Big Bad Little Ladies








Abigail sat on the edge of her bed at the InterContinental in Berlin and looked round. Mario Weirich the head concierge had been very solicitous and pleasant, as he’d supervised her and her mother’s check-in. 


The suite was bright, modern, but pretty anonymous compared to the one they’d had at the George V in Paris.  What it had, however, was an air of complete peace and quiet.


Abby kicked her heels off and stretched, sighing as she wriggled her toes. She and Diana had been on the road 10 days, a week in LA, then three days in Paris. The work had been tiring; she’d been filming commercials for up to 12 hours a day in LA.


But the crowd scenes in Paris that had greeted her had been almost worse than London.  She loved the city, and would have killed for the chance to spend a few quiet hours at the left bank, but there was no chance of that.  Even seeing her grandfather had involved a major security operation.


Worse. When she’d arrived in Berlin earlier that day, the crowds had been worse than both of those cities.  Abigail loved that Memories were using her as their spokesmodel, but at this moment she’d give anything to be tucked up in her own bed at home.


“Are you okay darling?” Diana called from the sitting room.


“I’m fine Mama.” Abby called back. “Mind if I had a short nap?


“No go ahead darling, we can unpack your stuff later.”


“Okay.” Abigail called back as she stripped naked and slid under the sheets. “See you later.”  She closed her eyes and relaxed, as the sleep quickly came to her exhausted body.


As Abby started to dream, she smiled inwardly to herself as she found herself back in the familiar territory of Riverbend, New Mexico. But this wasn’t the Riverbend of the old west and the Wildcats.


Abigail felt like she was floating down Main Street. Some of the buildings looked familiar, but there had been an awful lot of building since her last visit. A lot of the stores though were boarded up. A few tumbleweeds were blowing down the street. There were a handful of cars parked outside the post office, the general store, and other commercial buildings.


The large hotel she knew as the Rose Palace was now a boarding house, while the Lucky Strike Saloon was just a bar.  Abigail guessed the period to be the thirties as she floated over the body of a woman sitting in a Ford roadster outside the bank.  She wore a pale blue cotton dress with a straw hat over her head, and a scarf over her mouth, presumably to keep the dust out.   But she could see the strawberry blonde hair, and thought she recognized her, before she continued on into the bank and into a body.  The tell thin woman was wearing a blue denim shirt and jeans, with a flat cap on her head and a scarf over her face…




“Reach for the Sky…. This is a Holdup!” she suddenly heard herself calling out.


“Go get the money!” she gestured with her Thompson sub-machine gun to her partner, a short girl in a biscuit coloured dress, black leather shoes, gloves and beret, with a silk scarf covering her face.


“All of you, keep your hands in the air.” The short girl bandit ordered as she made her way to the teller’s cages. “Fill it.” She ordered the first teller.


“She said keep your hands where we can see them.” Abby, or Gail as she knew her name was, made a threatening gesture with the Tommy Gun.


“Now you.” The other girl, who she knew was called Reena, handed her sack to the next teller, pointing her gun through the bars. 


The women rapidly filled the bags, too scared to do anything but what they were ordered, while Gail covered the men and women kneeling on the floor.


“Thank you kindly,” Reena said as she took the bags, “now nobody move for ten minutes.  Have a nice day.”


The two women walked quickly out of the bank and jumped into the back of the Roadster.  “Drive, Annie,” Gail shouted as the woman gunned the engine, and they drove off down the street, the tellers running out after them.


“How much,” Annie called out as they drove out of town.


“Couple of thousand – it’ll pay the bills,” Gail said as she pulled her scarf down.  “Come on – let’s get back to the hideout.”


They drove for half an hour, until the drove under a broken wooden arch, with the words “Doub C Ran” still visible on the wind blasted wood, and drove behind an old house with boarded up windows.


The three women jumped out and walked into the house, Annie lighting an oil lamp as they sat on the dustsheet covered furniture.


“I love it when a plan comes together,” Reena said as she sat down.  “What’s for dinner?”



 “You, lover,” Gail said as she sat next to Reena and kissed her, holding her in her arms as Annie shook her head.


“Down, sister,” Annie said with a smile. “Let’s see what you have.”


Reena threw the bag over to the blonde, smiling as she looked inside.  “Not bad,” she said again, “but I’m beginning to think we should look a little bigger, make enough money to get us back east.”


“Why, don’t you like it here?” Gail said.  “This must have been some place before the dustbowl hit.”


“So grandma Cary used to say – she grew up here before the family moved back east,” Reena said.  “Would love to have seen it then.”


“Anyway – I’ll go and rustle up some stew.  Managed to get some supplies this morning.”


“Do we have anything to drink?” Gail asked.


“I’m making coffee.” Annie called back.


“Sounds great sweetie.”


Gail looked round. She was right this must have been some place back when, before the long drought, and the winds had turned it into an inhospitable desert.


All three girls had their roots in this land, but they’d all grown up in a different world, that refined world of bone china teacups, broad green lawns, servants, nice clothes, and private schools.


Yes, life had been pretty good for all three of them till the depression hit. The stock market crash had wiped out her own father. Annie’s dad had jumped out of his office window when his investments tanked. Reena’s father had been a little luckier, but the depression that followed the crash destroyed his business and he’d had a stroke, and then died. The pressure of trying to maintain a life for his daughter and her two friends had just been too much.


All that was left to any of them were a couple of old places back here in New Mexico. The girls had come back eager to meet the new challenge in their lives, but the dust, the dryness, and the bad times, had ended any dreams of building a new life ranching.


It was Reena who’d kept their spirits up with her tales of the old-time women outlaws called the Wildcats, and the legend that her Grandma, and Great Grandma had ridden with them.


It was Gail though who in her desperation had suggested that they take up a life of crime.


So far things were going pretty nicely. Robbing small town banks was not a way to get rich, but it kept body and soul together. They’d built up a little bit of a local reputation, but the headlines were grabbed by the likes of Pretty Boy Floyd, John Dillinger, and those crazy Texans Bonnie and Clyde. No on the FBI wanted list, the girls knew they were pretty low down, and that suited them just fine.


On top of that the girls had discovered that they had no need for men in their lives. What had started as a friendly kiss or two had blossomed into a full-fledged love affair between Gail and Reena. Even Annie had sometimes discarded her natural instincts and joined in the wild, crazy, lovemaking.


Gail had been brought up to respect the laws of god and man, but in this crazy world of little hope, and lots of desperation she now saw nothing wrong in her choices. They hurt no one when they held up a bank, and surely God could not complain of her taking pleasures from her lover’s caresses?


No if anyone was bad in this world it was people like Old Man Morris, who had made a fortune squeezing every last dime out of folks all ready struggling in this depression, and his political cronies like Congressman Maroni. They were the real baddies, Gail had thought to herself a million times, not three girls just doing the best they could to survive.


“Hey I picked up a newspaper while I was getting the supplies.” Annie remarked as she brought in the bowls of stew.


“Anything good in it?” Reena asked as she sipped her coffee.


“Not much… Most of it’s about that old bastard Maroni visiting Riverbend on Saturday as part of his re-election tour, on Old Man Morris’ private train yet.”


Gail shook her head, “those are the people I’d like to shake a few dollars out of.”


“Yeah would be almost an act of kindness of the world to relieve both of them of some of their ill gotten gains.” Reena sighed, “Small chance though, I bet they only carry change with them.”


“Says here they are both being accompanied by their granddaughters.” Annie read out the details. “Miss Judith Maroni, and Miss Roberta Morris will graciously accept bouquets from the local 4H club.”


Gail shook her head, “Surprised the locals don’t want to hold them hostage till those two crooks put something back into Riverbend, rather than giving them flowers.”


“Now that’s an idea.” Reena chuckled. “We snatched those two little bitches, I bet we could shake their Grandpas down for more than a measly couple of grand.”


“Yeah who knows what they’d pay to get ‘em back?  ” Annie laughed.


“Yeah who knows?” Gail stood up and started to pace.


“Oh come on Gail it was a joke.” Annie looked at the serious expression on her friends face.


“Yeah what do we know about pulling a kidnapping?” Reena asked.


“How do we know until we try?” Gail stopped and looked at her two friends. “We’ve been saying we need a big score to get us back east…”


“Yeah but this?” Annie interrupted.


“Yeah this,” Gail snatched the newspaper. “This is our ticket outta here.”






In bed later, Gail moaned with pleasure as Reena’s hands explored the soft flesh of her inner thighs, stroking and caressing, moving ever closer to her lovers sex.

Rena lowered her head to the taller girls, kissing her hard, passionately, once again their tongues doing the dance of love as they made their passionate desire for each other come true.

“So were you really serious about snatching those girls darling?” Reena whispered as she pulled away for a second.

“Perfectly…. Oh!” Gail gasped as her lover’s fingers found the petals of her slit and started caressing her there as they bloomed and opened.

“Like this?” Reena asked as she used her fingertips to explore her lover’s hidden secrets.

“Yes!” Gail hissed as she arched her back at the feel of Reena’s fingers touching her clitoris.

“Do you have a plan in mind?”

“At this moment to just lay back and let you…”

“No silly for the kidnapping.” Reena again kissed her girlfriend.

“Oh I have an idea…. OH YES!” Gail gasped.

“For this? or for the kidnapping?” Reena asked as she wiggled two of her long slender fingers into her lover’s vagina.

“For the kidnapping… yes …… OH MY GOD!” Gail yelled out as Reena started to gently fuck her with her fingers, moving them slowly out, then pushing them back in hard.

“We’ll talk about it later, I need concentrate on this.”

Gail lay there naked to the world as her lover finger fucked her with ever increasing speed and intensity.

“OH YES!!” she screamed as her orgasm came.






Abigail woke up, it was dark, and her Mother had obviously come in and unpacked. She felt the dampness between her legs.

“I better clean up,” she thought to herself.



“Did you wake up darling?” Abigail heard her mother call from the bedroom while she sat on the bidet.

“Yes Mama.” She called back. “Just in here.”

“I’ve ordered supper, should be here in five minutes if you are up to eating?”

“Yeah I’m ravenous thank you.”

“Well I’ll be in the sitting room,” Abby heard her mother close the bedroom door.

Abby stood up and dried herself. Her lurid dreams about herself and Carina were getting more intense since she’d been on this trip. The feelings inside Abigail disturbed her, she needed to get home and finally talk all this out with her best friend.

Abigail slipped into a bathrobe as she heard the waiter leaving, and stepped out to join her mother.

“Sleep well Cherie?”

Oui.” Abby smiled as she looked at the seafood platter her mother had selected. “Good choice for dinner Mom.”

“Well I knew we couldn’t eat in a public restaurant.”

 “Yeah those crowds today were incredible.” Abby shook her head. “I’ll be glad to get home where people leave me relatively alone.”

Diana smiled at her daughter, she was intensely proud of Abigail, but she knew the pressure was telling.

Abigail ate well before watching some TV and heading back to bed.





As she lay under the sheets again, her eyes slowly closed, and she found herself back at the ranch, sitting with Reena and Annie.


“The way I see it, everyone who bothers to come will be standing at the end of the train, listening to Maroni while Morris looks on.  The two brats will be there just to get the bouquets from the little goody goodies of the 4-H, and then they’ll be packed back into the carriage while their grandpapas do the talking.”


“So how do we take them,” Reena said as she bit into a hunk of cornbread.


“Like this…”




The railway station at Riverbend had been given a fresh coat of paint, and bunting had been hung up as the steam train slowed to a halt, towing the three carriages.


“What a dump,” Judith Maroni said as she looked out of the window, “What do we have to stop here, Grandpa?”


Albert Maroni looked up from his desk and smiled.  “I’m not very fond of the place either, Judi, but this is an election year, and they all have a vote.”


She looked again out of the window at the street, with some people starting to gather.  She was wearing a red dress with a white fern pattern printed on it, which came to just below her knees, and a pair of white kitten heels.


“So this is Riverbend,” Roberta Morris said as she came over.  She wore a yellow dress with puffed sleeves, a white collar matching the belt fastened tightly round her waist, with yellow shoes that had brown tips and heels.


She ran her hand through her strawberry blonde hair, which had been cut and curled this morning, and said “How long do we have to be here, Grandfather?”


“It’s only for an hour – you two come out, shake hands and smile, take the flowers, and then you can come back in and relax while Albert talks to them.”


“An hour – fifty minutes too long,” Judith said, “Think we can do it Bobbi?”


“We’ll manage Judi – when will lunch be ready?”


As if on cue, a young girl in a maid’s dress came in and said “Lunch is ready, Mister Morris.”





A brass band had been found to play as the townspeople gathered in their best clothes, a group of girls in summer dresses waiting by the side of the platform.  On the other side of the train, Annie pulled up in an old pickup truck she had ‘borrowed’ from the next town over that day. 


“We’re here,” she said over her shoulder as she looked at the train.  Gail looked through the dirty windscreen, and smiled as she went into the back, emerging from the back with Reena.  Both girls wore denim dungarees and men’s shirts, while their hair was piled up under two cloth caps.  Without make up, they looked like normal workmen as they made their way along.  In her hand Reena carried two old corn sacks, while Gail had several lengths of rope and two rags, both girls also carrying pistols.


From the other side of the train, they heard the brass band playing, and some cheering.  They stood, listening as the cheering increased, and they heard Morris say “Good people of Riverbend…”


“That’s our cue,” Reena said as they climbed up onto the platform of the other end of the last carriage, and looked in the door.  They could see Morris and Maroni standing on the opposite end, and slowly opened the door, sneaking in as they closed the door behind them.


“Who are…  The maid had no chance to say anything before Reena raised her gun and pointed it at her, saying “face down on the floor darling, and don’t say anything.”  She knelt next to the young girl while Gail kept watch, working fast to bind her wrists and ankles and place her in a hogtie, and then tying a napkin into her mouth.


Outside, Judith and Roberta were smiling as they received the two bouquets of flowers from the young girls, smiling sweetly as they did so and held them in their gloved hands.  Judith watched as her father said “thank you – thank you all for the kind reception and the gifts to these, our grandchildren.  You have welcomed us to your hearts, and we feel part of you.  We share in your suffering, we share in your pain…”


“We share in getting out of here,” Roberta said as she and Judith quietly slipped back into the carriage.  They placed the bouquets on the seats, looked round – and saw the maid struggling on the floor.


“What the he…”


Not a sound ladies,” Reena said as she poked her gun into Roberta’s back, Gail doing the same to Judith.  “Hands behind your backs - NOW.”


The two girls looked at each other, and slowly moved their hands behind, feeling the rough rope on their bare wrists as the two girls secured them.


“Is this a robbery,” Judith said before she yelped at the ropes being tied tight.


“No – a kidnapping,” Gail replied, and before the two girls could respond a sack was pulled over their heads, and rope used to tie it around their upper body.  Gal and Reena then used the rag they had brought as a gag, pulling the sack partially into the mouths of both girls, and then frogmarched them both to the back of the carriage.


Opening the door, they heard Maroni say “and if you re-elect me, I promise you things will continue to get better for you and all the people of the great state of New Mexico.”


“In your dreams,” Reena said as she helped Roberta down the steps, and then pushed her towards the waiting pick up.  Annie helped her to drag the bound and gagged girl inside, making her lie on the wooden planks and binding her ankles together, before they both helped Gail with Judith.


Once she was secured, Annie went back to the front and drove off, as the band started to play again.


“There girls,“ Morris said as he and Maroni came back in, “that wasn’t so bad was…”


Maroni looked at the carriage, and then at the maid who was struggling on the floor, walking over and rolling her onto her side.  He picked up the sheet of paper that was underneath her and opened it, while Morris called his security guard.


“House, what the hell happened here,” he said as the tall, well built young man came in.


“Read this,” Maroni said as he handed Morris the paper.


We have you granddaughters, and if you want to see them alive and well again, it will cost you $20,000.  You have 48 hours – enjoy your stay.


“Someone’s gonna pay for this,” Maroni growled…





The truck pulled up at the back of the ranch house, Reena opening the door as Annie and Gail carried the struggling form of Judith through and into a room they had earlier boarded up the windows of.  She then stood guard with her gun as they left, returning with Roberta and dropping her on a mattress as well.


“Here,” Annie whispered as she handed each of them a scarf, and they tied it over their noses and mouths, before she removed the gags and ropes around their bodies and pulled the sacks off.


“How dare you,” Judith said as she looked at the three masked people, “Don’t you know who we are?”


“We know exactly who y’all are – two spoiled little brats who don’t know what hardship is,” Gail growled.  “Welcome to school – now shut up and keep quiet.  We’ll feed you later.  Watch them.”


Annie nodded as Gail and Reena left, watching the two girls as they sat there with the rifle nestled in her arms.


Judi and Bobbi glanced at the masked girl with the rifle.


“Hey hayseed, do you think you really have any chance of getting away with this?” Judi asked.


“If your grampy’s love you dahlins as you think they do.”


“God you’ve all got straw for brains.” Judi shook her head.


“Well we’re just three little country girls trahing to make our way in the world.”


“Damn you’re dumb.” Roberta laughed. “My Grandfather will have the local sheriff, the state troopers, Hoover’s Boys, all out looking for us… You stupid bitches are all dead already.”


Annie chuckled, “well, first honey they gotta catch us, and we have a saying in the country, a virgin is a girl who can outrun her own brothers… well me and my friends are still virgins.”


“And what the hell does that stupid saying mean?” Judi looked bemused.


“We ain’t so easy to catch.” Annie laughed out loud as she said this.


“It’s probably more like no man would want to catch you.” Bobbi made a show of bravery. “I bet those masks aren’t to hide who you are, but to hide how plain looking you are.”


“Ooh ya got me.” Annie doubled over like she’d been shot.


“The truth hurts…” Bobbi spoke again.


Annie interrupted her with a hard slap round her face.


“So does that Dahlin - just remember ah’m the one with the gun here, and I aint afraid to hurt yer.”


For a few moments the two prisoners diagnosed the message in the slap.


“You’d really kill us?” Judi asked.


“In a heartbeat dahlin. You are our ticket outta here, but once we have the cash, does it matter to us if yer still alive?” Annie paused. “Think on it girls?”


Judi swallowed hard, before saying “Look, I know it hasn’t been easy for people out here, but do you really think this is going to help.”


Annie looked at Judi, before saying “You silly little gal – you have no idea what life is like for folks like us, do yah?  Maybe you should spend less time in yer fancy dresses and looking down yer noses, and more time living real hard life.”


She walked to the door, before saying “Ah presume y’all wanna eat?”  Seeing them nod, Annie said “then sit real preety like, and don’t move ah muscle.”  She went out and locked the door behind her.


“Bobbi, what the hell are we going to do?”


Judi looked at her friend, who was starting to sob quietly.  “I don’t know – I just want to go home Judi…”


"Damn those bitches are going to get on my nerves." Annie switched to her natural upper class New York accent as she pulled her mask down.

"Just remember sweetie when we let them go they'll be telling everyone they were snatched by three dumb little country girls." Reena looked round from preparing supper.

"And we will be on our way back east with some cash in our pockets to help get us back on our feet." Gail added.

"So ah gotta keep talking' like some dumb hillbilly." Annie switched voices.

"As long as it takes honey." Gail laughed as she spoke in her assumed accent.

"So how are they doing?" Reena asked.

"Not too bad. I shut them up after I slapped one."

"Good." Gail nodded. "We need keep them scared and off balance, they are less likely to give us trouble that way.”

Annie nodded. "How long to we eat?"

"About 10 minutes."  Reena looked up from the stove.

"Okay I better get back in there. "Annie pulled the scarf back up over her chin and nose. "Ah hope you bitches aint dun nuthin' stoopid." she yelled out to announce her return.


Judi and Bobbi shook their heads as Annie checked the ropes around their ankles and wrists.  “Right – we’ll bring some vittels in, and yer can eat them as they come, like we do.  Might even have some hooch for ye as well.”


“Hooch? What’s that?”


“Sweet water, lady – yer want some?”


Bobbi nodded as the door opened and Reena brought in two bowls, while Gail brought in two bottles and a loaf of bread.


“What do we eat it with,” Judi said as the bowl was put in front of her.


“With your hands of course, dahlin,” Reena said in a southern accent as she untied their wrists.  “Use the bread to mop the gravy real good.”


Bobbi rubbed her wrists, then grabbed one of the bottles and took a fast drink – only to spit it out and start coughing.


“Told ya it was sweet water, sugah,” Annie said, “now eat yer food.”


“What is it,” Bobbi said as she smelled it.


“Coon – shot it fresh myself today,” Reena said, “with some carrots and greens.”


“Judi, we need to eat…”


“I know,” Judi said as she picked up some bread and dunked it into the bowl and putting it into her mouth and slowly chewing.  She then picked up the other bottle and took a swig, staring at the three masked women before she swallowed it.


“That’s the spirit, dahlin,” Annie said.  “Eat and drink – enough of us go hungry without y’all adding to the number.”


“Hey,” Gail said, “which one you idiots let an alarm clock off….”




Abigail opened her eyes and looked to her left, to see the light on the telephone flashing as it rang.


“Who in the name of the goddess…”  She picked up the receiver and said “Yeah?”


“Did I wake you Abs?” Carina asked.


“Yeah it’s one in the morning here.” Abigail glanced at the clock by her bed. “What the hell are you doing ringing this late Cari?”


Cari sounded apologetic, as she said “I thought you might still be up, getting back from a club or something.”


“A club? … I should be so lucky, the media and my so-called fans have me trapped in my hotel… It’s worse than Paris.”


“Ouch, that sounds harsh…”


“It is.” Abby interrupted.


“Well I’m sorry I woke you then, I had some news.”


“What news?”


“Well other then I got a speeding ticket, only that I saw the doctor and she says both baby and me are doing brilliantly.”


“Hey that is great news.” Abby grinned. “I’ll tell Mom in the morning.”


“So other than being trapped, any news from you?”


Abby groaned, and said “Only that I’m having ‘those’ dreams again.”


“Were we?”


“Yep,” Abby acknowledged. “Been getting more intense, gone beyond us just kissing, tonight been dreaming we are lovers.”


Wow, that sounds interesting.”


“INTERESTING!”  Abby had to stop herself from shouting in case she woke her mother.  “Carina Huntingdown, I’m having the most highly erotic dreams of my life about YOU, and all you can say is it’s interesting?”


“Abs can we wait until you get home to talk this out?”


“Not really.”


“Abby I need do some thinking first.”


“Okay I’ll let you off the hook Carina, but Goddess we really do need to talk.”


“And maybe do some more kissing?” Cari giggled.


Cari you aren’t helping, I…”


“Yeah but it gives you more to dream about.” Carina interrupted then hung up.


Abigail turned her light out and lay back, “more to dream about - as if I didn’t already have enough.”





Bobbi put the bottle down and looked at her captors through slightly glassy eyes.


“What – what was in that,” she said as she smiled.


“Liquid gold, dahlin,” Annie said with a smile.  “Take those dresses off.”


“What,” Judi said as she looked at the two women.


“Take your dresses off – we’re going to make ye real comfy for the night.”


Judi and Bobbi looked at each other, and then both slowly started to unfasten their dresses, standing unsteadily due to a combination of the drink and their bound ankles as the dresses fell to the ground.


“Slips as well,” Reena said, smiling as they removed them and stood there in their bras and panties.


Gail came back in, now wearing a blue cotton dress, pointing a gun at both of them as she said “Right, ladies – hands behind your back please, while my friends make you prettier than a shotgun bride.”


Judi shivered as she felt Reena running her hands down her bare arms, and then pulling them behind her back, crossing and securing her wrists with rope, and then gasped as her elbows touched, the rope holding them together as well.


“My gals, she’s more bendy than a spring sapling,” Reena said as she watched Annie bind Bobbi’s arms in the same way, and then they both passed rope around their arms and bodies, above and below their chests, so that their bras almost burst open.


Gail watched, getting hotter and hotter as the two captives moaned at the way their breasts were forced out and up.


“Why are you doing  doing this…” Bobbi panted as they were forced down onto their knees.


“To make sure you stay where you are, dahlin,” Annie said as she pulled Bobbi’s ankles together and tied them tightly, then ran a length of rope from her ankles to her wrists.


Judi was secured in the same way, before Gail walked forward and stroked both of them on the cheek.


why don’t you gals go and get some food,” she said quietly, “ah’ll take the first watch.”


Annie and Reena smiled as they walked out, and Judi looked into Gail’s eyes.


“You’re shivering,” she said quietly, “why?”


“I…  I’m cold,” Judi said as she looked into the tall masked girl’s eyes.


“Oh,” Gail said, “are you sure it’s not because of how you feel there?”  She put her hand between Judi’s legs and gently stroked her panties.


“No – please…” Judi said, as Gail picked up a rag and folded it up.


“I think you need to be quiet,” she said as she held Judi’s nose, watching as she opened her mouth and then pushing the rag in, before she wrapped another length of rope around her head and between her lips to keep it in place.


there – isn’t that better,” Gail whispered as she planted a kiss on Judi’s lips, and pressed on her crotch.




“Oh don’t worry, angel,” she said as she looked at Bobbi, “I haven’t forgotten you.”  She smiled as she folded another rag, and then slapped Bobbi’s bottom, pushing the rag in as she opened her mouth to scream and then tying rope between her lips as well.


Whrrudgngths,” Bobbi said as Gail slowly caressed her breasts in her hands, and then pulled down the shoulder straps and cups of her bra, before she planted her lips through her scarf on the smaller girl’s flesh.




Shh,” Gail said as she moved over and gently caressed Judi’s chest, smiling under her mask as she uncovered her chest.  She caressed the firm breasts and smiled even as Judi groaned.


Bobbi watched while Gail lifted her skirt as she stroked the taller prisoner’s breast. She felt so hot, rubbing herself through her thin cotton panties as she touched the girl’s nipples and felt them harden to her touch.


LIkin’ that dahlin?” she whispered as the gagged girl let out an involuntary sound that was half pleasure and half shame.


Gail closed her eyes briefly as she let the sensations from touching herself rush through her body. Those electric tingles as she rubbed slowly on her own sex.


“Damn,” she moaned as she squeezed the other woman’s breast as though she was testing a melon at the market, “you’re getting me excited dahlin.”


Bobbi moaned as well.  Quickly Gail stepped back, pulled her dress up, and slowly pulled her panties off.


“Like what you see?” she asked both girls as she held her dress up round her waist.


Gail leaned back against a pillar, using her hand under her skirt to stroke and caress her own bush, feeling the droplets of moisture escaping as she touched her mound.


“Oh mah God.” She moaned as she rubbed harder, feeling herself open up to the world.  “Oh ladies you don’t know what naughty things ahm dreaming of doing to you.”


She hissed at her prisoners as she found her clit and tried to stimulate it between two finger tips.


Yesssssssss” the cry came from deep inside her as she stroked herself and touched her inner treasures.


Slowly she inserted a finger into herself, withdrawing it slowly.


Mmmm I taste good,” she moaned as she licked her own juices from her finger. “Wanna taste?” she offered, “Oh that’s right, yer a little tied up.” Gail giggled as she reinserted the finger in herself.


Slowly at first, then getting quicker, she both rubbed and fucked herself, feeling the sensations grow, feeling the pure animal pleasure.


“Oh dontcha wish ah was dointhis to you honey?” Gail looked straight in Judi’s eyes.  The young girl couldn’t look away, and neither did Bobbi.  Their fear was been replaced by something else…


“Oh yeah.” The cry was a scream as she brought herself to the edge.


Gail threw her head back and narrowed her eyes as it built, it was coming, it was coming, it was here.


Yessssssssssss!” the single word escaped from her lips as she writhed in pleasure up against the post, turning her head from side to side as the orgasm shook her to her very foundations.






Yesssssohhhhshit,” Abby said as she woke up with a start, and looked down.  The clock said 2.40, as she pulled the sheets back and went once more to the toilet…




The train carriage was lit like a Christmas tree as Maroni and Morris sat across the table.


“What do you mean they can’t send anyone?”


that’s what they said – too busy dealing with Chicago and New York.  We may not have a choice in this.”


“Yeah – but that much money…”


“Maroni, I’d pay ten times that to get Roberta back.  Didn’t anybody see anything?”


Maroni shook his head.  All the maid can tell us is they wore overalls and shirts, but they were women.  There’s not a lot more they can say.”


“I thought you had the sheriff around here paid off.”


“I do – but he knows nothing.”


There was a knock on the door as House came in.




“This was left at the sheriff’s office for you, sir,” he said as he handed Maroni a slip of paper.




“Tomorrow noon – there’s an old roadhouse a few miles out of town.”






Judi felt for Bobbi’s hand behind her, their fingers touching as they sat on the floor.  Reena was watching them, her gun on her lap as she sat back on a chair.


After the previous night, they had been given food and water, and a pair of old denim dungarees each to wear, before their wrists were bound behind their back and they were then tied, sitting on the floor, back to back.  Their ankles and legs were secured, before rolled up towels were used as rags.


At least the tall one had not been in – after she had pleasured herself, she had proceeded to bring each of them to a climax neither of them had ever known.  She’d then left them lying on their mattresses, crying to themselves as she had watched.


As Judi looked down, however, she could see her breasts heaving under the denim bib, and feel the rough material against her bush, and she could not deny the way it was making her feel.  From the muted gasps behind her, she figured Bobbi felt the same.


The door opened and the strawberry blonde came in.


“How are the little dahlins,” Annie said as she looked at them.


“Been good little kittens, sugah,” Reena said as she stood up.  “Food nearly ready?”


“In a few minutes,” Annie said as she knelt down, and lifted Bobbi’s chin with her finger.


“You ready to eat, dahlin,” she said as she looked into her eyes.  Bobbi nodded slowly and coughed as the towel was removed from her mouth.


“Please,” she said quietly, “untie us for a while.  We’ll be good.”


Judi nodded in agreement, as Reena helped Annie to untie them.  “Remember, dahlins,” Annie said quietly, “one wrong move, and you die.  Ah’ll stay and keep y’all company.”




“ Because we care,” Reena said as she left the room, walking into the kitchen where Gail was sitting at the table.


“Hey – how are they?”


“Good and scared, lover,” Reena said as she sat down.  “I think we may just pull this off.  How are we going to play this?”


“I made the arrangements earlier today – saw a few people, laid some money down.  Don’t worry – everything is in place.  We follow through with the plan, this time tomorrow we’ll be on our way back…”



“You got your instructions, boy?”


“Yes, sir,” House said.  “Deliver the money, keep them talking, and you’ll follow.”


“Good – on you go now.”





The Palomino wasn’t anything pretentious, even in the good times it hadn’t been more than a large double shack out on the highway west of Riverbend. In hard times it looked shabby, badly in need a coat of paint, rundown and neglected.


To Gail it was the perfect place for a meet, just one road in, one road out, and approaching traffic visible for miles from up top of Wild Horse Butte. If those two old bastards tried to pull any tricks she’d get plenty of warning from Annie parked up on top of the butte with her rifle.


Rosie Hart the owner the owner of the Palomino was as old and tired as the whores she let work in her place. The few customers barely met the cost of her payoff to Maroni and the sheriff for letting her stay in business. When the girl with the mask covering her face from the dust storm had offered her $200 to look the other way and keep her mouth shut, she’d jumped at the chance to make some ready cash.


So the Palomino was officially closed for business as Gail sat there with her mask on listening for Annie’s signal that all was okay. One shot all was good, two shots she needed to get the hell outta there.


The single rifle shot made her sit up and stand by the bar, listening to the sound of the truck as it came closer, and then pulled up outside the door.  She heard the heavy footfall, and then the door swung open, Gail looking at the six foot four tall man in the ill fitting suit as he walked in.


“Hello dahlin,” she said as she looked him up, “you come alone?”


For his part, House was looking the woman up and down.  She was almost as tall as him, wearing a simple gingham dress with old boots, and a bandana tied over the lower part of her face.


He reached for his pocket, as the girl pulled gun from her side and aimed it at him.  “No funny ideas sugah,” she said quietly.  “Keep those big hands where I can see them.”


“No tricks,” House said as he took out a large handkerchief and mopped his brow.  “I got the money, just as you asked.”


“Put it on the table there, real slow,” Gail said as she continued to cover him, “and then on your knees, hands behind your head.”


He placed the bag gently on the table and dropped to his knees, locking his fingers together behind his head as he watched her walk over.  Gail opened the bag and looked inside, smiling under the scarf at the neatly tied bundles of notes.


“Very nice,” she said as she checked them quickly, making sure they were notes and not just piles of paper.  “Their granpappies really do care for the little bitches don’t they?”


“I’ve brought the money,” House said quietly, “now where are they?”


“Come now, dahlin,” Gail said as she walked over, and looked at the young man.  “I need to make sure we have time to properly leave – hands behind your back, slowly.”


As House slowly obliged, she picked up a length of rope from the table, and quickly bound his wrists tightly together.  “There now,” she said as she walked over and knelt in front of him, “that’s better.  Tell me, boy, you ever known a woman’s touch before?”


House looked at her and said “My pastor teaches it is best to wait for marriage.”


“Your pastor is a bigoted bastard,” Gail said quietly, as she reached between his legs and stroked his crotch.  “But I can see you are attracted to me – so I may just steal a little kiss.”


As Gail the lifted the bottom of her mask up, she offered her lips to the big man.  Mmmm,” she murmured as she felt the half forgotten delights of a man kissing her.


Pointing her pistol at his head, she whispered “now put your tongue in my mouth big boy.”


Gail voiced her pleasure as she felt his lips part and his tongue meet hers. Slowly, beautifully, she taught the big bodyguard how to kiss a woman, how to rouse the passions deep inside her.


“You’re a quick learner boy.” She pulled back, letting her mask drop back and keeping her gun trained on the big young man. “You sure you aint never been with a woman before?”


“No,” House whispered as he felt the emotions rising in him, “but I would like to be with you.”


“Yes, I can tell,” she whispered as her hand caressed his groin, and House let out a little groan – one that was echoed at the back of the roadhouse.


“Who else is there,” he moaned before Gail forced him at gunpoint to stand.


“Let’s find out,” Gail said as she pushed him to the back, opening a door and forcing him into the kitchen area.


He gasped as he saw Judi and Bobbi kneeling on the floor, facing each other with their arms wrapped around each other’s body and their wrists tied behind each other’s back.  He could see their wrists were tied to a rope between the other girl’s legs, and as they moved they groaned through the cloths stuffed into their mouths, held in place by old socks.


Hmgddd,” Judi said as she saw House, Bobbi looking over as he was forced to his knees, and his ankles tied together.


This the messenger boy,” Reena said from her seat on the table, a rifle sitting across her lap.


“It is,” Gail said quietly, her hand caressing and teasing House as he knelt there, and she felt the throbbing in the palm of her hand.  “Go get the bag from the front.”


Reena walked out of the room, returning as Gail slowly unfastened House’s pants and pulled them down.  Bobbi gasped at the size of his cock as it emerged, and Gail began to gently massage it with her gloved hand.


“Oh my god,” He groaned as he felt the throbbing increase, and suddenly exploded.


“That’s a good boy,” Gail said as she let go, now open your mouth nice and wide.”


As he did so, she placed the barrel of the pistol in his mouth, his eyes wide as he stared death in the face…


Two rifle shots were clearly heard, as Reena and Gail looked at each other.  “Your lucky day,” Gail said as she drew the pistol out, House breathing a sigh of relief before Reena brought a large plank of wood down on his head, leaving him senseless.


“It’s been a blast, gals,” Reena called out as she grabbed the bag, and she left by the rear exit, Gail running after her.  The girls listened to the sound of hoofs fading, before the door was burst open from the other side and they saw the sheriff come in.


“Hoy shit,” he said as he looked at the trio, “are you  ladies all right?”


Jsstcctslsss,” Bobbi screamed before she arched her back and let out a cry of pure pleasure, Judi following suit as the sheriff looked away…




From atop Wild Horse Butte, Annie watched as the cars pulled up outside the roadhouse.


“Come on, come on,” she said as she watched the two clouds of dust disappearing into the distance, before getting up and mounting her own horse, making her way as fast as she could to the rendezvous point.


“Did you get it,” Annie called out as she joined the other two.


“We most surely did,” Gail said as she held the bag up, “and it’s all here.”


“Then what are we waiting for?”


“Only this,” Reena said “Wildcats – RIDE!!”


The three girls rode off across country, the dust rising as they headed to the east, Gail smiling as they made their getaway…





“Abby?  Abby?”


Abigail slowly opened her eyes and looked at her mother.


“What…  What time is it?”


“Five thirty – you need to get up and get changed.  We have interviews on breakfast television at eight.  I’ll get some coffee ready.”


Diana looked down at the sheets and said “Pleasant dreams?”


“Yeah – in a way,” she said as she sat up.  “I’ll head for the shower, and mama?”


“Yes my dear?”




Diana smiled and left her daughter alone, as she got up and headed for the shower.








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