Screenplay: Elle’s Life Experience

By Rayron D’Olier.


The scene fades in and we are in a large office; desk, chair, computer, storage cabinets, couch, matching chairs, lamps and a full wall of floor to ceiling windows that are shaded with banks of mini-blinds.

There is a man sitting in one of the chairs facing the couch. He is dressed in a rumpled black suit, white shirt, black tie, engineers boots. He is blond with short hair. He is no older than 40, but looks a little rough. He exudes an intense, but relaxed physical power. There is an automatic pistol on the arm of the chair. It has a silencer. There is a rifle on the desk with a scope and silencer.

He is having a drink of what looks like liquor in a glass with ice and looking at a young woman on the couch. His face is amused.

She, on the other hand, looks extremely nervous. She might be as old as 25. She is a redhead. Her bright red hair is cut in a pageboy with bangs. It is cut at a slant so that the hair is shortest behind her neck and grows longer as it angles forward to two points on each side of her neck. Her face is pale, naturally, round and cute with big green eyes and a rosebud mouth.

She is about 5 foot, 6 inches and is a tad plump with an average size bosom. she appears fit and intelligent and very nervous.

She is wearing red framed glasses, a double strand of red beads at her neck. Further down we see a long-sleeved, well-fitted white blouse with a round collar and buttons down the front. It is not tucked in and has a couple of vest-like points over her skirt.

The skirt is darkest gray made out of thin wool material. It is fairly tight to her legs and ends just below her knees with a slit front and rear. Her stockings are natural tan with seams running up the back of her legs. Her shoes are black, leather flats; very low cut with a display of fake laces over her toes.

She is sitting with her feet flat on the floor and her legs tightly together. One arm is stiffly out to her side with her hand pressing on the seat of the couch as if to brace her and stop her from falling over. The other hand holds a drink which she sips noisily. She sits as far back as the couch wiill allow. Her eyes are locked on the smiling man.

Girl with forced shaky courage: "You are going to rape me and then kill me aren't you? I am never going to leave this room alive. I want to know the truth. I must prepare to die."

Man smiles: "I have told you more than a couple of times that I, or rather we, are not going to hurt you at all. No raping either. We might have to tie you up a little for a few hours cause we'll be busy, but that's it. We don't care if you've seen us. You can tell the cops anything you want when we cut you loose. We just don't care. They will never find us.

"We are going to wait until that fellow shows up at his office across the street and we are going to kill him from this office and then we will leave you be. It's 5 p.m. now. That fella's gonna show up by midnight at the latest. So drink your drink. Calm down. Do what you are told and it will all be over before you know it."

Girl: "You are a criminal; a murderer. You would say anything. You admit you're going to tie me up."

Man: "Yeah, but that don't hurt none. I'm a expert. Just treat me like a friend and I'll treat you like mine. Hell, I've had girlfriends who lIKE me ta tie um up a little. It's not a big thing at all."

The girl says nothing in response, but she is clearly, at best, containing her fear. She sips her drink.

The man sweeps a purse off the floor and pulls out the wallet. He looks at a card.

Man: "So your name is Elle. Very nice. I bet everybody calls you Ginger don't they."

Elle: "No. But you can if you like. What should I call you?"

Man: "Call me Sammy. And don't go trying to be too polite. Just be yourself. Really, I'm hard to piss off."

Elle: "When are you going to tie me up then Sammy?"

Sammy: "Now you just be patient. We'll get to that when we're ready. Of course if you really wanna get roped up all ya hafta do is try and make a run for it. That would leave me no choice, Elle."

Elle takes a very deep drink of liquor. She makes a face and then finishes it all. She starts to get up from the couch.

Sammy doesn't move, but he points at Elle says: "Keep your seat sweetie."

Elle sits back down, but holds out her empty glass.

Elle: "I'd like a refil please Sammy. I am afraid. Afraid of being tied up and this helps. I didn't mean to get up without asking."

Sammy: "That's OK. How could you possibly know the dang rules if I didn't tell ya."

Sammy gets up and refills her glass to the brim. She shrinks back involuntarily and stares at him the whole time. Sammy resumes his seat and lights a cigarette.

Elle: "Thank you Sammy. You can't smoke in here."

Sammy: "Hell, I'm about to kill a guy. Might as well commit ALL the crimes."

Sammy: "You got any questions? You wanna know who I'm gonna kill?"

Elle: "God no. You do keep saying 'we'. Do you have an accomplice?"

Sammy: "I do. My wife is pretty good at this stuff. You'll meet her. She'll come in and check on you from time to time."

Elle: "Check on me?"

Sammy: "After I put the ropes on you."

Elle: "I see. Yes. I will be helpless. A damsel in distress as it were."

Sammy: "Like on TV."

Elle: "I don't suppose I could promise to just stay put?"

Sammy: "That wouldn't do. I'm sure your word is as good as they get, but you're allowed to try get away when you're kidnapped. And you are definitely kidnapped right now. We need to concentrate on our important and rewarding work."

Elle: "What should I call your wife? Is she a killer too?"

Sammy: "She is capable of killing if given sufficient reason as they say. Her name is Annie."

Elle is drinking steadily and is becoming visibly inebriated.

Elle smiles: "So I will be bound. Will I also be gagged?"

Sammy: "Ha ha. If you insist. Oh yeah. Gotta do it right. Phones everywhere. God knows who might wander by. You're really cute, but I'll just bet you could be mighty mischievious. You look like a smart gal to me."

Elle: "And a desperate man such as yourself wouldn't feel tempted to take advantage of a bound woman; to rip her clothes off and have your way with her?"

Sammy: "Well, you do have a dirty mind don't ya. Hell yes I'd be tempted. But I never would. My motto is, 'Everybody has fun or nobody does.' That's how I feel about it when it comes to romantic entanglements. As my captive, you are simply part of the work day. A very pleasant part of the work day."

Elle: "Perhaps I should think of it as just part of my day then. Like waiting at the DMV or riding the bus home or getting hit by a car. It's just one of those things that happens to people. I'll bet it happens every day."

Sammy: "Maybe it does."

Sammy looks at his watch.

Sammy: "And on this day it will commence in about 30 minutes. Have another drink? Visit the little gals? Join me in a smoke?"

Elle: "I've never been this drunk before. I've never been tied up by a criminal before. I am very nervous."

Sammy: "Perfectly natural."

Sammy gets up and goes over to the desk and opens a black overnight bag. He pulls out a length of rope and brings it back with him to his chair. He draps it over the chair arm and has another smoke.

Elle's eyes are as wide as saucers and she turns a little pale. She has a long drink. She looks at the glass and it is empty.

Sammy: "Now there's a good stopping place. Now stand up and turn around."

Elle gets to her feet unsteadily and turns around. She still keeps her head turned so she can see Sammy. She strikes a pose with her legs and feet together and her hands on her hips. It looks rather like a 40s pinup pose.

Elle: "LIke this?"

Sammy is already up with the rope in his hand. He put one hand on Elle's shoulder and says in her ear: "Perfect."

Sammy pulls Elle's hands behind her back, crosses her wrists and begins tying them together. He wraps rope around them several times and then cinches the rope between her hands. He ties the knot where her fingers can't reach it.

The camera watches Elle's face during the hand-tying and she is wide-eyed and biting her lower lip. She seems otherwise unmoved.

Sammy: "Now that's not too bad is it?"

Elle turns around to face Sammy and tugs at the rope binding her hands behind her back; working her shouders and arms and peering down at her side where she can see how she's tied.

Elle: "Wow. That's not how I thought it would be. I don't guess you'd listen if I said it was too tight?"

Sammy: "Naw. I know better. Turn around again."

Elle turns around and waits bouncing up and down on her toes and flexing her hands against the rope while Sammy goes to get more rope out of the bag.

Sammy selects a long length and begins wrapping a double strand of it around Elle just above her elbows and below her bosom; pinning her arms to her body. He achieves a thickness with several turns and cinches it between her arms and body on both sides and knots it tightly behind her back.

Sammy: "There. No THAT should keep them hands busy for a while."

Sammy strides off to get more rope. Elle turns around and watches him; twisting and turning her upper body against the ropes; her arms drawn somewhat sharply behind her making her bosom poke out prominently above the ropes around her body. She lets one stocking foot trail behind her and lets that shoe slip off her heel. She plays with the shoe with her toes as she watches Sammy and writhes gently against her bonds. She looks for all the world like a shy school girl whose arms and hands just happen to be neatly bound behind her.

Sammy: "Have a seat sweetie."

Elle looks almost in a trance and submissively, almost sweetly, sits down and extends her feet straight out in front of her.

Sammy bends down and gathers her legs in the crook of one elbow and swiftly ties her feet together at the ankle, wrapping around and cinching between.

He lets her feet drop to the floor and pushes her skirt above her knees.

Elle: "Oh! Sammy! NO!"

She wriggles for a second and then stops as if shocked.

Sammy stops and looks at her: "Now simmer down. I'm just gonna put a last bit of rope up here to keep them pretty legs from running off with you. Now just relaxxxx. There you go."

He ties her legs together just above the knees; again wrapping rope around her legs and cinching between. He ties the knot on top and smooths her skirt back in place.

Elle leans back in the couch and looks a little shaken, but also quite alert and wide-eyed.

Sammy holds out a long, white nylon scarf.

Sammy: "Now this might take some gettin used to, but you'll be fine. It won't hurt you. Now open up that mouth for me sweetie."

Without a word, Elle simply leans forward, with some difficulty, and opens her mouth wide. Sammy wraps the scarf between her teeth and around her head until her mouth is so full she can't touch her teeth together. He knots it tightly behind her head and steps back for a look.

Sammy: "I believe I have just removed any temptation you might have to try and run off. So just sit still. Annie will be in to have a look at you from time to time. She might even take that thing out of your mouth for a bit. Now do NOT try to hop around. You could fall and hurt yourself."

Elle: "I hadumed ephum phow iv iph..."

She seems to want to say more, but she also seems shocked by the muffled incoherent sounds that emerge from her mouth. She looks at Sammy and shrugs her shoulders and gives a muffled giggle.

Sammy laughs: "I like you Elle. You are a good un. See ya inna bit."

Sammy leaves the office with his guns and bag. We hear the door lock from the outside. elle just sits and sighs. She looks around the room and lets herself sink back against the couch. She taps both her feet on the floor. She struggles just a tad to adjust the ropes and the scene fades out.

The scene fades in to another office that is totally dark except for the light entering from the other downtown buildings. Sammy is standing with his coat off peering through binoculars at the building across the street. A woman comes up to him and rubs his shoulders from behind.

Woman: "You get that girl all tied up and stuff?"

Sammy: "She's drunk and tied up and gagged and scared and a little weird. I take it back. I don't think she's all that scared. I think she was at first, but then she seemed to decide it was like being in a TV show or something fun like that. She might be just like you Annie."

Annie: "Mmmmmm. I'd like to be all roped up right now and watch you kill a guy and then throw me in the trunk and take me home."

Sammy: "Well I certainly like this particular work place environment. Maybe I oughta tie you up and put you in with her. Cept you got to go make sure she's doin OK. Go on in there why don't you. Take to the bathroom. Help her have a drink. Give her a break on that gag. Talk to her. You know."

Annie giggles: "I know. Is she cute?'

Sammy: "Ha ha. As a bug."

They kiss. The scene fades out.

The scene fades back in again and we see Elle still tied up on the couch. She is leaning back, but her feet are up on their toes and slowly raising and lowering her legs. Both shoes have fallen off her heels and we see that her hose are reinforced as well as having seams.

While we watch she pulls her feet out of her shoes, knocks the shoes aside and begins rubbing the soles of her bound feet back and forth on the carpet. She is looking at the ceiling and humming a tune very, very faintly beneath her gag.

She starts as she hears high heels clicking down the hall. She forward, stuggling against the ropes, and attempts to slip her shoes back on. She fails as she has kicked them too far away and even stretching her bound legs as far as they will go her toes can't reach them.

She quickly pulls her legs back so her feet are flat on the floor and she sits up straight. She forgets she is tied for a moment and trys to use her hands to straighten her hair. This results in a spasm of struggling. She stops and shakes her head, looks at the door and waits.

We hear the door unlocked and in walks Annie.

Annie is about 5 foot, 8 inches and slender. She is about 29 years old at most. She has very long, thick straight blonde hair that reaches almost to her waist. At the moment her hair is pulled back tight from her forhead into a thick ponytail behind her.

Annie's face is an angelic oval with sad blue eyes, a slightly hooked nose and a wide mouth.

She is dressed in a black wool skirt, much like Elle's, but she is wearing a green twin sweater set and a gold chain. Her legs are covered in transparent white hose and she is wearing black leather high heel pumps with a leather bow over her toes.

She closes the door behind her, looks at Elle and smiles.

Elle smiles and says: "Ewoh. Oo muph ee ammee."

Annie laughs: "Yes the weather is nice."

Seeming to ignore Elle, Annie goes to the icebox below a counter on the opposite wall from Elle's couch, opens it and takes a quart bottle of beer. She opens it and takes a chug.

She goes back to Elle, sets the bottle on a chair arm and then sits next to Elle, shoving her gently forward. She unties the gag and unwinds it from Elle's mouth.

Annie: "Look at me. Hold still."

Annie dabs the wetness from Elle's face where the gag had caused her to drool. Then she pats her on the head and goes back to the chair and bottle.

She holds the bottle toward Elle: "Care for a pull?"

Elle: "Yes please."

Elle holds her head up for the bottle and gurgles down about a third of it before she shakes her head, "Enough."

Annie goes back to the chair, takes a pull, kicks off her shoes and looks at Elle.

Annie: "How are you holding up?"

Elle: "These ropes are really tight. Maybe you could untie me or loosen them a little?"

Annie: "No sweetie. Don't bullshit me. I know better. You NEED to be tied up right now and tied up you're gonna stay."

Elle looked at her shyly: "Can't blame me for trying though?"

Annie: "Oh hell no. Trying to get away is your job right now. Part of our job is to keep you from it. But then, that's what the ropes are for. You might say they are a labor-saving device. You look really cute by the way all tied up."

Elle: "Really? I don't know that I feel cute. I feel weird. I feel like a mess really. With my hands tied I can't smooth my hair and clothes. My body keeps forgetting it's tied up and tries to help out. Very strange when I can't move."

Annie: "Oh yeah. The smallest thing. Your desk might as be a mile away."

Elle: "I couldn't believe it when I kicked my shoes off and couldn't get them back on. Sitting here tied in front of you with my shoes off makes me feel kind of naked and undignified. I don't suppose you could help me get them back on?"

Annie: "Uh uh. I like to see your little stocking feet all tied together. You have very cute feet and I LOVE those stockings. They ARE stockings right?"

Elle: "Yes I think even with the garters and all, they are superior to pantyhose. So you find my feet attractive?"

Annie: "I find all of you attractive. I kind of play for both teams if you get my drift. Sammy enjoys my girlfriends too."

Elle: "I've heard of that. I'm not very experienced though. Sammy said something about how some girls like to get tied up. For fun presumably. I've heard people joke about that, but I've never done it."

Annie giggles: "I love it when Sammy ties my ass up. He does a great job and he knows all about what I'm feeling. He ties me up and then makes me cum like a fireworks show."

Elle: "I guess it's different if you... um... volunteer."

Annie: "You mean unlike you who doesn't have any choice at all? I guess, but the way we play it, I really don't have much choice. We do have an understanding about that though so I guess even that isn't like being actually kidnapped by strangers. I like it though. You're not all scared and hysterical. It's rare we have to do anything like this though. Usually we can pick a time when there's nobody around. You work too much. What do you do around here anyway?"

All this time Elle is being a strange display of restricted movement. As she talks she keeps trying to gesture with her hands and that causes her to shake and twist against the ropes from time to time, her shoulders and arms flexing and her fingers fluttering behind her. Finally she begins trying to use her bound feet for gesturing. She pats them on the floor for emphasis or raises them up on her heels and spreads her toes under her stockings as a way of enhancing the point she is making.

Elle: "It's not very exciting. I'm an assistant accountant here. It's a good job, but it's not what you'd call adventurous. Although what's happening now sort of is. I'm not as scared as I was."

Annie: "That sounds like an awesome job. You must be a fucking brain! You should help us do our taxes next year. It's a little complicated. You could make a mint."

Elle: "Ha ha. You could kidnap me and tie me up and I'd have to do it for free to get set free."

Annie: "I like the way you think. I don't know if I'm smart or not. I might be, but i'm not educated at all."

Elle: "Education isn't everything."

Annie: "In my case it's damn near nothin. I might have finished the fourth grade. I don't really remember. Sammy taught me to read. He's a genious. He used to fly jet fighter planes."

Elle: "That is supremely difficult I hear. Hey, could I get another drink?"

Annie gets up and helps Elle take pull off the beer bottle. Elle sits up very straight with her feet flat on the floor and nods her head when she's done. She then burps a little.

Elle: "Excuse me. Um... What if I said I had to pee? What would we do about that?"

Annie: "I'd untie your feet, help you take off your panties and then I'd take you down the hall to the toilet. You'd have to manage the best you can. I ain't gonna untie your hands and arms. I'm not fightin you thie evening.

"Then we'd come back in here and I'd tie your feet back together, put the gag back in and lock the door. I've got to check in with Sammy pretty soon."

Annie just sat looking at Elle. She lit a cigarette. She made no move to get up. Elle looked at her; her feet and hands slowly pushing and pulling against the ropes.

Elle: "That would be fine. Can we go now please?"

Annie: "Absolutley. Just waitin for that magic word."

Annie gets up and unties Elle's feet and legs. She shoves her skirt all the way up to her hips and takes off the garter belt and throws it on the couch. Then she grabs Elle's panties and pulls them off. Elle starts to get up, but Annie pushes her back down again. Then Annie removes Elle's stockings, smooths her skirt back down and helps her stand.

Elle: "Thanks. Why did you take off my stockings."

Annie: "I wanted to sweetie and you can't stop me. I didn't wanna seem um get all wrinkly, AND I wanted to see your bare legs and feet. Very smooth. Very nice. When you're tied up, you can't always sweat the details."

Elle: "God. I really feel naked now. Do you mind if I put my shoes back on."

Annie: "You can do whatever you want. Or rather you can do whatever you're able to do."

Elle wriggled her now bare feet into her little shoes. Annie grabbed one of her bound arms and guided her out the door. The scene fades out.

The scene fades back in just as we left it with an empty office. We hear girlish giggling and laughing coming down the hall and Ellie enters first with Annie keeping a firm grip on her arm.

Annie: "Yeah well that is funny to think about how a lot of guys think. But girls can be stupid assholes too I guess."

Elle sits down on the couch and holds her feet out in front to be tied. Annie drops to her knees at Elle's feet and begins tying them together. All the while they are chatting and giggling. Annie then tied her knees back together, smoothing Elle's skirt over the rope.

Annie: "I'm enjoyin talkin to you and all, but we'll be needin to gag you now."

Elle sighs and opens her mouth. Annie gags her very tightly. Then she kisses Elle on the lips and picks up her high heels. She puts them on while she stares at Elle, who is definitely staring back and squirming against the ropes; her bound bare feet rubbing the carpet as if it feels very, very good indeed.

Annie walked smoothly toward the door. At the door she turned around and looked at Elle.

Annie: "See how I can just put on my shoes and walk to the door and use my hands to smooth my hair or touch myself? Hear how I can talk clearly and be understood. See how I do these things with no effort at all. Only one little knot prevents you from doing the same thing, but you can't untie it. I could, but I won't. So you just sit there and think about that little missie. Ha ha. Bye." Annie made a little kissy face at Elle.

Annie closes the door and locks it from the outside. Elle squirms absent-mindedly. Her face is beet red with some kind of strong emotion. She twists and writhes for a moment. She sighs through her nose and looks around the room. She kicks her shoes off and resumes rubbing them lightly on the carpet. The scene fades out.

The scene fades back in to the dark office where Sammy waits patiently. He is smoking a cigarette when Annie walks back in.

Sammy: "How's the little red hen?"

Annie: "Cute as hell. A little drunk. Enjoying a relaxing evening."

Sammy: "I think she sort of perked up when I said she was gonna be tied up. It scared her, but she sort of uh... took an interest if you know what I mean."

Annie: "Oh, I think she's one of us. She doesn't know it yet, but I'm pretty sure."

Sammy: "Leave her a card?"

Annie: "If you don't, I will."

Scene fades out.

The scene fades in and out as we watch Elle do various things in her office.

Elle leans forward and looks at her bound feet to see how the rope has been tied. She points her toes and struggles with what appear to be experimental attempts to guage exactly how well she is tied.

Elle let's herself fall over so she is lying on the couch. She then attempts to sit back up again. She only succeeds after several tries.

Elle is by now increasingly disheveled. Her hair is a mess, with half of it trapped under her gag and the rest flying around. The gag has a more of her lipstick on it that she has on her lips. Her glasses have slipped off of one ear. The buttons of her blouse above the rope under her bosom have come undone revealing a more of her braless bosum that would be considered optimal. The blouse has sweat stains from her underarms. Her shoulders are also damp where she has been wiping her chin. The gag is quite saturated with saliva and she is occasionally drooling. She appears to be unmoved by all of this, and is essentially lost in thought.

Elle pitches her upper body forward and slowly stands up. She makes a couple of experimental hops, her hands fluttering behind her as they struggle to help balance. Tentatively, Elle begins hopping for her desk. She gains confidence as she goes. At her desk, she attempts to open a drawer. She can barely see one of her bound hands by twisting around to look down and behind her. Her fingers try the top drawer. She makes a muffled sound of anger as she discovers the drawers are locked. She stands and hops around looking at the room in all directions.

Elle is sitting in her desk chair. It is on wheels and she is rolling herself toward the windows by pushing with her feet and trying to look behind her. At the windows, she peers out between the slats of the blinds. It is dark outside, but the camera hovers above her and we see she is many floors above street level.

Elle is now standing beside her chair with her face pressed against the windows. She has shoved the blinds aside with her head. We see her bound hands, her fingers waving thoughtfully. She is raising and lowering herself slowly on her toes.

Elle is standing now at a bookshelf attempting to pull a book out with the fingers of one bound hand. Suddenly she hears the clicking again of high heels out in the hall. She begins hopping quickly and expertly back to the couch. She regains her seat and shakes her hair just as the door begins to open.

The door opens wide and in walks Annie. She walks in relaxed and easy, but we see that her hands are tied behind her and she is gagged exactly like Elle. She looks at Elle and shrugs her shoulders. Elle stares thoughfully. Annie looks behind her and there is Sammy. He enters the room and goes for a beer in the refrigerator.

Sammy looks at Elle brightly: "Hey Elle. I brought you some company. From what she was sayin, I figured she was having a problem keeping her hands to herself. Damn you look like you've been through the wringer."

Sammy looks around the office: "You have been hopping around like a bunny ain't cha. We'll fix that."

Sammy kills the beer and grabs another quart bottle out of the refrigerator. He belches.

He opens the beer, sets it on the desk and walks briskly over to Elle, smiling at Elle, but ignoring the bound Annie still standing near the door tapping her foot.

Sammy unties Elle's ankles, crosses her ankles one behind the other and ties them back together with a longer length of rope, wrapped and cinched. He ties the knot: "That should make hopping around a damn sight more difficult."

Sammy then reaches up and unties Elle's gag. He draps a very wet scarf over the back of the couch. He pats Elle on the head while she shakes her head in an attempt to arrange her hair.

Then Sammy ungags Annie, kisses her on the lips, and leaves. He locks the door from the outside.

Elle and Annie look at each other; Annie smiling brightly. Elle blushing like mad and smiling shyly.

Annie sat in the chair facing Elle. She kicked off her high heels and crossed her legs, bouncing one stocking foot up and down.

Annie: "What are you blushing about?"

Elle: "I just feel so naked and helpless, and I'm a mess. Ha ha. It's like my body doesn't belong to me."

Annie: "It doesn't. Just like mine doesn't now. Remember what I said? It's just the one little knot that ties my hands behind me. I can't untie it. You can't untie yours. Our bodies belong to the one guy that can."

Elle: "Yeah. I guess our hands are tied so we can't untie all the other ropes. It's different for you though. You guys are just goofing around."

Annie: "We may be goofin around, but once my hands are tied, it's not up to me when they'll be untied. I belong to Sammy. If I asked him to untie me right now, he'd just gag me. Later he'll tie me up just like you and mess with me for a long, long time. I have no say in the matter."

Annie: "Hey, you're not wearing a bra. That's great. I wish that blouse was pulled back just a little bit more."

Elle: "Well, I don't. I wish I could button it back up"

Annie: "Aw, don't be like that. Have you ever kissed a girl?"

Elle: "Once. A girlfriend and I had never been kissed by a boy so we kissed each other to see what it was like."

Annie: "You are blushing again."

Elle: "I'm usually not so easily embarrassed. Something about being helpless is giving me these emotional fits that I can't control. It's not bad or anything, but with my body being tied up, my emotions are actually sort of liberated. Or at least stronger."

Annie: "Never heard it put better. That's exactly what it is. You have to be tied up by the right people though. If you were all scared, it would be extremely bad."

Elle: "I am still sort of scared, but it's like I've decided to ignore that because there's nothing I can do about it. You seem like nice enough people considering you're murderers, ha ha."

Annie: "We only kill bad guys. Sammy doesn't take just any job. He gets paid so much he doesn't have to."

Elle: "Why did you ask if I had ever kissed a girl? Do you want to kiss me?"

Annie: "I surely do. I'm under strict orders not to do anything without asking you. When I told Sammy about taking off your panties and stockings, that's when he decided my hands should be tied. But my feet ain't tied and I could walk right over there if I was invited."

Elle: "Consider yourself invited then."

Annie hops up and settles in next to Elle. She is kneeling with the soles of her stocking feet just visible under her butt. Her bound hands are involuntarily waving around behind her.

Elle turns her face toward Annie and they kiss deeply. They keep their eyes open and stare at each other.

They giggle occasionally. Elle blushes. At one point Annie plunges her face into the middle of Elle's bosom. With her teeth, Annie grabs Elle's blouse and pulls it back revealing most of her bosum. Her nipples are barely still hidden, and that only because the rope around her arms and body holds the blouse in place to some extent. Annie licks Elle's nipples through the blouse, wetting the blouse until her nipples are visible through the fabric.

Elle is wriggling all over, but the ropes hold her securely and most of her movement is to push her bosom toward Annie's tongue. They break off and kiss for a while. Then without warning, Annie gets up and goes back to her seat, moving gracefully despite her bound hands. She curls her legs around her in the chair and grins at Elle.

Elle leans forward, a little sweaty: "Don't stop! Why did you stop?"

Annie: "Remember what I said? That knot holding your hands behind your back means that you can't untie any of those ropes, so you can't control any little thing. You have to accept what other people do. There is a reward, but it's for others to give, not for a tied up person to take. Relax and enjoy the feeling. We'll do it again when I'm ready."

Elle stopped struggling so much: "What's the reward?"

Annie: "We'd have to negotiate that. I could only give you the reward if my hands were untied. I can't untie the knot, but you probably can. You'll have to untie me, even though I won't, under any circumstances, untie you."

Elle smiled: "I don't know. Won't Sammy be pissed off?"

Annie: "Sammy understands that the tied up girl's job is to get loose. Oh, he'll tie me up again when he comes back in here probably, but he won't really care."

Annie leaps up and they kiss again as before. Annie licks Elle's bosum very thoroughly. Elle entire body is tense. The ropes appear tight. Elle's legs and feet and arms and hands thrash frantically to get loose from time to time.

Then just as suddenly as before Annie goes back to her chair, grinning like mad.

Elle, vibrating against the ropes; her toes curling on the carpet: "Oh God. I can't BELIEVE I can't get my hands free. Oh God."

Annie: "You can't get your hands free, but I think you can get mine untied."

Annie gets up and stand with her back to Elle.

Annie: "Now try to pick that knot loose with your teeth."

Elle eagerly begins to pull at the knot with her teeth. At first the rope keeps slipping out, but after several tries, Elle gets the top part of the knot pulled loose. The bottom part is easy.

Annie: "Ok, now you're gonna have to help me unwrap that rope between my wrists. After that I think I can shake it loose."

Elle concentrates and she manages to pull the rope out from between Annie's wrists three or four times. Annie then looks back at her hands and begins to slowly twist and pull against the rope. Slowly it loosened until finally it was a mass of loose strands and Annie was able to pull one hand out and then the other.

Elle: "Yay! Wow, that was a lot harder than I thought. Just untying the knot doesn't quite do it."

Annie: "Thanks sweetie. Damn I could use a beer."

Elle: "Hey what about me?"

Annie: "We'll get to you when we are ready. You're still not solid on the concept that you have no say in the matter. Are your hands untied now? No little missie, they are not. In fact, you can barely move. So just relax and wait for the good part."

Elle: "I could use a beer too."

Annie: "We'll share."

Annie sits beside Elle with her feet curled around her butt. They drink; Annie helping Elle, they kiss. Elle's body still keeps forgetting it's tied and her hands and feet involuntarily struggle. Elle appears unaware of this. The sweat stains from her underarms have spread greatly. Her blouse is looser around her bosom and her nipples are showing. Annie at one point simply pulls Elle's blouse down off her shoulders and bosom entirely. She licks Elle's exposed tits to Elle's whispered encouragement. They kiss even more.

Then Annie gets up and goes to the window.

Elle: "Oh Nooooooo!"

Her body and legs twist back and forth against the tight ropes. She pouts. She rubs her bare feet on the carpet. Elle is in a very bad way. She looks down at her tits. She looks at her bound feet. She sighs and looks at the ceiling.

Annie: "I don't think that guy is going to ever show up. No lights on over there anyway."

Elle: "How do you stand it. You MUST be as excited as I am."

Annie: "Yeah, but I ain't tied up see? I can got back to you, I can touch myself if I want to, my emotions are in control. Yours ain't sweetie. You're damn near ready to beg."

Elle: "Guess that wouldn't do any good?"

Annie: "Oh no, it might. I AM your friend you know. Even though you're our prisoner, we like you."

Elle: "Well thanks. I like you too as long as you don't kill me."

At that moment the door opens and in walks Sammy. He looks around and laughsd when he sees Elle.

Sammy: "Well, well, well. I can see there's a conspiracy afoot. Imagine that. While I'm hard at work, you two gals are having all kinds of fun. You look like two kids caught with their mitts in the cookie jar."

Elle's face is a deep red. She can't hide her bosom, but it is obvious she would like to. She looks at her bound feet."

Sammy to Annie: "Sweetness, bring me that rope that used to keep your hands behind your back."

Annie pads in her stocking feet to the couch. She smiles down at Elle and takes the rope over to Sammy.

Sammy turns Annie around and begins tying her hands behind her back again.

All the while he is talking: "I just got a call from Frank. He's located our target and Frank says he won't be in our sights for two more hours. So we'll just have to sit here and wait for Frank to call us. At least I don't have to look at that damn building any more. There now, we got Annie harmless again."

He leaves Annie standing in the middle of the room with her hands tied behind her. She wanders to her chair and takes a seat.

Sammy goes over to Elle and has a good long look at her.

Sammy: "Let me guess. She talked you into it, and now you might as well be naked in church."

Elle shyly: "Could you please, pretty please, pull my blouse up?"

Sammy: "I tell you what. Since we're all in here together, let's give you a break so you can put your clothes back on. Ha ha. We'll have a drink or two."

Elle: "Oh thank you Sammy."

Sammy unties Elle starting from the ankles and finishing with her hands. Elle buttons up her blouse and smooths it as well as she can. Then she goes over to her stockings and garter belt, and turning her back on the room, she puts those back on. Finally she wriggles into her shoes.

Elle: "I have to pee Sammy."

Elle stood stretching her arms and legs and body.

Sammy: "Let me just tie up Annie some more first. Don't wanna come back and find her half way home."

Sammy grabs one of Elle's ropes and ties Annie's feet together at the ankles. Then Sammy takes Elle by the arm and they go out of the door. Annie looks at her bound stocking feet. She tests the rope binding her hands behind her. She shakes her tits. She laughs.

The scene fades out and back in and we see Elle and Sammy enter the room.

Sammy: "Elle let's make us a drink. Feel free to roam around the room. It is your office after all. We'll let you be untied for a while."

Annie: "What about me? I wanna be untied too."

Sammy: "Well you're gonna have to untie yourself then, because I'm sure not gonna do it. Elle are you gonna untie Annie?"

Elle: "Only if you tell me to."

Sammy: "Well, I'm not going to tell you to do that, so Miss Annie, I guess you'll just have to sit still. If you need somebody to scratch your nose, I can help you with that."

Annie pouts: "I guess you're the boss. Couldn't you untie my feet at least. I feel so weird being tied up while Elle is free."

Sammy: "Imagine how she felt. Ha ha. OK. Elle, untie Annie's feet for me please. Tickle um first though and let's see what happens."

Elle kneels down by Annie's feet and pulls them off the floor onto her lap. She holds them with one hand and tickles them with the other. Annie reactsd like she is shocked. Elle giggles, and then unties Annie's feet.

Annie: "Thanks sweetie."

Then they all sat in a circle. Sammy and Elle helped Annie to drinks and smokes. They chatted about several things, but Annie and Sammy were obviously curious about Elle's situation; family, friends, work, etc. One might have thought it was just an unremarkable gathering apart from the fact that one of the girls had her hands tied behind her. Annie appeared to forget all about that while still having to compensate for it.

At intervals, Annie gets up and goes to look out the window, her bound hands flexing behind her.

After about an hour, without and word and still talking on the current subject, Sammy gets up and unties Annie's hands. He begins sorting the ropes while he talks and laying them out on the arm of his chair by size. He unfolds Elle's gag and lays it out flat on the back of his chair.

Elle is obviously enjoying her freedom. She is walking around from time to time doing ballet stretches. She sheds her shoes at some point, and rolls up the sleeves of her blouse.

After two hours had passed, Sammy's cell phone buzzed. He put it to his ear and just listened. After about 30 seconds he looked at Annie pointed at her and then pointed at Elle. Annie nodded.

Annie got up grabbed a length of rope and whispered for Elle to, "Stand up and turn around sweetie."

Elle gulps the last of her drink and does as she is told. She stands still as her hands and then her arms are tightly tied as before. Sammy is still listening to the phone.

Annie turns Elle around and pushes her to a seat on the couch. There she ties Elle's feet and legs. As she does so she rubs Elle in some strategically sensitive places, making Elle squirm and giggle. Once Elle is again tightly tied, Annie gags her with the same wet scarf as before. Annie stands up, kisses Elle on the mouth and prances out of the room carrying her shoes in her hand.

Sammy, still listening to the phone follows her, winking at Elle as he leaves and locking the door from the outside.

Elle sits looking a little abandoned. She wriggles all over to get the ropes adjusted some, leans back on the couch and closes her eyes. The scene fades out.

The scene fades in to find Elle rising from the couch. She makes a couple of test hops and head purposefully toward the windows. As she hops her hair and bosom bounces. Her bound hands flail around behind her as they attempt to escape the ropes and help her balance. She arrives at the windows and inserts her face between two sets of blinds. We see from her point of view the office building across the street.

There is one lighted office in which there is an overweight middle-aged man in a lime green polo shirt accessorized with a gold chain and massive gold watch. He is smoking a cigar and yelling into a phone.

Suddenly his head simply explodes in a bloody mist and he drops out of sight. Elle hops back from the window.

The camera shifts to the door and in walks Annie. From her point of view we see Elle across the room looking like she's been caught doing something wrong. She is blushing and trying to bite through her gag.

Annie: "I swear I think we'd have ta hogtie you to keep you in one place. Come over here and sit back down right now. You got over there, you can get back. I wanna see."

Elle simply begins hopping. She seems to be showing off a little. She stops at the couch, hops around and sits.

Annie removes her gag; dabbing her face where she has drooled a little.

Elle: "Wow. Thanks."

Annie: "You are very considerate. I like that. I guess you saw?"

Elle: "I know who he is now. You killed the right guy. So you're leaving now? I guess you'll untie me and I'll never see you again."

Annie: "Well Miss Priss, nobody's gettin untied yet that's for sure. I've got something to talk to you about first."

Elle: "Drag off your cigarette? Please?"

Annie goes and sits by Elle and helps her smoke the entire thing. Then she lights herself another.

Annie then sticks a finger in the opening of Elle's blouse and has a look in.

Annie: "I'd sure like to set them free to breathe in the cool air. Since you couldn't stop me and all, but not now I guess."

Annie holds up a card with a printed phone number on it so Elle can see it: "See this card. Call this number to get in touch with us if you want to continue our friendship. I will answer or take the message and return your call. Sammy will know about it of course, but he won't be involved at first. We provide a service you might be interested in. You will also be our friend unless I am greatly mistaken, which I am not. If you call this number, we will set up a window of time, several days usually, when you will be kidnapped, by force mind you, and brought to a place of our choosing. You WILL be taken even if you say you've changed your mind. You WILL have NO choice in the matter.

"There you will spend the night and the next day until 6 p.m. as our guest, but really our prisoner. You will NOT be allowed to leave. You will be tied up some of the time; perhaps most of the time. We might take your clothes away from you. You will not be sexually violated beyond the kind of thing we did today. It is there that we will discuss what your limits might be for the main event.

"If you decide to start this process, pack a couple of bags that we can kidnap with you. You don't have to have them with you. We'll find out where they are when we grab you and one of us will go get them or it or whatever.

"We will tell you about us and our service, of which this is a sort of 'test drive.' We will also just chat and have some fun. This is not a frightening experience except for the fact that you really will be our captive. We will do what it takes to prevent your escape.

When you call this number, all we will discuss will be the days when you can and can't be snatched. Within a certain time frame, you won't know when that will be."

Elle: "But what…"

Annie: "Hush. I knew I should have left you gagged. Don't speak again until I ask you too or I will gag you."

Annie: "If you don't call us, you will never see us again. I'm going to put this card in your wallet in the foldin money compartment."

Annie picks Elle's wallet out of her purse which is on the floor where Sammy left it hours ago. She shows Elle as she puts the card in with the bills."

Annie: "You may speak now sweetie."

Elle: "So we could finish what we started earlier when I untied your hands with my teeth?"

Annie: "That and a bunch more. I could just eat you alive."

Elle: "Could I ask a favor right now?"

Annie: "Ask all you want."

Elle: "I've decided not to even call the police. As far as I'm concerned none of this ever happened. But I want to share this experience with a friend of mine. I think she would be very interested to see some… uh… pictures."

Annie: "Hee hee. Of you? Like this? All roped up like a heifer?"

Elle: "I know, it's stupid, but she might not quite believe me otherwise. I've got a little digital camera in my purse. You just point and click. You should probably put the gag back in for at least some of the pictures."

Annie: "I'll gag you any day."

Annie goes and finds the camera. Then she regags Elle just as before. She arranges Elle's shoes near her bound stocking feet and then pulls open her blouse above the rope around her body and arms; showing much, but not all of her bosum. Elle blushes like mad but shakes her tits at Annie."

Annie takes about 30 shots from different angles. Elle strikes some Damsel in Distress poses and some sexy struggle poses. They both giggle at the absurdity of the situation.

Finally Annie ungags Elle and kisses her for a while, and lightly runs her hands over Elle's tits. Elle squeals and squirms.

Annie grabs her by the chin and forces her to look into her eyes: "Now you remember how that feels Little Missie and when you touch yourself tonight you think of me and how you couldn't touch yourself today. But I touched you."

Then Annie quickly unties Elle. She shoves the rope in a shoulder bag and starts to leave.

Annie: "You call that number. We've got lots to talk about you and me."

Then she was gone. The scene fades out with Elle putting on her shoes and then her coat.



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