Helen’s Awakening








Helen Cheng came into the front room of her house, drying her hands on the dish towel as she said “have you both finished your homework.”


“Yes, Mum,” Ali said as she looked up from the floor.  Her older daughter was wearing a blue top and denim shorts over black leggings, while Soo was wearing a blue sleeveless dress with white leggings.


“Okay then – why don’t you put on a film while I go and get drinks for all three of us,” Helen said as she walked back into the kitchen.  She was wearing a white blouse and denim jeans, and smiled to herself as she poured three glasses of juice, put them on a tray with some snacks, and carried them in.


“There we go,” she said with a smile as she set the tray down on the coffee table, “so what film are we...”


The sound of the doorbell ringing made Helen look up, before she said “I’ll see who that is.  You girls start watching if you want.”


“Okay mum,” Soo said as Helen walked to the door, opening it and saying “can I help you?”


The woman standing there was tall, with long brown hair that fell down the back of her black leather jacket, but it was when she turned round that the colour drained from Helen’s face.  She had not seen this woman for three years – and the last time had been in the divorce court.


“Helen,” she said quietly, “may I come in?  There is something I need to say to you.”


Helen remained silent as she stood to one side, watching as the woman walked in.  She was also of Chinese descent, and was wearing a pair of skin-tight black pants as well as black ankle boots.


As she closed the door, Helen said “it’s Jasmine isn’t it?  Jasmine Liu?”


“That’s right,” Jasmine said as she opened her black jacket, Helen seeing the black silk scarf round her neck and the black blouse open at the neck.  She stood with her hands together, her head slightly bowed, as she said “may I speak?”


Helen just nodded as Jasmine said “I came because I need to apologise fully for what happened, with your husband.  I know I confessed all, but I never properly apologised, or gave you the opportunity to seek to express your views to me.”


“And you decided now would be a good time,” Helen said quietly.


“If truth be told, I would have come before, but I always failed to have enough courage.  But I read of what that woman did to you and the girls, and I knew I had to do this, and also to accept whatever punishment you wished to give to me.  It is important, I feel, that the bad karma be cleared, and we can both move forward.”


As she stood with her head bowed, Helen could only look at her, as she felt the anger growing inside her.  There was so much she wanted to say, but at the same time...


“Ali!  Soo!”


Jasmine looked at the two girls as they came out and said “yes, Mum?”


Helen turned and looked at them, and then at Jasmine, as Ali said “Ah.  Soo, fetch the bag.”


“What’s going on?”


“Please, be patient,” Ali said to Jasmine as Helen knelt and said in a quiet voice “you know what to do girls.”




“Please,” Ali said as Soo brought a bag out and set it down, “I will explain later.”  Jasmine watched as Ali took a length of rope from the bag, and tied her mother’s wrists tightly together behind her back, her hands palm to palm, taking the rope around and between her limbs.  Helen then opened her mouth and allowed Soo to push a wiffle ball in before the younger girl took the leather straps round her mother’s head and secured them tightly.


“Are you upset with our visitor, Mum,” Ali said as she took a second length of rope and tied her mother’s elbows together, Jasmine watching as Helen’s shoulders were pulled back and her chest forced out.  As Helen nodded, Soo said “you will need to come with us, and stay while our mother expresses herself.  We will explain, if you come with us.”


As Soo picked up the bag, Ali helped Helen to stand up and walked her to the staircase, Jasmine following them as they walked up the stairs and into Helen’s bedroom.  She could only watch as Helen sat on the bed, her eyes fixed on the young woman as Ali and Soo tied her ankles tightly together, her legs below her knees, and her thighs, taking the rope between her legs with each band.


“Lie down Mum,” Ali said, Jasmine watching as Helen lay on her stomach, and Soo pulled her ankles back, hogtying her with them tied to her elbows.


“When Mum is angry,” Ali said as she took another length of rope, “we leave her tied and gagged, and allow her to express her anger fully.  I do not know why she is angry at you, but she is, so we need you to stay here and let her vent whatever it is she is feeling.  In this way, she releases the negative emotions, and you can see her doing so.”


Jasmine nodded as she took a  chair from Helen’s dressing table and set it by the bed, watching as Ali tied one end of the rope to the connecting rope holding her mother in this position, then standing on the bed as she fed the rope through a hook in the light fitting.


“Take this,” she said as she handed the rope to Jasmine, “and when we have gone, pull it as tight as you can, and then secure the end to the foot of the bed.  Do not release her until she has finished, and tells you she has done so.”


Jasmine looked at Helen, who nodded as she looked at the girls.  They left the room, Jasmine watching Helen as she wound the rope round the iron footstead and then tied it off, leaving Helen lying on the bed.


She sat down, watching as Helen began to thrash round, and gave full voice to her feelings.  Although she had no way of understanding the exact words, Jasmine knew exactly what the older woman was saying, the screams and muffled expletives coming as she threw herself round.  Jasmine removed her leather jacket, placing it over the back of the chair as Helen let rip, watching carefully as she did so.


This went on for forty minutes, before Helen relaxed, panting as she looked at Jasmine and then nodded.


“I take it you have finished,” Jasmine said as she stood up, Helen nodding as she reached round her head and released the buckle, easing the wiffle ball out before wiping Helen’s chin with a tissue.


“Thank you,” Helen said quietly, “can you remove the rope from the bed, and then help me lie on me right side?  You can lie with me and wait if you want?”


Nodding, Jasmine untied the rope from the foot of the bed and her hogtie, helping Helen to lie on her side and face the door of the room before she walked round and lay facing her.  She smiled as she watched Helen wriggle round, and then lie still, looking at Jasmine.


“I am truly sorry,” Jasmine finally said, “and I wish to repay the hurt it caused you and your family, in any way that I can.  I need to tell you something else.”


Helen simply nodded as Jasmine smiled, and said “I am bisexual, but after the – experience with your husband, I have decided that from this point on, I am only interested in women.”


Helen nodded as she said “I also have decided that I want a woman to love.”


“May I make another confession?”  Jasmine waited until Helen nodded, before she said “if I could do it again, it would be you I had an affair with.  I find you incredibly attractive, especially like that.  But why have you not asked me to release you fully?”


Helen swallowed as she heard this, and said “well, if my daughters bind me, they like to be the ones to release me, to be sure I got all the anger out of me.”  She then blushed and said “I do have a confession to make.”


“And that is?”


Helen wriggled a little before she said “ever since that day, with the woman, I have had fantasies as to what could have happened.  I dream of her binding me again, and taking the girls out of the room, before she blindfolds me with a scarf and steals kiss after kiss from me.  She then gags me with the ball gag, and keeps kissing me, giving me love bites, arousing me...”


As Helen looked at Jasmine, she saw her sit up for a minute and remove the scarf from round her neck.  “Well,” Jasmine said quietly, “maybe I should decide to blindfold you as well.”


“You wouldn’t dare...”  Helen gasped as  Jasmine passed the scarf round her head, covering her eyes as she secured the ends at the base of her neck.


“there,” Jasmine said as she lay back on the bed, before there was a knock on the bed and they both heard Soo say “Mum?  How are you doing?”


“I’m fine,” Helen called out, “but I’m not ready to be untied yet.  Our visitor and I need to talk first, but I’ll shout when I’m ready.”


“All right, Mum,” Helen heard Soo say, and then she was taken by surprise as Jasmine gently pressed her lips against her own.  As she felt the pressure ease, she heard Jasmine say “and now?”


She nodded as they kissed again and again, gently at first, and then over time more and more passionately as Helen wriggled round.  As she felt Jasmine’s lips part, she parted her own, the two slowly and gently continuing exploring each other’s lips and mouths before Jasmine moved away.


“Did you enjoy that?”


“Yes,” Helen whispered, “but all I need to do is call for the girls, and thssswllbbffrrrr...”


Helen felt the wiffle ball in her mouth and the leather straps round her mouth, and the Jasmine’s lips on her cheek and neck.  It was gently at first, as Helen groaned in her increasing pleasure – and then she felt the gentle love bite on her neck, sighing as it continued.


Eventually, however, Jasmine removed the ball gag and kissed Helen again.  “It is getting late,” she said quietly, “and as pleasurable as this is, you need to see to your girls.  But I would love the opportunity to do this again – soon.”


“So would I,” Helen said as Jasmine removed her scarf, and tied it back round her neck.  “Are you free Saturday?”


Jasmine nodded as Helen said “Come then – the girls are going with a friend to the cinema, so the place will be empty.”


“I would be delighted to,” Jasmine said, “and before then, I will research how to tie you, so I can be as good as your daughters.”


“Thank you,” Helen said before she called out “Ali!  Soo!  Come now...”



“Thank you again,” Jasmine said as she stood at the door.  Helen smiled, and then hugged Jasmine, kissing her before she said “maybe we can have that affair?”


Jasmine smiled as she walked down the path and Helen closed the door, wondering what would happen on the Saturday...



Helen looked at herself in her mirror, wondering if she was doing the right thing.  She was wearing a black mini-dress, the front zip pulled up with the large ring hanging down from her throat, fishnet stockings, high heels and elbow length gloves.


“Well, too late now,” she said with a smile as she walked down the stairs, entering the front room where Ali and Soo were waiting for their friend to come.


“Wow Mum,” Ali said, “you look amazing.”


“Why thank you girls,” Helen said, “I just want to look nice for when Jasmine arrives.”


“I’m glad you’re both getting on,” Soo said as a car horn sounded, and the two girls stood up.  “Have fun,” Helen called after them as they left the house, and she heard the car drive off.  Going into the kitchen, she took a bottle of wine from the fridge and two glasses from the cupboard, setting them on the coffee table before she went to the cupboard under the stairs.  Taking the bag of ropes out, she placed them by the couch, and put her personal gag on top, before she sat and waited.


As the doorbell rang, she stood up and walked slowly to the door, smiling as she opened it and saw Jasmine standing there.


“Hey – come in,” she said with a smile, taking her coat as she looked at the other woman.  She was wearing a red halter necked evening dress, with matching pantyhose and heels, with a red scarf tied loosely round her neck.


“You look stunning,” Jasmine said as Helen hung her coat up.


“So do you,” she said before they held each other, gently kissing one another before they walked into the front room, and Helen poured wine into both glasses.


“So what have you been up to since the other night,” Jasmine said as she sipped her wine.


“Work – finishing off a new book and some articles for the magazine I write for,” Helen said.  “I never asked what you do for a living.”


“I run a small fashion boutique,” Jasmine said with a smile.


“That would explain the beautiful clothes you wear,” Helen said with a smile.


“Oh you don’t look so bad yourself,” Jasmine said as she put her glass down.  “But I have been doing some reading these last few days – are you ready?”


Helen nodded and smiled as she stood up and turned her back to Jasmine, waiting as she took a length of rope from the bag.  She felt her hands been moved so they were palm to palm, and then the rope as Jasmine pulled it around her wrists, making it tight and snug with each pass around and between her arms.


“That doesn’t hurt, does it,” Jasmine whispered into Helen’s ear as she tied the ends together on top of the wrists.  “It’s not too tight.”


“No – it’s good,” Helen said with a smile.  “I like it to be tight anyway.”  She heard Jasmine kneel behind her and then move her feet together, before she took another length of rope around and between her ankles, making sure it was cinched as well before she tied it off.


“Open wide.”


Helen nodded as she opened her mouth, and the wiffle ball was pushed behind her teeth, the straps going round her head.  She moaned as the straps were tightened to the last notch, before Jasmine put her hands on her bare arms.


“You look wonderful,” Jasmine whispered into her ear, “even like this – and I’ve only just started.”


“Fnkkuu,” Helen said as she blushed, and then felt her legs being drawn closer together with bands of rope above and below her knees.  She then moaned again as her elbows were drawn together behind her back, Jasmine making them touch before she cinched the binding.


“There – how does that feel,” Jasmine said as she kissed Helen’s neck from behind.


“Wndrfflll,” Helen sighed as Jasmine took a longer length of rope, and started to wrap it around Helen’s arms and upper body, framing her chest as it went above and below.  Once she had tied it off, Jasmine took another length of rope and used it around her captive’s waist, locking her wrists against her back as well.


Helen looked down as Jasmine’s hands came round and gently stroked over her breasts, closing her eyes and moaning in response to the gentle caress and the feel of her lips on her own neck.


“You look so fantastic,” Jasmine whispered as she helped Helen to sit down, then saw her blushes as the hem of her dress lifted up, revealing her stocking tops and the garter belt.


“OH how wonderful,” Jasmine purred as she moved her skirt up some more, and then tied Helen’s thighs tightly together, before she removed her scarf and used it to blindfold her captive.  As she did this, Helen wriggled and squirmed, realising she was enjoying this experience immensely.


Something else was happening as well – she was feeling warm, and between her legs she felt as if she was becoming more and more aroused by this.  She felt Jasmine sit beside her, and then her body move as she was made to sit on her friend’s lap, before the sensation of Jasmine’s lips on her neck as she was cuddled and caressed.


The combination of the feel of Jasmine’s hands as they stroked her body, her lips as she kissed and gently nibbled on her neck, cheek and ears, the feeling of total helplessness, total dependence...  She then squalled in a mixture of delight and surprise as Jasmine gave her a love bite on her neck, and then did it again. She even felt Jasmine’s hand as it slipped under her skirt and stroked her bare thighs above her stockings, wondering where else it would go...


She wriggled round. Jasmine sighing as she moved on her lap, and then kissing Helen again and again before she moved her off her lap.  Removing her gag, she then placed her lips against Helen’s, their tongues entwining as she stroked her captive’s back.


“Here – have a drink.”


Helen sensed the rim of the glass as it was placed to her lips and she took a drink of wine, letting it go down before Jasmine kissed her again.  She felt so wonderful, so wanted, so much in her control.


As she felt Jasmine’s lips touch hers again, she opened hers, and then felt the wine flow from mouth to mouth, swallowing as she did so, and then feeling her tongue in her mouth again.  A few moments later, she whispered “thank you” as Jasmine took her head back.


“You’re welcome – now I’m going to gag you again, and remove the blindfold.”


Helen nodded as she felt the ball in her mouth again, and then the scarf was removed as Jasmine picked up the remote control for the television.


“I understand there is an erotic thriller on tonight,” she said as she held Helen on her lap, “want to watch it?”




“No, you don’t,” Jasmine said as she turned the television on, and they settled down to watch it.  After about ten minutes, however, Jasmine looked at Helen, and Helen looked at Jasmine.


“This – is bad,” Jasmine said.




“Let’s see what else is on,” Jasmine said as she started to explore the program guide, Helen moving so that her head was on Jasmine’s shoulder as she rubbed it gently over her body.  She looked at the screen, wondering what they could watch before Jasmine stopped.


“The Real Fifty Shaders?  This could be interesting,” she said as she pressed “select” – and Helen gasped, her eyes widening as they saw the program.


There were two women, one bound and gagged while wearing only underwear, as she lay over the knee of the second woman.  She was – well, spanking the captive, but it was clear to both of them the bound woman was enjoying this.  It was there in her moans, her movements...


“For some people, the feeling of total helplessness is heightened by someone spanking them – but this is always combined with a loving caress of the area after it has been spanked.  To them, it provides a feeling of acceptance and longing, the pain mixing with the way the caress arouses them...”


“Perhaps this is a bad idea,” Jasmine said, “you do not need to be reminded of what happened before.  I should change the channel...”




Jasmine looked at Helen as she shook her head vigorously, and indicated they should both watch.  “Are you sure you wish to keep watching?”  Helen nodded as the program continued.


“Notice the way each spank is given,” the voiceover said as a loud slap was heard, “and always followed with a caress.  For the one who is bound, this enhances the feeling of helplessness, and she responds by moving over the spanker and moaning her pleasure.”


As they watched, Helen suddenly realised she was getting more and more aroused just watching – and she wanted Jasmine to do this to her.  What was more, her bottom was twitching with each slap she heard.


She started wriggling round, nudging her captor and trying to get her attention.  Jasmine looked at her and said “anyone would think you were being naughty moving that way – and you know naughty girls need to be punished.”


“Uwldndntdrrr,” Helen said as she pushed into Jasmine again – and then squealed, trying to hide her delight as Jasmine made her lie face down over her lap, and then brought her hand down hard on Helen’s bottom.


The sharp pain made her cry out, but then she felt the gentle caress of Jasmine’s hand on her cheeks, and closed her eyes, enjoying the sensation as she wriggled round.


“I told you to be still,” Jasmine whispered before she smacked Helen again, and then caressed her bottom, just as the program had described.  And just as the program had described, the hard sting each time and the soft caress of Jasmine’s hand as it moved over her was making her more and more aroused.


As she was smacked again, she pushed herself down on Jasmine’s lap, smiling over her gag as she heard the sigh, and then her skirt lifted up before her bottom was stroked.  “That was naughty,” Jasmine whispered as she smacked her again, the sting sharper, but Helen just pushed herself forward and wriggled round again...


“Ahhhh – perhaps... Perhaps we should stop there, lest we go too far,” Jasmine eventually said as she helped Helen to sit on her lap, kissing and cuddling her again for a few minutes as Helen settled into place.  She then took the remote and rewound the live recording to the end of the spanking demonstration.


“This,” the voiceover said, “is an example of what is called a Dominant/Submissive relationship.  In such a relationship, one partner takes on the role of the dominant partner, taking control, dictating what is to happen.  The other becomes the submissive, willingly submitting to the decisions of the dominant partner, and each deriving great pleasure from playing that role...”


Helen came to a realization – without knowing it, she had assumed the role of the submissive, and that she really was very submissive in terms of how she related to Jasmine.  And as for Jasmine – she was the dominant one, taking control, leading her...


They looked at each other, Jasmine smiling as she said “I know – and I would be more than happy to tie you up when I visit, to be the dominant partner and enjoy your submission.


“If that is your desire, of course?”


Helen slowly nodded as the voiceover said “for some people, the use of some form of mild torture is also arousing.  Many couples enjoy playing with each other’s bodies, but, for example, applying pressure to sensitive areas such as the nipples can also lead to increased enjoyment for the submissive partner.”


Jasmine looked at Helen as she watched the screen, and then took hold of the ring on her dress, slowly pulling it down and exposing Helen’s bra.  She struggled as Jasmine did this, feeling the ropes rub on the bare skin of her upper chest before Jasmine held her round the waist with left arm, and used her right hand to gently knead her breasts.


Helen groaned at the pressure, and as Jasmine began to pinch her firm, erect nipples she squealed in pleasure.  She kept struggling, and that only seemed to encourage Jasmine more and more to continue...


As she did this, the program continued to look into other areas of SM and sexual games.  Jasmine held Helen and kissed her neck, before she said “I know of a lady who trains people in these areas.  I can see this excites you, but I do not want see you get hurt – so I am going to make an appointment to see her, and learn from her.”


Helen nodded as Jasmine began to kiss and stroke her again, sighing as she wriggled on Jasmine’s lap and enjoyed the sensations...


The beep from her phone made Helen sigh as Jasmine picked it up, and then showed her the text message.  “The girls are on their way back,” Jasmine said as Helen sat by her side, waiting until her dress was zipped up again and her gag was removed.  “I think our time is over for tonight.”


“I know, but I really enjoyed it,” Helen said as Jasmine untied her, neatly coiling them and putting them back.  “They are going to the cinema again next Saturday – why don’t you come round then?”


“I’d like that,” Jasmine said with a smile as they finished their wine, “I’d like that very much...”



Over the next few weeks, Ali and Soo were pleased to see Helen spending more and more time with Jasmine.  They would often come home from school to find Jasmine talking to their mother, and she would also come to dinner, but they both knew Saturday night was the special night for their mother and her friend.


Jasmine was also getting to know them well, as she and Helen realised how compatible they were.  But it was the Saturday they both looked forward to.  Helen would always wear a black satin dressing gown over her lingerie, along with the heels, stockings and gloves, so that eventually the girls referred to it as her Tie Up outfit.  They would go to the cinema with their friend, and when Jasmine arrived Helen would remove the gown and allow Jasmine to bind and gag her.


They would always spend time sitting together, Jasmine kissing and cuddling Helen as they watched some – unusual videos, but that was only the first part of the evening.  Eventually, Helen would find herself bound in an unusual position as Jasmine spanked and teased her.


One time, she was tied to the bed, spread eagled and face down as Jasmine sat across her waist.  Another time they had cleared the coffee table and she had lain on her back, her hands and feet tied to the four legs.  The time she was tied to the kitchen chair, her legs spread – and then the next week tied on the kitchen table, her legs tied to one side and her wrists to the opposite side.


And as for the time over the breakfast bar stool...


Each time she had found herself more and more aroused, but never taken over the edge, Jasmine always stopping just short.  Last week, however...


Jasmine had tied her legs together at her ankles, knees and mid-thighs, and her arms at the wrists and elbows, before she had made her go up to her bedroom, and made her kneel in the bedroom wardrobe so that her back was to the right hand side.  Helen was forced to lean forwards as her wrists were tied to the hanger rail, and then Jasmine had given her a long, hard, sensual spanking.  The drool was running down her chin as Jasmine finished, and kissed her neck.


“I have to go,” she said, “I’ll tell your daughters you’re asleep and not to be disturbed.”


“Whrrudnnn,” Helen mumbled.


“I’ll see you on Monday,” Jasmine said with a smile as she closed the door, Helen listening as she heard the footsteps retreat and the room door close.  She started to struggle frantically, but all that did was make her arms ache, so she stopped, praying the girls would look in and find her.


Eventually, the wardrobe door opened, and she turned her head to see Ali and Soo standing there.  “Hey Mum,” Ali said, “Jasmine was waiting for us, and she said to give you a quarter hour before we came to find you.  Did you have a fun evening?”




“She said you should be like a damsel in distress being rescued,” Soo said as the girls untied her.  Helen blushed, partly at the thought, and partly at the fact her daughters were seeing her in her underwear.


“It’s all right Mum,” Ali said as she removed the gag, “we know you play grown up games, and the rules are different.”



Helen thought a lot about that night, and an idea began to form in her head.  She went shopping in town – and as part of that trip, she cut a set of house keys to give to Jasmine.


She also sat Ali and Soo down one night, and said “Girls, I want to talk to you about Saturday.”


“Sure Mum,” Ali said, “what is it?”


“You know that Jasmine and I like to play games?”


Soo giggled and nodded as Helen said “well, I need your help this Saturday – I want to be ready before Jasmine arrives.  It means you leaving me tied and gagged – and I won’t do it if you are uncomfortable with that.”


“Of course we’ll help Mum,” Ali said, “we trust you...”


Helen looked at herself in the mirror, wearing a leopard print bikini which was held in place by thin tie strings round her back, neck and hips. 


“Come in,” she said as she heard the knock on the door, smiling as Ali and Soo came in with a large bag of ropes.  She picked up an envelope, and fixed it to the outside of the bedroom door, smiling as she saw “For Jasmine’s Attention” written in red pen at the front.


“Are you ready Mum?”


Helen came back into the room, kneeling on the bed with her knees apart and her arms by her sides.  “I’m ready,” she said with a smile, “do it.”


Ali and Soo took a length of rope each, binding Helen’s wrists to the top of her thighs and making sure the bands of rope were tightly cinched between her limbs.


“All right so far Mum,” Soo said, Helen nodding as they passed a length of rope around her waist, holding her arms to her sides as it was pulled and cinched on each side tightly.  Another band of rope went around her body below her chest, and a third above, each one as tightly tied and cinched as the waist rope.


Helen nodded as she moved her body up, allowing her daughters to cross and bind her ankles tightly together so that her knees were forced to be apart.  She then knelt again, so that her bottom touched the heels of her shoes, before Ali and Soo frog tied her, securing her lower legs to her thighs and once again tightly cinching the bands.


Finally, Ali tied one end of a length of rope around her hair, holding it in a pigtail before she gently pulled the rope back.  Helen was forced to raise her head as the other end of the rope was secured to her ankles.


Soo went to a box and took out a leather blindfold, putting it over her mother’s eyes before she fastened the straps round her head.


“Are you ready Mum,” Ali said.  Helen nodded before she opened her mouth and accepted the ball gag.  She felt them both hug and kiss her cheeks, before Soo said “You make a wonderful jungle captive, Mum.”


“Yeah – Jasmine can remove that without untying you Mum,” she heard Ali say.  “You know, we think it’s great if you and Jasmine play these games, in fact – she should stay the night.”


“Yeah,” Soo said, “and if you wanted her to move in, we won’t say no.  We’d love it.”


The doorbell rang, and the girls kissed and hugged Helen again before they left, leaving her completely alone and helpless.


A short while later, she heard the front door open and close, and she smiled as she heard Jasmine say “Helen?  Where are you?”  The footsteps came up the stairs, and then stop outside the door.


“I see – so you are my sex slave for the night,” Jasmine said from the other side of the door, “and you surrender yourself totally to me.  How nice – I accept.”


She heard the door open and close, and something placed on the floor, before the rope was untied from her hair to her ankles – and then taken between her legs and pulled sharply up, making her groan as it pressed on her clit and as secured tightly between her breasts.


She felt Jasmine kneel behind her, and then the touch on her lips as her hands stroked over her body.  It felt as if she was wearing gloves, but as she began to squeeze and caress her chest, Helen groaned and moaned, pushing her body back against Jasmine as she used her lips and hands to arouse the captive jungle princess.


She felt the crotch rope as it was pulled by Jasmine, and soon she was moaning at every single touch, every single embrace.  She sighed even more as the bikini was removed, and he felt Jasmine kiss her neck and back as her hands embraced and squeezed her chest, then pulled the rope as it sank between her lips.


“Would you like to see yourself, my slave?”


“Ysss,” Helen grunted as she heard something being moved in her room.  She sensed Jasmine keeling behind her again, as the blindfold was removed, and she blinked, looking at her naked body, the ropes now framing her breasts as the crotch rope pulled the two bands together.


Jasmine reached round with her black satin gloved hands and pulled the crotch rope again as she kissed her neck, and then she walked round, Helen’s eyes widening as she saw her black see through blouse and leather micro skirt.


“Do you like my outfit,” Jasmine said, Helen nodding as her lover knelt in front of her, and enclosed her nipples in her mouth, kissing and sucking as she drew then further out.  Helen could only close her eyes and moan in delight at the sensations running through her, Jasmine bringing her so very very close to the edge just by doing that...


So when she stopped and looked at Helen, she almost screamed “dddnntsspspppllsssdtht.”


“Oh, so you want more attention from me?”


Helen nodded as Jasmine smiled.


“But that means you have been a very naughty girl – and naughty girls needs to be punished, don’t they?”


Helen nodded again, Jasmine smiling as she stroked Helen’s cheek.


“Be careful what you wish for,” Jasmine whispered as she walked round the bed, returning with a large shoulder bag which she put on the floor.  Helen watched, and then her eyes went wide as saucers as she produced a transparent bag – containing a number of hinged wooden clothes pegs.


“Naughty women need to be punished, and you must know that.  I have waited for you to be in the right, submissive state of mind for this, and I see you are now.  The Mistress who has taught me had suggested you were spread eagled, but you seem to be immobile now.”


Helen started struggling as Jasmine opened the bag, and took out four pegs.  “BttlbhhfffHNNNNNNNNNN,” she called out as Jasmine put the first peg on the inside of her right thigh, and then added three more, the pain shooting up her leg, but she was powerless to do anything about it, or the four Jasmine added to her right thigh.


She could only look as Jasmine attached four pegs to the mound of her left breast, and then four to the right, before she put the blindfold back on, and she felt her captor tease her, twisting and pulling on the pegs as she kissed Helen.  She was unable to do a thing about it, as she felt the pain change into a burning, a burning that was starting to consume her as she felt it through her whole body.


She began to move her body to heighten the experience, as she felt the line between pleasure and pain blur, and the only thing on her mind was release, complete and total relief, even pulling on the crotch rope herself as Jasmine kept kissing and teasing her.


“Hgdddltmmcmmm,” Helen moaned out – and then wondered why Jasmine had stopped.  “NNNNPLLSSSDNTNSTPPP” she called out as the crotch rope was removed and her ankles untied.  She allowed herself to be pushed onto her back, as the pegs were pulled off one by one, each one followed by Jasmine gently kissing where the peg had been, leaving Helen a pleading, wriggling, mass of sexual desire as Jasmine kissed her breasts, her hand pressing on her mound, her fingers playing with her petals.


“No,” she heard Jasmine say, “if you wish to have relief, to have the orgasm, then you must agree to be my slave from now on, and serve me.”


Helen could not respond for a few minutes, before she nodded and said “yssmstrsss.”


“Good,” she heard Jasmine say, and the she felt her lips on her mound, her tongue as it gently stroked and worked its way into her passage, licking her juices, making Helen arch her back and scream as she finally was allowed to have the release she so desired...



“Thank you,” Helen said as she lay with Jasmine, the gag by her side.


“Thank you who?”


“Thank you mistress,” Helen said with a sigh before Jasmine gently kissed her again. Helen’s legs had been untied, and she lay with her head on Jasmine’s chest.


“You know,” Helen said, “the girls said they would be happy if you stayed the night.  They even said...”




“They even said they would be happy if you moved in.”


Jasmine looked at Helen, and stroked her hair from her cheek.  “I would be happy to stay the night, and I would love to move in, but  I need to check with the Madame if I am ready, if I am skilled enough.  This may mean an – evaluation, and if that is the case, you must follow my orders, without question, whatever happens.”


“You are my mistress,” Helen said quietly, “I will do whatever you say.”


Smiling, Jasmine looked at the bedside clock.  “The girls will be home soon,” she said as she untied Helen’s arms, “we need to get you ready...”




“Hello girls,” Jasmine said as she opened the door, waving to Ali and Soo’s friend, “come away in.”


“Where’s Mum?”


“Come and see,” she said as she took them into the front room.  Helen was sitting on the couch, her arms in a box tie behind her back, her legs tied at the ankles and knees, the blindfold and gag in place.


“We had a great night Mum,” Ali said as she removed the blindfold, and Soo took the gag away.  “Did you?”


“I did – we did,” Helen said as the girls hugged and kissed her, “and Jasmine has agreed to stay the night.”


“So why don’t you girls get ready for bed,” Jasmine said, “and I’ll prepare some supper...”




“Good night Mum,” the girls said as they went up to bed, and Jasmine closed the door.


“Now what will you do mistress?”


Jasmine put the blindfold and gag back in place, and then went out of the room.  Helen could hear her make a phone call, before Jasmine came back in.


“We will do the evaluation on Tuesday morning,” Jasmine said, “when the children go to school, you will wait wearing your dressing gown and nothing else.  You must also be blindfolded.  Do you understand?”




“Good,” Jasmine said as she helped Helen to stand up and jump to the stairs, helped her to go up and then into the bedroom.  Pushing her onto the bed, Jasmine opened the gown to reveal Helen’s naked body, and then started to kiss her chest, Helen moaning as her mistress reached for the bag of pegs...



Helen sat on her couch, wondering how long it would be before Jasmine arrived.  It was Tuesday, and once the girls has left she had showered, shaved and put on her dressing gown, the only other item on her the leather blindfold that covered her eyes.  Her excitement, her anticipation – her fear grew with each passing second, until she heard the door open.


“Stand up.”


Helen smiled at the sound of Jasmine’s voice and stood up, shivering as Jasmine said “It is time.  Are you ready to start the evaluation?”


“Yes Mistress.”


“Good – disrobe, and then place your hands behind your back.”


Helen did as she had been ordered, smiling as she felt Jasmine put her hands together palm to palm and then bind them together.  The rope felt different – softer, more like a silk scarf, but just as strong as first her wrists, and then her elbows were brought together.


“Thank you mistress,” Helen whispered as she felt the hands stroke down her legs, and then the rope as it pulled her ankles together.  She stood still, feeling the ropes as it held her ankles together, her legs above and below her knees, her thighs, each time the rope going between her legs as it was tightened...


“Open your mouth.”


Helen nodded, willingly accepting the gag as it was pushed in, the straps tightened round her head.  She sighed as the ropes went around her bare upper body, forcing her arms against her back as the bands framed her chest, making her feel giddy as they rubbed on her.  Another band went round her waist, keeping her wrists against her as well.


She then felt Jasmine tug at the waist rope, before a new rope was taken between her legs.  It felt different – still soft, but with hard knots at regular intervals, pressing into her crotch as the rope was passed round her wrists, taken back between her legs and pulled up before it was passed round her waist again.


The knots were teasing at her as she wriggled round, pressing on her most intimate areas – and then she felt her lover’s hands cupping her breasts, he lips as she started to kiss them, gently at first, then more firmly as she felt her gently suck, her lips forming a seal on each side in turn, her tongue stroking over the nipples as they became firmer, more erect, more sensitive...


“Plsskpdnngthtt,” Helen moaned, and then she cried out as she felt something hard and cold clamp down on her nipples.  She wondered what had happened at first, and then she felt a chain brush over her breasts.


“Clamps?  She’s put a pair of clamps like that program on my nipples?”


She felt the rope between her legs move – and then she yelped again as the rope was pulled up, and the clamps tugged on her nipples as she felt the chain and the rope being pulled.


This not only made the ropes rub between her legs, the knots sinking in, and on her chest, but the pain from her nipples added to the sensations she was experiencing.


There was another tug, as Jasmine said “follow me.”  Helen began to jump as she was led off, each jump just increasing her desire and the pain as it pulled on her nipples.  She knew she was leaving the front room, and then she felt the cool linoleum as she realised she was being taken into the kitchen. 


The lust was growing exponentially in her, as the pain in her chest ebbed and flowed, and the knots rubbed on her sex.  She could hear a door open, and then she felt cold stone on her feet as she was helped to jump down a stair.


“Is she taking me into the cellar,” Helen thought, and then she heard a click – a very familiar one.  The sound of her car door being unlocked.  “Why is she doing this,” she thought to herself, surely she isn’t...”


The rope was taken off the chain and re-secured between her breasts, pulling those bands together and increasing the pressure on her as she was made to lie down, and then her ankles pulled back, her heels lying on her bottom as they were attached to the crotch rope.  She felt something covering her body and then heard the car door close, before she heard the garage doors open, and someone getting into the front of the car.


“She’s taking me somewhere – like this?”


Helen didn’t know whether she should be scared or ecstatic as the car moved, then stopped as the car door was opened.  A few minutes later, it was closed again and she felt the car move one way, then the other.


Each bump in the road made her move, pulling on the clamps as the rope moved.  But this wasn’t the thing that was really tormenting her.  It was the thought that if Jasmine was stopped, for any reason, and a policeman found her like this, they would be both be in real trouble.  She even began to imagine the newspaper articles, the television reports – and that just seemed to add to her levels of excitement...


So when the car stopped, she relaxed a little, listening as the car door opened and closed, and she was left alone.  She began to pull on her ankles, moaning as the ropes rubbed and the clamps still made her nipples hurt...


As the car door was opened, and the blanket was pulled away, Helen wondered where they were.  The crotch rope was untied from her ankles, and she was helped out, standing still as the crotch rope was taken back over the chain on her nipples, and she was pulled forward.


“Where am I?  Who’s watching us?”  She could feel the cold ground, and then thick carpet as she was made to jump along some sort of corridor.  She imagined herself in a Fellini film, people looking down as she was led into a large room, all of them enjoying her position...


She could feel the carpet was different as she was finally allowed to stop.  She could feel the dampness on the knotted rope, and the burning inside her, as she stood there, wondering what was happening.


“I am Madam.”


Helen lifted her head at the sound of the voice.  It was one she had never heard before, clearly to her ear Japanese, and was quiet and forceful at the same time.


“You look very beautiful like this – and you do look the model of a fine submissive.  You are here to be evaluated, however, in terms of your submissiveness – all will be explained in due course.  Jasmine is also to be evaluated, and she will only be permitted to use her new skills on you if I am satisfied you are ready.  Nod if you understand?”


Helen slowly nodded as the voice said “good.  Prepare her as you have been instructed.”


“Yes Madam,” she heard Jasmine say, and then “do not speak while this evaluation takes place, no matter what happens, no matter what you may see.  Nod if you accept.”


Helen nodded again, as she felt the ropes being taken from around her legs.  She allowed Jasmine to move her ankles apart before they were re-tied to something round.  She then had to stop herself sighing as the crotch rope was removed, and her arms freed from the ropes both around her chest and around them.


She felt Jasmine bring her arms round, and then her wrists were retied, as were her elbows.  She felt another rope around her wrists, and then they were lifted up, and secured to something above her.


The buckle at the back of her neck was loosened, and the ball eased out of her mouth, but then something like a wooden rod was placed between her teeth, and ropes tied round her head.


“You may remove her blindfold.”


Helen felt the buckle holding the leather blindfold in place loosen and then the leather pad was taken off.  She blinked and looked round – and noticed the woman standing there.


Looking round, she saw the room was decorated in the Japanese style, as she looked again at the woman.  She was wearing a kimono, and her face was covered with a white porcelain mask, slits for her eyes and mouth.  She was looking intently at her, and then gasped as she saw Jasmine.  Her partner was wearing a black shiny leather catsuit, calf length black stiletto boots, and a black domino mask.


She felt herself go giddy at the sight of her lover, and then she caught a glimpse of herself in a full length mirror.  A short bamboo rod sat between her lips, held in place by a rope that ran through the centre and around her head.  Looking down, she saw a length of bamboo, about three feet long, to which her ankles were tied.  Looking up, she saw her wrists were tied to a metal rod above her.  She could now see the ropes were made of jute, as she lowered her head and looked at the other two women.


“So,” Madam said as she walked over to a cupboard and opened it, Helen shaking as she saw the instruments inside.  The white face looked at her, and said “worry not- although your dominant has received training in most of these, she will only use a few on you.  You may proceed.”


Jasmine bowed before she took a heavy metal padlock, and walked over to Helen, smiling as she fastened the padlock onto the chain between her nipples – and then let it drop to the floor, Helen screaming as her nipples and breasts were pulled down.


“The riding crop – an instrument of precision,” Madam said.  “Use it.”


Jasmine bowed again as she picked up the thin rod, bringing it down onto her gloved hand before she began to bring it down on her bottom.  She wanted to scream, but stayed quiet as the crop came down on her bottom, her legs, her chest...


And with each blow, the fire just seemed to increase inside her, as each blow took her closer, closer...


“Very good – stop now.”


Helen wanted to scream at her, to tell her not to stop, but instead she stayed quiet, her head bowed as Madam walked round her.


“You may use the flogger.”


Helen raised her head as Jasmine took a leather flogger from the wardrobe, and began to hit her, again and again, and the fires lamed anew.  She remained quiet however, wondering how much longer she would be able to...




As Jasmine stopped, Helen looked up and whispered “pllssslthrfnshhh.”


“Soon, soon,” Madam said as she removed the mask, revealing a beautiful Japanese woman in her late thirties.  She smiled as she looked at both of them, and said “congratulations – I have completed my evaluation, and you are both ready.”


“Thank you Madam,” Jasmine said as she bowed her head, Helen nodding as well.


“Allow me to explain – I once had a girlfriend who was submissive.  The root of her submissive nature, however, was her deep love for me and her desire to do anything to please me, rather than the desire to be controlled, to be restrained, the passion and the joy of the pain and pleasure.  When I realised this, I stopped as the dominant, but the woman felt she had failed me – so we parted.”


Madame looked at them both as she said “I then found another submissive lover, but I wanted to be sure she was truly submissive, so I asked another dominant to test her and me.  She was satisfied we were truly compatible, and so we moved in together, and are still together.


“This is why I wished to test you – to ensure your desire comes from true submission, and that of Jasmine comes from the same desire.  I am satisfied this is the case.”


“Plsss,” Helen moaned as she looked at them, “pllsssltmmm...”


“You wish to make a request.”


Helen nodded as she screamed “PLLLLLSSLLTMMMCMMMMLTMMMRLSSSS!”


“I shall leave you to it,” Madam said, “Come and speak to me when you have finished, and before you both leave.”


“Madam,” Jasmine said with a low bow, before she walked to the side and brought a tall stool over.  She placed it in front of Helen, and then released the rope from the high bar and pulled her body over the stool top, tying her wrists down to the other side as Helen put her head to one side.


Jasmine walked over, Helen’s eyes widening as she saw her take a large strap on from the door and buckle it round herself. 


“I am so pleased,” Jasmine said as she walked over, and stood behind Helen, “and now you may have your reward.”




Helen screamed as the dildo entered her from behind, Jasmine pushing herself against her as the passion overwhelmed her, and then the orgasm came...




Helen was standing, panting and watching as Jasmine came back in.  She untied her arms, and then moved them behind her, before her arms were taken behind her and rebound.


“Madam has spoken to me,” Jasmine said as she gently kissed Helen’s neck, “I am allowed to move in with you.  Will Friday suit?”


Helen nodded and tried to say “fnkuuu.”


“Hush – I am going to rebind you and take you home,” Jasmine said as she wrapped the rope around her chest, “once you are there, there must be no contact between us before then.  And you must remain unrestrained until then.”


“Whhh,” Helen asked.


“So the night may be even more special,” Jasmine said as she released and re-tied Helen’s legs, and then removed the clamps, Helen sighing as she did so.  As the bamboo gag was removed, Helen whispered “thank you” before the waffle ball gag was put in.



“And we are back,” Jasmine said as she helped Helen to jump into her front room, and then started to remove the ropes.


When she was free, Helen removed the ball gag and said “I am glad we passed.  I will wait until Friday, Mistress.”


“As will I,” Jasmine said before she gently kissed Helen, and then left her alone, wondering what would happen next...




“Mum, you’re like a cat on a hot tin roof.”


Helen smiled as she looked at Ali and Soo, waiting as the clock ticked down on the Friday evening.   She was pacing up and down the floor, looking at the clock every thirty seconds, and brushing imaginary lint off her blouse and skirt.

The girls were wearing jumpers and jeans, but the excitement was clear on their faces as well, as the seconds ticked down...




All three jumped as the doorbell rang, Helen leading the way as she opened it to find Jasmine standing there, wearing her grey coat and holding a bottle of wine in one hand, and a box of Helen’s favourite chocolates in the other.  Four suitcases were on the front porch, and a large bag hung over her left shoulder.


“Hi,” she said with a smile, “I just brought a few things for now – I still need to sort out the rest of my belongings...”


Her words were lost as Helen embraced her, kissing her passionately as the girls watched.  A few minutes later, Helen stopped and said “hey – welcome.”


“Thanks,” Jasmine said as she was taken through to the front room, smiling as she saw the handmade banner that read “WELCOME JASMINE.”  The girls started to bring the suitcases in and carry them up to their mother’s bedroom.


“I’ll make some tea while you unpack,” Helen said, Jasmine nodding as she headed upstairs.



“All done,” Helen said as Jasmine came in.


“All unpacked,” Jasmine said as she sat down, her skirt rising as she did so.


“I thought I’d order some pizza, no cooking tonight,” Helen said.  “I know the girls are eager to spend time with you as well.”


As she picked up the phone and dialled a number, Ali said “we can’t wait to see how well you can tie us up Jasmine.  I bet you can do it so neither of us can escape.”


“I bet I could,” Soo said with a grin.


“Come on girls,” Helen said with a smile, “Jasmine has not even finished her first cup of tea, and you want her to tie you up?”


“Maybe later,” Jasmine said, “let’s have a family night tonight, all right?”


The girls nodded as Helen put Inside Out into the player, and all four settled down to watch...



“Are you getting tired,” Helen said as she looked at Soo.


“Yes, Mum,” Ali said as she looked at her sister.  “Maybe we should get ready for bed.”


“Maybe Jasmine will help you get ready for bed as well,” Soo said with a grin as she saw Helen and Jasmine look at each other.


“Maybe we should make this a big game,” Ali said, “Jasmine could make sure we couldn’t interrupt you by kidnapping us?”


Helen laughed as she shook her head.  “They seem determined to be your captives tonight, Jasmine.”


“Girls,” Jasmine said, “if I did take you and hold you hostage, you might not get rescued until the morning.  Are you happy for that to happen?”


Ali and Soo looked at each other and nodded.


Jasmine and Helen smiled at each other, before Helen said “all right – but Jasmine may need a little time to make herself ready.  Why don’t you two go and get washed and changed, and then get some milk and cookies.  Wait in here until something happens.”


The two girls looked at each other and ran upstairs, before Jasmine said “follow me.”


“Yes Mistress,” Helen said in a whisper before they left the room...



“What do you think they are doing,” Soo said as she looked at Ali.  Both girls were wearing blue cotton pyjamas, with elasticated cuffs, and were sat on the couch as they held mugs of milk in their hands.


“I don’t know, but I can’t wait to see what Jasmine...”


The two girls stared as Jasmine appeared, dressed in the leather catsuit, boots and eyemask.  “Well well – so this is where the two little ones are,” she purred, “good, good.”


“Who are you,” Ali said quietly, “and where’s our mother?”


“Oh your mother is quiet safe,” Jasmine said, “so long as you little ladies do exactly what I say. Now stand up, and cross your wrists behind your back – can’t have you getting in my way, can I?”


“All right, we’ll do what you say,” Soo said as the two girls stood up and turned their backs to Jasmine, smiling at each other as they felt her start to bind their wrists together.


“You can tie our elbows together as well,” Ali said as Jasmine took the rope around and between her wrists, “and really tie us and gag us tightly.”


“Mum does that to us,” Soo said as her wrists were bound, and then she felt her elbows as they were pulled together behind her back.  As Ali’s elbows were tied together, she said “will you hogtie us?”


“I will do what I need to do to keep you out of the way,” Jasmine said, “but for tonight, I’m going to do something I’m comfortable with, all right?”


“You are a foul villain,” Ali giggled as Jasmine knelt down and tied her ankles together, and then her legs below her knees, the rope going around and between her limbs as the bands held them snugly together.  She looked over as Soo was bound in the same way, before Jasmine took more rope and tied it round their waists, locking their wrists against their back. 


“One more band I think,” Jasmine said as she tied their upper arms tightly to their bodies, cinching it under their arms.  Ali and Soo tried to wriggle round, before Jasmine said “close your eyes, little ones.”  As they did so, she tied wide cloths over their eyes to act as blindfolds, before rolling two silk scarves into thick bands and using them as cleave gags.


“All right,” she said as she picked Soo up in her arms, “follow my voice.”  Ali nodded as Jasmine walked backwards, and led her to jump to the foot of the stairs, before she said “wait here.”


Ali nodded as Jasmine carried her younger sister up the stairs, and then returned, lifting Ali up and carrying her to the girl’s bedroom.  She laid her on her side, facing Soo, and then fed a length of rope under their waists, the two girls giggling as they were drawn together and the rope tied off.  She tied another rope around their chests, before she said “are you girls all right?”


“Ysss,” Ali said as she and Soo nodded, Jasmine smiling as she said “Now remain here,” and pulled a duvet up over both of them, kissing them on the forehead before she turned the light off and left the room.


In the next room, Helen was struggling in her bonds, wondering what was happening.  Her arms were folded in a reverse prayer behind her back, her wrists nestling between her shoulder blades, jute rope holding her wrists and elbows together while her fingers were tied in a twine lattice.   Her upper arms and chest were tightly held in a rope lattice that framed and forced her breasts out, and her legs were tightly frog tied, rope around her ankle and thigh and around each knee.


A thick cloth was tied over her eyes, while her tongue was protruding from her mouth, trapped between two chopsticks which were tied either side with twine, and then around her head.


As for her chest – Jasmine had teased her nipples out, and then trapped each one between two short pieces of bamboo and then twine used to hold them tightly together.   It was excruciating and arousing at the same time...


As the door opened, Helen turned her head as she heard Jasmine say “I have found your daughters – they are comfortable, but they are my prisoners now, and they will only be freed if you do exactly what I say.”


Jasmine knelt on the bed, moving Helen so that her head faced her as she slowly pulled down the zip on her catsuit, and revealed her freshly shaved clit.  “Now you must pleasure me, my slave.”


Helen wriggled forward, as she moved her head, her nipples rubbing on the sheet as the bamboo held them tight – and then her tongue tasted Jasmine’s juices and she began to use it to tease her lover, Jasmine pushing herself forward as she started to moan, her pleasure increasing as Helen licked and kissed her to the best of her ability...




Helen smiled – well, she was filled with pleasure as she tasted the flow from Jasmine’s passage, before she heard her get off the bed.  She heard the sound of a match being struck, and then sniffed as she smelt the scent from a burning candle.  It was the aroma of cinnamon and cloves, and Helen wondered why it was lit at that point.  As her blindfold was removed, she saw Jasmine standing there, naked, a large and wide red candle in her hand.


The first drops of wax fell on her arms and back, Helen trying not to scream as the hot wax cooled on her, and she understood why there was a new sheet on the bed.  IT stung, but her arousal was increasing, as Jasmine slowly let the wax drop on her arms, and then on her bottom, making her writhe round as her nipples rubbed.


Jasmine then made her roll over, Helen watching wide eyed as the wax was dripped onto her abdomen, making her cry out as the candle was moved up, and the hot wax slowly covered her nipples, making her call out – but her calls were different, more of desire, as Jasmine let the candle move down and across her mound...


As Jasmine stopped, Helen looked at her, eyes full of lust and desire as she called out “plssskppgnngg, fkkmmmstrss, FKKMMMMMMMMMM!”


“Is that you desire?”


Helen nodded as she watched Jasmine put the strap on around her body, and then moved her legs apart, Helen sighing as she slipped in, slowly at first, in and out, and then faster, deeper, more vigorous as  Helen threw her head back and pushed herself against Jasmine.


The release came suddenly, as she screamed, and then slumped onto the bed, Jasmine lying with her and gently kissing and caressing her.  Helen put her head on Jasmine’s chest, and gave a silent prayer of thanks to the Games Player.


Without her, Jasmine and she would never have found each other...







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