Dial-A-Fantasy 8









“Well, that’s it,” Fiona said as she held up the envelope, “the divorce is final, and I am truly a free agent.”


“Good – you’re well shot of him,” her friend Maria said as she look over from the armchair.  Both women were in their forties, and had been friends for years.  “What you need is a weekend away – and I have just the thing in mind.”


“Oh yeah – what are you thinking,” Fiona said.  In her late forties, she was still a very attractive woman, her long blonde hair falling over her shoulders while that of Maria was cut in a bob, framing her face.


“A weekend in London, catch a show, see the sights...”


“Sounds fun – why don’t you book it and I’ll join in?”


“Leave it with me,” Maria said, “I’ll take care of everything...”



The following Sunday, Maria opened the front door of her house and said “come away in Fiona – I put the roast on the timer, but we have some time for a cup of tea before I have to start taking care of things.”


“Sounds great,” Fiona said as she took off her pale blue jacket.  Under it, she was wearing a long sleeveless white dress, with two layers, an upper one with a pattern of small holes over a cotton under dress.  It came down past her knees, while she wore a pair of brown wedge sandals, and had a large blue and white scarf tied round her neck, the end hanging down the front of the dress.


By contrast, Maria was wearing a red mid sleeved dress with a white floral pattern. The colours were reversed on the hem of the skirt to have red flowers on a white background.  She was wearing a pair of brown sling backs with a three inch heel.


“Go in, sit down,” Maria said, “and I’ll get us both a nice cup of tea.”


“Thanks,” Fiona said as she went into the front room – and was taken completely by surprise as a leather gloved hand was clamped over her mouth, pulling her to one side...




“Here we are then,” Maria said as she carried the tray into the front room, setting it down on the coffee table and saying “shall I pour?” before she turned round.


“No, do not pour – go to the window and draw the curtains closed, and then sit down, hands on your head, nice and quietly.”


Maria stared at the young man standing there, one gloved hand over Fiona’s mouth, the other pointing a gun at her.  He was wearing a white shirt and dark trousers, but had a dark stocking pulled over his head.


“Mreewhstggnnn,” Fiona mumbled as Maria said “all right, just don’t hurt her,” and walked over, closing the curtains before she sat down, placing her hands on her head.


“Maria, who is this man,” Fiona said as the hand was removed, and the masked intruder pulled her hands behind her back.  She heard a rasping sound, and then felt the thin plastic strip as it forced her wrists together.


“I don’t know, Fiona,” Maria said quietly as he removed the scarf from around her friend’s neck, and then pulled it tightly over her mouth, Fiona giving a muffled yelp as he tied the ends at the base of her neck.


“Sit down next to your friend,” the man said as he pushed Fiona over, and she settled next to Maria, watching as he took a second plastic strip and secure her wrists behind her back as well.


“Who are you,” Maria whispered as she felt the thin plastic strip on her wrists, “what do you want?”


“Me?  I’m robbing you,” the man said as he knelt down, and used two more of the zip ties to secure her ankles, and those of Fiona, before he stood up.  “So, make things easier on yourself – where are your jewels and valuables?”


Maria looked at the young man, and said quietly “Upstairs – master bedroom, on the dresser and in some of the drawers.”


“Very good – are you going to be quiet?”


Maria nodded as the young man looked at her, before saying “very well – I’m trusting you” before he walked out of the room.


“Fiona, are you all right,” Maria said, her friend nodding as she started to shake her head from side to side, trying to move the scarf down from her mouth.


“Here, let me help,” Maria said as she shuffled over, and used her teeth to pull the heavy scarf down from her mouth.  It took some time, but eventually she managed to pull the scarf down, the material hanging over the front of Fiona’s dress as she said “Christ, Maria, you’re being robbed?”


“I know – and I can’t get my hands free,” she said as she tried to break the strip, I just hope he...”


“Well now – who’s a naughty girl?”


Both woman looked at the masked man, as Maria whispered “I’m sorry?”


“Oh no – I don’t think either of you will be,” the man said as he walked behind the couch, holding a pillowcase that Maria recognised as from her bed.  They heard him looking in something, and then Fiona gasped as he pressed her chest, reflexively opening her mouth and allowing him to push a folded cloth in.  Covering her mouth with his hand, Maria turned her head to see him tear the end of a roll of white tape free, then stick the free end to her friend’s cheek before he wound the tape tightly round her head, trapping the cloth in.


“Oh my god,” she whispered as he held a folded cloth in front of her mouth, waiting until she slowly opened her own mouth and allowed him to push the cloth in, and then feeling the tape as it was wrapped tightly round her own head.


“As I was saying,” the man said as he walked round and looked at them, putting what Maria now realised was a large leather bag on the floor, “you are a very naughty girl.”


“Whhee?” Maria said as she looked at him.


“Because I found these,” he said as he held up what looked like two white tampon holders – and Maria’s eyes suddenly shot open,.


“Hmggdddnntuunttnnw,” she mumbled, as she looked at Fiona and blushed.


“So,” the man said as he placed them on the floor, and leaned over Fiona, “let’s see if we can’t get you both in a position to enjoy your friend’s little secret, hmmm?”


“Wthernmmnwswr,” Maria protested as he walked round and slowly pulled down the sip on Fiona’s dress, her own blushes starting as he pulled the top of her dress down, revealing a white lace bra.  Walking back round, he reached into the back and drew out several lengths of white rope, Maria unable to stop watching as he walked back behind them, and then started to bind Fiona’s arms to her sides, the rope sitting above and below her breasts, pressing on them as her chest was forced up and out, then held even more firmly in place as he took the rope under her arms and around the back of her neck.


Fiona herself was moaning slightly, her eyes closed, and as Maria looked at her she began to wonder if this was fear making her moan, or something entirely different.  It was very difficult to tell, as the man brandished a pair of scissors and cut her wrists free, only to pull her dress down to her waist and then re-secure her wrists with rope.


“There – does that fell better,” he whispered before he put his hands on her chest and started to grope Fiona, Maria watching as her friend’s eyes opened wide, and then slowly closed.  To her complete surprise, she realised Fiona was actually beginning to enjoy what was happening to her, her soft moans increasing as the intruder unfastened her bra and let it drop down, before his fingers stroked over her erect nipples.


“Stand up,” he said as he helped Fiona to her feet, and turned her round to face Maria.  The older woman could not believe it as Fiona closed her eyes and moaned once more, while the man pulled down her dress, revealing her white panties with a damp patch on the front.


“Oh – I see you are relaxing already,” the man said as he slipped his hand into Fiona’s panties, the older woman almost fainting as he moved across her crotch, and then pulled her panties down, before he slipped a length of rope around her waist and tied it in place.


Going to the chair, he took one of the lozenge shaped objects and came back, slipping it in between her legs as Maria realised it was emitting a low humming sound.  Fiona immediately gripped her legs together, as he slipped the rope between them and pulled it up, pressing the device further in as he tied the rope to her wrists, then secured her legs together below her knees, before he helped her to kneel, cut away the second strip and tied her ankles together.


Maria was even more surprised to realise she was getting aroused by what was happening as well, so that when Fiona was laid on her side, moaning softly as she wriggled round, she didn’t resist as he mead her stand up, and began to unfasten the front of her own dress, pulling it down her arms and exposing hr naked chest to the cool air.


Fiona looked at Maria, her head slowly nodding as the man started to bind her friend’s arms tightly to her side, Maria moaning as well as her arms were forced into her sides, the rope hugging and rubbing on her sensitive chest as it went above, below and between her large breasts.


“Hmgsgsflsssgddd” she moaned, Fiona nodding as the man removed the plastic strip and re-secured her wrist with rope after pulling the dress from her arms, and then making her stand.  As the dress fell, Fiona saw Maria’s naked body, and groaned as she watched the man insert the other device between Maria’s legs.


Maria did more than groan, she wriggled as the vibrations ran through her, making her fall to her knees as the crotch rope pressed the device further in.  As she felt her legs been secured, she moaned and moved around, not sure of how to respond as she started to fall to her side.


“Oh no,” the intruder said, “I have a better idea.”  He went over to Fiona and made her kneel in front of Maria, and tied one end of a length of rope to the top of her crotch rope.  The other end was tied between Maria’s breasts, further pressing down on them, and meaning every time she moved Fiona moaned even more and wriggled – a feeling Maria understood all too well as her own crotch rope was secured to Fiona’s chest.


“Well,” he said as he gathered up things and placed them in his bag, “I must leave you both now.  I’m sure you’ll get free – eventually.”  Taking his bag, he walked out, as the two women struggled, the rubbing starting to drive them both over the edge as the vibrators continued their subtle persuasion...



How long the two of them were like that, either not able to move or not wanting to unless it increased their pleasure, Maria was not sure of, but eventually she saw the pair of scissors that had been left on the low table.  Looking at Fiona, she said “Lssnsn – tmtgfr?”


Fiona looked at the scissors and nodded, the two women moving together and reacting together until Maria was finally able to get ahold of the scissors, cutting through her crotch rope first before she finally managed to cut her wrists free.  Gasping as the device fell out, she took a minute to recover before working hr arms round, and cutting through the ropes around Fiona’s chest, the two of them separating and falling to their sides before Maria untied her friend’s crotch rope and allowed the device to fall out.


It took them some time to fully free each other, and then peel the tape away before they both spat out the soaking wet cloths.


“We...  WE...  We need to call the police,” Fiona finally gasped.


“No – no police,” Maria said quietly, “I don’t think anything’s been taken.”


“Maria?  How can you...”


“Because that wasn’t part of the deal – Fiona, forgive me, this was meant to be my fantasy and mine alone, and you got...”


“A fantasy?  Maria, are you telling me...”


“Don’t judge me until you hear me out,” Maria said as she went to the paper rack, taking the previous week’s local paper out and showing Fiona the half page advert.


“I’ve always like the idea of being the damsel in distress, held captive and made to experience pleasure without actually being raped,” Maria said as Fiona looked at the page, “and then I saw the advert.  He must have come from them – I bet the only thing that has gone is the payment from my current account.  But it was meant to be a private thing – you must think I’m...”




“I beg your pardon?”


“I admit it as a shock – but it’s the most thrilling thing that has happened to me since I got married,” Fiona said with a smile.  “Even better than a weekend in London, actually.”


“You serious?”


Fiona nodded as she said “I actually feel more satisfied than I have in years as well – maybe I should ring them...”







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