Dial-A-Fantasy 7









“See you later, lover,” Erica said as she gently kissed the young Mali woman on the lips, and then ran out of the door, Bintou waving from the window.  It had been an amazing six months – six months many of their friends felt would not have happened, given they were such different characters. 


Bintou was extrovert, outgoing, loved to be the life of the party and dress up, while Erica was quiet, shy, pale skinned and blonde – but Bintou was deeply in love with the young American, and she knew Erica felt the same way about her.


When they did make love, it was tender and gentle – and yet Bintou felt something was missing.  Even for that, Erica usually had to have had a few drinks, to overcome her shyness.  Bintou was beginning to want more however – to feel what she had felt when, for a brief period, she had gone out with a man.


It had been an intense relationship, but apart from confirming she really preferred women, there had been times when he had tied her up and forced himself on her.  She had been a willing participant, but the feeling of helplessness and excitement still lingered in her memory.  But how could she get Erica to play such a game – to put on the strap on and treat her like he had done?  If she suggested it, Bintou was afraid Erica would run a mile and never come back – and that would be worse.


She slowly started to stroke herself as she remembered that feeling, and then opened the paper - only to see the half page advert.


“Interesting,” she said as she picked up her mobile phone, and dialled the number.


“Fantasy Fulfilment – how may we help you today?”


“Oh my,” Bintou gasped, “this is real?”


“Yes it is real – may I ask your name?”


“Bintou – will you really arrange for any fantasy to be fulfilled?”


“So long as it is legal, and you consent, then yes – so tell me, are you Bintou?”


“I am – how did you...”


“Number recognition – so please, tell me your fantasy.”


“Well,” Bintou said as she blushed, “it involves been taken captive by a woman, but the woman has to pretend to be a man when they capture me.  They use cuffs on my wrists and ankles, and then cut away my clothes after they use a panel gag with a rubber cock in my mouth.  They then chain my arms and legs with padlocks on the chains...”


Bintou paused, afraid she had gone too far, but the woman on the other end of the line said “please, continue.”


“Well,” Bintou said with a little tremor, “my captor that proceeds to grope and molest me, to verbally humiliate me, and to make it very clear she’s going to r... to violate me totally.  She then leaves me while she pretends to rob me, but when she reappears she has put on a strap on, and...”


“And what, Bintou,” the female voice said.


“She starts to r...  To enter me, with me unable to stop, and hopefully she comes to an orgasm before she makes me do so.”


“Bintou, just to be clear you are asking the captor to take you against your will.”


The young woman nodded slowly, as the female voice said “All right – it is our policy to meet our client’s requests, but also to leave them a way to free themselves.  When they leave, do they also leave the keys somewhere you can get to eventually?”


Bintou slowly nodded as the voice said “I will take that as a yes.  Now, to make it clear, if you accept our services, this will go to a logical conclusion?”


“That is what I want,” Bintou said quietly.


“Very well – payment will be taken using a current debit or credit card during the event, but our other policy is we never tell you when it will happen – just that it will happen.  With that in mind, Bintou, do you wish to proceed?”


“Oh yes,” Bintou sighed as she finally brought herself to a small orgasm.


“Excellent – we will be in touch, Bintou, and we hope you enjoy your fantasy.”


Bintou nodded as she ended the call, and sighed...




“Hey – are you about ready to head out?”


“Give me a minute,” Bintou said as she smiled at Erica.  Her girlfriend was wearing a checked blouse, jeans and white socks, while Bintou herself was wearing a blue jersey dress with a diamond pattern, and black leggings.  “I just need to get my purse.”


“I’ll get that,” Erica said as she heard the doorbell ring,” Bintou nodding as she went into the kitchen.


“Who was it,” she said as she came back in, and then dropped her purse on the floor.  Erica was in the grip of a woman dressed from head to toe in black, a very large knife in her gloved hand as the flat of the blade was at Erica’s throat.


“The curtains,” she said in a deep, almost masculine voice, “draw them.”


“All right,” Bintou said quietly as she walked over, closing the curtains before she put her hands on her think black hair.


“Both of you, kneel down and keep quiet,” the woman said as she pushed on Erica’s shoulder, making her kneel as Bintou slowly walked over and knelt beside her lover.


“I’m sorry,” Erica whispered, “she just pushed her way in and...”


“No talking,” the intruder said as Bintou felt her arms been pulled behind her back, and then the feel of cold steel on her wrists as a pair of cuffs were fastened tightly over them.


“What are you doing to us,” Erica whispered as she felt the steel on her won wrists, and then the intruder removing her socks, before both she and Bintou felt the second pair of cuffs around their ankles.


Despite her fear, Bintou was already beginning to feel aroused, and then she saw the large rubber bung, shaped like an erect cock, on the side of the leather panel in front of her mouth.


“Oh god,” she said as she suddenly realised what was going on, “please don’t dthsstrrveeeswellll!”


The sound was muffled as the intruder pushed the bug into her mouth, and then fastened the straps on either side of the panel tightly round her head.  Turning her head slowly, she saw Erica slowly nod before a second panel gag was used on her, and then slowly turning her head to show the black leather panel over her mouth.


“I have two prizes today,” the intruder said as she waved the knife in front of Bintou, “and I intend to make sure I savour every moment.  I’m sure you both will as well, won’t you?”




“First, I’m going to remove these nasty constrictive clothes,” the intruder said, Bintou watching as she used the knife on Erica’s blouse, the blade slicing through it like hot butter from neck to hem, and then pulling to off her body to reveal her pink bra.  Making her stand, the intruder then sliced through her jeans on each side, and then cut through both her panties and the straps of her bra, leaving her totally naked as she placed the knife on a table, and reached round, her gloved hands groping her chest as Erica closed her eyes and moaned.


“Oh yes, I am going to enjoy taking you,” the intruder whispered.  Bintou looked at the balaclava covered head, before she started to kiss Erica’s neck, the girl moaning again as the hands groped her chest.


“Stand still,” the masked woman said, before she picked up a length of chain, and wrapped it round her arms below her elbows, pulling them together behind Erica’s back before using a padlock to secure them.


She could feel the dampness in her own panties as she watched the intruder securing Erica’s legs in the same way, her girlfriend moaning as her chest was again and again groped by the masked woman.


“But I’m neglecting your friend,” she heard the intruder say then as they picked up the knife and walked round. Bintou shivering as she cut down the back of the dress, and then the sleeves, removing the garment and then cutting her bra away before the leather covered hands roughly squeezed her own chest.


“Hmmm – you’re enjoying this, aren’t you?”


Bintou blushed as she looked at Erica and slowly nodded, while she felt the chain around her own elbows.  Erica’s eyes widened as the young African woman’s chest was forced out, and then she was made to stand, the knife slicing through the leggings and her panties as  they saw how damp they both were between the legs.


“Hmmm – that feels good,” the intruder then said as they reached round and brushed up Bintou’s crotch with her fingers, the girl moaning and closing her eyes as she did so.  Erica moaned as well as the masked intruder continued to grope each of them in turn, Bintou getting more and more aroused as she described how she was going to make them both “hot as hell, and then take every last little inch of you” as she put it.


Erica’s eyes shot open at that, and then closed as she let out a long, low, sensual moan while the intruder played with her nipples.


“Both of you, walk into the kitchen,” they then said as they picked up the knife, Bintou and Erica nodding as they shuffled forward, and entered the kitchen.  Standing there, they watched as the intruder placed a box at the centre of the table, and pulled a chain with a clamp attached from each corner.


“Stand there,” she said to Bintou, Erica watching as the gloved hands groped at Bintou’s chest again.  The young Mali girl moaned into her gag – and then screamed as she felt the clamps attached to her nipples, and she was forced to bend over the table.


She could feel something being rubbed into the bottom, and then heard Erica mumble “Hmgddd” before she felt something being pushed into her rectum – something that was vibrating.


Her eyes started to mist over as she watched Erica been walked to the other side of the table, and her chest groped before the clamps were attached, forcing her to bend over as well before something was inserted in her girlfriend as well.


“Now don’t move – I’ll be back to complete the work soon,” the masked intruder said as she walked out of the kitchen, leaving Bintou and Erica to moan and scream in equal time as the vibes worked in their rear passages.


They lifted their heads to look at each other, as Bintou started to shake.  The damned dildo in her was sending her close to the edge – and looking at Erica, she could see the same thing happening to her.


“Hmggddwhsthpnnggg,” Erica screamed out as she tried to stand, the chains pulling her back down as she started to shake.  Bintou was powerless to help, but as she began to shake as well the thought of getting free was slowly receding...


“Good – you both look as if you are ready.”


Bintou slowly turned her head to see the intruder, now wearing a huge strap on dildo, as she walked behind Erica and reached down between her legs.  Erica closed her eyes and moaned something, before she suddenly went “Hmfkngggdd” as the intruder forced the dildo into her, and she stated to violently shake, the chains rattling as the intruder furiously began to pump in and out.


Bintou watched as Erica suddenly screamed out, and then collapsed forward, panting softly as the intruder walked over, Bintou’s own excitement rising as the vibrator held her just over the edge.


“Your turn,” they whispered as she felt the dildo entering her damp passage, and then heard the person violating her start to moan more and more.  Although she started to shake, she tried to control herself as much as possible, before she heard the person behind her gasp out loud – and she allowed herself to fall over, her body shaking as the waves washed over her and submerged her completely.


Once she had stopped shaking, the dull throbbing on her nipples was felt again as both women turned to look at the intruder.  Pressing a button on the box, she said “That starts a timer – in twenty minutes, the clamps will be released.  The keys to allow you to free yourselves are in the front room.”


Bintou slowly nodded as the woman left, and then she turned to look at Erica.




“MMysss – btwhthppnddndnthrr.  Bntu, cnawwtlk...”


Bintou moaned loudly as the dildo still in her rear passage sent her over the edge again...



The sudden release of the pressure on her nipples made Bintou look up, and as the two women slowly stood they saw the chains falling down their bare chests.  Nodding to each other, they slowly shuffled towards the door, breathing a sigh of relief as the vibes slipped out and fell on the floor.


Entering the front room, Bintou saw a set of keys on the coffee table, slowly dropping to her knees and taking hold of them as Erica knelt next to her.  It took some time, but eventually she managed to free Erica’s arms, allowing her to stretch them before she handed her lover the keys and waiting to be freed.


As both women reached round and unbuckled the panel gags, Bintou and Erica took a  deep breath, looked at each other and said at the same time “I’m sorry...”


Looking at each other, Bintou said “Lover, I am so sorry you got caught up in my fantasy...”


“It’s all right,” Erica said quietly, “you have no idea how long I have had fantasies of been held against my will, but I was too scared to say anything in case you thought I was taking over.  And besides...”


Bintou put her head to her side as Erica blushed, and said “I have had such vivid dreams of you taped up, but given what that means to people from your background...”


“Erica,” Bintou said quietly, “let’s agree to be honest with each other from now on.  I for one was so satisfied by that...”


Erica gently kissed Bintou, before she said “how would you feel if someone surprised you in your bed, and took you, and left you having to wait for someone to come and rescue you?”





Bintou slowly stirred as she felt the breeze on her face, and then opened her eyes to see the masked intruder, the gloved hand clamping itself over her mouth as she saw the rope in the other hand...







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