Back In Time – Part 2







Wednesday 16th November

6 pm

Complete Style


“Ai, bring them round tomorrow,” Mary said into the handset, “it might be an interesting challenge.  I have to go now Katy – your mom’s here with some of the other ladies.”  She put the phone down as Juliette led the party in, smiling as she said “Ju told me of your plans.  So you want to man the shoulder pads and unleash the inner glam?”


“We are committed,” Kelly said.


“Or we need to be,” Sandy said as she looked round.


“Either way – come with me…”




7 pm

The Village


“I’m back,” Emma Cromwell said as she let herself into the studio apartment.


"So how are rehearsals going?" Madeline asked as she came over and kissed Emma.

"Well, we are knocking some of the rust off.  Thanks," Emma said as she sat down and accepted the glass of wine.

"After all the time in the studio working on the album surely there wasn't a lot left?"

"Vocally no," Emma looked serious, "but we do need to polish up our showmanship a little."

"Well you girls never did a Madonna type dance thing."

"No, but we did do a bit more than just play and sing," Emma smiled.

"Okay, just don't knock yourselves out my love," Maddie whispered as she kissed her wife again.


"Anyway it's not just our own stuff we are rehearsing."

"Yes I saw Simon Le Bon," Maddie smiled as well. "I once had such a crush on him."

"Most girls did," Emma giggled, "even girls like us."

"So what is it like singing backup for him?"

"Actually not bad, and you know that young Erica is going to love 'her' Mary Thomas surprise guest."


“And that is?”




"So what are Katy and the Super Six wearing Peps?" Becca asked as she, Nikki, Pepsi and Doc sat in Pepsi’s front room.

"They are coming as The Go Go's."

"Weren't they a five girl band though?" Becca asked as she sipped from her Coke.

"Yes,” Pepsi said, “but as little sister said, how many kids our age know that?"

"We might not, but didn't I hear that Belinda Carlisle is a friend of Emma's, and thus might turn up as a 'surprise' guest?"

"I guess that's possible."

"Well she'll certainly know the band she was in didn't have six girls."


“So what can we go as?  I hear Jeannie and House are going as Bob Geldof and Paula Yates.”


“Well, I’ve got an idea – watch this,” Pepsi said as she put a video up on YouTube.


“Oh yeah,” Nikki said quietly, “We can make this work.”


“Especially as I know who the boys are coming as,” Becca said with a contented smile, “don’t you Peps?”


“Why do you think I suggested this,” Pepsi said with a smile.  “Did Billy tell you his parent’s plan?”


“Yeah – black dresses and all…”



Thursday 17th November

4 pm

Complete Style


“Why here,” Tommy said a she waked into the lobby, Sands and Katy still in their school uniforms, while he wore a bomber jacket over a checked shirt and jeans.


“Because for this to work, we need a wizard,” Katy said as she nodded at the receptionist, “and I know where she has her workshop.”


“Do you understand what she is on about,” Tommy said as they got into the elevator.


“Oh yes, I do,” Sands said as they stepped out of the doors and walked to the large double doors at the end of the corridor. Opening them, Tommy looked round as they walked in, and saw Mary Thomas standing there.


“Okay,” she said as she stood there, her hands in her waistcoat pockets, “what’s going on, young Richmond?  Katy here says you need my help with something.”


“Well, it’s not me who needs your help, so much as Tommy,” Sands said as he looked round.


“You two have talked?  Well that’s a step forward – and?”


"And I lost my temper Aunt Mary," Sands smiled, "and I told him before he criticizes me for falling in love with Holly that he should see life from our side. I bet him though he'd never have the courage to go to Erica's party and then spend the weekend as a woman....I DARED him."

"And I was stupid enough to take the bet and dare," Tommy rolled his eyes.

"Well you are the one person I know might be able to make him look even remotely female," Katy giggled, “hence the call”.

"Hmmmm,” Mary said as she looked closely, "well Tommy you are slim enough and short enough. I've seen worse guys attempt this..."

"You mean you've done it before?" Tommy interrupted.

"See I said she was the right person," Katy laughed.

"I have," Mary smiled as well, "and it can be fun teaching a man how to pass as a woman.  In many ways, it can be a – life-changing experience."

"Do we have time though?" Sands suddenly looked serious. "Do you have the right things?"

"Sandy my darling,” Mary said with a smile, “you'd be amazed what I have in this cave."

"And I'll help darling," a refined English voice was heard.

"Thanks Kylie," Sands giggled as she kissed the newcomer.


“So Tommy – you wish to walk in our shoes.  The challenge will be fun – where do we start Mary?”


“We start with what we have,” Mary said as she leaned against the table, “walk for me Tommy – as if you were a girl.”


The four of them watched as Tommy tried to walk like he had seen Carina do on a catwalk.


“Well?”  Katy and Sands turned and looked at Kylie and Mary.


“Merlin darling?”


"I've taught girls to be models who showed a lot less promise," Mary pursed her lips...


“So there is a chance?”


“For tomorrow night – ai.  Now we will need breast forms of course, and some fanny pads to give you hips."

"What about his hair?"

"Get me a variety of wigs please Kylie."


“You mean I really can do this?”


"Tommy do you even have to shave?" Mary looked closely.

"About once a week," the young man blushed.

“And the last time?”


“This morning, why?”


"Well I won't comment beyond saying that will work to our advantage, no five o'clock shadow to cover with makeup."

"He really does have great skin actually," Kylie also took a close look.

"Ai, this might be far easier than I thought." Mary smiled. "what do you weigh Tommy?"

"Between 110 and 115."

"I thought so," Mary paused for thought, "You'll fit some size 2 clothes, but others will needs be size 4."

"Clothes? I only need an outfit for the party don't I?"

"Oh no," Sands laughed, “the challenge was walking in a woman's shoes all weekend....That means to Monday morning."

"So you'll need more regular outfits for Saturday and Sunday," Kylie laughed gently, "maybe one of my dresses even?"


“So – first we get you fitted for the party, and then for the weekend.  Kylie, you handle make up.”


"He's going to need nails," Sands said as she held Tommy's hands, "these look awful."

"I'll have Jacey put false ones on when we have him more or less ready," Mary nodded.  “Let’s begin…”


As she led Tommy off, Sands took out her cell phone.


“Heather?  Yeah, I’m at Complete Style with Katy.  Any chance you can come over?  We need your help with something…”



5.30 pm

Complete Style


"Okay why did you ask me to meet you hear Sands darling?" Heather asked as she pushed open the doors to the cave.

"Well other than to give us a ride home, we need your help with something," Sands giggled as Katy shook her head.

"My help with what?" Heather looked round the room. "Hello Mary," she kissed the older woman on the cheek. Hello Kylie and Tommy."

"Tommy and Sands had 'words' yesterday," Katy said as she attempted an explanation.


“Oh, is that why you were both late last night,” Heather said as she looked at her charge.  “Okay, go on…”


"Well,” Katy said as she rubbed her head, “it got a bit heated and Sands ended up challenging to Tommy to walk the walk in her and Holly's stilettos if he wanted to understand what was going on."

"She dared me, and like an idiot I said okay," Tommy looked pained.

"Well Aunt Mary and Kyles have said they will help, and I'm hoping you can as well Heather," Sandy smiled a slightly sly smile.

"Okay I think I get that," Heather shook her head, "but what can I be doing?"


“We need an unbiased view, darling,” Kylie said, “as well as some help of the type Mary and I cannot provide.”


As she leaned against the desk, Heather just shook her head as the two others continued their examination of the young man.


"Tommy are your ears pierced?" Mary finally said as she looked up from the notes she was making.

"Yes," the young man blushed as he looked round.

"Do I want to know why?" Katy giggled.

"Holly and I got drunk one night and she dared me to get them done."

"Oh my Tommy darling, you do find it hard to resist dares don't you?" Kylie smiled,

"Yes I'm an idiot," Tommy looked skyward. "It hurt like hell when they did it."

"Hopefully, I can make this rather less painful Thomas," Mary smiled as well. "Now what shoe size do you take?"


“Me?  I’m a 8, why?”


“Guess – I think we’re ready to start the building now Kylie.  Tommy – strip down to your undies.”


The group watched as Tommy stripped off, Katy smiling as she said “you’re a briefs man – good…”


"What are you going to do about his voice?" Heather asked Katy and Sands in a whisper as they stood to one side and watched Mary and Kylie start to measure Tommy.

"You know your voice modification things?" Katy asked.

"Can they be adapted to make a man’s voice sound female?" Sands continued.

"Well I haven't done that," Heather stood and thought for a second, "But I guess I can modify it to do that."

"Thank you," Sands said as she put her arm round her nanny and hugged her. 

"If I put it in some jewellery I guess I can hide both it and that tiny Adams Apple of his."


“Well, that would cover the voice, darling,” Kylie said as she came over.  "So do you have a plan for how to make him blend in?  Or do you plan on letting everyone in on the gag?"

"I hadn't thought about that?" Sands sat down and knitted her brows in concentration.

"Luckily, I think well ahead," Heather laughed, "How about we make him an old Yale friend of mine come to stay for the weekend?"

"That might work," Katy grinned again.

"Do I get a say in this?" Tommy asked.

"NO!" the four women shouted in unison.

"So what do we call him darling?"

"Krystle," Mary had a flash of inspiration, "And I can dress Krys here in the type of Dynasty glamour many of the other women are dressing in for the party."

"Mmmmm that sounds like an idea," Sands smiled evilly at Tommy, “Krystle Ernst. The name will suit her."


“Right – time to add beauty to you.”  As Mary made Tommy sit down, Heather took her own cell phone out.


"Denice it's Heather," the nanny smiled as they stretched a nylon skull cap over Tommy's head and hid his own hair under it.

"Oh I'm fine." Heather listened to her friends reply.

"Can I ask a huge favor? An old friend of mine from Yale is in town for the weekend. Do you mind if I bring her to Erica's party?"

"Oh thank you darling," Heather grinned as Denice replied.  “Is everything ready?


“Silly question – see you tomorrow night.”


“Heather,” Sands said, “we need a place for Krystle to spend the weekend, and I know just where?”




“The apartment.  Holly and I can’t use it, so…”


“Perfect,” Heather said as Kylie looked at Tommy.


"Well do you want the good news or the bad news darling?" Kyle asked as she tied a cape round Tommy's neck.

Tommy raised an eyebrow.  "There is actually good news?"

"Yes," Kylie giggled, "The good news is that those boyish features of yours are actually quite feminine."

"That's the good news?"

"Yes," Kylie's eyes danced, "the bad news is that like all of us you have some little flaws we are going to have to fix with makeup."

"What do you mean?” Tommy asked suspiciously.

"Okay look in the mirror," Kylie turned him in the chair. "Your eyebrows I can fix with plucking, but your lashes aren't great, so I'm going to have to add false ones."

"Pluck my eyebrows?"

"Oh yes darling these will never do," Kylie reached for some tweezers.


“No, you can’t be OWWW!”


Over the next few minutes, Tommy started to learn just how much of the beauty that he so loved about Holly was the result of her skill with cosmetics as much as her natural beauty. Along the way he learned a whole new vocabulary that included words like, like cleanser, foundation, base, blusher, as Kylie took her time applying the makeup.

Every few minutes she would stop her ministrations and ask the other women for their opinions, removing makeup, or adding fresh, as she gradually went about her task.

"Tommy have you ever worn contacts?" Mary eventually asked.

"No," he carefully shook his head as Kylie dabbed at his face.

"Well with that wig we chose you know a pair of fabulous blue tinted lenses would really work I think."

"It's a great idea Mary," Kylie stood back and assessed her work, "would you happen to have some?"

"I just might," Mary smiled broadly.

"Well if we put them in now, it will help me make his eyes look sensational when I make his eyes up."

"I'll fetch them," Mary wandered off for a few seconds.


“I need to learn to control my temper,” Tommy said as he shook his head.


“So does my bestie,” Katy said quietly, “but I think you will learn a lot.”


“Here we are,” Mary said as she brought a small box over.  Tommy opened his eyes as she carefully put the coloured lenses in.


"How do they feel?" Mary asked as Tommy blinked a couple of times.


"They will do at first," Mary smiled as she passed the young man his glasses, “but look in the mirror what they do for your eyes.”

"WOW!" Tommy whispered.

"Well hold that thought while I fix these false eyelashes,” Kylie said as she leaned over him again.  Tommy then blinked as he looked at himself, and stood up after Kylie removed the cape.


"Today we are just seeing what works," Kylie took a step back for a second and assessed, “but I'll meet you here tomorrow night and we will do this for real before going on to the party."

"So this is just practice?"

"Of course it is," Katy laughed as Tommy turned from side to side.

"Most girls it takes ages for them to learn how to do their makeup," Sands laughed as she stood up, "you are having a crash course taught you by a team of experts."


“So, face done, now for body.  These breast forms are a C cup," Mary continued as she held them up, "On you they'll give you a cute 34C bust-line that most women would kill for."

"Will I have to wear a bra?" Tommy asked suspiciously.

"Of course darling," Kylie inspected the hip pads as they were put in place. "Now you do know how to tuck don't you?"


"She means pull your junk back between your legs Tommy," Sands looked malicious, "I'll admit that's the bit I'm most looking forward to seeing you try."

"But why must I...?

"Because it will spoil the whole illusion if your clock suddenly sprung to life," Katy giggled.


“I suppose tight pants…”


“Good choice – and give thanks you will be using the ladies restroom,” Katy laughed out loud.


“What time does your final class finish tomorrow Tommy?" Mary asked.

"At three"

"Alright then Kylie, me, and the girls will see you here at four.'


"In the meantime though," Kylie smiled, "let’s put the wig on, add all the other bits and then dress you. Let you see what you look like as a woman."



As she and Mary led Tommy off, Heather looked at Sands and Katy.


“I presume Holly knows nothing about this?”


“No – and I don’t want her to,” Sands said quietly, “this is between me and him, and then perhaps we can talk together.”


Shaking her head, Heather said “I wonder how he would look in our outfits?”


“Best not think of that,” Katy said as Kylie came out, and then Mary with…


“Oh my goddess,” Heather whispered as she looked at Tommy.  He was now dressed in a silver lame evening dress, the front cut to show some of the chest, but also fitted so that it flowed from the hips to the floor.  A white mink stole was affixed over one shoulder, the skirt flowing as he carefully walked out.


“These heels are killing my feet,” he whispered as he walked, but his hips were swaying in the correct manner as he looked at himself in the mirror. The makeup highlighted his features, while the blonde wig was permed in the style of the time.  Pearl earrings hung from his lobes, while a pearl necklace was round his neck.


He stood in front of the mirror, his hands on his hips as he said “dear lord, this might just work…”


"Ai that wig will do you for the party," Mary smiled at her own handiwork, “and the matching one in the more modern style will do you for the rest of the weekend.  So, we get you back to you, I select your clothing for the rest of the weekend – and you get to prepare yourself."


“Come on,” Heather said as she looked at Sands and Katy, “I’d better get you back and Katy home…”




Friday 18th November

7 am

The Burton Apartment


Erica smiled as she heard the movement outside her door, and then heard the two voices singing.


"Happy Birthday to You,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday dear Erica,
Happy Birthday to you."

Erica smiled as her Mom and Mel came into her bedroom.

"Good morning baby," Denice bent over and kissed her daughter as she put a glass of orange juice on the bedside table.

"Good morning Mom," Erica smiled.

"Have you been awake long?"

"Long enough to hear you and Mel clomping about out there.'

"Hey we were perfectly light on our feet," the white girl laughed.

"Sounded more like you were stomping in your soccer boots," the black girl laughed as her Mother, and her friend, sat on the edge of the bed.

"Well before the day really starts let me say that you have already been a very lucky girl," Denice said as she gave her daughter a bunch of birthday cards. "Open these while you get dressed, darling, and then come have breakfast."

"Okay," Erica glanced at the cards, "Oh cards from Wales," she said as she looked at stamps and postmarks.

"I know, it's lovely that the family did this."

"I know Mom,” Erica said as she put the cards down, “and with all our friends here it's just great that it's no longer just me and you to celebrate my birthday."

"I know," Denice for a second looked teary. "We belong now."


“What did you do before,” Mel asked.


“Oh I had parties when I was little, but last year – stuff happened, and we kind of celebrated it quietly, just both of us.  One of the last things we did in our old apartment.”


“Enough,” Denice said as she stood up, “come on kiddo – adventure awaits!”




8 am

The Richmond Mansion


"Why didn't you invite this friend of yours to stay with us lover?" Sandy asked as she asked Heather rush round getting the kids ready for school.

"Krys didn't want to impose, she was going to say at a hotel, but then I remembered Sand's apartment, and I asked her if she could use it for the weekend." Heather smiled a quick knowing look at the younger woman.

"Holly and I don't really use it, so I said yes."

"I phoned Denice, and she said it was fine to bring Krys to the party tonight."

"And I suggested that Heather invite her to dinner tomorrow," Sands smiled as well.

"Okay well I don't mind," Sandy shrugged her shoulders, "I just hope the poor woman enjoys herself all weekend."


8.30 am

St Augustine’s


"So all set for the start of what should be an interesting day bestie?" Katy asked as George climbed out of the car and walked towards the gates of his school.

"I bet I'm looking forward to it a lot more then Tommy, or should I say Krys is," Sands giggled.

"Darling I think you are getting far too much enjoyment out of this," Heather turned in the driver’s seat and shook her head. "Just remember today is Erica's birthday, don't ruin it."

"I know,” Sands said as she closed her eyes, “but Tommy has been such an asshole about me and Holly being lesbians, I just want to see how he copes seeing life from our perspective."

"Meaning what darling?" Heather asked.

"Oh simple things like having guys hit on him."

"I'll be honest I didn't think even Mary could make him look that amazing," Katy shook her head.


“Well, as I said, this is Erica’s day, and Holly’s going to be there for a little while, so just leave Tommy alone tonight, whatever happens?”


“Watch from a distance?”


“And, if you must, enjoy – right you two, out.  I’ll see you both later.”



8.50 am



As Tommy walked up from the subway station, he looked round, still unable to believe what had happened the previous night.  Yeah, he had been angry when the dare was made, and he thought by now he would have learned that when he acts in anger, things don’t go the way he expected.


But this was something completely different.  He knew Mary Thomas was a legend in the fashion world, but to see how she had transformed him into Krystal, that had opened his eyes a bit.


And he had to admit, seeing himself in the mirror, he looked and felt a completely different person.  Even everything that had happened before that.  His feet still ached from been taught to walk in high heels, his body felt so strange after they had added the padding – and taught him to hide other things…


But the image of him looking in the mirror, seeing this sharply dressed blonde looking back with piercing blue eyes, had managed to imprint itself on his brain.  He had never seen Dynasty, only knew of it as something his mother had watched when she was his age, but when he had got home he found an episode and watched it.  Big hair, big shoulders…


The strangest thing had been the dream he had last night – he imagined he was in the show, walking with true grace, and interacting with the other actors and actresses – and it felt so natural, so right, so out of this world good…


To say Tommy was confused after he woke up was to put it politely.  He told his parents he would be away all weekend, and would see them Monday night.  He had accepted the dare, eh would follow it through.


Provided his legs didn’t give out.  As he walked to his first lecture, he just prayed whatever they had for her to wear only involved wearing heels for tonight…




9 am

St Angela’s


"So any news on all the assorted Brits and West Coast girls arriving for Erica's party?" Dawn asked Becca as they stood at the lockers.

"Most arrived either yesterday,” Becca said as she looked at the wall clock, “or will be getting in any time now."

"And there will be sufficient guys won't there?"

"Should be," Becca smiled, "Doc had the guys invite a whole bunch of single boys from Harker and St Augustine's. There should be more than enough men to go round."

"Good," Jess smiled, "I've been to too many of these parties and their weren't enough males to dance with."

"Well with the girls bringing their own boyfriends there should be enough to go round," Becca smiled again.

"Might be for all you," Jeannie joined the conversation, "but MY man is playing tomorrow, and I'll be reduced to watching all of you have fun."

"Oh I'm sure a few strong men will take pity on poor you," Becca laughed. "Father Alex for one."

"At least a couple of football players from both schools are coming as well," Lynn added, "Both don't have games tonight."

"And I'm sure a few of them would just love to be able to boast they danced with Jeannie Brewster," Nikki laughed as she checked she had the right books for class.


“So onward and upwards?”


“Oh yes…”



"So not even a tad curious what kind of your Mom has organized?" Mel asked as she and Erica both washed their hands in the school washroom.

"No, I just want it to all be a surprise. I'm not going to spoil it for myself, or others."

"Now I was the opposite," Doc fixed her makeup before heading to her first class of the day. "I was dying to know what they all had planned."

"And we were all sworn to secrecy," Ama laughed.

"And no one keeps secrets like she does," Doc rolled her eyes.

"I'm just going to enjoy it as it happens," Erica checked her reflection.  “You’re only sixteen once, after all.”


“Well said – let us go and learn,” Ama said as she opened the door.



10 am

Complete Style


"So what are you and Henri wearing tonight?" Juliette asked as Janine sat down in her office.

"You'll see tonight Ju," the California girl smiled. "We are doubling with Caroline and Dan."

"How is she,” Juliette said as she leaned back, “I haven't spoken to her since she got back."

"She's getting nervous about the movie."

Nodding, Juliette said "I always did before we started any of the movies I was in."

"You tend to think she's ice cool,” Janine said as she shook her head, “it’s genuinely the first time I've ever seen her like this."

"I know, a lot of people in Ireland noticed it." Juliette looked at the papers on her desk, "and on that work note I better ask how your column is coming?"

"I showed Pippa and she says she likes it. But I'll be happier once we get the accompanying shoot done on Monday. As you taught me, bad visuals can ruin the best writing in a magazine like this."

"Well it's nice you learned something working for me," Juliette laughed.

"And now Alexis and Trish are getting the same education."


“Yeah – listen, is Alexis all right?”


“She looks tired,” Janine said quietly, “but she’s doing a great job, right?”


Juliette nodded as she said “yeah – well, let’s get today out of the way…”



12.30 pm

Bishop Walden School


"So are you going to give Holly any kind of warning about Krys?" Katy asked as they walked to the lockers.

"No," Sands said quietly as she put her books in her locker, "I want Tommy to see and hear what Holly actually thinks about everything."

"He might not like it."

"He probably won't,” Sands said as she closed and locked the door, “but he might learn a lot, and just hopefully he will get some insight into how Holly can love both of us."

"I hadn't thought of that."

"Well I had...sort of," Sands smiled, "but Heather and I talked a lot before I went to sleep last night, and she pointed out some of the things that might happen."

"Both the good, and the bad?"

"Yeah she said I was taking a huge risk, but I said it was worth it if we can just partially clear the air."

"You have a point," Katy nodded.  "Anyway onwards we go."

"YUCK! Friday lunch," Sands laughed. 


“But tonight, we party…”



12.45 pm

St Angela’s


"Another week all but over," Harriet looked slightly tired as she sat down besides Grace at the staff dining table. "At least I have the weekend to unwind."

"After recovering from the party tonight," Grace looked up from inspecting her tuna casserole and smiled.

"That's true," Harriet looked over towards where Erica and her friends were sitting. "It's one of the big differences here to back home in England, we teachers get invites to the kids big parties."

"Yes it’s a major difference." Grace tried tasting some of the food, "but unlike you slackers I have photo shoots both tomorrow and Sunday."

"It's your penalty for being both a teacher, and a top model," Annie smiled.

"I know.  So who is watching the babies tonight?"


“Wilhelmina again.  She said, and I quote, the last person the girls will want to see there is me.”




"Uggghhh Tuna casserole," Poppy looked at what was on the plate in front of her, "Why do I eat this damn stuff?"


"Because the other options are even worse," Dawn laughed.


"I know, but it’s a close run thing," Poppy gave her food a look of disgust and then ate a forkful.


"Just eat up," Jess smiled, "and remember that we have an amazing party to go to tonight."


"Yeah my Mom and Aunt Denice are seeing the people at the Manhattan penthouse about now," Poppy looked at her watch.


"I think it’s great that all the ladies in the Friday Afternoon Coffee Club have helped Aunt Denice afford this," Melinda joined in the conversation from the next door table.


"Mary Thomas contributed as well," Poppy tried to eat.


“In what way?  The tales you girls tell of the times she has helped organize something…”


“Who knows – you just go with the flow…”




1 pm

The Manhattan Penthouse


Denice walked slowly round the large hall, and stopped to look out of the window onto the skyline, the Empire State Building in the distance.


“Penny for them?”


She turned and smiled at Pippa, before she said “I was just thinking of this time last year, when we were so afraid of what was happening – and now look at us.  I never dreamed I would ever walk into a place like this, never mind have Erica’s Sweet Sixteen here.”


“Well, Poppy nixed her first idea,” Pippa said with a smile, “but we were more than happy to do this.  Come on in – Emma and the girls are just playing something.”


As they walked into the main room, they saw Emma and the other members of Ladybird on the stage, playing a slow love song.


“Is that one of their new ones?”


“Yeah – Emma wrote it for her wedding in June last year, apparently,” Pippa said before she called out “Yasmin – is Simon up next?”


“He is indeed – and you must be Erica’s mother. I’m…”


“Yasmin le Bon – so Simon is…”


Denice looked to the stage, and then gasped when she saw who was coming onto the stage with him.


“But…  But that’s…”


“For later,” Mary Thomas said as she walked over.  “Right now, Denice, we need you in the reception bar.”


“What for – everything is ready, isn’t it?”


“Ai – but we have a reason,” Mary said as she and Pippa walked in – to find the other ladies there, and a banner saying “CONGRATULATIONS DENICE” on the wall.


“What…  How…”


“We have been informed,” Juliette said as she stood with Diana and Sandy, “that you will be graduating next month with honours – so we wanted to celebrate!”


1.15 pm



As Tommy sat in the cafeteria, eating his bagel, his mind was still on the next few days, so he didn’t notice who was around him – or behind him.


"Hello Tommy," a quiet female voice spoke from behind him, "How are you?"

He put his bagel down and slowly turned in his seat.  "Better than I was...I guess," he said as he saw who was standing there.  "How are you Hol?"

"Surviving," the petite blonde stared at him through her glasses.

"I guess that's better than nothing."

"Look Tommy,” Holly said as she sat opposite him, “you and I need to talk."

He looked over at her, and nodded slowly as he said "Probably.  We do need to talk about what happened, and what we do next."

“I know I hurt you, but I want to get past that – is we can,” Holly said quietly.  "So… If I invite you to be my date at Erica's birthday party tonight will you have a screaming fit?"

"Honest answer?"

"Please," Holly looked for signs in his eyes.

"I would actually like to come,” Tommy said with a sigh.  “I sort of miss all our friends, but I'm already booked up."

"With another girl?" Holly asked tremulously.

"No, I'm actually going out of town for the weekend. I get back Monday morning."

For a second they both stared at each other.

"But how about we try and talk Monday night?"


“Yeah – yeah I’d like that.  Meet you at the coffee bar, say at Seven?”


“Sounds good – enjoy your weekend Tommy,” Holly said as she got up and waked away, leaving Tommy to his thoughts…




4 pm

The Richmond Mansion


“So why are you hosting the coffee club today Sandy?" April asked as she took the offered cup of coffee.

"Because my lover is going to meet an old friend of hers from Yale who is in town for the weekend."

"I told Heather it was fine to bring her to the [party tonight," Denice said as she slid on to a stool.

"So what does this friend of Heathers do?" Caroline asked as she removed her jacket.

"I think Heather murmured that she was a biologist."

"Oh not another HUGE brain," Barbara laughed, "for those of us who have ordinary level IQ's this can all get rather intimidating."

"I know," Janice sipped from her mug.

"Oh like you have to worry Jan," Mercy Kinman laughed, "Adam boasts to everyone that your LSATs got you accepted to Columbia Law."

"Some of us didn't even go to university," Caroline laughed.

"In your case though Caroline I think it was more your choice then you couldn't." April smiled at the tall blonde, "you have the brains."

"Changing subjects is everything set at the venue?" Barbara asked Denice.


“hmm?  Oh yeah, we’re ready…”



Complete Style


As he closed the doors to Merlin’s Cave, Tommy looked round, wondering if he could go through with this.


“Ah there you are,” Mary Thomas said from the side.  "Alright Tommy boy before we start there is a shower back there," she pointed, "Go shower, then shave so there isn't even a hint of hair on your chin, and also shave those other bits we talked about last night."

"Alright Miss Thomas," Tommy wondered just why he actually felt excited about what was about to happen.

"Tommy how many times do I have to say just call me Mary."

"Yes Mary," he smiled as he pulled his toiletry bag out of the small case he'd brought with him as per instructions.

"That's better," she smiled back. "Now get a move on we don't have all the time in the world to make you beautiful and get ready ourselves."


"So did he chicken out?" Kylie asked as she and Heather walked into the inner recesses of the cave.

"No, he's here. I sent him to shower and shave."

"Well he has guts," Heather said as she put her Jameson bag on the counter.

"I think what happened last night at some level intrigued him," Mary started to pour coffees for her friends. "I've seen this before when I've helped dress straight men as women. On some level their brain is fascinated by it all. it's a psychological thing I guess."

"I'll take your word darling," Kylie smiled.

"So do you both have your outfits for tonight?"

"Right here," Kylie patted the large bag she had slung over her shoulder.


"Alright where are we going to start?" Tommy asked as came back in drying his hair with a towel, his male parts held in concealment with an exceedingly tight, and at least Kylie's eyes, rather uncomfortable thong, that did at least give him a convincingly female front.

"Well the first thing we do is to properly glue your breasts on," Mary said as she carefully lifted the silicon forms out of the box.

"You will be able to take those off on Monday?"

"Ai," Mary nodded as she spread the adhesive on the breast, "I have the solvent that will dissolve the adhesive.  Water and soap alone will not do it, so you are safe in that regard."

Carefully she fixed one of the breasts on his freshly shaved chest, then stood back before she placed the second breast and slowly put it into place.

"How do they feel Tommy?"

"Well different to having them just put in a bra," the young man said as he slowly tried to walk, getting used to the feel and balance of having feminine breasts.


“Here slip this robe on," Mary handed him a garment, "before we do your makeup Elisa here," she nodded as a tall thin Asian looking girl came in, "is going to put on false nails, and then paint them."

"Where do you want me?" Tommy asked the manicurist.

“Here will be fine," she smiled as she sat at a table and started to take things out of a case.  “Let me see your hands.”  Tommy put his hands on the stand in front of her, watching as she filed his fingernails, and then attached the false ones.  He barely noticed as Mary and Kylie put his hair under the skull cap, while Heather placed a driving licence where Tommy could see it.


“How…  How did you get a Boston driving licence with that picture on it?”


“I may tell you some day – right now, let’s get Krystle ready…”


“So,” Heather said as Tommy sat quietly, “Krystle Ernst.  You’re the same year as me at Yale, and you majored in Biology.  You’re one of the few close friends I had there…”


“So does Pussy van Roon know me?”


“No – we met in the halls, but she steered clear of Pussy.  Truth to tell, she was like Marina – a bit of a nerd and dedicated to study only.”


“So if she asks about me at Yale, and why we didn’t meet?”


“You didn’t go to the same parties – the first I heard from you was when you called, told me you had got your Masters from Boston, and to ask if I could find a place for you to stay over the weekend, before you visit a couple of labs for job interviews on Monday.  The rest is up to you – which reminds me.”  She took out of her bag a black choker with a cameo on the front, and fastened it round Tommy’s neck.


“What’s that for?”


“Press on the sides.”


As he did so, Tommy said “I don’t…” and then gasped as he heard the female voice coming from his mouth.




“Not important – it worked,” Heather said with a smile.


"Alright young Tommy,” Mary said as Elisa packed her equipment, and he looked at her long red nails, “while I know there are numerous girls can testify to your ability to take a woman's bra off. do you know..."

"Oh I wouldn't say there are numerous girls Mary," Tommy laughed as he interrupted, and then saw the others look at each other.

"Let’s see…  Carina, Holly..." Mary started.

"Pepper Combier, Merry Henderson...” Kylie continued.

"Julie Fortune, Sloan Williams," Heather laughed.

"Alright there have been a few," Tommy laughed again.

"Well, have you learned enough taking them off to put one on for yourself?" Mary held up a lace trimmed, half cup, bra.

"I can try," Tommy stood and carefully put his new breasts in the cups, before reaching behind and doing the bra up.


“One tip darling – fasten it in front, then turn it and pull the straps over your arms.  Can be easier,” Kylie said, “but not bad, not bad at all.  Now I'm going to get you to do some of this yourself," she said quietly as she sat Tommy down in front of the brightly lit mirror.


"Because I'll not be with you all weekend and you'll at least need put on a little makeup each day."


"Now I'll quickly show you a good everyday makeup, and then we can work on the deluxe look for tonight."

"Here you need to put the contact lenses in," Mary passed him the box with them in.  Tommy put them on, as he saw Krystle start to appear in the mirror while following Kylie’s instructions.


"Have you prepared 'her' handbags young Kylie?"

"I'll finish them in a bit Mary," Kylie whispered as she affixed the false eyelashes to his lids.

"My handbags?" Tommy looked puzzled.

"A Jameson for the weekend, and a clutch purse for the party tonight," Mary smiled as Kylie reached for the mascara.

"Why will I need them?"

"Because like every woman Krystal you will never know just what you might need till a situation arises." Mary nodded her approval of what Kylie was doing. "So you carry everything in your bag that you might just need."

"From makeup to cash," Heather smiled.


“And Mace if need be – which brings up a question.”


“What question?”


“We come to that in a short while,” Kylie said as she stood back.  “Exquisite.”


"This next choice is yours Tommy," Mary held things up, "pantyhose or stockings?"

"I don't know," Tommy looked puzzled, "What do you think?"

"Well given that you are wearing those hip pad panties, I suggest the hose."

"Okay," Tommy paused, "I haven't asked but what about when I need go....How do I?"

"Carefully," Mary laughed, “and just remember you have to take everything down first and then put it all back on properly."


“Be grateful of the fact a ladies restroom had booths – you’ll need them,” Kylie said with a smile.


"Have you thought about what you'll do if a man asks you to dance tonight?" Heather asked as Tommy finished pulling the hose up, and then Kylie and Mary put the blonde wig on.

"I'm trying not to."


"Because I know when you finish I'm going to look incredible,” Tommy said as he looked at himself in the mirror, “and I know just what will be going through a lot of guys brains when they look at me."

"Feminine insight already," Kylie laughed.

"Yeah I know we men are pigs," Tommy gently laughed, "but I really don't know how I'm going to cope if some guy has wandering hands, etc."

"We can always tell everyone you are a lesbian?"

"And to some people that will just make me more of a challenge." Tommy took a deep breath, "I can just hear the line, 'the only reason for that is you never met the right man...till now'."

"I've heard that more than once," Heather laughed loudly.


“So – I will have to dance, and remember they lead, but beyond that?  I have a steady boyfriend I love very much.”


“A very sensible suggestion,” Mary said with a smile.  Looking at the clock, she said “time for you ladies to change – all three of you.”




6.30 pm

Park Avenue


"Darling you know Joan is a friend of mine?" John laughed as Shirley adjusted the short black permed wig.

"I do, and I'm hoping she won't see imitation as other than an act of flattery," Madame laughed back as she stood in the blue figure-hugging dress.

"Fingers crossed," John stood and looked at his wife-to-be's reflection in the mirror, "actually my love with that wig and makeup you do look rather like her?"

"Thank you John," Shirley looked up at her man. "I actually feel almost like I am the character of Alexis."

"Shirley my love you could never in a million years be that nasty and ruthless a bitch.”


“And may I say, the dinner jacket and grey hairpiece suits you?”




Complete Style


“So – are we ready?”


Krystal – Tommy had already decided for this to work, he had to think of himself fin this way – turned from side to side and admired herself in the mirror.  The transformation was amazing – she felt as if she was a totally new woman, and could do anything she wanted.


But she was also nervous – she was exposing herself in a way that had never happened before, and she was scared of what may happen.  That fear, however, was beginning to drive her – it was as if deep down, he wanted to experience this, to feel things from the other side.


She ran the manicured hand down the white mink that was placed over one shoulder, as Mary said “Ai – you’re ready.  After this.”  She picked up a purple bottle and sprayed some perfume over Tommy.


“I remember that smell – my mother used to wear this.”


“Opium – a true classic of the time.  Are you two ready?”


“I am darling,” Kylie said as she came in, wearing a pair of blue faded denim dungarees over a white t-shirt, her hair under a permed blonde wig.  She also had a blue bandana tied over her hair in a band, and was wearing white boots under the legs of the trousers.


“Miss Minogue?”


“Mother sent me some photos of her time as an actress then,” Kylie said with a smile, as Heather came to them, wearing a black trouser suit with padded shoulders, and high heels.


“Right – shall we?”


“Give me a few minutes – I need to change and head to the venue first.”


“Oh – any reason?”


Mary just smiled as she went off…







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