Dial-A-Fantasy 10








Looking round the deserted bar, Caroline smiled as she put the mug to her lips and drank her coffee.  The bar had always been part of the life of her and her sister Donna, and although it had meant she had not had the opportunities her older sister had, they were good memories – for the most part.


One in particular came unbidden...


“You’ll never get away with this,” the fourteen year old Caroline said as she was leaning over the bar stool, her booted ankles tied to two of the legs of the stool and her wrists the other, as he skirt rode a little way up her bottom.


“Oh I think I will,” Donna said as she pulled the rolled up bandana into her sister’s mouth and tied it round her head, “I have you exactly where they want you now.”




Caroline looked round as Diana put her mobile phone to her ear.  “Yeah, it’s me - my sister is ready for you so you can come over, she’s tied down to a stool and gagged so you can do anything that you want with her. I have left the back door unlocked so that you can get in that way.” She turned to Caroline, saying “I owe to boys a favour and they decided that they want to take advantage of you, so I have prepared you for them.”


She then whispered into her sister’s ear, Caroline panicking as Donna described what might happen, before she said “I’ll be back in an hour once they’re finished.”  She had been left alone, struggling to get free, unable to escape as she eventually heard footsteps behind her.  Slowly, she looked round, and saw...


“Oh come on – do you think I’d let anyone do anything to you?  I just wanted to trick you!”


She allowed herself a little smile at that memory – but wondered what Dona would say if she knew just how much that trick had affected her.


“Night Boss.”


Caroline looked up as Scott Hodges, her barman, looked at her.


“Yeah – good night Scott,” she said, watching him as he left the bar.  She knew she’d need to find someone to join the staff – the popularity if the bar had increased dramatically over the last few months – but she liked having Scott around the place as well.  She had inherited the bar when her father passed away – she had worked for him rather than gone to university – and she enjoyed running the place.


It also gave her time to fulfil her secret desires, her fantasies...


“Not tonight – I’m bushed,” she said to herself eventually as she looked through the paper, and then saw the half page ad.  As she read it, she looked at the bar stool, and an image came to her mind...


“If you want me to give you relief, you must beg for it.”


She nodded, the droll running from the ring gag in her mouth as she felt the leather seat rubbing on her chest, her wrists and ankles cuffed to the stool.  She screamed through the ring gag as the vibrator brought her to the edge again, before she said “Plsssfkmmm,”


Caroline smiled at that thought, before she picked up the bar telephone and dialled the number.


“Good evening, you’re through to Fantasy Fulfilment.  How may I be of service to you?”




“I’ll be back in a little while Boss.”


“Sure thing Craig,” Caroline said as she closed the till.  It was six weeks later, and she was ending business for the night.  Dressed in a black cap sleeved top, jeans and knee length black leather boots, she smiled as she said “time, everyone – finish up and go wherever you’ve got to go.”




“Hey yourself,” Caroline said as Donna came in.  Her silent partner in the bar, Donna was wearing a silver gull winged top, blue velvet pants and knee length red suede boots with a three inch heel.  “Where have you been?”


“Out and about – listen, you still looking for a barman?”


“Let me lock up first,” Caroline said as she went and closed the door to the bar, locking it behind her.  “I am – why?”


“Do you know Scott’s brother, Brett?”


“Yeah, we’ve met?”


“Well, his place is closing down, and he’s looking for a new job as a barman.  Maybe you could consider him?”


“Oh really,” Caroline said as she poured two shots, “and this has nothing to do with you having the hots for him?”


“Hark to the lady,” Donna said, “how long have you been panting after Scott?”


“I know, I know – but it’s complicated.”


“What’s complicated – you like him, he likes you, go to it.”


“And you, Donna?”


“Yeah – well, I’ve never found anyone who really can satisfy me.  I mean, he’s cute, but...”


“Good evening.”


“What the hell...”  Caroline and Donna looked at the two masked men standing in front of them, aiming their guns at the two women as one of them dropped a heavy bag to the floor.   They were dressed in black, their blue eyes and lips the only visible things.


“Not a word, either of you,” the taller of the two men said as he covered them with his gun, while the other one opened the bag and took out two sets for handcuffs.  “Do as we say, and you won’t come to any harm.”


“What is this,” Donna said quietly as the man walked behind her, pulling her arms behind her back as she felt the  metal rings fasten around her wrists, the cuffs holding them together.


“You’ll see,” the taller man said as Caroline felt her own wrists been secured, before the other man took two more pairs of cuffs, and secured their ankles.  “Just do as we say, and don’t say a word.  In fact...”


He reached into the bag and took out two ring gags, both women shaking their heads as the rings were forced into their mouths, the straps taken round their heads as they looked at each other.


“Hey,” the shorter man said as he fastened the hasp at the base of Caroline’s neck, “think we can have some fun with these two?”


“I’m sure we can.” The tall one said with a smile as he moved two bar stools and set them next to each other, Caroline’s eyes widening as she realised what was happening.


Hgdddmsree,” she said as the taller man stood in front for her, smiling as he pulled her t-shirt over her head, and her bra pulled back and over her head, before he unfastened her jeans and pulled them down to her knees, along with her panties.


Whtrudnngg,” Donna mumbled as the smaller man pulled her bra and top off, and then pulled her pants and panties down.  She looked at Caroline, her garter belt and stockings now visible as she was walked over to the first for the stools and made to bend over it.


As Donna was walked over, Caroline felt the cuffs around her ankles come away, as her boots and pants were pulled off, and then her ankles cuffed to the stool where the lower support ring met the legs.  She turned her head and watched as Donna was treated in the same way, while her wrists were released, the remainder for her clothes removed, and her arms cuffed to the front legs of the stool.


Dona was left in her knee high stockings, both women cuffed to the chairs as the taller man went back to the bag, and removed two large vibrators.


Whtrrtht,” Donna said, Caroline blushing as she remembered what she had told the woman who had answered her call.  She felt the device a sit was inserted inside her, and then the vibrations start, Donna moaning in turn as she had a vibrator slipped into her as well.


“You go and check the till and the safe while these two ladies have fun,” the taller man said as Caroline felt herself responding, moaning as she twisted round.


She could feel the pleasure building, and looking at Donna she saw the wonder, fear and pleasure mixed in her eyes as she struggled.  Caroline understood that feeling all too well as she started shaking, the chains of the cuffs rattling with her.


“IT’s frustrating isn’t it,” the tall masked man said as he lifted her head, “you want to cum, to feel that great wave of pleasure, but it’s not quite there is it?”  Looking at Donna, he said “I can give you that relief if you want, but you need to beg for it.  Which of you will be first?”

Whtduwwntstd,” Caroline moaned.


“If you want that relief, you need to pleasure one of us first with your mouth,” he said with a smile as the other man came in.  “Your choice.”


The two women looked at each other, as their bodies started to shake.  They could feel the calling, the huge desire within them, but to be forced to do what they were asking...




Caroline stared at Donna as she lifted her head, watching as the smaller for the two men unfastened his pants and let them drop to the floor.  Donna’s eyes widened as she saw his cock, but she nodded as he walked forward, using her tongue to lick the tip as he placed it on the ring, and then slipping it into her mouth, smiling as Donna began to lick and work it with her tongue.


“HGDDDLDTT,” Caroline finally called out, the taller man dropping his pants as he slid his cock into her mouth.  She immediately began to use her tongue to caress it, feeling the throbbing as it enlarged, and tried to suck as much as she could as well, wanting an end to her sweet agony.


She could feel the throbbing intensify as he responded to her touch, Donna’s moans egging her on as she sucked and licked, until finally he grabbed her head, holding her tight as he pulsed and then came into her mouth, the hot salty taste as she had to swallow making her delirious as Donna screamed in a muted manner next to her.


Opening her eyes, she looked at Donna, a thin white stream flowing from the ring gag before the vibrator was suddenly turned to maximum – and she screamed as the strongest orgasm she had ever felt suddenly washed over her.


She looked at Donna, who was shaking before she too screamed at the feeling, and then slumped forward, breathing fast as another one started to build within both for them.


The two men watched as they came several times, the sweat dripping from their heads as the last one swept over them, and then they felt the vibrator rate turn down to keep them wriggling.




Hysss,” Caroline panted as she looked at both of them.


“Well, perhaps we should just keep you here, feeling the way you are...”


Hgdnnnn,” Donna moaned as she looked up, drool running from her mouth.


“Or I suppose we could,” the smaller man said, “allow you to cum again – but there would be a price for that.”


“Oh god, she wouldn’t,” Caroline said as she turned and looked at her sister, seeing the fire in Donna’s eyes as she said “Ndthrpss?”


“We would have to take you from behind before you could be allowed to come.”


Caroline so desperately wanted that, but did not want to embarrass Donna any more than...






Donna nodded as the taller man went behind her, and started to massage her chest with his gloved hands, before he pushed into her, her head thrown back as she sighed and screamed at the same time.




“You really are a wonderful little fuck,” the taller man said as Caroline felt the other man penetrate her, and she screamed in pleasure, feeling each motion in and out, and the dampness between her legs as the vibrator worked on her.


They came together, screaming as they each felt the hot fluid coming into them, and then the men stepped back, the vibrators on full, making them both scream as they watched them pull their pants up through misty eyes.


“Well, I think we have everything we came here for,” the taller man said as he produced a set of keys, and tied one end of a long piece for string to them, securing the other end to Caroline’s right wrist as it stretched across the floor.  “I hope you’ve both enjoyed our visit.  Hopefully, it won’t take you too long to free yourselves.”




“Why, yes,” the man said as they both walked out, Caroline looking at Donna before she slowly began to pull the string, painfully bringing the keys closer as another orgasm swept over both for them and she let go...





“Boss?  Hey boss, you still here?”


Caroline looked up as she heard Scott come back into the bar, Brett behind me, as both she and Donna started yet another orgasm.


“Boss, I...  Holy shit, what the hell happened here?  Brett, see if you can help.”


As Scott unbuckled the gag from around Caroline’s mouth, Brett knelt down and very gingerly eased the vibratory out from Donna’s body.  She slumped onto the stool a he did the same for Carline, the younger sister working her mouth as Scott removed the ring gag from Donna.


“Oh god – Donna, what must you think of me,” Caroline finally said, “this was meant to be my fantasy, and you got pulled into it...”


“Your fantasy?  You mean...”


“Yeah – ever since you played that game, I’ve had this fantasy of been tied to a stool and forced to pleasure someone, and then left as we were.  I... Oh god... I used to play the game myself, but then I saw this ad...”


“Ad?  What ad?”


“A company that could make fantasies come true.  It was meant to be just me, and I am so so sorry that you had to go through this as well.”


“Well,” Donna panted as she shook her head, “I guess I need to take some of the blame.  But...  Oh fuck it, it was fantastic.  I have never, ever felt that way with a man, and I loved it.”


“You... You did?  What the...”


Erm – this was all a game?”


“Yeah - and I can’t help but notice you haven’t freed us yet!”


“Hang on a minute,” Scott said, “you paid a firm to do this to you?”


“Yes, I did, and I’ve already apologised – how many more times must I...”


“Scott,” Donna said, “do us all a favour and put that gag back in my sister’s mouth.”


“EH?  Whatthffkruddngngg?”


“Right,” Donna said as Scott buckled the gag into place, “why are you two here anyway?”


“Well,” Brett said, “bro here said a job may be going in this place...”



“Okay – and even if my sister is too blind from apologising, I get the feeling you guys like seeing us like this, right?”


Caroline looked at the bulge in Scott’s pants, her eyes widening.


“Okay, so first things first – Sis, Brett can start work here tomorrow, right?”


Caroline slowly nodded as Donna said “Good – Scott, Caroline is so in love with you it’s obvious to everyone except you two, but I’m going to say it for her.  Will you play out her fantasy again – take her as she is, once she’s given you a blow job?”


Scott slowly nodded as she then looked at Brett.  “As for you, prove to me you’re as good as your brother – get that gag into my mouth and fuck me.”


The two brothers looked at each other before Brett fastened the gag back into Donna’s mouth, her eyes smiling as they both dropped their pants...







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