Beach Blanket Bound









It was the time of year in the US that students loved and coastal resorts hated – the time known universally as Spring Break, and for Becca it meant a chance to escape from the drudgery of her course and spend a few days relaxing with her housemates, Sophie and Harriet.


She had managed to get a cabin on the coast, with a beach down the small hill from the cabin that led to the sea.  Opening the shutters in the morning, she looked out onto the scene, and smiled as she stood in her t-shirt and shorts.


“So what is on the agenda for today Soph,” Sophie said as she came out, rubbing her long brown hair with her head.


“Oh that’s simple – to the beach, do nothing, back here and do nothing.”


“Sounds like a plan,” the red haired Harriet said as she came out, “so breakfast, but some lunch together, and get going?”


“Roger that – I’ll have some OJ,” Becca said as the three girls headed for the kitchen.




“Right,” Becca said as she put the blanket down on the grass line that met the beach, “break out the suncream and let’s get started on that tan.”  She was wearing a blue and black patterned strapless bikini top, and as she slipped her shorts off she revealed her black bikini briefs.  Looking out over the water, she smiled as she opened the bag and took out a bottle of factor 30.


“Let me do you first,” Sophie said as she took the bottle and Becca turned her back to her.  She had on a matching bikini top and briefs, in duck white with a leaf motif on them, and large sunglasses over her brown eyes.  Putting some cream on her hand, she smoothed it over Sophie’s back as she called out “Come on Harriet – don’t be shy.”


“Easy for you to say,” Harriet said as she carried over a tub filled with ice and bottles of beer, “you don’t burn easily.”  She was wearing a brown and red chiffon blouse and blue bikini briefs, looking out through her sunglasses as she sat down and put cream on Becca’s back, before removing her blouse to reveal her red bikini top.


As they made sure the cream was everywhere it should be, they saw groups of young people walking to and fro along the beach, lying down and letting their bodies soak up the sun, without a care in the world...





“I told you, Joe – that was meant to scare them, not to actually be used!”


“Well it certainly scared them Bert,” the dark haired youth said as they drove at speed down the road, “and I didn’t kill anyone.”


“Maybe not – but the cops will be on our tail eventually...  Oh for the love of...  Did you fill the tank up like I told you to?”


Joe just shook his head as the car spluttered to a halt.  “Sorry Bert – and there isn’t a gas station for miles around here.”


Dammit,” Joe said as he looked at the bags on the back seat, the hundred dollar bills sticking out, “we need to find somewhere to lay low until it’s dark.”


“What about over there?”


The two men looked at the cabin, and nodded as they got out of the car, and pushed it in that direction...




“Damn – we’re out of beer,” Sophie said as she looked in the bucket, “which of us is going to get some more?”


“I’ll go,” Harriet said as she stood up, “I need to go a place anyway.  Try not to pick up any boys before I get back.”


The other two girls shook their heads as Harriet stood up and walked back to the cabin, her bottom swaying as she walked up the hill and across the grass to the rear door.  Walking in, she put the bucket down on the wooden table and walked through to the toilet – not noticing the front door was slightly open.


She took care of business, washing and drying her hands before she stepped out – and then let out a muffled gasp as a hand was clamped over her mouth, and a strong arm wrapped around her waist, lifting her off the ground as she was carried over to a couch.


“Well, what have we got here,” she heard a young man say as she was pushed face down onto the seat, her wrists pulled behind her back as she heard a sound like cloth ripping – and then felt her wrists forced together as something was wrapped tightly round them.


“Guess it’s not an unoccupied cabin then,” another man said as a knee was planted into her back, and she felt someone cross her ankles before there was the ripping sound again, and they were secured together.  “Go look out the back – see if there’s any sign of anyone else.”


“Gotcha,” the first voice said as Harriet was rolled over, and he saw the sandy haired young man in denims looking at her.  “You’re going to be quiet, aren’t you,” he said as he looked at her, Harriet whimpering as he stuck tape over her mouth and said “good girl.”


“I think there are two more out there,” the other man, no older than her, said as he came back, “what are we going to do Joe?”


“Easy Bert – enjoy their hospitality,” Joe said as he stroked Harriet’s cheek with his hand.  “We just need to wait for them to decide to find out where she is...”



“Where has she got to,” Sophie said as she sat up and looked through her glasses to the cabin.


“Probably stuck on...  I’ll go and look,” Becca said as she stood up and walked to the cabin.  As she walked in, she called out “Harriet?  You okay in there?”


Rnnn,” Harriet said as she squirmed on the couch, looking at the two men as they stood either side of the doorway that went to the kitchen.


“Harriet?”  Becca walked into the room, her eyes widening as she saw her housemate looking at her over the silver tape, before she was grabbed from behind, unable to stop Joe as he tape gagged her as well.


“Another playmate,” he said as Bert pulled her wrists behind her back and started to tape them over, “make her comfy over there.  The third one should be in soon.”




Sophie walked slowly up the hill, calling out “hey – what’s the matter with you two...”


She stopped dead as she walked into the room and saw Becca and Harriet, taped up and gagged, before she felt the gun in her side.


“Go with my friend,” the male voice said, “collect your things together, bring them back in here, your friends stay happy.  Understand?”


Nodding slowly, Sophie looked at the other two and said “have they hurt you?”


Nnnn,” Becca said as she shook her head, Harriet doing the same as Sophie said “all right – stay calm.”


“Come with me,” the sandy haired man said as he took Sophie by the arm and led her back outside, returning a few minutes later with the bags and the blanket.


“Good work Joe – now what are we going to do with her?”


“Tape her up,” Joe said as Bert tossed the roll of duct tape to him, “and then we’re going to eat.  After that, we’ll see what happens.”


The other two whimpered and twisted round as Sophie felt her wrists been forced together behind her back, and then the tape over her mouth, pulling on her skin as she was made to sit on the floor and her ankles taped together.


“While I find some food,” Bert called out, “see if you can find something to make sure they really can’t raise the alarm.”


The three girls looked at each other as the darker haired man left them in the room, and searched the rest of the cabin.




“That’s better,” Joe said as he and Bert pushed the plates away, “but we’ve got plenty of time before the sun goes down.  What shall we do now?”


“Let’s see what the girls would like to do,” Bert said as they walked through, watching as Sophie and Becca were trying to free each other.


“Having fun?”


They turned and looked at them as they walked over and picked Sophie up, dropping her on a seat and then looking at Becca.


“What did you find,” Joe said as he looked at Bert.


“Whoever owns this place must be into boating – there’s a shitload of rope in the cellar.”


“Well, bring it up - let’s see what we can do.”


Nplsss,” Harriet said as she twisted round.


“Aw – afraid we may hurt you,” Joe said as he walked over, and then pressed his mouth firmly on her taped lips, his hand squeezing her bottom as he did so.  “We’re not going to hurt you – we’re just going to have some fun.”


Hmmnnnn,” Harriet said as she opened her eyes wide, and then saw Bert carry up the ropes.


“There’s a knife in the kitchen, go get it,” Joe said, waiting as his friend brought back a knife and cut the rope into several lengths.  Taking one of them, Joe made Harriet lean forward, and then wrapped it round her arms, pulling her elbows together and making her chest thrust forward as he tied them to each other.


Becca and Sophie could only watch as he then took a longer length of rope, wrapping it round her arms and upper body, making two bands above and below her chest as her arms were forced against her back.


“There,” he said as he tied it off, and then passed it over one shoulder, around the band of rope below her chest and then back up, securing that before he started to caress the young girl’s chest in his hands, “how does that feel?”


Hmgddplassdndttht,” she said as she closed her eyes and moaned slightly, while Sophie felt her own elbows been tied together behind her back.  She then moaned as he own chest was squeezed, before the rope was wound tightly round her own body, and then around her chest to secure her.


Becca was shaking her head, watching as both her friends were groped by the intruders, and pushing herself into a corner.


“Oh dear, she’s feeling left out,” Joe said as he looked over, “make her part of the group Bert – I can take care of both of them for now.”


Plssllffmlkln,” Becca said as Bert pushed Sophie towards Hoe, and then grabbed some ropes, walking over to her and pulling her forward before he began to bind her arms tightly to her sides, taking the rope above, below and between her breasts, making a loop at the bottom of each one that when tightened made her squeal.


“Oh we need to muffle that,” Joe said as Bert groped her, “but in a little while.  Right now, let’s relax these young ladies.”


They were each in turn groped and massaged, eventually making them groan and start to want something else to happen – but when that point was reached, they were left and another of the girls would feel the hands on their chests.  Each of them could feel dampness between their legs, and a feeling like none they had know before, but no relief from it.


Eventually, Joe said “It’s getting dark – what are we going to do now?”


“We should let them have a drink,” Bert said as he went to the kitchen, returning with a bottle of beer before he knelt in front of Harriet, and pulled the tape away from her mouth.


“Here – drink,” he said as he held the beer bottle to her lips.  She took a long drink, and then said “please, just leave us and go...”


“Oh we will – in a minute,” Bert said as he pushed a folded dishcloth into her mouth, and then used several strips of tape to reseal her mouth.  “Stand her up.”


As Joe forced her to her feet, Bert wrapped a length of rope around her waist, and then made a knot below her belly button, before making several more knots in the rope.


Whtrru...  ndnnt plsssdntntnHMGDDD!”


Her cry was real as he passed the rope between her legs to Joe, the other man pulling it up sharply so that the knots lay along her crotch, and then tied it to her elbows.  He then knelt down and tied her legs together below her knees, Bert moving on to Sophie and removing her gag as well.


She and Becca were soon the same – the knotted crotch rope rubbing on their damp briefs as their legs were tied together.  They then felt the slap on their bottoms, as they were made to jump around the room, the knots rubbing on them as their bodies started to respond to their helplessness and the stimulation.


Harriet was the first to fall, dropping to her knees and shaking as the orgasm washed over her.  As she panted, she was made to lie on the floor, and rope tied around her taped ankles, then the crotch rope as her ankles were pulled back and tied to their chest ropes.


The other two soon followed as they all lay on the floor, too scared to move as the two men looked at them.


“Right then,” Joe said quietly, “we’re borrowing your car.  Hope you don’t mind.”


Whhtbbsss,” Becca said as she wriggled round, then closed her eyes and moaned.


“Oh don’t worry, we’ll tell someone about you – eventually,” Bert said as they grabbed the keys to Becca’s car, and then drove off...






“All night – all flaming night we spent like that,” Becca said as Sophie showed the two officers out.


“At least we got free in the end,” Harriet said.  “I don’t know why they did it either.”


“Apparently they held up a convenience store – we were unlucky.”  Looking at the pile of rope, Sophie said “I guess we should get rid of this.”


She then looked at the other two girls, before saying “unless you’re thinking of what I’m thinking...”


Later that afternoon, Sophie brought three bottles of beer down to the blanket by the beach.  The place was deserted – a fact Becca was glad of as she lay on the blanket, tightly bound and hogtied, tape over her mouth.


“Here – how much longer has she got?”


“Ten minutes,” Harriet said, “then it’s my turn...”








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