Back in Time – Part 7







Sunday 20th November

8 pm

The Elysee Club


“Missy alert,” Heather whispered as she looked round.

“Where?” Krys looked round.

“Over in the corner booth with the Tripp sisters.”

“I can see her,” Krys played nervously with her bag. “Do you think she has seen me?”

“Come on,” Heather rolled her eyes, “this is Missy Auerbach we are talking about. Of course she has seen you.”

“I know, I know.”

“Know what?” Derek asked.

“Missy Auerbach of Norstar Models has it in her mind that I might make a model, and she's been pestering me slightly.”

“Speaking personally I have to agree with her,” the man smiled. “But then again I think all three of you are beautiful enough to model.”

“This way ladies and gentlemen,” the waiter beckoned for them to follow as they entered the main dining area, walking to a table.


“This is quite a place,” Barrett said as he held Krys's chair for her, “what made you chose it?”

“I didn't,” Krys smiled, “It was Holly suggested it, I've never been here before.”

“And I've only been here once,” Heather picked up her menu.

“I was sort of a regular for a while,” Holly took her gloves off, “some friends and I came here a few times.”

“It certainly has atmosphere,” Laurie looked round as the waiter filled their water glasses, “and I'm glad you warned us to wear tuxedo's. This certainly isn't the type of place where you dress casually.”

“So what do you know is good to eat Hol?” Heather asked.


“I personally love the Sole Veronique,” Holly said, “but the steaks are good as well, so you’re safe Derek.”


“Why thank you,” Derek said with a smile, “I’ll have the fillet, medium rare, with a baked potato and greens.”


“Boeuf Bourginon,” Barrett said quietly.


“What do you want, Krys,” Laurie asked as he looked over.


“I will have the lamb,” she said quietly as Heather asked for the linguini, and Laurie the swordfish.




“May I help you,” the hostess said as the door opened, and the three women walked in.


“We have a private booking – Miss Richmond?”


“Ah yes – follow me please…”


Buffy looked round as they were led to a door, the hostess opening it as she indicated they should enter.


“Ah Buffy.”


She was surprised to see Nessa sitting at the table, wearing a black evening dress as she said “take your jacket off, sit down – I think we have some things to talk about…”




“It's like being transported back in time to an old Hollywood movie,” Derek said as he looked round at the other patrons. “I love the idea.”

“It's very evocative,” Holly smiled at the big man.  “The atmosphere they manage to create is wonderful.”

“The people in this room are a floor show almost themselves,” Laurie smiled.

“There will be a singer and a band starting soon,” Holly said with a smile, “and we can dance later.”

“That sounds like a plan Hol.”

“It was a great idea coming here,” Krys said as she again caught Barrett looking at her. “I just can't be late getting back to my bed with my interview coming up tomorrow.”

“I'll make sure you are in bed early Krys,”

“Thank you,” Krys blushed as she was fully aware of the double meaning in what Barrett was saying.





“So have Cooper Union finalized when you'll be teaching in the new year Heather?” Holly asked.

“I'll be teaching a class for seniors one afternoon a week on the Post-Impressionists.”

“You teach?” Derek seemed intrigued.

“Oh it’s only part-time,” Heather smiled. “On top of all the other things I do, I can't spare any more time than that.”

“I thought from what Holly said you tutored her in computer science?” Barrett asked.

“I do, my degree from Yale is in art history, but computers you could say are my hobby.”

“Or in other words she knows an awful lot about both,” Krys laughed.

“Well I wouldn't say an awful lot,” Heather blushed.

“So what are you guys majoring in?” Krys asked as the waiter started to bring the food.


“Well, I’m majoring in Marketing like Holly,” Laurie said as he looked across the table.


“I’m on a football scholarship, but I’m also majoring in Film Studies.”


“So do you know Winston Brewster?”


“I’ve come up against him – damn good player,” Derek said with a smile.


“What about you Barrett?”


“Business studies…”


“So I’m the only scientist?  Somehow,” Krys giggled, “I feel a little intimidated now…”




“Your table, Miss Tripp,” the waiter said as Rhenia and Louise sat down.


“I’ll be back in a minute,” Missy said as she walked to the restroom.


“So how is life in the team, sis?”


“Interesting – challenging at times as well, but you know what Madeline’s team can be like,” Louise said with a smile, “I wanted to ask if you we redoing something for Madame’s upcoming happy event?”


“Norstar is putting something together – I’ll contribute to that,” Rhenia said as she sipped her drink and looked round.  “So should I tell Missy?”


“Oh heavens no Darling,” Louise said with a smile, “after all, if Courtney can make a success of it, whoever Krystle really is just as likely to do so.  But why have I never heard of her before tonight?”


“Maybe she’s only comfortable coming out recently?”


“Possibly, darling, possibly…”



“I don’t get it,” Buffy said quietly as she looked at the Richmond woman, “I thought my offer was to you, Vanessa?”


“Indeed,” Nessa said as she looked across the table, “and we will come to that in a moment, but let us eat first.”


The door opened, and a number of waiters and waitresses came in with plates of finger food, Nessa waiting before she said “thank you” as they left.  “Please, help yourself.”


Buffy looked at the three women, then picked up a plate and put some food on it as Sandy poured wine.  “So,” Nessa said quietly, “you wish to discuss some business?  Well and good – but we should discuss all matters, no?”


“All matters?”


“Of course,” Sandy said quietly, “after all, this is not the first time you have somehow caused pain and anguish to my family. Is it Ms McGeorge?”


“You mean the unfortunate incident with Holly?  I know I was in the wrong there, but I didn’t profit from it either – somebody robbed me that weekend.  At first, I thought it was Holly, but she denied it.  Was it…”


“No,” Sands said quietly, “it wasn’t one of us.”  She took a sip from her glass of Coke, before she said “But I still remember that afternoon at the apartment – a very painful memory.”


“Yeah,” Buffy said quietly, “but we cannot go back and pretend it did not happen.”


“I’m not going to – but we do need to stop this…”


“So are you going to buy the negatives?”


“No – you’re going to give them to me.”


Buffy stared at Nessa, and then laughed as she said “now why would I just give them to you?”


“I’m so glad you asked…”




“This food is exquisite,” Louise said as she wiped her chin, “moving to New York may be the second best thing you ever did Rhenia.”


“Second best?”


“After introducing me to Maddie Moore in LA,” Louise said with a smile as Missy continued to look at the other table.  “Missy, darling, you seem awfully pre-occupied.”


“Yeah – excuse me a minute,” she said as she stood up and walked over to the table where Krys was sitting.


“Hey – forgive the interruption,” she said as Heather and Krys looked over, “but I wanted to renew my offer to you Krys – and I’m going to keep offering it until you say yes.”


“Miss Auerbach,” Krys drawled as she fluttered her eyelids, “I am a scientist, not a model…”


“You can be both – please, can you at least agree to talk with me about it?”


“I don’t know when I will be next in town…”


“The lady said new,” Barrett said quietly, “please, leave us alone, or…”


“Barrett,” Derek said quietly, “cool it…”


“It’s all right – I will let Heather know if I get the job, and perhaps – perhaps – we can talk then.  In the meantime, Missy, I will not talk to anyone else, I promise.”


“Fair enough,” Missy said as she walked off.   Laurie and Derek looked at Barrett, who shrugged and said “she was annoying me.”


“Let’s dance,” Holly said as the band started playing, and went onto the floor with Laure while Barrett went to the rest room, Derek following him.





“You wouldn’t…”


“Try me,” Sands said quietly, “we have the tapes of your weekend – and if you don’t hand the photograph to my grandmother, and delete it in our presence, it goes to your parents – and if the photo appears in public, it goes anyway.”


Nessa and Sandy looked at Sands, both amazed at how mature, how forceful she was been, as Buffy looked at them.


“Buffy what you are, and have been, doing, isn't going to end up just hurting people like myself,” Nessa warned, “but just as much your family, and yourself.”

“I can control things...”


“No you can't Buff,” young Sands interrupted. “If you could control this then you wouldn't be having this chat with us tonight.”


Buffy slowly nodded, before she said “you’re right – okay, I accept the MAD deal.”


“Good,” Nessa said as she stood up, “let’s take our drinks and go onto the main floor.  I am so glad you saw sense Buffy…”







“She's not going to give up you know?” Heather whispered to Krys as she sipped her wine. “Missy is relentless.”


“I'm flattered. But Heather you know very well why I can't model.”


“I know Krys,” Heather said as she watched Missy walk across the floor to the powder room, “but now she's on your trail the question is how the hell do we get her off it without causing a sensational scandal that will end up hurting everybody.”

“I don't know. Do you have any ideas?”


“I'm thinking.”


“Shit – this evening just gets better and better.”


“What now – oh,” Heather said as she saw Buffy sit at a table with Sandy and Sands, while Nessa followed Missy.  “So this is where they were going.”


“What are they doing here?”


“Trying to defuse another situation…”





“Good evening Nessa,” Missy smiled as she stood next to her old friend at the powder room sinks.

“And good evening to you Missy.”  Nessa rinsed off her hands, and said “What brings you here on a Sunday evening?”


“I was having dinner with the Tripp sisters,” Missy said as she washed her hands, “but then Heather's friend Krys arrived and all I can think of is work.”

“I had heard from my daughter that you see potential in her.”


“More than just that Ness. With her looks she is a superstar of the future.”


“I'll admit the girl is stunning.” Nessa started to touch up her makeup. “What is the problem?'


“That she sees herself only as a scientist.”

“She's an intellectual then?”


“Yes,” Missy said, “but if the last few years have taught me anything, it’s that looks and brains can go together.  I just need to get past her natural reticence.”


“And you can do that?”


“I got Caroline signed up didn’t I?  So why are you here?”


“Dealing with some family business, and having fun…”







“Is that Heather over there with Holly and her friends?”


“It is indeed,” Sandy said with a sigh, “I wish she was here with us now…”


Buffy looked more closely as Krys got up and walked to the powder room, especially at one of the men.


“Sandy I maybe need say something,” Buffy whispered as she looked across the room.  “I know one of the guys with Heather's party, and he can be serious bad news.”

“Oh?” suddenly Sandy was alert. “how bad?”

“He's fine till a girl tells him no.”


“I remember the type.  Not the one with Heather surely?”


“No – the smaller guy…”





“Who’s the younger woman with Sandy Richmond,” Rhenia asked as Missy sat back down.


“Hmm – I think that’s her daughter Alexandra – Sands – but she certainly looks older in that outfit.  I wonder…”


“Boss,” Rhenia said with a sigh, “this is where I remind you that you made a vow to leave the Richmond family alone.”


“I did?”


“It’s actually in my contract,” Rhenia laughed.


“I don’t remember that clause – I bet Juliette and Klaus put it in…”


“Excuse me darlings,” Louise said as she put her napkin down, the band starting to play as she walked across the floor.



“Sorry,” Krys smiled as she literally bumped into Louise as she came out of the powder room.

“Not a problem,” Louise said as she looked at the young woman.

“What is this?” Krys felt the card being pressed into her hand.


“It's the business card of the surgeon who did my sex change,” Lou smiled, “he just moved to new York. You might want to look him up.”

“I might what?” Krys stood there looking stunned as the very tall blonde swept by her into the powder room.  She stared at the door, them at the card, before she hurried back to the table.



“Heather,” Krys urgently whispered in Heather's ear, “do you know that very tall blonde with Missy?”


“Who Louise?”


“I guess that's her name,” Krys took a deep breath. “she just gave me this outside the powder room.”


“Oh,” Heather laughed as she read the card, “I should have guessed if anyone might pick you it's Lou.”


“You know she used to be a man?”


“Don't look so shocked Krys, of course I do.” Heather took a sip, “and don't worry, she is the soul of discretion, Louise won't out you.”


“A dance ladies?”


“Why not,” Krys said as she took Barrett’s hand, Heather going with Derek and Holly with Laurie.





“I wonder what he kisses like?” Krys found herself asking herself as Barrett held her close while they danced to the soft dreamy dance melody being played by the band.


“Okay where the fuck did that thought come from?” suddenly she heard Tommy in her head asking.


“You know you look incredible,” Barrett whispered in her ear. “I was disappointed when Laurie said Holly was going to be his date, but since I saw you at lunch I think I got the most beautiful woman.”

“How beautiful?' somehow Krys could not resist teasing.


“I would take you to bed right now, but for the moment,” he said quietly before he took Krys by surprise with the kiss – and Tommy by surprise as Krys kissed him back.




“Holly says that is your girlfriend over there,” the big gay man nodded in Sandy's direction as they made their way round the floor.


“It is,” Heather smiled, “but for tonight we have an agreement, she has a family night out, and I get to see what a date with a football player is like.”


“I'm not a typical macho jock you know?”


“No, but you are a gentleman,” Heather relaxed as she danced in his arms, “and I'm actually having a lot of fun.”


“Good – I apologise if Barrett caused any offence, he can be a little intense.”


“So I see – is he all right?”


“We’re keeping an eye on him.”





“May I beg a dance?” a rather distinguished looking man in his late 40's asked Vanessa.


“Do I know you?”


“No – is that a problem?”


“Well – so long as it is just a dance,” Nessa said as Sandy and Sands shook their heads…


“Why is Mrs Richmond dancing with that cop?” Louise asked Missy.


“How do you know he's a cop?”


“I can smell them,” Lou smiled, “and he stinks of being from vice.”


“Do you think he's on duty?” Rhenia asked.


“Especially considering how young Sands is,” Missy started to look worried.


“Who is he with?”


“I’m looking now…”





Outside the entrance, the two men sitting in the car drank from their coffee cups.


“So tell me again why we drew this one,” Bobby Morgan said as he looked at the doorway.


“Because Vice asked nicely,” Albert Moletti said quietly.


“But this place?”


Alert nodded as he said “you remember that gangster – the Ukranian – who got killed earlier this year?”


“Yeah – nasty one that.”


“Well, Vice and SVU finally got finished with the records they found at his place – and this club shows up a lot, so they think there is a connection with underage procurement and possible people smuggling.”


“So they raid in a little while?”


“There’s a team in there already – we are on mopping up duty…”




"Do I need have a word with Vanessa if you are right Louise?"

"They probably need get Sands out of here yes,” Louise said quietly, “I'm sure the last things the Richmond's want is to explain the presence of an underage girl in a night club."

"How did she get in?" Rhenia mused.

"Probably a false id..." Louise laughed when she saw Missy's face, "and don't you think they know how to get that Missy?"

"I guess so, but I'm shocked The Richmonds would do something that illegal."

"Oh if you knew what I know," Lou whispered under her breath.  “Who’s the woman with them?”


“I’m not sure – maybe they had something to talk about?  Vanessa said she had some business to take care of.”


“Let me deal with it,” Louise said as she stood up and walked over…




"Oh dear Artemis I hope she doesn't take this too far," Heather grimaced as she saw the passionate kiss that Krys gave Barrett.

"She does realise he will see that as a green light doesn't he?" Derek asked as he looked at the couple kissing, the entwining of their tongues obvious to anyone who looked.

"The problem is I don't know," Heather looked and sounded concerned. "At Yale she was a nerd, just like me, the whole world of men finding her sexy is a new thing to her and I'm not 100% convinced she does know what she is doing."

"Well if she isn't intending to take this further then she needs stop soon."

"Will that stop him though?"

"It will if I insist," the big man grinned.




"I know who you are of course Mrs Richmond," the man dancing with Nessa smiled, "and I have to ask what is a woman like you doing in a place like this?"

"Oh my daughter had been here before,” Nessa said quietly, “so we decided to put together a party and to check it out."

"Are you enjoying yourself?"

"Actually I am. I love the whole vintage Film Noir style, it’s very me." Nessa carefully looked the guy up and down and wondered how good he was in bed."




"Laurie I said NO!" Holly whispered harshly in the man’s ear as she removed his hand from her ass while they danced. "You know very well I'm in love with Tommy."

"Well I don't see him here."

"He had to go out of town."

"So then what's stopping you having some fun Holly? I remember when you loved having lots of guys on a string."

"Those days are long since past," Holly tried to sound stern, "and if you move that hand again you are going to get my heel through your shoe."




Krys glanced over, and wanted to step in, but Barrett kissed her again…





"If that guy doesn't stop putting his hand on Holly's ass Mom I'm going to go over there and surgically remove it," Sands hissed at Sandy.

"I'd seen it  darling, and I think she's trying to discourage him. and if I know my Lover then she has seen it as well."

"Something better get done or I will get nasty," Sands opened her purse and showed her Mother the tiny pistol inside.

"Is that real? Is it loaded?" Sandy looked shocked.

"It is," Sands giggled, "what is it I hear Doc says, "never leave home without it?"


“But Princess, we’re taking a big enough risk with you in here…”



"You know you are one hot babe," Barrett whispered as Krys pulled her lips away for a few seconds.

"All compliments are gratefully received," Krys found herself laughing. "you aren't so bad yourself."

Slowly she let him kiss her again as the girl singer started to croon a love song.

"I'm going to need repair my lipstick," Krys felt herself thinking as again she let him put his tongue in her mouth.

"What kind of slut are you?" she could also hear Tommy's voice somewhere away in the distance asking.  “And slightly more to the point, what happens if he…”


Krys suddenly opened her eyes as the truth of that thought hit her.





"Can you see any more obvious cops Lou? You are better at this then I am," Rhenia whispered.

"I'm looking."

"Why would the cops be interested in a place like this anyway?"

"Not sure, I can't see any obvious drug dealing, and the hookers are being careful," Lou looked thoughtful. "Can you ring Susan and ask her? Can you also get her to lay on some kind of rescue party if this turns nasty?"

"She will be at home, it's Sunday night."

"I wouldn't normally ask, but I think we might just need whatever help we can get."


“Yeah, you got a point,” Rhenia said as she picked up her phone and walked out for a moment.  Dialling a number, she waited before she heard “Walker residence.”


“Susan?  It’s Rhenia.  I need to ask an urgent question.”


“And that is?”


“Why would NY Vice be interested in the Elysee nightclub?”


There was a moment’s silence, before Susan said “nothing good, they may just have caught up on something we discovered a while back.  Why?”


“So if I told you I’m here with Louise and Missy, three generations of the Richmond Family are here, and Louise is convinced a raid is coming?”


“THREE generations?  Sands is there?”


“Yes – why?”


“Get word to Sandy Richmond – they need to get out of there now.  I’m sending support in case it is needed.”


“Make it fast Susan…”


West Central Park


“Carter Residence?  One moment,” Eleanor said as she put her hand over the receiver and called out "Jan it's Susan."


Katy watched as he mother stood up and walked to the phone, smiling as she said “and to what do I owe the pleasure of hearing your voice on a Sunday night Susan?"

"Have you been informed if the NYPD Vice Squad are raiding the Elysee Club tonight?"

"No, but it’s not an FBI matter.”  Janice looked over at the others as she said “why are you asking?"

"The Tripp sisters think the place is about to be raided,” Susan said quietly, “and there are THREE generations of the Richmond's there."

"Three? CRAP!" Janice blanched.

"Louise is asking for the marines to mount a rescue....can you do?"

"I can try, and talking of the marines, Eleanor is here. With her and Katy I can maybe do something."

"Well I'll send more bodies with the instruction they are under your orders.'

"Thanks Susan, I'll do what I can."


Putting the phone down, Jan sighed as she said “Thank the lord Adam is in Seattle, and Mom’s out.”


“What’s happened?”


“The Elysees is going to be raided – imminently – and the Richmond ladies are there.  We may need to get them out in the middle of a Vice raid.”


“Which ones?”


“All three of them.”


Eleanor looked at Jan as she said “All three?  Dammit, Katy…”


“I’m as surprised as you are,” the teenager said, “but we need to get them out.  Mom?”


“Get changed – I’ll get the weapons.”




"Sands is there?" Katy seemed amazed as she came back into the room, "but we have school tomorrow."

"Yes, and I'm not sure Bishop Walden would be happy if she spends tonight in the cells."

"So what do we do Jan?" Eleanor asked as she checked the weapons.


“Get there, find out what the lay of the land is, get them out.  Move out…”


The Elysees


“You must remember this, a kiss is but a kiss…”


The singer smiled as she crooned the classic, while Nessa crossed the dance floor.


"Mom I have to tell you something?" Sandy whispered in Nessa's ear as she sat down, "my daughter has a loaded gun in her purse."

"Well so do I," the older woman discretely opened her bag and showed the contents while Rhenia walked over and talked to Louise.

"And I'm the one who is the gangster?" a quick thought ran through Sandy's mind.

"I've been carrying one for a while now."

"Is it legal Mother?"

"No, but I'm Vanessa Richmond, I hardly think I will get in trouble."

"Never say never Mom." Sandy shook her head.


“Forgive me, Darling – am I addressing Alexandra Richmond.”


Sandy looked at the tall blonde, and said “it’s Louise Tripp, isn’t it?  Your sister is the comptroller at NorStar?”


“That’s right – forgive me, but I have a message for you – a private one.”


“And that message is?”


Louise leaned over and whispered into Sandy’s ear, then watched as she nodded and said “I understand.  Tell Missy and Rhenia I’ll take care of it.”


As Louise walked off, Sandy said “we need to get out of here, now…”


“What’s happened?”


“The guy you danced with?  Vice – if they’re going to hit this place…”




“Laurie, I told you,” Holly said loudly as she slapped her partner, and turned to return to the table.  Krys started to see red, and tried to leave to intervene – but Barrett grabbed her and said “where are you going?”


“My friend is upset…”


“Oh – are you more than friends, you little cocktease?”


Krys stared at him, her gloved hand clenching into a fist before it connected with Barrett’s chin…






“What is it Mom,” Katy asked as Jan looked at the car across the road.


“Albert – he and his partner are in that car.  They must be the back-up.”


“How do we stop him recognising us,” Eleanor said.


“I’ve got some wigs in the boot.”


“You always drive round with wigs?”


“When with Katy, yeah – it’s a trick I learned.  Good thing we have these jackets on – they’re baggy enough to hide even you darling.”


“Har har,” Katy laughed quietly, “let’s get ready…”





"Alright Heather, you don't need tell me, I was an idiot," Krys sighed as she fixed her makeup in the relative safety of the powder room.

"You said it,” Heather said quietly, “I didn't."

"I guess I really just let myself go and became a woman totally. Something inside me wanted to know how it felt to have a guy want me."

"Well you know he's angry enough now that he is going to cause another scene?"

"Even I sort of worked that out.  But I was angry – and as for that Laurie…”

"Derek is going to do what he can to help, but Holly is having her own problems fighting off Laurie"

"I saw," Krys carefully applied more lipstick. "So how do we get out of this?"


“Not easily – we may have to make a dash for it…”



"Barrett stop acting like a stupid fuckin' tool," Derek warned his friend as they sat at the table, "she kissed you she danced, she stopped it, accept it man."

"She's as big a tease as that bitch Holly," Laurie pouted. "I'd heard Tommy was history and that she was back in circulation..."

"You mean you set this whole fuckin' day up to try and see if you could get in her panties?" Now Derek was angry as he looked across the table. "You lied to me, you lied to her?"

"So what? Bitch shot me down in flames anyway," Laurie looked to where the petite blonde was chatting to Missy Auerbach.

"She aint gettin' away with it, no woman does that to me," Barrett nursed his chin.

"She's got away with it," Derek smiled, "and either of you bastards try anything..."

"You'll do what?" Laurie glared at the big man.


“Do you really want to know the answer to that?”




"Not enjoying yourself Holly?" Missy asked concernedly as she patted the young woman’s knee.

"I was till those two bastards tried to push their luck." Holly took a sip of champagne. "It's why I hate things being this bad with Tommy. at least when I'm out with him then these predators know better than to try anything."

"I saw both you and Krys fighting them off."

"Yes we both said no.  Missy – I hear you do internships for those interested in the fashion industry."


“I do – interested?”


“I might be – who do I talk to?”


“Come and see Rhenia tomorrow, if you have time – we can talk then…”



"So among other lessons you have learned?" Heather asked her friend.

"That when a woman says no, she means no," Krys smiled. "Just one of many things I thought I knew before, but which I certainly know now."

"So how far were you dreaming of going before you realized?" Heather asked earnestly.

"Honest answer?"


Krys smiled as she said "I was wondering what his cock would feel like in my mouth."


"Hey you asked for an honest answer, I gave you one."

"And what did 'he' have to say about that?"

"That I was a slut, but honestly Heather like this I'm feeling totally 'her', Tommy might as well not even exist."


“Yeah – we do have a lot to talk about, but for now, we go in, we make our apologies, and all three of us…  Sands?”


“Hey,” Sands said as she came in, “nice right hook.”


“I’m practised, but we’ll be going soon.”


“Wise move – Mom’s been tipped off an imminent raid…”


“Vice?  Dammit – we need to…”





The doorman looked up as the two cars came to the front, Moletti saying “Here we go…”




The rear door to the club opened quietly as the three masked brunettes walked in, the guns in their leather hands as the smallest of the three closed the door.  They made their way slowly down, and then stopped as they heard the voice call out “NYPD – ALL OF YOU STAY AT YOUR TABLES!”



“Fuck,” Sandy said as she saw the police officers come in, “Mom, lose the bag.”


“Allow me darling,” Louise said as she took Nessa’s purse and slipped it into her own, “I have a concealed weapon licence.”


“Where is Sands?” Nessa asked quietly.


“In the restroom – Heather’s in there, she’ll think of a way to get them out…”






“Keep calm, Sands,” Heather said quietly, “we need to get you and us out of here before…”


The door opened to the powder room as all three looked at the masked woman in the baggy jacket.  Eleanor looked at them, and then indicated they should walk out.  As they left, a second woman nodded as she took Sands by the arm and walked them to the rear of the building, Heather and Krys following as a third woman looked at her partner.


“Katy will get them out,” Jan said quietly as they heard the shouting in the main part of the room, “let’s go…”





“You bitch, you knew this was going to happen, didn’t you?”


“Me,” Holly said as she looked at Laurie, “how the hell would I know – and where are the others anyway?”


“If we’re going down, you’re going down too,” Barrett growled – and then he felt Derek’s fist connect with his chin as Rhenia and Louise grabbed the petite blonde by the arms.


“Best you join us,” Rhenia said quietly as Laurie tried to grab her – only for Louise to flip him before two police officers came over and tried to restrain him.  Derek looked over and nodded as Missy came to join them.


“This couldn’t get much worse, could it?”


That was when the gun shot fired out, and Nessa saw the man she had danced with earlier drop to the floor, holding his arm as blood started to seep out.  Other officers turned and fired in the direction the shot had come from, as Louise said “a strategic exit I think, darlings,” and they quietly made their way to the corridor.



“Mom, come with me,” Sandy said, Nessa nodding as they also stood up and followed Louise, while more shots were fired over the heads of the officers.




“What the hell…”


“Buffy McGeorge?  What are you doing here?”


“I was talking to – they left?”


“Who left…”


“Never mind,” Buffy said as she and Derek ducked, “can we get out of here?”


“I doubt it – and I need to keep these two here, give Holly and the others a chance to get out.”


“Want some help?”


“Please,” Derek said with a smile as he sat across Laurie, and Buffy sat across Barrett.


“Oh great, another whore,” he shouted out as she smacked him.


“Yeah – but an honest one…”





“Didya hear that,” Moletti said as he looked at Morgan.  Both men nodded as they jumped out of the car, running to the entrance as Rhenia came out.


“Someone’s taking pot shots in there,” she stammered, tears in her eyes as they ran in, allowing the others to come out.


“What about Heather and Krys,” Holly suddenly asked.


“We’re here.”


They all turned to see Heather, Sands and Krys emerge from the alleyway.


“What happened?”


“We heard the shots, and ran out the back – stupid of whoever it was not to cover that,” Krys said, the others nodding as Nessa said “perhaps, for once, a short walk and some cabs to my place?”


“No – my place,” Sandy said as more police officers ran in, “come on…”





“Did you get them out,” Eleanor whispered as she fired into the room again.


“Safely away,” Katy said as she aimed at one officer, hitting him in the shoulder, “let’s get out of here…”


“Buffy!  Where the heck is Buffy,” Sandy said as she looked round.


“I thought she was with you,” Heather said as she looked at Sandy – and then they saw more police cars draw up, as they walked quickly away…



“The shooting’s stopped,” Derek said as he looked up, “I need to…”


“Go,” Buffy said quietly as she smacked Barrett again – and then was lifted bodily off him as Moletti said “what’s yer story doll?”


“She’s a whore,” Barrett said a she felt the blood on his lip.


“Really – go wif my friends here miss, yer’ under arrest…”





11 pm

The Richmond Mansion


“Well, that was an interesting evening,” Nessa said as she closed the door, and looked at Sands.


“I know – bed,” she said as she yawned, “I’ll see you all tomorrow.”


As they walked up the stairs, Sandy said “I think we all need a drink – shall we go into the drawing room, and I’ll pour.”



Monday 21st November


The Richmond Mansion



“Derek?  What can I do for you?”


“May I come in Heather,” the big football player said as Heather held the door open.


“Of course – you managed to escape from the fight last night?”


“Barely – I went to check where you were after the shooting stopped, but you had disappeared – so I wanted to make sure you, Holly and Krys managed to avoid trouble as well.”


“We did,” Heather said as she closed the door, “we managed to slip out of the back door, and avoid the police.  What about…”


“No idea – when I got back they had gone, and I recognised Buffy McGeorge being taken out in handcuffs with some other ladies.  Did Krys get to her interview?”


“I believe so – she just sent me a message to say she was heading back now, and we’d meet soon.  She sounded positive about the job at any rate.”


“Well, that’s good – and I am truly sorry about the other two.”


“Don’t worry – you were a gentleman, and thank you.”


“Well, I’ll be on my way,” Derek said as Heather showed him out, smiling as she turned to see Sandy in the office doorway.


“I just had Missy on the phone asking about Krys – she was a little upset to hear she had missed her.”


“She’ll probably get another chance…”




4 pm

NYS University




Holly turned suddenly to see Tommy standing there, wearing a leather jacket over his polo shirt and jeans.


“Hey,” she replied quietly, “how was the weekend?”


“Useful – it gave me time to think.  A lot.”


“About us?”


“About you, Sands Richmond and me.  Listen…”


Holly looked at her boyfriend as he turned his head from side to side, and said “can you forgive me for being such an unfeeling bastard towards you?”




“Well, I have been, haven’t I?  I’d…  I’d like to see if we can work things out, talk things over.


“If you are willing that is?”


Holly looked at him and nodded, tears appearing as he kissed her.


“That was different – what happened?”


“I discovered some things about myself – things I want to change.  With your help – got time for a bite to eat now?”







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