Priya’s Photo Shoot











It had been a month since what Priya had come to refer to as “the incident.”  Sometimes she had woken up screaming in the middle of the night, walking Jay as she held herself and shivered.  On a couple of occasions, at the dinner table, she had caught Nirav looking at her in a strange way, only to avert his gaze as she looked at him.


What was really troubling her was the conflicting feelings she had been having – sometimes the fear, and then the thoughts of pleasure at what had happened.  Was she a wicked woman for having those thoughts?


It was even worse when Jay’s father, Amar, called round.  She had spent a good part of the night bound and gagged with him, and had discovered something of what his feelings were towards her.  In fact, in order to get him to free her in the early hours of that morning, she had been forced to allow him to – play with her wasn’t the absolutely correct word, but it was close enough.


So when Amar called round to see her and Jay, she was a little nervous about what he might have to say.  The three of them sat at the dining table as Nirav watched television.


“Look,” Amar eventually said, “I feel somewhat responsible for what happened that night.”


“What could you do, father,” Jay said quietly, “they had guns.”


“Still, I feel I could have done more to prevent what happened,” he said as he looked at Priya, “and I want to make up for it – especially to you Priya.  You had to suffer the longest.”


“We survived – that is enough,” she said quietly.


“Perhaps – but I owe you for what happened.  So I have made arrangements with Antony Patel, the photographer, to come and take some photographs of you in the house as a treat.”


“Antony?  How can you afford someone as well known as him?”


“I cut a deal,” Amar said quietly.  “You and Nirav are due to go into the city for his school project on Saturday, so I have arranged for him to come then, for the day.  He will take pictures of you in various garments – formal, casual, others – and then bind and present them as an album for you.”


Amar, I...  I...”


“Say nothing,” Amar said with a smile, “Just say you accept my small gift.”


Priya looked at her husband, then nodded and said “Of course I do.”


“Excellent,” Amar said as he stood up, “I am sure you will enjoy the experience...”





The first session



“You must be Priya – I’m Antony Patel.”


Priya nodded as she opened the door and allowed the tall, dark haired man to come in, showing him the front room as he placed his camera bag on the table.  “I need to fetch some screens and lights,” he said as Jay and Nirav waved on their way out. 


“I’ll get some drinks,” Priya said as she walked to the kitchen, still in a pair of sweat pants and an old jumper.  As she made some tea, she heard Antony bringing in his equipment, so that when she went back into the front room he had erected some white screens over the windows, and was setting up some lights.


“Is this your first formal photo shoot?”


Priya nodded as she poured the tea.  “I must admit, I do not know what to expect.”


“Well, then it is an adventure,” Antony said as he looked at her.  “Have you selected your outfits?”


“I have – as you suggested.  I wonder if we can start with the formal and then move down from there?  I would rather get the worst bit out of the way first.”


“Why is this the worst bit?”


“Because I hate wearing all this jewellery,” Priya said as she left the room, “I will be back shortly.”


Antony nodded as he set up the lights, and checked the readings on his meter, while Priya retreated to her room.  Looking in the mirror, she took a deep breath and said “All right” as she removed her clothes, and started to get ready.


Thirty minutes later, Antony looked to the doorway and said “Very formal” as Priya walked back in.  She was wearing a crimson red tunic, with short sleeves, a green border and decorated with jewels especially on the lower hem.  The outfit was completed by a pair of green silk pants, and a long scarf of crimson and green hung over her shoulders.  A pair of gold sandals were on her feet, but it was the jewellery that completed the outfit – silver and gold bangles on her wrists, a large diamond ring on the first finger of her left hand, a heavy silver and jewelled necklace, and a diamond and opal head adornment.  She had platted her hair so that it fell over one shoulder.


“Truly beautiful,” Antony said as he set an ornate white chair in front of the screens.  “Please, be seated.”


Priya sat with her legs to one side, as he checked the lighting and then started to take photographs.  She smiled, a shy, pensive smile as he got to work.


“That’s good Priya,” he said as he walked round, and she moved her head to look in the direction he suggested, “very good.  Just hold that pose – there.”


She looked into the distance, but as she did so the memory of dinner that night came to her unbidden – the three of them tied to the chairs as they ate, the tape slapped roughly over her mouth as Jay was forced to deal with the unwanted caller...


“What’s wrong,” Antony said as he saw the tear on her cheek, “you look as if something has frightened you.”


“I’m sorry,” Priya said as she accepted the tissue he gave her, and wiped her eye, “just a bad memory.”


“Oh dear – have I upset you?  Because if so...”


“No,” Priya said quietly, “It’s just I went through a rather bad experience a few weeks ago – we were held hostage as a family, and...”


“You don’t have to tell me,” Anton said as he put his camera down.


“No, it’s all right – part of the night they made all three of us dress formally, then tied us to chairs as we ate.”


She saw Antony nod, as he said “One of the things about being a photographer is people tell you their experiences – you’re not the first person I have heard that from.  It still frightens you, doesn’t it?”


“A little,” Priya said quietly, “I still have nightmares and wake up sweating.”


“That’s understandable – it can be a very frightening experience, but there is a way I may be able to help you.”




“Will you trust me?”


Priya looked at him as he said “From my experience, the way to deal with these fears is to face them head on.  If you will allow me, I will show you the thing you are afraid of is not the fact you were bound – it was the men that bound you.”


Looking round, he saw two headscarves lying on the back of the couch.  “See this,” he said as he picked one up and walked back with it, “You do not fear this do you?”


“No,” Priya said as she looked at him.


“And you do not fear me, do you?”


She shook her head, as he moved the long scarf from her back, put her hands together palm to palm and used the scarf to tie her wrists together.  “There,” he said as he tied it off, “Does that scare you?”


She tried to move her wrists, feeling the silk as it held them together, and then said “No – no it doesn’t.”


“Good,” he said as he lifted her scarf off her, and then wrapped it around her arms and body, pinning them to her back as he tied it loosely.  “And now – does it frighten you?”


“A little, but not much,” Priya said as she twisted round.  “Why are you doing this?”


“To show you you have nothing to fear,” Antony said.  “I will prepare a second album for you, of you like this, to show you you are normal like this as well.”   He started to take photos again, Priya allowing him to do so, before he said “Did they silence you?”


“Yes – in several ways.”


“Allow me to do this,” he said as he rolled the second scarf up, and held it in front of her lips.  “Again, you have nothing to fear, but it will help you put the memories behind you.”


Priya thought for a moment, then nodded as she opened her mouth, the taste of the silk bringing back some memories.  Yet Antony was gentle, and as he took more photos she smiled over the gag – somehow he was making this enjoyable.


How was he doing that?




The second session


“There, that was not so bad was it?”


Antony allowed Priya to dub her wrists as he handed her a bottle of water, and opened one himself.


“No,” she said after she had taken a drink, “I was a little scared at first, but you put me at ease.  IT felt...”




“It felt quite good after that,” she said as she smiled.


“Well, when you are ready, you may go and change into your next outfit, while I make preparations here.”


Priya nodded as she stood up, and left Antony, returning to her bedroom and looking again in the mirror.


“How did he manage that,” she said before she shook herself, and started to remove her jewellery.


When she returned, she was wearing a knee length dress, the sleeves barely coming down her upper arms.  It had an open neck, with a line that followed the curves of her chest, and was black with an ornate ethnic pattern printed on it. The sleeves and hem were brown with a design based on peacock feathers.  She was also wearing a pair of deep crimson pantaloons, the lower legs of which were gathered round her legs by a pair of high heeled open backed boots, made in a gold leather.  She wore a bangle on her right wrists, a patter med long scarf on her left wrists, and a wide brimmed straw hat.


“You have exquisite taste in clothes, Priya,” Antony said, “Please, stand against that screen and we will begin.”  Priya walked over and stood, her right hand on her hips as the scarf trailed across the floor.


“Do you mind if I ask questions about that night,” he said as Priya posed in different positions for him.


“It was frightening,” Priya said, “they made me do things to them, and to my son, and to...”


“I’m sorry, I upset you again.”


“No, I do need to talk about it,” she said.  “My son – they made me massage his manhood until he came, and then they made me arouse my father in law as well.”


“It sounds as if you have reason to be frightened,” he said as he looked at her, “but did they harm you?”


Priya looked at him, and then said “No, praise be, but why do you ask?”


“To get you to talk,” Antony said.  “Tell me, when I tied you earlier, did I scare you?”


“No, you didn’t.”


“These men – did they make you move when you were bound?”


Priya looked at him again, before saying “Yes – why?”


“That still scares you doesn’t it?”


She nodded as Antony put the camera down.  “If you trust me, allow me to bind you again – with rope this time – and let you walk round.  It is important you face this fear as well.”


“Are you a photographer or a psychologist?”


“Both,” Antony said with a laugh.  “Will you allow me to of this for you?”


She thought for a moment, and then nodded.  “There is some lengths of rope in the kitchen – shall I fetch them for you?”


“If you would,” Antony said, and Priya walked out, returning with the ropes as she laid them on the long recliner.


“May I ask a question,” she said as Antony guided her wrists behind her back, crossing them and tying them carefully together.


“OF course?”


“You’ve done this before haven’t you?”


Antony wrapped the rope between her arms, pulling it tighter around her wrists, before tying it off and saying “Guilty as charged – I do private shoots for women who like to be tied, or men who like their women to be tied.  I am licensed, and I keep records, but I am doing this for you to help you.  IF you wish, I will stop now.”


“No,” Priya said quietly, “but thank you for telling me.  Please, continue.”


“I will now secure your arms – do not be afraid,” Antony said as he wrapped some rope around Priya's arms and pulled them into her sides, the rope pulling her dress in under her chest as well.  He passed the rope several times around her, both below and above her chest, Priya gasping as her chest was forced up and out.


As he knotted the ropes behind her back, Antony said “How does it feel?”


“Different from that day,” Priya said quietly, “I feel more comfortable, more relaxed, but just as unable to move as I was then.”


“As I said, it is not the ropes you need to fear, it is the men who use them,” Antony said as he removed her hat, and laid it to one side.  “Walk round, get used to the feel of them on your body.”


As Priya walked round the room, Antony taking photos as she did so, she could not help but admit it was comfortable – and there way the ropes framed and rubbed against her chest was giving her some unusual, warm feelings as well.




“Yes – yes it is,” Priya said quietly,  so what happens now?”


In response, Antony folded a small cloth and held it up.  “Allow me to silence you again, and then we will continue.  You should feel free to move as you desire.”


Nodding, Priya allowed him to place the cloth in her mouth, closing her lips as he untied the scarf from her wrist.  As he wrapped it several times around her head, she was surprised to hear herself moan, softly, gently, before he said “Walk again, please.”  She moved around the room, this time wriggling her chest as she did so, feeling the ropes as they rubbed against the material and moaning even more.


“Beautiful, just beautiful,” was all he said as he took shot after shot, and then laid the camera down.  “Would you like to lie down, and have your legs secured as well?”


Priya was surprised to find herself nodding, as she sat on the recliner, moving her leg up as she shuffled back and then laid her head on a pillow Antony placed on the arm.  She watched as he crossed and tied her ankles tightly together, the rope rubbing on her sandals as well as on her pants, and then secured her legs below her knees.


“Now, look at the camera and try to make some pleading noises for me,” he said, and as Priya played along she realised that she was actually quite enjoying this.  Where there was no fear, she was relaxed, and in that relaxation she was able to feel the way the ropes caressed her.  As she rubbed her legs together as much as the ropes allowed, she let out a deep contented sigh, opening her eyes as she saw Antony take more photographs.


“Excellent,” he finally said as he put his camera down.  “Do you wish me to untie you now?”


Nnnn,” Priya said as she shook her head, “Ntyt.”


“Very well then – let me repay you by nipping out and buying some lunch.  Will you be all right like this?”


Priya nodded, closing her eyes as she did so.  She heard the photographer leave, and allowed herself to drift away....






The third session


so how do you feel now?”


Priya took a sip of the juice, and looked at Antony.  “I can’t explain it – I should be frightened of what you did, but I found I was liking it more and more.”


“Well then,” Antony said as he finished his drink, “we have two more sets of photos to take.  IF you are willing, I can bind and gag you in different ways, and use different materials – give you a chance to face all the rest of your fears.”


Priya nodded, saying “I’d like that” before she stood up and left the room.  Antony gathered up the boxes and bottles, and took them to the kitchen, depositing them in the bin as he unlocked the back door, and then went through.


“Do you think this will do for the next outfit,” Priya said as she walked in. Antony turned and let out a little whistle as he said “Yeah – that will do.”


She was wearing a gold metallic look top, held up by two thin straps over her shoulders, and a matching jacket was over one shoulder.  A pair of tight blue jeans covered her legs, and the lower half of them were encased in a pair of high heeled gold leather boots.


“Jay doesn’t know I have this,” Priya said as she slipped the jacket on, “but he likes to see me in clothes like this, so it will be my special treat to him.”


“And I am sure he will love it,” Antony said as he checked the lighting again.  “Now, strike a pose for me.”


The next forty minutes were spent in Priya posing in several ways – standing with her head back, sitting in a chair, one foot on the chair seat, jacket off and on – until Antony said “Right – are you ready for the second part?”


“I think so yes,” Priya said as she hung her jacket over the back of the chair, “so what are you going to do?”


“Would you allow me to blindfold you?”


“Blindfold me?”


“I believe it can heighten the experience – but only if you are willing.”


Priya thought for a moment, before nodding in agreement.  “Thank you,” Antony said as he picked up a black scarf, and folded it into a band.  Standing behind her, he tied the cloth tightly over her eyes, and then said “Allow me to help you to kneel.”


“OF course,” Priya said as she slowly lowered herself to the ground, settling on her knees and waiting.  She then felt her arms been gently guided behind her back, and soft ropes being wrapped round her bare wrists, holding them firmly together.


“That’s good,” Antony said from behind her as she heard the camera working, and then she felt rope around her waist, fixing her wrists against her back as it was gently pulled against her.


“that actually feels quite good,” she sighed as she felt her arms being drawn into her side, the top pressed against her as the rope went around her arms, above and below her chest, rubbing on her bare flesh as it sat over the top of her vest.  She then felt it pass under one arm, around the back of her neck and under the other arm, so that her chest was forced out.


The camera clicked again, and then she felt her ankles being crossed, the sound of the rope rubbing on the leather unmistakable as they were pulled together.  “Oh that’s tight,” she said as the rope passed between her legs, and she felt the knot on the back of her legs.  Another length was fed under her legs, and she felt them been tied below her knees as well.


“All right so far,” Antony said as Priya heard the camera clicking again.  “I am,” she said quietly, “so what now?”


Her question was answered as she felt rope pulling on her ankles, and then on her back.  As she tried to move her legs, she felt it pulling on her chest, and she realised the one had been secured to the other.


“Very secure,” she said with a smile as she heard him taking more photos.


“Open your mouth please.”


Priya smiled as she allowed a cloth to be placed in her mouth – the silk scarf by the taste on her tongue, and then closed her lips over it.  She then heard a tearing sound, and felt her skin being pulled as some sort of tape was smoothed over her mouth.


“Now, keep posing for me,” she heard Antony say, and she heard the camera working as a pair of hands gently stroked down her arms....


Hssttrhrrr,” she mumbled as she turned her head.  It could not be Antony – she could hear the camera in front of her.  She wriggled round, but the hands stayed firmly on her, as the ropes rubbed against her chest, making her sigh as well.


“Don’t panic – it’s only me.”


“TNNEEEE!” Priya shouted out as her father in law knelt behind her.


“I told you I wanted to make it up to you for that night – do you remember the way we gag kissed?”


Priya nodded – she could not forget it, but she had wished it was Jay and not his father.


“Do you fear me?”


Priya shook her head – she knew he was a good man, that he would not hurt her, and yet...”


“Then allow me to help you to relax more,” he said as she felt his lips on her shoulders, and his hands gently stroking over her chest.  She wanted to struggle, she wanted to say no to him, and yet, and yet...


And yet his touch felt so good, as he stroked over and round her breasts, then started to gently squeeze them.  She was unable to stop him, and it felt so good to be treated like this.  She moaned and closed her eyes under the blindfold


“You feel so soft,” Amar whispered as he slipped her top up, and started to play with her nipples, making her gasp as she felt the dampness between her legs.  She moaned and put her head back, feeling his lips as he nibbled on her neck, and her nipples firming as a result of his gentle teasing.




“For your eyes only,” Antony said as he continued to shoot, then stopped – he was not going to capture what happened next, as Amar unzipped Priya’s pants and pulled them down a little bit, before stroking his hand up between her legs.


Hgdddd,” Priya moaned out as she pushed her pelvis forward, forcing his hand against her there and allowing his to feel her dampness.  That night, when he had kissed her chest with his tape gagged lips, it had felt good, and so did this – may she be forgiven, so did this...



AHnnnnnn” she moaned out as Toni stroked his hand to and fro, feeling her dampness as she started to buck her body against it.  As she did so, one thought occupied one mind, one thought drove her on.


She wanted to scream...






The fourth session.


“Jay must never know.”


“I have no intention of telling him,” Amar said as he sipped his tea.  The three of them were seated around the dining table, Priya wearing a gown as she sipped her own drink.


“You did not...”


“No, I did not,” Antony said with a smile.  “I was not asked to, nor did I.  I have my rules as well.”


“Did you know my father in law was going to come?”


Antony had the grace to look embarrassed, as Amar said “Yes, he did – it was part of our arrangement.  Priya, if I have caused trouble, I’m sorry – but...”




“But I thought you might enjoy the game.”


It was the turn of Priya to blush, as she said “well.... I can hardly deny I enjoyed it, can I?”  She could still feel the dampness between her legs.  “But it was wrong of you to trick me like that.”


“I know – but you did enjoy it,” Amar said with a grin.


“So, this final session...”


“I think we should use your bedroom, if you are agreeable – I checked the light, and with the curtains drawn I need no further lighting.  I can use an ordinary flash.  You are ready?”


Priya nodded – she had changed right after she had visited the bathroom when released.


“SO some shots for the main album, and then...”


“I have a proposal – a role play if you like.  Amar will pretend to be a kidnapper who sneaks into your room, binds you and silences you, and then...”


“And then?”


“We will see how it goes – but if at any time you want him to stop, say “Stop” or grunt three times quickly, all right?”


“And the photos...”


“Will stop after a certain point.”


Priya nodded, and said “Well then – it is three now, and the boys are back at six.  Let us begin.”  She stood up and walked to the bedroom, removing her robe as she did so to reveal her nightdress.


It was made of purple silk, and was sleeveless, the front falling in a V shape at her chest and the hem coming to just above her knees.  A white and grey pattern formed a border under her chest.


“Very nice,” Antony said as Priya smiled, putting her hands on her hips and moving them to the side a little.  “Hold that pose...”


He took several shots of Priya, standing in the room, lying on the bed as she raised herself up on her elbow, and then lying on her back, her hands running through her hair.  Eventually, he said “Good – now for the role play.  Pretend to be asleep, and we will see what happens after that.”


 Priya nodded and lay on the covers, resting her head on the pillow as she pretended to be asleep.  She could hear Antony taking photographs, and not a lot else save footsteps.


So when she felt the hand on her mouth, the scent of leather in her nostrils, she screamed “Whssthr” into it as she was rolled over.


Amar was kneeling over her, a black ski mask over his head so that only his eyes and mouth were showing.  “If you scream, I cut you,” he said quietly, “Understand?”


Priya nodded as he showed her a pair of her panties, wadded up in his free hand.  “When I remove my hand, open your mouth and take these in,” he said, waiting until Priya nodded before he stuffed them into place.


“Close your lips,” he said, and as she did so he placed a kiss on them, then smoother three strips of silver tape over them, covering her mouth and jaw.  He then rolled her over, and put her hands together behind her back, palm to palm, before she heard the tape being ripped from the roil, and the pull on her skin as her wrist and hands were taped together.


She then gasped into her gag as her arms were pulled together, making her elbows touch as Amar secured them.  Whtrudng,” she moaned before he made her sit up, and started to stroke his hands down her neck and shoulders.


“So beautiful,” he whispered as she felt his lips on her neck again, and then his hands as he pulled the shoulders of her dress down, his lips on her flesh.  She groaned again, despite herself, before she heard the tape being ripped free again, and the tension on her arms as he wound it tightly around her body below her chest.


She then felt him pulling her sleeves down, exposing her bare chest to the cool air before he taped her arms and shoulders, framing her breasts in two bands of silver.  Whrudngg,” she moaned as he laid her on her back, and then started to massage her breasts as he knelt between her legs.  She nodded and closed her eyes, feeling the warmth flow through her as her nipples started to harden to his touch.


Even more so when she felt hi slips caressing and kissing her chest, and his tongue stroke over her nipples.  Only Jay had done that before – not even the men who held her hostage, and forced her to do so many things, had done that.  Yes Amar had kissed her there that night, but his lips had been covered in tape.  They weren’t this time – and the difference was astonishing.


Hmmgddd,” she moaned as she wriggled under him, but he continued the slow teasing and kissing of her chest as he stroked his hands down her side.  She closed her eyes, enjoying the attention as he moved his hands down her legs, and kissed each of the toes on her left foot, before he bent the leg and positioned her heel against the back of her thigh.


She heard the tape, but was so lost in the feeling it took her a few minutes to realise he had taped her ankle to the thigh, and her leg above and below the knee.  As he repeated the binding on her right leg, she tried to ,move, but all she could do was wave her bent leg to and fro.



She also realised the skirt of her nightdress had ridden right up, so she looked at Amar and said “Whtrugdng” through her gag.


“Do not worry, I’m not going to force myself onto you,” Amar said quietly as he looked at her, “but I am going to make you feel very, very special.”


Opening her eyes, she saw Antony had gone, as Amar moved her legs apart, shifted the skirt of her nightgown up, and then put his head between her legs.  She felt his lips, his tongue, and the electric shock that ran through her entire body as he kissed her on the most private of places, and then started to kiss and lick her more and more.


She panted and started to move to and fro as her animal instincts took over, seeking fulfilment as Amar sought to oblige.....











Priya came out of the bedroom to greet Jay and Nirav, a smile on her face.


“Have you had a good day,” Jay said as he embraced his wife.


“OH yes, I have had a very good day,” she said, and Jay thought she saw a glow in her cheeks.  “The photographer – was he good.”


“Yes – he will call next week with the samples,” she said as she put her arms round Jay’s neck, and then kissed him.


“What was that for?”


“No reason – I wanted to,” she said with a smile, and the warm memories filled her.  Perhaps she could persuade Jay to bind her at some point.









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