Whether She Likes It or Not – Part 2

By Rayron D’Olier







The camera switches to inside the van. The vantage point is from the top of the dashboard. We see Deedee's driving on the right, and behind her we see the bound Betsy; now relaxed, on her side. She has lost both shoes.


Deedee: "Sorry Steve hogtied you. He told me to be very careful with you. He said you were super dangerous. You look great though."


The camera switches to a view from the back of the van. We see Betsy's bound arms and hands and her tied stocking feet. Her only movement is to occasionally shift her position. Sometimes she flaps her hands and points her toes.


Deedee: "Hey, I was looking at this list of stuff you want. That sure is a lot for just two or three days. Steve said to get it all though. I guess you'll have to trust me tastewise; although I don't really have good taste. That is a cute dress you've got on there. You don't like girls do you?"


Betsy: "Omp ephem phink awow iph. Mo."


Deedee: "Haha. I can't even understand you at all. We'll have some time to chat at Steve's house before he gets there. He told me I could mostly untie you. What a relief, huh?


"Anyway, you're super lucky. If you're gonna be kidnapped and roped up, then Steve is the guy you want. He's a gentleman. He's the only guy I've ever let fuck me. It was pretty weird, but I try to be open to new experiences. Steve says I'll never like guys though. I guess that's too bad, but we did a threesome with a girl I know, and that was pretty awesome. Steve tied us both up and left us in a room together. Then he untied the other girl, FUCKED her and then left me ALONE with her. Let me tell you, I had a big, big O that day. Yum."


Betsy grunts in a polite, noncommittal sort of way. Although she is hogtied, she has some workable slack in the rope holding her ankles to her hands, so she is able to struggle to a position where she is sitting on her legs upright. Her bound feet are peeking out from under her butt.


They drive on in silence for a while. Deedee turns and the van bumps. Then Deedee hits a button on a garage door opener and we see through the windshield a very wide garage door open, and as the van drives under we see bright lights on in the garage. Deedee stops the van and hops out; the camera still looking at Betsy's back. She looks at the side door expectantly.


The door slides open. Deedee pokes her head and shoulders in and gently shoves Betsy on her side.


Betsy: "Wha uh phuph ah oo vooim."


Deedee: "Will you lighten up. I can't untie your feet with you sitting on them. Fuck me."


Deedee unties Betsy's feet; grabs her shoes and slips them on for her and pulls and tugs her out of the van where she stands, her arms and hands still tightly bound behind her back, her mouth gagged, her hair flying all over the place, her dress dusty and wrinkled and two of the top buttons on her dress popped open to reveal her white silky slip. She glowers at Deedee, but stands still.


Deedee slams the van door shut. She is lugging the big bag full of all the stuff from the deserted building.


Deedee spins Betsy around and guides her with a hand on her shoulder. They go into a door and the camera follows. They go clicking down a long hallway with several closed doors on each side and a door at the end.


Betsy shakes her hair out of her eyes from time to time and her bound hands flex against the ropes.


They go through the door at the end of the hall, go up several stairs and emerge into a large, two-story living area that combines a living room, dining room and kitchen. There are bookshelves everywhere, a huge flat screen TV, and speakers here and there on the wall. A hallway leads away on opposite sides. The living area is furnished with two matching leather couches and matching armchairs with a big coffee table in the middle; end tables and lamps. It all looks very simple, but expensive. One wall seems to be all window and they are covered with curtains all the way to the floor. There are several gaps in the curtains.


Deedee drops all the crap she is carrying, sheds Steve huge coat: "Pick your seat. I'm gonna go make us some drinks. And by the way, you can't get out of here. It's all locked up tight, even the big windows. I don't want to have to go running after you. I'll tell Steve and he'll hogtie you naked. Which I would like to see. (giggles)."


Betsy: "Uh moph goim emmyphere."


Betsy has a seat at the end of a couch after shaking her body to get her dress to fall straight. Then she tosses her hair.


Deedee: "I really like how you just talk like you would normally even though you've got that huge wad of cloth in your mouth. I can't understand a thing you say, but I'm glad you try. You have social skills."


Betsy sighs. We get a brief closeup of her face as she rolls her eyes. Her gag is saturated and she is drooling just a little. She doesn't appear to care.


The camera pans back. Betsy kicks off her shoes and sullenly leans back in the couch.


Deedee has two tall glasses full of some kind of clear alcohol and ice. She places one on a coaster next to Betsy. It has a drinking straw in it.


Deedee sits next to Betsy: "Bend over a little."


Betsy bends over and has her gag removed. She sits back up: "Oh yeah. Wow."


Deedee: "Bend over again. I'm going to take off these ropes on your arms. Gotta leave your hands tied though."


Deedee unties the rope around Betsy's arms and body and throws it on the floor. Then she hops up and takes a seat on another couch facing Betsy. She kicks off her shoes and curls her feet up next to her butt. She takes a long drink; looking at Betsy, who is also having a drink, but through a drinking straw.


Betsy: "I assume Steve told you not to untie my hands until he gets here."


Deedee: "Yep. He said you were super dangerous and that we couldn't count on me kicking your ass. No problem. I like you tied up anyway. So you don't like girls at all huh?"


Betsy: "I wouldn't say "at all", but it's not something I go for or anything. I liked to be fucked by a man. Steve's your only man huh?"


Deedee: "He's the only man I've actually on purpose ASKED to fuck me. It was pretty nice in a way, but it's not my thing I guess."


Betsy: "It's pretty obvious that I'm your thing. Don't deny it."


Deedee: "I'm not trying to hide it or anything. I could totally have fun with you right now. Your hands are tied and everything. But I'm in control. AND, I won't help you get away either. You want a cigarette?"


Betsy: "Please."


Deedee sits by Betsy and lights two cigarettes, one for each. she helps Betsy smoke hers. Betsy remains slumped back in the couch; only occasionally flexing her shoulders and arms to reposition her bound hands.


Betsy: "What if I promised to not escape. I really want to hear what Steve has to propose. You really could untie my hands. It's getting a little painful. I think it's cutting off my circulation."


Betsy pouts.


Deedee: "Oh no. Steve told me he tied you up so you would be just fine staying that way for a long while. He said the worst that would happen is you might start feeling a little stiff."


Deedee forces Betsy to lean forward. Deedee checks her hands and lets Betsy go. She pops the cigarette in her mouth.


Deedee: "You look just fine. I can't believe your tried to punk me. Steve warned me though."


Betsy: "So maybe I'm not your type."


Deedee: "Oh you totally are. But I don't love you. I admire you and I want to have fun with your body is all. Leaving you tied up is a win win for me. I like the way it looks. But I have control over my emotions most of the time. Drink more vodka. Relax. Alcohol. Yum."


Deedee snubs out both cigarettes and goes back to her original seat.


Deedee: "Steve told me you've killed lots of guys. He respects you."


Betsy: "Hmmm. A bunch of amateurs got the drop on me. That must lower his estimation."


Deedee: "It happens. Steve's had some close calls. He says that eventually he'll just end up being killed when he's having a bad day. He says that's how you'll all go if you keep it up long enough."


Betsy: "You believe that?"


Deedee: "Sure. But Steve owns me. I am completely utterly loyal no matter what. Everybody totally dies sometimes."


Betsy looked at Deedee. They smiled at each other. Neither one looked away.


Betsy: "What would you do if I got up and walked around."


Deedee: "You can totally wander around all you like, but don't leave the room or get behind me. And don't try anything cute sweetie, cause I've got this."


Deedee giggled as she pulled a black automatic equipped with a silencer out of her purse and waved it around happily.


Betsy giggled: "Um. That's a nice one. Very James Bond. Where'd you get that?"


Deedee: "Steve took me shopping and helped me pick it out. It's all mine and everything."


Betsy struggles to her feet and stretches her legs and shoulders. She bends over and we see her bound hands flexing behind her back.


Betsy: "Ahhh. It feels weird to just have my hands tied."


Betsy then travels slowly around the room looking at the shelves. She stops at the windows and pokes her face through one of the gaps in the curtains.


Betsy: "Good lord. Look at that. It's almost dusk."


Deedee: "Yeah, not too many neighbors around. None in fact mostly. What'd you mean it feels weird to JUST have your hands tied? You wanna be all tied up again? I'd be happppyyyy to dooo iiiiiit."


Betsy: "I mean that I'm totally free. I can walk around and talk and everything, and it keeps surprising me that my hands are still tied. Ugh. This dress is all sweaty."


Deedee: "Well, that dress looks very nice on you, but it WOULD look better on the floor. Ha ha ha. Never been tied up before huh?"


Betsy: "In a word, no. Have you?"


Deedee: "Oh yeah. Steve tied me up once when he caught me stealing when I first came here. I kind of thought it was fun in a weird way. He also tied me up and gagged me and made me watch him fuck his old girlfriend. We all liked that. Then she made me cum. It was so cool."


Betsy: "That does sound pretty jolly. Apples and oranges though."


Deedee: "Yeah, you're really our prisoner. Don't you forget that. We can still be friends though."


Betsy: "Why not?"


Deedee: "You know, not once have you asked what's going to happen with you."


Betsy: "What will happen will happen. I'm still tied up, but it's a damn sight more encouraging the fix I'm in now than back at that horrible building. Those guys were idiots. No telling what would have happened."


Deedee: "What was their deal?"


Betsy: "I don't know. They didn't really say a word to me. One guy held me, another one tied me. Another one went through my stuff. One of them patted me on the head. Then they all whispered to each other out in the hall. Then they shut the door and locked it. Period. Not a clue."


Deedee: "Well, they sucked. We totally put them down."


Betsy pads softly over to Deedee, turns around and waggles her bound hands.


Deedee: "C'mon, just untie me. You've got the gun. Pleeeeeeease!"


Deedee smacks Betsy on the butt: "No way. I don't wanna have to shoot YOU. Anyway it would make me nervous. Steve'll be here in a minute. Go sit down and don't ask again."


Meanwhile Steve has entered the room unobserved. Betsy and Deedee are startled.


Steve: "I told you she'd try to punk you."


Deedee: "Oh hi, Steve. Hey, no way was she gonna get untied. Ha ha."


Steve: "I know. Betsy, come over here."


With a slightly worried look, Betsy walks quickly over to Steve. Steve turns her around and unties her hands.


Steve: "God Damned I'm a nice guy."


Betsy gives him a weak smile, goes back over to her drink, downs what's left and then to the surprise of Deedee and Steve, she unbuttons her dress and whips it off over her head and throws it on the couch. She is only wearing a white slip along with her pantyhose. She picks up her empty glass and holds it out.


Betsy: "More alcohol please?"


Steve: "It's right over there. Help yourself. I would say make yourself at home, but I'd say you have."


Deedee giggles and watches Betsy as she pours a big vodka with ice.


Steve turns to Deedee: "Time for somebody to do a little shopping for our guest."


Deedee bounces up, puts on her shoes and coat and flies out the door.


Steve: "Well. Here we are then. Did Deedee show you to your room?"


Betsy: "We just sat here and got drunk. I don't wanna see my room right now. Is it in the basement with a concrete floor and bare mattress? Maybe a lightbulb hanging from a wire? Chains attached to the wall?"


Steve: "I see you've thought this out in loving detail. I hate to disappoint you, but your time here with us will be a bit more comfortable than that. I think the ropes we have fit you just fine. But now it's time to discuss why you're here."


Betsy: "Finally."


Steve: "Do you ever date? Go out with guys?"


Betsy looks startled: "I guess. I don't know. It's kind of a problem. They ask what I do. Sometimes I tell them. It makes them feel weird. They don't believe me, they just think I'm nuts. It's fun to get a fuck though."


Steve: "It is kind of a problem. I have a cover story and an actual legitimate business, but the girls always have to be lied to more or less constantly. So I thought that you and I should date."


Betsy laughs and stares a Steve wild-eyed: "So this is our first date then? You tie me up and bring me to your house in a van to see if we can go steady?"


Steve brightens: "Sure. It's romantic. A shared experience. You are difficult to get in touch with you know, and so I thought this opportunity to put you in my debt. I DID rescue you after all, and then keeping you around for a while might be just the ticket. You must admit I am a likable guy."


Betsy: "Funny. I don't feel rescued all that much. So that's the only reason I'm here. To get to know each other."


Steve: "Well it's not the ONLY reason. We have to kill your intended target after we get some stuff from him. See we have the same goal. It's just that we had to stop you and then keep you out of the game for a while. It's a twofer. We'll kill that flaming asshole tomorrow or the next day. Then you are free to go. Or stay. I think we could be friends. I'm a fun guy."


Betsy looks thoughtful: "Trust is the essence of friendship you know. If you love something, let it, or her, or me, go."


Steve laughs: "Well, fuck that bullshit. Right now, under these circumstances, I'll trust you the most when you're tied up good and tight. Go with the flow is my advice."


Betsy: "Well. We'll see. So I should maybe take all this as a little vacation. A meet and greet. Speed dating under duress."


Steve: "That's a winning attitude. And we join forces professionally too. Thin out the competition. Watch each others' backs. Team up. Family business. Etc."


Betsy: "As your date, am I allowed to go over to the kitchen and make a drink, or will I be "hogtied on the floor naked" as your little phrase goes? What the hell is that anyway?"


Steve: "I'm eager to show you, but we'll save that for when you really need to be trusted. Yeah, get up and trot around all you want. Just don't leave the designated area."


Betsy pads over to the kitchen and fills a glass with vodka and ice. Steve takes a seat on a couch and puts his gun on the arm. Betsy comes back and curls up on the opposite couch and takes a long drink.


Betsy: "I have the strangest feeling about Deedee. It's almost like you keep her as a pet."


Steve: "Deedee is my valued colleague. She has a very fine sense of loyalty, and she is careful and deadly. Don't let that bubbly exterior mislead you. She was owned and kept by a very nasty individual who is no longer with us. You'll grow to like her."


Betsy: "What will we do next on our date?"


Steve: "Well. Your personal shopper Deedee will come back with some perfectly serviceable clothing. It might be a wee tad off what you would usually buy, but I'm sure you can manage.


"Then you can shower, have dinner with us, and get ready for bed. Tomorrow will be a bit less eventful than today."


Betsy: "What do you mean by 'get ready for bed?'"


Steve: "Not what you think I'll just bet. But we will have to step out for a few hours so I'm afraid we'll have to tie you up while we're gone. We'll keep that to a minimum, but we've got no choice this evening."


Betsy: "So instead of tucked in, I'll be tied in."


Steve: "And locked in, yes. So pick something you'll be comfy in. If you like to go to bed naked, then that won't be a problem either."


Betsy: "I feel so much better."


Betsy pauses for a moment.


Betsy: "So you are serious about you and I… um… dating? Being a couple?"


Steve: "Deadly serious. Ah. Wrong choice of words. Profoundly serious. Unless there's some sort of fundamental personality clash, I think we could at least have some fun. Definitely do some work together. You'd be a good fit on our team. Of course you'd be part of management. You have a very impressive resumé"


Betsy: "Gosh, I hope I get the job. Ha ha."


Steve: "Consider this. We could talk openly with each other. No stammering around about, 'business trips' or 'I cut myself shaving and needed 18 stitches.' I could just say, 'My sweet petunia, I must tear myself away from you and go kill a guy.' And then if you said, as I've heard so many times before, 'I wanna go.' Well then, I'd enjoy your company immensely."


Betsy: "Steve, your logic is impeccable, if a little cold blooded. But you're talking about a budding romance here. I want a guy to spend some money on me. I want a guy to do some serious sweet-talking. I don't think that threatening to hogtie me naked… ha ha… on the floor indicates that you're on the right track."


Steve waves his hand dismissively: "Don't worry about that stuff. It's too early for that. We're in that going out and just having fun phase. Pretty exciting so far I'd say. New experiences. You haven't been raped and killed by a bunch of junkie mouth breathers. You're in a nice safe place having drinks and dinner with like-minded friends. Don't be so damn… offended. If you think about it, this is all pretty funny."


Betsy: "Well, I..."


Steve: "Wait, and get this: You have nothing to worry about. In two or three days you will leave here well-fed, well-dressed and hopefully somewhat entertained."


Betsy: "But if I try to escape? If I succeed in escaping?"


Steve: "That would throw quite a wrench into our plans. I'd be sort of put out. But I wouldn't hunt you down all that hard. Too busy. But if you try to escape and we catch you? Well, let's just say that you'll spend a lot of time wearing these nice white ropes. Nothing more, but nothing less. I know I can't trust you at this point, but I also can't afford to spend a lot of time watching you."


Betsy: "If I ran for the door right now, what would you do? Shoot me?"


Steve: "I'd calmly get up and grab you. I'd put you on the floor and I'd hogtie you. Then I'd decide what to do next. The only way I'd shoot you is if you came at me with a credible weapon. I imagine you are some what resourceful. You've got to respect my professional detachment especially given the tender feelings that are taking root in my cold, dark heart."


Betsy: "Hogtie me naked?"


Steve: "Nah. Wouldn't be necessary. Tempting though. If you asked me to, definitely. You do keep bringing it up. I wonder."


Betsy: "I don't even know what that is. It makes me feel naive. Poor innocent little me."


Steve: "Ha ha. That's an inaccurate self-assessment if I've ever heard one. Funny."


At that moment a soft chime rings three times. Then a key is heard fumbling in a lock.


Steve: "That will be our sunny little errand girl."


Deedee shoves open the door and holding about five shopping bags. She kicks the door shut with one foot and smiles brightly at Betsy.


Deedee: "I can't wait to see if you like this stuff. I tried to pick out things that would accessorize with that rope."


Betsy: "Oh God."


Deedee: "I kid."


Steve: "Haul that stuff back to our guest's room if you please. Hand me a couple of them. Betsy would you mind walking in front of me please. I'd like to see your hands at all times."


Betsy gets up and holds both hands straight up in the air, one of them still clutching her drink, and all three march down the hall.


The camera gets to the room first and they enter a large bedroom. It has a bed, vanity, dresser, full-length mirror and nightstands with lamps on them. Next to a window in the corner there is a small sitting area with a loveseat, chair and TV. On the inside wall is a small kitchenette and next to that is the door to a bathroom.


Betsy: "Very nice. You must kidnap people often."


Steve: "Jeez, it's just a guest room. You are hard to please."


Deedee starts pulling stuff out of the bags and laying them out on the bed.


Steve: "Take some time to freshen up as they say. You'll be locked in. The windows are not really breakable, and actually have burglar bars outside. When you're even more beautiful and ready to put on the old feed bag, just start hammering on the door. We'll come get you. Any questions?"


Betsy: "A couple. Can I smoke in here?"


Steve: "Not all tied up, no. Otherwise, yes please."


Betsy: "What if when you let me go, I decide to come after you and kill you? What about that?"


Steve shrugs: "I've considered that, but I guess I don't care. Hell, I might just kidnap you again and try to change your mind. That would be fun for me. Deedee would like that too. She likes you."


Betsy: "You have a keen sense of fun you two."


Betsy bums a cigarette from Deedee; lights it and just stands looking at them.


Betsy: "Well."


Deedee: "What?"


Steve: "Lets go set the table Deedee honey. Hammer on the door. Don't be pissed off, and don't take too long."


Steve and Deedee leave and the door shuts and is locked behind them. The scene fades out with Betsy rummaging through the clothes on the bed.


The scene fades in with Betsy slowly pounding on the door. Her damp hair is big and a little unkempt around her head. She is dressed in a white silk nightgown. It has thin shoulder straps, a low cut bosom with a little bow between her tits and it clings tightly to her figure before loosely falling just below her knees. She is barefoot. Her feet are delicate and cute.


The door opens suddenly and Steve gestures for Betsy to walk in front of him.


Betsy walks in the room to see Deedee looking at her, biting her lip.


Deedee: "Did you like any of that stuff?"


Betsy smiles: "I like all of it. It's all very nice, with or without constricting accessories."


Deedee beams. They sit down. The scene fades out.


The scene fades in again. We see Steve and Betsy facing each other on opposite couches as before. They are having drinks again. There are sounds of dishwashing and soft singing.


Betsy: "One last cigarette?" She eyes the pile of rope on the floor.


Steve: "Sure. We got a minute."


Betsy: "What if you have a bad night and never come back?"


Steve: "I'm touched by your concern. Not gonna happen. It's a boring topic."


Betsy snubs out her cigarette and gurgles down all the vodka in her glass. She burps softly.


Betsy sighs: "OK, I'm ready."


Steve: "Stand up. Turn around."


Steve pulls Betsy's arms behind her back and ties her hands together with her wrists crossed. Then just below her bosom, he ties her arms to her body, cinching the rope at her elbows. He ties the knot behind her. Her bosom is made doubly prominent by the combination of her arms pulled back and the ropes tightening the thin silk.


Betsy looks uncharacteristically shy and avoids Steve's gaze.


Steve: "You are a pretty package. OK. I'm going out to the garage. Deedee honey? Take Betsy and get her all trustworthy for me will you?"


Deedee: "Roger."


Steve leaves the room looking at his watch. Betsy watches after him. She gently twists her shoulders, arms and hands against the ropes.


Deedee dries her hands and takes Betsy by the shoulder and guides her down the hall. In her other hand is the rest of the rope.


The camera switches to the room view. Betsy comes in looking as tightly bound as she is. She shakes her unruly hair out of her face, and seems surprised that her hands are tied behind her.


Deedee: "You get to pick where you sit. Or lie down if you want."


Betsy: "You're going to tie my feet. I'm going to be locked in here I presume. Why do you need to tie my feet?"


Deedee: "Well, I'm going to that's all. Now come on and hurry up. Steve'll be mad."


Deedee sighs, but smiles slightly, and takes a seat on the love seat opposite the TV. She sticks her legs out with her feet together and leans back in the couch.


Deedee: "You have super cute feet. I like that color of nail polish too."


Betsy: "Do you think it will go with the rope?"


Deedee giggles: "One way or another."


Deedee cradles Betsy's legs in one elbow and swiftly, neatly wraps the rope around her ankles, finishing by cinching between her ankles and then tying the know in front with a tight, perfect square knot. She lets Betsy's feet fall to the floor.


Betsy had leaned forward to watch. She wriggles her toes and pushes and pulls against the ropes.


Betsy: "Neatly done. I'm stuck."


Deedee: "There's a neat method Steve taught me. I gotta go now. Sorry."


Betsy: "Hey. Put that remote here beside me."


Deedee: "Always thinking. Don't go gettin' into trouble now. Kiss kiss."


Deedee dances out of the room giving Betsy a backward glance. She shuts and locks the door and we hear her running down the hall.


Betsy looks relaxed, but she leans forward and gives a slow twisting struggle. She tries to see her hands, but doesn't have much luck. She is able to grab the remote. With remote in hand she scoots to the end of the love seat where there is a large cushion to lean against.


She makes an effort to point the remote at the TV with her hands, but she can't get her hands far enough forward to point it correctly. She tosses it gently to the floor and with her bound feet, she carefully pushes the buttons with her toes. She uses an arrow key to hunt through the channels and stops at a tennis match.


With some difficulty, she curls her legs up on the couch and pushes herself up against the cushion so that she is on her side with her shoulders somewhat elevated and her head supported. She almost looks comfortable, and she lies still for a long, long while with only her feet occasionally fidgeting and adjusting themselves within the limits of the snug rope around her ankles.


The scene fades in and we find Betsy still lying quietly, but she is gently stretching; pointing her toes and twisting her shoulders. Then she extends her legs out over the floor and pushing behind her with her hands, she rises to an upright postion.


She tosses her hair out of her face and looks around the room. The TV is still muttering away at a low volume.


Betsy rises to standing and hops experimentally a couple of times and then slowly, as gracefully as a well-bound woman can, she hops over to the bed and looks at all the clothing and other things Deedee bought for her. She hops sideways and bends so her hands can reach something on the bed.


The camera gives a quick closeup to a small manicure set. We see a closeup of her bound hands as they struggle to unzip the little case. She chooses a thin metal tool with a flat shape on the tip and then the camera pans back to watch her hop to the door.


Her hands struggle to escape the ropes and help her with her balance, but she manages to hang on the the tool.


She reaches the door and turns so that she can see the tips her fingers from behind her back. She slips the little tool into the key slot and begins gently shoving it in and out; trying very hard to be still otherwise. Her toes are tense.


She stiffens as she feels the lock click open, and she carefully turns the knob. The door opens and Betsy hops through and into the hall.


The camera follows her as she bounces down the hall, her hands tense against the ropes.


She enters the living room and stops to look around. On the dining room table she sees that Steve and Deedee have dumped all the stuff they took from her sniper's nest and that her purse is in plain view.


She hops over to the table and sees a cellphone. She opens it, again with some difficulty and strains to see as she types a number. She sits in a chair as quickly as possible and places her face to the phone.


Betsy: "Tracy!! Tracy it's me. Right. Hey, sorry I didn't check in. Something unexpected came up. Yes, yes, I'm fine, but I'm going to be out of touch for a few days. Don't worry. Seriously I'm fine. I can't tell you. OK, I'll tell you this. Something has happened that is very, very interesting. I don't know yet. It's kind of exciting. Maybe. You have a dirty mind. But yes, among other things. Listen, I've got to go. This isn't my phone. It looks like a prepaid. Um hmm. I'll tell you all about it. Knowing you, you'll love it. Take a few days off. That's kind of what I'm doing. Don't try to call me, but I might call you. Right. Bye.


Betsy stands up, closes the phone, shoves it into some of the stuff on the table and takes off hopping back down the hall. We follow her a bit and then the camera switches into her room and we see her enter. She closes the door, which is surprisingly difficult, and then hops back to the couch where she sits.


She breathes out heavily and twists her shoulders against the ropes. She lifts her bound feet and has a look at them before dropping them and leaving them flat on the floor. Both straps of her nightgown are hanging off her shoulders and her tits are dangerously exposed. Only the tight rope below her tits is keeping the fabric from slipping all the way down.


She wriggles a bit and waits.


The camera then switches to Steve and Deedee in the garage. They are sitting on some old lawn chairs with beer. Deedee has a phone to her ear. She giggles and puts it down.


Deedee whispers to Steve: "She says it's 'kind of exciting' and 'very, very interesting.'


Steve: "Any girlish gushing about studly old Steve?"


Deedee: "Not directly. Maybe she's got a little tickle for your lovely assistant."


Steve: "Ha ha. Call Larry and see if he's got everything ready. Then I'll send you in to talk to my new girlfriend who apparently has a hopeless crush on me."


Deedee: "I think somebody is turning into a dweeb. I hope she lets me play with y'all."


Steve: "Hey, don't let on we know whatever you do or whatever you find. I don't know how she got out the door, but there's no way she can get it locked again. Ignore that."


 Deedee: "Roger."


Deedee flounces happily out of the garage. Steve gets back on the phone.


The camera is back with Betsy. She is on the floor leaning against the front of the couch with her legs stretched straight out in front of her. We see her shove the manicure tool under the couch. She starts as she hears the door knob turn.


Deedee saunters in with an amused look on her face. She is wearing a nightgown much the same as Betsy's.


She sits in a chair and looks down on Betsy.


Deedee: "Hi-eeee."


Betsy: "Hi yourself. Did everything go well?"


Deedee: "Not quite as we planned, but we're happy."


Betsy: "Did you just come in here to ogle me?"


Deedee: "Steve said to keep you company. He'll be along in a bit. We can totally have girl talk."


Betsy: "I'm sleepy. Hey, help me out. Pull my straps up."


Deedee: "Why don't you do it yourself? Ha ha ha."


Betsy: "I should have known better."


Deedee: "Just three little knots. If you could just untie those three little knots."


Betsy: "Sounds like a mantra. Could you just undo two little knots?"


Deedee glides down to the floor, unties Betsy's feet and arm ropes. She also pulls up her straps and helps her stand up.


Betsy stretches and walks around a little: "Thanks."


Then we hear Steve's voice hollering: "Deedee sweetie, untie her and lock her in honey."


Deedee unties Betsy's hands: "And the third little knot is undone."


As soon as Betsy's hands are free she whirls on Deedee and takes her to the floor and puts her in an inescapable wrestling hold.


Deedee: "Wow. Hee hee. Didn't see that coming. You're lucky."


Betsy: "Our little secret."


Betsy lets her up and goes to the bed where she shoves everything to one side and gets under the covers.


Deedee stands a little wistful: "Knock on the door when you want out in the morning."


Betsy: "K."




© Rayron D’Olier, 2014







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