Dial-A-Fantasy 4









Judy looked out of the window of her new flat, over the shops in the high street, and let out a sigh.  The eighteen year old had not really wanted to move out of her home, and leave her mother Edith behind, but the frustration level of not being who she wanted to be was intolerable.


And what was worse, there was no way she could tell her mother about what it was she needed to do – it as just not possible, because there was no way her mum could understand.


It had been this way since just before her father had died in the accident – she had been reading some old books and magazines, and the image of the schoolgirl helpless in the arms of a crook had just stuck with her.  There was more however – she wanted to be the naughty schoolgirl, like in the old books – the one who needed to be punished, spanked, or even caned.


For the last two years, when she had been unable to cope with the frustration, she had taken herself to her room, stripped her lower half, and spanked herself hard, before gagging herself, cuffing her hands in front of her, and then pleasuring herself, but wonderful as that felt she knew it was not the same as her true fantasy – she really wanted to be that schoolgirl, unable to move or call out as she was punished...


That was why she had moved out – because only by living on her own could she do that freely.  But at the same time, she missed her mother, and her old home...


Taking a drink from her coffee mug, she picked up the local paper and started to read through it – and then saw the ad.


Tired of the same boring routine? Every fantasised of something daring and dangerous occurring? How about spicing up your life with a special adventure, which will be just for you. We can arrange for a special intruder who will visit where you live for one evening and play out a fantasy for you!

You may just want the thrill of just being held prisoner, or perhaps you would like a romantic captor. For the very daring, the intruder will be as erotic as you wish. When it is time for the intruder to leave, you will be left in such a way that you will be able to get free. So don’t delay, call PLEASE-CAPTURE-ME for that very special night.


“Must be a joke,” Judy said as she picked up her mobile phone and dialled a number.


“Fantasy Fulfilment,” the female voice replied, “how may we be of service to you?”


“Holy...  This is real?”


“It is indeed – who may I ask is calling?”


“My name is Judy Heath – I saw the advert and...”


“It is all right, Judy – everyone gets a little nervous when they call.  Why don’t you explain your fantasy to me.”


“You’ll think I’m weird...”


“No we do not – please, tell me.”


“Well – I love the idea of being a schoolgirl, who has done something naughty, and needs to be disciplined...”


“In what way Judy?”


“I’m tightly bound and gagged, and then spanked and caned by a headmistress.”


“IF you wish to experience this dressed as a schoolgirl,” the female said, “because of the way we operate, you will need t be changed.  That could take time.”


“Well, perhaps you could knock me out for that – use chloroform or something like that...”


“Dangerous – but we have staff that are skilled with massage and acupuncture, and know how to use nerve clusters safely, if that is truly your desire.  What uniform would you wear as a schoolgirl?”


Judy thought for a moment – her own school had forced boys and girls to wear trousers, and she hated the “sexy schoolgirl” look.  Then her mind went back to some photos she had seen of her mother in sixth form, and she started to smile.


“An old school uniform, if you like,” she said, “black sensible shoes and pantyhose, a white long sleeved blouse, a dark green tie and matching blazer, and a pleated skirt that comes to mid-thigh or thereabouts.”


“That sounds feasible,” the voice said, as Judy remembered the photo of her mother wearing it – and the repaired tear in the left shoulder of the blazer. 


“Good – and I like the idea of being unconscious, so I approve that too.”


“Now, Judy, the bondage side – how would you be tied and gagged?”


“I want to be gagged with a school scarf – dark green as well,” Judy said, “and my legs tied very tightly together – ankles, above and below knees, mid thigh below the skirt.  Then my hands behind my back, palm to palm, and my elbows tied together.”


“And once the headmaster or headmistress has you like this?”


“Male or female?”


“Indeed – do you have a preference?”


“Oh I like the idea of a woman,” Judy cooed.  “Anyway, I want to be spanked, hard, with my skirt lifted up for part of it, and tied  - I think the word is strappado?”


“Arms raised behind you with a rope secured higher up?”


“That’s it – do that before he canes me twelve times, bottom and upper thigh.  He then tucks my skirt into my waist, and repeats it, then with my panties and tights pulled down – and if they want to do anything else, they can do so, until I orgasm.”


“We always allow a way out of any predicament you are in – do you have an idea for that?”


“Make me stand in the corner, facing the wall, until they leave.”


“Well, that sounds fairly comprehensive.  I have to say now that, if we proceed, we will not tell you when this will happen – it is important you are taken by surprise – and payment will be taken from your current account on completion, so pleas ensure there are funds for that.”


“How much?”


Jane heard the figure, and then the woman say “Shall we proceed, Jane?”


“Yes,” she said with a sigh.


“Very well – enjoy your fantasy,” the voice said as the line went dead.




“Jane darling – I’m so glad you came round,” Edith said as she opened the door.  The thirty six year old woman was wearing a pink top, and a pair of blue jeans with the legs tucked into straight black leather boots, her brown hair falling over her shoulders.


“Thanks, Mum,” Jane said as she came in and took off her denim jacket.  She was wearing a grey top, black jeans and black leather boots as well, her blonde hair newly cut.


“Well, you’ve got some mail in the front room,” her mother said as they walked in, “how’s the new flat?”


“I’m getting used to it,” Jane said as she sat down and looked at the envelopes, “but I do miss this place as well.”


Edith nodded as she said “Would you like some tea?  I was about to make a pot.”


“Yeah – yeah I’d love that,” she said as she opened the first letter, and looked at her mobile bill.  “Now what was the number for,” she asked as she looked at one call, the kettle slowly coming to a boil and then switching off.


It took her a few minutes to realize that her mother had not come through, as she called out “Mum?”


There was no reply, as Jane stood up and walked into the kitchen.  “Mum, do you need a hand with...”


She stopped in the doorway as she saw Edith on the floor, unconscious, the teapot by the kettle.


“MUM!”  Jane went to see what had happened, but was stopped as she was gripped by a strong arm, and she felt pressure near her neck on her shoulder.


“OH god it’s happening,” she thought as she slipped into a warm blackness...




As Judy slowly opened her eyes, she took a moment to focus, and try and figure out what it was that was filling her mouth, pressing her tongue down and forcing her teeth apart.


As she looked down her body, however, she realised the last thought she had before she slipped into unconsciousness was right.  She was wearing a school uniform – dark green blazer and pleated skirt, black tights and black shoes, and a white blouse under the blazer.  She could feel her arms secured behind her, and looked at the neat bands of rope around her thighs, knees and ankles.


“God above, they’re really going to do...  MUM!”


She could hear a moan to her right hand side, and as she looked over she saw her mother sitting in an armchair, dressed identically to her – right down to the badge on the blazer.  And the repair on the left shoulder...


“Hmmggddtsurnffrrm,” she called out through the green scarf tied in her mouth.  She watched as Edith stirred and opened her eyes, taking a moment to see Judy lying on the couch before they heard footsteps coming from the kitchen.


“Well now – what do we have here?”


She looked as a tall, thin woman walked in and stood in front of both of us.  She wore a high collared white blouse, black ankle length skirt, laced ankle boots and black hose, a pair of steel rimmed spectacles on her nose as she looked through them.


“On your knees,” she said as she made Edith kneel on the floor, Jane seeing the tight ropes around her wrists and elbows, before she made her kneel next to her mother.  They looked at each other as the woman stood in front of them.


“Rarely in my career have I had two such naughty and ill disciplined girls brought into my office,” she said quietly, “you are useless both in your lessons and in your chores.  You do not keep your dorms tidy, you are rude to the teachers, and you are failing in every single class.  And now, you have been sent to me for punishment – the most severe punishment.  Do you have anything to say before I begin?”


Edith and Jane looked at each other and shook their heads before she said “Very well.”


Making Jane stand up, the headmistress forced her to jump to the couch, waiting as the woman sat down before she pulled her over her knee while Edith watched.  As the hand came down on her bottom for the first time, she yelped out and wriggled, her cheeks growing red as the hand was slapped on it again and again, and she felt herself getting more aroused as the headmistress smacked her.


She felt her skirt been lifted and then moaned as she felt the hand on her hose covered bottom, wriggling as the warmth and dampness began between her legs.  She just hoped her mother would understand...


“Kneel,” the headmistress said as she made Judy stand and hop back, then drop to her knees as Edith was made to stand and hop over to the couch.  Jane watched as her mother was made to bend over the headmistress’ knee, and then the smack on her bottom as the bespectacled woman brought her hand down hard.


“Hmmggddd” Edith said as the hand came down again and again, closing her eyes as Jane watched in disbelief.  Was her mother getting turned on by this as well?  It seemed to be the case, as she moaned more and more, but was it possible...


Edith moaned as she was made to kneel next to her daughter, blushing as she said “Mssreejnn” while the Headmistress opened an old style briefcase, taking out two lengths of rope.


In the ceiling of the house were two old fashioned lighting and ceiling fans, the headmistress bringing a stool in and then making Judy stand and jump over.  Tying one end of a length of rope to the rope around her elbows, she stood on the stool and fed it through the hook, pulling her arms up and making the young girl bend over and stand on tip toe before she secured the rope.


She turned her head and watched as Edith was made to jump over to stand under the other lamp, and then was placed a strict strappado as well, her hair hanging down as she looked at Jane.


“Now, I have an additional form of punishment reserved for the most disobedient of girls – and you two certainly qualify,” she said as she started to unfasten Edith’s blazer and blouse, Jane watching as she pulled them back and started to massage her mother’s chest, hearing her moans as the strict headmistress did this.


“You are a very naughty girl, aren’t you,” she said, Edith nodding as she looked at Jane and then squealed as her bra was pulled down, and the woman started to play with her nipples,


“And naughty girls need to be punished, don’t they?”


Edith nodded again as the headmistress went to the bag, and brought something out which Jane could not quite make out.  She could hear her mother’s squeals, however, as the headmistress fastened a pair of clamps to her nipples, a padlock on the chain between them pulling it down.


“Hmggddd,” Jane said as the headmistress unfastened her blazer and blouse, and groped her chest, her loud moans muffled as she felt her breasts firming, and her nipples hardening as the cool air hit them with her bra pulled down.


The woman smiled as she continued to play with them, before she walked to the bag.  Jane watched, her anticipation growing as the clamps were attached to her nipples, the burning making her call out as the padlock weighed the chain down.


“Now,” the headmistress said as she walked behind them, and both Jane and Edith heard a swishing sound, “let us begin.”


Jane turned her head and watched as the cane came down on her mother’s bottom and her thighs, each contact met with a scream and a moan as Edith twisted round.  She watched as the cane was sued, and then her mother’s skirt was pulled up, tucked into her panties before the cane came down again.


“Hswtjssss,” Edith moaned out as Jane saw her eyes glaze over with the caning, and then the headmistress pulled down her panties and hose, smiling as she brought the cane down on her bare skin,


“HFFKNGGHLLYSSSSSS!” Edith called out, Jane watching her mother as her body shook and she threw her head back, her eyes closed as she screamed out and then collapsed, panting through the thick scarf in her mouth. 


She was merely aware of the hand on her own bottom, so surprised was Jane by the reaction her mother had had, and then she felt the first contact of the cane on her cheeks, and she started to moan as well, the feelings intensifying as the cane came down again and again, her body starting to shake.


As it did so, the clamps on her nipples seemed to become items of pleasure, even with the padlock slapping on her chest as it pulled them down.  That feeling only increased as her skirt was pulled up, and then her panties and hose pulled down, her body shaking as she felt the warmth and heat between her legs intensifying more and more with each stroke.


Suddenly, as the cane came down for the fourth time on her bare cheeks, Jane threw her head back and screamed out, her body shaking as the orgasm swept over her, more intense and strong than anything she had brought herself to before.  She shook as the feelings washed over her, and she felt the dampness on her legs, before she hung limply, her eyes half closed.


Jane became dimly aware of the soft moaning, and as she looked to her side she saw the headmistress smacking her mother again, before she stopped and untied her from the ceiling hook.  She watched as Edith was made to jump to a corner of the room, and stand facing the wall.


“I trust you have both learned your lesson now,” the headmistress said as she untied Jane, helping her to stand before she removed the rope around her elbows, and made her hop to the opposite corner of the room.  “There is a knife, a pair of scissors and a timer on the high table in the centre of the room.  You will stay where you are until the timer goes off – do you both understand?”


“Yshdmsstrsss,” Jane said quietly, hearing her mother make a similar sound.  There was no reply, as the two women stood perfectly still, waiting for the timer to go off.


They both heard the timer go off, and hopped round to find they were alone – and as promised, on the high table was a knife and a pair of scissors.  They looked at each other, and both started hopping at the same time, with one thought in mind – to get free.


As they did so, Jane could feel the weight pulling down on her nipples, making her moan – but her mother was screaming as she stopped and shook, giving Jane the time to get to the table first, grab the scissors and cut her wrists free.


She gave a sigh of relief as she brought her hands round, rubbing her wrists before she very gingerly removed the clamps, looking at her red nipples as Edith got to the table.  Jane looked at her, as she slowly bent over, and smacked her hands against her bare bottom.




Edith nodded, and then screamed as Jane smacked her bottom, her daughter continuing the application of her hand as Edith started to shake again.  Jane had questions, real questions – and she wanted her mother to answer them, before she watched her scream and shake once more.


Untying the scarf, she eased it from her mouth and gasped as she saw had dark the centre was.  “Te only...  Oh god... The only way I’m untying you is if you agree to tell me what the hell happened here, Mum,” Jane said as she looked over.




“All right,” she said as she stood her mother up, replacing her clothing as best she could before she removed the ropes, and then the scarf from her mouth.  “Th...  Thank you,” Edith finally gasped as Jane sat down and untied her own legs, “who was that woman?”


“I don’t know, Mum – but I never knew...”


“How could I tell you dear?  Your late father used to play this sort of game with me, where he would tie me up tightly, gag me and then spank me – until I orgasmed.  I guess I’m kinky that way – but I could never tell you.”


“OH lord,” Jane said as she started laughing, “and I was so afraid of what you would say about my schoolgirl fantasies I moved out...”


“You... You too?”  Edith started laughing as she hugged her daughter, and then said “OW...”


“Yeah – a bit tender there.  So – that woman?”


“Well, I saw this advert in the local paper...”


“Tell me later – please, Jane, come back home.  You can sleep here tonight if you want and we can talk about this.”


“Thanks Mum – I’d like that,” Jane said with a shy smile.




It was nearly midnight, and Jane was sitting in her old bed, reading and wearing a blue nightdress.


“Are you still awake, reading?”


She looked up to see Edith in the doorway, wearing a pair of silk pyjamas.


“Yes I am,” Jane said.


“After I told you to stop?  I need to punish you for that.  Take that duvet off the bed.”


“Yes, mother,” Jane said, tingling as she removed the duvet and her nightdress, lying face down naked on the sheet while her mother tied ropes to her wrists and ankles, securing her to the four corners of the bed so that she was spread-eagled.


“Open wide.”


Jane tasted the rubber as the ball gag was pushed into her mouth, and then strapped around her head, before her mother caressed her bare cheeks with her hands.


“You are a very naughty girl,” Edith said, before she started to smack Jane, smiling as her daughter began to respond and moaned ever more loudly, each smack bringing a louder response before she shook, and then fell limp.


“There,” Edith said as she covered her daughter with the duvet, “you will stay like that until the morning.” 


“Yssmfr,” Jane moaned, and then smiled as Edith whispered “Tomorrow, you must punish me instead.”







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