Dial-A-Fantasy 5








Tired of the same boring routine? Every fantasised of something daring and dangerous occurring? How about spicing up your life with a special adventure, which will be just for you. We can arrange for a special intruder who will visit where you live for one evening and play out a fantasy for you!

You may just want the thrill of just being held prisoner, or perhaps you would like a romantic captor. For the very daring, the intruder will be as erotic as you wish. When it is time for the intruder to leave, you will be left in such a way that you will be able to get free. So don’t delay, call PLEASE-CAPTURE-ME for that very special night.


“Bet the people who call this line aren’t as messed up as me,” Mary Malloy said as she sat in her flat, sipping from a bottle of coke as she looked in the paper.  “Bet they’ve never been through what I went through...”


The eighteen year old had lived in her ground floor flat for three months now, thanks to the local authority deciding that as she was of adult age, she no longer needed to live in Janet’s house – though to be honest, if Janet could help others as much as she had helped her and Edward...


Janet had lived in care since she was twelve.  That was when the local authorities had realised her parents, who had fallen in with a strict religious sect, really were harming her both physically and emotionally.  IT had come to a head when she had her first period – her mother and father thought this was a sign of the devil, and had kept her bound in her room for three days.  It was only when the school insisted on seeing her that the truth came out.


Those experiences, however, had left her with the feeling sex was wrong – and that had not been helped by The Incident.


She was fifteen, and walking home from school to the care home through a wood, when she was grabbed from behind by an older boy and girl from the school.  The girl had used duct tape round her head to keep her quiet, and then taped her arms together behind her back, making a box as the tape went from fist to fist, before making her sit down and taping her thighs to her lower legs.


The girl was eighteen, the boy a year older than May, but she had been forced to listen to them as the older girl ranted and raved about some imagined slight, and how Mary was a dirty little...  Well, the words were not nice ones.  The boy had got more and more angry when she was saying this –but the kicker came when the older girl pushed her hand under Mary’s skirt, and started to rub on her panties, making her start to cum as she struggled.


She had never, never felt that way before, but the lessons her parents had forced on her meant she tried to resist – and when the girl threatened to use her fingers to molest her, the boy had pulled her off and told her to stop.


She ran off, while he took a penknife out and cut her free, apologising all the time and saying he had been tricked as well. 


He escorted her back to the home, and the girl left that night – but The Incident, as Mary had called it, had both confused and frightened her.  That was how she had met Edward, however, and they had become good friends after that – especially when they moved in together with Janet Woolruff.


Janet was in her mid forties, and as a foster mother she took the approach of being a friend to the older children, giving them someone to talk to and come to for help.  When she heard about what had happened to Mary, she had arranged for them both to visit a therapist, and counselled her as well, but the problem was still there.


It wasn’t that Mary was afraid of sex – it was that the only way she could get aroused was when she thought about The  Incident, and how she had no control over the situation.  She would start to play with herself with that memory, but she started to enjoy it too much – and then could not continue, to her growing frustration.


Her therapist had said to her that, if she could achieve that first orgasm, it would be a breakthrough to knowing how to deal with this, but in Mary’s mind the only way would be to somehow maintain that feeling of helplessness – and to do that, she needed to be helpless, humiliated, all those feelings together.


And there was no way she could ask Edward to help, because he was there, or Janet, or anyone.


Or anyone...


Looking at the advert, Mary picked up her phone and punched the number in.


“Fantasy Fulfilment – how may we be of service to you today?”


Mary coughed a little, and said “Well, it’s not so much a fantasy as seeking help to...  Well, to enjoy sexual fulfilment.  If that’s not what you do, then...”


“Can I just check – is this Ms Mary Molloy?”


“How did you...”


“Your number brings your name and address up on our system.  Miss Molloy, we have a proven track record in our associates helping people for therapeutic as well as personal reasons.  Perhaps you can tell me the basic situation?”


“Well,” Mary said quietly, “I can’t seem to get any sort of arousal unless I am in a situation where I have no control, I feel afraid, embarrassed, humiliated – but when I try to do that myself, I start to enjoy it too much, and...”


“Ah – I think I can begin to understand your situation Mary.”


“The thing is, I’m afraid it could go too far and I end up feeling violated rather than pleasured.”


“I quite understand, Mary – if you ask for our services, those who visit are specially trained, and will not allow the situation to get out of control.  Did you have a particular situation in mind?”


“Well – this is confidential right?”




“When I was younger, I was grabbed in the woods.  That was the closest I’ve ever come to an orgasm, but...”


“So how were you treated?”


“I was gagged with tape round my head, my arms folded and taped, my legs as well.  I guess if that happened again – but I would want to be gagged and stripped naked first.”


“I think we have a way that we can help you, Mary if you wish to use our services.”


“You can?  That would be great, but – well I don’t know if I can afford this.  Money’s tight – but I could save up, or pay a little at a time, or...”


“Mary,” the female said, “given your need and your situation, we are prepared to do this gratis, as a charitable action.”


“You are?  That’s wonderful!”


“Two things – first, we always leave you with a way of escaping.  Second, we will not tell you the date or time of the visit, so that it comes as a surprise.  With those provisos, Mary Molloy, do you wish us to proceed?”


Mary thought for a moment, and then said “Yes – oh God yes I do.”


“Very well then – we shall be in touch, Mary.”



Two weeks later, Mary was sorting some cakes out on a plate, humming to herself as she did so.  She was wearing a black vest top with white ferns on it, black pants with a faux leather stripe at the side, and leather ankle boots, with a purple bead necklace round her neck.  Her long brown hair was pulled back in a pony tail, as she looked round.


“Well, I hope Janet likes what I’ve done with the place,” she said to herself as she heard the front doorbell.  “Coming,” she called out as she went to the door, looking forward to seeing the woman who had helped her so much.


It wasn’t Janet however – instead, a woman dressed in black and wearing a balaclava mask pushed her back into the flat, as a similarly dressed and masked man followed her in, closing the door behind her.  Mary could only stare blankly as the two masked intruders looked at her, as she said “What the hell...”


“Shut up, girly,” the man said as he produced a small red rubber ball from his pocket, and forced it into Mary’s mouth, the girl’s eyes widening in surprise as he kept his gloved hand over her lips, while the woman produced a roll of silver duct tape and tore the end loose – and then wrapped it tightly round her head, silencing her even more before she tore the end free and smoothed it down over the back of her neck.


“Hmggddwhtsggnnn,” she called out as they pushed her into the bedroom – and then she saw the gun in the man’s hand.


“Strip,” he said quietly, “or we cut your clothes off.”


Nodding, Mary kicked her shoes off, and then lifted her top over her head, before she pulled her pants down and stepped out of them.


“Everything,” the woman said as Mary removed her white bra and panties, and stood, looking at them with her arms folded across her chest. 


“She looks as if she’s never been naked before,” the woman said as she walked round Mary, and then smacked her bottom.  “Is that it, you don’t like been naked?”


Mary shook her head, and then yelped as the woman dragged her arms behind her back, and folded them so that they were parallel, whispering into her ear as the man used tape from elbow to elbow.  The things she said made Mary blush even more – but to her surprise, she was also getting aroused, especially when the man made her ball her fists and covered them with tape.


“Whtruggngtddttmm,” Mary asked as the man stood in front of her.


“Everything,” he growled as he pushed her onto the bed, Mary moaning as he bent her leg, and the woman wound tape round it from knee to ankle, keeping it bent and useless as her hand stroked over her body, and in particular between her legs.


As she frog-tied her other leg, Mary was sweating, but she felt incredibly aroused at what was going on, her cheeks red as the man stroked his hand up her sex, and said “Hmmm – this is turning you on, isn’t you kinky little girl?”


“Jsseelttt,” she moaned as she felt the heat begin to build – these wonderful people must have come from that company, and they were making her feel so... Feel so...


She began to groan as the heat started to slowly ebb.  This was not going to work, this was...


She then heard the doorbell again, and said “Hmgsgsjnt!”


“Mary, you home,” she dimly heard Janet say, and then there was the unmistakable sound of the door opening, and Janet calling more clearly “Mary?  Are you in your room?”


She watched as the man and woman went either side of the bedroom door, shaking and unable to say anything as the door opened and Janet walked in.  The older woman was wearing a peach cardigan over a black and white patterned dress, with a wide white belt round her waist, and black open toed shoes – and an expression of pure shock as she saw her former charge taped on the bed and unable to do anything.


“OH my God,” Janet said as she put her hands on her light brown hair, and stepped into the room – only to be surprised as the man grabbed her and put his gloved hand over her mouth, while the masked woman stood in front of her.


“Guess you get company girly,” she said as she went into a pocket and took out a second red ball, Janet’s eyes widening as she said “open wide, lady.”


As the hand was taken away, Mary heard Janet say “No, please, this is notthrrfhthtmmmhswttjsss” as the ball was pushed into her mouth, and then the duct tape wrapped tightly round her head.


“All right lady,” the woman said as she pointed the gun at Janet, “strip.”


“msreeesssreee,” Mary whimpered as she watched Janet strip out of her clothes, and then have her arms folded behind her back and taped from elbow to elbow, her fists covered in the tape before she was forced to lie on the bed, and her legs taped as Mary’s were.


Janet slowly turned her head to look at Mary as the young girl said “msreeejnttt.”


“Nmmsreemreeee,” she said as she was rolled over, and the masked pair began to roughly grope the chests of both women, their eyes closing as they were unable to stop themselves moaning in response.  Mary was feeling more aroused than ever by this point, as she moved against the man’s hands, her chest firming as his gloved fingers played with her nipples.




Mary looked at Janet, who was responding as well, her please mixed with moans of pure pleasure,  “Msreeee," she moaned, only to be more embarrassed as Janet said “Pllssmmsreeee”


“Look at them – a mother and daughter, ripe for the taking,” the man said.


Mary could feel the dampness between her legs, and stared at the man as he pulled his pants down, the size of his cock making her gaze even more.


“Oh I agree – but it’s not fair that one should have to watch while the other has so much enjoyment,” the woman said as she removed her pants, and then went to the bag, taking out a strap on dildo and fastening it onto herself.


To her surprise, Mary realised it was Janet who was staring even more at the woman, as both of them climbed onto the bed and moved between their legs.




“PLSSDNTMMSREMRMEEEHESETRRLDDD” Janet called out as the woman thrust the dildo into her, but Mary was silent, her mind creaming as the man penetrated her, filling her passage as she did so, and she screamed in pleasure as he thrust himself further into her.


“HMMLRDDDDD!”  Mary called out as she pushed herself against him, unable to stop herself as she felt the rush of a full orgasm for the very first time, Janet moaning “MsreefrgffmmmsreeeHHHFKKKK!” as the woman brought her over the edge as well.


Eventually, the masked couple withdrew, Mary and Janet panting through their noses as they lay on the bed, their bodies damp as they looked at each other.


“Well, she really is a MILF,” the man said as he looked at Janet.


“Hmm – but you need some time to recover, my friend.  I think we can allow these fine ladies to have some mother and daughter fun however.”  The woman picked up a pair of scissors and cut Mary’s legs free, only to stretch them to and hold them as the man taped them together from knees to ankles.


“Up you get,” he said as he made Mary kneel, the young girl saying “msreee” to Janet, and hearing her say the same thing back to her.  She then opened her eyes wide as she felt the woman fasten the strap on to her own body.


“You’re going to screw mummy within an inch of herself,” the man said as they made Janet kneel as well, and then moved them together so that the dildo slid into Janet’s passage.  “Whrudngg,” Mary moaned as their waists were taped together, and then they were pushed over so that Mary lay on top of Janet, their eyes meeting.


“go on then – show your mummy how it’s done,” the woman said as Mary felt her bottom been smacked, making her yelp and squirm, which made the dildo go further in as Janet started moaning again.


“Hgdgddntstppmmrrmmssreedntstp” Janet said as she pushed herself against Mary as well, the young girl watching as Janet closed her eyes, and then shook as another orgasm swept over her, and she slumped forward, her head on Janet’s shoulder.


“Plssfrgffmmmmsreee,” Janet whispered as Mary was cut free and lifted off Janet, then placed on her back as the strap on was removed, too exhausted to resist as her legs were separated and taped into a frog tie again.


Mary and Janet looked at each other again as the man stood at the end of the bed, watching the woman replace the strap on onto her body.  They then looked at each other.





Janet threw her head back as the man entered her, and the woman entered Mary. Both women could only moan and gasp as once again their bodies began to respond, and then another, even stronger orgasm ran through Mary as she screamed out.


Janet screamed as well, before they both slumped onto the bed again, watching as the man and woman put their pants and shoes back on.


“You know,” the man said as he fastened his pants, “I think mummy should show her daughter how it feels as well.”


“I agree,” the masked woman said, Mary watching as they cut Janet’s leg;s free and re-taped them from knees to ankles, and then fastened the strap on in place.  Mary watched as Janet was moved between her legs, and then forced to penetrate her damp passage with the dildo, before their waists were taped together, the man lifting both of them as the woman did this.


Over Janet’s shoulder, Mary could see them leave some EMT scissors on the bedside table, before they left – but not before the man smacked Janet’s bare bottom.


“Hmmgdd,” she called out as she thrust forward, Mary moaning as well before they both heard the door close.  They looked at each other for a few minutes, Mary red with embarrassment and completely aroused, before Janet started to struggle and free herself.


“Hsetlrrddjntdntdtthtt,” Mary called out, unable to stop her as the dildo worked her, Janet frantically trying to get free but only bringing her to the strongest orgasm of all, Mary literally screaming through the tape as she arched her back, and then slumped on the bed, rolling over so that both women were lying on their sides.


“Jntnttssllmflt,” Mary said quietly as she lay there, Janet shaking her head as she said “Frggffmmtsmmflt...”



“Janet?  Mary?  Where are you?”


Both women opened their eyes as they heard Edward coming into the flat, and then looked at each other.


“Timmy called me  - he said Janet hadn’t called, so I thought I’d better come round and – SWEET LORD IN HEAVEN!!!”


Edward had opened the door to the bedroom, and saw Mary and Janet next to each other, their arms behind their backs, their legs taped, and their bodies held together.


“What happened?  OH lord – let me get that off you and then I’ll call the police,” he said, ignoring their muffled calls of “NPLSLSSSS” as he used the scissors to cut the tape away from around Janet’s head, carefully peeling it away before he eased the rubber ball out of her mouth.


“No – please, Edward, do NOT call the police,” she finally said in a croaky voice, “this is all my fault.”


“URfflltt,” Mary said as she looked at Janet.


“Last week, I answered an ad in a local paper for a company that fulfilled fantasies – I told them I used to have a boyfriend who knew my past, and knew for me to enjoy sex I had to be forced and humiliated.”


Mary’s eyes opened wide as Janet continued “but he emigrated to New Zealand, and I’ve never been satisfied since.  So I called this company, and they said they could arrange it for me to be bound, gagged, and forced to have sex – with both a man and a woman.  I also said it had to be done in a particularly humiliating way, to give me the most pleasure.


“Mary, I am so so sorry – I never in a million years thought they would use you, given your past.  I know you can never forgive me...”


“Ndreeegtthtssfffm,” Mary said as she shook her head.  Andrew nodded as he came round and cut the tape gag from her head, before she spat the rubber ball out.


“Janet,” she panted, “You’ve got it wrong.  The advert was in the paper two weeks ago – I know, because I called the company to help me get over my inability to...”


“You both called this company?”


Mary nodded, and said “there’s nothing I need to forgive you for – I need to ask you to forgive me.”


The two women looked at each other, before Edward said “Right – do you still have the local papers, Mary?”


“In the main room – why.”


“I’m going to cut you both free, you get cleaned up, and then come in – I’m going to have a look for myself.”



Half an hour later, Mary and Janet came into the front room, where Edward was on the phone.


“You’re sure it’s that page Timmy?  All right – Janet will be back with me in a little while.  I’ll phone in a few minutes and order some pizzas for all of you.”


“Well,” Mary said as she sat down.


“Local paper for the last two weeks,” Edward said as he looked at the two papers on the table.  “Here’s two weeks ago, and last weeks.”


“That’s the ad,” Cathy said as she looked at the top paper, “but it was definitely in this week’s.”


“It is in the copy at your house Janet – on this page,” Edward said as he pointed to a double glazing ad.  “The paper at your house for two weeks ago has an ad for a landscape design firm where that ad is in Mary’s.”




“Just to add a sweetener to the pot, I called the number – it’s disconnected.”


Mary and Janet looked at each other, and then smiled.


“What,” Edward said.


“It worked, didn’t it?”


“Yeah,” Mary said, “yeah it did,” and then they both looked at Edward.




“You’ve always fancied me haven’t you Edward?”


“Well – I guess so,” he blushed as he looked at Janet.


“And me – don’t deny it,” Mary said, “so here’s what we want you to do...”



Mary screamed into the tape gag, the rubber ball masking her moans as she orgasmed, and Edward came in her, the balaclava covering his face as he gave all he had.


Janet was watching next to her, her arms taped behind her and her hands silver fists, her legs frog tied, her mouth taped over and around her head.  She smiled and nodded as Edward came out, and then fastened the strap on around Mary, before making them both kneel and forcing Mary to penetrate Janet.


He taped them together and watched as Mary started to fuck Janet, knowing when she was finished, Edward would take Janet, and then Janet her...







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