Dancing With A Stranger




“Well, I think you would make a great dancer, Mrs Carr.”

Dottie looked up at the young man standing opposite her desk and gave a smile.  After the experiences of her holiday, her firm had offered to allow her to spend some time each week at the local high school giving lessons in office management, both as a way to bring new people in and as a chance to ease herself back into work.  Although she had not exactly liked the idea at first, it had grown on her, and she was finding the young people a distraction.

In particular, the young man talking to her had become a favourite.  He was tall for his age, with light brown hair and a winning smile.  He spoke again as he passed her the flyer.

“I know your family come here anyway, and it would raise a lot of money for the school.  I’m going to try and persuade my uncle to take part - why don’t you?”

Dottie looked at the flyer.

Dancing with the staff!

A dance competition for PTA and staff members - show us your salsa and quickstep!

Partners allocated by random draw – entry forms in main administration office.

“I’ll think about it, Danny,” she said as she folded the leaflet.  For now, get yourself out of here – your next class is about to start."

As she watched him leave, Dottie sighed.  It had taken her a while to recover from her experiences, and she still did not feel 100% herself.  On the other hand, it might be fun to take part, but she wanted to talk to her son first.



“Of course you should go for it – we’ll support you 150% in this.  You need something to take your mind off other matters anyway.”

Dottie smiled as she looked at her son.  She had not had a chance to change out of her olive green wrap round top and skirt yet, but with a drink in her hand and her family beside her she felt safe, secure.

“Anything interesting in the paper?”

Her son leafed through the pages, pausing to look at one particular article before looking back at Dottie and folding it into half.  “Nah – local gossip and other things.  How was your day at school anyway?”

“Not too bad, but I’ll be glad to get back to the office tomorrow.  I’ll fill the form out and get one of the kids to hand it into the office tomorrow.”  With that, she stood up.  “I’ll go to bed now – see you in the morning.”


Dottie walked into the empty classroom and looked round.  It was early, but the sun was starting to come through the large windows as she placed her bag on the table and placed her coat on the rack.

She had offered to start these pre-school classes as a catch up for selected pupils, but she also felt the casual approach was best.  Today she was wearing a brown short sleeved top with a v-neck that gathered just above her breasts, a faded denim mini skirt and black shoes.  She sat on the desk, putting her feet up on the desk in front of her and smiling as she waited.

The door opened and he walked in.  Six foot tall, muscular and short light blonde hair.  “Good morning Mrs Carr,” he said as he put his bag down, “I hope I’m not too early?”

“No, you’re just on time,” Dottie said as she looked at the board.  The message was still there from the previous day – Extra Help from Mrs Carr, 7AM.  “So, are you ready for the practical class?”

“Are you sure you want me to do this, Mrs Carr?  It seems a little unusual...”

“Part of office training, Danny, is knowing what to do if you walk in and an incident has taken place.  Now, did you bring what I asked you to?”

Danny nodded and fetched a large roll of silver duct tape out of his bag.  Dottie smiled and adjusted her glasses as she stood up.

“All right, Danny,” she said as she turned round, “Tape my hands together behind my back.”

She heard the ripping sound and felt the tape sticking to her skin as her wrists were drawn together.  Looking over her shoulders, she smiled as he patted the end down.

“Excellent,” Dottie said as she sat down.  “Now, my ankles.”

Danny repeated the process on Dottie’s ankles, before helping her to sit on the floor.  “Now, cover my mouth, leave the room for five minutes and come back in.  I will be assessing you on how well you execute the plans we set out yesterday.”

“All right, Mrs Carr,” Danny said a she gagged Dottie, leaving her in the room as she closed the door.  Dottie closed her eyes, enjoying the peace and the fact she was unable to move, when she heard a commotion outside.  Opening her eyes, she saw the door opening and a tall, thin Arabian gentleman walk in.  She tried to scream, to struggle free, but a she approached her with malice in his eyes and a knife in his hand she...




Dottie opened her eyes with a start and found herself in her bed, her son by her side.  “Are you all right – you were screaming in your sleep,” he said as he looked at her lying there.

“I... I’ll be fine.  It was just a bad dream, that’s all.  Go back to sleep.”

He looked at her, before nodding and leaving the room.  Dottie lay there for a few minutes, before getting up and putting on a dressing gown.  Looking at the clock, she saw it was only four o’clock, but knew she would not get back to sleep.  Not after dreaming of him again.



“Mrs Carr?  Mrs Dorothy Carr?”

Dottie looked up from her desk in the classroom at the man standing in front of her.  He was slightly taller than her, with short dark hair that was greying at the temples, and glasses behind which were sparkling blue eyes.  He looked strong, even in the old polo shirt and jeans he was wearing.

“I’m sorry,” Dottie said, “Have we met before?”

“I don’t think so.  I’m Rick Johnson – Danny’s uncle.  He said I might find you in here.”

“Oh, I’m sorry.  Nice to meet you, Rick – what can I do for you?”

“Join me for a rumba.”

Dottie looked blankly up at him.  “We’ve been drawn as partners for the PTA dance thing – I wanted to arrange a time when we could start practicing.”  She continued to look at him, wondering why he looked familiar, before snapping out of her thoughts.  “Of course – well, I’m free after school today.  Perhaps we can meet for a coffee later?”

Rick looked at his watch.  “Actually, I have something I need to do tonight.  How about tomorrow lunchtime – my treat.”

Dottie smiled in reply.  “That sounds wonderful – shall we meet at Toni’s on Main Street?”

“I’ll be there at 12,” Rick said with a smile as he turned and left the room.  Dottie stood up and walked to the window, watching as Rick walked to his car and climbed in.  “Well, he’s a charmer,” she said as the students started to file in.


“So, is he a good dancer?”

Dottie looked at her son as they sat at the coffee bar.  “Yes, actually- he’s a wonderful dancer.  Why do you ask?”

“Well, I haven’t seen you look this lively since we came back from Egypt – and you seem to have that old spring back in your step.  Next thing I know, you’re going to be asking me permission to go on a date with him.”

“Watch your language young man – and yes, he is a very good dancer,” Dottie said with a smile as she stood up.  Taking the plates to the washer, she was about to leave to get showered when a page in the newspaper caught her eye.  She sat down and read it, her son watching her as she did so.  Eventually, she put the paper down and looked at her son.

“There have been four so far,” he said quietly and evenly.  “In each case, the woman has been taken either at home or off the street, and found in her bedroom the next day.  No ransom has been asked, and only a small something belonging to the woman taken, but they all describe been made to take part in various – games, their captors called them.  Physically, apart from some bruises they are unharmed.”

“And you tried to hide this from me because?”

“Because I was worried that after what happened, you might get upset.  Mum, I just want you to be safe – this is not going to happen to you, I promise you.”

Dottie nodded as she stood up.  “I understand, but don’t try and hide me from this sort of thing in the future,” she said as she walked to the door.  “I need to get washed and changed – I’m meeting Rick for a practice session.”



“Earth to Dottie, Earth to Dottie, come in Dottie.”

She opened her eyes and looked at Rick.  “Listen, if there is somewhere else you would rather be?”

“No – I’m sorry, Rick, I just have a lot on my mind.  Do you mind if we take a break?”

Rick watched as Dottie walked to the side of the room, a towel over her shoulders, and sat down in a chair.  He walked quietly over and sat down beside her as she drank from a bottle, sweat coming down her leotard.

“Penny for them?”

Dottie looked at her friend as he sat there.  “Rick – do you have any fantasies, things you wish would happen but don’t really?”

“Well, I used to fantasise about scoring the winning touchdown for the Browns, but that’s just a childish dream.  Why?”

“For years now, I’ve had fantasies about been transported to a Harem somewhere.  Recently, there have been some incidents in my life where I have been kidnapped, held hostage, robbed.  Those I got through, those I coped with, but last year – well, my fantasy almost came true, and it turned into a bit of a horror story.”

Rick held Dottie’s hand as she sat there.  “I could have died, and ever since then – well, I still have fantasies, but they end up with me seeing the face of that Arab oil madman, and it scares me.  It scares me still.”

“I can imagine it does.”

Dottie looked up at Rick.  “Your son – he called to see me and told me some of your past.  I can’t begin to imagine what you have been through, Dorothy Carr, but if you need an extra shoulder to cry on – well, I’ll be there.”

He took Dottie’s hand and squeezed it, and she smiled in return.  “So, Mrs Carr, what was it that started these fantasies – and why are you so upset about them just now?”

“Have you read the reports in the paper about the two kidnappers?”

“I may have read something – the Damsel Napper, they called him, right?”

“Yeah – well, since you asked, they all started for me when I was seventeen and left alone in my parent’s house one Halloween...”



“Look, Mum, I’ll be fine.  I’m seventeen now, after all.  You and Dad enjoy the night out, and I’ll see you later.  ‘Bye.”

Dottie out the handset down and looked at herself in the hall mirror.  She was wearing the same clothes she had worn to school that day – a short sleeved cable knit top, tartan miniskirt, and red strapped heels with a matching belt around her slim waist.  She knew her legs were attracting attention, and fortunately the fashion of the day allowed her to exploit that.

Returning to the kitchen, she put the candle into the pumpkin she had hollowed out and lit it, putting the top back on so that the candle light flickered through the face she had cut in the front.  Carrying it carefully outside, she placed it next to the other lanterns on the front porch, standing back for a moment to admire them in the darkening light.

“Great,” she said as she walked back into the house and closed the door behind her.  “The kids can help themselves to the candy outside, and I get a chance to catch up on my work.”  Walking into the living room, she tried to turn the light on, only to realise the light was not working.

“Damn – has that fuse gone again,” she said to herself, but as she turned to look under the stairs she was grabbed from behind, and a leather gloved hand was clamped over her mouth.  “Don’t say a word,” she heard a young man whisper in her ear, “I just want to rob you and leave you to get away.  Is there anyone else in the house?”

Dottie shook her head, her long dark hair shaking as she did so.  “Good – come back into the front room, and lie face down with your hands behind your back.”  He pushed Dottie towards a long Ottoman couch her parents kept in the room, and as she lay down with her head on the arm he took a roll of white tape out of his pocket.

“Please, don’t hurt me,” Dottie sobbed as he quickly taped her wrists together behind her back.  “I won’t harm you so long as you do as you’re told,” was his reply as he grabbed her ankles and taped them together, side by side, taking the tape over the soles of her feet as well.  Laying them down on the cushions, he said “Roll over.”  Terrified, Dottie did as she had been commanded, and watched as he pushed her legs up and started to tape them together just below and above her knees.

“If you want money, there’s plenty upstairs, just please don’t do this to me,” she pleaded as he put her legs down.  “Oh. I’ll take your money, but I don’t want you calling out as I do so,” he said as he tore a strip off the roll.  “Purse your lips.”


“Just do it,” the man replied, and as Dottie did so he pressed the tape down over her mouth.  Smoothing it down, he could see the outline of her lips underneath, and smiled as he stood up.  Dottie got her first good look at him, now that her eyes had adjusted to the light and her fear died down.  He was about six foot tall, with an athletic build, his muscles showing through the tight t-shirt he was wearing.  His jeans were black, as were his sneakers and the gloves on his hands.  He smiled as he bent down and kissed Dottie on the forehead.

“Just stay still now, and don’t struggle,” he said as he patted her on the leg and walked off.  As she lay there, Dottie was not exactly sure what she was feeling.  Her initial terror had subsided, as she realised trying to do anything while he was still in the building was a bad idea.  The tape was pulling at her wrists and mouth; although her legs did not feel so bad.  Having said that, she knew the pantyhose she was wearing was going to be ruined.

From upstairs, she could hear the sound of drawers been opened, so she lay back and closed her eyes.  Her skirt had ridden up slightly, so she started to wonder what might happen if the lad came back down.  As she relaxed, a story started to form...

He came back into the room as Dottie opened her eyes.  “Thanks for the gifts,” he said as he put a pillow case on the coffee table.  “Enjoying yourself?”


“You know, you are a beautiful young girl,” he said as he knelt beside her.  “It would be a shame to leave you just lying there.”  As he said this, he started to stroke the inside of Dottie’s leg, a shock like electricity going through her at his touch.

“You like that, don’t you,” he said as he leaned over and placed his other hand under Dottie’s jumper.  She lay there, surprised to hear herself moaning as his hand caressed her breast and gently stroked around her nipple.  With his other hand, he was slipping it under her skirt and massaging her between her legs, and the fact she was growing warmer seemed only to be adding to her pleasure.  She had never been touched in this way, and liked how she felt even as she hated the bonds around her.  She moaned, louder and started to writhe as he caressed and aroused her...

“Enjoying yourself?”

Dottie opened her eyes again to see the young lad standing there.  “Thanks for the gifts,” he said as he held up a pillow case, “but I really need to be on my way now.  You should be all right until your parents get back.”  He waved as he ran out of the door, leaving Dottie alone in the darkened room...




“So, ever since then, I have had these fantasies.  Then – well, you know the rest.”

Rick took Dottie by the hand and helped her to stand up.  “Come here,” he said as he embraced her and gave her a hug.  “Listen – don’t be ashamed of what happened in the past.  Embrace it – let it drive you onwards.  Now, ready to practice again?”

Dottie nodded as he took her by the hand and led her out onto the gym floor.



“Will Rick Johnson, and his partner Dorothy Carr, please take to the dance floor?”

Rick led Dottie out by the hand as they prepared to take part in the Latin section of the competition.  Dottie was wearing a black micro skirt with a fringed hem, and a black bikini top with silver sequins that matched the belt which almost covered her skirt.  The heels were silver, five inch, but with her partner by her side in his black waistcoat and trousers it didn’t matter.   As the music played, they started to dance, the salsa steps coming with a grace and ease that can only come with hours of practice.  Every move told a story of passion, of attraction, of love and fulfilment.

It only lasted about three minutes, but it felt like a lifetime as they moved across the floor, stopping on their mark as the audience applauded.  Standing there, waiting for the marks of the judges, Rick leaned over and whispered “Well done” into Dorothy’s ear.

She smiled as the scores were given, before they went off to change for the Ballroom sequence.  As she went into the changing room, Dottie saw Carla, an old friend sitting there staring into the mirror.

“Hey, Carla, are you all right?” Dottie called over, but when Carla turned and looked at her Dottie could see the mascara streams down her cheeks.  “My god, Carla , what happened,” Dottie said as she held her friend.  “You don’t know do you?” Carla said between sobs.  “They took me last week.  I thought I was coping, but...”

“Who took you?”

“The Damsel Nappers.  They grabbed me from home when I was on my own, took my somewhere and made me play their games, before just dumping me back in my kitchen.  It was, it was...”

Carla started crying again as some of the other dancers came in.  As they sat with her, Dottie went and began to change into the gown that was hanging in a bag by her desk.  She looked back over, wondering what she could say to her friend, while at the same time asking herself – what if it had been her?



“And the winners are – Rick and Dorothy!”

The audience broke out into loud applause as both Rick and Dottie hugged each other, before coming forward to receive the trophy from the judges.  “How does it feel to be a winner,” Rick said in Dottie’s ear.  “Fantastic,” she replied as she smiled for the cameras.  “We’ll have to see if we can keep that feeling going,” Rick said as they held the trophy aloft.

That feeling was still there the next day as Dottie went into the school.  Unlike the gaudy outfits of the previous day, she was wearing a white jacket and skirt, the front of the jacket just rising to reveal her bare midriff as she climbed the stairs.  On her feet were a matching pair of white heels.  She smiled at everyone as she went upstairs, especially at Danny as he stood there.

“Congratulations,” he said as Dottie came up to him.  “Uncle Rick told me you had won.”

“Thanks, Danny – you’d better get moving.”

“Sure, Mrs Carr – Uncle Rick just asked me to tell you he had a big surprise planned for later, so don’t make any plans.”

Dottie smiled at this news.  “I won’t,” she said as she went in the opposite direction, “I won’t”


As she entered the staff office, she saw Mandy, the teacher who had been supervising her, pulling a checked coat on over herself.  “Dottie – can you give me a hand with something from my car?”  “Sure,” Dottie said as she held the door open for her.  Mandy was a shorter, stouter woman with curly brown hair, and always dressed warmly.  Today was no exception – she was wearing a brown woollen jumper, mid length brown suede skirt and calf length baggy brown boots.  They walked quickly to the car park, stopping only to talk to one of their colleagues, before Mandy opened the boot of her car and revealed several boxes.

“I wonder if you could take a couple of these, Dottie?” she asked, but as Dottie bent to pick up a box she heard a muffled gasp.  Standing up, she turned round to see Mandy been dragged into the back of a black van by a tall man in dark clothing.  A gloved hand was over her mouth, but the look of fear on her face was real enough.

“Mandd...” Dottie started to say, but a sweet smelling damp cloth was clamped over her own nose and mouth, and a strong arm had grabbed her around her chest.  As she struggled, her vision started to blur, and the last thing she saw was the van door closing and the other man walking over...




Dottie opened her eyes and blinked.  The air was cold and damp, and the little light there was reflected the dust particles that were hanging in the air.  She was stiff, and knew that something was preventing her moving, but beyond that she had no idea what had happened, or how she had got wherever here was.

One thing she did know – she had been stripped down to her underwear by whoever had taken her.  Two things gave that away – the cold she was feeling, and the fact she could now see down her body and there were no clothes there.  She was standing against some sort of post, with her arms wrapped around it behind her back and secured together.  There was rope around her chest, and as she moved her legs she could feel something rubbing against her crotch.  The feeling was not unpleasant, but when she looked down and saw the rope passing between her legs she realised just what was there.  She twisted herself around, feeling the rubbing against her crotch and enjoying the sensation.

As she struggled, she tried to call out for help.  That was when she realised what the taste like rubber in her mouth was coming from – the rubber ball that had been secured between her teeth.  She screamed out, but only silence greeted her.

As she looked round, she realised she was in some sort of laboratory, and there was a table in front of her.  Something was lying there, covered in a white sheet, with electrical wires leading up to it.

“Good morning, Dorothy.  I am glad to see you are awake.”

The voice came from nowhere and everywhere, and Dottie looked round.

“You will not be able to see me, but I have watched you for some time, and I have prepared a little present for you.  Would you like to see it?”

Dottie shook her head as the table slowly began to tilt.  As it came to a vertical position, the cloth slipped away and Dottie stared at the creature that was strapped to it.  She started to squirm round, the rope between her legs rubbing and exciting her as her fear increased.

“Don’t be afraid, Dottie,” the voice said as the straps were released from the creature by some unseen hand.  “It is designed to help you relax – to... pleasure you.”

The Creature turned and looked at Dottie, a smile growing on the mouth as it stepped forward.  Dottie looked down, then up, and struggled more as it approached.  To both her horror and her delight, she felt the warmth and moistness between her legs growing as she watched the hands reaching out...


Dottie opened her eyes, blinking as she did so.  She could see she was back in her classroom, but the blinds had been drawn down.   Something was pulling at her mouth, and as she became more aware she recognised the feeling – duct tape.

She was upright, but by the tight feeling around her body she knew that whoever had put her to sleep had secured her thoroughly.  She could see her white jacket and skirt on a nearby table, so that meant she was in her underwear.  Slowly, as she was feeling a little queasy, she looked down her body.

There were bands of rope all the way down – around her ankles, calves, and thighs, while her arms were pinned behind her back.  She felt with her fingers, and knew the rope had been secure din away she was not going to get out of on her own.  She still had her bra and panties on, as well as her stockings and shoes, but the ropes that she could now see above, and presumably below, her chest were both holding her arms firmly in place and emphasising her breasts in a way she actually quite liked.

She tried to move around, but the squeal of rope against her skin was the only audible reaction she got.  Realising she was going nowhere, Dottie began to relax and rationalise her situation.

“All right – whoever did this knew what they were doing, so what do they want?  Money, or something else?  I don’t think it’s a case of that Arab prince – I would either be naked or much more strictly bound if it was him – so who did this?

“The Damsel Nabber?  Possibly – but all the stories I’ve heard say he takes them somewhere else – so why the classroom?  No, it can’t be him, which means...”

Dottie felt a strong hand grasp her bottom, and she let out an involuntary gasp of surprise.

“Comfy, Mrs Carr?”


She watched a tall, young man walk round, dressed in dark clothing with a dark balaclava over his head.  It sounded like Danny, but Dottie had no way of knowing from just looking at him.

“I’ve been watching you for some time, Mrs Carr,” the masked man said as he came closer, “and I have to say that I always thought you were a very beautiful woman.  Now that I have you here, like this, I can see just how beautiful you are.  I’ve always had a thing for the older woman.”

Dottie watched him as he walked over, and ran a gloved finger down the centre of her chest.  “I can see you like this – no, don’t deny it, your eyes give it away.”  His hands reached round her body and under her bra straps, moving round so that he stroked her nipples.  She could feel them hardening, and closed her eyes as he removed his hand.  He then started to stroke her legs as he knelt down to check the ropes.  Dottie found herself moaning at the touch, as he ran his hand up and down her body and around her breasts.

“I can see we are going to have some real fun,” he said as he walked behind her and reached round, cupping her breasts in his hands as he gently massaged them.  Despite her fears, Dottie found herself moving with him, responding to the touch on her breast as he continued.  “Shall we...”  He started to run his hands down Dottie’s body, reaching between her legs as Dottie started to moan in response to his touch.  She moved in motion with his body as he massaged her chest and arms, responding with a growing sense of pleasure as she felt herself growing more and more aroused.  Closing her eyes, she began to pant as...


Dottie opened her eyes to see the tall man that had grabbed Mandy earlier standing in the doorway.  “Having fun,” he said, and Dottie could see a smile on his lips where his mouth showed through the mask.

“Well,” the young man began to say, but the new arrival just walked forward.  “Come on, we don’t have much time” he said, and Dottie let out another gasp as she felt herself been tilted back.  She had not realised that she was standing on a trolley, but as she was wheeled down the darkened corridors of the school she realised that there was more going on than she had thought.  She also had a feeling she recognised the voice of the other man from somewhere as well, but it had been muffled slightly in some way.

The doors to the loading bay opened, and Dottie was wheeled out to the waiting black van.  The two men picked her up and laid her on a blanket on the van floor, before a coat was placed over her.  She looked down as the masked man placed a small device under the coat, which vibrated against her leg.  “Just relax,” the older man said as the door was closed, and Dottie felt the engine starting.

How long they drove for, she could not tell, but eventually the van stopped and the door was opened.  The older man climbed in and started to untie Dottie’s legs.  “If you promise to come with me and don’t struggle, you can walk freely,” he said, and Dottie nodded.  She was getting cramped, and something told her he meant her no harm.

As the last rope was removed, he helped Dottie to stand up, and placed the coat over her shoulders.  “Come with me,” he said as he led Dottie out of the van into what looked to her like a sound stage or a warehouse.  There were a number of doors leading into various rooms to the sides.  He walked Dottie towards one and stood by the door.  “There is something I need to show you,” he said as he opened the door.

In the centre of the room was a large dining table, and Dottie gasped as she saw Mandy lying on the wooden top.  From her position, she could see the ropes around her ankles that had been used to secure her legs to the legs of the table, and as she was led in she could see that her wrists were also tied spread eagled above her head.  She was sleeping, as Dottie could tell from her posture, but strips of brown tape covered both her mouth and her eyes as she lay there.

“Your friend is quite safe,” the man said as he led Dottie back out of the room, “she is merely our guest for a day or two while we help her to relax and appreciate life.  Come – let me show you to where you will be staying.

“I must apologise for my apprentice,” he continued as he opened another door and led Dottie into a room with a bed inside.  “He is young, and needs to learn a bit more self control and manners.  If I remove the tape, do you promise not to scream?”

Dottie nodded, and gasped as the duct tape was peeled away from her mouth.  “Thank you,” she said as she was turned around and she felt the ropes around her upper body loosen.  “He may need to learn manners, but he does know how to tie a knot.”

“He should do – I taught him,” the man said as Dottie brought her wrist round and rubbed them.  “You will find a blouse and skirt on the bed – I hope they are your size.”

Dottie picked up the white silk blouse and put it on.  “Thank you,” she said as she buttoned up the front, “It is my size.  As is the skirt,” she continued as she slipped the short dark skirt over her panties.  She looked at the two men standing there, watching her as she turned round.

“I hope so, we have been watching you for some time,” the man said as he closed the door.  “Let me reassure you, we mean you no harm.  What we believe we do is provide a service – help people to realise they have nothing to fear.  From what I’ve heard, Mrs Carr, you have more to fear than most.”

“Who are you,” Dottie said as she looked directly at the man.  “Just a friend,” he said a she finished folding and sorting the ropes.  “Now, I am afraid we must make you – comfortable for the night.  Your friend will be waking soon for our next session.  Would you care for a drink of water first?”

“Thanks,” Dottie said as the man poured a glass of water and handed it to her.  As she took the glass, their fingers touched, and a thrill ran through Dottie that she knew she had felt before.  Staring at him, she slowly drained the glass and handed it back.

“I believe I can trust you,” she said as she turned round.  “Please, be gentle.”

“Always, Mrs Carr,” the man said as he passed a doubled over length of rope around Dottie’s wrists and pulled them together.  He worked quickly and methodically, and with each set of binding Dottie let out a little gasp of – no, not fear, she realised, but anticipation.  She had been tied up before – far too often recently – but this time it felt different, as if it was been done with love and care, not to install fear and be controlling.

She also could not deny the tenderness of his touch, particularly as he pulled her arms into her side.  Yet again her chest was appearing larger, but she was a lot more comfortable with it this time as her breasts strained against the silk.

“You tie a good rope as well,” she said as he stood back.  “Why, thank you, Mrs Carr,” he said with a smile.  “Please sit down and cross your ankles.”

Ten minutes later, Dottie was watching him as he placed the rest of the ropes into a small bag.  Her ankles had been tied tightly together, while her legs were also secured above her knees.  “I guess I can stay a while,” she said as he walked back over and sat next to her.

There was a knock on the door, and the younger man put his head around.  “She’s awake,” he said as he looked at Dottie sitting there.  “See,” the older man replied, “A little courtesy and things are much smoother.  I’ll join you in a minute.”  As the door closed, he turned and looked at Dottie.  “I’m afraid I have to leave you for a while now,” he said as he put one arm around her and gave her a hug, brushing her hair away from her face with the other hand.  “I also regret that I need to keep you quiet.  Keep calm, breath through your nose and you will be just fine.”

“I understand,” Dottie said as she looked into his blue eyes.  “When will you be back?”

“Soon, I hope.  Try to get some rest first.”  He leaned over and gently kissed Dottie on the lips.  “Have a good night, Mrs Carr.  Oh, one more thing.”


“Purse your lips.”

Dottie nodded as he tore a strip of duct tape from the roll and pressed it over her mouth, repeating several times.  She watched him walk out of the room, turning the light off as he did so, and then managed to lie herself down on the bed.  Dottie moved around a little, finding a comfortable position to lie in.  As her eyes closed, she knew she was safe – and who was keeping her safe as well.



“Are you ready, Dorothy?”

Dottie looked up at the blue eyes of her partner.  “In a moment,” she said as she fastened the thin strap of her gold shoe around her ankle and stood up.  The white material of her dress formed itself around her body, the laces up the side helping it to move as she did.

“So, what are we dancing?”

“The Tango – with a twist,” he said as he pulled her close to his chest.  Dottie could feel his heart beating next to her chest as the music started.  They moved across the floor, the music enveloping them as he held her close and their heads twisted to face and turn away.

“So, what is the twist?” Dottie said as they moved to one corner.

“This,” he said as he picked something up from the table.  He turned and held Dottie from behind, his hands moving across her chest and down her arms.  She sighed in delight as he brushed her breasts, moved smoothly down her arms, gently pulled them back and fastened the coil of rope around her wrists.   As he tightened the rope, she let out another gasp of pleasure, watching as he caressed her waist and passed the rope around it as well, securing her hands against her back.

“Will you still dance with me,” he said as he turned Dottie round and held her close.  She could not only feel his heart beat growing faster, but something else growing against her leg as well.  “Yes,” she replied breathlessly as he twirled her round, the music changing to a country and western song.  She twisted herself as he picked up a lasso and started to twirl it over his head, throwing it like an expert over her body and pulling her arms tightly to her side as she was pulled towards him.

“Looks like I’ve caught me a beauty,” he said as he wound the rope down her body, stroking and caressing as he did so.  Dottie felt her legs been drawn together, and moaned all the more loudly as his hands moved down her smooth skin.  She moved like a snake, graceful and sinuous as he pulled her ankles together and bound them.  Finally, he picked Dottie up in his strong arms and looked at her.

“I think you need to come with me,” he said before his lips gently touched hers, and Dottie shivered in anticipation...



The soft touch of a gloved hand on her cheek woke Dottie up.  She opened her eyes to see her two captors standing watching her.

“Good morning, Mrs Carr.  I’m going to remove your gag, all right?”

Dottie nodded, and as the tape was removed gasped “Can I have some water, please?”

The younger man went and fetched a glass of water as Dottie was helped to sit up.  He held it to her lips, and as he took a drink wiped her mouth with a napkin.  Dottie looked up, and said quietly, “Thank you Danny.”

The two men looked at each other, before the older man sat next to her.  “When did you figure it out?”

“Last night, when you hugged me and brushed my hair away.  I knew it was you then, Rick – but why?  Why do you do this?”

The man smiled as he pulled the balaclava off his head and ran his fingers through his greying hair.  “It’s a long story, but basically this is me living out my fantasies – and Danny as well now.  We hurt no-one, the women are always returned unharmed, and we never do too many visits in the same area.  In fact, this will be the last one her for some time.”

“You’re leaving?”

“No – but we need to try new areas at weekends and holidays.  We’ve only been selecting women locally because I needed to train Danny here – and he had taken a shine to you.”

She looked up to see Danny remove his balaclava.  “I’m sorry if I upset you. Mrs Carr...”

“Call me Dottie – and don’t worry about it Danny.  I actually quite enjoyed it – although I could have done with my clothes been kept on.  Where is that outfit, anyway?”

“At the dry cleaners – you can wear it when we return you.  Let’s get you out of those ropes, and we’ll show you round.”

“Why did you do this, Rick?”

“When I heard what had happened to you,” he said as he started to untie her legs while Danny untied her arms, “I realised that you were still in a state of shock over what happened.  I’ve grown very fond of you these last few weeks, and I meant it when I said I wanted to help you get over things.  Given what I do for a hobby – well, I figured if we took you away for a couple of days, and treated you the way you deserve to be treated, it may help you.”

“I knew it was a mistake telling you about my fantasies,” Dottie said as she rubbed her wrists, but a smile was on her face as she said it.  “Where’s Mandy?”

“We’ll show you in a minute – but first, why don’t you shower and get changed.”


Rick smiled as he handed Dottie a bag.  “I thought we might have a little more practice,” he said, “the shower is through there.”




Mandy screamed through her white tape gag as she saw the two masked men in the door, Dottie standing between them with a white scarf tied over her mouth.   She was lying on a mattress, having changed into a blue leotard with a thin silver belt around her waist.  Her arms were taped together behind her back, and her legs taped at the ankles and thighs.

“Now, we told what would happen if you struggle,” Danny said as he held Dottie by the arm.  “Just calm down, and we’ll be back to attend to you once we have dealt with your friend here.”

Dottie nodded to her friend as she was forced to move out of the room, the door closing shut behind her.  “You haven’t harmed her?” she asked as the cloth was removed from over her mouth.

“Of course not – apart from her restraints, she will be fine,” Rick said as they walked to another room.  Dottie was now wearing a black leotard with a pair of ballet slippers over her feet, wondering what was going to happen as the door was opened.

“Why don’t you warm up,” Rick said as they walked into – well, a dance studio.  Dottie nodded as she walked over to the bars at one side and started to stretch, while Rick turned to Danny.

“Remember – treat her with respect, but make her happy,” he said as Dottie raised her leg onto the bar.  “I will be along later to see how you are getting on.”  Danny nodded and waved to Dottie as he left, while Rick joined her at the bars.

“How long?”


“How long have you been doing this for?”

“Dancing?  Ever since I met my wife..”

“No – the kidnapping.  And, by the way, I didn’t know you were married!”

“Widower, actually.  We used to play games, but when she went – well, I expanded my world view.”

Dottie turned and looked at him.  “I can see you enjoy doing this – as much as you enjoy dancing?”

“It depends on the partner,” Rick said as he took Dottie by the hand and led her onto the dance floor.  Pressing a button on the CD player, he held her as the music started.  “Shall we?” he said as a waltz started, and Dottie smiled as they started to move across the floor.

Mandy could hear the music as she was forced to put on the white bridal gown by the masked man, and wondered what was going on.  “You are not our only guest,” he said as she adjusted the veil on her head.  “Come – sit down and put your hands in front of you as if you are praying,” he said as he pointed to the chair with one gloved hand, the coil of rope in the other one.

Rick swept Dottie across the floor, her smile growing as they moved from dance to dance, from foxtrot to quickstep to American Smooth.    Eventually the music stopped and they stood there, laughing, before Rick took Dottie and hugged her.

“How do you feel now?” he said as he pulled back and looked at her, his hands on her arms.

“I feel – I feel wonderful,” Dottie said as she smiled back.  “I wish this could go on forever.”

“Well, perhaps we can dance again later,” Rick said in reply, “but as you know, you are not my only guest, and I need to see what is happening.  I could leave you here alone in the room if you want, but...”


“I’m sorry?”

“The man who kidnapped me would not just leave me alone – he would make sure I could not get away.”  Dottie stepped back, turned round and placed her hands behind her back.  “He would tie me up,” she said as she looked over her shoulder and crossed her wrists.

Rick smiled as he picked a length of rope up from a table and quickly bound her wrists together.  “You know, Dorothy Carr,  a man could very easily get to like you,” he said as he quickly bound them together.

“A woman could get to like you just as quickly,” she replied as Rick unwound a long length of rope, doubled it over and passed it over her head, pulling her arms to her side under her chest.  She started to moan quietly as he wound the rope above and below, pulling her arms tightly to her side before taking the rope around her neck and under her armpits, forcing her breasts up and out.  As he secured the rope behind her back, Dottie smiled and looked over her shoulder.

“Sit down,” Rick said as he took her arm, and picked two more lengths of rope up.  Dottie watched, smiling, as he tightly bound her ankles and her legs together.  He returned the smile as he stood up, Dottie watching him all the time.  “I think Mandy may join us later to watch you dance with me – although I will have to wear the mask, and you will have to be restrained afterwards,” he said.

That might be fun,” Dottie said in return.  “So, what happens next?”

“You get to stretch out and cool down,” Rick said as he picked up his mask.  He started to walk out, but Dottie shouted back “Hey!”


“I might call for help.”

Rick smiled as he picked up a handkerchief.  “Open wide,” he said as he knelt down, and Dottie allowed him to push the cloth between her lips.  “Enjoy yourself,” he said as he left Dottie on the floor, stretching her legs out and moving around in the ropes.  For her art, Dottie had not felt so free in years, as she rolled onto her side and onto her stomach, stretching her legs and enjoying the way the ropes made her feel, aroused her, and excited her.  The warm feeling she had had before was starting to grow again, and she almost wished she had something else.

The door opened and Rick came back in.  “Almost forgot,” he said as he helped Dottie to her knees.  Taking a length of rope, he passed it around her waist, pinning her wrists against her back before taking it down between her legs, pulling it tightly as he secured the ends to the front of her waist.

“You seemed to be wanting that,” he smiled as he left again, Dottie allowing herself to fall no her side as she stretched out, the rope rubbing her crotch as she wriggled round and the warmth growing between her legs as her mind took her elsewhere.  She actually felt safe, completely and totally safe, and even as she heard the muted protests of Mandy from the other room she was relaxed, happy, able to immerse herself in a world of self induced pleasure...






Mandy looked round the room from her position at the table.  The candlelight was illuminating the room, but she felt she could not enjoy it as much as she wanted to, the ropes that were holding her against the chair proving restricting her in a physical sense, although not as much before in an emotional sense.  She could see the young masked man standing by a CD player, waiting as if for a cue.

“Dancing the Argentinean Tango, would the Damsel Napper and his partner, Mrs Dorothy Carr, please take to the dance floor,” he said, and Mandy watched with widening eyes as Dottie was led onto the floor by her other captor.  Dottie was wearing a short red halter dress, with a fringed hem around the skirt, and killer heels, while their captor was wearing an open collared white shirt, and grey flared trousers held up by braces.  Over Dorothy’s mouth was a strip of brown plaster, and her eyes flashed a warning to Mandy not to interfere as the captor led her to the centre of the dance floor and held Dottie close.

The music started, a slow and building tempo as the couple made their way around the dance floor.  “I watched you dance at the show,” Mandy heard the masked kidnapper said, “and I felt I had to share the experience of dancing with you.  Do you agree, Mrs Carr?”  Dottie mmphed, whether in anger or agreement Mandy could not tell, as the couple moved in a mixture of anger and agreement.  The tango was, and always is, a dance of love and possession, and as Mandy watched the man led Dottie across the floor, letting her go and bringing her back as she embraced him.  Mandy knew it was the lessons, the automatic reaction, and Dottie would not do the moves she was doing unless she was forced to, particularly when she wrapped her leg around the man in response to his drawing her close.

As the music continued, the dance became more sensual, more arousing, and even Mandy could feel herself responding as it came to a climax, the man pulling Dottie against himself as she wrapped both her legs around him before they both fell to the floor.  As he picked Dottie up in his arms and carried her off, the younger kidnapper walked over to Mandy.

“We will be letting you go soon,” he said as he started to release her from the chair, “but we have one more scenario for you first.”  Mandy stared back at him in mute acknowledgment as he helped her to her feet and frog marched her in the opposite direction.

Dottie gasped as Rick laid her on the bed and gently peeled the plaster away.  “Thank you,” she gasped as he sat next to her.

“I said you would enjoy it,” he gasped back.  “Did you see the look on your friend’s face?”

“I know – she could not help herself at the end,” Dottie said with a laugh.  “So, what happens now?”

“A few hours, and we will take you both back.  How do you feel, Dorothy Carr?”

“I feel – I feel wonderful,” Dottie said as she sat up.  “Rick, thank you.”

“For what?”

“For showing me a fantasy is not a thing to be afraid of.”

Rick smiled.  “Do you think you will see him again?”

“Who?”  Rick looked at Dottie as she realised what he meant.  “No – he’s gone now.  You’ve helped that.  So, what can we do in the meantime?”

“What would you like to do, Dottie?”

She smiled as she leaned back, placing her hands above her head and crossing her wrists.  “Oh, I think you might be able to think of something,” she said with a smile.   Rick smiled as he took her wrists in one hand, and from a drawer on the bedside table drew a length of rope out.  “Dottie, I think I can help you out,” he said with a smile as he took hold of her wrists and stretched her arms up, passing the rope around them as he did so with his free hand.  She smiled as he secured them to the headboard, and then stroke dher arms as his lips touched hers...



“My god – Mrs Carr, Mrs Moore, who did this to you?”

Dottie tried to call out, but the thick white scarf in her mouth prevented her saying anything to the janitor as he stood in the doorway.  She was sitting with her back against Mandy’s, her wrist pulled around Mandy’s waist and tied together in her friend’s lap, while Mandy’s wrist were tied together in hers.  Their arms were secured together, and both women had their legs stretched out in front of them, bound at the ankles and above the knees.  Mandy raised her head and turned to face the man, a brown scarf in her mouth and tears in her eyes.  He stepped forward and pulled the scarf from Dottie’s mouth.

“Call the police,” she said in a husky voice, and as the janitor ran out gave Mandy a squeeze.  “It’s all over, Mandy, it’s all over,” she said quietly as her friend started to sob..




“That’s what happened, Rick – they made us play their games, even made me dance while Mandy watched, then left us in the room.  All they took were our purses.”

Dottie was home, her son sitting in one chair and listening as she related the story to Rick.  He had called round when he heard she was home, to see if he could help.

“Well, at least they didn’t hurt you, but you must have been terrified.  What did the police say?”

“They took statements, but don’t hold out much hope.  Rick, thanks for coming round, but I need to...”

“Of course,” Rick said as they stood up.  “I need to take Danny upstate for a few days, but when we come back, do you mind if I call round again?”

“I’d like that,” Dottie said as they hugged, then watched as he walked out with her son.  As he came back in, he said “he’s a nice guy, mum – I hope you do see each other again.”

“I’m sure we will,” Dottie said with a smile, “I’m sure we will.”










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