Dottie's Dilemma




Dottie wasn’t sure just how long she had been standing there, only that the cold breeze had been blowing over her naked skin for some considerable time.  Her arms ached from the way that they had been pulled above her head and the manacles secured somehow to the roof, and as if the cold air was not making them hard the chains that went through her nipple rings was making her breasts ache as well.


She stood there, wondering when and if someone was going to come and take the blindfold off, when the sound of heavy footsteps came from somewhere.  She heard a rough voice saying “Bring her,” before sensing rather than seeing the ropes released from the ceiling.  As her arms fell down and she sighed from the relief, she was pushed forward and made to walk across the wooden floor.


Time passed, and she felt the material under her feet change from wood to cold stone.  “Please, tell me what’s happening,” she called out, only to receive a slap on her bare behind and a voice saying “The prisoner will not speak unless spoken to.  The walk continued until they stopped, and Dottie wondered what was going to happen next.


She felt the manacles being removed, only for her hands to be pulled behind her back and a thin plastic strip to be placed around them. A hard rubber object was placed into her mouth, and as the blindfold was ripped off she saw she was standing in a cell block, with a man in army fatigues standing in front of her.  Looking over her shoulder, she saw a second man with a hood over his head holding her arms back.


“Hold her still,” he said as he knelt in front of her, and Dottie recoiled as she saw him reach between her legs.  She tried to avoid his probing fingers as he searched her, but the motion was making her feel – well, enjoyment was not the right word, but it was close.  She moaned through her gag, the feeling growing in warmth and moisture, until she could bear it no more and she started to moan more and more…


“Mrs Carr?  Mrs Carr, are you all right?”


Dorothy opened her eyes and looked at her colleague standing in front of her, looking at her in a concerned way.  “Sorry, Joan,” she said as she sat up, “A million miles away.  What can I do for you?”

“I need your signature on the Cronus letter before we send it off.”


Dorothy nodded and picked up a pen.  It had been a long, boring day at her office, and she was looking forward to getting home and a night off.


“It’s the ceremony tomorrow, isn’t it?” Joan said as she took the letter back.


“Yes – and I’ll be glad when it’s over.  A ceremony honouring me for surviving a kidnap…”


“And uncovering a white slavery ring.”  As Joan was talking, A tall dark haired woman walked past with a clipboard in her hand, making notes.


“Time and motion experts,” Dorothy said as she picked up a file and walked to the photocopier.  “I’ll be glad when she’s gone.”  The bottom of her lime green blouse rode slightly as she walked to the machine, sorting some papers as she did so.


“Well, they’ll be out of our way tomorrow.” Joan said as the machine whirred.  “you just enjoy tomorrow.”


As the two friends walked back, the tall woman looked on and made more notes.  Tomorrow, after all, was another day, and would prove most interesting…



“Good night, Mum.”


Dorothy smiled at her son as he closed the door on her, and retired for the night.  She would head for bed in a little while, but wanted some time to herself.  She removed her silk robe and sat down in the chair.

She looked round, in her black strapless bra and pants, and listened to make sure that no-one was listening and the lights were off.  Ever since her kidnapping, she had enjoyed some more vivid fantasies than previously, and she had reached the point where she wanted to enjoy them by herself.  She sat back and closed her eyes.


The firm picnic was going well, and all the family were enjoying the food and the sunshine in the local park.  As Dottie walked round, talking with the rest of the staff, she looked round and wondered what could possibly go wrong on a day like this.


“Mum, we need some more soda.  Could you go into the café and pick up a few bottles?”


“No problem,” she said as she called out.  She could still carry off an outfit that would suit someone half her age, and on a warm day like this that was absolutely necessary.  She had on a pair of tight denim jeans with a studded leather belt hanging loosely over her hips, and a white short sleeved crop top.  She headed for the café that they had taken over for the day, her hips swaying as she did so, but when she walked in she got the surprise of her life.


There were three masked men standing there, dressed in black and armed to the teeth, and they were looking directly at her.  One of them shouted “Grab her,” and before she had a chance to react one of them had ran over, taking her wrists behind her back and wrapping rope around them.


“Just stay calm,” the man who had spoken said as he walked over and stood in front of Dottie.  “WE need to borrow your daughter in law for a while, Mrs Carr, and you can come along too.  Now, say Ahh.”


“Whh…” Dottie said before a cloth was stuffed into her mouth, and a white scarf tied over her mouth and jaw to keep the gag in place.  She tried to scream out, before a look of horror came over her face as she heard her daughter in law.


Dottie was helpless to act as she came in, and was forced to the floor by the two masked gunmen.  They quickly bound her wrists and arms, and forced a gag into her mouth, before picking her up and pushing her over to join her mother.


“Come along, ladies,” the man said as they were pushed to the rear of the building, each wondering what was going to happen next…


Dottie opened her eyes and stretched, yawning as she picked up her robe and turned the light off.  She failed to notice the headlights through the closed curtains heading off into the distance…


“Wonderful – thanks a lot,” the photographer said as Dorothy smiled.  She was standing on a small wooden bridge in the town park, smiling as she allowed the press to take photographs of her following the ceremony.  She was dressed in a black silk dress with a white jacket over her upper body, a white corsage attached to the lapel, and a black hat with a matching white rose on the brim.


“Mum, you were sensational,” her son said as her family came up to greet them.  “How does it feel to get the freedom of the town?”


“If it gets me a free Cappuccino at Starbucks, it will be worth it,” she said as she walked back to the main building with them.  “Honestly, a lot of fuss over nothing.  I need a drink – first one is on me!”


As they made their way into the building and towards the bar, her grandchildren running in front of her, Dorothy was surprised to see a familiar looking woman standing to one side.  The tall woman smiled as she turned and walked off towards the rear entrance of the building, a chill starting to go down Dorothy’s spine as she recognised her walk.


“Mum – are you all right?”


“Yes – yes I’m fine.  I just need to go to the powder room,” she said as she clutched her bag in her hand and walked off.  The last time she had seen that person was when the two men had bound and gagged her, and she had stuck a needle in her arm.


Looking round for a security guard, Dorothy wondered where she had gone, so swallowing her courage she walked forward and followed the way she had gone.  She had her wits about her, but as she turned a corner she was taken by surprise by a strong grip and the sweet smelling cloth that was pressed over her nose and mouth.


“Sweet dreams,” she heard a female voice say as her eyes fluttered and closed, and she slipped into a deep sleep….”




The cool air blew through the open window as Dottie opened her eyes.  The summer evening had cooled down, but she needed to take a break and stirred from the bed, her thin chiffon nightdress blowing in the breeze as she walked towards the bathroom.  Turning the light on, she spent a few moments sitting before opening the cabinet to get some aspirin.


When she closed the door, she saw the reflection of the man in black, and dropped the bottle into the sink.  He put his gloved finger to his lips, before saying “Take your nightdress off and stay quiet.  I’m not going to rape you – I just want you to be out of the way while I rob you.”


“Do you promise?” Dottie said as she turned and looked at him.  He was tall, well built and smiled through the mouth hole of his balaclava.  “I promise,” he said as he held up a roll of thin black electrical tape.


Half an hour passed before he came back into the bathroom, and Dottie turned to look at him.  She was sitting on the cistern, dressed only in her pink panties, as tape held her wrists, legs and arms securely together.


“I’m sorry,” he said as he picked up a washcloth, “but I need to keep you quiet now.  Open wide.”


“Thank you for keeping your word,” Dottie said as he gently pushed the cloth into her mouth, filling the space behind her teeth, and watched as she closed her lips over the edges.  She started to close her eyes, moaning as she tried to get used to her predicament.....


“Good,” Dorothy heard a female voice said, “She’s coming round.”


She opened her eyes to see the time and motion expert from the office looking at her, and with a growing sense of horror she realised where she had seen her before.


 “ts u” she mumbled, and from the mumbled sound she knew she had been gagged.  Looking down, she also realised she had been stripped of her smart outfit, and was in a striped v-neck top and grey slacks.


“You caused my employer to be arrested and deported,” the other woman said as she walked around Dorothy.   “Now I think it is only fair that we take out our revenge on you.  We’ll take you somewhere, make you- comfortable, and then you will know fear as you have never known it before…”


As she looked round, Dorothy caught a glimpse of herself in a shop window, and saw both the bandana in her mouth and the rope holding her wrists behind her back.  She struggled as they pushed her into the back of the van, forcing her to sit on the floor as the van drove off…




“At the top of the news bulletin today is the mysterious disappearance of Dorothy Carr, the local woman honoured yesterday.  Mrs Carr was last seen in the Municipal centre before her clothes were found abandoned in a dumpster outside the rear of the building.  Police are appealing….”


“How nice, they are concerned about you,” Dorothy heard the woman say as she sat at the table a short distance from her.  She had been allowed to shower after a restless night’s sleep, under guard, before being given a fresh set of clothes.


Now she was lying on a recliner, her bare wrists lashed together behind her back and her ankles crossed and tied together over a pair of white ankle socks.  Her feet had a pair of white tennis shoes on them, while she was wearing a white short sleeved blouse and black pleated skirt.  A long length of white tape was pressed firmly over her lips, preventing her responding to the taunts.


“Well,” the woman said as she stood up, walked over and stroked Dorothy on the cheek, “I think we will have a long and interesting time together.”  She was wearing a black leather cat suit with black strappy sandals, and from the way she looked at Dorothy lying there the captive was starting to worry about what was going to happen.


“Well, you relax – I’ll be back in a little while,” she purred as she walked off, her heels clicking on the floor.  Dorothy lay back and closed her eyes, seeking to divert herself by indulging in a fantasy to take her mind off her situation…



“Throw her in here,” the guard ordered as Dottie was forced into the room.  She had been on the way to join her master when the caravan had been ambushed, and even with modern arms and jeeps she still had been captured and spirited away.


They had removed her travelling cloak, and pulled her wrists behind her back before wrapping the coarse white rope around them and tying them together.  The fibres cut into her delicate skin, but she had learned from past experiences not to struggle in case she was further damaged.  The infidels had even raised her thin blue chiffon veil to pull a rolled up white cloth between her lips, preventing her from calling for help.


Now she sat, watching as the captors tied a length of rope around her legs above her knees and pulling her silk clad limbs together.  The shoulders of her top had slipped down, but she was managing to keep her delicate breasts covered and preserve a little modesty.


A further length was wrapped around her ankles and sandal shod feet, pulling and securing them so that Dottie knew that escape without help was impossibility.  She surveyed her surroundings – unusually, the room was brick, with a barred large window in the wall, and she wondered if she had been taken to the city from the desert routes.


“Stay there,” her captors said as they left, one guard standing against the wall as the door was firmly closed.  She looked at him, standing there with the rifle across his chest, and wondered what the ransom was going to be this time.  Money?  Jewels?  Oil?  Who could tell when the favoured one of the sheikh was taken – and this was becoming a more and more common occurrence.


He kept casting looks at Dottie, and as the hours passed she began to fear what might happen.  Surely he was not thinking of doing something to her?  As the sun began to set in the window, he put his rifle to one side and walked towards her.  She started to move back, determined to keep her modesty as the sound of shouting and fighting came from behind the door.  She closed her eyes, expecting the worst as…


“There she is!”


Dorothy opened her eyes to see the armed police officers standing over her, before fainting in relief.






“The woman who drugged you?  I thought she was picked up with that diplomat!”


Dorothy smiled as she said “Apparently not – she got away and had been following me ever since.  I’m just glad that they found me.”


She was back with her family, after a short stay in hospital, explaining what had happened.  Dressed in a white short sleeved top and blue patterned skirt, she was enjoying the safety of home once again.


“At any rate, it’s over now and you’re home safe.  I think we all deserve a holiday after the last few months, so we’ve got a treat for you.”


“Oh yes, what’s that,” Dorothy said as she looked at her son.


“A cruise on the Nile – we head off in a month.”


Dorothy smiled.  “Thank you,” she said, “That would fulfil so many dreams of mine.”  Though, truth to tell, she wondered if some of her more private dreams may also come true.