Dial-A-Fantasy 6









“So he’s finally out of your life is he,” Anna said as she sipped her coffee.


“Gone for good,” Lesley said with a smile as she looked at her sister.  “So I’m free and single again.  Which means I can come to the concert with you on Saturday without wondering which of his harem he is bringing home.


“Great,” Anna said as she looked over.  She was a larger woman than her younger sister, and a few inches shorter, but she had looked out for her for years, and her problems with the guy who she was not going to mention had worried her.


“Right then,” Lesley said as she stood up, and took the mug from Anna, “let me put these away, and we can go shopping.”


As she walked to the kitchen, Anna picked up the paper and flipped through it, stopping as she looked at the half page ad.


“Can you believe this,” she said as Lesley came in, “some people must have more money than sense.”


“Yeah – funny,” Lesley said as she put her jacket on.  “Come on – let’s get going.”




“Welcome to Seventiesville,” the car park attendant said as Lesley wound the window down, “Left and follow the attendants.”


“Thanks,” she replied as she drove slowly round.  As she parked the car, she looked at Anna and said “here we go then.”


Stepping out of the car, she looked round through her glasses, her long blonde hair blowing in the breeze.  Lesley was wearing a long white sleeved top with a blue and white striped body, a knee length denim skirt and white knee length boots, while her sister was wearing a blue Kaftan top, jeans and blue deck shoes.


Stepping out of the car, they started to walk across the car park, the sounds of the band getting louder as they passed the rows of cars.


“Oh wow,” Lesley suddenly said as she stopped and looked at one particular car, “a genuine 60’s Dodge with wooden chassis!”


The two women stopped and looked at the car, walking round it and staring at the bodywork.


“It’s in excellent condition,” Anna said, “I wonder whommmghssthrrr?”


She wasn’t able to speak because of the hand that had clamped over her mouth, and as she looked to her side she saw someone had also hand gagged her sister.


“Not a word,” a male voice said as a third man, wearing a tweed jacket over a mustard coloured jumper, dark trousers and shades, opened the rear doors of the car.  Inside, and lie face down.”


Lesley looked at Anna, eyes wide in surprise as they were forced to lie down on the rug covered floor, while their arms were pulled behind their backs.  Anna could feel the rough rope as it encircled and pulled her wrists together, and then she felt something press down over her mouth, pulling on her skin before a scarf was tied over her eyes.


Whtsgngnnn,” she moaned as the doors were closed, and she felt the vehicle move off, as Lesley moaned next to her.





“Get them out of there.”


Anna grunted as she was made to wriggle back and then the hood was pulled off her head.  Blinking, she saw she was in some sort of trailer, and glancing to her side she could see Lesley looking round as well.


She could also see the strip of brown sticking plaster covering her mouth, and realised that was what was stopping her from talking clearly as well.


“Good, good,” one of the two men with her said, “now we have his daughters, the colonel will have no choice but to give us what we need.”


“”Whtrrutlkgbbtt,” Anna called out, but as she looked at Lesley she could see her eyes opening wide, as she said “Hmgddd...”


“Over there,” the man said as he pointed to two wooden chairs, and Ana felt herself been pushed in that direction, looking at Lesley as she said “Msreeenn.”


Whtrusreeefrrr,” Anna said as she was made to sit down, her wrists pressing into her back as more rope was used to secure her upper body to the chair back.  The rope was wound through the lattice work of the back, and around her above and below her chest, before she was unable to do more than squirm.


Even that, however, made the rope rub on her chest – and she started to feel something different as that happened, a strange but nice feeling as she glanced over to her sister.


There were obviously two men, both dressed in the same way as the one who had opened the rear of the car, as they knelt in front of the chairs and tied their legs together above their knees, winding the rope neatly around and between their limbs so that they were tightly held together.  She was powerless to stop the man as he pulled her ankles against the legs of the chair, spreading her own legs wide as he secured her ankles to the wooden legs.


She could hear the squeak of leather, wood and rope as she looked over at Lesley, who was breathing through her nose, her face flushed as she struggled in the ropes.  Anna herself was unsure of how she felt – there was fear, and yet it was mingled with excitement as well, as if the fact this was happening for no logical explanation was adding to the experience.


“Take the ransom pictures,” one of the men said as the second one picked up an old Polaroid camera, and took several shots, waving them in the air as they came out and placing them on the table as the two women struggled. 


“Right – send then off,” the man said as she felt his hands on her shoulders, “and then come back here.  We need to keep these ladies entertained.”


Whtrugnggtddd,” Anna said as she looked round – and saw their handbags sitting, unopened, on a side table.


Plssntnnnnswll,” she heard Lesley say, and looking at her sister she wondered what she was trying to say – and then gasped into the plaster gag as she felt the hands of the man behind her start to caress and massage her chest.


Hmgdddd,” she moaned out as his strong grip embraced her, and again glancing to her side she saw the second man doing the same thing to her sister, her eyes closed as she began to moan softly.


Anna could understand why she felt that way – the caress was doing strange things to her as well, as the ropes rubbed on her.  Closing her own eyes, she wondered what else he was going to do, as she felt him lifting her jumper slowly up, the cool touch of his hands on her bare belly as he stroked round it, and then...


She opened her eyes and looked at Lesley, her white bra now exposed as her captor gently slipped his fingers under the material – and as the mean behind her embraced her own blue lace bra and gently squeezed, a fire started to rise between her legs.


She had been kidnapped, bound, gagged, driven God alone knew where – so why the hell was she enjoying this so much?  And why was Lesley obviously enjoying it as well?


Hmmgddpllsssdntt,” she moaned out as the man eased the cups of her bra down, and started to run his finger round her surprisingly firm and erect nipples – and then she heard Lesley almost cry out in pleasure.  Looking to her side, she saw the man had started to kiss her chest and nipples – and Lesley was enjoying every second of it as she wriggled round.


She then felt the lips of her own captor on her chest – and suddenly Anna understood some of what her sister must be feeling, the burning in her own body as she moaned softly, and wriggled herself, unable to stop him and unsure if she wanted to stop him doing this.


The fire grew stronger and stronger, his tongue working over her nipples as his hand went between her legs, and she nodded at the caress, wondering what was happening as her jeans were loosened and pulled down, with her panties.  As she looked over through misty eyes, she saw Lesley move her head back as the captor pulled her skirt down, and then her own knickers, before he seemed to put his head between her legs...



“HSWTJSSSS” Anan then called out as she felt the lips and tongue between her own legs, and lost herself totally in the sensations that were now rushing through her...




As she slowly calmed down, she was dimly aware of the men leaving, after something was sprayed over her upper body.  She sat there, the feelings slowly ebbing away as she heard Lesley say “Hmggdddwhtersshhnnullrt?”


Raising her head, she looked at her sister and nodded, before she saw the ropes seemingly fall away from her body.  It took her a moment to realise her own ropes had dissolved, as Lesley slowly put her bra and top back on, and then stood up, wobbling a little as she pulled her panties and skirt back up.


Removing the tape from her mouth, she walked over and hugged Anna, saying “please, can you ever forgive me sis?”


Frgffufrrwteescnd,” Anna said as she reached up and removed the tape from her mouth, “Forgive you for what?”


“For this – when I answered the ad, and agreed things, I thought it would be just...”


“Whoa, whoa,” Anna said as she replaced her own bra and top, “answered the ad?  What...”


Lesley slowly nodded as she said “It was meant to be a treat for myself – reliving the games I used to play with my boyfriends before I met him.”


“The games – oh so THAT’S what you got up to in your bedroom.”  Rubbing her wrists, Anna stood up and said “I have to admit – that was intense and...”




“Nodding, Anna said “I wonder where we are, what time it is?”


Looking at her watch, Lesley said “Six thirty – so where are we?”


Opening the door to the trailer, they were surprised to see they were still in the car park for the festival, and the bands were still playing.


“Car keys are here – how do you feel?”


“Like I have a million questions to ask you,” Anna said, but then she smiled and said “I feel bloody fantastic if truth be told – let’s go and enjoy the concert, and we’ll talk about it later.”







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