Delhi Danger









The music and chatter from the radio was the only thing keeping Ahalya company as she worked in the kitchen of her house in the Greater Kailash region of Delhi.  Since the regrettable departure of her husband, and the subsequent divorce, she had kept herself fairly much to herself, eschewing the company of others to focus on her two daughters and providing for them.


As she placed the meat into the marinade and stirred it around, she was quietly looking forward to the weekend - just some time alone with Anya and Chadna, with no calls to work for Anya and no homework for Chadna, as it was a holiday on Monday.  It would be nice for them to spend some time together.


She was not what you would call a tall woman, but was very well proportioned, as the top held her breasts firmly in place with the laces tightly fastened at the front.  It was made of cotton dyed a light purple, with sort sleeves, and around her body she had wrapped a purple sari with a white floral pattern, and a square geometric pattern around the edges.  Her dark hair was pulled back and secured in a pigtail that ran down her back, the grey streaks visible at her temples as she wiped her forehead with her uncovered arm.


“That will do for now,” she said quietly to herself as she stepped back - only to hit something or someone behind her.  Before she could turn to see who it was, a large calloused hand was clamped over her mouth, and she felt herself been pulled out of the kitchen, her hands clawing at the arm around her as she kicked at the floor...





“Any plans for the weekend, Chadna?”


Chadna smiled as she walked home with her school friends, clutching her books to her chest with her backpack slung over her shoulders.  She was wearing the same uniform as her other friends - a blue gymslip dress over a short sleeved white blouse, with a blue and white striped webbing belt around her waist fastened with a brass buckle, knee length white socks and black flat shoes.


“No - I just want to go home, get my homework done, then spend time with my maataa and my bahin,” she said as she looked at the others.  Her dark hair was platted into two pigtails that fell down her back, and she was feeling happy to have a few days off school.


“Oh well - we may say you on Sunday at the market?”


“Possibly,” Chadna said as she waved and turned into the gateway to her house.  Skipping to the doorway, she walked in and called out “I’m home!”  Not hearing a reply, she shrugged and walked into the main room.


Chdn - RNNNNN!”


Ahalya stared at her daughter over the large cloth that had been pulled between her lips.  She was sat in front of a wicker chair, her arms pulled behind her back and her knees bent, and Chadna could see the cords that were holding her ankles together.  She backed slowly out of the room, only to be grabbed and lifted off the floor by a large man, who carried her back in and made her sit opposite her mother.


“Not a word, putrii,” she heard the man say as she stared at her mother, shaking as her hand were pulled behind her back and secured together with some sort of twine.  Looking up, she saw a second strange man standing in the doorway, smiling as she felt the cords biting into her skin.


“Just be quiet,” the second man said in a lighter voice, “and this will be a big adventure for you.”  Chadna bit her lip, stifling a cry as the man made her sit down and started to wrap the twine around her ankles...




It was nearly seven as Anya turned into the street where she lived.  Although she was only 19, she had worked at the bank now for six months, and had managed to gain the trust of her manager enough that today, he had told her she was been promoted.  She couldn’t wait to tell her mother and sister the good news.


She was dressed for business, wearing a light purple open necked blouse under a grey jacket and trousers, with sensible black shoes on her feet.   Her build took a little like her mother, so that the jacket was a little tight to fasten, but she did not mind - in her experience, men liked that in a woman.  What she really wanted to be wearing were jeans and a t-shirt, but she knew that was not right for an up and coming bank worker.  Opening and closing the gate that led to the house, she saw the lack of lights, but thought nothing of it as she opened the door.


Maataa, Chadna, I have wonderful news,” she said as she walked into the front room, only to be stopped as she saw Chadna sitting on the floor, her sock covered feet wriggling as she mewled over the scarf that covered her mouth.  Turning her head to the side, she saw Ahalya sitting there, staring at her older daughter with eyes that were full of tears.


“Not a word,” she heard a rough voice behind her say as she felt a small cold metal ring been pushed into her back.  “Take your jacket off, and put your hands behind your back.”


“Who are you,” Anya said as she slowly unbuttoned her jacket and slipped it off her arms, which felt cold in the night air as she stood still.  There was no reply, but instead she felt her hands been pulled behind her, and then the rough bite of some sort of twine on her skin as she felt her wrists been tied together.


“Sit down,” she heard the voice say as she was pushed forward towards her sister.  As she turned and sat herself on the floor, she said “Are you all right, Chadna?”


Mscrd,” Chadna mumbled as Anya saw for the first time the man who had bound her wrists.  He was older, with greying hair, and very stocky, and she also noticed the gun he held in his hand as he knelt in front of her.  “You’ll all be fine if you do as you’re told,” he said as he pulled her legs together and bound her ankles with more twine, trapping the cuffs of her trouser legs underneath as he did so.


why have you done this to my family,” Anya continued to protest as the man drew a large white handkerchief from his back pocket.  “We’ll tell you in good time,” was all he said as he rolled it into a thick band and pulled it into Anya’s mouth, wrapping it around her head and securing it tightly under her long hair.


“Www?” she mumbled, and as she looked to the door she saw a younger man standing there, looking enough like the one gagging her to be some sort of relative, possibly his son.  “That’s them all,” he said as he looked at them, “Leave them alone - you need to hear this on the radio.”


As the two men walked out, Ahalya began to shuffle over to her daughters, mumbling “Msree, msree” as she came closer.  The two younger women shuffled to the side as she moved between them, and placed their heads on her shoulders as she tried her best to comfort both of them.


Whthppnnddmta,” Anya whispered as she rubbed her head on her mother’s shoulder.  Ahalya let her head fall to the side as Chadna rested her head on her mother’s lap, wishing she could explain what was going on - but even if she had not been gagged, she would not have been able to say anything.  The sari was falling down onto her lap as well now, covering her younger daughter as the light stated to fade outside the window.


How long they remained like this, Ahalya was unsure, but eventually the light in the room was turned on and the two men came back in.  “We’re going to untie your hands and remove the gags,” the older one said as the other one sat Chadna up.  “You can have this bread and water, but say nothing - we are in charge here.”


Ahalya gasped as the wet cloth was removed from her mouth, and she took a moment to catch her breath, before saying “Who are you, and why are you doing this to us?”


“Who we are is not important,” the older man said as Ahalya felt her arms been untied.  Rubbing her wrists, she hugged Chadna and Anya as they two had their arms freed and their gags removed.  “You may call me Pitta, and he is Putra.  Just do as we tell you, and you’ll all be fine.”  He placed plates of bread and meat, and some bottles of water in front of them.  “Eat, drink - you cook a good meal, Ahalya.”


“How do you know my name,” the mother said as Chadna grabbed some meat and bread and started to eat.  “We know who you all are, Ahalya, Chadna and Anya,” Pitta said as he looked at them.  “We’re going to stay tonight, and then Pitta will go into town tomorrow and visit the bank Anya works at.”


“But it will be closed,” Anya said as she put a bottle of water to her lips, but as she started to drink it she stopped and looked at them.  “Ah,” she finally said, “You expect me to tell you how to open the safe, is that it?”


“Not at all,” Putra said with a smile, “Our friends are asking your manager for that.  We just want your keys.  When I get back, we will leave you and you will be safe.”


“And you will not harm us,” Ahalya said as she watched her daughters eat.


“We will have to keep you secure, but we will not harm you,” Pitta answered, and she sighed as she picked up a plate and began to eat.  “What do you mean, keep us secure,” Chadna eventually said after a drink of water.  “Will we have to be tied up again?”


“I regret so, yes, but you will be comfortable,” Pitta said as she knelt by Chadna and stroked her head.  “I know this is frightening, but you need to be a brave girl, all right?”  She nodded as Putra knelt at her legs and untied her ankles.


“What are you doing,” Anya said as she saw her sister been helped to stand up.


“It is getting late,” Pitta said as the younger man walked Chadna to the door, his hand on her arm.  “He will take her, allow her to wash and change into nightclothes, and then secure her.  After that, he will come for Anya, and then you Ahalya.  It will be all right, I promise.”


Mattaa,” Chadna said as she looked back, but Ahalya smiled and said “it is all right, Chadna, we will be with you shortly.”    The two women watched as the younger girl was escorted out of the room, and they heard footsteps on the stairs, one set heavy, and the other lighter.  As there was the sound of water moving, Anya turned to her mother and said “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry this has happened...”


“It’s all right, Anya,” Ahalya said as she kept her eyes on Pitta, “You are not to blame, we must be brave for each other and keep strong.”  She watched the doorway as eventually Putra returned, untied Anya’s legs and helped her to stand up, escorting her from the room.  As they left, Pitta knelt and untied Ahalya’s legs, before helping her to sit on the couch.


“Is this something you do a lot, holding defenceless women and children hostage,” she said as she adjusted her sari and rubbed her ankles.


“Yes, it is,” Pitta replied as she looked at him.  “Now, when Anya is finished in the bathroom, I will take you up and let you wash and relieve yourself.  I will pass you in some nightclothes, and I expect you to wear them.  Then I will take you to your daughters.”


Ahalya nodded as she looked at him.  She wondered what was going to happen, as she heard footsteps upstairs, and Pitta took her by the arm.  “Let’s go,” he said as they walked out of the room and up the staircase, and he allowed her to enter the bathroom.


She could see Chadna and Anya has left their clothes on the bathroom floor, so she slowly unwrapped her sari and allowed the cloth to drop on the floor, before removing her top.  Stepping under the shower, she turned it on and allowed the water to wash down her body, as she heard the door open and close.


Looking round, she saw a long nightgown, with elbow length sleeves, hanging on the door.  It had a geometric green, orange and grey pattern on it, with orange trim.  As she towelled herself off, she wondered for a moment what her daughters had been given, before she slipped it on.  Opening the bathroom door, she found Pitta waiting for her.


“Come,” he said as he took her by the arm and walked her to her bedroom.  As they entered, Ahalya gasped as she saw both Chadna and Anya looking at her.  Both girls were lying on her bed, but there was little they could do to move or greet her.


Chadna was wearing a pair of crimson silk pyjamas, with a light see through cardigan covering her arms and body, while Anya was wearing a cap sleeved purple nightdress with black polka dots and stripes from the shoulders down the very short sleeves.


Both girls had their wrists firmly bound behind their backs, and Ahalya could see bands of rope wrapped around their upper bodies, around their shoulders and lower down.  More rope was clearly visible around their crossed ankles, which had been pulled back and were secured to their chests with a length of rope.


“Oh no,” Ahalya breathed as the two girls raised their heads, and saw the strips of brown plaster that had been secured over their mouths.  She barely noticed her own hands been drawn behind her back, or the rope that tightened her arms as it was wrapped around her body, stretching her own nightgown over her chest so that her breasts were seen underneath.


Wha - why are you doing this,” she finally said as she was walked over to the bed and made to lie down next to Anya.


“We need to keep you both in the same room, and out of the way,” Pitta said as he started to bind her ankles together with the rope.  “Just stay calm and breath through your nose, and you will be just fine.”


“What do you - ngg, what do you mean,” Ahalya said as she felt her bound ankles been pulled back and fixed into place by Putra.  She regretted asking almost immediately, as Pitta held a pair of Anya’s panties in front of her mouth, and she knew why her daughters looked as if their mouths were full.


“Please, I will be good,” she pleaded as she looked up, her greying hair falling around her face, put Pitta just smiled and pressed the folded cloth to her mouth.  Signing, Ahalya opened as wide as she could and allowed him to stuff the panties into her mouth, closing her lips as he smoothed a length of the sticking plaster over them.


bclmgrls,” she mumbled to both of her daughters as the two men went to the door.  “Watch them,” Pitta said as they turned the light off, “I’ll replace you in four hours.”  Putra nodded and sat in a chair, his eyes fixed on the trio as they rolled around a little.


Chadna looked over at her mother, her eyes red with crying as she mumbled “whtrtgngtd?”  Ahalya just shook her head, and said “Eddntkn,” as Anya tried to comfort her little sister.  Eventually, they stopped rolling and talking, as exhaustion claimed them and they slowly closed their eyes....





As Ahalya opened her eyes, she wondered for a moment why her arms were so stiff, and she had a taste in her mouth as if a dish cloth had been put into it.  She tried to move, but to her horror the events of the previous day came back to her mind as she remembered her position, and felt the plaster tugging at her skin.


Shdnr.. nyeee,” she mumbled as she slowly turned  her head, only to realise that she was alone on the bed - her two daughters were nowhere to be seen.  She screamed through her gag, which brought Pitta running into the room.


“Ah, you’re awake,” he said as he sat beside her and gently peeled the plaster away from her mouth.  “Your daughters are downstairs - Putra had to leave early, and we needed to talk to Anya first.”


“Please,” Ahalya said with a croak as the soaked cloth was pulled from her mouth, “Take me to them...”


“You must dress first,” Pitta said as he started to untie the older woman.  “You need to prepare some food for the day, and be available in case anyone decides to call.”


“You - you would not take others hostage,” Ahalya said as she felt her legs fall onto the bed.


“No - but you will have to make sure they cannot stay,” the man said as he removed the ropes.  “You can go to the bathroom, and then come back and change.”


“Can I do it in private,” she pleaded as she sat up and rubbed her wrists.


“No - I am alone here, and I cannot take that risk.  Go - relieve yourself, and then come back.”  As she walked to the bathroom, Ahalya could hear the rain thundering down on the windows and roof.  “I see the rains have started - I hope this means you will not be staying.”


“So do I,” Pitta said as he opened the door.  “Now, hurry.”



Thirty minutes later, Ahalya walked into the front room with Pitta to see her two daughters sitting on the floor.  They turned and nodded to their mother as she stood there, looking at how they had been left.


Anya was wearing a pink t-shirt, the bottom of which had ridden up slightly to reveal her slightly fat belly, a pair of faded jeans and white socks.  Chadna was sitting back to back with her, in a white t-shirt with blue cap sleeves, and a pair of pink jogging bottoms that were covered in purple and white dots.


Both girls had their wrists tied in front of them, and then lashed down to their legs above their knees, while their ankles were also tightly secured.  A wide band of rope was wrapped around their upper bodies, holding the two of them together as they sat there.  They both also had scarves pulled into their mouths, a white one for Anya and a red one for Chadna, which were wrapped round their heads twice before they were knotted off.


Ahalya was more conservatively garbed, in a green mid-sleeved tunic over orange and gold pantaloons, with a matching scarf around her neck.  “They’ll be safe in here,” Pitta said as he checked their bonds, “You can come into the kitchen and cook some food - Putra will be hungry when he returns, and wet as well.”


The two girls watched as Pitta led their mother into the kitchen, glancing at the clock on the wall.  It showed the time to be eleven - they had been sat there for three hours already, with little or no chance of rest.


On the floor, Anya could see her handbag, where it had been dropped when she had walked in the previous evening.  The two men had obviously not bothered to lift it, and in the opening at the top she could just see her mobile phone.




She felt her sister turn her head behind her.  Yssss?”




Chadna looked over as the sound of pots been moved came from the kitchen area, and she could hear her mother talking to the man holding them hostage.  Ysss,” she mumbled when she eventually saw the bag, “whtsnt?”




Chadna’s heart leapt as she saw the small silver rectangle in the bag.  Hwddwwgtt,” she mumbled as she tried to talk to her older sister.




Chadna nodded and started to try and control her breathing, slowly breathing in and out.  As she did this, she discovered that the rope around their chests was beginning to slacken.   The minutes ticked slowly by as she kept doing this, until Anya finally heard her say “YSSSSS” and felt Chadna sliding down her back, the chest ropes falling loosely around her body.


She shuffled round and watched as Chadna scooted across the floor, her gaze fixed firmly on the bag and the prize within.  Inch by inch, she got closer and closer, until she was right beside it.


It took several attempts for Chadna, urged on as quietly as possible by Anya, to reach in and gently pull out the phone, but eventually she grunted as she managed to withdraw the white hope of raising the alarm.  She pressed the front, hoping it would not sound too loudly as the light came on.  She offered up a silent prayer to Shakti as she looked at the screen, waiting, hoping...


“I’ll take that.”


Chadna and Anya screamed as a rain soaked arm reached down and pulled the phone away from her, and Chadna was pushed onto her side. Looking up into the angry face of Putra as he stood there.  Pitta” he called out, “come in here and bring their mother with you - they just tried to call for help.”


The two girls looked to the doorway as the older man pulled Ahalya in with him, her hands secured together in front of her was theirs had been.  “Well, well, well,” he said as he looked at the two girls, “I see you have been busy.”  Dragging their mother over to the large wicker chair, they watched as she was made to sit down, and her ankles tightly bound together over her pants.


“Untie the little one,” he said to Putra, “She can serve you some lunch in the kitchen, and then you can bring her back in here.  How did it go anyway?”


“The job went well,” Putra said with a smile, “but the boss says not to move out until tomorrow.  The rains have caused a flood on the roué out, and we need time for it to clear.”


“One day the roads will not have this happen to them,” Pitta said as he watched Chadna being untied and pulled to her feet.  “Feed my son, little one, and then we are going to play some games with you and your family.”


“Games,” Ahalya called out as she looked at her daughter been led away, “What sort of games?”


“You’ll see,” Pitta said as he stroked Ahalya’s hair, “It will be fun.  Now, be quiet or I will gag you as well.”



It was some thirty minutes later that Putra brought Chadna back into the room, wiping his hand with the back of his mouth as he did so.  “That’s better,” he said as he held the young girl tightly by the arm, “So what are we going to do with her?”


“Tie her up on the couch,” Putra said as he walked over, “And blindfold her.” 


Maatta?” Chadna called out as she felt her hands been pulled behind her back, and the rough twine been used to bind them tightly together.  “Be brave, Chadna,” Ahalya said as she watched Putra bind her wrists, then wind ripe around her arms, above and below her chest as she was secured in place as well.


Anya shuffled out of the way as Chadna was made to lie face down on the long couch, her ankles crossed and bound as well as her legs below her knees, and then pulled back as she was placed once again in a hog tie.  The thick red cloth was pulled back into her mouth, as Pitta walked over and removed the long orange scarf from around her mother’s neck.


“I think Chadna needs to be blindfolded now, “he said as he wound the scarf around the younger girl’s eyes, blindfolding her as she mumbled on the couch.  “What are you....  Oh no, please don’t” Ahalya said quietly as she watched Putra pull her daughter’s top up over her chest, and start to tickle her stomach and stroke her sides.


“I think you need to be quiet now,” Pitta said as he pulled back on the older woman’s hair.  Ahalya opened her mouth to scream, only for Pitta to shove a piece of cloth into her ,mouth, and then tie a towel over it to keep it in place.


“We’re not going to do too much to her,” Pitta whispered into Ahalya’s ear as she started to cry, watching the younger intruder stroke Chadna’s stomach and arms as she wriggled on the couch.  “We prefer our women a little older.”


Ahalya wondered what her meant by this, as she watched him untie Anya’s legs and force her to her feet.  He walked her to the other side of the room, where a drying rack was hung high in the ceiling.  He lowered it a little, tied a length of rope around Anya’s bound wrists, and then threw it over the airer, pulling Anya’s wrists high above her head as she stood there, unable to stop him securing them in place.


Nnnplsdnnt,” Ahalya screamed again as he took a large knife and walked towards Anya, only to be forced to watch as he cut her t-shirt away, the cloth falling to the ground as her belly hung slightly over the waistband of her jeans.  He walked behind her, his hands gently stroking her breasts as they passed over her bra.


Plssdnt,” Anya moaned as he started to gently press his fingers into them.  “Why not, Anya,” Pitta said quietly as he started to kiss her neck.  “After all, you don’t want your little sister to find out, do we?”


Anya looked at her mother, her eyes tearful as Ahalya slowly shook her head, bowing it as Pitta continued to gently massage her older daughter’s chest.  Anya closed her eyes and tried to block out the feelings that were been aroused within her, as Putra walked over and slowly unfastened her jeans, pulling them down her legs and stroking them as he did so.


PLssssss,” Anya moaned as she felt the touch of both men, unable to pretend that her body was not responding to the treatment it was receiving, no matter how much she did not want it to happen.  Ahalya looked over at Chadna, who was lying on her side, facing the wooden back of the couch as her eyes were tightly covered, and offered up a silent prayer of thanks she could not see this.


As Pitta continued what was in effect his molesting of Anya, Putra placed his lips against her bare belly and began to kiss it, his hands stroking her hips and legs as he moved down them, and tied her legs together above her knees, and then her ankles as she hung there on her tip toes.  Her body was starting to move despite itself, reacting to the kissing and touching of both men, as Ahalya looked on, unable to help either of her daughters.


Plssddnnmmmmm,” she heard Anya say as she saw Putra kissing her belly button as he caressed her buttocks with his hands, while Pitta traced his fingers around her erect nipples.  She cried a muffled plea through her mouth, which only caught Pitta’s attention, as he walked over and untied her hands.


“Take your kurta off, Maataa,” he said as Putra continued to kiss and stroke Anya.  Too frightened to refuse, she slowly took off her tunic, letting it fall to the floor as she stood there, her arms around her chest.


“And your churidaar,” he said as he looked at the older woman.  Mseee,” she pleaded, but the look in his eyes was unmistakable, so she slowly pulled them down and stepped out.  Taking her hands, he rebound them in front of her, and then said “Kneel.”


Ahalya slowly dropped to her knees, wodnerign what his intentions were, but as he did so she watched Putra pull down Anya’s panties and kiss her groin, and a sickening feeling filled her.  That feeling was confirmed as Pitta slowly unbuckled and dropped his pants, revealing his manhood as he said “Take this in your hands and stroke it.”


Mmmtttt, msreeee,” Anya moaned as she felt the hands pressing into her chest, her breasts yielding even as her nipples hardened underneath his grip.   She so wanted the man to stop, but it was beginning to feel so good...


nnnnnn,” Ahalya pleaded, her eyes wide as she looked at Pitta, but as his eye moved to Chadna, who was crying quietly on the couch, she slowly grasped it in her bound hands and started to stroke it, Pitta sighing as she did so.  “that’s good, Ahalya,” he mumbled as she felt it start to throb in her hands, while Putra came and knelt behind her, his hands gently caressing and squeezing her breasts as well.


She had done this for no man since her husband had left, and she was glad Chadna could not see it - her face was red with embarrassment, even as Anya watched.   Ahalya closed her eyes as she felt the member grow at her stroking, and felt her own body betray her at the soft, gentle touch of the man behind her as eh pressed his fingers in, and moved them down between her legs.  She bit into the gag to silence her own moans as Pitta groaned as well, before he pulled back and lifted Ahalya onto her feet and walked her over to Anya.


Her daughter watched as she too was bound with her hands above her head, fixed to the hanging airer, and her legs and ankles bound, before the two men took turns to grope and kiss each of them in turn, each trying desperately not to let Chadna know what was happening.  How long this went on for they could not tell, but the sun was setting behind the wall around the house when Pitta finally said “Enough - the ladies need to dress for dinner.  Ahalya, you will help Chadna to dress formally once you have changed - Anya can look after herself.”


Fnnkuuu,” Ahalya finally said as the playing stopped, and she and Anya were released from the airer and allowed to shuffle to the staircase, Putra carrying the bound Chadna behind them, as they made their way upstairs...





The three women looked at the men as they sat at the table, talking and laughing at each other.


“It was amazing - I heard the bank manager begged them not to hurt his family, and offered to do anything to stop them from been hurt.”


“I saw the picture of his daughter,” Pitta said as he took a bite of the bread in his hand, “and she is going to have a very exciting night.”


Chadna looked at the two men, then to the right to her mother, the tears running down her face.  She had been made to put on a white short sleeved kurta with blue horizontal stripes, and a pair of turquoise pants, with a matching chiffon scarf wrapped around her front and shoulders.


On her left side was Anya, dressed in a stunning yellow sari with a burnt Ochre trim, which was wrapped tightly around her body and arm.  She was also wearing her metal bracelets and a necklace, which Putra has insisted she put on when she changed.


On the other side of her mother sat Ahalya, her hands placed nervously in her lap as she looked at her daughters, then at the two men.  She was wearing a lime green top with a sari that was yellow and gold, wrapped around her plump body as she sat there, her feet nervously shuffling in her sandals.  Her two daughters were barefoot, as the rain continued to fall on the roof and the windows outside.


They had been allowed to eat finally, and as delicious as their mother’s cooking was neither daughter had eaten very much, fear gnawing at them as they did so.  There was still a fair amount of food on the table, as the two men drank beer.


“What’s going to happen now,” Ahalya finally said as he reached round and hugged her daughters, “When are you going to leave?”


“When we think it is safe to do so,” Pitta said as he looked at her.  “Why,. Don’t you want us to stay?”


“We just want to know when we’ll be free,” Anya said as she stared at Putra.  Something about him appealed to her, even as she was annoyed and upset at the way he had treated her before.


Putra said nothing, but instead stood up and pulled three chairs away from the table, arranging them so that they were facing each other.  “Why is he doing that, ” Chadna asked of her mother, before she was taken by the arm and made to sit in one of the chairs, as Pitta brought over several coils of rope.


“Sit down,” he said quietly, “and raise your arms in the air.”  Chadna did so, and watched as the rope was passed over her head and pulled her against the chair back, before it was passed around her chest and the chair back, and then her hands pulled behind it and tied with the ends.  As Pitta pulled her legs apart and bound her ankles to the front legs of the chair, Putra took Anya and led her over to the second one, sitting her down and starting to bind her in place in the same way.


“Do you expect us to spend the night here,” Ahalya protested as she too was led over to the chair and felt the rope going around her upper body, notching the way both Anya and to her concern Chadna had their chests emphasised by the way they were bound.  “It is not very comfortable.”


“Oh I don’t know,” Pitta said as the rope tightened over Ahalya’s body, forcing the material of her clothing over her chest as well, I think you all look very beautiful.”   He knelt down and bound the older woman’s ankles to the legs of the chair, as Putra smoothed fresh lengths of the brown sticking plaster over the mouths of Chadna and Anya.


“You don’t have to gag us again,” Ahalya protested, but her words fell on deaf ears as Pitta stuck the adhesive tape over her mouth, and she felt the pulling on her skin again.


“Well, we need to get some rest,” Pitta said as he placed his arms round Ahalya, and gently stroked her chest, her silenced protests unheard as she stared at her daughters, red faced.


mmm,” Chadna said, only for her eyes to widen as Putra started to rub his hands over her own chest, her squeals muffled by the tight gag.    “NDDNNNTTTTTT,” both Ahalya and Anya screamed as Chadna’s eyes widened, and then closed again as she tried to blot out what was happening.


As Putra did this, Pitta stood between the other two women and started to knead their breasts.  Anya could feel her nipples hardening despite her protests, as Ahalya simply closed her eyes and tried not to say anything.


Plsssss....” Chadna moaned as she felt her breasts been squeezed.  This had never happened to her before - even the boys she had gone out with had not tried this, and it felt so wrong - and at the same time, it felt so right.   She did not know what to do, as the assault on her continued, but she could not help thinking she liked it.


Mmmnggggggggggg,” she heard, and as she opened her eyes she could see Anya moaning as her own breasts were been pressed and groped by Pitta, her mother also joining in.  “It feels nice, doesn’t it, little one,” Pitta said with a smile, and she could deny it no longer, her moans joining those of her mother and sister.


As suddenly as it started, though, it stopped, as Putra said “you take the first watch,” and left the room.  The family looked at each other, their noiseless expressions more eloquent than any sounds or words as Pitta sat on the couch and watched them....





Anya slowly opened her eyes, and as she found herself lying on the long seat she wondered if they had gone, if the nightmare was over.  As she tried to stretch out, however, she realised that although she was no longer sitting on the seat, she was still very securely bound.  Her wrists were pinned to her waist by rope around them and her body, while her arms had again been lashed to her side, her breasts prominent as she looked down.


Looking across the room, she saw her mother sitting on the floor, the ropes clearly visible over her sari as they held the silk tightly around her legs, and her large breasts forced up and out by the bands of rope around her arms.  Chadna was lying with her head on her mother’s lap, bound just as tightly, with the bands of rope around her legs clearly visible over her pants.  Her scarf had been laid over her as a rudimentary blanket, as she breathed in and out through her nose.


Of Pitta and Putra, there was no sign - the three of them seemed to be alone in the house, as Anya lay there and tried to listen carefully.  After a while, she slowly sat herself up and said “Mttta?  Chndrrr?”


Chadna slowly opened her eyes and blinked, looking over at her big sister as she tried to move her mouth under the brown pad that covered it.  Her lips were starting to itch, but nothing she did seemed to move it.  “Nye?   Wtswrng?”


Nfng - wnddtg!”


Chadna sat herself up and nudged Ahalya with her head, making the older woman open her eyes as she slowly looked round.  Her greying hair was hanging limply on the side of her face after the events of the last few days, and her body and arms were stiff, but as she saw Chadna next to her, and Anya sitting on the long seat, she simply said “whrrt?”


Dntkn,” Anya said as she shuffled forward.  cnustdnp?”


The other two looked at her, before Ahalya pushed down with her bound feet and slowly pushed herself up the front of the seat, finally sitting herself down as she grunted through her gag.   Chadna planted her feet firmly on the floor and pushed herself up, sitting on her mother’s lap as she nestled her head against her chest, the rope rubbing on her cheek.



Anya looked at her family, and then indicated with her head towards the door that led to the hallway, and then the front door.  wnndtscp,” she mumbled through her gag, “cnuhp?”


Chadna nodded as she pushed herself onto her feet, taking short hops as she made her way across the room.  When she got to Anya, she turned herself round and sat down, saying “Lkt,” as her eyes met her sisters.


Ysss,” Anya said with a nod.  Mttt, cnu?”


Ahalya nodded as she shuffled herself forward, and pushed herself onto her feet, swaying a littler as she gained her balance.  Her legs were stiff from been bound for so long, but she wanted this nightmare to end as much as the other two.  Chadna and Anya both stood themselves up as well, as the three women started to hop towards the door.


Time seemed to pass like the flow of molasses as inch by inch they made their way over, Ahalya waiting by the door as her daughters finally caught up.  Chadna looked very cautiously around the frame, but there was no sight or sound of the two men, so she hopped into the corridor, the other two following as she made her way to the front door.  All it needed was for her to reach the door, turn herself and pull the handle down, and then they would be able to get out.  It did not matter to her that it was still pouring with rain outside - after 36 hours or more in this situation, the thought of been free and the two men in the hands of the police was what was driving her on. 


Kppgngchd,” Ahalya and Anya called out as loudly as they dare as the younger girl made it to the door.  Slowly turning round, her attention was focused on making sure her hands could reach the door handle, but as she slowly started to push it down she looked at her family, then at the staircase...


Putra held his hand out as Pitta slapped the notes into his hand.  “I told you if we gave them the chance, they would try to escape,” the younger man said as both Anya and Ahalya froze and turned their heads to look at them.  “But no, you thought they were sufficiently cowed.”


“I must say, I am very disappointed,” Pitta said as he stood up, “even after we released them from their chairs and made them comfortable, this is how they repay our kindness?  What do you think we should do, Putra?”


Plssdnthrrtsss,” Anya pleaded through her tape gag, but as Pitta walked up to her and pulled her gag away she winced in pain.  “What did you say,” Pitta grunted as he held her chin tightly in his hand.


“Please, don’t hurt us,” Anya pleaded again as she looked at her mother and sister.  “You can do what you want to me, but leave them alone.  I was the one who said we should try to escape.”


“At least you were honest,” Pitta said as she stroked Anya’s cheek, “I’ll remember that later.  Upstairs, all three of you.”  He pressed the tape back over her mouth as Anya stared at him, wondering what was coming next.


“NNNNNNNNNN” Ahalya screamed as Putra picked Chadna up in his arms, and carried her up the stairs, while Pitta took both her and Anya by the arm and made them hop up, one stair at a time.  As Putra carried the struggling younger girl into her room, Pitta forced the other two into Ahalya’s bedroom, and pushed them both face down on the bed.


“Now you will be punished,” he said as he placed both Anya and her mother in a tight hogtie, their skirts falling down to reveal their bare legs, before smacking them both on the bottom and leaving them there.


Pitta walked into the other bedroom, where Chadna was staring at Putra, the fear evident in her eyes.  Don’t be afraid, little one,” Pitta said as he leaned down and peeled away the tape from her mouth, “This is not going to hurt.”


“What are you going to do to me,” Chadna said quietly, her voice trembling as Putra slowly untied her legs, and then started to pull her pants down her legs.  “You will see,” Pitta continued as he moved Chadna round so that she was sitting on the bed, watching as Putra bound her ankles to the bottom corner posts, spreading her legs apart.  As Putra started to gently run his hands up and down her legs, Pitta knelt behind her and slowly, gently untied the ropes from her arms and body, rubbing them to restore the circulation as he did so.  His touch felt soft, but there was still fear in her eyes as she looked at both of them.


“Lie down,” Putra said with a smile, and as Chadna laid her head back Pitta placed a pillow underneath, before taking her left wrist and tying one end of a scarf around it, then securing the other end to the top bedpost.  As she watched, she felt her other arm been pulled, and turned to see Putra slowly binding her other arm in the same position.


“What... What are you doing,” Chadna whimpered as she felt the hands of the two men stroking her arms and legs, before Pitta said “Teaching you a very important lesson,” as his lips touched her neck, while Putra started once again to massage her chest, pulling her top up this time so that she could feel his fingers on her bare flesh.  Once again the feelings that had crept onto her the previous night started again, but somehow they seemed more intense this time, as if the touch of skin on skin intensified the emotions.


“Oh no,” she moaned as she felt a warmth between her legs, a sensation entirely new to her.  Pitta heard the moan, and taking a pair of her panties which were on the floor he stuffed them into her mouth, stifling her moans as they both started to squeeze and massage her breasts.




In the other bedroom, both women could hear the moans, and both had a fairly good idea of what they thought was happening.  Ahalya started to offer up prayers for protection and release, while Anya began to struggle more wildly, afraid of what was happening to her younger sister.




hggddd,” Chadna moaned as she felt Putra's hands moving down her belly, and start to stroke her crotch.  Nobody had ever touched her there, not even her boyfriends, and as her body bucked in response she began to wonder what was happening to her.  The dual assaults continued, Pitta stroking and squeezing her breasts as Putra stroked her between her legs, and that warm feeling seemed to get more and more strong.  She could also feel her own heartbeat in her chest, as blood seemed to be rushing to every part of her body.


She could not stop herself moaning and moving at the touch of the two men, as she felt herself move up and down in response, almost as if her body wanted to be touched this way, wanted to feel like this.  It was new, and it was frightening, but at the same time, at the same time...


“TFLLSSGDDDD” she eventually screamed as Putra pressed his fingers against her panties, and Chadna felt a dampness spreading between her legs.  It was warm, but she knew she had not soiled herself.  At the same time, the warmth that spread her as small electric shocks seemed to pass through her entire body made her squirm and scream out again and again, until she fell limp onto the bed, her body glistening with sweat as she looked at the two men.


Whtyddud?” she mumbled as they both stood up and walked out, without saying a word, going to where Anya and Ahalya were lying on their sides, looking at each other.


Putra quickly untied the rope holding Anya in a hog tie, and made her kneel facing her mother as Pitta did the same for Ahalya.  As they looked at each other over their gags, they could see the hands of the other man coming round and squeezing their chests, before they felt the ropes been slackened and their arms been freed.


“The little one has not been violated,” Pitta whispered into Ahalya’s ear, “But you two need to pay the full price.  I want you to undress each other.”  She nodded, tears in her eyes as she watched her older daughter been released, and they hugged each other.


Sllrtmtt,” Anya said as she reached up and slowly unwound the sari from her mother, leaving the long silk garment lying on the floor as her mother did the same to her.  They stood there, in their panties and tops, as the two men started to kiss their necks and stroke their bodies, their hand moving up as they unfastened and removed their tops.


Anya looked at her mother, her breasts resting on the top of her belly button, and said “msrereeee” again and again as her breasts were squeezed and groped by Putra, his tongue playing with her ear as his lips kissed her head and neck.  She could not stop her body responding as she watched her mother close her eyes and moan in response to Pitta’s touch on her.


They stood, motionless as their hands were pulled behind their backs and secured together, and then their elbows were made to touch as their arms were secured behind their backs.  As they watched the rope been wound around above and below their chests, they moaned out loud as they felt their chests been pushed up and out, hanging over their bellies.


Ahalya had not felt this way for years - she may hate the man, but his skill, his delicacy as he caressed and stroked her breasts was undeniable.  As he made her kneel on the floor and squeezed against her chest, she felt a shock pass through her as well as she pressed her chest firmly against his hands.  She could hear Anya moaning as well, but when she opened her eyes she could see that Putra had moved his hands down her chest, and was starting to stroke her between her legs.


Plssdnntttt...... hgddsntstppp,” she moaned as his fingers touched her crotch, and she pressed against his body, surprised to feel that he too was aroused.  So when he made her kneel as well, and walked in front of her, Anya wondered what he was going to do.


She got her answer as he pulled his pants down, and reached over, pulling the tape off her lips as he said quietly “Take it.”  She looked at her mother, who had tear stains down her face as Pitta did the same to her.  They nodded to each other, hoping this would be an end to it, as they opened their mouths and took the cocks of both men in, trying not to gag at the salty taste as they played with them, their tongues swirling round the bases as they started to gently suck.


Both Pitta and Putra held their head sin their hands and pushed forward, as Anya felt the throbbing in her mouth while Ahalya tried not to gag at the touch of the older man’s cock against the back of her throat.  They both began to suck harder, praying that the men would cum as soon as possible, and bracing themselves for the inevitable taste in their mouths.


To their surprise, however, the two men withdrew, their enlarged cocks hanging in front of them.  “What...” Anya said before Putra picked her up and placed her on the bed, holding her hands above her head as he pulled her panties down and stuffed them into her mouth.  She looked over wide eyed at her mother, only to see her panties been pulled down as well as Pitta made her kneel on the floor, and push the soiled material into her own mouth. 


Pitta took two long scarves from Ahalya’s wardrobe and wrapped them round her and Anya’s head, sealing the panties into their mouth as the scarf was wound round three times and the ends secured together at the side of their mouths.  Anya looked down and watched as Putra tied her bare ankles tightly together with rough rope, while Pitta did the same to her mother, as they turned their heads. 


The two women looked at each other, trying not to scream out as they felt their legs been spread, and both men penetrating them, their moist clits allowing them to push inwards fairly easily as the throbbing hit them in their passages.


“NNNNNNNNNNNNNN” Ahalya screamed out as she felt Pitta raping her, violating her, making her squirm as her body gripped him in spite of herself and started to move with his thrusts.  Anya was equally powerless, unable to stop Putra as he lay between her legs; his lips sucking on her neck and chest as she lay there, the tears flowing freely now down her face.


Their one consolation, small as it was, was that it did not take long for both men to cum, Putra pressing down in Anya’s belly as Pitta squeezed that of Ahalya.  As they felt the flow entering their own bodies, both women screamed out, as Putra kissed and sucked on Anya’s breasts while Pitta grabbed hold of Ahalya’s and squeezed them tightly into her chest.


As the flow ebbed off, both men withdrew, as Anya watched her mother squirm over and put her head on her daughter’s chest as they comforted each other.  They were unable to speak, but as they nudged their heads together it was clear how they felt.


“We’re going to leave you now,” Pitta said as he pulled his pants up.  “You’ll be freed in a little while - you need to decide what your younger daughter finds out.”







“Please, just go and leave us alone,” Ahalya said as the three women sat on the long chair, wearing only bras and panties as they watched Pitta and Putra looking out of the window.  The rain was still falling, but it finally seemed to be easing off.


“Soon,” Pitta said as he looked at the huddled women.  “I think we will go soon.  Putra, fetch the ropes and some scarves.”




“We cannot leave you to raise the alarm as soon as we leave, so we’re going to make sure you cannot do that.”  Pitta walked over and squatted in front of the family, the exhaustion clear in their eyes as he stroked their legs.  “Anya, I want you to stand up and hug your sister.”


As she stared at him, a phone rang which he took out of his pocket and answered.




“Good - we will move out once we have finished making them comfortable.  How were the manager’s family?


“Really, well perhaps she can compare notes with little Chadna here.


“Two hours - understood.”  As he ended the call, he looked at Anya and said “Hug your sister - we are going to go soon.”


“Oh thank Krishna,” Anya said as she and Chadna embraced, but Ahalya wasn’t convinced, especially as Putra returned with as much rope as he could carry.


“Now,” Pitta said as he handed a length to Anya, “take your sister’s bra off her, and tie her hands behind her back.”


“NO,” she screamed as she looked at the two men, “you cannot...”


“We’re just making sure she cannot raise the alarm,” Putra said with a smile, “We are not going to repeat earlier.”  Chadna looked at Anya and her mother, unsure of they knew what had happened to her, but said “Will we all be the same?”  When she saw the two men nod, she unfastened her own bra and took it off, her chest hanging in the open as she turned and crossed her wrists behind her back.  “It’s all right, Anya,” she said with a little smile, “do what they say.”


Anya swallowed as she wrapped the rope around her sister’s arms, pulling her wrist tightly together and making sure they were comfortably secured, too scared not to do so.  Pitta walked over and checked the binding, before smiling and saying “Now tie her arms to her side, and make sure you go above and below her chest.”


As Anya slowly pulled her younger sister’s arms into her side, Putra picked up a length of rope and tied it around Chadna’s wrists.  Ahalya wondered what it was for, but she found at as Anya stood back, having knotted the rope off against Chadna’s back.  The young girl squealed as Putra pulled her panties down, and then fed the rope between her legs, pulling it up as he fed it through the two bands of rope between her breasts, and then pulled it back down, tying it between her so that the rope formed a form of bra against her bare skin.  As Chadna tried moving her wrists she felt the rope rubbing against her, and stopped, ashamed of what might happen.


“Take your bra off now,” Pitta said to Anya, “and your mother can tie your wrists and arms in the same way as you did your younger sister.”  Ahalya started to protest, but Anya just looked and said “It is all right, Maatta,” as she crossed her own wrists behind her back, having removed her bra as he large breast nestled over her slight belly.


“Why are you making us do this,” she said as she took the rope from Pitta and started to tie her older daughter’s wrists, watching as Putra made Chadna lie on her belly and crossed her ankles before wrapping rope around them.


“We need to get out of the district,” Pitta said as Ahalya tied the rope off between Anya’s wrists and accepted the longer length, stifling a tear as she pulled her arm slightly into her sides and forced her daughter’s chest up and out again, “and you need to be kept silenced until we have a chance to get away.  Don’t worry - I am sure you will find a way to amuse yourselves.”  His smile widened as she watched Anya been made to look at her own chest, before saying “Sit down, Maataa, and put your hands on your head,” as he tied a crotch rope between Anya’s legs.  As he did this, Chadna had her legs tied below and above her knees, before her legs were pulled back and she was placed in a strict hogtie.


As Anya was made to lie down by Putra, Ahalya was made to stand up and she felt her bra been unfastened by Pitta, her breasts hanging down as her own arms were tied together around her wrists behind her back.  She looked at her daughters, before whispering “You are not going to...” as she watched her chest been forced up as the rope nestled on her belly, her arms pulled tightly into her side.


“No - you will merely be left like this,” Pitta replied as she saw her two naked daughters lying next to each other on the floor, the crotch ropes sinking between their bottom cheeks as they tried not to move too much.     As she felt her own panties been pulled down, and the rope tied between her legs, she gasped before saying “Will you call the police?”


“My boss will call when we are all safely away,” Pitta said as his hands stroked Ahalya’s naked and prominent breasts, “I only regret we cannot stay any longer.  Lie down with your daughters.”


As Ahalya lay on her stomach, her breasts and belly pressed against the carpet, she watched as Putra pushed a piece of cloth into Chadna’s mouth, and then pulled a knotted strip torn from a towel between her lips, securing the ends under her long hair.  She felt her legs been drawn together and pulled back as Anya received the same gag, then opened her mouth and allowed Putra to gag her as well, her fingers stroking the heels of her hands as she tried to find some give in her hog tie.  As he did so, however, she felt the rope rubbing against her crotch, and looking at both Anya and Chadna she could see they had felt the same thing.


“Enjoy yourselves, ladies,” Pitta said as he and Putra turned off the lights, the evening sun starting to shine through the shutters as the three women started to wriggle round, both trying to get free, and also feeling the pressure between their legs as they sought to pass the time.


Eventually, Anya looked at her younger sister and motioned her head, signalling for her to come closer.  Chadna shuffled over and held her back to Anya’ looking over her shoulder as she started to try and tease the knot holding her legs in place with her long fingers.  Ahalya watched, her eyes red as she did so, but her tears stopped as she saw Chadna’s legs loosen slightly and then fall to the ground.


Kpgng,” she mumbled Chadna sat up and started to shuffle along the ground, while Anya motioned to her mother and said “urtrn.”  Ahalya nodded and presented her back to her daughter, looking forward as she felt her fingers against her back. 


As she stretched her legs out, there was a crashing sound from the kitchen, and both women looked towards the door.  “MLRRTTTT” they heard Chadna call out, and both breathed a sigh of relief as Anya went back to work.


Ten minutes later, they heard Chadna call out “YES!” and she came back into the room, the rope around her chest the only ones left.  “I found a knife,” she said as she leaned down and pulled the cloth from her mother’s mouth, before pulling out the cloth from Ahalya’s mouth.  “Thank you,” she sputtered as Chadna hugged her, “Untie my hands and then go for help - quickly.  I will take care of Anya.”


“Yes, Maatta,” Chadna said as her fingers worked the rope free, and then she grabbed a coat before running out of the house.  “It’s all right, Anya, it’s all right,” she said quietly as she ungagged her older daughter and held her, the tears flowing freely form both women as they heard Chadna call out “Somebody help us...”







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