Back In Time – Part 1








Monday 14th November

3 pm

JFK Airport


"That will have to go down as one of my least favorite trips of all time," Juliette smiled at Ingrid as she cleared immigration, and made her way to the baggage claim.

"Yeah, a funeral, a memorial service, and then two high pressure shows like that, it wasn't a pleasure trip Moms."

As the watched the cases start to appear on the carousel, Juliette picked one up and said "I'm looking forward to getting home, putting on some coffee, and..."

"You do remember Pops is in Germany," Carina giggled as she added her case.

"Daughter mine you have a dirty mind," Juliette laughed back.

"Well I'm looking forward to getting back to Princeton and catching up on my studies," Ingrid said as she started to push her trolly towards the arrivals area.

"Yes that's going to be the downside," Carina sighed as they made their way through the doors, "I have two papers to write and little time to do them."

"Well this is a definite upside though," Juliette smiled as they heard a high pitched voice..."


"Oh a definite upside," Carina laughed as Judith ran and jumped into her arms.

"Welcome home," Annie smiled at everyone as she pushed the twins over in their stroller.

"Oh and we are so glad to be home," Juliette lifted Mags out and hugged her.

"I've missed you," Annie whispered as she kissed Carina.

"And I've missed you Monster Mama."

"Is it just me, or have they grown?" Ingrid asked as she lifted Rudi up and kissed him on the forehead, making him giggle.

"A little I guess," Annie looked proudly at her children.

"So has this one behaved herself?" Carina asked as she kissed Judith.

"She has, though she has been spoiled rotten."


“I drew lots of pictures Momma,” Judith said proudly.


“Well, let’s get you out of here,” Annie said as they set off, Juliette nodding at John as he stood there, then stepped forward.


“There you are,” he said as Jeannie wheeled herself out, Barbara pushing a trolley alongside.  “Welcome home.”


“I’m glad to be home,” Jeannie said as she reached up and hugged her grandfather.  I’ve got so much to tell you.”


“So I have heard – how was the flight?”


“Long – I’m ready for an early night,” Barbara said as they made their way out. 


“Well, home it is then…”




"So how was Caroline?" Annie asked as Carina buckled Judith into the seat in the back of the minivan.

"Starting to regret she ever agreed to do the movie."

"She hates that she now has to face two further days of submitting to the tender care of dressers as they do the costume fittings." Juliette climbed into the middle seats with Ingrid.

"I think we've all had enough of that the last couple of days," Carina climbed into the front passenger seat. "Dublin was bad enough, but I swear that yesterday all the dressers thought models are nothing but pin cushions."

"Ouch!" Annie climbed into the driver’s seat. "So how was Belfast?"

"Actually not totally like I'd always imagined," Carina fixed her seat belt.  “I always pictured a bomb site, or a dirty industrial town, but it’s a beautiful little city.”


“Ama is flying back with Shirley, right?”


“That’s right – they should be back in a couple of hours…”




"So did they behave themselves Jo?" Emma Carlton looked over her shoulder while she waited for a gap in the traffic.

"By and large," Joanne laughed as both Doc, and Katy gave her dirty looks.

"We were both as good as angels..."

"Oh like you expect us to believe that," Janice interrupted her daughter and laughed.

"Truthfully though they didn't give anyone any problems," Jo looked serious for a moment, "they were totally professional at the shows."

"And we were too exhausted after the shows to do anything but grab something to eat and head to bed," Doc added.

"I think we both learned a bit more about just what being a model entails," Katy stifled a yawn.

"What was the memorial service like?" Emma asked as she at last was able to nose the car out into the stream of traffic.


“That was astounding – to see so many famous people there, and all paying tribute to Fiona.  Has word go through here about the will?”


“Bits and pieces – is it true Jeannie and Kylie were left her reference material?”


“Some of it – the index cards are being sorted by Mary and Juliette, and apparently she has a book ready to publish…”




“NO!  Fiona – I’ll tell you about it later…”


4.15 pm

The Brewster Brownstone


"I hear by the way we may need have an extension built on, or buy a new house," John said as he wheeled his Granddaughter through the front door.

"You heard about my little inheritance then," Jeannie giggled, "I'm just gobsmacked that Fiona thought enough of me to do that."

"We are going to have to work out just where we are going to put all the books and magazines though," Barbara called out as she hung her coat up, then headed to the kitchen to put the kettle on.

"Was her collection that large then?"

"Well it wasn't small Granddad,” Jeannie said as they went into the front room, “and a lot of what is in there is quite rare."

"I guess we will find some way of fitting it in," John said as he looked round at the walls.

"Tell Dad your other news," Barb called out.

"More news?"

"Oh it was just an idea we were talking about in Ireland," Jeannie blushed.

"A bit more than an idea," Barb called out again.

"You better tell me, and will it involve me driving you through traffic in a mad rush?" John grinned.

"No," Jeans laughed softly. "I was saying that someone needs write a proper history of the modelling profession, and Jeanne Beckmann is interested enough in the idea she wants to do segments on her show..."

"AND!" Barb yelled.

"She wants us to collaborate on writing a book maybe," Jeannie blushed again.

"Oh my, now that is news," John smiled proudly.  “Putting your knowledge down is an excellent idea.  So who are you going to talk to first?”


“Give you one guess…”


5 pm

The von Furstenheim Apartment


"So why did Klaus need to go to Germany?" Annie asked as she passed Juliette a mug of coffee.

"Estate business. He can do a lot from here in New York thanks to Frau Strecher and my sister-in-law, but sometimes he needs be there in person."

"This being one of those occasions," Ingrid sat down on the floor and cuddled Judith.


“So what is the problem?”


“Not a problem so much as a legal necessity – he needs to meet with the Bavarian State government to finally settle the dissolution of those feudal taxes he’s been trying to get rid of.  A formality, but it is necessary to do it there.”


As Juliette took a sip, Annie looked at her phone.  “Ama’s back – Clint is driving her to the village.  I should get back to meet her.  Carrie, you sure you’re okay with the babies here tonight?”


“Yeah – we’ll bring them round tomorrow before I drive back north,” Carrie said as she sat with Mags, giving her a feed.  “You need to get ready for school tomorrow anyway.”


“Listen – before I forget, we have a plan for Shirley the weekend after Thanksgiving…”



West Central Park


“It is so good to see my own bed again,” Katy said as she and her mother unpacked.


"So is this the suit I heard so much about?" Janice asked as she peeked in the garment bag and hung it in Katy's closet.

"You heard eh?" Katy smiled.

"I did.  And glancing at it, I can see why you did it."

"Well I hope you don't mind I spent some serious money buying it,” Katy said as she sat on the bed, “but it fits me so perfectly, and it looks just so right, that I couldn't resist."

"From the pictures I saw online I think that at least this time I can't complain about the extravagance."

"The designer cut me a deal actually, she was overwhelmed by the positive response."

"You both get something out of it then," Janice smiled as well.

"I know I won't probably wear it much at first, but in 4 years I'll be doing things like college interviews and it will be perfect to wear."

"Planning ahead eh?"

"I guess Mom." Katy shrugged. "but at the moment my mind is on getting back to school, catching up on my work, and getting back into training with Aunt Diana."


“Indeed – I’m going to drive you and Sands to school tomorrow, so I think you have an early meal, and an early night.”


“So – you and Adam discuss any dates while I was away?”


Jan blushed as she said “Well, not quite yet – we’ll discuss it later in the week…”



Tuesday 15th November

1 pm

St Angela’s Academy for Young Ladies



"Well despite my misgivings Grace,” Wilhelmina Tennant said as she stood in the refectory, “you and our students seem to have emerged from this trip to Britain and Ireland with credit."

"Thank you Wilhelmina,” Grace said as she watched the girls coming in.  “It was a far from easy visit but I'm glad that we all did it, and it's nice that the school got a bit of positive publicity as well."

"I saw the television coverage of the memorial service," the Principal paused for thought. "I can't think of a greater tribute that any person can receive then such an outpouring of love and gratitude."

"Well when Paul sang I don't think there was a dry eye."

"I saw that on the news," Kate said as she came in and joined the conversation. "I felt a little moisture in my eye even from that little clip."

"I saw the pictures of Anna and Poppy from the two fashion shows, it’s sometimes hard to remember they are the same girls I see every day in this refectory," Sarah grinned slightly.

"They both did totally professional work at the shows, and speaking with the voice of experience they were both tough shows to do."

"Is that what they are talking about do you think?" Kate nodded towards where Poppy and her friends were sitting.

"I'd guess in part, though I also suspect young Erica's forthcoming birthday is also a topic for discussion."





"How can you say that walking up and down a catwalk is hard work?" Dawn looked at Poppy.

"You have no idea," Poppy rolled her eyes, 'that's just the visible part of the job, it's all the rest that frays your nerves and tires you out."

"I'm just glad I don't have the looks to do it," Jess smiled, "scoring goals on the soccer field is far more fun.”

"You are only saying that because the Tennant mentioned you scored 6 goals against Anselma at assembly." Lynn laughed.

"Well I was due a little recognition...."

Jess laughed as her friends as one shouted "BULLSHIT!"

"Changing subjects, maybe we need talk about Bones’ party," Poppy smiled.


“Yeah – the Eighties theme means I can tap my mom for some ideas, what about you Poppy?”


“Mom showed me some of the designs from then, I’ve got an idea…”


2 pm

Bishop Walden School


"So how are you really?" Katy whispered to Sands as they both looked for books in the school library. "Did you see Holly over the weekend?"

Sands nodded as she selected one book.  "Yeah.  She came and ate with us on Saturday night."

"You didn't go out?"

"No," Sands sighed, "Holly says we need to let things cool down a lot more before she and I go out together in public."

"Uggghhh!" Katy looked pained, "that's not going to be much fun...for either of you."

"Tell me about it," Sands grimaced as she pulled another book from the shelf.

"Has she talked any more to Tommy?"

"He's been avoiding her she thinks. Heather says Holly needs to give him time and space."

"And what do you think bestie?" Katy looked her friend in the eyes.


"Yes," Katy nodded.

"Inside I wish he'd just disappear from the face of the earth and leave Holly all for me," the slightly younger girl took a breath, "but given that's not going to happen, and that Holly still loves him as well as me, then I hope he will find some way that she can be with us both."

"Is that realistic?"

"I don't know.”  Sands looked at Katy, starting to cry as she said “I cried my eyes out after Holly left Saturday night and both Mom and Heather gave me big hugs, but I can't see how this works out, and neither can they."

"At least he's not going to make it public and get Holly arrested?"

"No, he loves her too much for that, but I wish I knew what he really thinks about me. Does he just want to wish me away like I do him?"

"Probably," Katy smiled, "but that as you say isn't going to happen."

"Do YOU have any ideas Katy?"

"Nope, I wish I did. I guess that somehow you need work it out, or Holly will have to make a painful choice."


“There is another option,” Sands said quietly, “I could talk to him.”


Katy started at her friend as she said “That may be a very bad idea.”


“Not the first one I’ve had,” Sands said with a smile…



3 pm

Complete Style Magazine


"You sound tired Juliette," Alexis smiled as she came into the inner office and caught her boss stifling a yawn.

"My head knows I'm in New York, but my body still thinks it is in Europe," Juliette smiled back.

"The perils of jet lag."

"Exactly. The good thing is that half the senior staff was also on this trip so I'm not the only one feeling this way."

"So Tricia was saying, she had to go up to Anna's office and she said Anna looked like death only slightly warmed up."

"I hope I'm not quite that bad," Juliette laughed.

"Well not quite that bad boss," Alexis laughed back.

Juliette looked at her, and then said "Good thing I already wrote your evaluation Alexis."

"Isn't it," the assistant laughed again, but then she sat down. "Juliette can I ask you a question?"

"Please do?"

"Have you heard I help edit and moderate a web site that is about Jack the Ripper?"

"Janine mentioned your slightly gruesome interest yes.  I can understand it as an academic exercise…"

"Yes well…”


Juliette looked over as Alexis shifted in the chair.  “On recent nights I've been having dreams about the Ripper..."

"You have," Ju interrupted.

"Yes...And I guess you have to say they are more nightmares then dreams."

"I can understand that." Juliette paused, "but it does give me an odd thought.”  Alexis looked over as she continued “given its not known who the Ripper was have your dreams given you any clues? Do you see his face?"

"I do, and it’s not a him I see,” Alexis said quietly, “it's Carina."

"Carina who?"  Juliette suddenly stiffened as the penny dropped, as she whispered "you mean my daughter Carina?"


“I know – it’s not right at all, and yet it’s her face I see…  Juliette, am I losing my mind?”


“I don’t think so,” Juliette said as she stood up, “but perhaps you need to decompress a little.  I want you to call Francesca di Cambrello in London, and work with her to arrange a surprise for Shirley Xavier.”


“On it boss,” Alexis said as she walked out, Juliette rubbing her eyes as she tried to think of what to do next.




8 pm



"She's dreaming I'm Jack the Ripper Mom?" Carina looked at her computer screen in shock.

"Yes. Look - I know you've always said she's a very distant relation and had some of the Blood Princess in her, but when she came out with that you could have knocked me down with a feather." Juliette took a breath. "Does this mean you might need to do something...drastic?"

"I don't know Mom, I don't know, and it’s far too late to ring Germany and ask Aunt Natalya her opinion tonight."

"I guess it is," Ju glanced at her watch.  "Is there no one else you can ask?"

"I'd rather keep Gale and Sharon well clear of this for now."

"Yes I guess it's Natalya you need to talk with."

"Yeah she knows more about this then anyone."


“Look, Alexis is as confused about this as I am at the moment.  Is there anything – anything – to suggest that Jack was actually a daughter?”


“Nothing I know of – let me talk to Aunt Natalya in the morning…”





8.30 pm

The Village


“You look tired Mom,” Ama said as she looked at the laptop screen, Caroline nodding in the chat window as she said “tell me about it – but at least I get a couple of hours down time now.  How are the twins?”


“Hungry,” Annie said as she sat with mags on her lap, Rudi in his chair, “but they’re settling down now.  We’ve got the present for Friday sorted out, and Juliette has invited us to have Thanksgiving with them again this year.”


“Good – look, I really wish I was there with you guys for everything that’s going on, but…”


“We understand Mom, we’ll see you in a couple of weeks,” Ama said as Caroline looked to the side.


“I am being summoned – sleep well, all of you,” she said as the call went dead.


“So,” Annie said as she started to wind Mags, “Christmas presents for Caroline…”




Wednesday 16th November

Noon CET



“Carina,” Natalya Buchenwald said as she sat at her office desk, looking at the screen, “this is an unexpected pleasure.  I trust you and the children are keeping well?”


“We are Aunt Natalya,” Carina said as she looked out from the screen, Judith eating her breakfast in the background, “but I need to ask you a serious question, and it needs to be asked sooner rather than later.”


“Oh, and that question is?”


“Aunt Natalya, do we as Daughters have any connection whatsoever with the Whitechapel Murders?”


“Jack the Ripper?  No, my dear, that I assure you was someone else and not related to us.  Why on earth do you ask?”


“Because Alexis told Mom yesterday she was having dreams about Jack the Ripper, and seeing my face in those dreams.”


Natalya sat still for a moment, before she said “first things first – she has not blossomed in other ways?”


“No – and that is what makes this so strange.”


“Strange, I agree, but it is not the first time something like this has happened.”


“Not the first…”


“I have heard that Shirley is planning a lady’s weekend at the end of next week – I am invited by Francesca.”


“Mom had Alexis coordinating at this end – why?”


“We can talk with her then – for now, this is what you need to do…”




8 am

The Burton Residence


“Mom, I’m fine,” Mel said as she came into the kitchen, putting her bag on the floor as she sat down, “it was just a mild sprain, and a stupid one at that.  I’ll call you after school tonight.


“Right – talk to you then,” she said as she ended the call, Denice passing her a mug of coffee as she bit into a bagel.


“Looking forward to the long weekend next week,” Erica asked as she looked over.


“Yeah – but that’s next week…”



10 am

St Angela’s


"Do you have training tonight Bugs?" Doc asked as she caught the freshman at her locker.

"No I don't” Mel said as she picked out her history book, “Coach has given us the night off after that big win over Anselma on Saturday."

"Okay, well then do you want to come shopping with me for a present for Erica?"

"I'd like to Doc,” Erica said with a sigh as she locked the locker door, “but my allowance doesn't exactly stretch that far."

"What I have in mind isn't going to cost us a fortune," Anna smiled broadly.

"Oh? Tell me more."

"You know Missy Auerbach is my agent?"


"Well, the father of a friend of hers died recently, and the man’s daughter has something she wants to get rid of, and she's prepared to sell it cheap."

"And will Erica love it even if it is a cheap present?"

"I guarantee it," Doc smiled again. "This guy used to be a professor of medicine at Columbia."

"So its medicine related?"

"It is," Doc giggled.

"So what is it then?" Mel looked straight at the older girl."

"A skeleton."


"You heard," Doc giggled some more.  “A full size skeleton.  So, want to come in with me on it – two Kirkham scholars to the third?”


Nelson Automotive Testing


"Have you got Erica something nice for her birthday Denice?" Ian asked as they both walked upstairs from the workshops.

"Well,” Denice said as she wiped her hands, “it's something she has been asking for?"


"Yes," the black woman smiled, "She's been dropping hints for weeks that what she wants is her own microscope."

"Knowing Erica I can understand that."

"I thought it would have to be a very basic one, but one of the women in my Welsh language society knows someone who knows someone, and I've bought her a fairly decent one. It might be second hand, but it will get her through high school, and hopefully a couple of years of college."

"I suspect she will be over the moon.  So do you know what other people are giving?"

"You mean other than that vintage VW bug I've heard you've had the guys in the workshop restoring for my daughter?"

"I saw it was for sale, and I couldn't resist," Ian laughed, "Erica is a very special young lady."

"Anyway thank you Boss," Denice smiled back, "But most people are being very tight-lipped about their gifts, especially Mary."


“Ah yes – Mary Thomas.  What could she be planning…”



Complete Style


“Ai – I will see you on Friday,” Mary said as she put the telephone handset down and turned back to the pictures on her workshop table.


“Do I want to know who you were talking to,” Marina asked as she approached the table.


“Only if you want a surprise spoiled for Friday,” Mary said with a grin.


“I’ve heard about some of the surprises you pulled for the sweet sixteens last year,” Marina said as she sat down, “so I’m looking forward to this.  I have my own surprise cooked up between myself and Kylie.”



1 pm

Cooper Union


“Hey – how’s the morning been,” Blair said as she sat with Abby.


“A fun morning on the science of light diffusion,” Abby said as she poked at her salad.  “Never thought I’d miss the refectory, but…”


“Yeah, you get used to it though.  I’ll stick with my soup,” Blair said as she sat down.  “So – party this Friday.  What have you and Tony got for the birthday girl?”


“Tony’s got something he’s bringing down from Cornell.  You?”


“I talked to Gran and Aunt Pussy – I’m saying no more than that…”



1.15 pm

The Inn on the Green


“Are we actually the first here,” Susan said as she and Sandy entered the restaurant, and followed the waiter to a large booth.


“So it would appear,” Sandy said as they sat down and accepted the menus.  “Drink?”


“Just water for my thanks – I’ve got a meeting this afternoon.”


“Water and a Long Island Iced Tea,” Sandy said, the waiter nodding as he walked off.  “So, looking forward to Friday?”


“I am - Clint says it's been like taking a trip down memory lane," Susan looked up from perusing the menu as she and Sandy waited for their friends to arrive.

"Oh - why?"

"Because the first car he ever owned himself was an old Volkswagen,” Susan said as she looked at her friend, “so he's been on a huge nostalgia trip as he, Ian, and the guys restore this car to give to Erica."

"They say you never forget your first car,” Sandy said as she put her menu down.  “My first car of my own a vintage Spitfire."

"That's a great car to get when you were 16?"

"I know,” Sandy said with a smile.  “I used to think that my father for once had had a cool thought and I bought it for me, but given recent developments I'm guessing that Mom let her inner "Nessa' out and she made sure they got me something pretty special."

"Are you talking cars?" Jan asked as she and Jeanne eased their way in.

"Pretty much," Susan smiled, "We were talking about Erica's birthday present from Ian Nelson and all the people Denice works with."

"The old Volkswagen?" Jeanne enquired.


"I had an old 2CV that Papa had souped up for me," the Frenchwoman smiled, "ugly chassis, but boy did it have some grunt in the engine."

"My first car was a 2CV," Shirley smiled as she sat down. "Catriona used to refuse to be seen in it, she said it was so horrid looking."

"Beauty as always is in the eye of the beholder," Susan said as she kissed her boss on the cheek. "We weren't expecting you today."

"Well I have a lot of gossip from New York to catch up with," Shirley smiled as a group of her friends all arrived together.


“Not to mention finalising the wedding arrangements,” Susan said as she looked over.


“That as well,” Paulie said as she took a seat.  “Talked to Alex yet?”


“We had the second last talk last night,” Shirley said with a smile.


“And the gown?”


“What looks good,” Shirley laughed as she looked at the menu.  "So, other than a car from Ian Nelson and co, what other presents are people giving Erica?"

"Denice was telling me she's bought Erica a microscope," Kelly Rochermann said as she slipped in beside Gale Callaghan.

"Yeah she told me as well," Rachel McNally smiled, "given that Erica is a proud, card carrying geek, I can get that."

"Well my younger son thinks she's a bit more than that," Liz Lodge smiled as well.

"What is he giving her...other then what I'm sure leapt into most of yours brains?" Tonia laughed broadly as she looked at her friends. 


"You all have dirty minds…  No, a suede jacket that Jess told him Erica has been looking at in Saks for weeks and lamenting she can't afford."

"Oh I know she will love that," Shirley sipped some water.

"Simon really is such a nice boy," Janice said as she eased over to let Diana join the group. "How many boys that age are thoughtful enough to ask his girlfriend’s friends what she really wants for her birthday?"

"My Grandson is rather the exception to the rule," Paulie smiled contentedly.

"He's far, far, better than the boys I was dating when I was that age," Claire Morse said as she signalled the waiter to top up the water jugs.

"So are you and the girls giving your traditional earrings?' Juliette asked Kelly.

"We are darling. What about you and Klaus?"

"It was hard to come up with something that we were sure no one would think of,” Juliette said as she sat back, “but my dear husband remembered that Furstenheim is holding a convention for teenage scientists in the spring, and he's booked spaces for Erica and one of her friends to attend."

"Oh now that was a good idea," Nessa Richmond said as she arrived. "Am I the last?"


“I’m not sure – any other unexpected visitors?”


“Sorry I’m late,” Brooke Hutton said as she came in.  “A particularly difficult case came to a head today.  What’s the topic of discussion?”


“Erica Burton’s birthday.”


“So nobody has asked the obvious question,” she said as she looked at Nessa, “what has the Welsh Wizard planned for her gift and the party?”


“I have no idea,” Nessa said as she sipped from her glass, “not my problem this time.  Any idea, Ju?”


“Sorry – not even Kylie is spilling the beans on that one.”


"Anyway turning to more general topics," Brooke put her menu down, "what is this I read in one of my law reviews that Francesca is joining Cat Cuthbertson in writing a paper on international law regarding the illegal traffic in human beings?"

"Only you Brooke darling could regard that as a topic for general conversation," Kelly smiled. "That is far above the intellectual level of most of us."

"Normally I'd agree," Claire sipped her wine, "but after Tom was re-elected they both contacted him, and my husband is determined to raise the topic in Congress, and to keep raising it."

"Even with the new regime taking over in the White House in January Claire?" Juliette asked. "Isn't immigration and the laws on refugees going to be a political hot-button?"

"Yes, but Tom sees it as too important to ignore. It's like the work he's doing to get federal help on the subject of homelessness amongst the young."

"Both very important topics," Shirley nodded seriously. "I just hope that the knee jerk reaction that I unfortunately can see occurring, doesn't."

"It's why I e-mailed Francesca and Catriona this morning that I'd like to work with them on this paper," Brooke spoke again.

"Do we have to talk politics?" Susan asked.

"I think we may find ourselves doing so increasingly in the future," Nessa warned solemnly, "but I'll agree for now, let's try something lighter."

"On that note I need visit the powder room," Shirley smiled as she got up and walked away.

"And that gives me the chance to say Francesca has agreed to letting us using her villa on Lake Trevali for the bachelorette weekend," Juliette whispered as Shirley went out of earshot.


“The plan?”


“We fly out Thanksgiving night, so make your plans in the appropriate way.  Susan?”


“Penny and I are joining her and John for Thanksgiving, and we’re working with Maisha and Clint to get her on the plane.”


“The rest of you, co-ordinate with Alexis so she knows how you are all getting there.   She’ll inform Francesca, who will make sure transport is waiting at the airport for all of you.”


“And the European contingent?”


“Cat is working with Francesca and Peri for that side.”


The other women nodded as Shirley made her way back, and the food was brought out.


"Any more news on your wedding Jan?" Pussy asked as she ate.

"Not really."

"Funny I was hearing rumours that Eleanor was starting to put the pressure on regarding you converting?" Shirley asked.

"My rabbi was saying that Adam phoned her," Claire remarked.

"That sounds like a bit more then 'not really'," Sandy looked up from her plate.

"Yes both of those things are true," Janice sighed. "But I'm not religious, nor is Adam, I can't see why we cannot just have a civil wedding?  Or he could convert to Catholicism – solve the bacon problem in one fell move."

"At least Simon is Jewish, so he and Roberta don't have that problem as they get married, " Claire wiped her lip, "But as I once told you Jan, Adam descends from a long rabbinical family, Eleanor is going to want you to convert so that if you and Adam give the girls a brother that he is at least of the faith."


“Oh come on – that is a long way off, let’s get the ceremony out of the way first.”


“Which reminds me,” Kelly said, “we need some advice from you Shirley.”


“From me?  Why?”


“Because,” Paulie said, “Nessa and I are too old to remember the eighties fashions, and the rest of them are too young.”


“So,” Rachel said quietly, “you were a teenager then – what was the right thing to wear?”


“I beg your pardon?”


"So what do we wear for this party Shirley?" Clare asked.

"Well if any of you are stuck for ideas," Juliette smiled, "I might be able to help."

"How?" Pussy was the first to ask.

"The magazine is doing a piece on Nolan Miller and his dress designs for Dynasty. Linda, Joan, the studio, well a host of people have shipped us dresses and other outfits from the show. I'm sure I can talk Mary into letting any girl who wants to borrow something have an amazing costume."

"Well it was the epitome of early 80's glamour," Nessa mused, "and especially as I was too busy being Vanessa to participate in all that, I might just take you up on that Ju."

"Me too," Gale smiled, "I want to see Tom's face if he sees me dressed to kill in an 'Alexis' evening dress."

"Who else?" Juliette smiled again as various heads nodded.

"Let's be honest," Shirley spoke, "How about we ALL do it?"

"Do what Shirley?" Susan asked.

"Dress in Dynasty style. Not just a few of us, but every woman at this table."

"Could we?" Jan asked.

"Why not," Juliette asked with another smile. "Can everybody make it to the magazine for six this evening?"


“I think so,” Kelly said, the others nodding in agreement.


“Great – I’ll let her know to expect us.”


3.30 pm

Complete Style


“Good morning, Juliette von Furstenheim’s office.”


“Alexis, it’s Carina.”


The blonde looked round the room as she said “Carina?  Has your mother…”


“Yeah, she has – I wanted to call and see if you were all right, if you had the dreams again.”


“Well, no – but I’m sorry if you were upset by…”


“No, I’m not upset – listen, can we get together Friday lunchtime for a coffee?  I’ll drop Judith off with the twins.  Say 1 o’clock?”


“Sure – see you then.”


“Great – oh, and Alexis?”




“Don’t worry…”


4 pm

NYS University


As Tommy came out of the building, the last thing he expected to hear was “we need to talk” – and as he slowly turned, he saw Sands standing there, wearing a padded gllet over a roll neck sweater, grey leggings, and knee length black leather boots.


“Tommy,” Katy said as she stood beside her friend, a leather jacket over her jumper and jeans, “please, just come to the coffee shop, sit down, listen to us – we don’t want a scene, do we?”


“No – no we don’t” he eventually said, “Where do you suggest we go?”


“There’s a little coffee shop round the corner,” Katy said, “we go in, we order, we talk, you go.  Sound good?”


Tommy looked at the two girls and then nodded as they went along the sidewalk, not looking directly at them until they had gone in and sat down.


“What will it be,” the waitress said as she came over.


“Three coffees,” Sands said quietly as Tommy kept looking at her.  “Look, can I just say thank for at least agreeing to come and talk to me.”


Tommy shook his head and smiled as he said “like you said, there was no point in causing a scene, but that doesn’t mean I’m not still as mad as hell with you, Alexandra Richmond.”


“Well, you have every right to be mad at me, Tommy,” Sands said, then she fell quiet as the coffees were brought over.  “After all, I found myself in love with Holly as well, even though to begin with it was for another reason.”


“So when did it start?”


“Honestly?  Kentucky earlier this year,” Sands said quietly, “but even then  knew she was still madly in love with you, and by God I could see the struggle in her about what to do.  The last thing I wanted to do was hurt her, and the last thing she wanted to do was hurt you.”


“Didn’t exactly work out that way did it,” Tommy said quietly as he drank from his cup.


“No, it didn’t,” Sands said, “but what happened happened, and it can’t be undone Tommy.  I know she’s still madly in love with you, and she’s in love with me – I wanted to talk to you, see if there was some way we could work things out between us.”


“You’re joking right?”


Katy looked at Tommy and said quietly, “we’re in a public place, Sands…”


“No, I’m not joking Tommy,” Sands said quietly.  “I love her, she loves you and me, and I think you still love her, we need to find a way to make this work.”


“Or,” Tommy said quietly, “you could just leave her alone, stop acting like  a spoiled little kid, and grow up.”


Katy could see the fire in Sands’ eyes now as she said “grow up?  You have no idea, no bloody idea how much I’ve had to grow up, have you Tommy?”


“I just know you took what you thought you could take, without any regard for anyone.  You had no idea what you were doing.”


“And you did?  You think ignoring her is going to make the problem go away?  You truly think you know how she feels, how I feel?”  Sands slowly stood up and whispered “you have no idea at all, mister.”


“I think I have a far better idea of what you are than you think I have?”


“Really?  Have you walked in my shoes, in her shoes?  Have you got the guts to do that?”  Sands stood up and stared at Tommy as she said “I bet you would not survive two minutes as a woman.”


“I could!”




Katy looked on as Tommy said “You are on, Alexandra Richmond Junior!  I’ll do it.”


“Starting with Erica Burton’s party on Friday?”


“YES!”  Tommy banged his fist on the table, then looked round as Katy rubbed her head.


“Oh boy – we need to talk to someone…  Tommy, I’ll call you tomorrow with where to meet.”  She took Sands by the arm and walked her out, whispering “We need to call CS” as she did so.







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