After Hours









“Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday, dear Roberta...
Happy Birthday to YOU!”


Roberta grinned as the other three women finished the song, before taking a big breath and blowing out the two candles on the cake, one in the shape of a 4 and the other a 0.


“Thanks everyone,” she said as she looked up, putting her hand through her blonde hair, “this was a great surprise.”   Roberta was wearing a camel coloured wrap top over a white vest, a knee length faded grey denim skirt, dark tights and dark brown suede booties, with a beaded necklace that had a clear pendant on it.


“Hey, not every day you hit forty – in fact, it’s a once in a lifetime experience,” Poppy said as she raised her glass.  The office manager was in her mid forties, and was wearing a pale blue woollen jacket over a white sweater, a long faded denim skirt, dark stockings and knee length tan suede boots.  Her long blonde hair fell over her shoulders, as did the dark hair of her friend Anna.


Anna was wearing a dark grey v-necked top and a lighter grey checked skirt, as well as a pair of short gold coloured leather stack heeled boots.  They had a diamond behind the heel where instead of leather, it was blue suede, and her legs were in dark hose.  She had a crucifix hanging from her neck, and grinned as she sat in the leather seats.


The final person in the room was Roberta’s sister Donna.  She was three years older, and still had on the black velvet bomber jacket she had worm when she came in, the fur lined hood lying over her back as her red hair brushed over the edge.


The jacket covered a grey slip dress, with a fern pattern printed on it, which had the shortest skirt of all four of the women.  Her black hose covered her legs, and she was wearing a pair of wedge heeled boots made of a shiny black quilted material.


“All right then,” Roberta said as she cut into the cake with the knife, “let’s have a piece each of this, and then we can head out for a night on the town.  Where shall we go?”


“So long as there are a few hunks in the vicinity, I don’t mind,” Donna said as she took some of the cake.


“Still looking for Mister Right, Donna,” Anna said as she sat down.


“If he even exists,” Donna said with a smile as Roberta and Poppy sat opposite them, picking up their champagne glasses.


“Oh come on, sis,” Roberta said with a smile, “he’ll turn up eventually, I’m sure of it.”


“Yeah, easy for you to say – you’ve had your mister right for ten years now.”


“How’s he feeling been left with the girls tonight?”


“He’s fine,” Roberta said with a laugh.  “We’re going out for dinner tomo...”


All four turned and looked to the door as they heard the sound from the other side.  “Don’t tell me the cleaners have started work already,” Poppy said as she walked over, and put her hand on the door that led to the office area – only for it to pulled away as she touched it, and the door frame to be filled by a huge broad shouldered man.


He towered over her, wearing blue overalls, and carrying a very real sawn-off shotgun as he looked at her through the dark glasses covering his eyes.


“Back in here, shut up and sit down,” he said very quietly, as the other three women stood up and stared at him.  “Hey boss – we got four in here.”


“Four?  Fucking hell,”  they heard a voice call out, as three more men came in, dressed in the same way.  “Well, one of them’s the manager,” he said as he looked at them, “and one of the others works here.  All four of you, get on the floor, on your knees, hands on your head.




“What the fuck’s going on here,” Poppy said as the other two men came forward, and pushed the four of them down to their knees on the ground.


“None of your fucking business,” the man who seemed to be their leader said, as she felt a thin plastic strip digging into her wrists, her hands forced together palm to palm as it was accompanied by a rasping sound.


Looking to her side, she watched as the other three women had a plastic zip tie pulled tightly around their wrists, Poppy yelping as they did so.


“Right,” the man said as he walked in, “you’re going to do what we tell you to do, got it?”


“What is this,” Poppy said as she wriggled round.


“A little bit of corporate espionage,” the man said as Poppy was forced to her feet, along with Roberta.  “Now, you two are going to come with me and my friend, while these two stay here.”


“Piss off,” Poppy said with real venom, “you’re not going to...”


“Demonstrate our intentions, boys.”


“No,” Roberta whispered as the man mountain and one of the others pulled large hunting knives out and pressed the flat of the blades against the throats of Donna and Anna.


“All right,” Poppy said quietly, “what do you want us to do?”


“Make them cosy,” the man said to the other two as he and the fourth man dragged Roberta and Poppy from the room.  Donna and Anna watched as one of the other two men left the room, and returned with a bag, dropping it on the floor with a heavy thud as he did so.


“We’re gonna cut your wrists free,” he said with a sneer, “take your tops off and then hug each other.”




“You heard,” the man mountain said, “tops off, hug each other, or pay the consequences.  That what you want?”


“No,” Donna said quietly as she felt the strip part, and then slowly unzipped her top, throwing it to the side as Anna removed her jumper, revealing the sports bra underneath.


“Well – hug each other.”


“I’m so sorry about this,” Donna said as she put her arms round Anna, and then felt the smaller woman doing the same to her, before she watched over her shoulder as one of the men knelt and started to bind her crossed wrists together.





“Where’s the safe, bitch?”


“Oh for fuck’s sake, don’t do that,” Poppy yelped as the man pulled her hair back, “I’ll show you.”


The fourth man was standing behind Roberta, her chest forced out as he used a second strip to secure her elbows together behind her back, and then took some rope from a bag, passing it above and below her chest as he forced her arms against her back.


“That fucking hurts,” she said as she looked over her shoulder, then down as the ropes encircled her breasts.


“Just be thankful we’re letting you keep your top on,” the boss man growled as he watched Poppy opening the safe, while Roberta was forced it lie down, feeling more rope as her ankles were crossed and forced together, the rope compressing the suede as it lightened under the tight bands.


He felt the rope around her legs below her knees, and then grunted as the leather gloved hands stroked the back of her legs, the rope going between them to further tighten the binding.


“Aw, doesn’t she like your touch,” the leader said as he looked over at her.


“Compared to the other two, she’s getting off lightly,” the other man smirked, as Roberta suddenly looked up.


“What are you doing to Donna?”


“Shut up and you’ll live to find out...”




Donna squealed as the man reached between her legs, pulling the rope back and up as her skirt was forced up, the rope pushing hard on her panties before she felt it being tied off to Anna’s wrists.  As she looked over the dark haired woman’s shoulders she could see the rope leading from her own wrists, down and between Anna’s legs before it came up and around her waist.


“There – that should keep the two of you amused,” one of the two men said before they both knelt down, and started to bind their ankles together. 


“I’m so so sorry,” Anna whispered as she looked at Donna.  They could hardly mover, their upper bodies lashed together with rope around their shoulders, midriffs and waist, their chests forced against each other.  Neither woman wanted to move, for fear of what they might do to each other if they did so.


“Aww, they’re scared,” one of the men said as he took some rope around their legs, above their knees, and forced them even more together, using the rope around and between both of them to secure them even more.


“It’s...  IT’s all right,” Donna said quietly, “we’re still alive, and that’s the – whatthefuckdidyoudothatfor?”


Her squeal came as a result of one of the men pulling Anna’s hands up, forcing the rope between her legs to rub on her, and making her jump with a mixture of fright and – pleasure?”


“Because we can,” the other man said as he pulled her hands up, Anna’s eyes widening as she gasped, and then looked at Donna.


“OH fuck,” she said quietly, “how did that feel to you?”




Anna nodded as Donna looked at her, and then whispered “would I look like a perv if I said it wasn’t that bad – it was just a shock.”


“Only if I can say the same thing,” Anna said, the two of them smiling as the men produced two cloths and a roll of duct tape.


“Time for you two to be quiet,” the man mountain said as he shoved a balled up cloth into Donna’s mouth, and then did the same to Anna, before the second man tore several strips of duct tape from the roll and smoothed them over their mouths.


They then left the room, Donna looking over her shoulder at the band of rope around Anna’s ankles, sitting over the blue denim, and then she started to pull the rope up between her legs.


“Hmgdd,” Anna said as she looked at Donna, “whhh?”




Anna nodded slowly as she began to pull at the rope between Donna’s legs as well, and then she looked into Donna’s eyes.




“Hmgdd, umnn?”


Anna nodded slowly, and then gently pressed her taped mouth over Donna’s gagged lips.  She moved back and looked up at her, expecting Donna to recoil at the situation, but instead the taller woman looked at her, and nodded as she leaned down and kissed her in return, the two of them starting to pull on the ropes between their legs as they did so.








“Oh she’s a feisty one,” the gang leader said as he pulled the rope tightly around Poppy’s chest, forcing her arms into her sides as she struggled, the tape over her mouth covering the rubber ball which he had strapped between her teeth.  The buttons on her jacket had come undone, the ropes pulling them to the side as her jumper strained over her chest.


Roberta was in no position to help her boss – she was lying on the floor, her heels pulled back and resting on her bottom as a short rope held them to her chest binding.  She also had been gagged using a red ball, the black straps fastened round her head while her lips and the ball were covered with layer after layer of duct tape.


She wriggled round, the rope squeaking as it rubbed on her boots, and her legs squeaking as she moved them together.  She was desperately trying to ignore the dampness between her legs, as she watched Poppy being forced to the floor, and then hogtied in the same way as her.


“Well,” the leader said as the other two appeared at the door.


“They’re secured as well – having fun as well by the sound of it.  What about these two?”


“they’re no problem.  Mobile phones?”


“Batteries removed and left out of their reach.”


“Right then,” the leader said as the safe door hung open, the contents emptied into the bag he was carrying, “let’s go.  Have fun ladies.”


“DNTLFFSLKTHSSSS” Roberta called out, as she felt the drool building in her mouth, and swallowed what she could, looking at her boss as the room was plunged into darkness.  She could just about make out Poppy’s white top in the gloom, as she wriggled round, trying to ignore the feelings in her chest as she did so, the only other sound the increased calls and moans from the rest room...





“Hey – how are you?”


Roberta looked up as Anna came and joined her and Donna at the cafe table, ordering a cappuccino as she did so.


“Recovering – Poppy coming back to work soon?”


“Next Monday I think – the counselling seems to be helping anyway.  How about you?”


“Oh, I’m getting over it – with the help of a good friend,” Anna said as she put her hand on Donna’s.


“Honestly – Last Tango in Halifax is a fictional drama,” Roberta said as she sipped her drink.


“Are you objecting?”


“No,” she said with a smile, “just surprised that’s all.  So where are you going?”


“The pictures – I want to see The Theory of Everything.  You?”


“He’s waiting at home,” Roberta said as she stood up.  “The sex recently – well, it’s made me feel a whole lot better.”


“Don’t do anything we wouldn’t.”


“Shut up and enjoy the date,” Roberta said as she walked off, leaving the other two talking quietly...







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