Fly Away Home








“Come in!”


The door opened and the two uniformed officers walked in, standing to attention in front of the Commander’s desk.  On one side was DC Joanne Grimes, in a smart trouser suit and blouse, her brunette hair falling over the shoulders of the jacket.  On the other was DS Clare Balding, with jet black hair held back in a ponytail.  She was in a grey dress with a pale blue jacket over the top.


“DC Grimes, DS Balding,” the Commander said as he stood up, “Let me introduce James Hacker from the Foreign Office.  He would like two volunteers for an assignment, and you have both been volunteered.”


The grey haired man looked at the two women standing there.  “Tell me,” he finally said, “What do you know of the Elgin Hall kidnapping?”


DS Balding looked at the man.  “Three months ago, four girls and two teachers were kidnapped from the school, and have not been since.  One of the girls was the daughter of a diplomat at the Chinese embassy, correct sir?”


“Indeed - Jenny Chao, with her friends Sarah Jennings, Louise Wilson and Kelly Jameson.”  He passed a file over to DC Grimes, who opened it and looked at the photos of four girls.  “The two teachers were Josephine Stanton and Pauline Jenkins.  The only identified person who committed the snatch was a woman called Amanda Plummer, who had been working as the school secretary for months.”


“It was a well planned, well executed snatch - and we know who was behind it.”  The man from the Foreign Office looked at the two women.  “Are you aware of Operation Takeback?”


“The investigation into white slavery?”  DC Grimes looked up.  “I heard of it, but not who was being investigated.”


“This man,” the Commander said as he handed them a file.  “Sheik Mohammed bin Agrabar.  He has been known to be a - collector of young girls.”


“However, we have a lead finally,” the FO man said quietly.  “We have managed to infiltrate an officer into his compound, and we have learnt that he is intending to go on a trip to China to discuss business matters.  He always takes a group from his collection...”


“His harem of kidnapped girls, you mean, sir.”


“Yes, DS Balding, and we know who he has picked already for this trip - the four Elgin School girls.”


“What about the two teachers?”


“We do not know what has happened to them, but if we manage to get the Sheikh we can look for them next.”


“We need you,” the Commander said, “To go to Heathrow - he will be coming here first by private jet.  You will be two of the relief cabin crew - fly to Beijing, locate the girls and liaise with two local officers who will also be on the plane.  A full tactical crew will be waiting for you there.”


DS Balding looked at the two men.  “When do we leave, sir,” she said.


“Immediately - good luck.”





Nnggg.... mmdmsdmdmsadm..... Plsdnntm,mmmmm


Louise looked up at the dark face of the sheikh as he straddled her, thrusting into her groin again and again as she lay on the recliner.  Her skirt was pulled up around her waist, while her panties lay on top of the ropes that encircled the sock covered ankles.


Her brunette hair had been cut short recently, as had that of the other three girls who sat in the leather chairs.  All were dressed in their uniforms - white blouse, blue pleated skirt, white socks and heels - and all were bound with thick coils of rope around their arms and chest, their arms behind their backs and their ankles secured.  Their mouths had been covered with layers of white tape, sealing their lips and the cloths inside as as they watched their captor on top of their friend.


Their own attention was also been taken by the three guards, who were groping their breasts as the rope forced them up and out, trying their hardest not to moan as the felt the hands pushing into their flesh and the reaction in the men as they pressed up behind them.


This has been their life for three months now, and although there were those who tried to help them slowly, slowly they were becoming used to the life of a sexual slave - even at the hands of someone like the Sheikh.


Of the girls, only Jenny was hoping still of rescue.  As she groaned at the pushing into her chest, her thoughts were still that her family would not abandon her, that they would keep looking...”


“Forgive me Sir,” a voice said over the intercom as he exploded into Louise, “ but we will land in thirty minutes.  You did ask to be informed.”


“I did , thank you,” the Sheikh said as he stood up, leaving Louise with her blouse open and her bra down.  “Prepare all four of them for our stopover.”




The private area of Heathrow was a very exclusive, very private part of the airport, and as Clare and Joanne came out of the changing room they could see just how exclusive it was.  Both were now wearing the uniform of two stewardesses - A blue silk blouse with the collar open, a darker blue silk scarf tied as a cravat around their necks, tight knee length pencil skirts, dark stockings and black shoes.  Walking forward, they passed a group of four Muslim woman in full dress, been escorted by three men.


As Joanne looked at them she thought for a moment she saw fear in the eyes that were showing, but as they were walked away she just shook her head.  The two women walked slowly towards two men standing by a desk.


“Captain Jones? We’re Joanne and Clare, the relief stewardesses.  I believe you were informed of this.”


The grey haired man looked at them, before saying “Of course - we leave from gate 2 in thirty minutes.  Are you aware of your duties?”


“We serve the accompanying staff, but do not enter the private cabin unless invited to.”  Looking over Joanne’s shoulder, he smiled and said “Why don’t you go forward and set up on the plane - everything you need is in the front cabin.”


“Thank you,” Clare said as they turned and walked off towards the gate, his eyes following them as their bottoms wriggled in their skirts.  As she stared after them, a phone rang in his jacket pocket, and he pulled it out to look at the display.


“Yes Sir?


“Yes, they have just arrived - I’ve sent them to meet their co-workers.


“Of course Sir - I await your orders.”




Boarding the 747, Joanne and Clare looked round, before opening the door to a cabin at the front of the plane and walked in.  As they did so, the two women within stood sharply to attention.


“Officers Chang and Kwan, M’am,” one of the women said as she snapped a salute to the other two.


“Ladies, relax,” Clare said with a smile.  “Thank you for meeting us here.  I’m Clare Balding, and my friend here is Joanne  Grimes.”  The two Chinese officers were in full uniform, consisting of a dark blue shirt with breast pockets, a leather belt around the waist and over one shoulder.  Their skirts were black, and came to just above the knees, while their lower legs were encased in dark stockings and their feet in flat shoes.


“I’m sorry that we have to keep you in here, but until we get into international air space, and find out where the girls are, we can’t do a thing,” Joanne said as she shook their hands.


“We understand - we will wait for your word,” Officer Chang said as she looked to her friend.  “In the meantime, we will enjoy the facilities of this room.”


“Good,” Clare said as she went for the door.  “We need to do our stewardess thing - we’ll call you later on.”


The two women left their Chinese colleagues in the room, closing the door behind them and entering the main body of the cabin.  It looked like any other business Class cabin, save for the doors in place of the curtains partitioning the rear of the plan from this section.


“To work then,” Clare said as she and Joanne made their way to the galley, checking the contents and meal trays as the service teams brought them on.  As they worked away, they heard other members of the cabin crew coming in, smiling and nodding at the new arrivals as they did so.


It was half an hour later when the group of four women in robes boarded the plane, escorted as before by the three burly men in ill fitting suits.  They made their way silently through the cabin, the other crew paying no attention, but as one went past Joanne she noticed the hem of the robe rising, and caught a glimpse of rope around a white sock.


The hen dropped, and the party continued forward, as Joanne watched them enter the doors at the far end of the cabin and walk through, the doors slamming shut behind them.  “What’s behind there,” she asked a young man who was standing there making sure the crockery was secured.


“Those are the Sheikh’s private quarters,” he said as he looked at Joanne.  “No entry unless asked - he even has his own personal cabin crew in there.”


“Do you ever see them?”


“No - they enter by the rear doors.  Look lively - here comes the captain.”


The crew stopped and stood as the Captain and flight crew walked into the plane.  “We leave in one hour,” he said as he looked at them, especially at Joanne and Clare.  “Make your final preparations - the main party will start boarding immediately.”








As the plane levelled off, Joanne unclipped her belt and stood up, signalling to Clare to do the same as she opened a cupboard door.  The two girls put on an apron each and wheeled out the drinks cabinet, starting to make their way through the cabin and offering refreshments to the staff seated there.


As they approached the doors  to the rear of the plane, they heard some muffled noises coming from the other side.  Pretending not to notice, they continued to serve the drinks, moving the trolley past the doors and looking to see if it was possible to open them.


“They’re behind there, aren’t they,” she whispered to Clare as they returned the trolley to the galley.


“Almost certainly, but we need an excuse to get in there and confirm it.  Any ideas?”


Before Joanne could answer her, the phone rang.  Picking it up, she listened for a few minutes, before saying “Yes, Your Excellency” and replacing the handset.


“What was that about?”


“We’ve got our chance.  That was the Sheikh’s attendant - they’ve run out of iced water, and we are to take some in.  Come on.”


Loading a pack of bottles on the trolley, Joanne and Clare wheeled it down the aisle, stopping at the door and knocking.  It was opened from the inside and they were ushered out of the white, slightly antiseptic business cabin into a different world.


The rear cabin was furnished in deep red, lengths of thin muslin hanging down and luxurious leather upholstered seats on the cabin floor.  A man in a smart suit, white shirt and tie walked forward.


“Is this the iced water,” he said as he looked at the two girls.  Clare nodded as he took the trolley and said “Follow me - you may see some of the rest of the cabin if you wish.”


As they walked down the aisle, they saw a further set of doors ahead, guarded by two of the men who had escorted the women on board earlier.  “They are the Sheikh’s personal bodyguard,” the man said as he pushed the trolley into the galley, “Come in here with me.”


As the girls came in, he closed the door behinds them.  “I believe the word you wish to hear is Jehosophat,” he said with a smile.


“You’re our contact?”


“I am - where are the Chinese officers?”


“In a cabin up front.”


“Excellent - the girls are indeed on board, behind the other door you can see in the wall.  In about,” he looked at his watch, “half an hour I will call again and ask you to bring something.  That will be your opportunity - have the officers come with you then.”


“What about the guards?”  Joanne watched the man take a vial of clear liquid from an inside jacket pocket.  Chloro Hydrate - I’ll put it into their drinks.  Wait for my signal.”


The girls nodded as he opened the door.  “Thank you, ladies,” he said as they walked past the guards, “I will be sure to let His Excellency know how helpful you have been.”


As Joanne and Clare left the cabin, he turned and nodded to the two guards, their faces unchanged as she walked through the door between them.




True to his word, after thirty minutes Clare took another call on the telephone.  Nodding to Joanne, the two women made their way to the forward cabin.


“It’s time,” they said as they walked in.  “Put on these coats and come with us.”  They handed Chang and Kwan a long coat each, which they put on before walking out of the cabin and down the aisle to the doors.


As they approached the door opened, and the steward beckoned them in.  “Officers Chang and Kwan,” Clare said as he nodded to the group of four, taking the coats as the two Chinese officers unholstered their guns.


The two guards were slumped in their chairs, snoring gently as they walked past.  “In here,” the steward said as he opened a door and admitted the four police officers into a darker room.


In the centre of the room, four chairs had been bolted to the floor.  In the chairs were four girls, two Caucasian, one dark skinned and one Chinese, wearing white blouses, pleated blue skirts, socks and shoes.  The blouses were open at the neck, the pockets on each breast clearly visible thorough the coils of rope that held each of them to the chair.  Their heads were bowed, but Joanne could see the white cotton cloths that had been tied over their mouths, the shape of their lips clearly visible under the tightly stretched material.


“My god,” Clare said as they walked into the room, not noticing the steward gently closing the door behind them.  Kwan walked forward to the end chair, where the Asian girl was sat, the dark roots showing in her bleached hair.


“Jenny?  Jenny Chao?” she said as she lifted the girl’s head up.  As she opened her eyes, Jenny looked at the Chinese police officer kneeling next to her, and said “Fnkgd” through her gagged mouth.


“It’s Louise all right,” Joanne said as she lifted the head of the girl at the other end of the row.  Louise opened her eyes, then wider as she looked at the woman kneeling in front of her.  Gtttt,” she screamed, “mmfmdsmmmsdmmsdfmmg


“Hang on,” Joanne said as she reached round and untied the scarf, pulling it from her mouth and dropping it on the floor.  “We’re police officers - you’re safe now.  The Captain is going to land soon, and your ordeal is over.”


“No - no it’s not,” Louise said as she started crying.  “They knew you were coming - this isn’t our release, it’s a trap for you!”


Joanne stared at Louise, before a large, rough skinned hand was clamped over her mouth and she was pulled backwards.  Looking over, she saw the two guards holding Officers Chang and Kwan, their guns dropped on the floor, while holding Clare was...


“UUUBSTRD!” Joanne screamed through the hand as she watched the steward grab hold of Clare’s breast and squeeze hard, making her yelp as he did so.  “I hope you approve, Sir,” he said to the person holding Joanne.


“I do, I do,” a deep voice said behind her, and as Joanne looked at Louise she saw the girl’s head drop.  As a hand grabbed her own breast and squeezed hard, she watched the other three been forced to their knees on the floor, their hands behind their heads.


“Kneel, Constable Grimes,” the voice said, and as Joanne was pushed down she realised who was holding her - and what was coming next.


“I’m so glad you could join us, Constable,” The sheikh said as he knelt behind her and grabbed her beasts, Joanne biting her lip to stop herself from screaming out as she felt the fingers digging deep into her flesh, watching as the two Chinese officers had their hands pulled roughly behind their backs and ropes been handed to their captors by the steward.


“You can’t believe you are going to get away with this,” Clare said as the rough rope bit deeply into her own hands, “We have officers waiting for us in Beijing - if we don’t come out, and they’ll come looking for you.”


“Beijing, Clare?”the steward said as he pulled the rope tighter, making the officer scream as her wrist were forced together, “Whoever said we were going to Beijing?  My master is returning home - and you will be joining these four lovely ladies in his personal collection.”


Chang and Kwan were looking at each other, as the ropes were draped over their necks and wrapped around their upper arms, spiralling down as they were pulled behind their back and around their wrists.  “Surely our colleagues will look for us as well,” Kwan said as she grunted at the tightness of the ropes.


Chang merely looked back at her, the fear clear in her eyes as the ropes were passed around her arms, pulling them tightly into her sides as the material of her blouse stretched over her breasts.


“For god’s sake, stop this,” Clare screamed as she felt her own arms been pulled into her sides by the coarse loops of rope, seeing the front of her blouse pop open as the tension increased.


“You need to shut up now, you little bitch,” the steward said as he pulled the scarf from round her neck, wadding it and stuffing into her mouth so roughly that she felt her teeth hurt at the pressure.  Ufcngbstrd,” she grumbled as he pulled her ankles together and started to wrap more rope round them.


“An excellent idea,” the sheikh said as he did the same thing to Joanne, grabbing her beast to make her open her mouth.  Plsdntdsts, frgdsskdnt,” she cried out as he forced her to lie on the floor, roiling her over as he sat astride her waist.


Of the girls bound to the chairs, three screamed into their gags as they watched their Master grab Joanne’s breasts, squeezing them so that his fingers sank into her flesh and her eyes popped as she screamed out in pain.  Looking over to her two Chinese colleagues, Joanne screamed again as she saw them pushed over so that their heads nearly touched the floor, and the skirts were pulled down around their knees.  Only Louise stayed silent, too scared to utter a single word in their presence.


nnnnnnn,” Clare called out as she was forced to her feet and half carried, half dragged over to the cabin wall, the steward leering at her as his hands pulled the front of her blouse open and grabbed her beasts, the pain shooting through her as he grabbed them squeezing as he kissed her on the neck.


That was nothing, however, compared to Joanne as she watched the Sheikh start to unbuckle his trousers, pulling her skirt up around her waist before pulling her blouse open and her bra down under her beasts.  As his rough lips kissed and sucked her nipples, she screamed out in agony, even as Chang and Kwan suddenly raised their heads and shouted out as they were taken from behind by their captors.  When he stuffed her own scarf into her mouth, it almost came as blessed relief, until she saw him move into position on top of her.


nngmgdpsdnNGGGGGGG,” Joanne shouted through her scarf stuffed mouth as she felt her legs been pulled apart, and watched the Sheikh descend on her, forcing himself into her as she felt the agony of his entrance.  It was hard, brutal, and he pushed with all his might against her pelvic floor, forcing her to scream again as he pushed as hard as he could into her.


The four schoolgirls closed their eyes, sobbing as they heard their hope for rescue been turned instead into the latest acquisitions for their master.


Kwan closed her eyes as she felt the man behind her roughly push against her bottom, feeling the pressure build within as she had so often with her own boyfriend.  As she looked over at Chang, she realised with a sickening feeling that she was the lucky one, as Chang’s eyes seemed to be exploding out of her head from the pressure in her rectum.


Mmmgfmddggfgmmmmdmdmdmdmdm” was all Clare could say as she was pushed against the cabin wall, her captor smiling as he fingered her crotch.  “Hmmm - nice and warm,” he said with a smile as he licked his fingers, then pulled her skirt and hose down around her legs.  “Time for you to taste me I think.”


She closed her eyes, feeling him pushing hard into her vagina, and tried to block out the screams and cries all round her.  The one she could not block out, however, was Joanne, who was staring at her as she felt as if the Sheikh was going to thrust himself right through her body and out of her back, the size and mass of his penis inside her making her feel as if he was going to tear every muscle in her pelvic area as he thrust down.


As she felt him explode within her, she thought of home, the family she may never see again, and offered a prayer that somehow, someway this was all just a bad dream.


Eventually she felt him withdraw, and was rolled over, her ankles crossed and lashed together with rope as the Sheikh stood up and walked over.


“You stayed silent, Louise,” he said as he held her chin up, “Why was that?”


“You would not have wanted me to call out, Master,” she said as she looked into his eyes.


“Quite right,” she heard him say as she saw his member start to enlarge again, “And for that, you receive a reward.”


She accepted his cock as he presented it to her, drawing it in with his lips and watching as all four of the other women were sat against the wall, crying as their legs were bound, and knowing the fate that awaited them.  As she felt him enlarging with each suck, she looked at the other three, their heads bowed in defeat.  They understood why she had done this - to save them any further attention.


For now anyway.







At a private airport at the outskirts of Beijing, the police captain looked at his watch and tutted to himself.


“The plane is late,” he said as he turned to the airport security officer next to him.  “Are you sure it is due to land soon?”


“I am sure, sir,” the blonde haired woman said as she listened to the Bluetooth device in her ear.  “There has been a slight delay due to headwinds that is all.”


She put her hand to the device in her ear and listened, before nodding and saying “They are on final approach now - if you will come this way?”


He turned and walked towards the entrance to the hanger, not noticing the gun that she produced, not hearing the shot, not feeling anything as he fell to the ground, the woman standing over his body.


“Do you have them all?”


“All six female officers secured and ready for transport Amanda.”


“Excellent - pick me up and let’s head for the plane - he will expect us to deliver them within the next twelve hours.”  As she walked towards the entrance, her heels clicking on the concrete floor, Amanda smiled to herself.  By now the four so-called rescuers on the plane would be enjoying their first taste of captivity - and she hoped they liked it.




Clare turned her head slowly, looking at Joanne as the mascara stained tears flowed down her cheeks.  She ached with every part of her body, her chest throbbing and her legs feeling as if they had been ripped apart by the assault on her.  Joanne had her head bowed, the scarf now pushed into her mouth by the black band of silk that had been pulled between her lips, while both Chang and Kwan were staring angrily at their captors, their mouths sealed with thick brown packing tape that held at least three handkerchiefs each in their mouths.


As for the four girls, Jenny was standing up, her hands secured tightly behind her back as the ropes secured her arms tightly into her side, the white of her blouse pulled tightly over her chest.  Her legs were tied tightly together above her knees, but her ankles were free.


A thick white cloth forced her lips and teeth apart as she groaned at the grasping from behind by the guard his fingers pushing into her breasts again and again as he stood there.  Beside her Kelly was been forced to her feet, a look of pity in her eyes as she felt the ropes been passed around her own body, the open collar forced apart enough to show her bra as she looked at the four latest captives sat on the floor.


Msre,” she mumbled as her knees were drawn together, before she squealed as her breasts were roughly fondled from behind, one hand squeezing as the other felt between her legs.  She tried her best to fight the all too familiar feelings that were building inside her as the hands probed and prodded, before she and Jenny were frogmarched towards the open doorway, the hot desert sun scorching them as they were led down the stairs to the waiting car.


A tall, thin woman came in after them, her head covered in a grey naqib as she bowed before the sheikh.  “You asked for me to meet you here, master,” she said as she raised her head.


“I did indeed, Elaine,” the Sheikh said as he pulled his jacket on, watching Susan and Louise as they were released from the chair and re-bound for transport.  “We have four new ladies to be introduced to our home - I need you to supervise their transport.  Amanda is delayed in returning with the other six from Beijing.”


As they heard this, Kwan and Chang looked at each other.  “Oh yes,” the Sheikh said as he turned round and looked at them, “I have friends in many places.  Six of your fellow female officers are on their way now, and you will join them shortly.  As for your friends,” he said as he looked at Clare and Joanne, “We are aware of their presence, and they will also be joining you shortly.  For now - bring these two, I wish to spend more time with them.”


Elaine looked at both Susan and Louise, nodding to them as they were forced to follow the sheikh out of the plane.  “Welcome,” she eventually said to the other four as they squirmed on the floor.  Turning to the guards, she said “Bring them in the van - and do not touch them until they have been thoroughly inspected by the Master.”


Ithnkilrdehv,” Clare screamed through the cloth that filled her mouth.  Elaine knelt next to her, looking at her blouse and skirt as she said “Yes - I can see you have.  Perhaps I can spare you his attentions - for now.  He seems to be otherwise occupied anyway.”


She stood up and walked out of the plane, the four women struggling as they were hoisted over the shoulders of the guards and carried out a swell, into a dark van which provided some coolness as the doors were closed.






The dark sky covered the sea like a blanket, no light visible as the officer scanned the coastline, looking for the expected signal.


“I don’t like this,” she said as she lowered the binoculars and turned to her second in command, “I don’t like this at all.”  Lieutenant Naomi Starling was a career officer, having joined the navy when she was eighteen and served with distinction for ten years.  Her commanding officer had kept a special eye on her, and had offered her this rescue mission for that reason - and one other.


“You attended Elgin Hall as well, didn’t you sir,” the other woman said as she peered into the dim distance.  Both were dressed in the summer naval uniform - a crisp white blouse, the collar open black shoulder epaulettes with their rank designation on top, a dark blue skirt and tights, with forces issue shoes on their feet.


As well as the two officers, the crew of this boat consisted of only two others, both Able Seamen new to the forces, and both females as well.  They were on deck, readying the boat for a quick departure once they had the signal to move in and collect the hostages.


“There it is,” Naomi finally said as she looked into the distance.  “Get us inshore - we only have a small window of opportunity here.”  The second in command left her for a moment, starting the engine and piloting the small boat towards the shoreline.


They continued to about a hundred metres off shore, the boat stopping as they watched a small speedboat come alongside.  “Lower the ladder,” Naomi said to the two crewmen, “I want them on board and us out of here as fast as we can.”  She could feel the sweat on her dark skin - this was the most dangerous part of her orders.


She continued to scan the shoreline, as she heard the sound of feet on the deck behind her.  “Welcome home ladies,” she said as she stared to turn round, only to be stopped cold as she was grabbed from behind a calloused hand placed firmly over her mouth, a thick strong arm grabbing her around the waist.


Whtthlll,” she screamed as she struggled in the grip, but this only seemed to excite her captor more.  “This one is strong. Master,” she heard a male voice say behind her as he gripped her more tightly, a laugh following.  “She will make a fine addition to your collection.”


Mstr?  Cllcshn?”  Naomi struggled even harder, only to be stopped as she was forced to turn round, silenced by the gun levelled at her and the smiling man holding it.


“Sorry to disappoint you, Lieutenant Starling,” the man said as she saw her three crewmates been held by three other men, “but I’m afraid your little rescue mission is over.  Bind her.”


“You bastard,” Naomi screamed at the Sheikh as she felt her arms been pulled behind her back and rough rope been tied round her wrists, “You knew we were coming, didn’t you?  What happened to the police officers?”


“They are my guests now,” the Sheikh said with a smile as the rope went round her arms, pulling them tightly into her side as she felt the material of her uniform been stretched tightly over her chest.  Looking over, she could see the other three girls been forced to their knees, the rope pulling their blouses over their chests as the buttons threatened to give on each of them.


“Your guests?”  As the meaning of his phrase sank in, Naomi glared at him and screamed “You’ll never get away with this!!  They’ll send another boat to look for us!!”


“And all they will find is the charred wreckage,” the Sheikh said as Naomi was forced to her knees, the uniform blouse stretched tightly over her chest.  She looked up at him as knelt in front of her, grabbing her breasts as he said “It would appear your boat caught fire and was lost with all hands - how sad.”  Naomi screamed as she felt her flesh been pushed back roughly into her chest, the fingers groping and probing as the man pushed and groped as hard a she could with his powerful hands.


She could hear the other three scream as they were grabbed from behind, the rough hands of their captors squeezing them as they felt their breasts.  Glancing over, she saw her second in command looking over in fear as she was pushed forward, her head forced to the ground as her skirt was lifted up and over her waist.


“Oh god,” she heard her second in command moan as her breasts were squeezed and groped again, “please God don’t do this thnngngaAAAAAGGGGGGGG.”  Her screams were cut off as a dirty length of cotton rag was pulled tightly over her mouth, before her hose was pulled down and the man behind her started to undo his trousers.


“This is madness - you cannot honestly believe you will get away with...  Oh god, no, not that.”  Naomi stared at the large, throbbing member that the Sheikh had pulled from his trousers as he stood before her.  Grabbing her by the hair, he pulled her head back tightly, Naomi screaming as she said “Please dntywifffmmdgggg.”


As he thrust himself into her mouth, she felt as if the corners of her mouth were going to tear apart, it was so large.  He filled her throat, forcing her tongue down to the floor of her mouth as he pushed himself in and out, Naomi struggling to breathe as she felt him growing even larger against her throat.  Hot tears were starting to fall down her cheeks in fear and shame as she felt the throbbing intensify until he finally came forth, the hot sticky fluid making her gag as he held her head tightly against his crotch.


When he finally released her, allowing her head to fall forward, Naomi took several deep breaths, trying desperately to get the taste out of her mouth.  As she looked up, however, she was horrified to see that rather than been spent, he was becoming excited again.


“Please, in the name of God, don't do thssmmgmfmdgmdfmdfg,” she cried as another cloth was pulled over her mouth, her wrists trapped under her back as she felt the material digging into the sides of her mouth, before she was pushed on the deck on her back.  Naomi saw a gleam in the Sheikh’s eye and the trousers falling down around his knees as well.


Her eyes popped almost out of her head as he pressed down on her chest, the agony as he groped and squeezed her breasts more than she could bear.


That was nothing, however, compared to the feelings as he thrust into her vaginal passage, his engorged cock pushing hard into her as he trust down.  She screamed into her cloth filled mouth as she felt him almost pinning her to the floor, his body pressing down so hard that her pelvis was aching already, even as she felt him expand and throb within her.  It was bad enough when he had forced her to give him a blow job, but now he was in her passage she felt completely violated, unsure if her body could recover from the feelings that she was now having, the slow trickle of fluid and blood the only external visible sign of what he was doing to her.


“PLSGDHLPMMMMM,” she screamed as she felt him cum again within her, the flow hard and fast, and his continued thrusting down and forward making every bone in her pelvis ache.  Eventually, as hard as he had entered, he came out and pulled her up onto her feet.


“Take them into the boat,” he said as he pushed Naomi towards the other three, all four women sobbing as they were literally thrown into the boat at the side of their craft.  As they were taken away, the loud bang and fireworks as their own boat caught fire and exploded made all four look at each other, wondering what was going to happen next.







“In there!”


Naomi was pushed into a stone cell, the only light from a grating in the high wall.  As the door was slammed shut behind them, she looked round, wondering where she was and what was going to happen next.


Mmmggdddd,” she heard a voice say from the far side of the room, and as she peered forward she saw two women sat on the floor, bound as tightly as she was with cloths pulled into their mouths.  As her eyes adjusted to the light, she screamed “FK” as she recognised the two police officers she had seen in the briefing documents, staring back at her with their blouses torn open under the encircling ropes.


Clare and Joanne looked at each other, than back at the naval officer, before pushing themselves to their feet and walking over.  Thgtut,” Clare mumbled as she looked at the officer through red eyes.


Naomi nodded, but before they could say anything else the cell door was opened, and a woman the other two recognised as Elaine came in, accompanied by two guards.  “Untie them and remove their gags,” she commanded the men, and all three relaxed as the ropes and cloths were finally removed from their mouths.


“Where are we,” Naomi demanded as the cloth was removed from her mouth.  “You are in the abode of my master,” Elaine said as she watched the three of them been untied, “And he has requested your presence in due course.  For now, take a moment to reflect on your new lives, for the old ones are gone.”


“You must have been in charge of the rescue boat,” Clare said as the door was closed on them, “I’m DS... I’m Clare, and this is my colleague Joanne.  What happened to you?”


“Naomi - Naomi Starling.  They must have known we were coming,” Naomi said as she rubbed her wrists, “which means we had a mole in our command chain somewhere.  You?”


“We were taken on the plane - the girls were there, but they were bait.”


The cell door opened and Elaine returned, accompanied by three guards carrying more rope.


“Where is my crew?”


“They are been taken care of, Lieutenant Starling,” Elaine said as one of the guards pulled her arms back behind her back and started to tightly tie them together, “and are no longer your concern.”





In another room in the compound, the three naval crew members were tied to a set of three wooden poles, their arms wrapped round the wood and their wrists secured on the other side, the ropes running down and around their ankles.  More rope was tied around their chest and arms, forcing their uniform blouses to open over their breasts as the material were stretched beyond breaking point.


Their eyes were wide as they watched the men in front of them, all smiling as they played cards at the table, and looking up at them as the hand finished.  As one of them stood up and walked over, their eyes widened again as he walked behind them, reaching round and pushing their breasts back into their body as he felt them in his rough hands, his fingers probing and teasing to see if they would react in any way other than scream.  As the second in command felt the hands pushing into her chest, she didn’t scream, but instead moaned as she felt the warmth in her body as it reacted to the feeling.


“She is ready,” she heard him say, and as he opened her eyes she saw the other three men stand up, two walking behind her colleagues as the other one unfastened her skirt and let it drop to the floor, feeling between her legs as it dropped.  She closed her eyes and moaned again at the touch of his fingers against his crotch, and allowed herself to fall into a state of bliss, blocking out what was happening to her...





“And what of our Chinese colleagues - what is happening to them?”


Elaine smiled again as she said to Joanne “They are been reunited with their colleagues, even as we speak.”









Chang let out the exclamation as the door to their cell opened and a train of six uniformed Chinese police officers were led in, ropes around their arms and chests as they were linked by the waist.  At the end of the line was a tall, thin, blonde haired woman who smiled at Kwan and Chang as they forced themselves to stand.  All six had brown sticking tape plastered over their mouths, and the way they walked suggested they had been molested as well.


“We have brought you some company,” Amanda said as the guards started to release the six new arrivals, all showing the signs of their journey.  “They will release you, and you may converse amongst yourselves until our guest arrives.”




“Yes - a fellow countryman of yours who has offered all of you a place in his organisation.  You will be brought out when the time comes.”


As Amanda left the room, a string of muffled yells fading as the door was closed, a guard approached and bowed before her.


“Our Master welcomes you home, honoured lady, and requests you join him in his office.  He has a special reward for you.”


Amanda smiled as she looked at the guard.  “Does his Excellency have a special request for me?”


“He does, my lady - he says to come prepared to teach a lesson.”


“So be it - inform him I will join him shortly.”  Amanda turned and walked quickly to her private quarters, as the guard hurried off in the opposite direction.




“For fuck’s sake, does it have to be so tight?”


Clare grimaced as the rope was pulled again against her arms, watching as the material of Joanne’s and Naomi’s blouses stretched over their chests and the buttons started to part.


“It does - our master demands it,” Elaine said as she nodded to the guards, who pulled thick cloths into the mouths of their three captives, binding the ends tightly before testing the capacity by squeezing hard on each woman’s breasts.  Naomi screamed out as the fingers dug into her ample flesh, her dark skin showing between the gaps at the front of her blouse.


“Bring them,” Elaine said as she left the room, walking quickly in front of the party as they wondered along the corridor.  As they walked past one set of doors, Joanne and Clare could see into a vast cellar, where groups of girls in various uniforms were sitting bound and gagged.


Eventually, they were taken to a large heavy door, which opened inwards as they approached, the three captives been pushed in by their guards.  The first thing all three women saw was Louise, lying on the long recliner, the brown ropes over her crisp white blouse holding her arms firmly in place as she looked back at them, her eyes glazed.


He skirt was lying above her waist, pushed up to reveal her white cotton knickers, while standing beside her adjusting his clothing as the man all three recognised as the Sheikh, their captor and the man Elaine bowed low to, saying “I have brought them as directed, Master” to him.


“Excellent, Elaine,” he said as he held his hand out to her and raised her head.  “You have ensured the other girls have been safely returned?”


“I have Master - would you like me to take Louise as well and return her to the others?”


“No - I have a different plan for her.  See to her while I attend to these new arrivals.”


As Elaine walked over and helped Louise to sit up, the Sheikh turned to the three bound and gagged women and said “Welcome to your new home, ladies.  I am your master.”


Lkhlur,” Clare mumbled, only to open her eyes in pain as she was grabbed from behind and her breasts squeezed by one of the guards.


“You will learn respect and obedience,” he said as he held Clare’s cheek in his hand, the black leather glove making her flinch with the aroma.


Lvhrlnubstrd” Joanne said as she struggled as well, before the door opened and Amanda walked in.  She was wearing a high collared white blouse, tight tan jodhpurs and knee length black leather boots, with leather gloves over her hands.


“You asked to see me, master,” she said as she closed the door behind her, watching as the guards pulled Joanne, Clare and Naomi back and pinned the three of them to the wall.  A smile crossed her face as she watched the three men groping the captives, their muffled screams going unnoticed as the hands pawed and kneaded their flesh as their eyes closed.


“I did, Amanda,” he said as he looked at his assistant.  “I am very pleased with the way you have performed your recent task, and I wish to offer you a reward.”


“You are too kind, master,” Amanda said as she bowed her head again.  “May I ask what the reward is?”


In answer, the Sheikh walked over to the three captives pinned against the wall.  “You may have any one of these,” he said as he looked at Amanda, “and Louise will watch as well as her training continues.”


“You are most kind, master.  Elaine - please take Louise to my private chambers and prepare both her and yourself.  I will be along shortly.”


“As you command,” Elaine said as she took Louise by the arm and helped her to stand, supporting her as they walked through the door been held open by the guard.  Amanda watched as the window closed, and walked over to the wall, watching the Sheikh as he looked at each of the three women.


“If I may ask, Master, is there any you wish to stay?”


“This one,” he said as he stopped in front of Clare, “had not been fully tested by me as of yet.  I would prefer if she was to stay.”


Clare’s eyes widened as he said this, shaking her head from side to side as she said “Nnnnnnnnnn.”  “In which case my master,” Amanda said as she looked at the other two, “I respectfully request that I be allowed to dine on dark meat tonight.”


Naomi’s eyes shot open as she heard this, and saw the look in the Sheikh’s face as he said “Excellent choice, Amanda - you may take her as she is.  Put this one on the couch and make sure she is secured.”  Louise screamed as she was dragged over to the recliner that Louise had been on, and forced to lie on her back, rope passed around her ankles and legs by two of the guards to hold them tightly together.


The Sheikh smiled as he pushed Clare against the wall, reaching round and unfastening her skirt as he allowed it to drop it to the floor.  She looked at Amanda, her eyes pleading as she felt his hands moving between her legs, but Amanda simply smiled as she said “Bring her,” and walked towards the door, her heels clicking on the floor as Naomi was dragged by her guard after her.


The trio walked down the corridor and down some stairs, before Amanda opened a door and ushered the guard inside.  “Leave her with me,” she said, and as the guard walked out she stood behind Naomi, her hands reaching out and caressing her breasts as they were forced out between the coils of rope.


Naomi closed her eyes as she felt the delicate touch against her nipples.  After the treatment at the hands of the Sheikh, this was almost arousing in her caress, even when she felt Amanda’s fingernails digging into her flesh.


She heard a moan, and opening her eyes she saw Louise stretched out on a bed, her wrists tied above her and her mouth covered in black electrical tape.  Her legs had been bound by the ankles and knees again, but she could see a bulge just under her skirt and could hear a low vibrating sound nearby.


“You may come out now Elaine - there are no men present,” Amanda called out, and Naomi watched as a door opened and Elaine came in.  She was no longer clad in the naqib, but instead wore a one piece grey catsuit, her greying hair held back in a ponytail.  Naomi followed her with her eyes as she walked over and stroked Louise’s cheek, the young girl mewling through her tape gag as she looked over.


“Young Louise here is learning that pleasure can be found in every situation,” Elaine said as she stood up and walked over to Naomi, her eyes closing again as Amanda continue dot softly probe into her breasts.  “It is a very hard lesson to learn, but it is one we all do eventually.”


Hwlngfu,” Naomi said as she felt the sweat on her skin, the moisture glistening as the light hit her dark face.  As she felt Amanda squeeze her nipples she let out a squeal, but it wasn’t one of simply pain - there was more going on here, as she felt a warm tingle running through her body.  The tingle only intensified as she felt the soft touch of Amanda’s lips on her neck as she caressed her breasts.


As this was happening, Elaine was kneeling in front of Naomi, running her hands up and down her stocking covered legs and moving them up and under her skirt.  As she felt Elaine squeezing her buttocks, at the same time as Amanda was kissing and groping her, Naomi mewledHgdddd” as she felt her body beginning to respond to the caress. 


“Hmm - you are enjoying this, aren’t you,” Amanda said as she and Elaine swapped places, the older woman caressing and groping her from behind as Amanda slowly pulled the zip on her skirt down.  As the blue garment fell to the floor, Naomi felt the warmth growing between her legs, especially as Amanda ran her hands up the inside of her thighs, stroking between her legs on her crotch as she did so.


As the finger stroked, Naomi went “Mmgmgmmmsmssmmmm” at the sensations that started to run through her, her eyes closing as she tried to fight the feelings that were definitely growing in her.  She thought of her lover at home, the man she had left behind, as she grimaced at the touch.  She also thought of her commanding officer, and what she wanted to do to him - and that gave her the strength to continue to bear the assault.


Mgggmmmmmmplssss,” she moaned as Amanda slowly pulled her pantyhose down while Elaine continued to trace her fingers round her nipples, two damp patches appearing on the fabric as she found herself unable to stop her breasts responding.  As Amanda fingered her crotch, she buckled slightly at the legs, going “NGGMMMMMM” in response to the way the stroking made her feel.


“You are a beauty, aren’t you,” Amanda said as she licked Naomi’s lips, making her shiver as Elaine held her firmly in her grasp, her hands gripping her breasts as she gave in to the feelings that were overpowering her.  Amanda stood up, her hand between Naomi’s legs as she stroked her crotch while kissing her neck gently at the same time, listening to Naomi’s calls of pleasure more than protest.


Pls,” Louise said from her prone position, “hlpmmtlv.”  “With your permission, mistress,” Elaine said as she let go of Naomi, allowing Amanda to push her against the wall as she walked over and turned up the frequency for the other captive.  She watched Louise as she moaned in pleasure, smiling as she heard Naomi scream into her gag as Amanda slowly, gently brought her to a state of climax.


“The tool, Elaine,” Amanda called over her shoulder, and as Elaine opened a drawer she brought out a large dildo, handing it to Amanda as Louise watched.  Naomi’s eyes expanded as Amanda pushed it in, pulling it back and forth and watching the young officer as she rapidly began moving in tandem with it, bringing herself to a sexual climax like she had never felt before, with either a man or a woman.  As she screamed “YSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS” at the top of her voice, Louise rolled onto her back and closed her eyes, both enjoying the feelings between her own legs and still wondering if there was any hope of rescue for her and her friends.






“Naomi - are you all right?”


Joanne and Clare helped Naomi to her feet as she was thrown back into the cell, removing the ropes around her and the soaked cloth from her mouth.  Elaine walked in and left three gowns on the table.


“Put these on,” she said as she looked at Naomi, the glance returned with full meaning.  “Your clothes will be cleaned, ironed and pressed for tomorrow.”


“What happens tomorrow?”  Clare asked the question as Joanne heeled the shivering naval officer.


“Tomorrow, your new life truly begins.  Good night, Ladies.”  As she turned and walked out, the women heard the heavy door slam shut and the lock been turned.


“We’re in the seventh hell,” Naomi finally said as she leaned forward, “Aren’t we?  You were meant to rescue the girls, we were meant to rescue you - and instead we’ve been captured and are presumed dead as well.  It’s hopeless, isn’t it?”


“Maybe not,” Joanne said grimly.  “There is one thing they don’t know.”  Naomi and Clare looked at her, wondering what she had in mind...





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