She Asked For It


By Rayron D’Olier




There was a pleasant street in a lovely neighborhood that was lined with large, 100-year-old houses except at the very end where there was a strip of equally ancient commercial buildings. Most were two or three or four stories tall and had a variety of businesses within. The neighborhood had always been a pricy one and had maintained its status through its fortunate location well away from major urban development. The commercial strip resembled a small town and the buildings were well maintained and tenanted by prosperous, upscale restaurants and emporiums. The one that concerns us was at the very end of the commercial strip and was next door to the first of the large Victorian-style houses that comprise the rest of the street.


The building was a three-story, red brick structure with tall windows. It was wholly occupied by a clothing store for women, run by two friends, Denise and Melissa. They had met in college when they were both in art school and they decided that they would be partners in a clothing store – clothing being the very thing both were most interested in. It was a store that carried expensive, but conservative fashions. They were not interested in fads. They were interested in quality and perennial good taste. They had achieved their dream by the means of loans from their well-to-do fathers and were now solidly successful and in their mid-thirties. They had not married, but both were hoping to snare their current boyfriends into the blessed state of matrimony. They had both refused to live with these potential husbands, but all four were in and out of each others’ lives and houses at all times and they had become very good friends to the relief of one and all. Denise and Melissa had a horror of ending up with mutually hostile husbands because as far as they were concerned nothing would be allowed to interfere with their friendship.


On a certain day, in that certain building, Denise and Melissa had finished a hard day at the store. They had been pushing a new line of women’s professional clothing and had been using themselves as models. At the end of the day they were in their office at the very back of the store – an office that backed up onto an alley. The large room had once been a small warehouse for a dry goods store and they liked it for their office because it had tiny little window with security bars and heavy metal doors with massive sliding bars to keep them shut. This made them feel quite secure against theft of their computers, cash and documents and allowed them to work late at night if necessary with no worries about intruders. There was also a small, fully furnished apartment on the floor above where a person could actually live if they so desired and where both women had lived at least once over the years. The top floor had been offices decades before and was unchanged. It was empty of everything but what Melissa and Denise needed to store. It was a ghostly place so they both thought and they were constantly trying to decide what they should do with it, with its obsolete fixtures and dingy walls and floors.


They had been at their present location for ten years and they loved it and were used to it. It seemed more comfortable to them than their homes at times and they would often relax there with drinks after a hard day and talk things over. Denise and Melissa found it pleasant to bask in a day’s work well done while still together in the building. On this certain day at about 6:30 on a Friday evening, Denise and Melissa were in their back office having more than a couple of drinks. They had had a great week and were slowly but deliberately treating themselves to a bit of an alcohol buzz.


Both women kept themselves in excellent physical condition on the theory that they were their own best mannequins. Denise was the smaller of the two. She was five feet, 3 inches and had a tight, curvy little figure. Her bosom was small and perky, and her legs were dramatic. She had a high waist and her legs were long relative to her height and were perfect in shape and definition. Her body exuded a compact power. Her face was a soft oval punctuated by immense green eyes, a small mouth and slightly hooked nose. Her hair was dark, thick and wavy brown and was most often worn parted on the side and falling slightly past her shoulders. Denise was often accused of being expressionless by her more catty acquaintances and was in fact reserved, calm and dry in her sense of humor.


Melissa was a redhead and was taller at five feet, 7 inches. She had broad shoulders and a rather small bosom as befitted her long, but petite body. She had strong, dancer’s legs as befitted someone who relentlessly practiced dancing as her hobby. The resulting grace she exhibited combined with her slim, supple, lithe build gave her an endearing coltish quality. Melissa’s skin was, like many redhead’s, very pale. Her face was somewhat elfin with round cheeks and a turned up nose and startlingly bright eyes. Her red hair was as straight as if she ironed it every day and she kept it very long – when loose it fell halfway past her shoulder blades, but most of the time it was arranged in some more elaborate fashion. On this day, it was swept up onto the top and back of her head in order to expose her shapely neck. Melissa was more of a talker than Denise and had an impulsive, fun-loving nature. When engaged in conversation, her hands would take on a life of their own as they emphasized and elaborated and expressed whatever it was she was talking about.


Denise was dressed in a charcoal, pinstriped skirt that had slits, front and back, at her knees. Her blouse was a pink, sleeveless, tightly fitted bodice designed to be worn with a suit jacket. She was wearing opaque, white pantyhose and had kicked off her shoes in order to sit on a couch with her legs curled around her. The shoes on the floor were high-heeled maryjanes.


Melissa was more casual with a long, black dress. The low-cut bosom was framed by white collars that went over her shoulders and around her back. The sleeves barely covered her shoulders. Down the front of the dress were large white buttons that ended at her waist. The dress was well fitted, but at her waist the skirt began to gradually fill out and ended just below her knees. Melissa’s shoes were rather complicated flats that had the toes of a strapped and tasseled loafer, but were very low cut. At her heels they turned into sling backs. Melissa was reclining in a desk chair with her feet crossed on the desk. Her shoes were dangling off her toes and she was wriggling her feet in a way calculated to make her shoes swing back and forth. She would occasionally curl her toes and her shoes would respond by trying unsuccessfully to slip themselves back on her heels. Melissa’s pantyhose were diaphanous, transparent, natural color hose that only betrayed their presence by a certain pleasant smoothness and a bit of a wrinkling at her heels. Melissa’s feet were tired and hot and she had them where they could take the direct blast of cold air from the air conditioner vent.


They sat there in the office talking of many things. Their conversations generally began with work-related topics, but then always meandered off into their personal lives both past and present. At the moment they had veered into a discussion of their marvelous new boyfriends who seemed tailor made to both satisfy their domestic desires and avoid becoming wedges in their partnership. These fellows were identical twins named Frank and Fred. Denise had met her twin first (Fred) and had immediately introduced Melissa to the other in the calculated hope that the men might be a good two-for-one deal. The brothers were more or less inseparable, as twins sometimes are, and were actually in business together as helicopter pilots for hire. They were ex-military and were handsome in a rough sort of way.


They both competed mightily against each other in running, weightlifting and certain one-on-one sports, such as handball, but they were both incapable of being anything but relentlessly cheerful regardless of the circumstances. They were lantern-jawed specimens with squinty eyes and weathered faces and were only a couple of years older than Denise and Melissa. The only way to tell them apart was that Fred had a badly set broken nose that he had received in the service when he and Frank had been drinking in a bar in Germany and several men had had the misfortune to decide that the sight of Frank and Fred was somehow ridiculous and should be openly laughed at. There were comments about how both of them were needed to make one man, etc. and as one very large and furious man; Frank and Fred had punished these fellows’ impertinence with a businesslike series of very effective blows and kicks. However, Fred had fearlessly led with his face as he waded into the fray and his nose had been knocked about in a way that his mother would have deplored. After their drunken victory, Fred had visited a local veterinarian so as to avoid reporting to the base doctor and his nose had ended up healing with a criminal-looking curve to its bridge.


Although Denise was a refined and dignified person, she had always been attracted to men who were a bit unruly and she found Fred’s rather fearsome-looking visage to be endearing. He reminded her of a favorite dog they had had as children who had one ear that stood up while the other ear obstinately stayed flopped over. Denise also enjoyed sex with Fred because his impetuous nature and powerful body meant that Denise always felt that she was just a little bit out of control of the situation. Fred handled her little body with loving consideration, but he also definitely “handled” it. Denise was frequently and quietly thrilled that with Fred, she definitely knew what it was like to be “taken and ravished” as the romance novels would have it.


Denise and Melissa often discussed these two cheerful, manly paragons and were quite open about most details of their now happy sex lives. They tried to tell all without going over the line into too much detail. On the day in question, their conversation had turned to that secret and interesting topic. Both ladies had had several drinks and were loose and happy. Melissa was describing how Frank had taken to dressing her in ways that he liked. “He takes his time and picks out the entire outfit including shoes and jewelry and when we go out, I feel like there’s some special secret between us. I can’t describe it. I feel valuable and pretty. I also feel like I’m somehow more linked to him. I like it when he dresses me. Is that weird?”


Denise waved a hand, “Who cares if it’s weird. If it’s fun and you like it, you’ve got a good game to play. I think sex should sometimes be like a fun game. Frank sounds like he’s got a bit of a fetish about seeing you in certain clothes, but as long as it’s YOU he likes in the clothes, what the hell. I mean, some guys have a great imagination about these things. I could tell you some things about Fred. Ha ha.”


Melissa had let her hair down from it’s elaborate pile atop her head and was pulling it straight and smooth back from her forehead and gathering it into a simple ponytail at the top and back of her head. She looked at Denise and said, “So tell me some things about Fred. I told you a thing about Frank.”


A thoughtful smile spread over Denise’s face, “Well, Ok, I guess I could tell you that he tied me up the other night after work.”


Melissa had an expectant smile on her face that now froze at this unexpected news, “NO! No he didn’t! How could you let him? Did he hurt you?”


Denise looked embarrassed, “Melissa, he didn’t hurt me. You know him better than that. It was fun being tied up. But it was unexpected. He just did it and I didn’t stop him. Although, I did kind of ask for it.”


“What do you mean you asked for it?” Melissa had focused all of her energy and attention at getting the whole story about Denise being tied up by Fred. Denise looked at Melissa and could tell she wanted to know everything. Now. She had taken her feet off the desk and was leaning forward in her desk chair ready to listen. She looked a little alarmed and tense. She drained her drink and began pouring another one from the bottle of scotch on the desk.


Denise was still her usual, unflappable self, but she couldn’t really face Melissa’s penetrating gaze without falling into hopeless laughter. She began looking around the room at various things and began her narrative. “Well, you remember about two weeks ago when we had that terrible day when everything went wrong and I had dressed in that uncomfortable wool suit, pantyhose and high heels? After we had a few drinks here just like we’re doing now, I got home about 8 o’clock and found that Fred had let himself in and was waiting for me. He was still dressed in his flyboy outfit and was starting a fresh drink and relaxing on the couch. It made me furious to see him so happy. It made me even madder when I saw him stirring the drink with the tip of a finger. When I walked in, I didn’t say a word. I dropped my purse and suit coat on the floor, took Fred’s drink from him and staggered to a chair, plopped down, kicked off my shoes, put my feet on a stool and made some kind of groan. I looked at him and he had this irritating grin on his face like something was pretty goddam funny. Everything was pissing me off and I really wished he wasn’t there right then.


“He lifted his finger up as if to say ‘excuse me for a minute’ and he left the room and came back with a fresh drink and then sat down. Neither of us had said a word. I felt like a pure bitch and didn’t know what to say, but he finally piped up and said, ‘did you have a prosperous and satisfying day at your place of business dear.’


“I turned to him and said, ‘No, goddamit, I did not. I am positively fit to be tied.


“He sipped his drink and said, ‘I can see that. Happily it can be immediately arranged.’


“I said, ‘What can be arranged?’


“He said, ‘If you are fit to be tied, as you say you are and as I can see that you are, then I can arrange for you to be tied without further ado. I think it will do you good, so just sit there with your drink and I will be right back.’


“I say there and didn’t know what to think, but he had gotten my attention. I surely didn’t expect him to literally tie me up, but he came back into the room with a bunch of rope we had used when he helped me move a bunch of stuff into storage and he pulled out one length of it and said, ‘You’ll have to stand up for a second, sweetest.’


“I started to say something, but since I didn’t know what to say, nothing much came out. He didn’t wait for me to stand up. He pulled me out of the chair, spun me around and pulled my hands behind my back and before I knew it, he had several loops of rope around my wrists. I struggled a little, but he just laughed and gathered my arms together with one of his and finished tying my hands behind me. Then he stood back and left me standing there.


“I turned around and said, ‘What the hell do you think you’re doing?’


“He just looked at me and said, ‘You might as well relax and enjoy this because you are going to stay tied up for a little while. If fact, I think you’ll find a little restraint will help you relax.’


“I tried to kick him, but he picked me up and put me back on the chair. He grabbed both legs and tied my feet together at the ankles. I didn’t try to stop him at this point, but I was still plenty mad. When my feet were tied, he lowered them back on the stool and went back to his seat on the couch. I was struggling a little just to see if I was really tied up and it was so strange. It didn’t hurt and I wasn’t really uncomfortable, but I could not get loose. I couldn’t really move.


“Then he said, ‘You will be tied up for two hours – no more, no less – so you might as well decide to calm down and forget about what must have been a horrible day. I promise you; if you can assume the proper attitude, we’ll have fun. Now reconcile yourself to the fact that there’s nothing you can do but sit there and tell me what was so terrible about today. Oh, one more thing. If you decide to sit there silently like a sullen child or if you get loud and hostile, I’ll put a gag in your mouth. So what’s it to be?’

“I looked at my drink on the table beside the chair for some reason, and I was so surprised that I couldn’t use my hands to pick it up. When that happened, I began to have a feeling that I couldn’t quite identify, but that was sort of funny, literally funny, and I could feel the tension begin to leave me. Then Fred got up and went to the kitchen and came back with a drinking straw and plopped it in my drink. If I sat up and put my feet on the floor, I could lean over enough to sip through the straw. Fred sat back down and looked at me almost proudly and although I swore I wouldn’t give him the satisfaction, I actually giggled.

“I told him about what had gone on during that day, and I kept forgetting I was tied up. I kept trying at first to stand up and pace around and use my hands to emphasize what I was saying and then I would feel the ropes. I finally lost the thread of what I was talking about and just told him that it didn’t sound all that interesting anymore and was he really going to keep me tied up for two hours. He said that he was, but then he came over and gave me a really nice kiss that started to get me just a little excited. Then he sat down on the stool and took my feet in his lap and began rubbing them just like I like him to, but the strangest thing happened. I’m not really very ticklish at all, but something about the kiss and being tied up made my feet unbelievably sensitive. The way he was rubbing my feet wasn’t like tickling, but the feeling was so great it was almost unbearable and I started moving around and struggling a little. That made it totally clear that I was completely, utterly helpless and I felt a sudden charge go through me. But everything till felt quiet and serene. It was the most ungodly combination of feelings I’ve ever had.

“From my feet, he started rubbing my legs and then touching me here and there. He felt a little under my blouse and kissed me some more and he went on and on with this for most amazingly long time. You talked about how you felt valuable and beautiful with Frank dresses you. I felt the same way being tied up and treated so gently and lovingly. And what added even more excitement was the knowledge that I couldn’t do anything about it. Fred had made it perfectly clear that I would be tied up for two hours whether I liked it or not and by the time he had been messing with me for a while, I definitely liked it. I was really getting into the spirit of it and it was driving me crazy that I couldn’t make him keep kissing me or rubbing me in a certain place. I just had to accept what was given and wait for what was next. Then he gave me a little kiss on the forehead and went back and sat down on the couch. He smiled and said, ‘Are you feeling any better?’

“I said, ‘I was, but you stopped. You need to come back over here.’ I found myself twisting against the ropes and said, ‘Why did you stop? That was great!’

“Fred laughed, ‘Well you’ve only been my prisoner for about thirty minutes. We have a long way to go, so you’ll just have to learn to be patient. I promise it’ll be worth it.’


“So to make a long story short, we would sit there and talk. I was sweating with excitement, but I was loving every minute of it and periodically he would come back over and mess with me and I was just about ready to go through the roof. But I still felt this strange, quiet serenity through it all and that horrible day at work seemed like it had never happened. After an hour and a half, Fred stood me up and tied my arms to my body and my knees together. He used a huge silk scarf to gag me and picked me up and carried me to the bedroom where he proceeded to give me the most powerful orgasm I have ever had in my life. I didn’t know such a thing was possible. I even fainted at the end I think. I felt totally drained, completely happy and like I was glowing. I can’t even begin to describe the sheer power and ecstasy of an orgasm at that level. So that’s what happened when Fred tied me up and we’ve done it several times since. He’s promised never to do it again without at least having my implied consent, but personally I trust him to pick the right time and I like the sensation, the suggestion, that I have been tied up against my will. That’s part of it. At the very least, I like a time limit where I will not be untied. You have the funniest look on your face. Do you think we’re impossibly perverted?”

Melissa was blushing and her face was a study in wide-eyed amazement. “Wow. I mean… you weren’t scared? It didn’t hurt? I think I might be scared.”

“No, no, Fred was gentle and funny the whole time and he explained later that if a person is tied up properly that it shouldn’t hurt. After two hours, I was a little stiff and ready to be untied, but during the whole thing I was so excited that I didn’t even notice the stiffness. Or maybe that even added to the experience. You take movement for granted and when you don’t have it, interesting things go on in your mind. Everything assumes exaggerated importance. Everything looked different, felt different. I was like one giant nerve ending and having the gag in my mouth almost gave me permission to yell bloody murder at the end. That’s something I never do.”

Melissa was blushing very, very deeply and was deep in thought. “You know, I’ve heard of being tied up for fun, but I never gave it serious consideration. The orgasm was that great, huh?”

Denise nodded gravely, “It was more amazing than I can ever tell you and I’ve had some good ones in the past. I’ve never felt I was missing anything before, but having that orgasm while tied up was truly astounding. It as so powerful that it actually felt different from normal ones. I’ll still like those. It’s like there’s now two possible types of orgasm that are essentially unalike.”

“I wonder what Frank would do if I asked him to try that. I’d be nervous.”

Denise and Melissa were both a bit tipsy by now and were having giggling fits as they continued this most interesting conversation. Melissa was now trying to talk herself into thinking of a way to have the same experience as Denise. She wanted a killer orgasm too, but Denise’s initial stint as a captive had happened so spontaneously and they were both at a loss when they tried to figure out how best for Melissa to provoke her twin into tying her up. Melissa wasn’t even totally sure it was something she wanted to do. She kept changing her mind about it.


Finally Melissa’s face brightened as if it had been lit from behind. Her mouth went wide open and she covered it with her hand and have Denise a hilarious look. She whispered as if someone might hear the preposterous thing she had to say next, “I’ve got it! I’ll see if I like it first! You tie me up right now and I’ll know!” Melissa was almost bouncing up and down and a squeaky laugh escaped her she was so taken with this idea.

Denise looked at her like she was crazy, “You’re crazy Melissa. It’s wouldn’t be the same if I tied you up.”

“I know, but at least I’d be a used to the feeling. I’d know what to expect a little and I wouldn’t be so nervous. It might ruin it with Frank if I was too nervous and I just know if we had a little dry run here that I could have better idea about what it would be like. C’mon Denise, be a pal. I’d do it for you. Tie me up.”

Denise smiled calmly looked at her watch, “It’s 6:30. Do you have anywhere you need to be? Even though it doesn’t hurt, there are rope marks that have to go away. We might need to hang around here after. I don’t have anything to do. Fred is overhauling a copter motor tonight.”

“So you’ll do it? You’ll really do it? Frank’s helping Fred. He told me so earlier this afternoon.”

Denise scanned the office, “Well, what ever will we tie you up with? By the way, for this to have a realistic effect, you have to agree to remain tied up for at least an hour whether you like it or not. If I have to do this, I’m not going to be tying and untying you at your command. You’ll just have to be tied up and stay that way. Agreed?”

“Sure. I mean you’re the expert. What did Fred tie you up with?”

“He used some shiny, woven nylon rope. It was very soft, almost silky. I don’t know what we have around here. We can’t use anything that’s elastic.”

Denise and Melissa got up from where they were sitting, put their shoes on and began rummaging around in the office. The office was cluttered with all kinds of things, but Denise insisted that they use some kind of rope in order to duplicate her experience and because she knew how to tie a person up with that.

They went into the apartment upstairs and looked there. The apartment had very little in it because no one had lived there for about five years.

Finally they went to the spooky old third floor. As they walked into the first dusty office, Denise exclaimed, “There it is. We’ll use this rope that’s been tied around these old boxes. In fact this is the same stuff Fred and I used the other night because these are the boxes that we moved up here and we used that rope to package them. Now we’ll use it to package you!”


As Denise began untying some rope from the boxes, Melissa began to feel a nervous tightening in her stomach. “This is so spooky up here. This is just the kind of place a girl would be tied up and hidden in the movies. She’d be tied to that old office chair and there’d be a gag. The hero would be wandering around looking for her, but she wouldn’t be able to make a sound.”

Denise laughed, “You can’t totally silence somebody with a gag though. It just sounds kind of muffled and whatever you say makes you sound like an idiot. Here’s a nice length of rope. Turn around and put your hands together behind your back.”

Melissa looked worried, “Here? Up here?”

“Don’t worry, we’ll go back downstairs to finish up. I wouldn’t leave you up here with all the dusty old ghosts. Now turn around sister.”

They laughed, but Melissa was feeling at an extreme disadvantage. Denise’s calm assurance didn’t calm Melissa’s nerves. Denise was actually beginning to exhibit a commanding authority that made Melissa feel like a captive, so she turned around and put her hands behind her. She felt Denise tentatively turn her hands first one way, then another and she finally settled for having her hands together palms out. Melissa giggled nervously when she felt Denise begin quickly and decisively wrapping the rope around her wrists and tried looking over her shoulder to see what was going on. Then she felt Denise wrapping the rope in another direction between her wrists. Then the rope was pulled snug and Melissa felt and heard the knot being tied. She had never felt so strange a feeling as when she realized that Denise was no longer touching her, but nevertheless she was unable to bring her hands from behind her back.

Melissa tried pulling her hands out of the ropes by alternately pulling and pushing with first one arm and then the other and she was startled in spite of herself to find that her hands were indeed tied firmly behind her back. She was instantly aware that the relationship between her and Denise was totally altered by the fact of her helplessness. In the split second it took to tie the knot, Melissa and Denise had gone from being equals to being captive and captor. Denise was now totally in charge. Not only did Melissa feel that Denise was in charge of her, Melissa also felt quite keenly that she was now dependent on Denise. She couldn’t do anything without Denise’s permission or help. She hadn’t anticipated such a significant emotional component to being tied up, but when Denise walked around in front of her to watch her struggle, Melissa looked up to see Denise standing there, hands on hips, and grinning like she had won a game. This was a lot for Melissa to take in at once and it made her start giggling again. “This is not like I thought it would be. I think it’s a hoot, but I feel so weird.”

Denise started shoving her a little, “See how helpless you are. I can shove you around and there’s nothing you can do about it. Let’s go back downstairs and finish the job.” Denise spun Melissa around and pushed her toward the stairs. Melissa was still giggling nervously and kept turning around to try and get a glimpse of what her hands looked like all tied up. She went down the stairs very deliberately. With her hands tied behind her, she couldn’t use them for balance.

“Now this is strange. I never realized how important hands are for going down the stairs. I feel almost dizzy.”

Denise was behind her, ready to steady Melissa if she stumbled, “Oh yeah, there’s a lot you take for granted and when you’re really tied up there’s nothing but constant surprises. You said you felt weird. The weirdest things are that you must simply sit where you are put unless you want to really struggle or crawl or hop and the other weird thing is watching the other person be totally free and know that all the decisions and actions are up to them. If you’re tied up, you have to ask permission to do anything. You have to trust them so totally and yet still they have a definite authority over you.”

“Can I trust you Denise?” Melissa was still giggling and deeply blushing. She had never felt such a combination of dependence, stage fright and nervous anticipation – all overlaid by a hilarious sense of fun. She almost felt naked in front of her best friend as they reentered the office. Melissa found herself standing there awkwardly, moving one foot shyly around on the carpet and she understood that she was standing there waiting to be told what to do next. “My God, I am a prisoner!” she said inwardly.

Denise said, “Of course you can trust me Melissa. You can trust me to finish tying you and to keep you that way for an hour. By the way, your time won’t start until I finish tying your feet. I’ll let you decide where to sit.”

Melissa looked around the room. She was sweeping the floor in a semi-circle with one foot and the tip of her tongue was peeping from between her lips. It was as if her decision about where to sit was the most important she had ever taken. Denise stood there holding more rope in her hand, tapping her foot and looking impatient.

Finally, Melissa skipped happily to the couch, turned around and sat down, her ponytail swishing through thee air. She placed her feet together and extended them to be tied. Denise kneeled at Melissa’s feet, crossed her ankles and began winding the rope around them. Melissa paid close attention. She wanted to see how it was done – how the thin white rope was made to be such an efficient restraint. Denise wrapped a large quantity around both ankles and then wrapped a few cinched between Melissa’s ankles. Then she threaded the last few inches of both ends of the rope through the wrappings on either side of the cinch and tied a secure square knot.

Denise stood up and with a satisfied look on her face said, “There! Let’s see you get out of that. Your hour begins now. It’s almost 7 o’clock. At 8 o’clock, I’ll let you go. We’ll just add the few minutes before 7 to your time.”

Melissa began tentatively testing her bonds. She was extremely limber and could twist and turn in some very remarkable directions, but it was clear that her hands and feet were effectively pinioned. Denise watched as Melissa lost a shoe and unconsciously wriggled her now shoeless stocking foot.

“God Denise, you did a good job. This feels so weird. The weirdest part is that the second you tied my hands you were in charge. You can walk around and do whatever you want and I can’t do anything at all. I don’t think I like this. Denise, why don’t you untie me? Please?”

Denise just said, “No way. You asked for it.”

Melissa laughed, “I was just testing you. But that just reinforces this very strange feeling. I’m trying to imagine what it would be like with Frank in the room and the very thought makes me sort of excited. Hell Denise, I think I’m excited just being in here with you. You look different all of a sudden. Oh my God, am I a lesbian? Ha ha.”

Denise rolled a desk chair so she could sit and see Melissa, “I don’t know. We’ve often wondered if we weren’t attracted to each other you know. We haven’t talked about it lately. It’s clear we love men, but it’s also clear there’s something between us that isn’t altogether about mere friendship. And I must say, I enjoy the sight of you sitting there all bound up and stuff. It’s exciting to me that I did it to you. Maybe I should kiss you. Would you like that?”

Melissa blushed a deep, deep red and pulled her hands and feet against the ropes, “The second you said that, I felt this charge go through me that was almost scary. I wanted to move and I couldn’t and then I realized that if you wanted to kiss me, I really couldn’t stop you. I’m not sure if I’m quite ready for that. I want a sip of your drink.”

Denise kicked off her shoes and took the drink over to Melissa and helped her take a gulp. Then she bent down and began kissing her on the mouth. Neither woman had ever kissed another woman before and both found it quite different, physically and emotionally, from kissing men. They had been best friends so long that the kiss was recognized by both as something that had been waiting to happen for a long, long time. A kiss between them had been with them for years and once done, it wasn’t frightening for either.

The kiss was long and deep, with their tongues intertwined. It felt impossibly sweet and innocent and awakened carnal feelings that were similar in intensity, but different in quality, than those they experienced with men. Denise could feel Melissa struggling in earnest as her body tried to move and participate in this stimulatingly novel event, but it made Melissa shudder when the ropes forced her to sit in her place and relinquish all initiative to Denise.

Denise finally broke off the kiss and turned to walk back to her chair. Melissa was dumbfounded by the altered perceptions she now experienced. Suddenly Denise’s body was the object of profound desire. Her butt was more than cute and her legs and feet in their smooth pantyhose were begging Melissa to touch them, but then Melissa felt the ropes around her wrists and ankles seem to tighten as she tried to move. Her hands flapped behind her and her feet pointed and pushed and pulled against her bonds. Melissa caught herself and forced her body to be still. She let herself fall back against the backrest of the couch as Denise turned around and sat in her chair. They both found themselves staring at each other hungrily and then they burst into an uncontrollable giggling fit.

When they had calmed down a little, Denise said softly, “Well Melissa, what should we do about all this?”

Melissa writhed on the couch and pointed with her feet at Denise and said, “You need to come back over here and do that again. It’s driving me nuts that I can’t come to you. I’m about to go through the roof dearie.”

Denise looked at a very flustered and damp-looking Melissa, “You look really cute on your launching pad, about to go through the roof. However, I don’t think you’re going anywhere until I say so. What I meant by my question was, should I go so far as to give you an orgasm or should we just play around with the edges of this new situation for a while first and save the best for later? You’re going to feel more desperate about this because you’re tied up – you can feel the power of it. But try to calm down and consider what’s just happened.”

Melissa had kicked off her other shoe and was rubbing the soles of her stocking feet back and forth on the carpet. Melissa was leaning forward now and Denise could enjoy the sight of her bosom moving beneath her low-cut dress. The way Melissa’s hands were tied with the palms out, meant that her arms were fairly sharply drawn behind her and her dress was stretched tight across her bosom.

Melissa was trying to think through a veritable storm of emotion, “Weeeell, it’s not like this will be our only chance to mess around. God Denise, I’m just… um… so happy about what just happened. I’m so happy! I think we should just play around with it for now. It’s so weird being the one tied up. I keep using that word, but it’s so appropriate. This is fun. It’s like a game, but it’s also serious – deeply serious. I keep trying to move and I’m shocked when I can’t. And you look almost like a different person to me. Just promise you won’t wait too long before you kiss me again.”

Without a word, Denise stood up and went over to Melissa. As she approached, Melissa smiled and looked demure. She twisted her body against the ropes and her toes curled under their stockings.

They kissed again and Melissa closed her eyes and felt herself enter a state of dreamy excitement. Denise kept the kiss going for a deliciously long while. She also ventured to lightly rub one of Melissa’s breasts, on the outside of her dress. She felt Melissa shudder and draw in a sharp breath when she did that. Denise had never felt such power over another person before.

Denise broke off the kiss and stood up to better have a look at her captive. Melissa tilted her head up and began to say, “Don’t you dare stop!” But she was interrupted when the phone rang. At first, neither woman seemed to know what it was. They were so removed from the outside world that they almost didn’t recognize it when the outside world intruded. Denise looked confused and Melissa looked a little startled. To Melissa’s surprise, Denise didn’t immediately answer the phone. She ran over to a worktable at the other side of the office and grabbed a long, white, silk scarf and ran back over to Melissa. Melissa watched as Denise smoothed the scarf and found the middle of it. Then, in a voice that allowed for no opposition, she said, “Open your mouth.”

To her surprise, Melissa opened her mouth and found the scarf inserted between her teeth. Denise wrapped it in both directions around Melissa’s head. While she was doing this, Melissa kept trying to nuzzle Denise’s bosom with her face, but Denise kept pulling Melissa’s laughing face away as she wrapped the scarf around and around her head and between her teeth until the whole thickness filled Melissa’s mouth. Then Denise knotted the scarf behind Melissa’s head, kissed Melissa on her now thoroughly gagged mouth and trotted over to the phone. They had the volume on the answering machine turned down and Denise turned it up so they could hear who it was if they were still leaving a message. It was Frank! Denise laughed and said to Melissa, “It’s your hero, sweetie pie. What would he think if he could see you now?”

Denise picked up the phone before Frank could finish his message. She said with a mischievous smile, “Oh, hello Frank.”

The events of the last seconds had a galvanizing effect on Melissa. She thought it was a brilliant act of gamesmanship the way Denise had gagged her in preparation for receiving a phone call. Being in the presence of her best friend, taking to her lover on the phone, while being securely tied and gagged made Melissa feel more like real captive than ever. It was as if she was so valuable to the both of them that they had to restrain her to keep her at their disposal. Frank didn’t know about this of course, but he was now part of it in Melissa’s mind. Her emotions were so strong that it seemed entirely appropriate that she should be tied up in order to keep her under control. What a lovely feeling it was to be out of control and yet under control of the two people in the world she loved best. She leaned forward and listened to the conversation with growing excitement and a rising sense of fun.

Denise listened for a minute and then said, “She’s here but she can’t come to the phone right now,” she looked at Melissa, “she’s a little tied up right now, Frank.” Denise listened again, trying desperately to control a fit of laughter. “No, I’m not tied up too. No, I didn’t tie her up. Frank you’re being stupid. OK, what if I did tie her up? What do you care? But she can’t talk to you right now, because she’s got a big gag in her mouth you big dummy. Ha ha, you would huh? No, don’t come over here. We’re about to leave anyway. We’re going home and going to bed, so we’ll see you guys tomorrow. No, we’re not drunk. Not much. OK, I’ll have her call you back in a little bit. Bye.”

Denise put the phone down and looked pensive. “Melissa, something’s going on. Those two are up to something. It’s almost as if they know what we’ve been doing. I’m going to untie you. It’s almost time anyway.”

Denise untied Melissa and watched as she stretched herself. Melissa looked at Denise, “They couldn’t possibly know what we’ve been doing. From what I heard you say, it could be that Fred told Frank he had tied you up. Frank sounded like he was badgering you about that. Denise, I’ll bet they’ve been talking about you and Fred.”

Denise considered this suggestion, “Well, we have to expect a certain amount of that. Those two don’t have many secrets. I don’t think I care. But I still think they’re up to something. They were threatening to come over here as if they were going to catch us doing something.”

Melissa had resumed her seat on the couch and curled her legs and feet around her butt, “Denise, I still want to kiss you, but now I want to kiss Frank too. Am I in danger of wanting to fuck anything that moves? Ha ha. I mean, listening to you and Frank talk on the phone while I was tied up and gagged made me feel unbelievably excited. I wanted him to walk in just then. Oh my God! Denise, I just thought of something. What if we could get one of them to tie us up and leave us together? That would be incredible! They could hold us prisoner and we could kiss and stuff and then they could come back and fuck us.”

For the first time, Denise was the one blushing, “Melissa, you’ve won the imagination game. Your idea is so stupid, so unlikely, but the second you said if, I found that I wanted that to happen too.” They sat there grinning like idiots.

Melissa broke the silence, “So it’s 8 o’clock. It’s early. We’re a little drunk. What should we do for the rest of this insane little evening? I’d like to be tied up again. How many ways do you know how to tie somebody up?”

Denise said, “I’m a beginner, but I know a few variations. For instance, you’d probably have been more comfortable with your wrists crossed behind you, but you’re so limber it probably doesn’t matter much. Mainly there’s just more places that can have rope added. There’s also being tied to something and then there’s hogtying where your wrists and ankles are connected behind you. Fred did that to me once last week and there that is so restrictive. You can’t move at all. Fred showed me a website and there’s some other stuff that didn’t look too interesting. He didn’t think so either. Should we tie you up again? I’m still buzzing from our kissing. Maybe we should tie you up. It’s 8 o’clock. Why don’t we tie you up for two hours this time and we’ll move up to the apartment.”

Melissa had a very sweet smile on her face. It was obvious she was filled with all kinds of new emotions that pleased a lot more than a little. “Aren’t you afraid that guys are ‘up to something,’ as you put it? I almost hope they are?”

“I don’t know. Frank sounded like he was just ribbing me. I do think he and Fred have been talking about our sex life though. But right now, let’s get you all trussed up.”

Denise was standing in front of the couch where Melissa was reclining, dangling a length of rope between the fingers of one hand. Melissa softly rose to her feet, turned around and crossed her wrists behind her. This time when the rope began wrapping around her wrists, Melissa welcomed the feeling that she was quickly becoming subordinate to her friend. She relished that split second when Denise tied the knot and Melissa’s captivity became official.

As Melissa turned around, Denise went pounding up the stairs yelling over her shoulder, “I’m going up to get more rope!”

Melissa stood there alone, her hands bound behind her. It was the first time she had been tied up alone and she noticed that there was a difference to that feeling – although her friend was in another part of the building, Melissa was still under her control. She thought that there was an exciting potential to being tied  alone – having to wait, having to inhabit her mind and wallow in strong emotions that her body would be unable to do anything about. Melissa walked over to where her shoes had landed when she kicked them off and worked them back onto her feet. She felt the feeling steal over her again that she was such a valuable damsel that she had to be restrained – in fact so valuable that she was even now waiting to be tied even more securely.

Denise pounded down the stairs and trotted into the room with what looked like every rope off of every box that she could find upstairs. She laid them on a desk so as not to tangle them and selected one of the longest. Melissa’s desire to kiss Denise was growing apace, but she controlled it, much as she would have controlled her desire to have dessert before dinner. Melissa found herself spun around and then felt Denise begin to wrap her arms and body together with rope. The rope was wound tightly around her just below her bosom and above her elbows and when a sufficient thickness was achieved, Denise cinched the rope between her elbow and her body on both sides and then pulled it all a bit more snug and knotted the rope between Melissa’s shoulder blades. Melissa was almost shocked by the feeling of extreme helplessness this produced. Her upper body and arms felt as if they were encircled by a soft, but tight, thick and unyielding band. She twisted and turned and shrugged her shoulders and found that her movements were infinitely more restricted than they were when merely her hands were tied at the wrists.

Denise walked around Melissa and watched her struggle and then went up on her tiptoes to kiss her. Denise noted that as they kissed, Melissa’s body squirmed and twisted. Denise knew that Melissa would now be hopelessly agitated. She broke off the kiss and Melissa just said, “Whew!”

Denise said, “Now we go upstairs. I’ve got a place all ready for you.”

They emerged at the top of the stairs into the apartment that they had both called home at separate times over the years. There was still a full complement of furniture up there, but the TV and stereo were definitely second rate items and the kitchen was stripped almost bare of implements. The closets were likewise empty. It seemed, as it was, a place that had been unlived in for several years. There were some old magazines and a few other odds and ends that had been left behind, but the lack of life in the place made it feel somewhat deserted and mysterious.

Melissa was nervously tugging at her bonds and feeling more and more like a captive. Denise was guiding her with a hand on her upper arm and Melissa felt herself propelled toward the bedroom, which was at the back of the apartment overlooking the same alley as their office. Denise pushed her to a seat on the bed and bent to begin tying her feet together, which she did quickly, efficiently and tightly. Then Denise regagged Melissa just she had been before.

“OK Melissa, here’s the deal. I’m going to leave you here for a while. I’m even going to lock the door from the outside. But first I’m going to give you a little something to think about.”

Denise knelt on the bed behind Melissa and with one hand she began massaging a breast and with the other began rubbing gently between Melissa’s legs. Melissa’s body tensed in response and she began twisting with the same rhythm as Denise’s hands. Melissa’s legs lifted up on her toes and her shoes slipped off her heels. Denise manipulated Melissa’s body for several minutes and Melissa now knew better than to try and hope for more. “A tied up person has to take what they can get,” she thought as she soaked up the sheer pleasure that even being felt through her dress gave her.

When Denise stopped, Melissa leaned forward and through her gag made a little incoherent squeal that sounded like, “Ummmmm!”

She looked up to see Denise wave good-bye as she shut the door and locked it. Melissa was buzzing like a little motor as she sat on the side of the bed left to her own totally inadequate devices. Her legs were bouncing up and down on her toes and her hands were thoughtfully and slowly waving around behind her. She thought it quite odd that she should feel so alert and alive in a situation that would normally have been quite boring – locked in a room, nothing to read, no TV, curtains on the window closed and only the bright overhead bulb turned on.

Melissa sat for a while and then let herself fall back on the bed. She turned on her side and pulled her legs on the bed, losing a shoe in the process. The other shoe was barely dangling off her toes, so she wriggled that one off too and began worming her way to the head of the bed where she could put her head on the pillows. As she squirmed, her feelings of helplessness were doubled by the difficulty she experienced in her progress to the pillows. And on top of everything, the top two buttons of her dress popped open and the slack allowed one shoulder of her dress to slide off the top of her shoulder, exposing some of her bra and one breast. Her skirt also became rumpled. Melissa had a sudden image of how disheveled she must look and how helpless she was to put herself back in order. The gag was also beginning to be wet along her cheeks and this added to the overall feeling of dampness that she was now deciding was a sort of permanent condition when a person was tied up.

Melissa began musing on her condition, “It is part of the excitement that I am unable to do any of the easy little things I would normally do right now. It’s even difficult to keep my ponytail from flopping where I don’t want it. I might start drooling a little.” She laughed. She imagined how she would feel if Frank or Denise were to wander in to pay her a little attention and her body protested against the ropes by involuntarily writhing for a moment. She found it most interesting that she was keenly aware that she was in her stocking feet. It was a revelation to her how vulnerable this made her feel. “How utterly ironic that my feelings, my vivid emotions, are running rampant and out of control while my body is roped into helplessness. What is the connection between the physical and the mental? This new situation has revealed something about that I hadn’t expected. I am a literal captive for the next two hours. Denise is enjoying this in a totally different way than I am and there is no way she would untie me except in an extreme emergency. What happens next is a mystery that I can’t control. Anything could happen. What if Frank and Fred did barge in? What would they find Denise doing?”

Melissa found these musings fascinating and she began to feel even more keenly the almost dreamy, hallucinatory quality that seemed to be precipitated by physical captivity. When she tried to move, she felt a thrill each time as the ropes seemed to tighten around her. She had a heightened awareness of her soft, sensual beauty when she looked down and saw her silky legs held fast by the tight ropes around her ankles. She had never had such an appreciation for her own loveliness before. Her helplessness had lowered all boundaries to all emotions and there were floods of feelings that had never been so strong. Her fantasies were so real. Her body was so beautiful. To release a wave of pleasure, all she had to do was think of Frank or Denise and then struggle against her bonds and realize that even all alone, she was still totally under the control and at the mercy of another.

As she tried to look at herself, her bosom, her legs, she had a sudden desire to know how all of her looked tied up. She wanted to see herself as her captors might. She looked around the room and remembered that there was a full-length mirror on the inside of the closet door. The door opened outward and she could sit in an old overstuffed, leather chair that was by the bed and that would be in front of the mirror once the closet door was opened. The thought of having to plan and struggle merely to sit up and somehow move around was remarkably stimulating. “Just like a damsel in a movie – getting up, hopping around, but totally unable to get tied,” Melissa thought. Her hands made little fists and her stocking feet scrabbled on the bedspread as she began trying to assess how much movement she was capable of.

Melissa rolled over until she was facing the side of the bed where the chair and closet were. She let her legs slide off the bed, hoping that their weight suspended over the floor would lever her up to a sitting position, but found that further efforts were needed. She bent her knees and pressed the soles of her feet against the side of the bed and with the very little movement she had with her arms, pressed her hands against the top of the bed while jerking back and forth with her upper body. She found this frustrating because it ought to work, but it was awkward and she was grunting behind the gag from the effort. Finally some combination of foot and hand and body movement allowed her to just barely rise to a sitting position on the edge of the bed where she rested for a moment.

After her breathing had become normal, she stood up and tentatively hopped a few inches toward the closet. Her balance wasn’t what it should be with her arms drawn so sharply behind her, but she also felt that she could hop with confidence if she was careful. Unlike the office, the apartment was uncarpeted and at some point all throw rugs had been taken elsewhere so Melissa was aware that her stocking feet would be a little slippery on the smooth wood. She hopped the short distance to the closet; hopped in a circle so she could open the door; hopped forward with the door knob held in her hands and then she twisted around and with a couple of fingers flipped the door so it would open all the way against the wall. She found herself avoiding looking at her image. She was almost shy of seeing it, but she also wanted to get situated and then be surprised by the unobstructed view of her bound and gagged self.

Melissa hopped the several feet to the chair and, careful not to look in the mirror just yet, hopped in a circle so she could sit down, which she did. When she looked up she was amazed at what she saw and flooded with contradictory emotions. The first sight of herself thoroughly bound and gagged was shocking. It was, objectively speaking, an extreme situation to find oneself in. On the other hand she was gratified to see a very lovely, disheveled woman. Her image was totally in sync with her feelings of being a valuable object that has to be packaged and restrained. For the first time, she saw the ropes as something imposed on her by others for their own reasons. Ropes had been put on her to keep her prisoner. She had put her clothes on herself, but now her clothes were disarranged and even they belonged to those who had put the ropes on her. Melissa thought, “I put on this outfit this morning, but now I can’t take it off or put on another one or even smooth this one back into place. I put my ponytail up with my own hands, but those hands are now tied behind me. Someone else will have to decide to untie me if I am to dress myself or fix my hair. I can’t even keep my shoes on.”

She pointed her stocking feet and watched as her leg muscles flexed against her ankle ropes. She marveled at her gagged mouth. Her lipstick had smeared a bit and the creeping wetness along her cheeks was evident. Her hair had begun to try and pull itself out of the ponytail and was a bit loose looking around her face. Melissa tried a few struggling moves in imitation of actress damsels she had seen and was gratified to see her bosom heave so prominently. She looked even to herself very soft, pretty and vulnerable and the ropes looked tight and severe – almost fierce. She was comfortable though and was impressed how Denise had tied her. The gag was perhaps the strangest. It felt like a big soft wad in her mouth, but the way it made her lips distort and her cheeks poke out, it seemed as if it should feel way too tight. Melissa actually realized that it wasn’t the tightness of the ropes that made them effective – they didn’t feel tight if she remained still, it was the snug thickness that made them inescapable. If she sat very still, they felt very little tighter than thick elastic bands on a heavy winter coat, but when she tried to move, the ropes seemed to wake up and tighten up.

Melissa continued to look at herself and played around with various poses and moves. She knew how men loved the look of legs and feet in stockings and she instinctively knew that those same legs and feet with ropes added would drive them mad. Melissa imagined Denise tied up and that drove her mad. Her recent awakening to her sexual attraction to and for Denise drove Melissa into places in her head she had never been before and the anticipation of investigating this further was making Melissa almost manic at times. It continued to amaze Melissa how desperately at times her body wanted to escape the ropes and yet how her mind realized that the ropes were the very levers driving her feelings up to such a fever pitch. She would forget she was tied and try to touch herself and would be shocked by the charge that went through her body when the ropes would rein her in and force her to sit still and wait on the pleasure of others. The ropes were the allies of the one who put them on her and yet they were her friends too in a totally different and more uncompromising manner.

Melissa was continuing to marvel over the fact that her bound and gagged image in the mirror made her feel that she had never seen her reflection before when she heard a vehicle drive into the alley behind the building. That was strange, because the alley was very rarely used. It was a blind alley and was very narrow. Melissa was alarmed without quite knowing why and she determined that she must hop to the window and investigate. She felt the ropes tighten as she stood up and began to hop across the room. She felt confidant and was actually a bit proud of her hopping ability as she bounced along the floor, her ponytail swinging up and down against her neck.

At the window, Melissa put her nose in the gap between the curtains and shook her head from side to side until her face had made a gap she could see through and to her horror, she saw Fred’s car in the alley below. Neither Fred nor Frank was anywhere to be seen, so they had probably already gone in the office. Melissa felt a rising panic – they would be caught! What would Fred and Frank think? Absurdly, Melissa felt that it would somehow be less embarrassing if she were to be found sitting in her chair so she hopped as quickly as she could back across the room where she once again found herself confronting her own image in the mirror. She noticed that her dress had fallen a bit further down her shoulder and all that was keeping her breast from full view was the fact that the ropes beneath her bosom were keeping the dress up. She tried to compose herself and she listened very carefully.

“OK. There’s nothing I can do about whatever is going to happen so I might as well play it as a joke. It will be pretty funny, I hope. Maybe Denise will tell them I’ve gone home and she’ll figure out a way to get rid of them.”

These thoughts calmed Melissa a bit, but in place of them an acute anticipation began that was not altogether unpleasant, but was so strong it made her squirm and sweat a little. The sight of herself bound and gagged was turning her on a little and she thought herself quite vain. But she also began to imagine Frank finding her this way and it caused her to shiver. As she listened, she heard laughter and some bumping around. Frank was saying something that was making Denise’s voice rise in what sounded like protest, but all Melissa could hear was a couple of words like, “NO!” and “FRANK!”

But suddenly Melissa realized that she wasn’t hearing anything at all coming from below her; no talking, no laughing, no foot steps, nothing at all. The quiet was unbearable, as was the suspense.

After what seemed an eternity, Melissa heard heavy footsteps on the stairs. She also thought she heard a couple of unmistakably female squeals. Then the footsteps were in the living room. Melissa thought she would burst from an entire riot of emotions coursing through her. Her feet and hands pulled tight against the ropes and it seemed impossible to Melissa that she would actually have to sit motionless and just wait. Then she heard the key jiggling in the lock and the door opened into the room.

The first thing she saw was a pair of shapely legs and shoeless feet in white, opaque pantyhose come through the door horizontally – about shoulder level. Melissa was shocked to see that these legs were tied tightly together at the ankles and were kicking up and down as a unit. Then Fred emerged from behind the door and Melissa saw that Denise was draped over his shoulder. Denise was tied up exactly like Melissa. She was even gagged. Fred was smiling brightly and Denise was laughing a deep, low laugh behind her gag. Fred looked at Melissa and said, “Fine thanks, and you? Glad to hear it.”

Then Fred unceremoniously deposited Denise on the bed and stepped back to survey the view. He seemed pleased with what he saw. Denise and Melissa were both blushing a deep red and when their eyes met they collapsed into a giggling fit.

Fred turned to Melissa, “Sweetie, Frank can’t make it yet, but I came on over to see what you gals were up to. When I saw all that rope, I decided to tie up Denise and have my way with her and she seemed amenable to the idea after I finally got her hands tied, but then she felt it only fair to inform me that you were already up here all bundled up. She gave me some bullshit about how she was helping you see how it felt. That’s fine with me and I know you were having fun, so I’m going to leave you up here while I go down and have a few drinks. Frank will be over later and then we’ll figure out what we’re going to do with the two of you. I’m sure whatever it is you’ll love if, but you won’t have any say in it anyway.”

Fred stood for a second with his brow furrowed and only Denise’s occasional low laughter broke the silence. Then Fred said, “But I will ungag you. Two ladies locked in a room will surely need to have a way to communicate. I know how you two like to gab and you can’t do that the way you are now.”

Fred ungagged Denise and then Melissa. He put the scarves on the dresser by the door and winked at them and left. They heard the key jiggle in the door as Fred locked them in.

Melissa twisted in her chair and leaned toward Denise. Her toes tried to grip the floor, but her slippery, stocking feet slid back and caused her to fall on the chair arm. She struggled back up and her eyes were huge, “Oh my God Denise, is this going to be all right? What’s going to happen?”

Denise was lying on her side where Fred had dumped her. She wormed around so that she was more directly facing Melissa and Melissa noticed, with a sudden warmth that flowed through her body, that her friend’s blouse was a little undone. Melissa almost forgot her concern as she looked at Denise’s stocking-clad legs and feet flexing against her ankle ropes. Denise was still laughing, “Not to worry. I KNOW this will be FUN. And anyway, don’t you remember what you said earlier – that it would be so great if Fred or Frank were to leave us tied up alone together? You asked for it and you got it. Once Fred started to tie me up, I didn’t really try to stop him. I played like I was running away and struggling but I kind of suspected he would do something like this if I told him about you up here. Anyway, I had no choice except to get all pissed off and try to get rid of him. This is great. All we have to do now is get you to hop over here. Then we can kiss and drive each other into a total state of impotent frustration. Ha ha. There’s precious little else we could do so we might as well enjoy it.”

Denise rolled over so that she was on the far edge of the bed from Melissa. She tossed her hair out of her eyes and started kissing the air at Melissa.

Melissa stood up and hopped to the bed and stood there, unsure what she should do next. She hopped around and sat on the bed and then in one decisive motion, she fell backwards and brought her bound feet up on the bed and pushed so that she rolled over and was face-to-face with Denise. Both women craned their necks toward each other so their faces could meet and their mouths clapped together. With their tongues intertwined, their bodies wormed and twisted against the ropes and they pressed up against one another in a rhythmic motion. When their bound, stocking feet came together, Melissa found her excitement suddenly ramped up another level. Their bound hands waved behind them in frustrated impotence and they arched their bosoms together. They settled into an intensely sustained kiss and both of them were temporarily satisfied with this, but not for long.

Melissa opened her legs apart as far as her ankle ropes would allow and began trying to straddle Denise’s legs. Denise got the idea and she opened her legs. They broke off their kiss and began working in earnest to arrange their legs so that each could get a thigh up against the other’s crotch. It was a difficult maneuver, but by rolling backwards, opening their legs against the ropes and then pivoting forward together, they achieved their goal. Both were almost panting as their mouths came together again. Each tried to rub against the other woman’s leg and there was some satisfaction to be had, but bound so tightly they couldn’t quite rub as hard, or get their legs as close to each others’ crotch, as they would have liked. Thighs just weren’t as efficient as fingers would have been. They were making rhythmic bucking motions and both were soon so out of breath that they had to stop kissing. They lay there looking at each other, smiling and sweating and riding each other’s legs. Their clothes had become hopelessly deranged and their eyes had a sort of desperate happiness in them.

Denise and Melissa were so busy overcoming the limitations imposed on them by their bonds and so overwhelmed by the waves of desire welling up inside them, that they lost all sense of time. They were still keeping one ear cocked for any indication that Frank had arrived or that either man was coming upstairs, but they were largely past caring. The slight fear of being caught rubbing up against each other and kissing was stimulating to Denise especially. She thought Fred might actually enjoy the sight. Melissa would rather not have been caught, but the fear wasn’t enough to prevent her from rubbing up against her friend’s body as much and for as long as possible. They were both astounded that they were able to move so effectively, given that they were both so effectively tied and yet still they couldn’t bring things to the desired conclusion. Out of sheer exhaustion, they finally lapsed into a slow, gentle, and still rhythmic, rubbing and kissing. They were both quite damp now and they felt slippery.

In the midst of their highly pleasurable, but maddeningly frustrating activities, both perked up their ears as they heard a heavy tread on the stairs. Melissa’s body straightened and briefly struggled, trying to sit up and move away from Denise, but Melissa’s bonds not so politely reminded her that they must be taken into account; movement must be planned and deliberate. Melissa rolled over and struggled mightily to sit up. She didn’t succeed until the heavy footsteps were already past the stairs and in the living room. She quickly stood up off the bed and hopped the few feet to her chair where she hurriedly duck-walked in a circle and sat down. In the few seconds left to her, she absurdly attempted to assume an air of relaxed innocence – difficult to do in the best of circumstanced when a person is tied up, but completely impossible when one is also glistening with sweat, one’s dress has fallen off one shoulder, one’s hair is escaping from one’s ponytail and one’s mouth is smeared with two colors of lipstick. Melissa instinctively tried to use her hands to tidy herself, but this impulse merely translated itself into a shuddery twisting of her upper body and a pointing of her stocking feet against the floor.

Denise simply lay where she was on the bed and laughed a low, bubbly laugh at Melissa and then turned her attention to the door – a door that was now unlocked and opened. Fred and Frank sauntered in. Fred of course knew what to expect, but Frank was a bit wide-eyed as he surveyed the scene. His eyes stared out of his head at the sight of Melissa so tightly bound and so fetchingly disheveled. She returned his stare and let out a shy giggle and a quiet, “Hi, Frank.”

Fred brightly said, “You two look like you’ve just run a marathon and this room smells like sweaty women. Don’t tell me – you got on the bed together and tried to untie each other didn’t you? You appear to have been unsuccessful.” Fred went over to Denise and checked her ropes and gave her stocking feet a tickle, which resulted in a loud squeal of protest. Then he produced a scarf and said to Frank, “Watch this Frank. I’ll show you how to gag Denise and then you can do Melissa.” Frank watched with more than a little interest as Fred put the scarf between Denise’s teeth and wrapped it around her head until her mouth was full. He knotted it behind her head.

Frank then approached Melissa with scarf in hand. Before gagging her, he gave her a long, deep, wet kiss – a kiss that made her shudder and squirm. Before she could say anything, he gagged her the same way as Fred had gagged Denise. Both men picked up their respective women and slung them over their shoulders. On the way out the door, Melissa said, “Wait, wait, you’re forgetting my shoes.” Of course this came out as, “Aph, aph, oo uh-e-ing I oooph.” Frank stopped and turned around. Melissa pointed with her feet in the general direction of her shoes and Frank understood. He bent down with Melissa still draped upside down over his shoulder and picked her shoes up off the floor and both couples made their strange, but hilarious journey down the stairs and back to the office where Melissa was deposited on her office chair and Denise on the couch.

Frank and Melissa couldn’t keep each other’s eyes off one another, but Fred and Denise were a bit more matter-of-fact about the situation. Fred had obviously appointed himself master of ceremonies and he had an announcement to make. “Ladies, we don’t know what little games you’ve been up to here, but Frank and I have decided to enter into the spirit of the thing and take over. In other words, we have no desire to break up your party, but from now on we will decide what will happen and when it will happen. First I think we need to take you both somewhere more comfortable – say, my house. Denise will ride with me and Melissa with Frank. When we arrive, you will both be untied and allowed to ‘freshen up’ as you ladies say, and by the looks of you, you need it. Then you will be tied up again and brought to a devastating orgasm by us, your ever-loving pelvic affiliates.”

This was indeed what happened that night. By midnight both couples were fast asleep and utterly satisfied. As it happened, only Melissa was a complete newcomer to sexual captivity and she stayed awake longer than the rest, mulling over the implications of what had occurred that night – not the least of which was the unnerving fact of the strong mutual attraction that had cropped up between her and Denise. Melissa had much to think about. She was reassured by the fact that her sex with Frank had been utter bliss – her orgasm so powerful that she literally hallucinated, but many of the vivid images in her mind had involved the bound and gagged figure of Denise. It appeared to Melissa that she had entered an entirely new dimension of erotic stimulation that she really hadn’t suspected existed before.

The next day – a Saturday – was a strange one. The sun was out and the world looked normal, but at breakfast, Melissa felt that the day should somehow reflect the bizarre and novel events of the previous night. She felt that there should be two suns or that there should be an unfamiliar type of weather. Perhaps it should be raining perfume or champagne.

Frank and Fred had to work that day. They made their apologies to their rather sleepy-faced and lazy-looking ladies and took off for a long day of chartered helicopter flights that would take them both to another city until late Sunday evening.

Melissa and Denise found themselves feeling loose and unmotivated. They were sitting in Fred’s living room in two of Fred’s dress shirts and at one point Denise stretched and said to Melissa, “Well, what should we do today? I think I’m spoiled forever by last night.”

Melissa looked at her old friend and new lover, “We should consider opening the store. We can’t just sit around here all day. We don’t have any clean clothes here and we really need to do something. I feel like making some money. I still feel weird from last night. I love what happened between us, but where is THAT going to go? And do you think the boys were suspicious? They showed a remarkable lack of curiosity about the fact that you had tied me up. They seemed to take it as something that might be expected. God, Denise, the very thought of being tied up again makes me SO excited.”

“It’s hard to tell what Fred and Frank thought. Their intuition is pretty highly developed I’ve noticed. They sometimes communicate with each other without a word. Twins are often that way and we’ve become plugged into their emotional radar. But at the same time, I don’t think we can quite read them as well as they can read each other and us. For instance, I’ll bet you anything that when Fred began tying me up a month ago, Frank knew something was different without even being told. When Fred caught us playing around last night, he knew what was going on, liked it or didn’t care and Frank picked up on that. At any rate, I’ve noticed that both of them don’t really need things spelled out. They’re perfectly content to let a new situation remain a mystery or reveal itself to them slowly. I think they’re quietly amused by life even though they tend to show the world a sort of boisterous outer image. The main thing is that you know that Frank will be perfectly eager to make you his captive any time you want. From now on, he’ll know what to do.”

Denise paused, smiled and then continued, “I think we should go to work. We should go and change into some of our merchandise and then when we close up this evening, we should make further investigations into this new thing between us. I’m filled with anticipation and working all day with you will be exquisite. All day we’ll have this secret between us and the evening to look forward to.”

Melissa said, “Who gets tied up tonight?”

 Denise eagerly responded, “We should make a bet. We should guess how many customers we think we’ll get today and the one closest to their guess wins and gets to do whatever they want with the other.”

“Wow. That’s going to drive me SO nuts. Not knowing what’s going to happen, I mean.”

Denise and Melissa took turns calling into their office and leaving a message that stated how many customers they thought would come through their store that day – keeping their guesses secret from the other. Then they dressed in the clothes from the previous night and went out the door of Fred’s house only to be reminded that their cars were still at the shop. They had been transported, bound and gagged, to Fred’s house the previous night, so the only vehicle available was an old army-surplus pickup truck that Fred used to haul helicopter parts. With many false starts and much grumbling about the balky old truck, Denise and Melissa finally arrived at their shop and ditched the old truck in the alley.

In the shop, Denise had the idea that they should dress identically as a little tribute to their twin boyfriends. After showering in the apartment upstairs and after some debate about what a captive damsel should wear, they selected simple, linen, knee-length skirts that were primarily white but that had large, pale prints of roses on them. Over this they put on sleeveless, pink blouses that were tightly fitted and buttoned up the front. The blouses were designed to be worn with the tails out and ended over the skirt with a cut like a vest. They wore natural-color pantyhose and shiny, black, leather flats that were quite low-cut and had moderately pointed toes and tapered heels. They even wore their hair the same – loose about their shoulders but with a tortoise-shell hair band to keep it out of their faces. All day, the customers were delightfully amused by their identical outfits. All day, Denise and Melissa were giddy with anticipation. They kept catching each other casting predatory looks and when the store would be empty for a second, they would snatch a fleeting, little kiss.

They worked a long day and had many more customers than either had guessed – they had never kept an exact count before, but on this day they marked the entrance of each customer on a pad behind the check-out counter and were astonished to find that there had been 83 people who had walked in the door during an eight-hour day. Both Denise and Melissa felt as if they had walked twenty miles in their new, stiff, little flat shoes and when they retired to their office after locking up, they kicked off those shoes, poured large scotches and sat for a moment before listening to their message machine to see who had won the bet. They looked at each other, grinning, while the pleasurable tension rose. They had kept their guesses secret from one another, so as far as they knew, within the next few minutes either woman could end up the bound and gagged prisoner of the other.

Denise brought up an important point, “Before the festivities begin, we must settle on the duration of the game. I propose that whoever is held captive should be kept tied up until midnight – that’s five hours – with breaks of course. During actual captivity, the prisoner should attempt to escape by either getting untied, by getting to a phone and calling the other’s cell phone or by hopping out the door and into the alley. If the captive escapes, they win the right to tie up the other for the remaining time. On the other hand, if the captive attempts to escape, but is caught, they have their feet tickled for fifteen minutes. How does that sound?”

Melissa giggled and indicated her agreement. She said, “Let’s listen to the messages.”

The message machine was activated and they heard each other’s laughing voices guess how many customers they would have that day and both squealed when they heard that Denise had won. For the second day in a row, Melissa was to be her friend’s prisoner.

Melissa felt her heart rise in her throat as she saw Denise put on her shoes and fetch the rope from the little tote bag they had brought with them from Fred’s house. Melissa put on her shoes and felt the relationship between her and Denise change from that of equality to that of captor and captive. Melissa was already feeling “weird,” as she would put it – her body was still free, but in her mind she was already tied and gagged.

Denise dangled a length of the soft, white rope in front of Melissa’s face and said, “Turn around and place your hands behind you please.”

Melissa twirled around and said, “Oh, please don’t tie me up. I’ll do anything you say, but I don’t want to be tied up.”

Denise laughed, “You’ll be tied and you’ll like it, ya hear?”

A thrill ran through Melissa when she felt the rope loop around her crossed wrists. As the coils thickened, the thrill increased and she began to fidget. She was aware of the technique now and when Denise began cinching the rope between her wrists, Melissa began twisting her hands a bit. As if in response, Denise tightened the rope and began tying the knot. Melissa had a vivid understanding of the importance of that second in which the knot was tied. Before the knot, she was still theoretically free. A second later, she was not only a captive of her friend, but totally dependent on her. Melissa drew in a sharp breath when she felt Denise move away and found that her hands were firmly tied behind her. There was no turning back now. It was impossibly exciting to realize that no amount of pleading to be untied would be considered by Denise. This was a game, but it was excitingly real – real because she would not be untied.

Melissa stood quietly, waiting to see what would happen next. Her hands were twisting against the ropes and she was sliding one stocking foot in and out of a shoe. She was blushing and found herself feeling shy and strangely relaxed. Melissa was filled with anticipation when she realized that she trusted Denise implicitly and could let herself feel out of control with complete confidence.

Next Denise approached with a very long length of rope. As she stood facing Melissa, they both had a spasm of laughter. Denise had to turn Melissa around in order to calm herself and she began wrapping coil after coil of rope around Melissa’s arms and body, just beneath her bosom and above her elbows. She cinched the rope on both sides between Melissa’s body and arms and knotted it between her shoulder blades. Denise was humming a little tune as she did this and when she finished, she stepped back to survey her work. Melissa rewarded her with a concerted effort to struggle free. Denise was electrified and Melissa felt as if she was in a soft, but very stringent and permanent hug. She tossed her hair back and twisted and turned her upper body against the ropes. It was so odd to be so helpless – so very strange that thin, white, cotton rope could hold her so thoroughly. Escape through mere struggle would be so impossible that it was only for the fun of it that Melissa continued to flex and pull against the ropes. She felt the effect it had on her and she saw in Denise’s liquid eyes the effect it had on her.

Melissa looked shyly at Denise, “You look different. You look like a total stranger.”

Denise said, “I like you like that – all tied up. But we’re not done yet sister.”

Denise grabbed Melissa by her upper arm and propelled her roughly to the couch and pushed her to a seat. She fetched another rope and saw that Melissa had already extended her legs out in front of her so that Denise could tie her feet together. Denise accomplished that in short order. Once Melissa’s feet were firmly bound together, Denise produced a scarf from the tote bag. Before gagging Melissa, she bent down and gave Melissa a long, deep, wet kiss. This made Melissa give a comprehensive shudder and caused her to struggle in earnest. In one motion, Denise removed her mouth from Melissa’s and slipped in the scarf between her teeth. Melissa gave out an incoherent, rising and falling, “Ummmmmmmmm,” and Denise quickly and efficiently wrapped a remarkable thickness of scarf around Melissa’s head and between her lips and teeth until Melissa couldn’t even hope to touch her lips and teeth together. Then Denise knotted the gag behind Melissa’s head.

Denise retreated to one of the office chairs where she could sip her drink and look at her bound and gagged friend. Melissa’s face still carried a very shy and demure look as she returned Denise’s gaze and writhed against her bonds. Denise noticed with keen appreciation how Melissa’s bosom prominently heaved above the ropes and how her leg muscles showed soft definition beneath her pantyhose and against the ropes around her ankles. Denise was also gratified to see Melissa’s cute, graceful feet begin to slip out of her shoes as she slowly, gently pulled and pushed against the tight ropes. Denise was acutely aware how different her excitement was from Melissa’s. The bound woman was beginning to show a bit of desperation at her inability to control either her body or her inner urgencies. Denise on the other hand, was in control of both. She knew what would happen, when it would happen and how. Melissa could only sit and wait regardless of how driven she was. Denise decided that for the first hour, she would ignore Melissa. She would balance her checkbook, file some papers, look into the computer and at some point leave Melissa alone. What Denise wanted to do was leave her alone, but find a way to spy on her. She wanted to catch her friend escaping in the worst kind of way in order to administer punishment. Both women were also having to do a lot of thinking about the very new fact that both were attracted to a woman for the first time.

Denise set about her mundane little chores while keeping Melissa in her peripheral vision as much as possible. She noticed Melissa looking at her and as it slowly dawned on Melissa that Denise was leaving her to her own devices, she began trying to attract Denise’s attention. First she tried shouting through her gag, “Hey! Remember me?” What Denise heard was, “Ay! Ee-emmer-ee?” Denise thought this was impossibly funny, but she remained in control and didn’t show her amusement. Then Melissa leaned forward from her seat on the couch and said, “UMMMMMMM!” and began stamping her bound feet on the floor. Out of the corner of her eye, Denise saw Melissa furiously, and presumably involuntarily, struggle against the ropes and then sit there glaring and breathing in and out audibly.

When Denise turned so that she could no longer see Melissa, she suddenly felt something smack her on the side of her face. She whipped around not knowing what to expect, just in time to see Melissa use her feet to flip her other shoe at Denise. The shoe sailed across the room with remarkable accuracy and Denise caught it. “See Melissa, I can catch the shoe. I wonder if you can?” And Denise threw the shoe back at Melissa, striking her on her heaving bosom. Melissa shook herself to make the shoe fall on the floor and Denise casually tossed the other shoe back at Melissa’s feet and said, “You’ll just have to be patient. But if you’re going to misbehave, I’m going to go upstairs and take a nap. And look what I’ve got. It’s a dildo! I might use it and I’ll feel really good, while you’re down here completely unable to touch yourself at all.”

 Melissa said, “No, wait, I’ll sit here quietly. Don’t go.” Denise heard this as, “Mo, aaph. I iph ear I-uh-ee. Omp o.”

Denise laughed and sat on the arm of the couch by Melissa. She began massaging Melissa’s nearest breast and kissing her on the ear and neck. She could feel the heat radiating from Melissa’s moist body and see Melissa’s bound hands flutter behind her back. She said, “You’ll thank me later, but right now, you just think about what’s going to happen. I’m going to do all kinds of things to you. I’m going to touch you all over and we’re going to kiss and I’m going to use this lovely little dildo on you. But you’ll be all tied up the whole time and you’ll just have to get used to waiting for what I decide you can have.” As Denise went up the stairs, she turned around and blew Melissa a kiss and disappeared.

Melissa had to laugh. She was already such a mess emotionally and just as she had the day before, she began to retreat into her mind. “There is something about being tied up that releases the imagination. What is it? It seems to be a combination of excitement – anticipation – at the prospect of eventually being teased to orgasm and the difficulty in reconciling myself to the reality that I can’t escape. I keep thinking I should be able to get loose, but I am too well tied.”

Melissa lay back on the couch and thought about how she must look, remembering the events of the day before when she was able to contemplate her bound image in the mirror upstairs. She shifted her position occasionally to prevent too much stiffness in her shoulders, and every so often her thoughts of Denise and Frank and the coming sexual storm made her squirm with glee. She saw in her mind with startling clarity the image of Denise and herself tied up on the bed together. The thought made her shudder and the thought of how Frank’s fingers and then his penis had felt between her legs the night before made her hands clutch at the air behind her as they instinctively tried to help her feel that again.

Melissa looked around the office and thought of all the times she had freely moved about that room and how she would now have tremendous difficulty doing the most simple things. At this point the idea of escape popped into her mind. It hadn’t before and she still had no very clear idea how she might achieve that, but she decided that her level of excited energy and her touch of resentment toward Denise would make escaping a very attractive prospect. She laughed as she thought how she would get back at Denise for being mean to her while she was tied up and helpless.

Melissa knew that the door that led to the alley was locked, so escape would be achieved either by getting untied or by calling Denise’s cell phone. Melissa decided that getting untied would be the most fun. She would sneak up the stairs and present herself to Denise and then she would tie Denise up tight!

While Melissa was thus occupied, Denise sat in the apartment above, trying to decide how best to spy on Melissa. The stairs were too open to view from the office so Denise decided that she would somehow get out of the building through a window. The only problem was that she was on the second floor. She opened the bedroom window, which looked down on the alley and peered around. It was only 7:30 so it was still light outside, but the alley was beginning to fall into the shadows as the sun dropped in the sky.

Straight below Melissa was Fred’s old pickup sitting where they had parked it that morning. From the window, it was only about five feet to the roof of the cab, but that was still a precarious drop. She looked to the side and saw something she had never noticed before. There was an old iron ladder attached to the building that was evidently used to climb to the roof. If she was very careful, Denise could just reach it with one hand and one foot. She looked down and the one-story drop suddenly seemed a dizzying height. She looked back at the ladder. Her little flat shoe looked impossibly dainty and inappropriate on the old iron rung and she could tell that she would get her hands dirty, but decided to go ahead. With her other foot on the windowsill and her hand curled around the window sash she firmed up her grip on the ladder and then let go the sash with her hand and quickly moved it to the ladder. She thought she might faint with terror and she froze. She found that she was now perfectly positioned and was in no danger of falling, so she brought her other foot from the windowsill and placed it on the rung of the ladder and proudly lowered herself to the pavement. “I’d make a good burglar,” she thought with inordinate satisfaction.

Her hands were covered with rust stains and she rubbed them quietly together to get most of that off. She was as the window that was right behind where Melissa was tied up on the couch, so she was as quiet as a mouse. The blinds on the window were drawn, so she couldn’t see in. She went around to the front of the row of buildings by taking the extremely narrow passage between their building and a fence. She peered comically around the corner and saw very few people out. There was a knot of people at a restaurant a few doors down, but that was all. She slipped out onto the sidewalk, unlocked the front door and let herself into the shop. The shop was dark and Denise simply stood in the middle of the room and looked into the office. She could see Melissa’s head and shoulders above a desk, so she knew she was still sitting on the couch.

Denise’s stomach tightened with the fun of spying on her friend and she had to suppress a giggle as she looked at Melissa’s gagged face – a face that was surprisingly expressive of the emotions she was obviously coping with. She saw Melissa close her eyes and then her entire upper body would twist and shake a little as she struggled in the throes of some exciting thought. Then Melissa opened her eyes and began looking around the office, her mouth sort of gnawing on the gag as if trying to eat her way through it. She loved the way Melissa’s face looked with her cheeks all puffed out above the tight gag and her lips stretched wide by the thickness of the scarf. When her eyes weren’t closed, Melissa’s eyes were wide and shining. When she shook her head, her lovely hair began to become deranged and strands of it escaped from her hair band and the gag. Denise wished so badly that she could see all of her. She wanted to see Melissa’s legs and feet and see her bosom popping out above the ropes. But she most wanted to see Melissa try to make a concerted attempt at an escape so that she could be mercilessly tickled and maybe tied up in an even more secure position.

The suspense was unbearable as Denise watched Melissa. She could tell Melissa was wanting to do something. She was too agitated to just sit, bound and gagged, on the couch, so it was only a matter of time. Finally, she saw Melissa’s face get a determined look. Then Melissa leaned forward, struggled to her feet and twisted and turned her tightly bound upper body in order to get her balance. She began to tentatively hop toward the desk that was between her and Denise. Denise thought it perfectly darling the way Melissa looked as she hopped like a huge bunny rabbit around the desk. Denise loved the way her leg and foot muscles worked beneath her pantyhose and against her ankle ropes. She thought it unbelievably cute and exciting the way Melissa’s breasts bounced up and down and the way her bound hands flapped behind her as she hopped around the desk.

Then Melissa began painfully opening the drawers, looking for something to cut the ropes with. Denise decided to wait until she had almost succeeded and catch her right as she thought her escape was accomplished. After looking in the top three drawers of the desk, Melissa finally found what she was looking for. It was a large pair of shears. Denise almost felt sorry for her as Melissa began trying to position the shears in her hands and hook them under a rope. By bending to the side and straining her arms, Melissa could almost see what she was doing and Denise was having trouble suppressing her laughter as she watched Melissa slowly, laboriously turn the shears in her hands and slide one blade under a single rope. When she was in position and ready to try and cut, Denise ran in and snatched the shears away. She threw them on the table and said sternly, “What do you think you’re trying to do? Do you really think I’m going to let you get away and tie me up?”

Melissa was so startled that she almost fell over, so Denise guided her fall into the office chair next to the desk. Melissa breathed heavily and said, “God dammit Denise, you scared me to death.” Denise giggled when she actually heard, “Ob ammiph emeeph, oo errb ee oo eph.”

With a little musical tune in her voice, Denise said, “You know what happens nowwww. To girls who try to escaaaaaape.”

Melissa sat up straight and yelled, “Mo, eeeph, MO!”

Denise said, “Oh yes, I think yes. Don’t worry, I’m go easy on you.” And Denise smoothed Melissa’s hair and gave her a little kiss on the forehead.

Melissa didn’t want to be tickled and her toes curled and gripped the floor as she imagined it, but she was glad Denise was back with her. She decided to submit meekly and perhaps tickling would lead to something a bit more serious. She thought to herself that really, all in all, she had rarely had so much fun. But she couldn’t get over how strange it still felt for Denise to have such total authority over her. Melissa couldn’t wait to exercise that same authority over Denise and yet she was once again overcome with the excitement of being bound and helpless in the hands of her best friend. Melissa was moist and hot and tense with anticipation. Her gag was becoming saturated with sweat and her long smooth legs pulled and pushed against the ropes that lashed her feet together at her ankles.

She watched as Denise approached carrying a very long length of rope. Denise bent down on the other side of the desk and Melissa heard her tying it to a leg of the desk. Then Denise picked up Melissa’s legs and placed them up on the desk so that Melissa was leaned all the way back in the office chair. Then Denise threaded the rope that was attached to the desk up over the desktop and between Melissa’s legs and wrapped it around the cinch between Melissa’s ankles. She pulled the rope really tight so that Melissa’s legs were held flat against the desktop and then she somehow knotted the rope so that Melissa could barely move her legs at all. She tried to draw her knees back and put her feet flat on the desk, but she couldn’t quite manage that. The soles of her feet were completely exposed.

Melissa tried to prepare herself for what was to come. She wasn’t terribly ticklish under normal circumstances and, in fact, like to have her feet played with, but the previous night, while she was bound hand and foot, Frank had taken the opportunity to lick her feet and Melissa had gone wild. Melissa watched Denise and Denise just stood there; hands on hips, with a thoughtful look on her face. Then she did something rather inspired: she started undressing. With her feet on the desk and her body leaned all the way back in her chair, Melissa had never been so unable to move and the sight of Denise undressing made her mad with desire. She squirmed and twisted involuntarily as she watched the disrobing with intent fascination. Her bound stocking feet pointed and waved where they were fastened on top of the desk.

The sight of Denise taking off her clothes accentuated Melissa’s helplessness exponentially. Melissa mused, “Look what Denise can do. I can’t do that. I can’t do anything.” Melissa blushed and began giggling.

When Denise was completely naked, she took a walk around the room, posing like a fashion model. Then she approached Melissa and walked right up to her exposed stocking feet. She pulled up an office chair and put her chin in her hands, elbows resting on the desktop, and contemplated Melissa’s feet from no more than six inches away. Melissa tried to pull her feet away, but it was no use and she was already laughing, her face a bright red.

First Denise puckered her lips and blew a little air on Melissa’s feet. Even that caused Melissa to shudder. Then Denise drew one hand from beneath her chin and with one graceful motion scraped the tops of her fingernails along Melissa’s soles. Melissa’s reaction was violent. The chair and desk both creaked as she stiffened and tried to pull away and a noise like, “EEEEEEEEEEE!” escaped her.

Then Denise began a sustained, light brushing with the tops of her fingernails against Melissa’s stocking soles. This brought home like nothing else to Melissa how helpless she was. She felt a most urgent need to move away from this exquisite torture and yet the ropes held her just as she was. She tried tilting her head back and closing her eyes and gained some relief by retreating into her mind, but the stimulus kept her moving – struggling in earnest against her bonds and begging incoherently for Denise to stop. Denise did stop every few minutes, but then she would start back. There couldn’t have been a greater contrast between the two women. There was Denise – naked, cool, relaxed and smiling serenely – and Melissa – fully clothed, sweaty and disheveled and writhing constantly. Finally the fifteen minutes was up.

Denise stood up and released Melissa’s feet from the rope attaching them to the desk and Melissa swung them down to the floor with a sigh of relief. She could still feel her soles tingling and now between her legs there seemed to be a large, throbbing itch that needed to be touched in the worst kind of way. Melissa’s eyes were only half open as she watched what happened next.

Denise pulled Melissa off the chair and let her fall slowly to the floor. Then Denise knelt by Melissa and showed her the dildo. It was a small, smooth dildo. Then Melissa saw and felt Denise’s hands under her skirt and felt her insert the dildo into the middle of the deep throbbing between her legs. Then Denise began tying Melissa’s legs together above the knees. She tied them with an immense quantity of rope so that Melissa’s legs were held tightly together for their whole length.

On the floor, Melissa was so grateful for the dildo. By bending her knees and body in a rhythmic motion, she could actually give herself some degree of pleasure. As she writhed on the floor, she watched as Denise’s bare feet walked away. She watched as Denise went and sat on an overstuffed chair. They were in full view of each other. The free, naked woman on the chair and the bound and gagged woman on the floor feasted their eyes on what they saw. Then to Melissa’s amazement, Denise began to rub her vagina with the two middle fingers of one hand. Denise’s face had a look of profound sublimity. She looked deeply moved and there was almost a tinge of sadness about her eyes. To Denise, Melissa was a very neat and sexy package that was now in the throes of simple animal passion.

Denise could tell that being tied up was the farthest thing from Melissa’s mind. All she cared about was that she could move just enough to make the plastic dildo rub her in the right place. As for Denise, she had never seen a more shatteringly erotic sight than that of her friend lying bound and gagged on the floor, her body arching and clenching and straining against the ropes as the invisible dildo kept her in a state of suspended ecstasy. Neither one of them knew if a person could actually have an orgasm while tied up and involved with a dildo, but Melissa didn’t care and Denise knew that as soon as she came, she would go over and make sure Melissa did too.

As Denise stoked herself between her legs, she kept her eyes riveted on Melissa, but Melissa was spending more and more time lost in some enchanted place deep in her imagination – her eyes closed. Every now and then she would open her eyes and be electrified by the sight of the naked Denise bring herself slowly to climax, but then she would once again return to what had become a hallucinatory dream state – a state both highly stimulated and ecstatic, but one that she wished could go on forever in its rhythmic, slow quenching of her carnal thirst. Orgasm was her goal, but it seemed like a huge thunderhead on the distant horizon.

Denise on the other hand was so close to climax that she was becoming a little desperate. Her naked body was moist and she was breathing hard and then it happened for her. She kept her eyes locked on the writhing figure of Melissa and the spasms of pleasure washed over her. Her body clenched and then there was a slow release. Denise watched from a very peaceful place as Melissa continued to worm about on the floor. Denise crawled out of her chair and crawled on all fours over to her sweaty, disheveled friend. As she began untying Melissa’s knees, Melissa opened her eyes halfway, saw Denise and tried to curl up around her. Then she closed her eyes again and abandoned herself to the heavenly pleasure. Denise saw that she was not really struggling against her ropes, but seemed to almost be working with them. Denise loved the way Melissa’s stockings wrinkled where she was tied and how her blouse was sliding over her breasts.

When Melissa’s knees were untied, Denise pulled out the dildo and began rubbing Melissa’s vagina with the same two fingers she had used on herself. The change was instantaneous. From a rhythmic, slow movement, Melissa suddenly arched herself against Denise’s fingers and let out a long, deep moan. Then her body began to convulse in a spasmodic fashion that told Denise that the dam was about to break – that Melissa was not suddenly much closer to her orgasmic goal. Melissa’s upper body was thrashing against the ropes, her hands were frantically trying to get free, her legs were spread as far apart as her ankle ropes would allow and were scissoring back and forth. Melissa’s feet were trying to grip the carpet lever her body against Denise’s fingers. And then Denise saw and felt Melissa come. Melissa’s body curled around Denise’s hand and trapped it between her legs in a viselike grip. She curled into a ball and shuddered for a moment and Denise heard the most heartrending “OH!” that she had ever heard uttered. Melissa began bucking sideways on the floor, opening and then closing her body. Along with her larger movements, her entire body was shaking as if she was freezing cold.

Melissa finally began to stop moving. She slowly and totally relaxed and only her heavy breathing remained. Denise untied her gag and bent over to kiss her. It was a lovely little kiss, their tongues intertwining, but there was no urgency to it. Melissa whispered, “Oh, my God.”

Denise began untying her and found that Melissa was as limp as a rag doll. Even untied, Melissa barely moved. Denise then began undressing her. When they were both naked, Denise fetched a blanket from the couch and lay down under it with Melissa, still on the floor. Melissa looked very sleepy, “I wish I could describe what just happened, but I don’t have the words. God, you looked great all naked. Oh! I’m untied. When did you do that? And I’m naked!”

They laughed. Denise said, “Officially, you’re still a prisoner for another two hours. It only took three hours to bring you to orgasm. What should we do about that? We can’t just have you running around loose.”

Melissa smiled, “Tie me up again, I don’t care. I want a drink first. Who’d of thought I’d be snuggling naked with another woman? We are so sick. We get tied up by men and fucked on one night and then we tie each other up and do whatever it is we do the next night. It’s like having two completely different ways of having sex – three really with the ropes and all.”

Then sat up and each had a large scotch. They kissed and giggled and drank for an hour and then Denise tied Melissa’s hands behind her with a scarf and tied her feet together with another scarf. She left Melissa sitting on the floor, naked, leaning against a desk while she went to her pile of clothes and got dressed. Melissa thought she had been drained of all sexual desire, but the sight of Denise freely going about the business of getting dressed while she, Melissa, was once again firmly bound and therefore unable to get dressed gave her more urgent desires a new lease on life. But it was with a more detached interest that she noted the contrast between a person naked and bound and one who was free and quickly becoming fully clothed again. Melissa found it very curious that the sight of Denise wriggling her feet into her shoes was particularly exciting.

Melissa was even excited by the feeling of the air touching her everywhere. The cool air between her legs and on her breasts, the carpet on her naked butt and feet, the cold wood of the desk against her naked back made her feel downright embarrassed in a most stimulating way. She found that being tied up naked was quite different from being tied up clothed in some way she couldn’t quite put her finger on – not necessarily more exciting, but definitely different.

She said to Denise, “You really know how to manipulate my feelings. I’m almost ready for you again.”

Denise sat on the couch opposite Melissa, crossed her legs and began dangling a dainty shoe from her toes, “It’s easy to manipulate someone who’s tied up. Everything has increased significance to them, so all you have to do is do what you want in front of the person who can’t do anything because they’re tied up and helpless. When I’m tied up, all I have to do is watch Fred move around and do something with his hands and the excitement level goes up a notch. He goes away, I can’t follow. He comes back, but I can’t meet him halfway. He touches me, but I can’t touch him back or influence where he touches me. You’re totally dependent and totally at the mercy of your captor. Of course, if you don’t trust them completely the fun goes out of it.”

Melissa looked so sweet and vulnerable. Her complexion was almost pink and her body looked like it was radiating heat. Her hair was tumbled all around her face. She was holding her feet flat on the floor and splayed out slightly. In spite of a certain excitement rising within her, she was still loose and relaxed from her recent climax and was perfectly content to sit on the floor and observe her feelings, with an almost detached calm. She watched Denise and they chatted about how and why certain things were so profoundly stimulating.

At the stroke of midnight, Melissa was untied. She wrapped herself in a blanket and went into the store to get clean clothes. She picked a simple black dress that had a tightly fitted upper portion with a low-cut bosom, short sleeves and a full, knee-length skirt. She left her legs and feet bare.

Back in the office, they had another drink. Melissa said, “So it’s Saturday night. What should we do now?”

Denise considered this question by staring at the ceiling, “Personally, I’m ready to go home and go to bed. We haven’t been home since yesterday morning and I’m beat. Do we dare sleep together?” Denise giggled. Melissa giggled.

They awoke together in Denise’s bed early the next morning. They knew they had all day together and then Fred called and said that they would be detained another day on business and would see them the next evening.

When Denise hung up she said to Melissa, “We have all day together and most of the night. The boys won’t be back until sometime tomorrow. It occurs to me that I haven’t yet been the captive. You’ve had most of the fun.”


Melissa looked thoughtful, “Well, I’ve tried to pay attention to see how to tie up a person. I think I could do it. You might have to help a little.”

“You’ll have to be more decisive than that if you expect to be the captor. You tell me what’s going to happen.”

Melissa thought for a moment and then her face was transformed by firm resolution. “First you will act as if you’re getting ready to go out – make up, hair and everything. Then you will dress in a white slip and stockings and dressy shoes and prepare to be tied up and stuff. Go do that now.” Melissa giggled in spite of her attempt to exude authority.

Denise did as she was told. When she was done, her hair was hanging in gentle waves on either side of her face – a face thoroughly enhanced by dark eye makeup and bright red lipstick. She had on a white, satin slip that hung almost to her knees and revealed most of her bosom. It was held up on her shoulders by the thinnest of straps. She had on transparent, natural-color pantyhose and on her feet were black, round-toed maryjanes with rather high stacked heels.

Melissa in the meantime had dressed for comfort in a simple tweed skirt, white sleeveless blouse, transparent white pantyhose and low-cut ballet flats that had tiny bows over her toes.

Melissa contemplated Denise for a moment as Denise pirouetted on her toes and pronounced that Denise looked, “a very tasty morsel and obviously in need of comprehensive restraint.”

Melissa ordered Denise to march into the kitchen. Denise noted a remarkable change in her friend. Melissa was becoming positively bossy and Denise wondered what she might be in for.

Melissa followed Denise into the kitchen; pointed to one of the narrow wooden chairs that surrounded a table and said, “Pull out that chair and have a seat, please.”

Denise again did as she was told with a look of mock submissiveness on her face. Melissa dumped all the rope that they had brought from their store onto the table and pulled out one of the shorter lengths. Without a word she purposefully marched around behind Denise and pulled her arms back behind the backrest of the chair. The backrest was low enough so that Denise could position her arms all the way behind instead of wrapping them around the backrest. She felt Melissa cross her wrists, wrap the rope around them, cinch between them and then, with a minimum of fumbling, she pulled everything a little tighter and tied the knot.

This was always a special moment for Denise. When Fred had tied her she was always aware that with the first knot binding her hands behind her, everything was instantly changed. Her entire outlook and attitude would be transformed in that one second – before which she was still theoretically free and after which she was a bound captive deprived of the use of her hands until someone untied her. There was always a jolt of carnal tension through her body at that moment and this time was no exception.


The only difference this time was that Denise was being rendered bound and helpless by her best friend Melissa. They had found in earlier in the week that they had a newly discovered sexual attraction for each other that seemed to have been precipitated by Melissa being tied by Denise, but Denise found that being tied by her female friend was unbearably exciting. It was as powerful as when she had been tied by Fred, but was also a different kind of power. Denise could be overpowered by Fred and tied against her will and that was a shatteringly exciting feeling. But to submitting to Melissa seemed more intimate. She had made the decision to let herself be tied – that only took a second. Then to sit still and let her hands be bound behind her took a few minutes. But once tied, she was as helpless as if Fred had done the job and Denise’s realization that there was now no turning back released a veritable flood of sexual energy.

While Denise was analyzing her situation, Melissa had been busy. She had wrapped an impressive thickness of rope around the chair and Denise’s waist and then tied the loose ends of Denise’s wrist ropes to that. Then she moved around to Denise’s legs and tied them together above the knees – wrapping, cinching and knotting. Then Denise’s ankles were made fast together in the same manner and the loose ends of her ankle ropes were tied to a lower rung of the chair.

As she finished with Denise’s ankles, Melissa stuck a finger into one of Denise’s shoes and tickled the arch of her foot a bit. Of course Denise reacted to this as she would if she were trying to escape an electrical shock and found that she was roped to the chair so effectively that there was very little room to maneuver at all. Her body was now totally vulnerable and belonged entirely to Melissa. Denise felt herself blushing furiously and if her hands had been free, she wouldn’t have known what to do with them. Denise wasn’t prepared to be embarrassed at finding herself tied up in front of her friend. When Melissa was tied or they were both tied, it was different, but now it seemed so positively strange to see Melissa walk away from her – free as a bird – while Denise was more tightly tied than she had ever been before.

Competing with her discomfiture was a mounting appreciation at how Melissa looked in her lovely outfit and how gracefully she moved across the kitchen on her way to the refrigerator. It almost seemed as if Melissa was taunting Denise by pointedly ignoring her as soon as Denise was securely tied.

Melissa rummaged through the refrigerator as if she owned the place (they were at Denise’s house it will be remembered) and when she straightened up and closed the refrigerator door, she had all the makings of a rather Dagwoodesque sandwich in her arms. Denise watched as Melissa became absorbed in cutting meat and cheese in preparation for constructing a very lovely sandwich. Denise realized that she too was rather hungry and wondered if she should mention the fact. Denise had assumed that being tied up would be the prelude to some sexual shenanigans and now was shocked to find that Melissa seemed to be more interested in eating than playing with Denise. Denise was moved to speak, perhaps unwisely.

“Hey you stupid cow. Haven’t you forgotten somebody over here? Are you just going to have a happy little snack and ignore me completely?”

Melissa licked her fingers, glanced at Denise briefly and then continued with her sandwich building.

“And by the way. We never talked about how long I’m going to be tied up. Have you also forgotten that we should have a time limit? Should I remind you that time’s a wasting?”

Melissa guffawed. She put one hand on her hips and leaned against the kitchen counter, looking at Denise. With her other hand she waved the knife in the air and said, “I’ve decided to keep you tied up as long as I please. I’ll let you go when I’m good and ready and if you keep whining I’ll gag you.” Melissa smiled gleefully, “You look great. I just love you that way. But first things first and I am ravenous.”

“Well what if I’m hungry too?”

“That’s too bad. I’m the one that’s going to have to do all the work, so I should keep up my strength. All you have to do is just sit there. In fact that’s all you can do ha, ha.”

Denise didn’t know what to think. Her basically shy and giggly friend had suddenly turned into an incongruously girlish authoritarian. Denise realized that events were completely out of her hands – her tightly bound hands – and that she would simply have to wait and make the best of it. She watched as Melissa brought her sandwich and a beer over to the table and sat in another of the kitchen chairs not four feet away from Denise.

Melissa crossed her legs and began dangling one dainty shoe off her toes as she began to devour the sandwich in a most inelegant fashion. The whole time she stared at Denise and that caused Denise to squirm. She felt as if she would soon be devoured just like the sandwich.

“So am I allowed to know anything about what you have planned for me?”

“I’m not sure yet. For a while at least, I’m just going to keep you prisoner. You’re going to just have to relax and deal with it. You might even have to consider begging me to do whatever it is you think I should do with you. I think I would rather like to see you beg.”

For some reason this statement made Denise struggle furiously against her bonds for just a moment. It seemed inconceivable to her that she shouldn’t be able to free herself from ropes that were tied by Melissa. The fact that Melissa had been helpless in ropes she had tied didn’t seem as if it should apply to her.

Melissa watched apparently unmoved as her friend strained against the ropes. She loved it the way Denise’s upper body twisted so ineffectually and her breasts swayed behind the silky fabric of the slip. Melissa was equally entranced by the sight of Denise’s legs and feet as they fought against the ropes and her stockings wrinkled at her knees and ankles. Melissa wished Denise’s shoes would come off, but there would be time enough for that.

“Can’t get loose can you? I can do whatever I want with you.”

“I didn’t know you had such a mean streak.”

“I’m enjoying the villain role. The only problem is that I might not let you tie me up again. You would take revenge.”

Denise smiled. She knew Melissa was hooked and that she would in fact get her revenge – and a very sweet revenge it would be. But now Denise was reacting to her captivity in a predictably exited way. She badly wanted Melissa to touch her. Watching Melissa use her hands to do whatever she wanted made Denise almost insane with a desire for those slender, graceful hands to stroke her and it was almost unbearable to watch as Melissa finished her snack and began washing her dishes and putting things away with apparent indifference to Denise’s plight.

Denise was keenly aware of the contrast between one woman unhurriedly messing about the kitchen and the other one tensely straining against the ropes that bound her to the chair. There was something about being tied up that heightened her awareness of every little detail of the room, of Melissa’s movements and even the little sounds and smells that came to her. At the same time, Melissa was acting as if nothing out of the ordinary was happening at all. Denise wished she had put on some shoes that were easier to kick off. The maryjanes would require some effort because of the instep strap and Denise found that her feet were getting hot.

When Melissa was finished cleaning up, she grabbed a longish dishtowel with a diametrically opposed corner in each hand and twirled it around and around until it was round and twisted and thick. She approached Denise with an evil smile and said, “Open wide.”

Denise shut her mouth and turned her head away. Melissa walked behind her and, while still holding the towel, began tickling Denise’s ribs with the fingers of one hand. Denise let out a yell and strained forward in the chair. The second her mouth was open, Melissa slipped the thick, round towel between Denise’s teeth and knotted it tightly behind her neck. Denise thrashed and twisted, but she just didn’t have enough room to move to be at all effective in avoiding the gag.

Then Melissa walked back to the middle of the kitchen where she could survey Denise and announced, “I’m going to leave you here for a while. I might take a nap or something so you just relax and behave yourself. Bye!”

Denise couldn’t believe this new development. She watched Melissa skip out of the room and that made Denise feel more helpless than she had ever felt. Not only was she tied to a chair and left alone, but she had no idea how long her captivity would last. Judging by Melissa’s obvious relish at being the captor, Denise felt she might be a bound and gagged captive for quite a long time indeed.

Denise looked around the kitchen. It was her very own kitchen and reflected her tastes in every way and she generally kept it so that there was a place for everything and everything in its place. She looked where Melissa had left the dishtowels and dishes and found herself wanting to put them where they should be. This made her hands wave behind her and her toes point as her body wondered why it couldn’t fulfill her wish to move around and tidy up. Denise looked at the clock on the wall above the stove. It was only 10:30 in the morning.

The fact of the matter was that Denise was burning to be touched. She thought that Melissa should have tied her up, played with her immediately, brought her to a towering orgasm and then untied her. Then they could have lounged around the house all day talking about what they had done. Things were not going as Denise had planned. The house was quiet. She couldn’t hear Melissa was doing, but then after about 20 minutes had passed Denise was able to barely hear someone gently snoring. Melissa was really taking a nap! How dare she take a nap? When someone’s tied up they want some attention paid to them – the right kind of attention and Denise was definitely feeling neglected.

She decided to see if there was any possibility of escape. She could barely move. The ropes around her waist were fairly tight and her wrist ropes were attached to those in a way that allowed no slack at all. She could twist around just enough to see her bound hands over her shoulders, but there were no knots within reach. She couldn’t bend far enough forward to see her feet, and with ropes above her knees, around her ankles and attaching her to the lower rung of the chair, Denise had no hope of using her legs and feet to any purpose.

For lack of anything better to do, she decided to cool herself off by removing her shoes. Denise rubbed her heels together and got both heels out of the shoes. Then she lifted her stocking feet and wriggled them until both shoes fell off with a clatter onto the tile floor. Denise immediately felt the cool air on her soles and toes and even more keenly felt the increased vulnerability that came with the lack of shoes. She pondered on the implications of this and all the other changes in perception that came with being bound and gagged.

The room seemed brighter and more vivid. The sun flooded between the half-closed Venetian blinds and she noticed details that would have normally been unimportant. She imagined with unbearable clarity how it would feel if someone would only walk in right now and feel her breasts and put their hand between her legs. As she tensed up at the thought, so did the ropes. Denise was totally astounded at how new and different it felt to be so uncertain and so out of control. She began an involuntary, gentle writhing that set up such an ache between her legs. As she slowly twisted, she arched her back and rubbed her nipples against the smooth fabric of her slip.

She was beginning to get moist with sweat, the juice between her legs and the spit that was beginning to saturate her gag. All by herself, Denise was starting to get into the swing of things. All she lacked was a willing partner and Melissa was infuriatingly absent. Denise’s body began to demand that it either be untied or that it be satisfied. Her body began to try and move as if it were free and the ropes kept gently reminding her that she would simply have to wait. Her hands kept forgetting they were tied and flapped like birds’ wings as they tried to move to the place between her legs where all her emotions were now concentrated.

Denise stopped moving and gazed at her bosom and her silky legs. She knew she must make an incredibly desirable sight – neatly packaged by soft white cotton rope.

She glanced at the clock every now and then and when she had been bound to the chair for about an hour, she heard footsteps. Melissa languidly rounded the corner into the kitchen, stretching and yawning. She glanced at Denise and then ignoring her began making coffee. Denise was shocked.

Denise began to buck and rock and against the ropes. She whined through her gag, “Please come over here. Please touch me.” This sounded to Melissa like, “Eev om o-er ere. Eev uph ee.”

But Melissa took her time. When the coffee maker was doing its job, Melissa slowly walked over to Denise and bent over her from behind. She placed on hand on Denise’s right breast and began lightly stroking it. She gently licked Denise’s ear and kissed it. Denise’s deprived body tried desperately to respond. Her legs rose up on her toes and her body tried to arch against Melissa’s hand, but Melissa maintained a light, almost faint touch. After making sure that Denise was driven sufficiently mad, Melissa lifted the straps of Denise’s slip off her shoulders and pushed the slip down around Denise’s waist. Then Melissa bent down and began licking her nipples.

Denise let out a gasp and sounded as if she couldn’t get her breath. It was as if she had just run several miles at top speed. Melissa worked her way down Denise’s body. She licked and stroked between her legs and up and down her legs. Every muscle in Denise’s body was tensed to the maximum and as she shook with an indescribably delicious agony, her breasts shook from side to side. Denise’s hands and feet scrabbled to participate and help Melissa, but were held fast.

Finally Melissa was lying on the floor and licked the soles of Denise’s stocking feet. Denise’s body was propelled forward with inconceivable force and she let out an incoherent and muffled cry. Denise was almost delirious and the sight of Melissa on the floor, so close, but so impossible to reach because of the ropes, sent her into a frenzy. Melissa was lying on her stomach playing with Denise’s feet and she was lifting her own stocking legs and feet into the air behind her and letting her shoes fall off. This combination of physical and visual stimuli made Denise feel that she was hallucinating.

The ache between her legs turned into a pounding throb. Denise was totally out of control and couldn’t do a thing about it. She felt the power coursing through her body and it seemed impossible that mere ropes could prevent her from moving, but every move was constrained. Every move forced her to feel the ropes and the evidence of her helplessness drove her body on to greater efforts to achieve satisfaction and her carnal emotions exponentially increased as they were denied relief. She felt slippery with sweat and her body burned from inside out.

Denise was suddenly aware that she wasn’t being touched any more. She opened her eyes to find that Melissa was untying the rope around her waist. Then Melissa untied her legs and feet. Denise froze and waited until she was free except for the rope binding her hands behind her and the gag and then she stood up and pushed herself against Melissa.

Melissa spun her around and held her still. She pushed Denise’s slip all the way off and then slid her pantyhose down around her ankles. Denise found herself pushed back in the chair and then Melissa removed her pantyhose entirely.

“OK. Now we will march to the bedroom.”

Melissa took a firm hold of Denise’s elbow and marched her though the house to the bedroom. Denise was in a daze. She saw all her familiar belongs drift past her as if in a dream. She could touch none of them. They weren’t real. The light seemed diffused and the world she glimpsed through the windows had no reality for her.

In the bedroom, Melissa pushed Denise down on the bed and then gathered her legs together and retied Denise’s ankles. Denise was completely naked and once again bound hand and foot. She felt wet and slippery all over. There was even a bit of drool rolling down her chin. She couldn’t stop moving and wormed around slowly on the bed.

Melissa stood back and Denise was gratified to see that Melissa’s face betrayed a glowing, almost desperate glee. Denise now felt just great. She felt relatively free since she was now able to writhe around on the bed to her heart’s content. Merely having her hands and feet tied seemed almost inconsequential and she was certain she would no longer be ignored. Denise was ready to have her vulva and clitoris touched by as many fingers as could fit down there.

 Melissa held up a little bottle and asked, “Do you know what this is?”

Denise shouted, “Iph uba cunt!”

Melissa laughed, “That is so cute. That’s right. It’s lubricant. Would you like some of this poured on you or would you rather rest for a while?”

“Or iph om ee mow!”

Denise was bucking and squirming on the bed in anticipation. Melissa was very deeply moved by the sight of her naked friend all tied up on the bed. Denise had abandoned all inhibitions and all attempts to maintain anything like dignity. She was a bound, naked animal and her legs and feet had assumed a life of their own as they strained against the ropes binding her ankles. Melissa thought it incongruous that Denise’s toenails were so neatly painted red and that her hair still had a semblance of style and that her lips and eyes were still made up.

“Well, if you insist, but first you have to beg me. You have to convince me that you’re really ready.”

Melissa was electrified by Denise’s response. She spewed out a stream of incoherent pleading through her gag and her body began rhythmically and violently bucking on the bed. Her hands tried to come from behind her back and gesture and her feet began gripping the bedspread. Then the tears began to flow. Melissa wasn’t sure if they were tears of anger or desperation, but she knew that she couldn’t resist them. It was time to get serious.

“Roll over on your back and spread your legs.”

Denise obeyed in record time, spreading her legs as much as her bound-together feet would allow. Melissa poured a good half of the bottle of lubricant straight between Denise’s legs and began stroking her there with the two middle fingers of her right hand, bending over so her hair lightly brushed Denise’s breasts.

Denise felt as if she had entered paradise. The cool, slippery lubricant and the light, but insistent stroking between her legs was the answer to a prayer. She forgot about her bound hands and feet. She no longer needed to try and help herself. She arched her back against the pressure of Melissa’s fingers and entered the most vivid dream world she had ever experienced. She slid into an almost hallucinatory state of bliss where her emotions and the images they evoked were completely out of her control. She saw Melissa bound and gagged on the floor of their office. She saw herself bound and gagged with Fred approaching her. She saw Melissa with her stocking feet on top of her desk. She smelled Melissa’s perfume and felt her hair brushing her breasts. She was on a long effortless ride to ecstasy and didn’t have to worry about a thing. Fred kept popping into her mind. She imagined him sitting against the wall watching what was happening now and approving wholeheartedly. She saw his loving smile and saw his evil grin as he bound her feet together. She imagined herself in a sunlit room with her hands tied behind her and dressed only in a flimsy nightdress – her body open to any and every violation.

Denise remembered something that had really happened about two weeks before. She had had her hands tied and then broken away from Fred and run away down the hall. He had calmly walked after her while she desperately ran away laughing filled with the anticipation of being caught and ravished by her powerful lover. She saw Melissa as she was carried into their office apartment, bound and gagged and carried on Fred’s shoulders. Every thought and image she had was beautiful and ramped up her passion. Beneath all the beauty was a powerful thumping that grew more and more powerful. She was like a surfer on a wave that never ceased growing. Her body was helplessly bound, but she was more free in her mind than she had ever been.

Her emotions were building to a crescendo. She could see it, but it kept receding and as it receded the potential crescendo grew in power. It was elusive, but as long as she kept approaching she was happy. It was as if she were in an out of body experience. She was aware that the ropes around her wrists and ankles seemed extremely tight against the tension she was putting against them, but it was also true that being tied up was now a means to an end. She could never feel this was if her body was free. Her mouth was wide open and the tight thick gag now felt completely natural.

Then for a second everything went still. It was like that moment when the roller coaster is at the very top of the hill just before it goes screaming down the incline. And that is exactly what happened. Wave after wave of pulsating energy coursed through Denise’s body. She ground her hips against Melissa’s hand and her entire body clenched like a fist. She trapped Melissa’s hand between her legs and began to shake and struggle as if she had short-circuited. Her thrashings were uncoordinated and desperate. There was a final spasm of excruciating pleasure – a flood was released and then she began laughing and crying uncontrollably from the sheer exhilaration of it all. Everything was funny and touching.

The fact that she was still tied up was absolutely hilarious. The look on Melissa’s face made her love her more than ever – it was a wild-eyed look of awe at the power she had unleashed in her bound and gagged friend. Denise tried to wriggle against the ropes and was tickled beyond words that she couldn’t move. Finally she sighed and lay there, wet and drained and not caring what happened next. She watched as Melissa backed away and began undressing. She lay there still tied as her friend became as naked as she was and then Melissa bent over Denise and ungagged her. They kissed deeply and tenderly. Then Melissa untied Denise. Denise watched her friend’s graceful body as it went about taking off the ropes. Then Melissa joined her on the bed.

As Denise drifted off into a profoundly deep sleep, she found herself wishing Fred was there too. She wondered if Melissa would mind. She wondered how Frank would feel. She knew they all loved each other. It would all work out. They were surrounded by love – a veritable smorgasbord of love and sweat and rope and fabric and flesh. And the best part of all is that she knew what happened today would happen again and again and again.

Copyright 2005, Rayron D’Olier