Days Like These – Part 3









Friday 16th December

3.30 pm
Nessa’s Apartment


“Miss Alexandra Junior,” the maid said as Nessa took the handset from her.


“Sands – does your mother know you are here?”


“No – I need to ask a favour.”


“And that is?”


"Can I travel up with you and your friends Gran?"


"Well I'm not sure Alexandra darling, are you sure your mother wouldn't prefer you travelling with her, Heather, and George?" Nessa tried to think what to say next.


"She would, but I feel like getting dressed up, and you know she'll want me to look like a little girl. Can you ask Aunt Lee....PLEASE?"


"Let me ring her, and your mother darling, Give me a ring back shortly please.”


"Thanks Gran," Sands hung up.


"Okay what do you do about this Nessa Richmond?" she asked herself. "You know very well that when she says dress-up she means to look like a young woman, not as a thirteen year old?"


"I know," she replied to herself. She also knew just how she and the others were planning to dress, and that Sands in the type of outfit Nessa guessed she would wear would fit right in with their plans.


"Maybe it's better she comes with us and I can keep an eye on her?"


Reaching for her phone she pressed a number.


"Lee, do we have room for one more?"


4 pm
Nessa’s Apartment


“Come on in, Paulie,” Nessa said as her old friend appeared in the doorway, “you look dressed to impress?”


“I am indeed,” Paulie said with a smile, “as do you two.”  All three were wearing tailored blazers and short matching skirts with roll neck sweaters underneath, as well as Louboutins with 5 inch stiletto heels.  “So is Lee on her way over?”


“Should be here in a minute…”


“Miss Alexandra Junior,” her maid said from the doorway.


“Sands is coming with us,” Glenda said as she raised an eyebrow.


“She called to ask me if…”  Nessa turned and looked as Sands said “thanks, Gran – I wanted to give Mom and Heather a complete surprise.”


“You may just give her a heart attack,” Paulie said as she looked at the thirteen year old girl.  Sands was wearing a jacket and skirt as well, but under the jacket was a tight black top with a plunging neckline, and she was wearing the same make of heels.  The eye shadow, the long lashes, the almost micro length of the skirt...


“Sands,” Nessa said quietly, “did you wear that to school today?”


“Of course not Gran,” Sands giggled.  “I skipped the last class – got changed, and then came over here.”


“What about Katy?”


“I told her you were going to take me, and I’d see her there.”


"Darling I know how long it took me to get ready to look like this," Nessa looked her granddaughter over, "but I can tell you've been to the salon and had your hair and makeup done professionally. Did you skip school darling?"


"Yes, Gran, for the afternoon" Sands smiled as she replied, "but to see all your faces when I walked in it was worth it."


"Heather and your Mom will have a fit," Paulie sighed.


"Let them," Sands said as she took a look at herself in the mirror, "it was the last afternoon before the Christmas break anyway, we don't do a lot, so I thought why not?"


“Why not what,” Lee said as she walked in, dressed like the others, and then saw Sands.  “Oh ho – and the youngest Richmond makes an entrance.”


“Only by taking an unauthorized afternoon off,” Glenda said as she stood up.


"You shouldn't skip class darling," Lee said as she shook her head.


"Even when this is the end result, Aunt Lee," the young woman purred as she touched up her burgundy lipstick.  "I'm only looking as dressed up as you all are.'


"But you are only..."


"Only by what my birth certificate says Aunt Glenda," Sands laughed again, "just like you all look a lot younger, well I like looking older. And today I think I do."

The four women looked at each other, before Nessa kissed her cousin on the cheek and said "Tell Otto the luggage is in the hallway if he wants to load the car.”




"I must say it's so convenient that you have your own drivers ladies," Glenda smiled, "my resources don't quite stretch to that."


"Well Paulie is the only one who has a private plane and pilot if she needs it," Lee smiled at her dear old friend.


“Indeed – Sands darling, a word.”


“What is it Gran,” Sands said as her grandmother took her into a corner.


“What else have you brought with you, Alexandra?”


“Well, I may have my gun and…”


“Enough – hide them where they can’t be seen in the car,” Nessa said quietly, “and I want to talk seriously to you about this later…”




The Richmond Mansion


“She’s going with her grandmother?  I didn’t know – she told me she was missing her last class to see her doctor,” Katy said as she put her bag in the back of Jo’s jeep.  “Why did she lie to me?”


“Ask her when we get there,” Jo said as Ama, Erica and Mel got into the minibus while Caroline supervised the loading of the car.  “George?  You ready?”


“Coming,” George said as he walked down the stairs, and put his bag in the back before he kissed Katy.




“You’re all right with George going with Jo and Katy?”


“I am,” Janice said as she took the mug of coffee from Heather, “Given we’re staying here to start to sort out what the heck we’re going to do for a wedding, it’s one less load off my mind.”


“So you won’t need the customary hour’s head start before I beat you there,” Sandy said with a smile.


“I heard you were racing Nessa’s party there?”


“That, apparently, was before my darling daughter decided to ride with her,” Sandy laughed as she looked at her watch.  “Diana?”


“She and Abby will be here in a few minutes – Natasha and Alain are already on the way up.”


"So why won't Ingrid be coming?" Barbara asked as she sat with her daughter.


"Because Adam has a shoot to do in Aspen Mum," Jeannie looked up from checking her bag, "she decided to tag along and play photographer’s assistant instead of model for once.'


"We are going to be woefully short of men as usual," Doc's mom said as they came in, "why is it we can never get a full turn out of husbands and boyfriends for these weekends?"


"That is one of life's great mysteries," Letty laughed as she and her Mom joined the group.


"Okay Nessa thanks for the heads up," Juliette closed her phone off.


"A problem Mom?" Carina asked as she put Judith's little fur suit on her.


"I really hope not, darling. Sands begged she could go up with her grandmother and her friends, and she turned up dressed to kill looking years older after skipping school to get her hair and makeup done."


"Ouch," Carina let the word out as an exclamation. "So Sandy and Heather know?"


"Not yet, and I'm not sure I want to be there when they do,"


"Yeah,” Carina said as she picked her older daughter up, “I think I'll avoid that as well."


"Your father should be here anytime with Annie and the twins," Juliette looked at her watch. "With any luck we can get away reasonably on time for once."


NYU Library


"Damn," Tommy whispered to himself when he realised he'd typed in the same paragraph twice because he'd been dreaming of skiing and partying up at Stowe.


"Look if we ring Heather now and say we are coming up later, I can go to my apartment and change, then we can have Saturday enjoying the fun, and Tommy can return early Sunday to finish the paper and still get it in Monday?"


"It's an idea," Tommy answered his female half.


"Well,” Krystle purred in his head, “you aren't going to get much more done while you are like this."


"No I guess not," Tommy glanced at his watch. "If I ring now..."


"You can catch Heather before they leave."


The Richmond Mansion


"Alright we'll see you when we see you then," Heather smiled. "But I need to warn you that Holly just phoned to say she invited Britt along."


"My sister?"


"Yep," Heather laughed, "still want to come...Krys." 


"Yes,” she replied, “but it means I'll need to be damn careful.  See you all later…”


Nessa’s Apartment


The concierge opened the door and saluted as Nessa led the group of five women out.


"You know Alexandra, looking and sounding like that, it's best perhaps you don't call us your aunts on this trip," Lee looked the stunning youngster up and down. "Just call us by our names."


"Don't encourage her darling."


"Ness do you really want people aging you by people hearing her call you Gran?"


"She has a point," Glenda said softly as she carefully entered the limousine.


“All right – Lee,” Sands said with a smile as she sat inside, Lee and Nessa following as the door was closed, and Otto made his way to the driver’s seat.


"Champagne girls?" Lee pressed a button and a panel slid back to reveal a cocktail cabinet.


"Sounds nice," Glenda smiled, "nice way to start getting us in the mood for a party weekend."


"Yes, even I'll agree on that," Paulie smiled as she accepted a glass.


"Can she?" Lee looked at Ness and nodded in Sands direction.


"Oh I guess so," Vanessa sighed, "I think I'd be outvoted if I tried to say no anyway."


"For now at least go with the reality that Alexandra is a gorgeous, beautiful woman," Lee passed her a glass of champagne, "and just think of her as 'one of us'."


“One of us, one of us,” Lee sang as the laughter came from the others…



Krys’ Apartment


"Thanks for dropping this over Mary," Tommy smiled as he started to undress, "I suddenly realised that Krys didn't own a ski suit, and If I'm going to ski tomorrow I need one."


"Not a problem," Mary Thomas said with a smile as she sat and watched Tommy starting the process of becoming Krys. “What about ski equipment?"


"Heather says they keep a stock there,” Tommy said as he pulled on the blouse, “so I won't have to take my own skis and the danger someone might recognise them."


"You'll be late arriving, you know?"


"Yeah, but I hired a reasonably sporty car, so maybe I can shave some time off...."


"With speeding," Mary laughed, "you sound as bad as Carina, Sandy, etc."


"I do?" Tommy put on the chain Krys usually wore, flicked a tiny switch, and suddenly his voice became hers.  “Well then,” she purred, “I hope the police are as good looking as Heather says they are…”



7 pm
The I91 Freeway


"Thanks again for inviting me Holly," Britt said as they waited for their coffee in the drive thru at McDonald's.


""As I said three hours ago when we set out, it's not a problem," the petite blonde smiled, "with Tommy crashing out for a couple of nights in one of the dorms while he completes this paper, and with Sands driving up with her Gran and the others, it's nice to have the company."


"Yeah,” Britt said as she checked herself in the mirror, “Juliette said it was fine when my Mom rang to check I wasn't imposing."


"So just relax,” Holly said with a smile, “these weekends are always amazing."


"So I've heard.  Is it true about the instructors?"


“Ally and Nell will be there, but Nell is taken – so just watch Ally.  Now, are you sure you didn't want anything to eat with this coffee?"


“No, I’m good,” Britt said with a smile.  “I’m too excited to eat anyway at the moment…”



Krys’ apartment


Stepping out of the front door of the apartment block, Krys smiled as she used her remote to open the boot of her sports car, then placed the bag in the space before closing the trunk lid and getting behind the wheel.


"Okay Google says NYC to Stowe is a 6 hour drive," Krys checked her device, "lets see if I can do it in under 5 shall we?"


For a few seconds she looked in the rear view mirror and checked her appearance. Really from the leather pants and boots, to the black cowl necked sweater she knew she looked wonderful. Her hair and makeup was immaculate, she looked like the beautiful woman she felt inside.


The guy from the car rental agency had all but drooled when he dropped off her ride from the weekend, and she knew she had been naughty in how she'd behaved. The obvious bulge in the guy's pants inwardly made her giggle. She loved the sense of power that looking like this somehow gave her, it was all such a huge kick. 


"Anyway I'd better hit the road," she told herself as slipped the car keys into the ignition and turned the starter over.


"Let's see just how far under 5 hours I can do this in." she told herself again as she headed into the traffic.


I92 Freeway


"What was the text darling?" Klaus looked at his wife while he also tried to concentrate on the road.


"Oh it was from Missy,” Juliette said as she looked over, “just confirmation that Mexala wants to use Krys Ernst for more of their advertising."


"Well the speed with which they got that first set into the papers and magazines said how much they loved her," Carina said, sitting on the rear seat as she cradled the sleeping Judith in her arms.


"I agree darling,” Juliette said as she put her phone away.  “Krys does seem to look particularly fabulous in their clothes. it's not hard to foresee them offering her an endorsement contract next year."


"Yeah," Annie laughed, "much to my wife's disappointment."


"Oh why darling?" Klaus looked in the rear view mirror.


"I sort of hoped I might get that gig myself Pops, but I'll accept that Krys maybe is a better fit for them than I am."


“You win some, you lose some my dear,” Klaus said with a smile as Judith stirred in her mother’s arms.  “I take it the twins were happy to be left with Orlagh?”


“She was happy to see them,” Annie said, “mind you, she seemed happier than usual.  Has something happened?”


“With her and George?  I have no idea,” Juliette said as Klaus looked at her, raising an eyebrow.




“I genuinely do not know…”





Sands giggled as she sipped from the champagne flute, looking at her grandmother and her friends as they talked and giggled.


“You know, I am fascinated by you, young Alexandra,” Lee said as she looked over, “thirteen, and yet so sure of yourself.  Were we ever like that, ladies?”


“Not me,” Nessa said as she looked at Paulie, “when we were at Bishop Walden, it was His Lordship who was in charge, and he was more puritanical than my parents.”


“If that was possible,” Paulie laughed before she said in an attempt at a male voice “I expect the young ladies under my charge to be the very image of decorum.”


“Who are you talking about,” Lee asked.


“Major Lord Dennis Plumbton, headmaster of Bishop Walden in the late 50s and early 60s,” Nessa said as she drained her glass.  “Made the Dragon look like a butterfly at times.”


“Plumbton…  Didn’t he…”


“He did,” Paulie said as she glanced at Sands, “and this is probably not the time to raise that spectre.  But nope – a thirteen year old lesbian at the Bishopric at that time would have seen a one way ticket to the Junior Nunnery, with no chance of parole.”


Sands shivered as she said “I thought it was a free time?”


“For some, not for others,” Lee said with a smile as she refilled the glasses.  “So how does it feel when you…”


“It is amazing, but I am like Mom – I think I’ve found my soulmate,” Sands said with a smile.


“Even though you have to share her?”


“Well, Tommy isn’t that bad – at least we are talking as a threesome,” Sands giggled, “and that is as far as it goes.”


Paulie looked at her refilled glass, and said “well, Pussie, bless her heart, is a wonderful woman, and so… And so are you, little one.”


Nessa shook her head as she drained her glass again, and looked out of the window.  She then turned to see Paulie sitting next to her, as Sands sat next to Lee.


“So what is it really like, to kiss a woman?”


“Let me show you, Aunt Lee,” Sands said quietly as she leaned over and placed her lips on those of the older woman, Lee closing her eyes in response.  The three women looked on in amazement as Lee's lips obviously parted and Alexandra slipped her tongue into the older woman’s mouth.


"Mmmmm so good" somehow the words escaped Lee's lips as she relaxed and responded.  She continued to kiss the young girl as her hand went down her leg, and under her skirt, Sands moaning as she felt the older woman’s fingers stroking her.


“Are they…  Are they actually doing that,” Paulie said quietly, blinking as the kiss seemed to get more passionate.


“Do you know, I think they are,” Nessa whispered as Lee put her hand on Sands’ lap, stroking gently before she put her hand under her skirt.  Sands moaned softly in response as the other two women looked at each other.


“Have you ever…”


“No – I mean, I see Pussy and Frieda, but…”  Paulie looked at her friend, and then moved as they placed their lips together.


“No – I don’t think this is right,” Paulie said after they parted.  Nessa nodded, as she poured more champagne into their glasses, and said “allow them their fun…”


“Hey – if they’re going to do that, did you…”


Nessa nodded as she opened her bag and took out a velvet covered box.  Paulie watched as she removed the lid, revealing the mirrored underside, and then looked at the pouch of white powder, the thin tube, and the thin metal cutter.  Nessa paused for a moment, and looked at her old friend.


“When we were – I was going to say Sands age,” she started to say, “but I mean as old as the likes of Pepsi and Doc, the worst you did was the occasional vitamin tablet or a beer.”


“That sounds like the old Vanessa making an appearance – give me that here.”  Paulie said as she took the lid, and tipped some of the white powder on the mirrored surface, while at the same time Lee let out a low moan as Sands kissed her neck and chest.  As Nessa watched, her old friend used the metal to separate the powder into two lines, and then picked up one of the tubes.


“Going to try it?”


“In a minute, maybe,” Nessa said quietly as both Sands and Lee moaned, Paulie grinning as she used the tube to inhale through her nose one of the lines of white powder.  Pouring herself some more of the champagne, she watched as Paulie closed her eyes and her body shook, a grin appearing on her face as she looked ta Nessa with a fixed gaze.


“Oh my god, that does feel so good,” Paulie whispered.  “Ready to give it a go.”


“Are you sure you feel all right?”


“Never felt better,” Paulie giggled as she poured herself more champagne and then took a drink. 


“I’ll try some though,” Glenda said as she took the box.  She had been watching the others, trying to process what was happening, but whatever it was she wanted to try it.  Both women watched as she measured out a line and then inhaled it, repeating before she looked at the other two women.


“Oh wow – you two – all four of you look amazing…”


“So do you,” Paulie said as she leaned over and kissed Glenda, the blonde responding as they stroked each other’s backs.  The kiss got more and more passionate as they embraced, Nessa looking at them and then over as Lee moaned.


Sands was sitting back, her eyes closed as Lee’s hand worked under her skirt, and then the young girl felt her fingers slipping past her thong, entering her, stroking her as her moans got louder.


“Oh yes – keep doing that,” Sands moaned as she felt the sweet pleasure Holly gave her, the fire burning inside her as she twisted round.  It was so good to feel this way…


“You feel so damp there – and I have to admit,” Lee whispered into the young girl’s ear, “it makes me feel good as well.  You are a very fortunate young woman…”


“Oh I know,” Sands groaned as Lee’s finger worked further into her, and she felt the fire flaring up inside as she touched her in that most special of places.


“Lee, what are you…”


“Oh relax Alexandra,” Lee said, a grin on her face as she looked over, before she thrust her hand forward and Sands started to shake.


“Glenda…  Oh lord…”


“Do you know how much I wanted to do this to you when I was a young woman,” Glenda whispered as she looked at Paulie.




Nessa turned her head to see Paulie with her own head back, her eyes closed and her blouse opened up, while Glenda unfastened the front of her bra and eased the cups to one side, then started to kiss her breasts and suck gently on her nipples. 




Nessa looked over to where Lee was sitting, a grin on her face as Sands’ whole body shook.  The young girl then looked back over at her grandmother, adjusting her outfit.


“You all right, Gran?”


“I think so,” Nessa said as she looked round the car, “but I don’t think I need the powder just now.” 


“Oh yes – I’m ready for that,” Lee said as she reached over and took the box from Nessa, Sands grinning as she said “I’d like some as well, Lee.”


“Why not – you don’t mind, do you Ness?”


Ness looked at both of them – her granddaughter had just been brought to an orgasm by her cousin, her best friend in the world had just snorted two lines of cocaine and was moaning while her old college friend kissed her breasts, Paulie mumbling to herself, her eyes glazed.


“No,” she said as looked over, “no offence, but I think I’m going to stick to champagne for now.”  She poured herself another glass, downing it in one as Sands and Lee inhaled a line each.


“Oh wow,” Sands said as she looked at Nessa, “how I got through social studies without this all these years…”


“You’ve used this at Bishop Walden?”


“Oh don’t look so shocked Ness,” Lee said as she smiled, “why should not your granddaughter have some fun?  We need to live a little…”


“What on earth have I walked into,” Nessa whispered as she poured herself another glass.  “Hey – are we slowing down?”


Lee nodded as she tapped on the glass behind her.  “Otto, are we slowing down?”


“There is a broken down vehicle ahead, Madame,” her driver said, “I was going to see if they require assistance.”


“Ah – are we making good time?”


“We are, Madame.”


“Very well then,” Lee giggled as the car came to a stop.  She lowered the door window to see two young men standing by a car, the bonnet open and steam coming out of it.  Her chauffer walked round and looked at the car, and then spoke to the two men.


“Otto,” Lee called out, “allow the two young men to come in and join us – they look cold and in need of a drink.”


“Yes. Ma’am,” Otto said as he talked to the two men, and then opened the door so that they could come in.  They were in their late teens, wearing thick coats and jeans, as the blonde haired one said “this is very kind of you.”


“Oh it is most certainly our pleasure,” Nessa purred as Sands shook her head.  “And what are your names?”


“I’m Steve,” the blonde said, “and my dark haired friend is Dave.”


“Steve and Dave – some champagne?”


“Why not,” the dark haired boy said as they removed their coats, taking a glass from Sands as Nessa poured the champagne in.  “So is this a ladies weekend away?”


“We’re going to join a few friends – some fun, some dancing, some fucking,” Paulie laughed out, Nessa turning her head to look at them.


“Oh – so all available?”


“Not me,” Sands said as she sat with her head to one side, “I’m strictly a lady’s lady.”


“Pity,” Steve said as she sipped from the glass, “you’re a good looking young woman.”


“All flattery accepted – this is my grandmother Nessa, my cousin Lee, and the two ladies having fun are Paulie and Glenda.”


“So I see – quite a turn on,”


“I can imagine,” Sands said as she looked at him.  “So how’s the champagne boys?”


“This is good stuff,” Steve said quietly as he drained his glass, not noticing Nessa refilling it.  “There must be some way we can repay you.”


“Oh there just may be,” Paulie almost purred as she looked at him, “there just may be…”


“Oh – and…”  Steve looked at Nessa as she knelt on the floor of the car, and stroked his cheek with her hand, before she kissed him, her other hand moving down between his legs.


“Oh wow – how experienced are you?”


“Shut up and kiss me back while I do this,” Nessa said as Lee looked at Dave.


“What about you, young man,” Lee said as she knelt in front of him, and saw the bulge in his pants, “does what my friends are doing arouse you as well?”


“Oh yes,” he said quietly before he saw her open his pants up, and take hold of his cock, stroking it before she started to kiss it, taking it into her mouth as he closed his eyes.


“Oh my…”


“Hush,” Nessa said as she stroked Steve’s crotch, “just enjoy the event…”






“Yes Otto,” Lee said as she wiped her mouth.


“The recovery vehicle is here – are the two gentlemen available?”


“I think so – thank you gentlemen.”


Dave and Steve stepped out of the car, the girls waving as Otto closed the door.


“Did…  Did that just happen?”


“If anything happened Gentlemen,” Otto said quietly, “it should remain a secret with you.  I trust I make myself clear?”


They both nodded as they walked to the recovery vehicle, Otto smiling as he got behind the wheel.


“Shall I continue, Madame,” he said as he heard the moans and giggles.


“Oh yes – please do…”







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