to stand in the door for a minute. Could I do that?”


Wayne said, “I don’t think so. Maybe when you’re tied up a little we can work something out, but I can just see you making a break for that tree. There’s a lot at stake for me you know.”


Anne laughed and went back to the couch, sat down and stretched. She was so looking forward to Jennifer’s untimely arrival. How that played out depended on many things – would she be tied? How would Wayne react? But one thing for sure, Jennifer would be a very, very inconvenient and hopefully persistent pest.


Wayne let her remain free of any bonds until about 9:30 when he announced that he had to mow the lawn and so had to stash her away. “Would you like to get dressed first, or are you content to lounge around in my shirt all day?”


Anne thought for a moment and said, “I’ll get dressed. We’ll be civilized.”


Wayne followed her upstairs carrying his canvas tote bag and watched as she put on a very cute outfit. First she put on a white garter belt and to this she attached a pair of ribbed, white stockings. Then she put a simple gold chair around her neck and gold loops on her ears. She selected a reddish-brown, tweed skirt with a thin, dark-brown, leather belt and into this she tucked a light pink blouse with a button-down collar and full-length sleeves. She slipped her feet into some low-cut, brown, leather loafers that had a bit of ornamental metal and leather fringe covering her toes. She turned to him and pirouetted. He applauded, but then noticed that she seemed to be laughing at him.


“OK, what’s so funny?”


Anne looked at the ceiling and said, “Oh nothing, it’s just that it’s always so odd to get all dressed up in a cute outfit and then immediately be tied up so tight I can’t move by a rough, unshaven man, that’s all.” She looked at him brightly and shook her curls around her face.


Wayne was melting, but he gathered his wits and said, “Well young lady, you’re just going to have to accept the fact that you must be tied. Now turn around and put your hands behind your back.”


Anne looked at him pleadingly and said, “Oh please don’t tie me up. Just lock me in the room. I can’t get out. Oh, please don’t put the ropes on me.” She began backing away from him looking so adorable that Wayne began to get a rather embarrassing erection. He hoped it wouldn’t poke out of his robe and look ridiculous.


But he strode manfully toward her and fended off her hands that tried to keep him away. He grabbed an arm and spun her around and pulled her arms firmly behind her. He pulled her hands together at the small of her back so that her forearms were perpendicular to her body and parallel to each other and began tying her wrists together. He wrapped a sufficient quantity of rope around her wrists, made a couple of cinches and knotted the rope where she couldn’t possibly reach it. As he pulled the knot tight he noticed Anne make a little shiver.


The Wayne wrapped a very long rope around her body and arms just below her bosom and above her elbows. When that rope was thick about her, he cinched it between her elbows and body on both sides and knotted it between her shoulder blades. As he slipped one of the strips of bed sheet into her mouth, she cried out, “NO, Please!”


He wound the strip of bed sheet around and around her head and between her teeth until she was even more effectively silenced that she had been the day before and he knotted that behind her head.


He marched her by the elbow over to an overstuffed chair by the window and tied her ankles together – one crossed over the other. He looked at her for a moment and noticed that her little loafers were already beginning to slip off her heels and were showing her arches as she lifted her legs on the balls of her feet. She sat looking at him and twisting a bit against the ropes as she invariably did when first bound. He said, “OK, I’m going to lock the door. I’ve searched the room for more keys and I’ve got the phone downstairs. I defy you to escape. I’m going to mow the lawn and then I’ll come back for you. I’ll do things to you. I promise.” As he left the room, he found himself very reluctant to leave. The sight of her tightly tied in her innocent little outfit had been deeply moving. But the game must be played he decided. I must be strong.


He headed down the stairs and at that moment was astounded to hear the doorbell ring. Wayne put his eye to the peephole and saw Anne’s friend Jennifer. He sighed and opened the door. “Hi, Jennifer.”


Jennifer was dressed in her very short tennis dress. She stood there smiling and said, “Is Anne ready yet? I came by so we could drive to the club together.”


Wayne was only speechless for a moment and then blurted out, “Oh… um… well… Anne’s sick Jennifer, she’s sick. She came home last night and was feeling bad and she’s still asleep. She’s sick, see?


Jennifer said, “Is there anything I can do? Poor thing. Let me just come on in and see if there’s anything she needs. I can go to the store so you won’t have to. Why don’t I make some soup or something? I guess she forgot all about our tennis game being all sick and everything, huh?”


Jennifer started to come in the house, but Wayne didn’t move away to let her in, “Jennifer, that’s so nice to offer, but we’ve got everything we need and I think she just needs to sleep. OK? Well you have a nice day. Maybe you can find somebody at the club to play with.”


Jennifer kept a look of concern on her face as she bent nearer to Wayne and whispered,  “Do you mind if I duck in there real quick and use the bathroom in the hall?”


Wayne rolled his eyes and said, “Oh, why no, you go right ahead.” Wayne moved aside and made an expansive gesture to invite her in.


Upstairs, Anne was almost directly above the front door. She was in a front bedroom, over the living room and Wayne had tied her in a chair by a front window. She could see Jennifer’s SUV parked on the street and could hear their voices at the door. She was snorting with laughter, but trying to hard to tell what was going on. She heard Jennifer keeping up an incessant flow of happy chatter and the timbre of her voice changed as she came in the door and was in the hall. Anne was inspired by a thought. She began pounding her feet up and down on the floor and through the gag began yelling, “ELPH, ELPH, ELPH EEEEE!” Anne was convulsed with laughter as she imagined the effect of this downstairs.


Wayne broke out in a sweat as he heard the pounding and muffled cries. He tried to pretend he hadn’t heard it and Jennifer breezed by him as if she hadn’t either. Wayne stood in the hall like a dummy while Jennifer was in the bathroom. Jennifer strode out of the bathroom and went in the kitchen and opened the refrigerator door. Wayne bolted after her. As he came in the kitchen Jennifer was asking, “Hey, could I bum a bottle of water?”


All the while Anne continued the insistent pounding and muffled yelling upstairs. She wished her feet weren’t tied with her ankles crossed. She would have loved to go hopping across the floor as hard as she could and start pounding on the door with her butt.


Wayne was in the kitchen with Jennifer and was saying, “Oh yes, a water, great, take two, ok then, well I’d better let you go on your way.”


Jennifer smiled at him and made her way into the hall and started heading for the front door with Wayne close behind her. Then she stopped suddenly and seemed to listen. “Hey, what’s that noise? It sounds like somebody pounding on the floor with their feet and trying to yell. Is that Anne? Is she ok?” Jennifer turned to the stairs as if to go up them. Wayne intercepted her and said, “Oh she’s just having a bad dream. I think she’s got a little fever. She did that off and on all night. I might take her to the doctor. That’s just what I’ll do. As soon as you’re gone I’ll take Anne to the doctor. Gosh, that sounds like a bad dream, like a fever dream. So, as soon as you’re gone, I’ll take her to the doctor. Yeah.”


Jennifer slowly turned around and walked back to the door. She dawdled and looked at the ceiling and said, “Wow, she must feel bad. Well I guess I better go so you can take her to the doctor, huh?”


Upstairs, Anne had to take a break. She listened to hear what effect this was having and could hear Wayne’s insistent voice and hear Jennifer’s low voice, speaking slowly and taking forever to get to the door. Finally their voices stopped and Anne looked out the window and watched Jennifer slowly make her way down the walkway to the street. When she got to the sidewalk, Jennifer turned around, crossed her arms and studied the house. Anne had been peering between the closed curtains by pushing her head between them. When she saw Jennifer stop, she thrust her head all the way through and stood up, which was difficult with her ankles crossed. She tossed her head to get Jennifer’s attention and was rewarded with the sight of Jennifer laughing and waving. Then she got in her SUV and drove away.


Anne sat back down in the chair and was giggling like a maniac. She heard Wayne pounding up the stairs. The door unlocked and he came into the room and while he was ungagging her he said, “What the hell did you think you were doing? She could hear you perfectly.”


Anne said, “Who? Who could hear me perfectly?”


Wayne said, “Jennifer that’s who. She seemed to think that you had a date to play tennis and she insisted on coming in the house and going in the bathroom and kitchen and hanging around in the hall. I told her you were sick and she couldn’t see you and then you started making all that racket.”


Anne turned two huge, innocent eyes up and Wayne and said, “I was just messing around. I thought it would be exciting for you to hear the captive damsel calling for help. I had no idea Jennifer was down there. I’m sorry if it made you uncomfortable. I guess you’re going to leave me all tied up here now while you mow the lawn.”


Wayne visibly relaxed and said, “You betcha.”


He put the gag back on her, left the room with one last hungry glance and locked the door behind him.


Now Anne was in one of her favorite situations. Alone, fully-clothed, a bit stimulated and because forced by the ropes to sit still, completely relaxed. This was going to be a fun day, she decided. She looked forward to every minute of it and it was something new – an entire day of being held captive. She shivered a bit and flexed against the ropes. She lifted her tightly bound legs and feet out in front of her and admired how her legs looked in their thin, ribbed stockings and skimpy little loafers, which were both dangling off her heels. She wriggled her feet until both shoes fell off and enjoyed the cool air and feeling of increased vulnerability that always came with losing her shoes. It was a new idea to be fully clothed, but to have on no underwear at all except for the garter belt. It was a lovely feeling.


Anne heard the lawn mower start up and she retreated into her own mind to enjoy her thoughts and occasionally to move around and remind herself that she was bound hand and foot. It was a promise of ecstasy to come. She looked out the window occasionally and it never ceased to amaze her how stimulating it could be to contemplate others’ freedom of movement. Since it was Saturday, there were people to be seen doing yard work, walking on the sidewalk, running and biking or sitting on front porches. There glimpses of people through the windows of other houses. For some reason, seeing other people moving about feely gave Anne a charge. She would say to herself, “They can go in and out of their houses and use their hands and feet. They can talk and pick up the phone. They can get out of their chairs and turn the doorknob and the door opens and they can walk out. For me to even get out of this chair would be an accomplishment, but one that wouldn’t do me a bit of good. What would they think if they saw me all tied and gagged like this? I know it would disturb many, but how many of them also have been tied up? How many on this street are tied up right now?


Anne felt like such a fetching damsel. She remembered the shattering orgasms of the night before and her body began to signal that it was ready for more of the same please. “It’s too early to get all hot and bothered.” But the mere fact of being held a bound and gagged captive meant that there was always at least a low level of sexual turmoil simmering within. The trick was not to let it get to the point to where she was too desperate too early. Wayne would precipitate that eventually in a maddeningly slow and skillful manner.


It was the being left alone that most eluded Anne’s analysis. The excitement was different. It seemed so odd that her body was still under Wayne’s complete control while he was 100 yards away and engaged in some activity completely unrelated to their game. It was one thing to be all tied up while being watched and attended and quite another to be left to her own devices. She always felt that she should be able to get loose with no one watching, but she had only been able to actually get untied once and that was when Wayne had unwisely left her with her hands tied in front of her so she could work the TV remote. But even that had been very, very difficult.


Anne amused herself by trying to see if she could get her ankles uncrossed. If she could get her feet side-by-side, she could hop around. But twisting her ankles around under the rope might make her feel chaffed and uncomfortable she decided. Anyway, it would definitely wrinkle and, perhaps, run her stockings.


After an hour or so, she heard Wayne pounding up the stairs. She heard the key in the lock and Wayne walked in the room completely naked. He smiled at her as he headed for the bathroom and said, “Hello dearest. No need to get up. Just keep your seat. Ha ha.”


The sight of Wayne naked, free and going about his business in a nonchalant manner sent an electric shock through Anne. The beehive began buzzing between her legs. Her hands struggled to get free and her feet as well. Her legs began bouncing up and down on the balls of her feet and she was tense against the ropes. She had barely begun to relax again when he came out of the bathroom, still naked and smelling clean and scented. Anne watched him get dressed with intense interest. She could tell he was as excited as she was.


When he was finished dressing, he approached Anne, ungagged her and gave her a long, deep kiss, which she leaned into as much as her bonds would allow. She was almost panting when he broke the kiss off. He untied her feet and untied the ropes holding her arms to her body, but he left her hands tied behind her.


With a smile, but without a word, he turned around and left the room. Anne stood up, worked her feet back into her shoes and ran after him. She followed him down the stairs and into the den at the back of the house where he was settling onto the couch in order to watch her come into the room.


Anne tried to be as composed as possible as she came in. She turned around and waggled her bound hands at Wayne and said, “Aren’t you forgetting something?”


“No, I think you have quite enough freedom right now. You ought to be grateful for what you can get, you know.”


Anne tossed her head and went and sat next to Wayne and tried to rub her body against his and press her mouth against his mouth, but Wayne kept her at arm’s length, laughing.


“You really should learn to show a little self restraint. I mean, it’s only noon and already you’re slathering like an animal. Must I tie your feet again?”


Anne stood up and indignantly stamped one delicately shod foot and said, “You are so mean. All right, I wouldn’t touch you if you begged me,” Anne flounced down into a chair that was at an angle to the couch, but still close to Wayne so he could see her unimpeded and perhaps be tempted to touch her.


Anne crossed her legs and began dangling a shoe off the toes of one foot. At one point the shoe fell off and as she worked it back on her foot, she struggling with her upper body much more than she had too in an attempt to attract Wayne’s attention. She re-crossed her legs and began the dangling again. She knew how this worked on Wayne. She said, “So what should we do today?”


Wayne leaned over and moved closer to Anne. She automatically leaned toward him with her mouth open, ready to receive a much-needed kiss. But all Wayne did was unbutton the first three buttons of her blouse and then resume his seat. Anne sprang up and threw herself on Wayne. As her mouth searched for his, Wayne could see her hands flailing around behind her back, desperately trying to get out of the ropes and help her grab him. Wayne and Anne both were laughing uncontrollably. Wayne stood up and marched her back to her chair, Anne resisting all the way. He pushed her back into the chair and produced a pair of handcuffs from somewhere Anne couldn’t tell, and clicked them into place on Anne’s ankles.


Wayne regained his seat, still chortling, “My, aren’t we full of spunk today? As for you question – what we ‘should do today’ is whatever we think we should do. I think your options will probably be a little limited, but I do have some plans for you. Would you like to hear some of them?”


Anne sat still and pouted a little as she said, “Yes please.”


Wayne produced the canvas tote bag from behind the end table between the couch and Anne’s chair and put it on the couch beside him. He held up one of the very large rolls of white, fabric adhesive tape. “One thing I would like to do is try out this tape on you and see if you can escape. I wouldn’t usually encourage an escape attempt, but I’ve prepared for this one. Over the last month or so I’ve turned the guesthouse into a sort of prison. I’ve replaced the locks on all the windows and doors so that only a key will open them from either side. I’ve cleared the place of, or locked up, any sharp objects so that cute, cunning, little hands won’t be able to use them to get free. What I’m intending to do is put you in there, tied up with tape for two hours. I’ll sit in here and watch through the window. If you do manage to get untied, you still won’t be able to get out of the guesthouse, but as a motivator, I will agree to give you an immediate orgasm if you manage to get out of the tape. How’s that…?”


At that moment the doorbell rang. Wayne rolled his eyes and said, “Keep quiet and maybe they’ll go away.” Anne knew it must be Jennifer. She had the sudden impulse to yell, but decided that might be giving away their plot. They sat waiting. Anne was bursting with anticipation. Wayne was tense and listening. Out of the corner of her eye, Anne saw Jennifer walking into the back yard. The blinds were down on all the windows, but the slats were open which meant that Anne could see out, but Jennifer couldn’t see in. Wayne was unaware of Jennifer’s presence not ten feet behind him and he jumped like a startled hare when Jennifer knocked on the door behind him. He ran and picked up Anne and hurried with her into the kitchen where he sat her on a chair. Anne saw him run out and then heard him open the door and say to Jennifer, “Oh. Hi. Jen. Come around to the front and I’ll meet you there.”


Anne snorted when she heard Jennifer say, “But why? Why not let me in this door? What’s going on?”


Wayne’s voice was exasperated when he said, “Just go to the front door. I’ll be right there.”


From where Anne was sitting she would be able to see Jennifer from the kitchen window, which was wide open, as Jennifer went around the house so she knew it would be a race between Wayne and Jennifer to see who could get there first.


Wayne burst through the kitchen door, picked Anne up and took her to the den. He unlocked the cuffs on her ankles and said, “Let’s go to the guesthouse, quick!”


Wayne opened the back door, made sure the coast was clear and then with one hand gripping Anne’s upper arm, hurried her across the lawn and into the guesthouse. He shut the door and Anne heard it lock from the other side.


Anne was giggling like a mad woman. “Here I am locked in the guesthouse with my hands tied behind me and Wayne desperately trying to prevent Jennifer from seeing anything she shouldn’t. Now is the time for an escape attempt while my feet are free. Maybe Wayne’s little ‘prison’ isn’t as secure as he thinks.”


What Anne couldn’t, and didn’t want to ignore, was the heightened stimulation she felt from her current situation. It was always interesting for her to be alone, with only her hands tied. The sense of relative freedom sharpened her awareness of her bound hands. She could walk around or sit. She could look at the objects that were everywhere – books, magazines, TV remote, doors, windows – but they were all difficult or impossible for her to grasp and use. The sense was that things were almost normal, but she was constantly reminded that her hands were tied behind her and that reminder made her feel very much like a damsel.


Anne amused herself by phrasing her situation in terms that she thought sounded like a damsel of one hundred years ago, “How curious that I am free to roam at will and yet how doubly curious that I am nevertheless helpless – helpless because strands of soft, thin, white rope bind my hands behind me. My arms are strong, but, thus bound, they are held fast. Will no one save me?” Anne giggled as she said these things aloud. She looked at her breasts moving freely, because braless, beneath her blouse. She could see inside her blouse because Wayne had unbuttoned the first three buttons.


As Anne amused herself she nevertheless had a goal and that was to find something to cut the ropes.


The guesthouse had been built for temporary servants’ quarters when the main house was built at the beginning of the previous century and was the only part of the property that had been extensively modified inside. Originally, it had merely been a sort of dormitory so that servants who had been working late could sleep over instead of going home. Wayne had installed a kitchen, bath, heating and cooling system and they had removed all the partitions that had divided the place into tiny bedrooms. The guesthouse was now primarily one big room with a fireplace; while at the back was the kitchen and bath. The one bedroom was in the former attic and was reached by a narrow stairs that ascended from in front of the main entrance. It was a very pleasant space and they had furnished it with all of their old furniture, some of it dating from their college days.


Anne meandered through the kitchen. Her hands couldn’t reach the upper cabinets, but they could pull out some of the drawers. Wayne had emptied them completely. Anne made her rounds of all the windows, pushing back the curtains with her head to see that they had indeed been fitted with locks and that all of them were locked. She went up the stairs and found that the door to the bedroom was locked as well.


She went back down to the living room and stood there thinking. She peered out one of the front windows to see if Jennifer was still succeeding in harassing Wayne, but there was no sign of either one. She decided to stay there, with her head poking out between the curtains in case there would be anything to see.


After a while Anne gave up. She moved to the couch and sat down, crossing her legs and swinging one foot up and down. The shoe fell off this foot and in the interest of symmetry; Anne slid her foot out of the other shoe and began massaging one foot with the other. She felt an increasing sense of anticipation because with everything so quiet and uneventful now, she began to imagine what might happen next. Surely it wouldn’t be long. Wayne could never leave her alone for very long because he liked to be around her. The longest he had ever left her alone, was when he tied her to a chair in their bedroom and left her for two solid hours. As something for her to do, he had inserted a dildo between her legs and Anne had almost succeeded in making herself have an orgasm. What she did succeed in doing was making herself absolutely mad with desire. Wayne found her desperate and sweaty. Anne had always wished he would do this to her again, but it was almost as agonizing as having her feet tickled. Wayne had said he felt left out. Anne had ribbed him about being jealous of a dildo. Anne wanted to request this scenario again, with some variations, but on the whole, Anne really preferred as much spontaneity as possible. There were many things they planned to do and never got around to. For instance, she was almost certain that Wayne’s bag of restraints would never really be used very much. They might try out the tape and he had used a strip of bed sheet to gag her and the handcuffs to briefly restrain her, but they both were used to the rope and liked its look and feel.


Anne had been sitting lost in her thoughts feeling a relaxed excitement that was very pleasant when she was interrupted by what sounded like a tapping on the back door of the guesthouse. The back door was in the kitchen and let out into the old alley, which ran between the rows of houses and which many people used as a driveway to their properties.


Anne struggled to her feet and crept to the back door. The door had no window, but there was one next to it in a little area where they had put a small table with four chairs. Anne went to that window and shoved the curtain aside with her head and there was Jennifer, still dressed in her tennis outfit, in the alley. Anne tapped on the window with her forehead and Jennifer looked around and eagerly came to the window.


Jennifer had a delighted, conspiratorial look on her face. The window was shut and locked but they could hear each other through it enough to be understood.


They were both smiling broadly. Jennifer said, “Is he keeping you in here? Are you tied up?”


Anne said, “He rushed me in here when you came into the back yard. I’m totally locked in, but just my hands are tied, see?” Anne turned around and flapped her bound hands at Jennifer and then turned back around to face her.


Jennifer’s mouth dropped wide open in amazement at the sight of her friend actually tied up, “Oh. My. God. That is so incredible. How do you feel? Is it exciting?”


Anne said, “I can’t tell you. It’s so hard to explain, but when this is all over, we’ll talk about it. I’ve been dying to talk to you about this for years.”


Jennifer kept looking around her to see if they were being observed, “Listen, I’m driving him nuts. It took him forever to get me out of the house this last time and I just finished calling him on the cell phone to keep him in the house while I sneaked around back here. I knew you were back here because when he told me to go around to the front door, I stayed at the gate by the garage and saw him lead you across the lawn. What should we do next?”


Anne said, “It’s up to you if you want to keep this up. I’d love to talk on the phone with you if he leaves me alone again, but he’s really careful about not letting me get to a phone because that’s one way I can score an escape.”


Jennifer was obviously filled with questions. She would have stood there for hours asking things like, “Does he only tie your hands? Are you ever completely tied up? Does he ever gag you? What does it feel like?”


Anne finally cut her off and said, “Listen, he’ll be here to get me any second, so we can’t get caught talking. If you want to keep distracting him that’s great, it’s really funny, but I’ve got to go now.”


Jennifer said, “Let me see your hands again.”


Anne turned around and waved at Jennifer with her tied up hands. They looked at each other again, giggled and Anne let the curtains fall closed.


She went to the front window and there was Wayne coming across the lawn.


Anne sat on the couch and composed herself. Wayne unlocked the door and came in and said, “You know, that friend of yours is a real pain. She acted like I was hiding you or something. It was almost like she knew something was going on. You don’t know anything about that do you?”


Anne shook her head, “Nobody knows about this. I’ve been tempted to tell a couple of selected girlfriends, but I’m just too afraid of them spreading it around. I have been curious about who else might engage in these tie-up games, but what’s none of my business is none of theirs either. Does that answer your question, you great, hulking villain?”


Wayne laughed, “Let’s go back in the house.”


He produced a suit coat to drape over Anne’s shoulders to hide the fact that her hands were tied in case a neighbor might be peering over or through the fence that surrounded the back yard and they nonchalantly strode back into the den of the main house. Wayne untied her hands and they had a bit of lunch and a couple of beers. They sat on the couch in the den and kissed and fondled a while, but purposely kept themselves under control for the main event, which would only come after Anne had been teased into a state of frenzy. They engaged in this low-level flirtation with the great desire that they both felt for each other and talked about things related and unrelated to the serious business at hand. Anne wondered what was in store for her as she sat on the couch with her shoes off and her legs curled around her and Wayne made his own plans, of which he was trying to choose between a couple of compelling variations.


It was around 3:30 in the afternoon and Anne had been free of all restraints for about three hours except for being briefly cuffed hand and foot when Wayne or she had to go to the bathroom or when Wayne went to get drinks, for they were hitting the alcohol a little as they sat there. Anne was feeling a giant anticipation looming on the horizon in great contrast to the almost normal afternoon they were having and it was all the more stimulating not to have any idea what would be done to her next. All she knew was that it would be great.


It was almost 4 o’clock when Anne decided to take the initiative. She moved off the couch and went to Wayne’s chair and draped herself over him. She began to undo his pants and kiss his mouth. She felt the extreme hardness in his pants and for a while he let her have her way. She got his dick out and began stroking in with one hand while she held his head with her other and they kissed long and deeply. She arranged herself so that his leg was between her legs and began rubbing herself on his leg until she was totally aroused. Since she wasn’t wearing any underwear but the garter belt, the fabric of his jeans was like heaven as it moved on her nakedness. Wayne let this go on until he was in danger of coming all over her and then he grabbed her, picked her up and put her face down on the couch. He cuffed her hands behind her and then cuffed her feet together.


Anne looked over her shoulder and watched him close his pants back up. She was surprised at how truly unhappy she was to be interrupted, “Hey, come on, let me go. I’ll go slower.”


Wayne shook his head and breathed deeply, “Uh uh. Man that was close. I think it’s time we were both alone again for a while. Anyway, I want to try this tape out on you.”


He uncuffed her feet and helped her stand and marched her upstairs to the bedroom, one hand on her upper arm and the other carrying his canvas tote bag full of delightful toys. In their bedroom, he got out one of the rolls of wide, white, fabric adhesive tape. Anne felt him uncuff her and she struggled to turn around and resume kissing him, but he pulled both arms up so that her hands were at the small of her back, pointing in opposite directions, and began wrapping the tape around her wrists.


This felt very different to Anne from the rope she was used to. It felt as thick and unyielding but was a trifle smoother and less soft. Wayne wrapped the tape to what he thought was a sufficient thickness, making sure she couldn’t reach the end of it. Then he sat her in the chair by the window and wrapped the tape around her ankles. Because there was no cinch between her ankles, Anne could tell that this would make her ankle bonds have much less slack. Wayne did wrap the tape around one ankle first so that there would be some cushion between them before he began wrapping around both ankles, but that cushion was much thinner than any cinch could be.


Anne looked down and saw that her feet were very tightly secured. When Wayne moved away from her for a moment, she tested these new bindings and decided that they might be quite a bit more effective than one might think. While she was thus engaged in hopeless struggle, Wayne slipped the strip of bed sheet between her teeth and began winding that in both directions around her head and between her teeth until it was very thick. She felt him knot it behind her head.


Wayne stood back to survey his handiwork and Anne rewarded him with a very determined twisting and struggling with her upper body, a truly charming display of toe pointing and pulling against her bonds with her stocking feet and she yelled as loud as she could through the gag, “Mo, mo, eeeph oomph I eee uph! Eeeeph eph eee O!” They were both laughing, but Wayne was deeply moved by the sight of his adorable, little wife struggling for all she was worth. Apart from her stocking feet, he especially liked the way her unencumbered breasts moved under her blouse, which was pulled tight against her bosom by the way her arms and shoulders were drawn sharply behind her.


Wayne winked at Anne and blew her a kiss. He left the room, closed the door and Anne heard him lock it behind him. She stopped struggling except for some gentle, rhythmic writhing that was necessary to her at the moment – necessary because she couldn’t be still with the beehive buzzing so insistently between her legs and the resulting stimulation coursing through her whole body. Her hands wanted so badly to come from behind her back and touch her. Her feet wanted so badly so spread apart so her hands could have unimpeded access to the buzzing between her legs. But there she sat, bundled up like a parcel. “Wow, I never get used to this,” Anne thought, “It’s always so damn exciting. It always works on me like a god damned drug.”


As Anne continued to gently struggle, she found that the tape offered a bit less slack than rope generally did. She didn’t even have the inch or two of slack that she was used to even when her struggling made the tape begin to conform more closely to the contours of her wrists and ankles and relax its grip a little. She was comfortable, but felt very closely and tightly bound indeed. She decided that even hopping around or trying to pick things up with her hands would be much more difficult. “Now would be a great time to have the dildo,” Anne reflected, but the thought of anything in her vagina produced a powerful shiver of emotion and she involuntarily drew a deep breath.


She sat as still as she could for a while and the acute desire simmered down to a more relaxed state of throbbing and anticipation. This was perhaps her favorite feeling. With her physical body helpless, Anne’s fantasies became vivid and her thoughts more interesting. She began to have images in her head of what might happen to her in the very near future and squirmed with delight. She turned to the side and peered between the slats of the blinds on the window next to the chair and played her little game of contrasting her situation with anyone she could see freely moving about in their yards or on the sidewalk. “They’re walking around and using their hands and talking without even thinking about it. Here I am all tied up, or taped up, and can’t really move from this chair.”


She leaned closer to the window and saw to her unutterable glee that Jennifer’s big SUV was pulling up to the curb. She saw Jennifer get out.


Jennifer was a totally different physical type than Anne. She was four inches taller and was slim and willowy. Everything about her was long and slim; her legs and arms seemed almost too long for her trim little body. Her breasts were medium sized and also were a trifle big compared to her very thin waist. Jennifer was very fair skinned and had long, yellow-blonde hair that she usually wore with part of it pulled back from her face and gathered behind her head while the majority of her hair flowed out from under the pulled-back part and tumbled around her shoulders. Anne watched her approach the house and saw that she was dressed in a long, flowing, mid-calf peasant dress that fit around her bosom and was drawn tight beneath it by a cord. From her bosom the dress flowed down like a loose robe. Her legs and feet were bare except for some delicate, black leather mules that had a one-inch spike heel and that completely covered her toes and a small part of her instep. There were tiny, decorative bows on top of each foot.


Anne saw Jennifer disappear onto the front porch and then heard the doorbell ring. She giggled as she heard Wayne stomping to the door and then heard his voice and Jennifer’s. She couldn’t hear what they were saying, but she could tell from the tone of Wayne’s voice that he was exasperated. Jennifer’s voice sounded whiney and pleading. Then she heard Jennifer say extra loud, for Anne’s benefit no doubt, that, “If she’s sick she needs this chicken soup. It’s the best thing Wayne. Just let me take it to the kitchen and you can give it to her if you won’t let me. Come on Wayne, this is great stuff.”


Anne heard Wayne finally let Jennifer into the house. She heard them walk down the hall and presumably back to the kitchen. She wriggled against her bonds with glee as she congratulated herself on such a funny game. She would have to brag about this later, she thought. Wayne would be so embarrassed.


But Anne couldn’t imagine what was really going on in the kitchen. If she had she would have been quite upset.


As soon as Jennifer and Wayne entered the kitchen, Jennifer stopped her inane, ceaseless chatter and put her finger to her lips and whispered, “Look Wayne, I know what’s going on. Don’t say anything; just listen. Anne got to a phone yesterday and filled me in and told me to keep interrupting you today. I feel like I’ve done enough of that and I felt bad that you were so obviously uncomfortable, so I’ve come back this time to see if we can’t figure out some way to turn the tables on Anne. Where is she? Can she hear us?”


Wayne slowly smiled an evil grin and said, “No, she’s upstairs tied up tight, sitting on the chair by the window and locked in the bedroom awaiting my pleasure. What did you have in mind?”


Jennifer looked at Wayne brightly and said, “You two sound like you’re having so much fun. It’s so exciting to be in on the secret. I don’t know what we could do. I was thinking you might know better than me what would be really shocking to her. Maybe you and I could just walk in on her upstairs, I could tell her I’m sorry she’s sick and I brought her some soup and we could just walk out. That sounds kind of stupid though. We should think of something that would really surprise her.”


They stood there silently, each wracking their brains trying to come up with a really clever way to give the advantage in the game back to Wayne. Wayne said, “One thing we could do is we could go sit in the living room and chat for an hour, laughing and sounding relaxed. She could hear that and she would wonder why I’m not getting rid of you or being nervous. I could yell out things like, ‘Hey Jennifer, you want another drink?’ and you could yell out, ‘Sure!’


Jennifer’s eyes suddenly became impossibly wide and her mouth went wide open in a typically Jennifer-style display of extreme excitement, she had trouble keeping her voice to a whisper, “I’ve got it, I’ve got it! You tie me up and take me upstairs and dump me on the bed and then without a word, just leave the room! Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Can you just see Anne’s reaction?”


Wayne was obviously entranced by the idea, but a little unsure. This might go beyond proper boundaries, but it was perfect in a strictly dramatic sort of way, “Weeeell, I don’t know…”


Jennifer was almost bouncing with glee, “Come on Wayne, tie me up, It’ll drive Anne nuts and anyway, I want to see what it’s like. I’ve never been tied up before. Pleeeeez?”


Wayne suppressed a laughing fit and had to look away, “I must admit, it’s a perfect plan. It’s too good to pass up. If it pisses her off then she deserves it for giving away our secrets. She’ll get over it and it serves her right. So you’ve never been tied up before? You’re not scared?”


“Oh no, Anne told me you do a great job and if she trusts you, so do I. It’s all between friends, ya know?”


“Ok then, do you want the full treatment like I give Anne or do you want to be tied just enough to have the effect?”


Jennifer stifled an embarrassed giggle, “Wayne, I want this to be completely convincing as if you were sick and tired of me coming around bothering you and so you tie me up just like you do Anne when you want her completely helpless, gag me even, and then carry me upstairs over your shoulder and dump me on the bed. Maybe even say something like, ‘If you want to hang around with Anne so bad, well there she is. Have fun,’ and then leave us alone together. You might want to ungag me before you leave so I can explain at some point that we’re playing a joke on her, but when you carry me in I need to be completely tied and gagged so we get the full effect.”


Wayne whispered, “OK lets go in the den. I’ve got all the rope and stuff in there. Anne’s tied up with tape right now.”


They went in the den and Jennifer had a large whisky sour while Wayne showed her the ropes and explained what was going to happen. They decided that Wayne would carry Jennifer into the bedroom, bound and gagged, kicking and screaming. He would deposit her on the bed or wherever Anne was not, and Jennifer would continue yelling incoherently at him until he called for silence and said some mean things about them plotting against him. Then he would ungag both of them, ignoring everything Anne said, and without a word leave the room, locking it behind him.


Jennifer started to have some qualms about revealing the fact that she now knew Wayne and Anne’s secret, “So are you upset with Anne or me that I’ve been let in on your secret?”


Wayne looked thoughtful and said, “Not at all. It’s kind of fun to have you, as Anne’s best friend, know about us. It can be our own private, inside joke. If you find a guy who wants to play, you can tell him too. I can’t imagine having a “couples night,” but just knowing about it is fine. Anyway, whenever you accidentally call from now on when Anne is tied up, I can just say, ‘I’m sorry, she can’t come to the phone right now, she’s a little tied up and the moment.’ That’s so much better than all the absurd excuses I’ve been giving you all these past years.”


Jennifer said, “Yeah, there’ve been times when I thought she was just avoiding me or something, the excuses were so bad. Well, I guess we better get me all tied up a little.”


Jennifer drained her drink and slightly blushing, presented herself to be tied. Wayne went behind her and gently crossed her wrists behind her back and wrapped them with rope, cinched between her wrists and knotted the rope just as he did with Anne. Jennifer reacted to this new experience with a giggle and a little struggle and then became still as Wayne began wrapping more rope around her body, below her bosom and above her elbows. He cinched the rope between her elbows and body and knotted it between her shoulder blades. Jennifer twisted her slim, graceful body against these highly effective bonds and said, “Wayne, don’t take this wrong, but I can see how this might be a little exciting. I am totally helpless. Wow.”


Wayne said, “Yeah, this is a little weird to be tying up Anne’s best friend, but we’re adults. We can compartmentalize our emotions. So don’t worry; you’re safe with me. Now you’ll need to sit down so I can tie your feet.”


Jennifer moved to and chair and Wayne noticed her hands wriggle behind her as they attempted to smooth her skirt under her. Jennifer noticed this too and she blushed and giggled, “I’m not used to this yet.”


Wayne said as he bent to tie her feet, “Anne says she never gets used to it. She says it always surprises her when she can’t move and do what she usually does. When I’ve left her alone, I’ll sometimes spy on her outside the door and I’ll hear her talking to herself and saying things like, ‘I am all tied up and can’t even scratch my nose. I would untie my feet, but I can’t because my hands are tied behind my back.’ She plays all kinds of mind games when I leave all alone like that. It gets her excited I think.”


Wayne finished tying Jennifer’s feet together and moved around behind her to gag her. Jennifer lifted her legs and waggled her feet around, both to see how she was tied and to experience the feeling that she had, in fact, lost control of her feet. She put her feet back on the floor and as Wayne was gagging her, she slipped her feet out of the little leather mules. She noted immediately and with a most unseemly rush of excitement, how vulnerable merely losing her shoes while tied up made her feel. Wayne noticed that she quickly wriggled her feet back into her shoes. He knew why she did this and smiled as he knotted the gag behind her head.


Jennifer made a couple of experimental “mmphs” behind the gag that then degenerated into helpless giggling. Wayne stood in front of her and said, “OK, are you ready?”


Jennifer couldn’t look at him and was trying desperately to stop the giggling that only led to more giggling. She managed to say, “Eh uh immiph.”


She composed herself finally and then shook her head, “Yes.”


Wayne stood her up and picked her up off the floor and draped her over his shoulder so that her head was hanging face down behind his back and her legs were hanging down in front of him. Jennifer bent her knees to that her feet were pointed straight up and Wayne could tell she was curling her toes in the mules to keep them from falling off. He tried not to be too charmed by the sight of her bare heels wrinkling above the ropes on her ankles.


“OK, here we go.” And they went off toward the stairs.


All this time, Anne had been sitting straining to hear what was going on. She would occasionally glance out the window to see if Jennifer’s SUV was still there and yes, there it was, but Anne could hear no more conversation. What was going on? The mystery and its accompanying anticipation were exciting but a little unbearable. “But that’s what makes this all so great,” she thought, “Events happen and things go on and I can’t do anything about it because I am tied up.” She writhed with greater urgency as the anticipation and curiosity mounted. Then she heard something. It sounded like somebody slowly coming up the stairs. She also heard what sounded like a woman’s voice humming or squealing. Every nerve in Anne’s mind and body was now on total alert as she heard the footsteps and that strange voice come closer and closer. Then she heard the key turn in the lock. Anne’s was leaning toward the door as if to get as close as possible to the mystery that was about to be revealed. She was breathing hard and her gag was getting damp around her cheeks. She keenly felt the tape around her wrists and ankles as her hands and feet struggled to get free and help her discover what in the world was about to happen. Her stocking feet were gripping the floor as she rocked back and forth and struggled against her bonds.


And then the door flew open into the room as if kicked. Anne saw Wayne stride into the room with her best friend, Jennifer, bound hand and foot, gagged and draped over his shoulder. Wayne’s face was grim and Jennifer was keeping up a constant stream of incoherent yelling. She was kicking her legs up and down as if to try and hit Wayne in the face with her bound feet. Her fingers were spread wide as her hands clawed at the air behind her back. Anne saw all this, but the shock of it was so extreme that it didn’t register at first. Anne froze and watched.


Wayne tossed Jennifer on the bed, not ten feet away from Anne’s chair. Jennifer thrashed mightily and rolled over on her side and thrust her face at Wayne, yelling through the gag and looking angry. Anne tried to rise to her feet and speak out against this horrible new development and she had never been so surprised to be reminded of her bound and gagged state. She twisted and yelled through her gag. Both women were now struggling like mad and both yelling at Wayne. It was a chorus of “mmphs and huuuummms” that traversed every note in the scale. Anne was addressing her anger at Wayne, but she couldn’t take her eyes off the sight of her bound and gagged friend. It just couldn’t be, but there she was.


Wayne stood looking grim and serious and raised his hand for silence, “Ladies, ladies, I have just about had enough. You, “he pointed at Jennifer, “have done nothing but bother us all day; poking your nose into our business after I made it quite clear that we were not in the mood for company.”


Jennifer fell silent and looked pouty. She stole a look at Anne and saw that Anne was straining every nerve. She was sitting bolt upright and pulling and pushing against her bonds. Her eyes were huge and she looked as if she still couldn’t believe what was playing out in front of her. She started to say, “But you don’t tie her up – not Jennifer.” She had barely gotten out, “Up oo oomph..” and Wayne stopped her.


“And I think you have something to do with this. I don’t know how you did it, but I think you and Jennifer have plotted against me. I won’t have it. But if you would rather chat and plot with your girlfriend than play with me, well, I’ll be nice. I’ll ungag you both and you can sit here and chat and plot to your heart’s content. But I don’t want to hear you say a word to me.”


Wayne ungagged Jennifer first and Jennifer did the best she could to look chastened and pouty. Wayne ungagged Anne and before she could really say anything, he turned around, left the room and locked the door behind him.


Jennifer remained still and looked at the door. She knew she couldn’t look at Anne’s shocked and startled expression and still keep a straight face. She heard Anne say, “Jennifer, I am so sorry. I don’t know what’s got into him. I’m worried.”


Jennifer decided that Anne had been toyed with enough. She had been more than sufficiently tricked. Jennifer now snorted as she released her suppressed laughter. She rolled on her side so she could look directly at Anne and howled with her mouth wide open. If Jennifer’s hands hadn’t been lashed behind her, she would have pointed at Anne. Jennifer was astounded at how much fun this suddenly seemed. It was fun being tied up with her friend and Jennifer was bubbling with laughter and the intense desire to talk about all this. But first she had to reassure Anne and get her to realize it was all a joke.


Jennifer said, “We gotcha. We gotcha good, too. You should have seen your face. I should have thought to get Wayne to take a picture. Your eyes were so wide I thought they’d drop out of your head! Ha ha ha ha ha!”


Anne looked as Jennifer wriggled in glee. “You mean you planned this. God damn it, you plotted against me with Wayne!?”


Jennifer said, “Calm down. Geez. It’s only fair. It’s not like I didn’t know what you guys were doing. And Wayne doesn’t care that I know and we’ve driven him nuts all day. He was just playing a part just now. All the way up the stairs he was cracking up.” Jennifer began struggling to sit up. She swung her legs off the bed and used their weight to help her fingers as they pushed against the bed until she slowly came to a sitting position with her feet and calves dangling down the side of the high, antique bed. “Man, I’m really tied up here. This is so fun!” Jennifer shook her head so that her hair was a little less in her face. She wriggled and struggled, not in a serious attempt at escape, but merely to have the fun of feeling how the ropes held her captive. As she did this, her mules fell off her feet and thumped to the floor. “Oops. Well, I’m not going to be walking anywhere. Hey, this is really strange. I can see why you like it. I mean, if I was tied up and helpless and there was a man around for me, I’d be really, really hot. Just thinking about it is exciting.”


Anne looked at her friend affectionately, but with questions in her mind, “So what is the plan here? Is Wayne going to untie you now that you’ve had your little game or do you even know?”


Jennifer laughed, “Oh, well, we decided I’d sit up here with you for an hour and I’d string you along for a while, but I just didn’t have the heart. You looked so confused and worried. But this is great! We can’t get loose! Hey, that’s a cute outfit. You look so innocent all taped up in it – just like a damsel in distress, ha ha. I can’t get over how weird it is that I can’t get my hands and feet free. If I sit here really still, the ropes feel very light, but the second I move it’s like they wake up and clamp down. It must drive you out of your mind when Wayne plays with you and you’re like this.”


Anne contemplated her friend as she tested the ropes in every way she could think of and recognized that Jennifer was making the same moves she often made when she was in the mood to struggle. And then an evil grin spread across Anne’s face. “Hey Jennifer, let’s turn the tables on Wayne and escape. We’re not tied to anything. We could untie each other!”


Jennifer was instantly excited by this new twist in the adventure, “Tell me what to do.”


Anne said, “OK, you’ll have to untie me. I can’t hop very well with this tape around my ankles; I don’t have enough slack to keep my balance. I’ll stand up by this chair and you hop over here and we’ll stand back-to-back and you should be able to use your hands to pull the tape off. It’ll be awkward, but I know we can do it.”


Anne stood up and pushed up on the balls of her feet and slowly rotated around so she was facing the window. She watched as Jennifer tentatively jumped down off the bed and made a few experimental hops. She was only about ten feet away from Anne, but her progress was slow and deliberate. Jennifer would take a hop and stop to check her balance and then take another hop. Finally she got into position and twisted around to see where the end of the tape was on the thick wad holding Anne’s wrists together at the small of her back. Anne could feel Jennifer’s fingers as they searched and found the tape end and she began to peel it back. “Wow, this stuff is sticky.”


Jennifer persisted and Anne began to feel a loose end of the tape swing against the back of her legs where her skirt ended. She started twisting her hands and feeling the increasing thinness of the tape. Finally she began to feel a certain encouraging slack as Jennifer made one slow peel after another. Then when she felt the time was right, Anne made one determined twist of her wrists and they came apart. “I’m free!” Anne giggled. She sat down in the chair and unwrapped the tape from her ankles. She stood up and slipped her stocking feet into her shoes. Jennifer had begun hopping around with a bit more confidence, but Anne had to grab her when she almost lost her balance. She helped Jennifer hop to the chair and pushed her back into it. “I think I’ll leave you tied up, you traitor.” Anne stood back with her hands on her hips, enjoying the feeling of being free, but having someone else tied and helpless in the room.


Jennifer laughed, “Hey, I don’t want to be untied. I’ve never been tied up before.”

Anne tapped her foot, “So how does it feel?”


Jennifer continued to gently struggle. She had a way of shuffling her bare feet back and forth in tiny motions against her ankle ropes. She looked at Anne, “I think you’re lucky to have a guy you can do this with. When you just now said you wouldn’t untie me, I had this sudden realization that I am really a prisoner until Wayne comes back up here and it’s exciting. It’s like with my body helpless, my emotions are twice as stimulated. I’m sitting here wishing a guy would come in and touch me. Are we on dangerous ground here?”


Anne turned and jumped up on the bed. There they were locked in the bedroom. One woman bound hand and foot, the other free, talking about what it all meant and why this fascinating game was such a bizarre thrill.


Anne reflected for a moment, “We’re not on dangerous ground at all. We’ll be better friends than ever because of what’s happening now and if you think about it, even though I’m free for the moment, I’m more of a prisoner than you are. The second Wayne comes through that door he’ll untie you and you can go and do whatever you want. I’ll be tied up again for the rest of the day and part of tomorrow. I don’t mean he’ll keep me tied up all the time, but he’s obligated to keep me from making an official escape. You’ll notice the phone isn’t in the room and the door is locked. I can’t leave this room any more than you can. What will probably happen when Wayne comes back is that he’ll leave me in here more or less tied up and lock the door. I’ll watch you leave through the window. But then if I’m lucky, he’ll come back up here and give me an orgasm that simply cannot be described.”


Jennifer was beaming at the thought of it, “Is the orgasm that much more powerful?”


Anne said brightly, “The power of it is truly indescribable. It’s like being on hallucinogens while riding a roller coaster. It’s like an out-of-body experience. It’s like an internal explosion, no – it’s like a series of internal explosions. I’ve already had one this weekend and I’ll probably have two more. After the one yesterday, we made love in the regular way and that was made nicer from having had the one while tied up. The two things are really different. It’s like having two different ways to come. The tied up one is like a convulsion and the regular one is relaxed and happy. But the weird thing about the orgasm while tied up is that I either finish it laughing or I actually faint – or come very close to it. But it all depends on how the man manages it. He has to tease you and draw it out and because you’re tied up, he’s able to do that without you interfering. The delay and the helplessness is key and the man has to be slow and gentle and totally control the pace. There have been times when I will beg Wayne to please, please, please make me come now and he will not do it, if he thinks it’s not time yet. He’s so good at the timing and his touch is just right.”


As Jennifer listened to this she had leaned forward and was flexing against the ropes. Her hands were gesturing behind her and her shoulders were slowly twisting back and forth. Her legs had extended out in front of her and her toes were pointed and one foot was slightly crossed over the other. Anne could tell that her feet were becoming hypersensitive, just as Anne’s did, and Jennifer was enjoying the feeling of one foot rubbing the sole of the other.


Jennifer said, “Wow, I’m gonna be excited all day. I wish I knew Jason better.”


Anne had only met Jennifer’s new boyfriend once. He was also divorced and had met Jennifer at work. They had only been dating about a month.


“Jason’s a nice guy, I think. He’s the best one you’ve dated since your divorce, but that’s only a first impression. But I will tell you this; I suspect that most men would just love to tie up their women so you’ll have no problem there, but you’ve got to make sure Jason knows what he’s doing. Any pain or fear would ruin it for you so he’s got to follow the rules and he’s got to know how to tie a person up. Once you get in the swing of things you can get spontaneous, but at first, the rules must be rigidly adhered to. We’ve been doing this for six years, but only this weekend did Wayne deviate from the rules and announce that I would be a prisoner all weekend whether I liked it or not. He knew I would be shocked by it, but he also knew it would work on me like a charm. I’ve never been so excited. I’m sitting here right now anticipating the next time I feel him putting the ropes on me.”


Jennifer laughed, “This is so great that we can talk about this now.” Jennifer bit her lower lip and looked very nervous. She blushed as she said, “I don’t suppose you would ever consider tying me up and giving me an orgasm? It wouldn’t mean we didn’t like men you know. But I’ve always had this feeling about you and when Wayne brought me in here all tied up and I saw you struggling to get free, I felt very attracted to you. Do you think I’m crazy?”


Anne giggled and blushed, “No, actually, I don’t. It might be fun. I’ll have to think about it. We could never tell anyone about that, though.”


Jennifer blushed a deep red, “Oh no! If ever there was a secret that’s it.” Jennifer paused a second and whispered, “Come over here and kiss me. OK?”


Anne slid off the bed and bent down to meet Jennifer’s mouth. She had never kissed a woman before and she found it quite nice. She and Jennifer kissed long and deeply with their tongues intertwining. Anne could feel Jennifer staining against the ropes. She could see over Jennifer’s shoulder her hands flapping wildly as they tried to get free and grab Anne’s body. Anne broke off the kiss and recognized Jennifer’s reaction as being the same as her own when Wayne broke off a kiss and Anne was powerless to stop him from leaving her. Jennifer twisted and struggled wildly for a moment and then burst into laughter as the power of what had happened washed over her. She shivered and drew in a sharp breath, “Oh, God damn! That is just THE most incredible THING!”


Jennifer threw her body forward so that her hair flipped all the way over her face and then she threw herself back in the chair and her hair went up, back and was streaming around all over the place. Jennifer was flushed and her body was literally pulsating.


“Anne, you’ve got to untie me before Wayne comes back up here. He can’t see me like this. I’ve got to calm down.”


“I don’t think so Jen. You asked for it and you’ll just have to deal with it. All you have to do is sit still for a few minutes. I like looking at you anyway. This must be what I look like.”


Jennifer was gently writhing in the chair, “Kiss me one more time.”


Anne shook her head, “No, I’d like to, believe me, but that’ll get you too hot. From here on out you won’t be satisfied with anything less than a full-blown orgasm so you might as well just try to calm down.”


Anne looked down at Jennifer’s shoes, “You know these are cute shoes Jen.” Anne let her own shoes fall off her feet and she stood up off the bed and slipped on Jennifer’s mules. She did a few professional-style model steps and said, “What do you think?”


Jennifer said, “I think it makes me excited to see you walking around free in my shoes while I’m tied up. Anyway they’re a little too big for you so please show a little mercy and don’t keep driving me so nuts. In fact, why don’t you help me put them back on? I’ve noticed I feel a bit less vulnerable with shoes on.”


Anne giggled, “I’ve noticed that too and I’ve also noticed that when I’m tied up and lose my shoes while struggling, it makes Wayne visibly more excited – very visibly.”


Anne bent down and lifted Jennifer’s bound feet. Before she put the mules on her, she gave her feet a little tickle and Jennifer convulsed and made an “Oh!” sound. Anne slipped the mules on her and then walked off and put her own shoes back on. Anne went back to the bed and sat on the edge and they talked and waited for Wayne’s return. The discovery of their mutual, physical attraction was deeply exciting and they were a little afraid of it. But it opened up all kinds of possibilities that had never occurred to them before.


They heard Wayne pounding up the stairs and they both unconsciously composed themselves, which was difficult to do because they both felt an uncontrollable giggling fit rising.


Wayne unlocked the door and said, “Well, well, well. You two have been busy. Jennifer, I can see that Anne has gotten the best of you. Let me guess, she got you to untie her and then she wouldn’t untie you. Is that about it?”


Jennifer’s face was red as a beet and she said with a musical intonation, “That’s riiiight. But you’re here to rescue me.”


“I’m here to kick you out of here.”


Anne was sitting on the bed against the headboard with her shoes off and her legs curled around her. Wayne relocked the door to prevent a certain someone from bolting for freedom and bent to untie Jennifer’s feet. When he had done so, he said to Anne, “Trot on over here please and place your hands behind your back.”


With exaggerated eagerness, Anne hopped off the bed and skipped over to Wayne. This produced a suspicious amount of gleeful giggling in both women and Wayne frowned a little as he tied Anne’s hands behind her. Wayne found himself feeling outnumbered – conspired against again. With Anne once again a captive, he turned to finish untying Jennifer. Anne and Jennifer looked at each other covertly and then had to look away. They were both moist and breathing a little too hard.


Once untied, Jennifer slipped her mules back on and said, “Well, I must be going, it seems. Bye Anne, have fun!” She flounced out of the room looking over her shoulder to catch one more glimpse of Anne, standing in the middle of the room with her hands tied behind her. Wayne followed her and made the same sort of glance before he shut the door and locked it. Anne felt quite the object of desire. Her husband and her best friend had given her looks that were only a little short of predatory. The thought made Anne wish that just this once her hands were free so she could touch herself.


She walked to the window to watch Jennifer leave. As she did this, she paused to slip her shoes back on so she could feel fully dressed again. Anne watched as Jennifer almost danced down the walkway to the sidewalk where her SUV was parked. As Jennifer was about to get in the SUV, she turned and blew a kiss at the house where she knew Anne would be watching and then she was gone.


Anne felt the familiar and intense anticipation well up inside her as she began to imagine what might happen next. Wayne might leave her alone for a while and he might come up and ravish her thoroughly. Then again he might keep her teased and stimulated for hours. There was no telling where this game would go. She was buzzing from the fast changes that her role had undergone in the last hour. First taped and helpless, then untaped and free; able to play the role of teaser with Jennifer and then suddenly a captive again, watching her former captive waltz off. Whatever happened next, she was awed by the fact that her life was now changed by the kiss she had had with Jennifer. They would do it again. She and Jennifer would be lovers – covert friends and lovers.


Anne walked around the room looking at all the familiar things that she could usually pick up without a thought. She wished Wayne would come up here and touch her.


She didn’t have long to wait. She heard the key turn in the lock and he came in smiling. “How did you feel about all that, sweetie? Was it fun or infuriating? Who will I be dealing with now – a sullen captive or a happy captive?”


Anne sat primly in the chair where both she and Jennifer had lately been tied and said, “Truthfully, it was fun.  I think Jennifer was a little turned on by it all and it was fun for me to see that. She’s plotting to find a man to tie her up who can touch her. She’s got plans.”


Wayne stood over Anne and without a word, pushed her to her feet. He untied her hands and then retied them, palm-to-palm in front of her. Then he gagged her with a thick winding of linen between her teeth. He picked her up like a bride and deposited her on the bed where he lashed her hands to a horizontal bar at the top of the headboard. Anne was cautiously delighted at this development. It was rare for Wayne to tie her to the bed. Wayne took up two of the longer ropes and made thick rope ankle bracelets around each of Anne’s ankles. Then he took some lengths of rope and looped these into the ropes around Anne’s ankles and leashed each of her feet to the far posts of the footboard so that Anne’s legs were now spread eagled. She found that she could barely bend her knees there was so little slack.


Wayne moved slow as if he was merely taking care of a mundane, household chore. When Anne was securely tied, he started to gently touch her here and there, making her body arch and squirm as it tried to meet his hands. She decided to struggle as if she were trying to stop him as his hands went beneath her clothes. She hoped this would inflame him and cause him to rub her with more persistence, but Wayne kept things slow and his touch maddeningly light. Anne’s fingers were spreading wide and her feet were pointing first up at the ceiling and then down. As her feet moved the few inches she could pull and push them, her shoes lost their grip on her heels and Anne was dimly aware of the coolness on her stocking feet. She closed her eyes and felt Wayne touch between her legs with one hand and beneath her unbuttoned blouse with the other.


Anne had rarely felt so constricted in her movements and so vulnerable to another’s attentions. But her body had now gone into overdrive and was trying to do what it would normally do in such a state of sexual stimulation. Her arms wanted to grab Wayne and pull him to her. Her legs wanted to wrap themselves around him. If her vagina had had the ability to speak, it would have been crying out to be filled with as much hard dick as possible.


Wayne had now worked Anne up into a rhythmic, writhing motion. She was aware that he had doused her vagina with lubricant and was gently, gently sliding two fingers up and down the length of it while his mouth was licking and kissing her now exposed breasts. This was what Anne had been craving for hours and what she had had to try and suppress. Now it was like she was being fed after days of starvation. It felt so damn good and the great explosion was preparing itself deep within her. She knew it would take a long while for the explosion to come and there was nothing she could do to hurry it. At times like these Anne retreated into her mind. She was aware of her body – the cool air on her now shoeless, stocking feet and her now totally exposed breasts. Her skirt had been pushed up around her hips and her legs were straining against the ropes. She was sweating now and her breathing was erratic. Spasms of emotion and waves of physical pleasure made her breathe in and out sharply from time to time and Anne was aware that tears were running down her cheeks and that her nose was running. She would wipe her face on the sleeves of her blouse from time to time. But primarily Anne’s mind had now taken over in response to the helplessness of her body and she had entered a dream world that was more vivid that a dream – it was like a powerful hallucination.


One image followed another as her body reacted to stimulation with rising and excruciating waves of pleasure. It was as if her brain was pouring gallon buckets of some pleasure hormone onto every nerve she possessed. Anne saw in her mind a series of unconnected images that only increased her body’s desires and reactions.


One new image was the picture of Jennifer, tied up in her own bedroom, leaning forward and offering her face for Anne to kiss. Anne extrapolated this image to see Jennifer’s dress undone and Anne’s hands cupping her breasts. Into this scenario entered Wayne. Wayne tied Anne and began to work with his hands and mouth on both women – leaving one and manipulating the other and then back again. Then Wayne put them both on the bed, tied up and naked and let them rub against each other as best they could. This image was shocking, electrifying and made Anne convulse. She imagined Wayne watching Jennifer and her as they writhed against one another, unable to touch each other in the proper places because so well tied. They could only kiss and arch their bodies against each other.


Then Anne was aware of an interruption of Wayne’s heretofore constant and rhythmic stroking of her. She opened her eyes and said, “Mmmmmmmmm!” in protest, but then saw that he was shedding his clothes. She let her head drop back on the pillow, reassured that this was a good sign. As she felt Wayne move his body into position on top of her, Anne began thrashing and struggling to prevent him from achieving penetration. Wayne laughed in appreciation and she heard him say, “I’m going to fuck you and you’re going to like it, my precious.”


Anne felt him enter her and her body changed gears completely. She felt her arms and legs struggling to get free of the ropes and wrap themselves around Wayne, but her inability to keep him off her and then her inability to clasp him to her made her shudder. Wayne kept it slow, but he was hard as a rock. He had what he always referred to as a diamond cutter and Anne felt filled to the brim. It went on and on and on.


The image now was that Anne was out of her body and floating above the scene. She saw Jennifer sitting in the chair, tied up and gagged, watching, sweating and awaiting her turn. Then Anne felt on the very edge of a cataclysmic event. She was right on the verge of a devastating explosion and her body went into convulsions trying to make it happen.


And then it did. Anne heard herself yell, “Ohhhhhhhh!” and her mind was filled with a sound like a waterfall and her body felt the soft hammer blows of one internal eruption after another. All sense of time was lost and as the hammer blows diminished and she felt so profoundly happy. A flood of serenity and, at the same time, hilarity coursed through her. She began to laugh, but then almost immediately began to fall into a soft, warm blackness. Her last thought was of Wayne and Jennifer watching her and laughing with her before she lost consciousness.


When she fainted like this, it never lasted long, according to Wayne, who would watch her closely and she began to swim back up into consciousness. She always felt very sleepy and weak when this happened and wouldn’t move as the world refocused around her. Usually she would awaken to see Wayne beginning to untie her, but that was not the case this time. This time she was alone. She moved a bit and found that she was still tied and gagged. The door to the bedroom was shut, and presumably locked. Her fuzzy head thought, “This is a very strange weekend. I can’t wait to tell Jennifer about it. Wayne is just full of surprises.”


She looked down at herself and saw that she was a mess. Her stockings were wrinkled and had slid down her legs. Wayne had evidently removed her garter belt at some point. Her skirt was still bunched up around her hips and her vagina was open to the cool air, as was her blouse. Her body was glistening with sweat and she was damp all over. The gag was saturated with her spit and she was lying in a very wet spot indeed. But she found it quite pleasant to lie there in the chaotic aftermath of what had been a devastating experience. It never ceased to amaze Anne that merely being tied up and physically helpless could have the seemingly contradictory effect of freeing so much emotion and so much of the accompanying ability to feel physical stimulation.


She had no idea what time it was and didn’t care. She was still visited by giggling fits and some faded versions of the images she had seen in her mind while in the throes of sexual extremis. “What is the meaning of these feelings about Jennifer? How can I love men so much and yet still be attracted to Jennifer?”


She decided that her feelings were a given. There they were. What she did about them was another story, but she knew that she and Jennifer would have another encounter. Anne began wondering how they could manage to be tied up together again some time. Who could help them with that?”


At this moment, Wayne walked into the room, fully dressed again and evidently having had a shower. He had two large tumblers full of scotch and ice, which he put on the dresser. He went and stood over Anne and said, “You are so beautiful.” He kissed her all over saying, “I love you so much.” He stood over her while Anne beamed and giggled. Then he laughed and said, “But you are such a mess.” They both laughed.


Wayne untied her, leaving her hands for last. Anne was a little stiff from having fought the ropes so much and she slowly moved and then slid off the bed. She did some stretches and began taking off her clothes. She went to the closet and took off everything and wrapped herself in a silk robe. Wayne was sitting in the chair having his drink and Anne went to get her drink and leaned against the dresser while she was sipping it. She noticed that the door was shut and wondered if it was locked.


“You should have seen your face when I brought in Jennifer all tied up. I thought you were going to have a conniption fit.”


Anne tried to imagine how she looked, “I’m sure. Jennifer couldn’t stay in character though. She told me right away what you were doing. What amazed me then is how much fun she had just being tied up. It was fascinating seeing someone having the experience for the first time.”


Wayne looked thoughtful, “In all honesty I’ve got to tell you that when I was tying her up, I could tell she felt something she had never felt before. She was blushing and stammering and she wasn’t ready for that.”


“Well, I hope she finds somebody as great as you to tie her up. That jackass she was married to wasn’t any good at all and I’m so afraid she’ll just try and find another jackass. I’m going to take a shower and dress for the evening. What time is it anyway?”


Wayne looked at his watch, “It’s 4:30 and I must say we’ve had an amazing day already. I’ll tell you what. I’ll lock you in up here and you can do whatever you need to do and when you want out, give me a call on my cell phone. That won’t count as an escape attempt this time, OK?” Wayne produced the hand piece for the bedside phone and put it on its base.


Anne said, “OK. What are you going to do?”


“I’ll get dinner started. We’ll have a nice leisurely dinner and some drinks and then go from there.”


Wayne gave Anne a big wet kiss and left the room, locking the door behind him.


Anne shed her robe and walked around naked. She browsed her closet trying to decide how she wanted to be dressed. She considered either dressing up for an almost formal occasion or maybe duplicating the look Jennifer had had this afternoon with a flowing peasant dress and cute little shoes. She couldn’t decide.


She thought about it while she showered. She put on make up, including bright red lipstick and she put her hair up on a little bun on top of her head. When she was done she decided that she had already started the dressed-up look. She put on a black lace bra and shiny, black pantyhose that were transparent and that had a seam all the way up the back of her legs. Over this she wriggled into a classic “little, black dress” that had sleeves half-way down her forearms, tight knee-length skirt and a low-cut bosom with little lapels on either side of it going over her shoulders and around a low-cut semi-circle that exposed the top of her shoulder blades. The dress buttoned up the back. She put on a tight-fitting, double strand of pearls with matching earrings and on her left front lapel, she pinned a small gold broach with some sort of pink, marble-like stone in the middle.


Anne tried on several pairs of shoes before finally deciding that being so dressed up would be an exciting contrast to just padding around in her stocking feet. She checked the results in the mirror and in her mind saw herself struggling bound and gagged while dressed like this. At this image, she had second thoughts about the shoes, “Having shoes to lose is part of the fun.”


She chose some very low-cut leather pumps with two-inch, spike heels that had little formal leather bows at her toes – toes which would be crowded into a rather pointed space and which would show a bit of toe cleavage above the bows. She had only worn these shoes once before and found the smell of new leather and the slightly tight, uncomfortable feeling of them strangely exciting. These would be fun to kick off.


She sat in the chair and took up the phone. She dialed Wayne’s cell number and heard him on the other end answer, “Yes?”


Anne said sweetly, “May I be allowed out of my room now, please?”


Wayne said, “Why certainly, all in good time. You can relax for a bit and I’ll be up when I’m ready.” The phone went dead.


Anne smiled. She was being toyed with. She found it curiously stimulating to have her body completely free and yet still be a prisoner. She went over to the door and tried to open it, just to prove that she was in fact unable to leave the room. She clicked over to the chair, where so much had happened that day, and sat down. She kicked off her shoes and curled her legs around her and began to feel yet another in the many waves of excitement that had washed over her that weekend – a weekend that was only half over.


Wayne left her locked in the room for only about thirty minutes. She felt a little stage fright as the key turned in the lock and he came in and looked her over.


“My God, you are a vision. You really know how to do it to me. Love your shoes.”


Anne still felt weak from her previous orgasm and didn’t stir from the chair. Wayne bent over her and gave her a nice kiss and then pushed her to her feet. Anne saw him pull a length of rope from his pocket and said, “One second.”


She picked up her shoes and put them on in that way that women have of bending their legs up and outward from the knee and slipping on first one and then the other. Then she held her hands together in front of her.


Wayne grabbed one of her hands and spun her around and pulled both arms behind her. Anne whined, “I know you have to tie me up, but don’t tie my hands behind my back this time.”


Wayne kissed her ear from behind and whispered, “I’m afraid you have nothing to say about it. It breaks my heart, but you’ve come perilously close to getting free several times and I’m afraid we have to keep you securely restrained. I’m sorry my sweetness.”


Wayne crossed her wrists at the top of her butt and began tying them in the usual way. As he did so, he enjoyed the sight of her feet standing pigeon toed in their delicate heels and hose. Anne felt the thrill of that one second when the knot was done and she went from being free to being a helpless captive whether Wayne had his hands on her or not.


“Now let’s go to the kitchen and we can chat while I rustle up some grub. After you, dearest.”


It was Wayne’s role as villain to follow her so he could ostensibly keep an eye on her, but his main joy was simply watching her as she walked with her hands tied behind her. She was so gorgeous. She was dressed for being seen in public and her hands being tied was a jarring contrast to her elegant clothing and graceful movements.


They entered the kitchen and Anne saw that Wayne had been busy. There was a nice salad and he was doing some kind of scallop and rice dish. He was about half finished. She also saw that he had thoughtfully placed a glass of wine on the table with a drinking straw in it. “How thoughtful,” Anne said as she sat and pursed her lips around the straw. When she had taken a few sips she finished her comment, “for such a brutal man.”


They chatted while Wayne cooked and Anne alternately stood and leaned against the counter and sat at her wine glass, which was refilled three times. When dinner was ready, Wayne untied her hands and they went into the dining room. Wayne pulled Anne’s chair back from the table and she sat down. Then he bent down and fastened one of the soft, leather locking cuffs on one of her ankles and then fastened the other, at the end of the long chain to the leg of the dining room table. Anne smiled, but made no comment.


Wayne asked her as they ate, “So how did you like the tape earlier today?”


Anne said, “Well, it was effective. I couldn’t get out of it, but it didn’t feel as nice as rope. It seemed stiffer.”


Wayne agreed, “For some reason, rope seems to be a very nice fashion accessory on a lovely woman such as yourself. Ha ha.”


They chatted pleasantly through the meal and they both became a little drunk. They were both also quite pleasantly relaxed from their earlier exertions in the bedroom. As darkness fell, Anne had the sensation that she and Wayne were very far away from everyday life and other people. The only other person that seemed real to her was Jennifer and the memory of how Jennifer had looked all bound and gagged was now an integral part of the scenario. It was strange having a secret from Wayne, but he couldn’t know and she also couldn’t deny her feelings about Jennifer. It would be a secret game between two best girlfriends – an addition to her marriage and an enhancement to her friendship.


They sat at the table after dinner, happy with their own company and each wondering what would come next. Wayne was in control, but there were times when he hadn’t decided where things would go. He was anxious to see her really tied up tight in her lovely, elegant clothes, but he hadn’t quite hit on exactly how it should be done yet. She had looked so fine with her hands tied and she would look finer still with much more rope on her.


She looked so prim and proper and inviolable while dressed so well. Everything was in place and situated just so on her lovely body and he pictured her bound, gagged and disheveled, perhaps with one shoe off. He decided to delay this wonderful event for a while.


“Well, my dear lady, I need to clean up the dishes and the kitchen so I’m afraid I will have to lock you up for a little. I think the bathroom under the stairs might suffice.”


Anne made a cute grimace and said, “That would be very much like a grim little cell.”


Wayne came around the table and unlocked Anne’s ankle cuff and led her to the bathroom that was down the hall. He kissed her tenderly and shut the door and locked it. Anne put the toilet seat down and sat to wait. She knew he was dying to use every rope he had on her and she wasn’t too far behind him in that desire. She picked up a magazine in a bin by the toilet and read a lame article about the “Ten Most Exciting Fantasies that Women Crave.” It said nothing about being tied up so that a person couldn’t move while being thoroughly ravished. They would actually hint about it in some of these articles, but they never would come right out and say how great it was.


When the key turned in the lock of the bathroom, Anne was more than ready to proceed with whatever Wayne had planned. He tied her hands behind her right there in the hall and used a fresh linen strip to gag her. He led her into the den and had her sit in the small dinette chair that she had first been tied to the day before and he tied her to it in the same way, with her hands and arms behind the back rest and rope circling her arms and body below her bosom and above her elbows. He cinched the rope firmly between her elbows and body so that her arms and body were not only tied together, but were inescapably bound to the backrest of the chair. Anne felt the ropes get snug as he knotted them behind her. Wayne loved the way she looked this way, especially with her hair up in it’s little bun so that her could see the back of her neck with the little curling hairs poking out from beneath the knot of the gag.


Anne next experienced the electrifying feel of her feet being tied together and marveled at how excited she already was so soon after a shattering orgasm. The feeling wasn’t quite as acute as it would normally be, but there was a nice relaxed feeling that was a beautiful compliment to the rising stimulation and anticipation.


Although her feet were in her shoes, her feet and ankles were exquisitely sensitive and when the knot was tied, she felt almost the same feeling of provocative transition as she did when her hands were tied. After Wayne knotted the ropes around her ankles, she expected him to leash her feet to the rung of the chair, but he didn’t do that this time. If she could have read his mind, she would have known that he wanted to see her lift her legs in the air and struggle against the rope and wave her lovely feet around.


When the last knot was tied, Anne’s body was no longer her own. She flexed against the ropes and lifted her legs on the balls of her feet. As she did so, her shoes slipped off her heels and she felt the cool air on the soles of her stocking feet and this signaled the beginning of a completely new journey of arousal. She slipped her feet back into her shoes and the movements of her body now became completely reflexive. Anne concentrated on her thoughts and feelings, which were reinforced when she was reminded by some attempt at movement that she was bound and gagged about as tightly as a gal could be. And it was by a man she loved and trusted, but who would not untie her no matter how much she begged – not that there was going to be any begging. It excited Anne to realize that she couldn’t even make herself understood through this extremely thick gag. She heard herself laugh aloud in delight.


Wayne sat on the couch about ten feet away from where she was tied and looked at her. He was almost immediately rewarded with the sight of Anne lifting her legs in the air and waggling her feet at him. Her face was red and beaming.


“You know, sweetie, I am so lucky. We’re in our own dream world here and living out our wildest fantasies. You look so beautiful and cute. What should we do with you?”


Wayne moved down to the floor and lay on his side with his head propped up in his hand. With his other hand, he inserted a finger in the instep of one of her shoes and began giving her a little one-finger massage on the bottom of her foot. He heard her breathe in sharply and lean forward, hard against the ropes. She pressed her feet to the floor in an attempt to keep his finger out of her shoe. Wayne sat up cross-legged and picked up her feet by her bound ankles. Despite Anne’s attempt to keep her shoe on by curling her toes, he slipped the shoe off and began kissing her foot. He saw Anne throw her head back and her whole body went tense at this delightful, but excruciating sensation.


For some reason, it wasn’t like being tickled. It was like he was touching a remote nerve that went all the way through her body directly to the pleasure center. This one tiny nerve set off a chain reaction of sensation. Wayne stopped and let her feet fall back to the floor, where she held them tensed and on the balls of her feet. Wayne stood up and kissed her on the neck and ears and rubbed her breasts though the fabric of her dress. Then he began gently and lightly running his hand up and down her thighs under her skirt, not quite making it up to between her legs. He did this for a deliciously long time and then turned around and sat back on the couch and took a long drink of scotch, keeping one eye on Anne.


She thrashed against her bonds in a reflexive attempt to follow him and through the gag said, “Um ak. On phoph. Oo iph um mo. Ummmm.” She shook her head in frustrated ecstasy and burst into laughter. “Two in one day,” she thought.


Wayne looked at her. She still looked all together, but her dress was a little wrinkled, especially where it was held tight against her bosom by the ropes. Little strands of hair were beginning to escape from her bun and fly around her head. Her red lipstick had melted onto the damp gag and her face was a little shiny from a slight perspiration. Her stockings showed a little wrinkling at her ankle ropes and on the instep of the one foot that still had a shoe on it. He could see the toes of her other foot clenched as they tensed against the floor under her diaphanous stockings. She continued to look at him and gently writhe against the ropes.


Wayne started to tease her in earnest. He would repeat the foot kissing, breast fondling and thigh rubbing from time to time and then break it off and do something else, leaving her literally glowing with a desire for more. When he approached her, he could feel the heat radiating from her body and she was becoming increasingly wilted and somewhat damp all over. Wayne decided to be merciless. For two solid hours he subjected Anne to periodic bouts of slow, gentle stimulation and Anne’s inability to move or influence events had taken her into a deep dreamy place where every little movement and noise had vast significance and time had no meaning at all. Sometimes Anne would try and stop him from touching her in order to accentuate her feeling of being tied and helpless. Other times she would close her eyes and take an emotional sip from the rationed pleasure Wayne offered her.


Anne’s mind began to talk to her, “God, I want to touch myself. I want Wayne to touch me. I want Jennifer to touch me. I want, I want, I want. My hands are tied. My feet are tied. I can’t get loose. No matter how hard I struggle the ropes hold me so tight. The carpet feels nice on my feet. Wayne’s tongue feels better. My stockings feel nice. My dress feels nice. I feel slippery. What’s the word? How long can Wayne resist giving me what I want? How long can he resist taking what he wants? I won’t let him have it easily. I’ll struggle and fight. He’ll have to take me. If he unties my feet, I’ll run away. If he ungags me, I’ll bite him. If he unties my hands, I’ll hit him. But he won’t untie me and he won’t touch me enough.”


Anne’s chair creaked and popped as she bucked hard against the ropes when he began to stroke her and she could hear her voice making sounds through the gag. Her breath was sometimes sharp and erratic. She felt like an extremely beautiful mess. She could feel the power emanating from her even while her body was bound and helpless. She was glowing and there were now periods when her mind began to leave her body and she could see how beautiful she was. She knew just how to struggle to best inflame Wayne. Their minds were now one. They were working together to drive each other crazy; he from the role of a perfectly free instigator and she from her role of helplessly bound victim, reacting to Wayne’s manipulations of her body and hence her mind.


Once Wayne left her entirely alone in the room and went into the kitchen. He snuck around to the front door and then around the house in the dark and into the back yard. There he peeped through a strategically placed crack in the curtains that he had left for this very purpose so he could watch Anne as she struggled with an urgent ecstasy that she was powerless to satisfy. He thought he never seen such a beautiful sight as Anne bound to the chair, tense against the ropes. He melted when she lifted her legs in the air and he saw the soles of her little stocking feet as they pulled and pushed against the bonds on her ankles. She kept rocking back and forth in her chair to the extent that the ropes would allow. She was not only powerless to get loose from the ropes; she was also powerless to sit still. She was visibly frustrated, but deeply excited and ready for more.


Wayne strolled back into the den. He kissed her on her gagged mouth, which was unbelievably frustrating for Anne. He untied the ropes attaching her to the chair and picked her up and carried her to the farthest corner of the room and put her on the floor. He untied her feet and pushed her skirt back. With a pair of scissors that he had brought from the kitchen, he cut the crotch out of her pantyhose. Anne leaned her head back and felt the cool air on her throbbing vagina and began to wait for Wayne’s touch. But to her fury, he merely began tying her feet back together. She leaned forward and began begging him through the gag not to tie her feet back up. She wanted him to please, please, please make her come now!


When her feet were bound together again, Wayne walked all the way across the large room and sat down. He unzipped his pants and his huge erection sprang out of his pants. He said to Anne, “If you want this, you’ll have to come get it. I’ll untie your feet when you get here and you can sit on my lap.”


Anne stopped complaining and began to get busy. Now she had a goal. First she tried to stand and found that to be too difficult, too slow. So she began to roll and wriggle across the floor. She brought her knees up and pushed with her feet. She used her right shoulder to slide her upper body as her feet pushed her. When there was enough space between the furniture, she rolled over and made a foot or two of progress. Wayne was loving the sight of his pretty wife, so elegantly dressed, making such a slow, difficult progress. Her clothes and stockings were wrinkled now and one shoulder had emerged from her dress as it slipped down her arm. Her adorable stocking feet were pointing and pushing. Her little hands were fluttering behind her. She was making high-pitched little grunts and squeals.


Anne found the struggle physically difficult, but profoundly exciting and there was that dick just waiting to reward her. She finally struggled up to Wayne’s feet. She spun around on the floor and put her feet in his lap to be untied. Wayne was maddeningly slow about it. First he tickled her feet a little, “Just to be mean,” Anne thought, but finally he did as he agreed to do. Anne swung her feet down, struggled to her knees and then finally stood up. She stood over Wayne while he inserted his penis into her and she sank down onto the couch on her knees with a leg to either side of Wayne. He began pumping up and down and letting her ride him. She was able to manage things to her satisfaction by moving her legs from the hip and God did it feel so great. She hooked her head over his shoulder to try and hold herself close to him. With her hands tied, she still felt as though she couldn’t quite move things along as fast as she needed to, but the long hoped for explosion began to build. When it finally came, Anne was once again barely aware of the world outside her mind. All she knew is that it had the same frightening power as it always did. And then came the laughter. She didn’t faint this time, but she felt as limp as a rag doll. She rolled off of Wayne and lay on her side on the couch laughing.


She felt her hands being untied and her mouth ungagged. She felt Wayne tickle her feet and she squirmed and laughed harder. Wayne lay down behind her and they were curled up together. Sometime in the early morning hours, she felt herself being carried up to bed and undressed. She noticed Wayne didn’t forget to fasten the soft, leather ankle cuff. “Like I’m even capable of moving, much less escaping,” Anne thought as she drifted off.


The next morning they awoke early again. Wayne unlocked Anne from the chain that attached her to the bed and she took the very long hot shower and got ready for the day. She was relaxed and loose. She decided to dress simply. In fact she barely dressed at all. She put on a flowing, green, floral print dress that ended at the top of her bosom and under her arms. She didn’t bother with any underwear at all. Her shoes were one-inch spike heel sandals that had a crisscrossing of thin black leather straps above her toes and absolutely nothing else to hold them on her feet.


She came out of the bathroom and found that Wayne had left the room and that the bedroom door was locked. She looked at the clock and found that it was 10 o’clock – only two more hours until the game was over and she would be free for the first time since Friday evening. As she was striding around the room, she happened to walk by the closet and Wayne leaped out from it. He grabbed her and pulled her arms behind her and before Anne could begin to put up a fight, her hands were lashed behind her. The surprise had rendered her helpless with laughter. Wayne sat her in the chair and tied her ankles together and there she was helpless again. They looked at each other giggling like loons and Wayne was very impressed by what he saw. Anne’s bare shoulders looked superb pulled back tight above her dress and her little bare feet (for the sandals didn’t stay on through this latest ambush) tied together, flat on the floor just about melted his heart. The long, flowing dress hid most of her legs and her feet peeking out below with the ropes around her ankles was absolutely adorable.


Wayne dropped onto the bed and they just stayed in the room together talking. They agreed that if this game were to ever happen again, it would be because Anne signaled for it and Wayne said that he thought he had probably gone a little too far this time, even if Anne had liked it, which she assured him that she did. They chatted about all kinds of things and when the clock showed noon, Wayne untied Anne and they made love on the bed and slept far into the afternoon. They went out for a bike ride that evening and had Jennifer and her new boyfriend over for dinner. Jennifer and Anne were thick as thieves as they planned to get together and investigate what this new thing was that had cropped up between them. They were both fascinated and were, at the very least, eager to discuss it in private.


The next morning, Anne and Wayne got up and got ready to go to work. When Wayne saw Anne all dressed up in her business clothes, he betrayed a hungry look that Anne couldn’t help but acknowledge and greatly appreciate.


When Anne clicked into the car dealership and headed to her office, the owner, who was a wonderful fellow, called out, “Annie, my dear, I hope you had a great weekend.”


Anne stopped in her tracks and didn’t know what to say. She and the owner stared at each other in mutual surprise for a moment and Anne finally gathered her wits and said, “Yes, thank you, perfectly adequate,” and then she snorted with suppressed laughter.


The owner almost looked hurt, “Annie, what is so funny? It’s just a normal way to greet somebody when they wander in on Monday. I’ll try it again. Hi, Annie, hope you had a nice weekend. Now you say, ‘Yes, fine thanks.’”


Annie blushed and said, “Yes, fine thanks. Sorry, I was thinking about something. I wasn’t laughing at you.” She moved quickly to her office before she could make a fool of herself and saw that she had a message on her phone.


She heard Jennifer’s voice say, “Hi Annie, it’s me, Jennifer. It’s Sunday night or early Monday morning, I can’t see a clock, and I’m just leaving this message so you’ll know I’m a little tied up right now. Ha ha ha ha ha. I’ll call you back when I can have my hands in front of me and there’s no danger of me being caught. God this is fun. Bye.”


Copyright, Rayron D’Olier, 2005





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