When I was walking round the market, helping my mother to buy food for dinner that night, I was unaware of just how much I was going to learn that day.  After all, I was excited just at the idea of going to the market - the sounds, the smells, and the fact that I could see some of my friends as well, was enough to keep me interested.


My mother is a beautiful woman - about a foot taller than me, slightly dumpy, but with long dark hair and a smile that could light up the Diwali lights on their own.  She always got a little dressed up for the shopping, and today was wearing a lime green outfit - salwar that fitted around her ankles, showing off her feet in their gold sandals, a darker Kameez with gold trim and a gold pattern on it, and a green and gold scarf draped over her head and around her shoulders, covering her long dark hair.


As for me, I had on a short sleeved shirt and a pair of shorts, with my feet in a pair of soft shoes.  I helped mother to carry the groceries, munching on a treat as she talked to some of the stall owners, until we eventually headed for our house.


Stopping at the door, I waited as she opened it and let me walk in first, carrying her baskets for her into the kitchen as she went to the main room.  I put the basket carefully down, went to join her - and was grabbed as I walked in, a rough hand that smelled of leather clamped over my mouth as an arm held me tightly.


Mama was standing there, but behind her was a huge man that I had never seen before, grinning as he looked at me.  “So your boy gets to join in,” he said in a strange accident, “Well, that’s fine - we can help him.  You’re going to be a good boy and do what we tell you, right?”


I looked at mama, whose eyes were wide and frightened as she nodded and said “Yssursnje.”  “Sit down and shut up,” the man said as I was pushed forward to the wooden couch.  As I sat down, I saw that it was a younger man who had held me - tall, thin, but he looked a lot like the other man, who was whispering into my mother’s ear as she looked at me.


I didn’t even notice as the man grabbed my wrists, but when I felt the rough twine biting into my skin I yelped, and looked down to see he had wrapped it around both of them in a figure of eight, and pulled them down between my legs, before winding it around my ankles in the same way.   “Please, you’re hurting me,” I called out, but that only seemed to make him laugh, as he stuffed a dirty rag into my mouth.


Mama was then pushed over and told to sit down next to me, as the older man took her scarf off and tied her wrist and ankles like mine, one end of the scarf around her wrists and the other around the cuffs of her salwar.  “Listen,” she said very quietly as this was going on, “Please don’t hurt my little Sanjay.  I will do whatever you ask, but please don’t hurt him.”


“Hurt him,” the older man said with a nasty laugh, “We’re not going to hurt him.  He’s going to enjoy this.”


“No,” she whispered, “he’s just a boy, he dosntmmmmms.”  Her pleas were cut off by the rag that was stuffed into her mouth, as the older man said “Watch them while I have a look round.”  The other man sat in a chair and watched us, smiling as we tried to get comfortable.


I had never had my hands tied before, and it was scary, especially as I felt the thin cord rub against my skin if I tried to move my hands.  I started to sob, so mama put her head down on mine, rubbing against my black hair as she mumbled, trying to comfort me.


Sssllrrttsnnjjeee,” she said to me, and it sounded funny and comforting at the same time.  I nuzzled into her as we both looked at the younger man.


“Your mother is a very beautiful woman, isn’t she Sanjay,” he finally said.  I felt myself go a little red as I nodded, not knowing quite what he meant.


I soon found out.


Eventually the older man came back.  “She’s got some nice things,” he said as he jangled a bag in his hand, “but I’m hungry and thirsty.  Why don’t you go and make some food and drink?”


Mama looked at me, then at him, showing him her hands and feet.


“I’ll untie the scarf,” he said, but instead of trying to unravel the knot she took a pair of kitchen scissors and cu through the silk, making both Mama and me gasp.


Standing her up, he said “Make the little one more comfortable,” as he led her away.  The other man knelt in front of me and said “I’m going to go and get something to make sure you don’t feel so bad, all right?”


I nodded and watched as h left the room, returning a few minutes later with a small bag.  Kneeling next to me, he cut the string around my wrists and ankles then said “Do you need the toilet?”


Well, I did, so he took me, and then told me to sit down on the couch, with my back to him.  As I did so, I saw him opening the bag and taking out some coils of rope.  He saw me watching him, and then said “If you promise not to scream and shout, I’ll take the cloth out of your mouth, would you like that?”


I nodded, and as he took the rag out I coughed, then said “Why are you doing this to us?”


“We just want to take some of your nice things - they can be replaced,” the man said as I rubbed my wrists.  “Now, turn around and put your hands together behind your back for me.  We’re going to play a few games with you and your mum, and the first is to see if you can stay still the way we make you, all right?”


Well, I like games but I’d never played one like this.  Did I have choice?  No, so I nodded and felt him rub my hair, saying “Good boy - you’ll like these games.”  I put my hands behind my back, and looked over my shoulder as he tied my wrists tightly together.  The rope did not hurt as much as the string, but I still bit my bottom lip as I felt them been drawn together.


“There,” he said as he pulled the rope between my arms.  “Now, put your feet together, and I’ll do the same thing to your ankles, you’ll be able to move them a bit more than last time.”


“Thank you,” I whispered as I watched him tie my ankles together, the rope against my bare legs, and pass it between my legs to tighten the coils.  I could not move them apart, but at least I could swing my legs.


“What is your friend doing to Mama,” I said as I heard voices from the kitchen.


“He’s helping her to make some food,” the man said as he sat next to me.  “Your name’s Sanjay right?”   I nodded and he said “Well, Sanjay, when your mother comes back we’re going to make her like you, and then we’re going to play some games with her and with you, all right?  Don’t worry, you’ll be just fine.”


“But why do you have to tie my hands and feet?”


“It’s all part of the game,” he said, then looked up as Mama came back with the other man, carrying a plate of snacks and some drinks.  “Are you all right, Sanjay,” she said as she looked at me, and I nodded as she was at next to me.


“Hands behind your back,” the older man said, and I watched as he tied her wrists together as well.  I saw that he did something else too, as Mama had her shoulders pulled back, but she just smiled at me and said “It’s all right, it’s all part of the game.”  I nodded and sat back as the man tied her ankles together, and then left us while the two of them ate and drank.


I saw they had taken some bottles of my father’s beer, and as I looked at Mama she looked as if she had been crying.  She caught my glance and said “It’s just the onions, Sanjay,” smiling as she did so.  I was not so sure, but said nothing - they had told us to keep quiet, after all.


As we sat, I could see Mama twisting her arms round, and as she turned round I saw the man had put some rope around her arms, holding them together behind her back.  I wondered why he had done this as she turned round, and I saw that her kameez had stretched a little over her body, making her chest look bigger.  I wasn’t sure what to think - it made her look even nicer, but it seemed wrong it had been done that way.


“Right,” the older man said as h stood up,” that was nice but now we need to reward you for giving us such delights.”  He walked over and looked at me, before bending over and kissing my mother on the lips.


Only Dad had done that, so I said “You can’t do that!”  He looked at his friend, who was standing behind me, and the next thing I felt was the taste of cotton in my mouth as he pulled a bandana in between my lips.  IT pushed my tongue down and tasted funny, as the man continued to kiss my mother, his hands on her shoulders as he walked round.


I watched as Mama closed her eyes while he walked behind her and started to rub his hands up and down her arms, before brushing the hair away and putting his mouth on the back of her neck.  “Please,” she said quietly with real fear, “don’t do this, he’s only a boy.”


“Then it is time he became a man,” the older stranger replied as he hugged Mama from behind, like I do sometimes.  As he did so, the other man was tying my legs together, above my knees, and saying “Your mother will move in a minute, and then I want you to lie down, all right?”


I nodded as Mama slipped off the seat and turned on her knees to face me, while I lay down and put my head on a pillow, watching as the man pulled her kameez over her head and down her back.


I had never seen Mama in only her undergarment before, so it was a shock to see her in a white bra.  Her chest seemed larger that way, especially as he then took some more rope from that bag and tied it around her tummy.  It made her arms stick to her back, but it also seemed to make her get even larger at the front.


I looked at her, unable to take my eyes away as he wrapped the rope around her body, I think to keep her safe as it went around her shoulders and her tummy.  She looked at me and smiled as this happened, even gasping as he pulled on the ropes.


It looked as if she was enjoying what he was doing, so I smiled over the cloth in my mouth at her while the older man continued to stroke her arms and tummy, while he put her lips on her shoulders.  She closed her eyes, nodding as I watched him stroke her bare belly, and then - and then put his hands on her chest and stroke it as well.


I’d never seen anyone do this, and I watched wide eyed as Mama struggled a little, her chest moving a little between the two bands of rope.  I could not take my eyes off her, as all sorts of strange feelings started to stir within me - feelings I had never had before.  What was more, I was dimly aware of something happening to my body, but what I was not sure.


Mama’s eyes widened as the man continued to stroke her, and I heard her start to make some strange noises... She then said “Please - don’t, he doesn’t know what you’re doing...”


“Then it is time he learned,” the older man said, and I was lifted off the couch, before been made to kneel in front of Mama.  As I was put there, I felt my shorts pressing against something between my legs, and I looked down - then back up, not sure what was happening.


“Your little boy is becoming a man,” I heard the man behind me say, “and he is going to start to respond as men do.  Tell him there’s nothing to be scared of.”


Mama looked at me and whispered “Don’t worry, Sanjay, what’s happening to you is...  is perfectly natural.  You have nothing to be ashamed of.”


“Your mother’s right,” the older man said with a smile, “So why don’t you put your head on her chest and give her a hug.”  I looked at her, and saw her smile, so I put my head against her, and was amazed at how firm and yet how soft it felt to put my head there.  I heard Mama sigh as I did so, so I thought that she must have enjoyed it as well.


“You like this, don’t you,” I heard the older man say, “Stand up.”  As Mama got to her knees, I felt her slide up me, and noticed her salwar had a little water on it.  I figured she must have spilled it on herself in the kitchen, and the man thought so as well, as he said “Hmmm - you are a little damp.  We’d better take those off you.”


“No,” I heard Mama say, “You must...”  But then I watched as he pulled her pants down, and I saw the white underwear she had on.  “Now we can do something else,” he said quietly, and I watched as he tied some rope around Mama’s waist, and then between her legs, a loud gasp coming out from her mouth as she did so.


“Now then,” the man said, “I want you to kiss your boy on the head, and then come with me - I want you to show me where you hide your jewel.”


Mama looked at him, then at me, before she bent over and kissed my forehead.  “Be brave, Sanjay,” she said as they walked out, leaving me with the younger man.


“I see you like the way your mother looks,” he said as he looked at me, and looking down I saw a bulge between my legs, forcing my shorts out a little.   I looked at him, and saw he was smiling.


“Your mother is a very attractive woman,” he said as I heard her saying something in the bedroom, “and it is all right to feel that way about her.  As you get older, you may have similar feelings for other girls - do not be afraid to express them.”


Mama’s calls were getting louder, and it sounded as if she was getting excited about something.  I heard her say “please...” and then “No....” before they got strangely muffled.  The man stood up and closed the door, then said “We’ll bring your mother back in a little while.  When my friend comes back, I’ll go and make sure she is all right.  We don’t want her to be upset, do we?”


I shook my head as he said this, when the door opened and the older man came back in.  The tow nodded, and as the other left he said “I’m going to untie your wrists for a minute, and let you have a drink, all right?”


I nodded, and let him take the scarf out of my mouth, then untie my hands, before he handed me a bottle of water.  “Is Mama all right,” I said after I had a drink.  He smiled and said “She’s fine - I’ll take you to her in a few minutes so that you can be together.  Now, young man, I need you to take your shirt off.”


“Take my shirt off?  Why?”


“I want you to have the same as your mother, so that you can play one last game together, all right?”


I nodded and undid the buttons, slipping it off as he came behind me and moved my hands behind my back.  I felt my wrist been pulled together again, and then my arms, so that I watched my chest stick out.  He then tied my arms to my side with two bands of rope, one around my tummy and one my shoulders, just as he did with Mama.


“Open your mouth now,” he said, and as I did so he pushed a small piece of cloth in, before pressing a length of brown sticking plaster over my mouth.  Taking me by the arm, he then led me to Mama’s bedroom.  The younger man opened the door to let us in.


Mama was on the bed, kneeling and looking at me.  I could see the plaster over her own mouth, but her underwear seemed to be missing, and her chest was now naked.  As I stared at her I could feel the bulge between my legs again, and started to turn red in my cheeks.


“Kneel on the bed, in front of your mother,” the man said, so I climbed onto the bed and put my head against Mama’s chest.  I felt her head on mine, and the wetness on her cheek, but the most shocking thing of all was the glistening patch between her legs.


As I started to muzzle in, I felt my own shorts been pulled down, and as I glanced down I could see what was causing the bulge.  So could Mama, who looked up and said “Plsddntmkm...”


I wanted what she was trying to say, but then the two men pulled our bodies together with a length of rope around our waists, and I felt myself been pulled right against Mama, the large thing I had seem been pressed against her leg and my head into her chest.  I heard her groan as our bodies were tightly tied together, not just at our waists and also at our knees, and I felt my ankles been tied together.


As we were forced to be so close, my head rubbed against Mama’s chest, which made her squirm and rub against me - which made the throbbing I had been feeling between my legs increase.  This made me rub my head more, which made Mama squirm more....


The throbbing was getting stronger and stronger, as I looked up into Mama’s eyes.  It looked as if she wanted it to stop as well, but I could not help myself any more - I was groaning as something else happened to me, and I felt a pulse down there.


Mama could feel it against her leg as well, as she looked down and said “Mssreesnchee  I was feeling very strange, very hot and - suddenly, without warning, I felt the pulsing end and a stickiness spreading down my legs.


I also heard myself give a muffled sigh, and as I looked down I saw the glistening stain on Mama’s leg.  I looked up and said “Mssrrmm”, but she just put her head on mine and nodded.


I wondered what had happened, but then we were both pushed over onto our sides, and I felt my legs been pulled back as they were tied to my ropes.  The two men looked at us and said “Have fun,” as they left Mama and me.  She tried to twist round, but that only made the throbbing start again and she moaned at my head rubbing her chest.


As I did so, I could feel how they were becoming firmer, and as I looked up I could see again that Mama had her eyes closed, a low moaning noise coming from the plaster covering her lips.  I was fascinated by this, the way she actually seemed to be moving to press harder against my head.


As for me, I was finding that I liked being this close to her - it made me feel safe, less scared, despite what it was doing to me physically.  I could feel my penis getting harder and harder as she rubbed her body against me, and I was surprised to find how much I enjoyed her leg rubbing against me.  Her skin felt sticky, but I was willing to have that - the sweet pungent aroma filled my nostrils as I breathed in.


As time passed, every so often the throbbing and rubbing got too much, and I could feel myself pushing out whatever it was that was coming out.  It smelt sweet, it was warm, and it felt good.  I could also see Mama was getting wet between her legs where I was pressed against her, and she moaned from time to time as well, arching her back, relaxing, and then rubbing against me even more.


She looked at me from time to time, her eyes full of pity and also something else, as she kept saying “Mssree, mssreeee....”




“Sanjay?  Abha?”


I must have fallen asleep, because I was struggling to open my eyes when I heard my father’s voice.  Mama must have heard him as well, for she looked at me and called out “HLPPPPPSSSS” as loudly as she could.


I looked to the door as my father looked in, saw us and went “No.....” before he ran over to start to untie us - but something had woken up in me, something had changed, and I was not sure what to do or say about it.  For now, I was glad to be free....








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