Caught In








The night of the formal at the sixth form college was a time for the year twelve girls to show off their finest clothes, and not feel as if it was a prom and they needed a date, so that as Catherine looked at herself in the mirror she hoped the boys would find her attractive.


The eighteen year old had her straw coloured hair cut short, and was wearing a white dress with thin spaghetti straps over her shoulders, the bodice on her chest decorated in silver brocade, the skirt coming to just above her knees.


As she slipped on her heeled sandals, she heard the front door bell ring, and she walked down the stairs, opening it to see Maggie and Jeannie outside.  Both girls had long brown hair, Jeannie wearing a blue silk halter neck dress with a deep chest line, and Maggie a brown dress with thin straps holding the top up.  Both girls’ dresses came to above their knees, while they also both wore high heels.


“Hey there – come on in,” Catherine said as she held the door open, “I thought we could have a drink before we set off.”


“Oh yeah – did your parents leave the liquor cabinet open,” Maggie said as she closed the door.


“Nope – but I managed to get a bottle of prosecco from the Tesco store,” Catherine said as she went to the kitchen, returning with the bottle and three champagne flutes.


“Here we go,” she said as she handed the bottle to Jeannie, “you open it and we can toast our success tonight.”


“Oh yeah – with who?”


“anyone,” Maggie said as her friend opened the bottle, and she poured the wine into three glasses.  “Cheers!”




They drained their glasses and laughed, as Catherine said “right – let me get my purse and...”


“Put your hands in the air, all three of you!”


The three girls suddenly turned to see two men standing behind them, looking at them as one of them held a gun pointing in their direction.


“I’m afraid your plans for tonight got cancelled, girls,” the other one said, “you’re going to be staying here a while.  Where are your mobile phones?”


“Our mobile...”


“Oh come on – teenage girls without mobiles?  Take them out, and throw them on the couch over there.”



The girls looked at each other, and then took their mobiles out of their purses, throwing them onto the far chair as the two men looked at them.


“Right – we need you to stay where you are and be quiet.”  Looking at his friend, the man with the gun grinned as he said “Take your knickers off.”




“You heard the man,” the second intruder said, “take them off – or would you rather we took them off?”


Maggie and Jeannie looked at each other, and then reached under their skirts, grimacing as they eased their knickers down and took them off.


“Well,” the armed man said as he looked at Catherine.  The young blonde blushed, and then said “Well – I’m going commando.”


“Really?  Never knew you had it in you,” Maggie said with a smile – a smile that quickly disappeared as they remembered their situation.


“Well, that’s unfortunate,” the armed man said as he looked at Maggie, “because it means you get to taste hers.  Put them in her mouth,” he then said as he looked at Maggie.


“Oh god,” Jeannie said, “you can’t be serious.”


“I am – and you can put those in your mouth,” the man whispered.  “Now.”


“Oh god,” Catherine whispered as Jeannie opened her mouth, and pushed her panties in, trying not to gag as she made sure her lips closed over them.


“Well, I’m waiting,” he then said as he looked at Maggie.


“I’m sorry,” Maggie whispered as Catherine opened her mouth, and she tasted not only the silk, but Maggie’s sweat as the silk was pushed behind her teeth.


“You put this in your mouth,” the other man said as he took a cloth from his pocket, Maggie nodding as she stuffed her own mouth.


“All right,” the man then said as he took a rucksack from behind his back, and opened it to take out a roll of black tape, “don’t move.”


The girls looked at each other as he stood in front of Catherine and tore several lengths of tape off, smoothing them over her lips and mouth and sealing the silk into her mouth.  As he walked down the line, the armed man said “On your knees, and put your hands behind your back.”


“Whtsgnnggnn,” Maggie said as she knelt next to Catherine, watching as the armed man put the gun down, and then took a length of rope from the bag, pulling her friend’s arms behind her back and then securing her wrists tightly together.


“Ndeee,” Catherine grunted as he pulled the rope tighter and tied it off, then moved along and secured Maggie’s wrists while Jeannie was made to kneel down.  The second man then took a longer length of rope from the bag, and wrapped it around Catherine’s body, pulling her arms tight into her side as he wrapped it above and below her chest, the bands rubbing on her breasts as she felt the bands tighten and force them out.  Looking down, she was afraid the straps on her shoulders would break, and something worse happen.


“Gotta admit, they make you look better,” the older man said as he watched Maggie and Jeannie have their upper bodies secured as well, “but I know something that will make you look even better.”


“Hmgddwhtruggntddd,” Catherine said as she watched him take out another length of rope, and double it over, kneeling behind her as he wrapped it round her waist and made a knot at her belly.  The other two girls watched as the other man picked u the gun and covered them while Catherine felt his arm between her legs, and saw the rope slowly disappear behind her.




She felt the rope as it was pulled sharply up, her skirt forced up as well as the cords digging into her crotch, before it was secured to her chest ropes.  As she tried to move, she felt new sensations running through her, looking on with eyes wide as her two friends had a crotch rope tied on as well.


“Stand up, all three of you.”


The girls looked at each other as they slowly stood, the rope rubbing more with each step they took as they were forced at gunpoint to walk out of the front room, and then climb the staircase.  Catherine could feel the rope rubbing on her, and also a slight dampness between her legs, but it was the sensations the movement was causing, and the fact it was turning her on as they moved, which gave her the most concern.


“In here,” the armed man said as he opened the door to her parent’s bedroom, “you two – face down on the bed.”


She looked at Maggie and Jeannie as they walked over, moaning as they lay down on the bed, and the other man took more rope to secure their ankles, and then their legs below their knees, before their legs were pulled back, their heels resting on their bottoms as their ankles were secured to their chest ropes.


“You search in here,” the armed man said as he pushed Catherine out of the room, “I’ll make sure this one is comfortable in her room.”


“nnpplsslfhrhhrrr,” Maggie said as she twisted round, and then closed her eyes and moaned as Catherine was marched to her room.


“Lie down,” the man said, Catherine doing so and looking over her shoulder as he crossed and lashed her ankles tightly together, then secured her legs below her knees.  She could feel his fingers on her legs as he took the rope around and between her limbs, squirming as he did so and then squirming more as the cords between her legs teased at her.


As he felt her heels on her bare bottom, and the ropes from her chest tighten, she moaned once more, and then squealed as she felt his hand slapping her bottom.


“I think you need something more,” he said, as she felt another rope round her ankles – and then the rope tighten between her legs as it was pulled up.  She moaned out loud as a strange burning started to develop inside her, and then grow as she was smacked again, and she squirmed round.


“Your friends can have their own fun,” the man said as he smacked her again, and then rubbed her bottom, “I’ll have some fun here instead...”


The tears started to flow down her cheeks as she tried to process what was happening – she was afraid, and turned on, and afraid, and wanting him to stop, and wanting him to continue, and...



Maggie and Jeannie could hear the groans and cries from the other room, as the man emptied cupboards and drawers, taking things from them and putting them in the bag.


“Want to have fun as well?”


The two girls shook their heads as he left, and returned with two electric toothbrushes, turning them on as he slipped them under the crotch ropes, and then smiling as they squirmed round.


As the two men walked down the stairs, they heard the three girls scream, and left them to their situations of despair...






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