A Night to Remember




Dottie could hear the footsteps echoing down the corridor as she sat there, whimpering to herself.  It seemed like an eternity since she had come back into the house from the party, only to be grabbed from behind before she even had a chance to remove her over the knee boots.  He had been quick, strong and methodical, and she had no chance to resist as he pushed her onto the floor, pulled her wrists behind her back and started to lash them together.

That had hurt, but what had hurt even more was having her elbows pulled together, forcing her shoulders back and her chest out.  The red jumper she had worn was already tight, but this made it even more so as the wool stretched over her body.  She could feel the strain, and had been about to complain when she felt whoever was attacking her reach under her skirt.  Other thoughts flashed through her mind as he pulled her knickers down and rolled her over, allowing her to see him for the first time.

He was tall and broad, with a black mask covering his eyes, and in his gloved hand were her lacy black knickers.  “Oh god, no” was all she had managed to say before he balled them up and forced them into her mouth, telling her exactly what would happen if she tried to spit them out.  The taste was – well, disgusting, but fear stopped her from doing anything about it as he turned round, sitting on her legs as she felt her ankles been tightly bound together.

Now she was sat in the closet, where he had put her after binding her arms to her side and pulling a long strip of thick white cloth over her mouth and jaw.  Her knees had been drawn up and tied to her chest, and she ached all over from struggling to get free.  As the door slid open, she looked up at her captor standing over her.

“Comfy?” he said, and Dottie whimpered back as he knelt down and picked her up as if she was a sack of flour.  He carried her out of the closet, down the corridor and into her bedroom, where he dropped her on the bed.  Removing the rope from around her chest and knees, Dottie stretched her legs out and tried to ask for the gag to be removed.

“I’m giving you a choice here,” the man said as he stroked the back of Dottie’s legs, making her shiver.  “I could remove the gag, but I guarantee something else would soon be in your mouth, or it could stay and something else will happen.”  As he said this, he reached up under her black miniskirt again and stroked her crotch, making her shiver again as his fingers crossed her vagina.  She realised the meaning of his words, and began to whimper again as tears started to fall down her cheeks.

“So, shall I take the cloth off,” he said, and Dottie slowly shook her head.  “Very well,” was his response as he unfastened the belt around her skirt and pulled the zip down, before pulling the garment down her legs.  She closed her eyes as she felt him coming onto her, his legs against hers...



“Can someone answer that telephone please?”


Dottie opened her eyes and looked round the garden.  The warm spring sunshine was making her sleepy as she sat by the table, a Long Island Tea in a glass by her.  It had been a long week for her, especially with the special project that she had been given for her company, and she was glad it was all coming to an end that night.

As she reached over and picked up her glass, she could hear the telephone ringing inside.  “Let the others answer that,” she said to herself as she let her eyes close and started to relax, “I have enough to do later on...”


“Come on Dottie, quietly does it,” she said to herself as she slipped into the room.  She could see the lights beaming up into the night sky outside, but if she was going to get that exclusive she needed to find out what Herr Blucher was doing.  Otherwise, the headline would not read “by Dorothy M Carr, Chief Reporter” the next day in the Daily Globe, but probably that pipsqueak Johnson would grab the glory.

She walked quietly, or as quietly as three inch heels would allow you to, across the marbled floor.  Her light brown skirt hugged her bottom like a silk sheet on the bed, while the matching jacket was cinched tightly around her wasp-like waist with a thin belt, covering her pale blue blouse with a white tie around her neck.  A pair of kid leather gloves, coloured pale blue, covered her hands, and a brown pillbox hat was perched on her hair.   She walked forward, looking carefully round to ensure she was not been heard, towards a large window at the other side of the room.

There was a wooden chair set in front of the window, so Dottie climbed up to get a better look through the glass.  As she stepped on the chair, her skirt rode up and exposed the top of her stockings, but that was not her concern.  What was was the sight that greeted her as she looked through the window onto the complex below.

“How did he manage to hide this in downtown Manhattan?” she said to herself as she looked at the giant furnace at one end of the floor, molten steel been taken from it in large buckets and transported to where an assembly line was hard at work.  “I need to see what he’s doing down there – this could be another Pulitzer!”

She stepped off the chair and looked around the room.  There was a door set into the wall, which looked like it was used to send stuff to a lower floor.  Pulling it open, she found it was actually a large chute, so she wasted no time in hauling herself up and dropping down.  It was only as it clanged shut behind her, plunging her into darkness that two thoughts occurred to her.  The first was that she had no idea where this chute led to.

The second was that someone might have heard that clanging noise.  It was too late, however, as she dropped into a basket and pulled herself out.  She found herself in a room, and from the noise Dottie surmised she was in the area she had seen through the window.

She could see now what had not been clear from the window she now saw high above – Blucher was in the munitions business, and in this case the munitions were robots.  Men of steel and iron that could wreak havoc on the city and the country.  “Well,” Dottie said to herself, “I know a man of steel as well,” but before she could sneak off she heard a German man saying “Good Evening, Frau Carr – thank you for dropping in on us.”

Turning slowly, she saw a thin balding man in evening dress approach her.  There was a look in his eye that suggested he was not in the mood for idle chatter, so Dottie did the only thing she knew would help her at this point.  Opening her mouth, she started to shout “SUPERMMMM” – but the last part was cut out by something been stuffed into her mouth as her arms were grabbed and pulled behind her.  She could feel the rough fibres digging into her wrist through the leather as they were bond tightly together, before a white scarf was pulled over her rouged lips to keep the gag in place.

“Bring Frau Carr over here,” Herr Blucher said as she was pushed from behind, “I think we need to give her a warm reception as a reward for her efforts.”



Dottie looked down at the glowing yellow mass that swirled beneath her, and felt a chill run through her despite the heat that was rising up.  She was perched on the edge of a large platform that had been raised high into the work area, her ankles crossed and tied together while more rope held her arms to her side.  From far below, she could see Herr Blucher standing by a lever, beside which the rope holding her platform up was secured.

He had interrogated her, using threats and bullying at first before he had moved on to – other methods.  She had never seen anything like the device he had produced, shaped like a small egg, but when he had put it between her legs and switched it on it had been all she could do to keep control of herself.  It was still there, vibrating as she sat, but somehow she had managed to say nothing.  The thought of her hero coming to rescue her had been the mainstay of her self defence.

“Did you honestly think you would be able to stop me and expose my plans by yourself, Fray Carr,” Blucher shouted to her.  “I have been conducting this work for far longer than you think, and I have had plenty of time to plan ways of stopping people from interfering.”

He pressed a button, and Dottie felt a lurch as the platform slowly started to lower towards the steel vat far below.  “I don’t think even your precious Superman can save you now, Frau Carr – have a pleasant evening,” he said as he walked out of the building, his two henchmen following behind.

Dottie started to squirm round, trying desperately to find some give in the rope around her.  She could feel the heat starting to grow below her as the hot gases rose towards where she was placed, and the sweat was starting to build on her forehead and over her body.  As the platform lowered and the heat grew, she screamed through her gag in frustration and fear “SMBD HLP M!!! SPRMN, WR R U?”

She was starting to feel faint from the heat, but as her head drooped towards her chest and she started to wonder if there was any hope of her rescue, she heard the smashing of glass and looked up.  A blue streak flew through the air as she was lifted from the platform and taken out of the building, the wind blowing in her hair and face as her hero landed at the top of the Empire State Building and sat her down.

“Thkn u, sprmn,” she mumbled through the gag as the man of steel looked down at her.  “You know, Dorothy,” he said as he looked at her trussed body, “I think you’ve been in jeopardy once too often recently.  I think you need to be taught a lesson – and I know what that lesson is going to be.”

Dottie screamed as he picked her up, threw her over his shoulder and flew into the night sky.  “I’m going to leave you like this,” he said over the wind as it howled around them, “and show you what can happen if a man like me finds a woman like you so attractive he can’t let go of her.  How does that sound to you?”

To her horror, Dottie found herself nodding.  She had never admitted it to herself, but he had made her realise she liked been the damsel in distress – and if he could play the villain occasionally, so much the better.  Besides, she was growing to like the little vibrations between her legs, and wondered what her boyfriend would make of it.

“I’m sorry Rick is late,” he said as he turned to her, “but he said he would meet you at the party.”   Dottie nodded – and secretly hoped that the hero carrying her now would be something else in due time.

For his part, Rick was keeping quiet – he liked rescuing Dottie, but he knew he could do so much more for her, if she was willing...



Dottie opened her eyes to see her son standing there.  “I’m sorry,” she said as she sat up, “what did you just say?”

“Rick called – he’s tied up with something at the moment, but he said he would meet you at the party later.”  Dottie sat up and nodded – the 100th anniversary party of her company was an important event for her, and she wanted Rick to be with him.  Besides, she knew what he was “tied up” with – his hobby, business, call it what you will, which he also practiced with her from time to time.

“I’d better start getting ready,” Dottie said as she stood up, “I don’t want anything to go wrong tonight.”

“What, like somebody trying to kidnap you?  Mum, I really don’t think that is going to happen again.”

“Pity,” Dottie said to herself as she walked into the house, her skin tight jeans moving as one with her legs.  She wanted a little excitement – in fact, Rick had already promised to take her away that weekend – and she actually thought this party was going to be a dull affair.

As she sat on her bed, stripping down in preparation for a shower, Dottie let her mind wander back to the meeting in her boss’s office – and wondered how it may have gone differently...


“So, you don’t have a problem with taking on this role, Dorothy?  I think you are the best person to undergo this task.”

“Well,” Dottie said as she tugged on her peach jacket, “If you think I am, I’ll do it, but I do have a lot of other work to catch up on at the moment.”

“I’m sure you’ll cope,” he said as he stood up and walked to the door.  “Why, don’t you use my office for a few minutes and start to make some calls – I’m going to a meeting for an hour or so.”

Dottie watched the door close, then stood up and walked behind the desk.  She didn’t have time to sit down, however, before the door burst open and two tall, strong looking masked men ran in.

“On the floor, face down, NOW” one of them shouted, and Dottie slowly sank to her knees as they closed the door behind them.  She watched as one man took a length of rope from his pocket as she lay on her stomach, and passed it to the other as he pulled her wrists behind her back.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing,” Dottie screamed as the rope was wrapped around her wrists, pulling into her skin as it tightened around them and held them together.  She could feel the second man doing the same to her feet as well, with her white strapped heels clicking on the floor as she tried to kick her way out of his grasp.

“Shut up and stay still,” one of them said as he yanked on the rope around her wrists, and Dottie stayed quiet until her head was pulled back.  He could see in the hand of the man a large white cloth from a washroom, and she started to shake her head.  “No, please, donmmphhh” she said as the cloth was pushed into her mouth, the material forcing her tongue against the floor of her mouth and filling the space behind her teeth,

There was a ripping sound from behind her, and Dottie’s eyes widened as clear tape was wrapped tightly around her lips and lower head, forcing the cloth further back into her throat and holding it firmly in place.  As she was forced to her feet. She got her first good look at her assailants, but stockings were pulled over their faces, making it difficult to see what they looked like.

She was forced to sit in a chair as more rope was passed around her upper body, forcing her breasts to strain against her jacket as the coils tightly held her arms to her side and went under and over her chest.  She tried to call out, but the gag was stifling any noise, as well as soaking up the saliva from her mouth and leaving her feeling parched already.

She could see the other man emptying the office safe as her legs were pulled together and secured above her legs, the binder smiling at her as he did so.  “You enjoy this, don’t you,” he said, and Dottie had to admit she did like the feeling of helplessness she was experiencing.  She was beginning to need a drink, but otherwise she found it comfortable if tight, nice if scary, arousing if terrifying.

Somehow, he sensed it as well, as he pushed the hem of her skirt up and exposed the tops of her stocking.  “I love a woman in stockings,” he said as he stood up and walked round, pulling on the ropes around her chest, “and I love a woman with large breasts – you fit both bills in my book.”  His hands came down her chest, under jacket and around her breasts, and Dottie moaned as she felt him circling her nipples with his fingers.  Little electric shocks seemed to be going through her as she squirmed under his touch, especially when he walked round and started to rub her legs on the inside, running his hands up and underneath...

“Hey,” the other man said as he slammed the safe shut, “We don’t have time for that.  Come on.”  Dottie watched as he stood up, smiled and took her purse from her handbag.  “Perhaps another time, gorgeous,” he said as he turned round.

“How the hell do I end up in these situations,” she thought to herself as the two men ran out of the office, leaving her to try and struggle free from her bonds.  As she did so, she felt the buttons on her blouse begin to pop as the front opened, allowing the cool air to circulate around her breasts.  She could feel the way her nipples were hardening, the way her crotch was starting to warm from the rubbing of her legs, and she began to pant slightly from the exertion.  She feel forward and onto her side on the floor, moving her legs up and down, but not so much to try and shake her legs free as to increase the pleasure she was felling from her situation.  She started to pant more rhythmically, more intensely, more...


Dottie opened her eyes and shook her head.  Later, perhaps – for now she had to get to the party.  It took her a few minutes to pull on her stockings, the black corset and the dress with the spaghetti shoulder straps, and her black heels.  Pausing to fasten a black choker around her neck, the red ruby shining in the pendant, she did a final check on her makeup and then left the bedroom, picking up her clutch bag as she went.



“God, this is boring – I wonder when Rick is going to get here?”

Dottie was getting a little tired of the party as the clock reached nine – it seemed to be all about small talk and polite chit chat rather than real conversation.  The arrangements had gone off without a hitch, and she had nothing to worry about, but she felt as if she was on her own.

“Penny for them, Dottie?”

She turned to look at Helen, her workmate, as she stood there withal champagne glass in her hand.  “What do you think?” Dottie replied as she took a sip of her own drink.

“I think,” Helen said, “that I know where there are a couple of bottles of good wine upstairs.  I’m going up – join me in a few minutes and invite some others?”

“I thought you’d never ask,” she said as Helen walked off, her long satin skirt whirling as she did so.  Dottie admired the way she got away with – well, both dressing up and still looking fantastic, given she knew all Helen had on was an old leotard with the skirt wrapped around it.  Draining her glass, she placed it on a table and went to talk to a few people before going upstairs.

The clock showed half past as Dottie left the room and went up to the main office.  Opening the door, she called out “Helen, are you there,” but only heard a muffled response.  Seeing a light on in the manager’s office, she walked over and opened the door, but stopped in her tracks as she saw Helen with two men, one either side of her.  One had his hand over her mouth, while the other was using a length of rope to secure her arms behind her back.  Her skirt has been ripped off and thrown to one side, so that she was standing there in her leotard and heels, and for a few brief moments, Dottie imagined that she saw her face on Helen’s body. 

That was the last thing she saw as a sweet smelling cloth was clamped over her nose and mouth.  As she slipped into a deep sleep, the last thing she heard was Helen crying and the man saying “Get her trussed up and stashed somewhere.”  Dottie allowed her eyes to close as she slipped into a deep, deeper sleep....



“Hello?  Is there anybody there?”

Dottie closed the door and placed her handbag on the table beside the door, leaving her leather jacket on the coat stand as she walked in.  She walked up the staircase to the bedroom, looking forward to putting on some jeans and a t-shirt, but the man she saw rifling through her drawers in her bedroom took her mind clean off that.

He was tall, with short dark hair and smartly dressed in a dark blue business suit, but as Dottie watched she could see him selecting jewellery in his gloved hands and placing it in a bag.  She stayed silent, hoping he would not hear her, but some sort of sixth sense kicked in as he turned and looked at her standing in the doorway.

“Please,” he said as he smiled and pointed a small pistol at her, “Come in, sit down and take your shoes off.  You look like you’ve had a hard day, and I want to help you relax.”

“Are you robbing me,” Dottie said as she slowly raised her hands and walked over to the bed, sitting down and kicking her heels off as she did so.

“Yes, yes I am, but it would appear I have slightly overstayed my welcome,” he said as he sat on the stool and looked at her.  “Still, no loss, as I say.  What’s your name?”


“Well, Dorothy, I need you to do something for me.  Will you?”

“You’re the man with the gun,” Dottie said as she looked at him.

“Yes, yes I am.”  The stranger opened a drawer and took out three pairs of Dottie’s panties, throwing them over to her.  “Ball these up and put them in your mouth.”

“I beg your pardon?”

“You know,” he said as he stood up, “you are a very beautiful woman, Dorothy, and I think you would be a wonderful person to know, but right now I want you to ball those panties up and put them in your mouth, or else I will force you to take you panties you have on now and use them.  Your choice – three clean pairs or one very dirty pair.”

Dottie grimaced as she slowly wadded the panties into a ball and opened her mouth.  “All the way in,” he said as she pushed the material behind her teeth.  He then threw Dottie a large roll of duct tape.

“Right – tear off three strips, one at a time, and put them over your mouth,” he said with a smile.  Fearing what he might do if she did not cooperate, Dottie did as she had been told, until the lower half of her face was a wide band of silver.

“Now, lie face down and put your hands behind your back,” he said, and as Dottie turned over she heard him ripping the end of the roll loose.  Knowing what was coming, she tried to relax as much as possible as he pulled her arms behind her back and taped her wrists tightly together.

She felt the tape tugging at her skin, and at that moment was shocked to realise she was more concerned about how this would ruin her red silk blouse than the fact she was been tied up by a robber.  Actually, as she felt the tape going around her ankles, it occurred to Dottie that she was again starting to enjoy this feeling of helplessness at the hands of someone else.  As he rolled her over and pushed her legs up, she let out an involuntary moan.

To her surprise, the man stopped and looked at her.  “So, this is not the first time this has happened,” he said, and Dottie slowly shook her head.   As she did so, the man passed his hand up the inside of her leg, causing Dottie to shiver as ne made his way up to her crotch.

“Hmm,” he said as his hand slipped under her skirt, “I can tell you like this feeling.  Well, Dorothy, let’s see how you like this,” he said as he withdrew his hand.  Dottie wondered why he had stopped, but soon realised the reason as he began to methodically tape her legs together, wrapping bands of silver around her calves and thighs in several places until it looked like bands of flesh and silver down her lower half.

Sitting her up, so that she could see her legs as they swung over the edge of the bed, he moved behind Dottie and started to tear more tape free from the roll.  As he passed it around her waist and secured her arms in place, he gently kissed his captive at the back of her neck, even as her arms were been pulled tighter and tighter against her back.  Dottie could not suppress a gasp through her stuffed mouth as he did this, which only seemed to encourage him to continue.

“You really are very beautiful Dorothy,” he continued as the tape went around her arms and chest, tightly wrapping above and below her breasts so that if she looked down she could just see the outline of her nipples through the material.  He seemed to notice it as well, as his gloved fingers traced around them while he kissed his captive on the neck.

“What would you say,” he said with a sigh, “if I took you somewhere and showed you what real pleasure was like?”  Dottie closed her eyes, and to her shock and surprise she nodded in response.  “Good,” he said as he stood up and walked round, throwing Dottie over his shoulder and walking to the door.  “I promise you, Dorothy, you will never forget this.”

He carried her down to the main room of the house, and laid her gently on the couch before turning to close the curtains.  Walking back over and smiling, he unzipped Dottie’s skirt and gently pulled it down over the bands of silver, before dropping it on the floor.  He then walked to the kitchen, and came back with a pair of large scissors. “You look a bit hot already,” he said, “would you like to cool down?” Dottie looked up at him, her eyes sparkling as she nodded, and he smiled in return as he snipped at the side of her knickers, slipping them off and placing the material on the floor.

Leaning over he started again to kiss her on the neck, as his hands massaged her breasts.  Dottie moaned in response.  He slowly undid the buttons, pulling her blouse to one side as he manoeuvred his hands under her bra and Dottie bucked against his touch. She started to move in response as he continued to massage, moving his body down and kissing her breasts as he slipped the front of the bra down and moved his hands down to her legs, she closed her eyes, picturing Rick instead of the man as she felt herself moving in response to his touch, his stroke, his kiss ...



“She’s starting to come round.”

“Uhhh.” Dottie said as she shook her head, wondering why she was unable to sit up.  As her eyes cleared, she quickly realised why – her arms were pinioned to her side with loops of white rope around her waist and chest, while her wrists were tied together behind her back.  On the far side of the room she could see Helen, blindfolded, gagged and tied in a ball as she tried to get free.

One of the men was in front of her, slowly and methodically tying her legs together with rope.  She could see that her dress had been removed, but they had left her one piece undergarment on.  The white rope stood out against her dark stockings as he tied off the knot around her legs below her knees.

“What’s going on,” she said as he started to bind her legs together around her calves.  “Just a robbery – but we can have some fun as well, can’t we,” he said as he looked at her through the dark glasses.  “How are we getting on over there?”

“Nearly done,” she heard the other man say, and looking to her other side she saw that he was emptying the safe.  “Just my bloody luck,” Dottie said to herself as the last loop of rope was passed around her legs just below her stocking tops.

“You were having quite a vivid dream there,” the man said as he pulled her legs even more tightly together.  “Who’s Rick?”

“My... my friend,” Dottie said as she winced at the tightness of the ropes.  “What did you do to Helen?”

“Oh, she will be all right – but I think we need to take very special care of you,” the man said as he stood up.  “Help me get this one on her feet.”

Dottie rocked unsteadily on her feet for a few minutes as the two men helped her to stand up – four inch heels are difficult enough to balance on at the best of times, but when your legs are pinioned together like a sausage it is even more problematic.  She watched as he took a long length of rope from his pocket and let it drop to the ground, before tying the end around the rope that held her arms to her side, between her breasts.

“I only use this rope for very special ladies,” he said as he let it drop to the floor, and Dottie wondered what he meant by that.  As he passed it through the coils around her waist, however, she noticed that there were small knots tied in the rope at regular intervals where he had let it drop to the floor.

“Here we go,” he said as he knelt down and pushed the rope between Dottie’s legs.  She felt the knots rubbing against the inside of her legs, but still had no idea why they were there.  As he walked round behind her, pulled the rope up and started to secure it behind her back, however, she very quickly realised what they were there for.

“Oh god,” she moaned as she felt the knots rubbing against her crotch and vagina, even through the silk of her panties, as he pulled the rope tighter behind her and fastened it off against her back between her shoulder blades.  “Like it,” he said as he walked in front of her, and Dottie wanted to say no.  Her eyes, however, told a different story as she squirmed round and felt them moving between her legs.

“I can see you’re going to have fun,” he said as he took a large red foam ball out of another pocket, “but I’m afraid I can’t have your cries of ecstasy alerting people to the fact you are up here.  Open wide.”

“No,” Dottie said adamantly before clamping her mouth shut.  The man simply shrugged his shoulders reached over and pinched the nipple of her left breast, causing Dottie to open her mouth to cry out.  He took that opportunity to stuff the foam ball into her mouth, her red lips closing over the material as she looked at him in anger.

“OH come on,” he said as his partner pulled a white cloth band over Dottie’s mouth, “We need to get away, so you have to be gagged.”   As the cloth pulled against her face, her lips becoming clear through the stretched material, the man picked up a large bag and watched as the ends were knotted together under her hair.

“It’s been a pleasure, ladies,” the man said as he walked out of the room, leaving Dottie standing there and Helen weeping quietly on the other side of the room.  Dottie stood for a few minutes, wondering what to do , before she began twisting round to try and get loose.  As she did so, however, the rope between her legs rubbed against her crotch, and she began to realise she was enjoying the sensations that caused, the growing longing between her legs for the movement to continue.

She let out an involuntary moan as she twisted round, which made Helen turn her head in her direction.  “Wht hoond” she mumbled, but Dottie did not hear her.  Her eyes were closed as she moved her body, the rope continuing to rub and stimulate her as she let herself slip into dreams of her and Rick alone together, wondering when her prince would come and rescue her and yet not wanting it to end too quickly...

Slowly, slowly, she hopped over to where Helen was, with each hop the tightness and warmth between her legs growing.  Eventually, she reached the wall and turned round, allowing herself to slide down into a seated position beside her friend.  Dottie closed her eyes, the fire between her legs growing with each movement of her legs as she struggled to keep the screams she wanted to let out down...

“Dottie?  Are you in here?”

The lights came on, and Dottie blinked as a tall, well built man with short hair and glasses came into the room.  He looked at the two women sitting there, before running over and gently removing the cloth from around Dottie’s mouth, picking the foam ball out as he did so.

“Rick,” Dottie gasped, “What kept you?”

“I told you – I was tied up with business.  When I got here, I could not see you, but somebody has said you were up here.  What happened?”

“I got tied up with business,” Dottie gasped.  “Quick – cut Helen free and then call the police.”  Dottie found herself hoping he had made a mental note – as well as a note to tell him about her chloroform induced dream.  It may make the weekend more interesting...

“What about you,” Rick said as he examined the knots.  “Whoever did this was good, nearly as good as...”  He caught Dottie’s warning look, and quickly said “Relax, Helen, I’m going to get a pair of scissors.”

“Rick,” Dottie whispered as he went to stand up, “Can you remember this arrangement?”

“I think so,” he whispered back, “Why?”

“I want you to try this this weekend,” Dottie said with a smile.  Rick smiled in return before going to the telephone, Dottie watching as he called Security.  “At least I learned something new,” she said as Rick hung up the receiver and came back to free her friend.






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