Friday 25th October
1 pm, Harkness, Dent and Harkness, Wall Street


Allison Douglas picked at her salad rather than ate it. She was in the fifth month of her pregnancy and though she had recovered from her beating during the robbery at her parent’s home in August, she was still inclined to be sickly. Truth was she wished she’d taken the day off work, but this two million dollar endowment to be put under management by her new company was her first real coup since she’d joined Harkness, Dent and Harkness.


The private dining room in the Harkness offices was one of those old fashioned places that harked back to a distant era of class and gracious living. Oak panelled walls and leather-upholstered chairs gave it that feeling, and even smell of luxury.  Even in her designer pants suit, Allison felt as if she was under dressed for the occasion.


Sitting opposite her were the three trustees of the endowment.  Wilhelmina Tennant, the principal of St Angela’s Academy, was very formally dressed, in a high collared white blouse that sported a black brooch at the neck, a tweed jacket and skirt, and sensible shoes.


At the opposite end of the scale was Juliette Huntingdown, in her grey dress and matching jacket.  She looked every inch the ex-model she was, even if a hint of grey was starting to appear in her long brown hair.


And then there, sitting between them, in a business suit, shirt and tie was James Kirkham, the father of the late girl the fund was named after.  Allison had heard what had happened – and prayed it was quick for her.


“Well if we are careful and prudent,” Tom Babbage the senior vice president addressed the guests, “I think we can generate sufficient revenues for the scholarship to be offered every other year without the principal of the endowment ever having to be touched.”


“We are of course hoping for future donations to add to this total.” Principal Tennant glanced up from the amazing piece of salmon that the chef had prepared for her, so much better then school food.


“Well then eventually let’s hope we will be able to offer some lucky girl a full ride through St Angela’s then college EVERY year.”


“I’d just like to thank Miss Huntingdown for all the work she’s done setting this up.” James Kirkham paused for a second as his voice failed. “When she approached me about setting up a scholarship in Jamie’s name it seemed….well a pipedream, but she has worked so hard going out there finding donors, I suspect putting a lot of this up herself…Ummm Miss Huntingdown….Juliette, I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to tell you how grateful I, my wife, and our family are to you.”


“You’ve no need to thank me James,” Juliette said with a smile, “the people to thank are maybe our daughters and the girls of St Angela’s. Jamie was so popular and so well loved, that to them it was obvious something needed to be done in her memory. They came up with the ideas and the inspiration. I just worked out some details.”…Juliette choked back a frog in her throat. “And of all the honours I’ve ever received in my life, being asked to be a trustee for this fund, is the very most special.”





“So Allison,” Juliette sipped her coffee whilst she stood to a side with Allison, while Principal Tennant shared a glass of brandy with the men, “how goes the new job? How is the baby coming along? Is George excited?”


“Oh George is an old hand…oh….” She paused remembering Juliette’s close friendship with her husband’s ex wife. “He’s been through this before twice with little George and Sandy. I’m the nervous one.”


“Well just do all the doctors tell you…promise me.” Juliette shivered inwardly as she remembered the horrors of her own one and only pregnancy.


“And work?” Juliette asked with only really the mildest of interest.


“Well,” Allison lowered her tone to a conspiratorial whisper. “On Halloween we are taking possession of over ten million in bearer bonds as payment for a transaction between a Chinese company and someone in the US. I’m so nervous, it’s the biggest deal of its kind I’ve ever been involved with.”


“Oh you must tell me all about it?” Juliette was suddenly more than just interested, as they sat and talked as mutual acquaintances do.  Behind the smile, behind the eyes, however, plans were already forming…



Sunday 27th October
The de Ros mansion


“Oh I just love the idea of ruining that little whore’s big moment.” Sandy nearly spilled her coffee she was laughing so hard.


“Ten million in untraceable bonds…darlings why do I suspect this deal is not all together ‘bon ou correct’, how do you say in English…Kosher?” said Diana


“Well. Maybe it’s right that the Pussycats intercede then?” Heather asked as she curled up in Sandy’s arms. “Kiss me lover,” she whispered.


“Purr----lees.” Abby, Joanne and Carina all put fingers in their mouths and pretended to gag.


“Jealous!” Heather teased them as she broke off a long lingering lip lock with her lover.


“Getting back to these bearer bonds…Ouch!” Diana suddenly massaged the side of her own face.


“Is that tooth still troubling you?” Juliette asked concernedly. “When do you see the dentist?”


“Not till three o’clock on Halloween…and it will be okay it only hurts occasionally…OWW!” Diana suddenly screamed.


“I could always remove it for you Aunt Diana?” Carina asked politely.


“Oh no, no thank you…no thank you Darling.” Diana quaked inwardly at letting Carina ‘operate’ on her mouth, as the rest of the room started giggling a little nervously at the idea as well.


“I’ll even use an anesthetic.” Carina conceded.


“Ummm no I think I’ll pass on that,” Diana looked quickly away.


“Hey anyone would think you thought I was a sadist who enjoys pain?” Carina put her hands on her hips and pouted, then unable to hold the pose burst out laughing.


“You? Enjoy pain?” Abigail chuckled as she, Joanne, and Heather all threw pillows at Carina’s golden head.


“Hey unfair,” Carina giggled as one of the cushions knocked her glasses off and she had to retrieve them from the carpet.


Juliette looked at her daughter and laughed along with everyone else. Superficially Carina had recovered from her wounds and was back to her best. That did not stop Juliette from worrying though. She knew all too well the real demons that lurked inside Carina, and she found herself watching every little thing, looking for every little sign, every little signal.


“So are we going to go for the bonds?“  Diana tried to bring a little sanity to the meeting before it degenerated totally.


“Yes.” Juliette nodded.


“YES!” Abby and Jo screamed as they leapt on Carina on the floor giggling as they did so.


“Oh my Goddess yes” Carina screamed between laughs from the bottom of a three girl dog pile.


“Yes,” Sandy whispered, and Heather nodded as they went back to kissing each other.


“C’est incroyable,” Diana whispered to herself in her native French. “Si seul le FBI pouvait voir le tristement célèbre Gang de Pussycat dès maintenant, ils ne seraient jamais croire leurs yeux.”


After a few minutes of hilarity, Juliette eased herself out of the armchair and made her way out into the hall.


“What are you doing darling?” Diana asked her as she followed her. “Placing an ad in the personals. I think Tommy though he’d maybe get some time away from us after that last affair, but with so much of our weaponry at the bottom of the lake, or compromised because we used it…I need to place a BIG order if we are going to pull this job.”


“It will also require some planning,” Diana said as she winced again.  “After all, are you not otherwise employed early on Thursday night?  Never mind the girls’ night out?”


Juliette stopped for a moment and looked at her old friend.  “Yeah – we need to do something about that,” she said before she dialed a number.


Monday 28th October
The Conde Nast offices, 11 am


"It's so good of you to do this Mary," Anna Mitchell smiled at the squat Welsh lady who had never been tall enough to model in her own day, but had dedicated a lifetime to making other women look beautiful.


Compared to Juliette and Anna, in their smartly designed and fitted outfits, Mary Thomas looked a little more haphazard.  A tartan waistcoat covered an old Arran sweater, and her tweed skirt rose just above her knees to show her tights and sensible brown shoes.  No-one, however, was better at identifying the things needed to make a shoot extra special, and Juliette had first met Mary when she helped her launch her own career.

"It really is Mary," Juliette stood up and hugged the woman they called Merlin round the office after the welsh wizard.

"Well these poor dears have been through so much in recent days." Mary shuddered at the thought of all the horror.  "And besides I love the idea of dressing a return to the eighties party.  The three of them will look wonderful by the time I have finished with them."

Anna and Juliette smiled.

“Young Joanna and Carina are so cute, but that Abigail girl…oh man does she remind me of you Ju 25 years ago."

"Me," the comparison between herself and Abby was one that had never occurred to Juliette before.

"All that height, all that movement….let us at CS work on her, and that kid will be starring on runways from New York to Milan within a year.  She reminds me of that English kid Lily Cole…."

"Ummm but maybe sweetie, given that figures are getting fuller, we are constantly being told by readers they want 'more realistic models'." Anna interrupted, "Isn't she a bit under endowed."

"Tosh." Mary snorted "a beautiful slim elegant girl is allays going to look better in a fashion photos then the cutie who's 5'3" and has perfect 36D's"

Mary looked round. "And no, that's not a dig at your Carina Juliette, she's gorgeous, but she'll never follow in your stilettos on the catwalk."


“Nevertheless,” Juliette said with a sigh, “You’re forgetting one thing if you’re thinking of grooming Abigail as a model – her mother.”


“What, the countess?  Let me sit with her – I’ll soon put her right…  After all, I soon talked that Naomi Campbell into some better ways of talking.”


“That’s what I love about you, Merlin – you like to tackle an impossible thing every day.  I’ll get them to come in after school on Wednesday for a fitting – and I’ll talk to Diana.  No promises however.”


The de Ros mansion, 8 pm


“No.  I am sorry, my friend, but I cannot agree to that.  Abigail must learn that a beautiful face is no guarantee of happiness.”


Juliette looked over at Abby, as she sat with Jo and Cari.  “It’s funny, Diana, but ever since Mary mentioned it, and we saw them in action a few weeks ago…”


“Juliette, my friend, when we are working it is part of her disguise.  I must hold firm on this.”


“All right – I only said I would ask you,” Juliette said as she heard Carina say “No way – the bad boy of All Saints is your date for Thursday?”


“I don’t like that boy,” Heather mumbled as she sat next to Sandy, “I hear he’s almost been expelled on several occasions.”


“Who has?”


“Kevin Duffy – Joanne’s date for the party.”


“My my, my little one – are we becoming a mother hen?”


“I’m worried that he might draw her old self out,” Heather said as she watched the girls laughing and giggling.  “Who are the other dates?”


“Carina is going with Tommy – inevitable I suppose.  As for Abigail?”


“Abigail will be accompanied by Winston Brewster the Fourth,” Diana said, a look of pride in her eyes.


“The football player?  How did you manage that?”


“I did not – he asked her out on the way back from school last week.  Quite a surprise for her, I’m sure – it appears her star is beginning to rise, thanks to my careful nurturing.”


She shot a look at Juliette, who knew better than to argue on that one.


“Talking of mothers,” Sandy said, “Guess who forgot it was her mother’s birthday on Thursday?”


“OH great,” Heather said as she threw her hands in the air, “So let me get this clear.  Diana has a dentist’s appointment, the girls have a party, you need to go out with your mother, and Juliette has that fashion show at 6 pm in Central Park – what else could possibly need to be factored in?”


“Don’t say that,” Juliette said as she sat back, with her eyes closed, “I’m trying to work things out as it is…”


“Don’t worry about it,” Sandy said quietly, “Unlike a lot of people, Mother likes to eat early, so I can put some arrangements in place to take care of things from that angle.”


“Which reminds me,” Carina said as she looked at the girls, “I need you three to come to my office after school on Wednesday.  Mary has some outfits she wants to try on you – real eighties masterpieces.”


Diana let out a low groan as she put her hand to her cheek.  “Can’t you get that seen to earlier,” Heather said as she looked at her friend.


“Sadly, no – Dr Silverman has no openings before then, so I must endure…”


As the group split up, Heather went and sat on a long recliner, picking up a book and flipping through it.




She glanced up to see Abigail and Joanne standing in front of her.


“Ummm I know you are a lesbian Heather but did you ever?”  Joanne was trying hard to find a way to ask an awkward and embarrassing question.


“Do what?” Heather lifted her head from the book she was reading to look at the two teenagers.


“Did you ever like make it with a guy?” Abby tried the direct route.




“Are you a real virgin Big Sister?”


“Have you ever done it with a man?” Abby asked with a degree of eagerness.


Heather put her book down, shifted her position and looked the girls straight in the eyes.


“Yes a man has had me.” Heather phrased her answer carefully.


“Wow,” Joanne sounded amazed. “I didn’t think you ever had.”


“How old were you the first time?” Abby interrogated.


“I’m not sure that’s important.” Heather tried to brush the question aside.


“How…” Joanne tried to ask another question.


“Why are you asking me this?”


“Because Joanne and I are both still virgins and well we want your advice.”


“Stay virgins.” Heather tried to close the conversation and return to her book.


“Heather….Tommy the Fish called us ‘Good Girls’…” Joanne hesitated, “well with all we do I’m thinking we maybe need try…”


“Sex.” Abby finished the sentence for her friend.


Heather put her book down and looked at the girls seriously again.


“Okay you’re not going to shut until I give you answers. Ask away?”


Abby looked at the deathly pale Heather, and noticed the set of her jaw.


“Umm how old were you?” Abby asked the question.


“The first time you had sex?” Joanne clarified.


“I was twelve.”


“Twelve!” the two girls screeched out in unison.


“But how? Why?” Jo mumbled the words that came to her mouth.


“Did it hurt? Did you enjoy it?” Abby couldn’t keep her mouth shut.


For a second Heather paused.


“Yes it hurt like hell, no I didn’t enjoy it, the best thing was it was over quickly, and afterwards my father told me that if I ever told anyone he’d kill me”


“Your dad said that? Abby asked and then realized just what Heather had said.


“Your Father!” Joanne said as though she couldn’t believe the words.


“Yes.” Heather started crying small tears. “My father raped me when I just had my 12th birthday.”


Both Abby and Joanne stared at the nanny who was fighting hard to stop her lips quivering.


“Oh my fucking Goddess” Abby shook her head.


“But I thought your family was so close and loving?” Joanne murmured. “I guess I mean our family.”


“Well there’s nothing like a little incest to keep a family close.” Heather laughed a bitter and hollow little laugh. “How do you think I became so interested in great art in a hole in the wall like Atherham?”


Suddenly the floodgates broke and the tears flowed.


“I spent every spare moment I could in the library…to keep away from him. In summer I’d be there when the doors opened, I’d leave when they closed. It was why Yale were impressed by my extra-curricula’s; I joined every group, every club, so I could be at school as long as possible each day.”


“But your Mom…. did she know?” Abby couldn’t quite believe what she was hearing.


“Oh yes she knew…”


“My Goddess.” Jo put her hand to her mouth. “And she let him?”


“How long did it continue?” Abby tried to put her arm round Heather.


“Till I left for Yale.” Heather paused. “Soon after that they had their accident. I went home for the funeral…till I met Sandy it was the happiest day of my life.”


“Does Sandy know?” Jo held Heather tight.


“No and she’s not too.” Heather looked both girls in the eye. “Girls I want you to swear in the name of Artemis Goddess of Lesbos, that you’ll never tell anyone?”…Heather sobbed then screamed “Swear girls by all that is holy!”


“I swear.” Abby looked shocked and frightened.


“I swear.” Jo whispered her response.




Tuesday 29th October
10 am, Conde Nast


Anna and Mary entered Juliette’s office looking, what only could be described as sheepish.  As she put her red pen down, Juliette wondered what was on their minds.

"We need a favour Juliette." Mary came straight to the point. "We are one model down for this shoot down on Wall Street this afternoon.  Zara pulled out again.”


“Then we need to stop using that pretentious little…  All right, so we are one model down, and?”

The two women looked nervously one to another. “We want you to ask Diana de Ros if we can use Abigail?”  Anna blurted it out, as they both watched for any reaction from Juliette.

"No way, you know there is no way Diana will ever agree." Juliette paused "First you know how over protective she is of Abby, hell she won't even let her wear makeup….and secondly, today is a school day,"

"Can you ask?" Mary spoke up

"Goddess Mary you really see something in her don't you?”


"Anyway where is the shoot?  Given the time, it had better be on the island.” Juliette's interest was piqued slightly – she trusted Mary’s eye and skill, but Diana was an altogether different proposition.

"We are going to shoot by the Wall Street Bull, and oh yes - Harkness, Dent and Harkness are letting us use their offices.”

Juliette fought tenaciously to not suddenly too excited, keeping as still a look as she could. "Oh that's a great firm – I visited their offices last week on business."

Mary and Anna stood up and turned to leave, as Juliette thought the matter over.

"I suppose if that amazing driver of Vanessa Richmond’s could drive her, she'd only miss a couple of classes…I could try asking Diana I suppose.”  Anna and Mary stopped and turned round as Juliette reached for her cell phone and pressed Diana’s number on the memory.


“Diana? it’s Juliette…I’m fine…How’s that tooth doing?...ooh that bad eh?”


Mary and Anna both sat on the edge of Juliette’s desk.


“Darling I have the world’s biggest favour to ask on behalf of Complete Style magazine…yes for the magazine….ummm you know Mary our style director?...yes she’s here in my office….”


Juliette put her fingers over the phone for a second…”Diana says Hi Mary.”


“Yes I passed on your good wishes…look Darling it’s about Abigail…no nothing has happened to her, I told you this is for the magazine…well if you’ll let me finish…no I’m not being rude and yes I know your tooth hurts more when you talk.”


Juliette looked skywards and rolled her eyes.


“Darling just listen…yes listen please…Mary wants to use Abigail as a model on a shoot this afternoon…”


Juliette held the phone away from her ear as a stream of loud French invective came from the other end.


“Diana calm down…no I’m not exploiting Abigail…Nor is Mary…No nor is Complete Style…Yes. Yes…No…Yes….No it’s not porno!...I’m shocked you’d even think I’d propose that Diana de Ros…No it’s with Antonio Bell…Yes the Antonio Bell…no referring to him as that little Latino faggot is not helping Diana.”


Juliette looked at the other two women and raised her eyebrows.


“No they are shooting it down on Wall Street, and in the offices of Harkness, Dent, and Harkness…yes that Harkness Dent…I know…I know…. Yes…No…Yes…Okay yes, I’ll tell Mary that you’re not happy but you’ll ring the school so they can let Abby out.”


Juliette whispered, “She’s letting her do it.”  Mary smiled, the broad smile she was so famous for, as Juliette went back to the call.


“Why not ask Vanessa if that amazing driver of hers can collect Abigail after Third Period?...Okay I’ll leave that to you.”


Juliette breathed in “Ciao Diana.” She spoke as she hung up.


“Well Mary you have your model, if the school will let her out and he can get her there on time.  Now you need to get down there and tell dear Antonio not to panic.”


10.30 am
Principal Tennant’s Office, St Angela’s


Vanessa Tennant had her head deep in the latest edict from the governors when her secretary knocked on the door.


“Diana de Ros on line one for you,” she said as she looked round the door.  She knew Vanessa had asked not to be disturbed, but as Diana was one of the said board of governors, she had no choice but to inform her employer.


Vanessa looked up, and said, “very well then, I’ll take the call.”


She picked up the phone, sighed and said “Countess de Ros, how can I help you today?”


“My apologies for interrupting your busy schedule,” Diana said over the line, “but I require a small favour from you – oww.”


“Is everything all right?”


“Yes, yes – just some toothache.  I must ask permission of you for Abigail to take the afternoon off, to attend to some urgent family business which has arisen.”


“I am required to remind you of the school policy on authorized absences, Countess…”


“I am perfectly aware of the policy,” Diana said shortly, “I helped approve it.”


“I apologise if I have caused offence…”


“No, no – it’s the toothache.  As I was saying, I would not ask if it was not urgent, but I need to ask if Abigail can be excused after her third period.  A chauffeur will be waiting outside to collect her, and I will ensure ay lessons missed are caught up on, personally.  May I have your agreement?”


Vanessa rubbed her eyes, and said, “Very well then – I will inform Abigail, and tell her where and when she will be met.”


“Thank you,” Diana said as the line went dead.


The Refectory, St Angela’s


“Can you believe those fuckin’ Nuns are threatening to protest Buffy’s party?” Abby slumped into a spare seat in the refectory opposite Judy McNally and Carina. “All because some of us are wearing furs to the party?”


Abby couldn’t believe how things had changed for her and Joanne since the funeral, that from the social Siberia of the edges of the room, they both now got to sit with the popular girls’ area.  Even during that ‘exile’, however, all had agreed on the feelings to the Nuns.


There had been a long standing animosity and rivalry between St Angela’s Academy for Young Ladies and the Convent of the Sacred Heart, even though there were close geographically.  Sacred Heart had been founded in 1881, while St Angela's had been founded in 1888, those seven years were the only years that Angels were prepared to acknowledge any superiority to what they l called the Nuns. To any Angel a Nun was an absolute bitch, the enmity ran deeply between the schools and it ran both ways.

A few girls had tried transferring from one school to the other, It didn't work, you were either born a Nun or an Angel, it was as simple as that.


St Angela's, while it was a catholic foundation, had always had a secular form of government, and usually about 40% of the girls were non Catholics, drawn by the schools superior academic and social reputation.  Sacred Heart, on the other hand, were proud of their background and their exclusivity, and resented the higher reputation for learning enjoyed by St Angela’s.


Both schools were similar in size, in the rooms and services they offered, and in the facilities, but that was all.  The recent netball match between the two schools had made the newspapers, thanks to the flour bombing that took place during the interval.


Judy shook her head, “What do you expect Abs’? Those bitches will do anything to spoil Angels fun.”


“Who knew they had their own PETA chapter?” Joanne dropped her bag at the tableside and slumped into the chair next to Abby.


“Aren’t you interested Cari?” all three girls asked at once as Carina kept her nose firmly in her book.


“Cari?” Judy kicked her on the shins. “Peta…. Nuns…. Buffy’s party…. No opinions?”


“Uhhh,” suddenly Carina looked up and adjusted her glasses. “What were you all saying?”


“Buffy’s Party?” Judy repeated with patience.


“Oh what about it?” Carina’s nose went back into her book.


“Give up Judy,” Abigail groaned, “till she’s done her SAT’s she won’t re-join the human race.”


“What’s she worried about?” Judy asked with an air of resignation. “Her scores she’s going to get she’ll be able to get in anywhere…its people like me have to worry.”


“My sister’s got her interested in Yale,” Joanne sighed. “Cari thinks she’s not as clever as Heather and they won’t take her.”


“Yes and pigs might fly.” Judy snorted, “It’s huge brains like your sister that make it so hard for the rest of us to be mediocre. My mom is fixated since she met Heather, she keeps repeating if a little no one like Heather Smith from some town no one has ever heard of can get into Yale, then I’m sure with your breeding like yours you can too Judy.” Judy shook her head. “My Mom is such a snob!”


“Hey – I come from the same small town, remember?”  Joanne looked at Judy and smiled.  “I know it wasn’t an insult, and I certainly cannot match her for brains.  I got the…”


“Don’t wear fur, Don’t wear fur, Don’t…”


The girls turned their head at the sound, just to see a group of girls in Sacred Heart uniforms and ski masks start throwing flour bombs into the ranks of Angels sitting around.


“Run” a high-pitched female voice screamed from behind a ski mask, as the Angels quickly started to recover their composure and get to their feet,


“Get those bitches!”


“Fur is Murder!” the Sacred Heart girls screamed backwards over their shoulders as they bolted for the exits.




Abby turned to see Principal Tennant’s secretary looking at her.  “The principal would like to see you briefly,” she said as she saw the two groups of girls running out, “now.”


Abigail looked to the door, then followed the secretary to the office.


12 noon,
The Richmond Mansion


“Why, oh why, did I agree to take the kids trick or treating on Thursday?  It’s not as if there are a lot of houses around here that they can go to.”


Heather was sewing the body for Sandy’s outfit, while her mother was working at her drawing board on her latest commission.


“It’s tradition – don’t worry, you get to dress up later that night.”


Heather smiled at that, as Sandy looked at her.  “You still miss them at times like this, don’t you?”


“Miss whom?”


“Your parents, silly.”


Heather put down her sewing kit and stood up, walking over and putting her arms round Sandy.


“Yeah, but not as much as past years.  I guess you’ve given me a new family to spend time with.”


Sandy leaned back and tilted her head as Heather pressed her lips against hers.


“Sandy, darling…”


The two women separated quickly, as Vanessa Richmond came into the room.


“Ah there you are dear,” she said as Sandy stood up and they greeted each other, “Would it be possible for you to get me some coffee?  John just dropped me off and went to collect Abigail – apparently she is doing something for Juliette this afternoon.”


“I’ll go and make some,” Heather said as she heard Vanessa say “Oh and I have a table reserved at Le Bernadin for seven on Thursday.  I hope you don’t mind me making the arrangements…”


St Angela’s


“So where exactly are you going,” Carina said as she met Abigail outside her classroom at the end of the third period.


“No idea – all I know is…”  The sound of La Mer by Jacques Brel interrupted their talk, as Abby took her phone out.




“Oh hello Aunt Juliette – what do you…”


Carina saw her friend’s eyes widen as she listened on the phone, and then said “Wow.  No, I’m heading there now.  Thank you Aunt Juliette, thank you!”  Putting her phone away, she hugged Carina, said “I’ll see you later” and ran off.


Abigail rushed out of the school gates and literally dived into the back of the limo through the door held open by John.


“Quick” she yelled as John went round and got in the driver’s seat.


“Calm down miss,” John smiled reassuringly towards the eager young girl. “I promise I’ll get you there in time.”


John had worked for the Richmond’s for many years, ever since he moved from London to join his daughter in the city.  He had worked as a London cab driver there, and therefore was very proud of the fact he had “The Knowledge” as he put it.  He had put those same skills to use here, so that he could pick a route from point A to point B anywhere in New York and get you there on time, whatever got in the way.


John looked in the rear mirror as Abigail jumped from seat to seat unable to get settled. “Excited Miss?”


“Oh my Damn Goddess,” Abby shouted at the top of her lungs. “I’m shooting a spread for CS magazine..,with Antonio Bell….ANTONIO BELL!”


“I take it that he’s a famous photographer Miss?” John teased, well aware who Antonio Bell was.


“He’s only the world’s GREATEST fashion photographer.” Abby held her breath a second, “Just the greatest.”


“Then we must make sure we get you there as quickly as we can,” John said as he turned onto 2nd Avenue and headed south.  The traffic was typical for the island on a weekday, as Abigail looked out of the window.


“Can’t you go any faster, John?”


“I could if I wanted a ticket, miss,” John said as he turned onto East 79th street.  Normally, he would go onto FDR Drive and down the shore, but today he turned onto York Avenue.




“My sat nav tells me there has been an accident on the coast road, miss – I think it's time I showed you what I can do.”


She felt the car speed up as he drove down York Avenue, past Rockerfeller U and then onto Sutton Place, before turning right onto East 55th Street.


The car went over several potholes, before he turned onto Park Avenue, 4th Avenue and down the Bowery, eventually emerging onto FDR drive on the south of the island.  Two minutes later, he drew up outside the offices of Harkness, Dent and Harkness.


“There you are at last,” Mary grabbed Abigail as she jumped out of the back of Vanessa Richmond’s limousine.


“Am I…” Abby failed to finish her question as Mary started throwing out orders.


“Sarah love get her into hair and makeup.” Mary pushed Abby towards one of her assistants.


“Don’t worry Antonio,” she screeched into her cell phone as it rang. “The model is here we won’t lose this light.”


“Bobby my darling I do trust you got the outfits for Abigail that I asked for?” She looked accusingly at an assistant who was looking sheepish.


“Hmmm am I needed for now Ma’am?” John the driver asked, looking at the mud and dirt he’d managed to put on the limo during his mad dash downtown. “Will I have time to clean this up before I need to drive Miss Abigail home?”


“John Balden,” Mary said as she hugged him, “you are a miracle worker, do you know that?  I won’t need you for a while.”


“Good – I will see you later then,” he said as he got into the car and drove off.


Abigail barely knew what was happening, as the woman Mary had called Sarah took her school blazer off, covered her in a smock and sat her in a chair.  “All right then,” a young man said as another woman started to comb and tease Abby’s hair, “Mary wants us to work our magic on you, let’s do it!”



When Abby got ready for a night out, it could take her a full half hour, but within ten minutes she was no longer the geeky school girl, but a beautiful young woman with her hair falling down her back.


“Right,” the man said as she was helped out of the chair, “All yours Sarah.”


“Behind the screen,” Sarah said as she pushed Abby into a room off the main corridor of the building, “and get changed.”


Another young woman was talking to a blonde haired, well dressed woman with the signs of her pregnancy showing.  “Oh, so this is Mary’s new find,” she said as she took Abby’s arm and led her behind a screen.  “We’ll talk later Allison – business calls.”




“Mary, Mary, Mary, I know you are a miracle worker, but if you do not have this bambina in this room in…”


Mary turned as the door opened and a tall, thin blonde haired woman walked in, wearing a thin white Grecian style top over a pair of skin tight leather pants, and over the knee suede boots.


Antonio Bell looked at her as well, and sighed “Ah, è come ai vecchi tempi ancora ...”


“What did I tell you,” Mary said, beckoning to Abby with her hand to walk over.  “Do exactly what he tells you, and if he touches you in the wrong place, let me know and I’ll spank him.”


Abby smiled shyly as Antonio said  “well, come here my dear, and show me what you have to offer….”



8 pm
the Huntingdown Apartment


“… and it was fantastic.  He had me in the most wonderful chiffon gown, and a pant suit with the most incredible heels.  He’s dropping the proofs off at nine for Juliette for review – in more ways than one.


“The best bit was the final shot – he took me out to the street, in this red vest top and tight red leather pants, with the most fantastic heels, and I was draped over the bull on the street, both lying along the back and then sitting across its neck, riding it like a bucking bronco.”


“Metaphorically, of course,” Diana said as she looked over, her jaw hurting like hell.


“Yes, Mom,” Abby said as she rolled her eyes, “but I’m telling you, the looks all those brokers were giving me as they came out of their offices, and the looks of sheer jealous hatred from some of the stuck up broker bitches…”


“Yeah,” Cari said as she leaned forward.  Abby smiled, sat back and said “I…  Loved… IT!!!  I felt like a million dollars, and more free than I can ever be at school.  Mother, I may have found my true calling!”


“We will discuss this later,” Diana said as she grimaced.


“I am so jealous,” Joanne said, but she was proud as well.

"Mary thinks I'm a natural."

"Before you get a swollen head Abby she says that about a lot of girls." Juliette tried to bring the teen back down to earth.

"She says only one other prospect excited her the same way."

"Oh who? Carina asked, reeling off a list of supermodel names.

"Nope none of those."

"Well who then?"

"Your Mom"


Juliette looked at Diana, who was scowling in pain, and shrugged her shoulders in silent defeat.


“Anyway, on to other business  - Who the hell tipped the fuckin’ Nuns off about the furs at the party?” Abigail, after spending an hour talking about the shoot, could now not get the question of the PETA thing out of her mind as she and Joanne ate supper at the Huntingdowns’s.


“Can only been someone in a mixed family.” Joanne threw the statement out there. “Kelly Evans maybe blurted? Or Ally Rochermann maybe?”


“Kelly wouldn’t have blurted, but Ally and Nell are twins remember…Ally might not have been able to keep a secret.” Abby mused.


Juliette sat bemused unable to fathom the girls language.


“Okay I’ll bite,” she interrupted the girls. “What’s a mixed family?”


Carina sighed, “The most unholy thing on earth Mother…. sisters at both schools.”


“It’s un-natural.” Abby shuddered at the thought.


“It’s against the laws of God.” Jo added.


“Some Angel blabbed to a Nun Mother.” Carina looked a little upset. “The worst crime in the book.”


“Ummm actually no…” Juliette spoke hesitatingly.


“Eh?” the three teenagers asked in unison.


“I told the Sacred Heart Peta group in an e-mail?”


“You did WHAT?” Carina exploded at her Mother.


“Miss Huntingdown how could you?” Joanne suddenly got very formal.


“Mother?” Carina scowled at her, hands on hips.


Juliette couldn’t resist a chuckle at the sight of the outraged teenagers. “Oh you should see your faces – they make a real picture.”



“There’s method in my madness girls, during the disturbance you can slip away, by the time the job is done and you get back, you can all just say you were hiding in a bedroom.”


Carina let a smile cross her face, as she said “I knew I got my devious nature from you.”


Juliette smiled in return.  “A Peta demonstration and an Angels vs Nuns catfight is a perfect alibi, you’ll not be missed in the confusion.  Once the job is done, you slip back, tell your hunky menfolk you hid away, and nobody is the wiser.”


“Yeah – about that,” Sandy said as she put the paper down, “You may have forgotten one problem on Thursday.”


“Oh – what’s that?”


“The Halloween Parade up Spring Street – cuts off one of our main escape routes.”


“So we find another way,” Diana said before she grimaced again.


“Just tell me that’s gone by Thursday night, Diana.”


“I’m almost tempted to take up Carina’s kind offer – almost.”


The sound of the intercom interrupted that conversation, as Juliette picked up the handset.


“Antonio, my darling – how wonderful to see you – come up, come up!”



“Antonio is a great fashion photographer, and Abby Darling you look amazing” Juliette threw out praise as the gang sat round the dining room table looking at the prints of what had been shot earlier. “But he’s not the best photographer at shooting pics for helping a gang of bandits plan a heist.”


“Still at least thanks to my oh so beautiful daughter we can at least all see what’s in there.” Poor Diana smiled but it vanished quickly as again the pain from her tooth hit her.


“The safe is in the large brokerage room that is the third main room in the sequence after we get out of the elevator.” Sandy pointed it out both on the floor plan and in the photos.


“The biggest problem is not going to be getting into the safe.” Juliette paused. “I’m sure we can rely on Carina and Joanne’s expertise that someone can be persuaded to open it. It’s that we will have no idea where everyone will be in each room till we go through them.”


“Heather I have a suggestion,” Diana spoke. “You make sure you get everyone’s cells and all electrical devices. Room by room make sure no one can get the message out we are in there.”


"While I'm grabbing their electronics I have an idea." Heather paused.

"And it is?" Diana was testier as the tooth hurt worse.

"Why don't I also grab everyone’s id's?"


"Can you imagine how terrifying it will be if they think the Pussycats not only know who they are, but where they and their families live?"

"Ooh." Carina writhed in excitement. "Ooh Heather that is so EVIL! Why didn't I ever think of that?"

"We tell 'em we get any hassle from the cops or the feds. we give someone a late night visit."


Carina stood up and stood over an imaginary victim.  “Let me put it this way, fucker,” she whispered, “if I discover you have called anyone who thinks they can fucking tell me what to do, I will come to your house, I will make you watch as I shoot your children, as I strip, fuck and shoot your wife, and then make you re-live every exquisite, agonising torture before I slowly, slowly choke the life out of you.  Do you understand?”


Juliette and the others watched the light in Carina’s eyes before she shook her head.


“Jo are you up to killing the alarms and CC TV in a place with this level of security?” Heather anxiously asked her sister.  Joanne looked at the detailed plans, and said “Nobody else will be in the building at the time, right?”


“According to the annoyingly accurate Allison, the bitch, no – they own the building, and insist on keeping the party private.”


“Well,” Joanne said, “the security is controlled from this room, behind the reception desk.  Neutralise the guard at reception, and I can hardwire the cameras on that floor and the front door, and also stop the lift from stopping anywhere except there.  It’s an old system, so not too much bother.”


“Good – so we time our arrival for 8.30.  Let’s review the timeline up until then.  Heather?”


“I take the kids trick or treating for an hour at just before 6.  Get them back by seven, the girls are on their way by 7.30.  I get the replacement babysitter to agree, and make my way to the corner where Diana collects me.”


“Dentist allowing,” Diana moaned.  “Sandy?”


“I have that dinner appointment at seven with Mother – but I am arranging for a couple of surprises that will let me slip out at eight, and be picked up by Diana and Heather.  Girls?”


“We come here to get ready for the party, and meet our dates.  Once at the planetarium, we make sure we’re near the exit when the raid starts to take place.  In the confusion, we slip out to be picked up by Mom in the van Heather stole yesterday.”


“I should be finished at the fashion show by seven,” Juliette said, “which gives me time to feign a headache, slip out and collect the van, with all out gear inside, and get the girls.  We aim to rendezvous at Battery Park at 8, to change and head to the offices.  The good news is we all should have make up on, which makes things easier.”


“The thing?”


“Will be in the van with me,” Juliette said as she looked at Abby.  “So, we enter the lobby at eight thirty – me first to distract the guard, then you.  Joanne?”


“Make sure the guard can’t interfere, jam the CCTV and lift access, join you in the lift.”


“We take the list to the top floor, get out, shoot first and make everyone know who we are?”


“any security guards on the floor?”


“Kill them,” Juliette said as she looked at Diana.  “Secure Lobby and lift – Diana, that’s your job.”


Diana nodded as Juliette pointed to the first room.  “Make sure anyone in there stays in there – Heather, Sandy, you cover that.  And Sandy?”




“If Allison is in there?”


“I will be sweetness and light,” Sandy said quietly.  Juliette shook her head and said “heather’s right, by the way – destroy all communication equipment.  Second room – Abby, that’s yours with Joanne.  Carina and I will go to the final room – the one with the safe.”


“How on earth do you open a double safe anyway?”


“You don’t - you get a partner to do it, one whose wife is in attendance.”


“Nice,” Carina said with a smile.


“We get the bonds, we get out by 9, and we slip into the night, returning to our respective appointments.   Sound feasible?”


“Possible, if the traffic goes with us.”


“That’s your department for Thursday morning Heather – make sure there are no hold-ups at that end.”  Heather nodded as Juliette said “Right – let’s run through it again…”



Wednesday 30th October
7.30 am, The Richmond mansion

Heather and Joanne sat in the kitchen at the counter each lost in her thoughts, both thinking of the upcoming day.


As Jo finished her orange juice, Heather nursed her cup of coffee. Jo looked at her sister closely, things had been a bit weird between them since Heather had dropped her bombshell about her mistreatment at the hands of her father.


“Heather I can’t bear this silence. Is there nothing I can do or say?


“It’s not your fault really Jo.” Heather moved round the counter and hugged her sister. “You weren’t to know the can of worms you were opening up.”


“It must have been a living hell.”




“Did you never think of doing…”


“Sweetie I used to think of a different way to kill him every day…just never had the courage, besides where would I have run to. I had no other family…. well not till I got you Sandy and the kids.”


For a moment both lapsed into silence as Joanne loaded her school backpack.


“Heather why are you a Pussycat?”




“Why are you a Pussycat?” Joanne repeated herself. “Of all the girls you are the least likely…In a way you are the odd one out.”


“I’m a Pussycat because Sandy became one….and now you are…Simple as that.”  Heather shrugged her shoulders. “You are my family, you are Pussycats, so I’m one too.


“When Sandy offered me the nanny’s job, I’d spent weeks applying to every gallery in the metropolitan area, I’d not got a single interview. I was on the point of just giving everything up.”


“You mean working in the art world?”




“Oh my Goddess you were going to kill yourself?”


“Give the young lady a prize she got it in one.”


“But how? Why? You are the smartest person I ever met….Your smarter even then Carina and her Mom.”


“Yes so smart I was living in my car.”


“Oh Lord…was it that bad?”




Joanne shook herself as she contemplated the level of despair that Heather must have felt.


“Then I saw the ad for a Nanny wanted, and I thought what the Heck? One last try.


“Well I wasn’t to know it but Sandy was almost as big a basket case as I was. Her divorce had been a complete mess, she was as unhappy as hell, turned out we were Sympatico, she offered the job on the spot. I moved in here that night.”


“It still doesn’t explain why you are a Pussycat?”


“You’ve heard us say Sandy was insulted?”


“Yes, several times.”


“Well basically this bitch had hurt Sandy. Sandy was decorating her place when she saw the bitch kept a large amount of cash in her safe.”


Jo nodded.


“Well Sandy needed to exercise her demons with that woman…Sandy came up with the plan…”


“The girls have told me a little bit about it.”


“Well Sandy roped in Juliette and Diana.” Heather paused, “I overheard the plotting, by that time I was so deeply in love with Sandy there was no way I was letting her go without me.”


Joanne nodded.


“It wasn’t supposed to be the start of anything…just a simple little robbery…almost like the pranks you girls play on the Nuns.”


Joanne listened intently.


“Well somehow Carina found out about it and insisted she went along too. Well Okay Carina was in the gang too. Everything went just as we had planned it, then Sandy shot the woman.”


“Oh crap”


“Yeah oh crap about says it, well from there, there was no going back, we were all looking at life sentences if we got caught.”


“We came back here and swore each other to secrecy…but well it somehow woke things up in all of us. It was Juliette who suggested we try a bigger more daring job. Well that’s when we found out about Carina…” Heather left the sentence trailing.


“And that’s how the Pussycat gang started?”


“Yep…sweetie you asked why I’m a Pussycat, the answer is simple…after what I suffered growing up even what you and Carina do isn’t so terrible to me.”


Heather kissed her little sister on the cheek.


“I’m a Pussycat because the Pussycats are the first real family I ever had.”




10 am, The Richmond mansion.


Vanessa Richmond was a woman who believed with a clear total confidence in herself, she believed that she knew on all subjects exactly what was right, and that by knowing that she could therefore never ever do anything wrong.  Her one regret had been the nasty affair with Alexandra and her husband, but she knew her daughter had been wronged, so she forgave the way she reacted.


So as she called on Sandy, and waved goodbye to her grandchildren, she once again thanked whoever was in charge that Heather had applied for the Nanny’s job.  She had interviewed her with Sandy, and she had to admit at first she was unsure what a Yale graduate would want this job for.


But it was as if they had been destined to be employer and employee – they got on well together, the children adored her, and now that her sister had come to stay they were a real family.


She had asked about Joanne – she had remembered that Heather’s parents had been killed in a car crash, but apparently Joanne had lived with an aunt and uncle until Heather was ready for her to come and join her.  The Richmond family may be one of the oldest families in New York, but Heather and Joanne between them were a god send.


“So  I understand you have a favour to ask of me,” she said as she laid her cup down.


“I have Mother,” Sandy said as she sat back.  “I was wondering if I could use John tomorrow?  There is a lot of running around to do, and we need someone to take the girls to the Planetarium tomorrow for their party with their dates.”


“I approve,” Vanessa, said quietly, “It will be a sign of their standing to arrive in a limousine.  Of course John shall attend on you tomorrow – what time do you want him to arrive?”


“If he can be here for ten, that would be good.  I have arranged for a horse drawn carriage to take us to the restaurant tonight – I hope that meets with your approval?”


“It does indeed,” Vanessa said with a smile.  “So where is Heather?”


“Oh I gave her the morning off – she had some personal business to take care of.”



1 pm
Long Island


Tommy the Fish was almost whistling as he turned down the lane.  Almost – his respect and fear for the ladies, as he had come to call them, was no less diminished, but recent events had made him feel a little less afraid of meeting them.


Oh, the thought still scared the crap out of him, but as he turned the van towards the open barn doors he knew this was a real money earner.  The order had been large, but he had managed to get everything.


Stopping the van, he waited until the bran doors closed before he stepped out, and put his hands in the pockets of his worn jeans.  He even allowed himself a little smile, and chuckled as he thought of the evening he had spent with the girls…


“Something funny, you little dickwad?”


Tommy nearly choked as he turned to see Miss Leopard standing behind him, a large red and black square wrapped round her neck and secured with her brooch.  The nylon stocking over her head could not completely dim the fire in her eyes, as she caressed the shotgun in her hands.


“You will have to forgive Miss Leopard, Tommy,” Miss Panther said as she walked towards the van, Miss Cheetah with her, “she has been a little cranky recently.  A little toothache.”


“Oh yeah,” Tommy said as he looked at her face, “I usually use oil of cloves.”


“I will try to remember that,” Miss Leopard said as she stepped back.  All three wore dark grey skirts and jackets, with the gloves, the scarves, and the nylon holding their hair down on their heads.


“So did you manage to fulfil our order, Tommy,” Miss Panther said as she looked at her supplier.


“Got it all ma’m – legit as always, cleaned of all marks, the ammunition as requested.  I even got a special something extra for you.”


“Oh,” Miss Cheetah said as she looked in the van, and smiled as she withdrew what looked like a pair of zip ties linked by a plastic hasp.  “Police zipcuffs – how did you manage to get these?”


“I know a man who knows a man – he had them for Bartello, but that went down the river.  Nasty business that – nothing to do with you, of course?”


“My dear Tommy,” Miss Panther said as she walked forward and stroked his cheek, “Why would we wish to involve ourselves in family business?  But we accept your gift – it is most thoughtful of you.”


“Everything looks to be in order,” Miss Cheetah said as she and Miss Puma started to transfer the goods from one van to another. 


“May I ask you somefink,” Tommy said as he watched the two ladies at work.


“So long as it is not personal, Tommy.”


Tommy the Fish smiled, and said “No – just give a message to the two of them will ya?  Tell them Uncle Tommy says thank you.”


He then saw a rare sight – a genuine smile from Miss Panther, as she said, “I will pass the message on.  Thank you Tommy – the funds are in the bag Miss Cheetah is bringing over now.”


Tommy nodded as Miss Cheetah placed a canvas bag in his van, the thud audible in the quiet barn.


“Well, Tommy, we will speak again soon I am sure.”


“Yeah – just keep me out of any other business, okay?  I still got bad dreams of last time.”


“Yes – I heard,” Miss Panther, said with a smile as Tommy got into the van and drove off.


“Oil of cloves,” Diana moaned as Heather closed the gates, “Who does he think I am, Larry Olivier?”


“Give him his due, Diana – it might just work.”



Conde Nast offices


"Come on Girls," Mary Thomas said in her lilting Welsh accent, "Let's be seeing how beautiful you are."  She sat back, her waistcoat stuffed with pins, and watched as the door opened in the changing room.


"I can’t believe this," Abby said as she stepped out, in a red floor length bustier dress.  The dress was made from a sparkling red silk, with a skirt that was slit on side all the way up to her waist, the bustier top held in place with strategically placed tape.  A pair of long black opera gloves adorned Abby's arm, with some sparkling bracelets on her arms, and a short fox fur jacket in red covered her shoulders.

"My you look gorgeous," Mary said as she adjusted the jacket, "and those heels really add to your height."  She stood on a stool and arranged Abby’s hair on her head, pinning it into place as she used a can of hairspray on it.


“I’ll bring Susan to Sandy Richmond’s place tomorrow night to make sure you all look like a million quid,” Mary said with a big grin, “although in your case, it’s easy.  What did your mother think of the photographs?”


“Ask her when she doesn’t have throbbing tooth,” Abby said as Jo walked in, and she just said “wow.”


Joanne had her hair pushed up in a bouffant style, and was wearing a white silk floor length dress, her cleavage emphasised by the plunging neckline, and a white jacket over the top.  A diamond necklace hung round her neck, and Abby could see the white shoes underneath.  The whole ensemble sat under a knee length ermine fur coat, which Jo wrapped around herself as she smiled.



“A girl could get used very easily to this,” she said as she looked at her reflection against the dark Manhattan sky.  “Where did you get this stuff, Mary?”


“A lifetime in this business means you know where to look,” Mary said as Jo looked at Abby.  “The House is gonna fall down over you Babe.”


“Yeah – just be sure you don’t get somebody’s fire burning.”


“I believe that is my cue?”


Both girls gasped as Carina walked in, her hips swaying in the tight pink skirt of her outfit.  The skirt reached the floor, but it had a gathered panel that sat under her waist, and padded shoulders with ruffs.  The neckline was square, but with the pearls around her neck and the wrist of her right arm made her look very special.  Her black five inch heels made her look even more elegant.


“Oh my,” Mary whispered as she turned on the spot, “You look so grown up now.


“You know Carina darling I was there the day you were born. It was the Countess and me who rushed Juliette to the hospital.” Mary paused remembering the insane dash through the streets of Manhattan that night in her old station wagon.


“I never knew that Aunt Mary…I knew aunt Diana was there, not you though.”


“I held you in my arms as soon as they cleaned you up.” Mary reminisced in her lilting Welsh accent. “I thought at the time you’d never look so beautiful again…”


Mary stopped and smiled as Carina played with her boobs to make sure the dress hung right.


“But I swear you look ALMOST more beautiful now then you did then.”


Mary wiped away a small tear as Carina hugged her.


“But you still won’t use me as a model?” Carina asked teasingly knowing very well Mary’s answer…


“Not unless I grow another six inches.” Carina chanted the words along with the older woman. Then smiled and laughed as she saw the look on Mary’s face.


“So how do you think you’ll score on the SAT’s?” Mary asked idly as she pinned and then looked again at Carina’s dress.


“She’ll be over 700 on critical Reading, over 750 math, and over 720 writing.” Abby called out. I heard one of the teachers predict it.


“Wow even I know those are pretty impressive scores darling.” Mary whistled in surprise.

“I wish I could be that confident.” Carina sounded worried.


“Cari it’s a lock, every Angel knows it.” Joanne smiled at her friend. “No way you go below 2100 composite.”


“Beauty and brains…no wonder your Mum is so proud of you.” Mary beamed. “”Now hear look girl…” she ushered Carina in front of a mirror. “You look incredible”


“Right,” Mary said as she tucked the skirt a little, “I have just the thing to go with this.”  She picked up a brown long fur coat, and slipped it over Cari’s shoulders, before she stepped back.


“Perfect,” she said with a big smile.  “Right, go and change, and I’ll be at the house at 5 tomorrow to meet you.”


“Good,” Cari said, “I have time to get some more practice in.”


“You have got to be kidding me,” Abby said as she sashayed over.


“Does Tommy get lucky tomorrow night?”


“One thing at a time, Abs, one thing at a time,” Carina said with a smile as they walked off…




Thursday 31st October
8 am.


“There you are,” Carina said as she walked into the kitchen, and saw Jo sitting with Abby, “Come on, come on – I want to get this day over and done with.”


“Hold your horse, oh sage and wise one,” Abby said as she drank her orange juice, “we need to discuss tactics for tonight.”


“What’s to discuss, we go to the party, we slip out, we slip back.”


“I meant with the boys – how far do we go?”


“Only as far as the party,” Heather said as she came in, “or I and your mothers may have something to say about it.”


“But you’re a real softie, sis,” Jo said with a laugh.


“Not when it comes ot boys – especially young Master Duffy,” Heather said as she looked at them.  “I will have words with him when he comes tonight.”


“You’re beginning to sound like my mother,” Jo said as she finished her bagel.


“Enough,” Carina said, “let’s go, before my brain explodes from what might happen.  We’ll be back by four, Heather.”


“Good – don’t be late,” she called out as the kids ran in with their backpacks.


“Right,” Heather said as Sandy came in, “let me grab my coat and we’ll be off.  Good morning Vanessa.”


“Good morning my dear,” Vanessa said as she walked in, and looked at young Sandy and George while Sandy entered.  "And what costume are you wearing tonight darling?" Vanessa asked her granddaughter.

"I'm going to be a Pussycat just like Mommy."

The shock of what she heard caused Alexandra to juggle her coffee cup.  Putting it down next to the coffee maker, she said "You’re going to dress as what Sandy?"

"A pussycat," Little Sandy repeated.

"That's what I thought you said?"

"Who came up with that idea darling?" Vanessa asked.

"Heather silly…." Little Sandy giggled.

"Has Heather gone out of her mind?" Sandy found herself thinking.

"She saw that pic Grandma has of you and her trick and treating when you were my age and she said she thought it was…"

“Adorable…" Vanessa smiled. "I remember now, Alexandra darling it's that one of you dressed like a little black, cute pussycat….You looked so sweet."


Sandy breathed a sigh of relief as she said “Oh yes – I do remember that.”


“And what about you George – what are you going to wear?”


“I wanted to be a zombie, but Heather said no, so I’m gonna be a spaceman.”


“Right,” Heather said as she pulled her coat on, “Let’s go kids.  I’m going to head off to that appointment after I drop the kids off, Sandy.”


“All right – I’ll have John pick you up later,” Sandy said as she kissed her children, and then waved them off.




The Conde Nast offices


“Diana, if that dentist does not remove that tooth this afternoon, I promise you I will do it myself, never mind Carina.”


Diana nodded, and said with a grimace of pain “I’ll give her the pliers myself if I have to.  By the Goddess, I want to kill someone over…”


“Juliette, I was wondering if – ah, good morning Diana.”


Diana nodded to Mary, before saying “I see what you mean about Abigail, Mary, but please - not until she is old enough to make up her own mind.”


“I wouldn’t dream of it, but a little coaching on an evening or two – oh dear, did I hit a nerve?”


“No, but a nerve hit me,” Diana said as she stood up.  “I’ll see you at the house later, Juliette. Mary.” 


As she left, Mary looked at Juliette and said “Tooth?”


Juliette nodded, and then said “Right – the show tonight…”



3 pm
The dental surgery of Dr. Silverman



“Hblsdrlf,” Diana mumbled through her numbed jaw as Dr Silverman leaned in and looked through his eye glasses.


“Ah yes – I am truly sorry you have had to bear this, Countess, but it will all be over very soon.” 


Diana lay back and closed her eyes as her dentist used some instruments to check how numb her jaw was, but she felt a blessed calm, as for the first time in 48 hours she felt no pain. 


“Now then, let’s see,” she heard him say, as she felt a tugging and pressure in her jaw, and then a calm statement of “there we go – it’s out.”


Opening her eyes, Diana looked at the molar held in his thin pliers, a large hole in the side of the enamel.


“Fnkuu doctr,” she mumbled as she sat up and rinsed her mouth out.


“Don’t thank me yet,” Dr Silverman said as she lay back down, “I need to pack the cavity, but that will come out in due course.  I’m also prescribing you a course of antibiotics, in case there was any infection.”


“When doss the mumnes wer ff?”


Looking at the clock on the wall, Dr Silverman smiled and said “Probably by about eight tonight.  Now, don’t eat on that side of the mouth, and if the packing comes out just spit it out.  Apart from that, you’re good to go.”


“Fank yu Doctr,” Diana said as she got up, the right side of her mouth feeling as if it had no movement at all…



St Angela’s


“Well,” Joanne and Abigail said as Carina came out of the main building.


“No idea – guess we find out soon enough,” she said as they walked out of the gates – only to find John waiting with the door of the limousine open.


“Please get in ladies,” he said as he waited for them, “I dropped Miss Heather off earlier, and she asked me to ensure you got home on time.”


“Oh – does she suspect trouble, John,” Joanne said as she climbed in.


“No – although /I understand she wishes you to steer clear of Sacred Heart.  Apparently there is a report of a flour bombing there today.”


“McNally!”  The three of them said as John closed the door, and then got behind the wheel, the limousine moving smoothly off.



the Richmond mansion



“Hello Mary,” Heather said as she held the door open, “Thanks for coming here.”


“No problem, my dear, no problem,” she said as she bustled in, her assistant Susan following with three dress bags.  Juliette was the last to enter, carrying three boxes in her arms.


“Where are the girls,” she said as she laid the boxes down.


“Having something to eat with Sandy and George,” Heather said as she indicated the kitchen.  “Heard from Diana?”


“Only a text to say it was out.  Mary, I think Sandy is letting you use the master bedroom – up the stairs, third door on the left.”


“Right then Susan,” Mary said as she headed for the stairs, “Let’s go and set up what we need.”  She took her large workbox in her hands as the two of them ascended the staircase, Juliette calling out “I’ll bring these up later.”


Once they were out of earshot, Juliette said quietly “Well?”


“No changes, no problems.”


“Ah Juliette, my dear – how nice to see you again.”


“And you Vanessa,” Juliette said as they took each other’s hands and air kissed.  “Happy Birthday – how does it feel to be forty again?”


“As good as it did twenty years ago,” Vanessa replied with a smile.  “So you have this fashion show?”


“And you have your dinner – a horse drawn carriage, Sandy?”


“Nothing is too good for my mother,” Sandy said with a smile.


“Well, I must go and see the girls – if you will excuse me?”  Juliette walked to the kitchen as Sandy and Vanessa returned to the front room…



5.30 pm


“Right,” Juliette said as she looked at Heather, Diana and Sandy.  Vanessa had gone to get the grandchildren dressed, and the older girls had retreated to Merlin’s Kingdom, as Sandy called the bedroom for the moment, “I need to get down to Central Park.  Diana, you’ll be at the restaurant by 7.30?”


Sandy was adjusting the cuffs of her fitted jacket.  “Meeting point?”


“The abandoned underground car park near Battery Park.  I drove the van from the farm to near the park earlier today, and it is waiting with everything for me.”  Looking at her watch, Juliette said “Right – time I wasn’t here.”


On cue, John appeared in the doorway and said “We need to move, Miss Huntingdown.”


“Coming John,” she said lightly before nodding to the others,


“What about…”


“I had a little chat with Tommy earlier,” Juliette said as she grabbed her bag.  “Until later…”


“Oh my – you both look wonderful,” Heather said as little George and Sandy came down.  George was wearing a silver jump suit, and an old pair of Heather’s Ugg boots that had been spray painted silver.  A pair of gardening gloves got the same treatment, while a toy helmet covered his head.


Sandy had on a black leotard over a thick body stocking, and a pair of little black felt boots.  A tail had been attached to the leotard, and she had cat whiskers drawn onto her cheeks, as well as a pair of cat ears in a hair band.


“All right then,” Heather said as she got her coat, “Let’s go and see what treats we get from the neighbours.”


“We’ll see you when I get back,” their mother said as she waved them off.  “Sorry – need a bowl of hot water,” Mary said as she came down the stairs, ran into the kitchen and then carried a steaming bowl back up.


“What on earth does she need that for,” Vanessa said as she collected her coat.


“Who knows,” Sandy said with a smile as Diana came in.  “Better,” she said as she looked at her friend.


“Mush,” she said with a cheek still slightly frozen.  “Get goin.”


“On our way,” Sandy said as she left with her mother, Diana watching as she got into the carriage and it set off down the road.



Central Park


Juliette eased herself into her set in the front row of the Paris fall and winter retrospective show. Looking round she saw a few friends. Grace was there as usual scribbling her little pictures. Anna Wintour as always looked enigmatic behind her big dark glasses.


“Muah” she stood up and kissed one of the buyers from Neiman Marcus on the cheeks.


Juliette sat back down and stretched. She wasn’t that concerned about the clothes; she’d seen them all when they were presented in Paris. But this was one of those events in which it was more important to turn up and be seen than anything else.


She glanced at her watch. “Damn they’re running late” she silently fumed. “Didn’t fashion people realize that even fashion journalists had other things to do? That they had real lives to live?”


“Oh Hi” she waved back at a woman sitting opposite who she swear she’d never seen in her life before.


Suddenly the lights dimmed, “Thank the Goddess,” Juliette thought to herself…. “About damn time.”



6.45 pm
the Richmond mansion


“Ah, there you are Miss Heather,” John said as Heather brought Sandy and George back, their pails loaded with candy.


“Sorry I’m late,” she said as the kids ran into the kitchen.  “Only one piece,” she called after them as there was a knock on the door.


“Allow me,” John said as he walked to it, and then announced “Mister Winston Brewster the Third.”


Winnie Brewster, Heather reflected, was one of the few people in New York capable of making Abby look petite. At Six Eight and 245 he was the outstanding lineman playing prep school football anywhere in the North East. Not only did he have the Ivy League schools drooling, but he was beginning to attract attention and scholarship offers from such football factory schools as Alabama, Auburn, and Texas Tech.

His nickname House certainly fitted him, as he came through the door of the Richmond house.  Heather swore he nearly filled the entire double doorway.


“Good evening, Miss Smith,” he said as he fiddled with his finger under the collar of his winged collar shirt, “is Abigail….”


His voice trailed off as he saw Abigail descending the staircase, stepping carefully in her heels as she smiled at him.  She seem at least two inches taller, as the red fur moved and rippled with her body while she walked across the floor.


“Hello Winston,” she said as she stood in front of him, “thank you for inviting me.”


“nnnn thank you,” he said as he took a corsage from a box, and fastened it around her wrist.


Little George had come in from the kitchen, staring at the man before he tugged at her skirt, looked up at her and said just one word…."Whoa!"


“Eat your dinners, and you could be that big and strong as well,” Heather whispered as John said “Mister Thomas Boyton.”


Thomas came in, and said “Hey – you look nice Abby.”


“Not as nice as Carina,” Abby said as Carina slowly descended the stairs, her four inch heels making her as tall as Tommy as she walked over, the grey fur open at the front.  “For you,” Tommy said as he pinned a flower to the front of her dress.


“thank you,” Carina said shyly as she looked into his eyes.


“Mister Kevin Duffy.”


While Tommy and the House had worn tuxedos, Kevin was wearing a sharp suit in the eighties style, made from an electric blue material, with the sleeves pulled up and a thin tie around his neck.


“Hi Miss S, Mrs de R,” he said as Joanne came down the stairs, smiling at Tommy as he presented her with a small corsage as well.


“We must be moving, I am afraid,” John said as the three girls headed for the door, Mary and Susan beaming from the top of the stairs.


“May we have word with you three before you leave,” Diana said sweetly, the girls nodding as they waited outside.


“You have invited our girls out,” Heather said quietly, “and we expect you to treat them with all due decorum and modesty.  We do not want to hear of any untoward behaviour.”


“We would not dream of such a thing, Madame de Ros,” Tommy said as he looked at the other two.


“Good – because my wrath is something to behold, as is Heather’s.  I trust you all understand what I’m saying.”


The boys nodded as Carina called out “Come on – time’s a wasting.”  They hurried out, Heather laughing as she said “That put the fear of God into them.”


“Indeed,” Diana said with a smile, as she looked at her watch.  “Well, I must be going – will you be all right, Heather?”


“Sure, sure, you get going,” Heather said as she showed Diana out.  As she closed the door, Mary and Susan came down.


“Well, I think our work is done here, so…”


The sound of the phone ringing made them pause, as Heather answered the phone.


“Richmond residence, Heather Smith speaking.


“What now?  It is a little inconvenient…”


“Hang on.”  Heather put her hand over the mouthpiece and said “Mary, I need a huge favour.  Juliette wants me to take something she left here down to Central Park for the after show party.  Would you and Susan mind babysitting for a couple of hours?”


“Sure, sure, do what you have to do.”


“Thanks,” Heather said before she said “I’m on my way Juliette.  Maybe I can get a drink there?”  Putting the phone down, she ran to her bedroom, returning with a computer case as she blew Mary a kiss, and ran out.


“All ready?”


“All ready,” she said to Diana as she climbed into the car, “Go!”




7.30 pm
La Bernadin


“Happy birthday, Mom!”


“Why thank you darling,” Vanessa said as she raised her glass in reply to Sandy’s toast.  “This is a truly beautiful meal, I have to…”


“Vanessa?  Vanessa Richmond is that you?”


Vanessa turned to look at the grey haired woman standing behind her.  “Lexi?  Lexi Desmond?  My god, how long has it been?”  She stood up and embraced the new arrival, as Sandy looked on.


“Far too many years, Vanessa,” Lexi said as she held her arms and looked at her.  “Is this Sandy?  My goodness how you’ve grown.”


“Hello Mrs Desmond,” Sandy said with a smile, “What brings you here?”


“Why a reunion of the class of ’68 of course.  We’re meeting in an upstairs room.”


“Really?  I haven’t seen some of the girls for decades.  Do you think they would mind if I dropped in?”


“Well, I don’t want to break up a mother/daughter moment…”


“Oh tosh,” Sandy said as she beckoned to the waiter, “you go and see your old classmates.  You can tell me all about it tomorrow.”


“Well,” Vanessa said, “if you don’t mind dear.  We can talk tomorrow?”


“Go, go,” Sandy said as she paid the bill, and then stood up, waving to her mother as she went off on the arm of Lexi.  Collecting her coat, she stepped out of the restaurant, and into the waiting car.


“Nice touch, class reunion,” Diana said as she drove off.


“I thought so,” Sandy said as they headed south.


Buffy Mainbecker’s Eighties party, Hayden Planetarium.


The main hall was buzzing with highly dressed girls and well suited boys, the band leading the dancing as all were enjoying themselves.  In an alcove near the door, Abby, Jo and Cari were spending some quality time with their dates.


Abby kept looking at the size of House’s enormous hands. Schoolyard rumor had it the bigger a guys hands the bigger his…


“Oh my Goddess Abigail,” she chastised herself. “Get your mind on more important things.”


Winston ran his hand through her hair.


“Oh Goddess what’s he expecting me to do?” Abby asked herself in a state of some panic.


“You look beautiful.” Winston whispered in her ear, blowing a hot breath as he did so.


“OMG does he think I’m experienced?” Abigail was a bundle of nerves. “Is he expecting me to put out just because he’s the big jock?”


Her date stroked her hair again.


“Does he expect me to kiss him?” Abigail fretted. She wished she could whisper to either Jo or Carina and ask them what she should do, but each was busy with her own date. Carina indeed was clearly letting Tommy’s tongue explore her mouth.


She glanced at Jo…damn Jo looked like she was having her own problems, Kevin looked like he was all hands as Jo strove to maintain a degree of her respectability.


Suddenly Abby felt a pair of lips on her own. House pulled away trying to look into his dates eyes.


“Well that wasn’t too bad.” Abby thought to herself. Slowly she closed her eyes and pressed her lips forward onto his.”


“Fur is Murder…Fur is Murder…” Abby was shaken out of the moment by the arrival of a horde of hostile Nuns.


The dance floor looked quiet, as Buffy and Judy stood there, looking like two of the lead characters from Dynasty.  Judy then called out “ANGELS – GET THEM!!”


“What the,” Kevin said as the two groups of girls descended on each other, the House and Tommy standing in front of the girls.  None of them noticed as they slipped out of the front door, and got into the van waiting outside.


“Sorry we had to cut it short,” Juliette said as she drove off.  “Costumes off, and help Abby.”


“Oh I need to kill someone now,” Jo mumbled as she helped Abby to strip down, “Kevin was a pig…”


“Less talking, more changing,” Juliette called back as they turned onto FDR Drive, “We’re on a  schedule here…”


The van came to a halt in the underground car park, Joanne opening the rear doors to allow the other three to come inside.  Abby was fastening her jacket over ‘The Thing’ while Cari was adjusting her wig.


As the older women started to change, slowly becoming one unit, Diana sighed, the feeling fully returning to her jaw.


Carina sat nervously flexing her gloved fingers, this close to action she lost any pretence of patience. The beast within was roused to boiling point and she needed to start doing bad, violent things.


In the rational moments of her so-called ‘normal’ life Carina was bright enough, and self-aware enough to know that she had something seriously wrong in her personality. She knew this hunger to hurt and maim people wasn’t normal. She knew that one day there were good odds that the creature within herself would emerge then refuse to be caged again.


She thought back to school, yes she’d probably scored some immensely high score on her SAT’s today, and that Carina the cute blonde could now probably expect to be inundated with offers of college places.


Carina the violent criminal was quite proud of her other half. She knew however that just one slip, one mistake could bring the two halves of her own, her mothers, and her friends, lives come crashing together.


“How soon? She asked…her Mother held up five gloved fingers.


“Okay.” Carina nodded and started trying to focus the anger within.  Damn she knew she enjoyed what was coming up. Rationally,  she knew she was a sicko, a psycho, but that feeling of invincibility and power was sweeping through her veins, as the van moved off again.


“All right,” Juliette said as she stopped the van, and slipped her glasses on, “Let’s go to work.”



8.30 pm

Harkness Dent and Harkness Brokers, Wall Street


The guard at the reception desk looked up at the attractive lady who walked into the building, her dark glasses hiding her eyes as she approached the desk.  Her charcoal grey jacket fitted her like a glove, as did the knee length skirt he could see under it, and the blue scarf she had tied around her neck and tucked into the front of the jacket seemed to complete the outfit.  She had on short leather gloves, dark stockings, and the click of her heels on the marble floor echoed in the silence.


“Good evening,” she said as she smiled, her red lips parted slightly as she looked at the guard, “Am I too late for the party?”


“No, no – top floor,” he said as he pointed to the lift.  “Shall I tell them who is coming?”


“Oh no,” the woman said as she walked round the desk, his eyes fixed on the black and diamond brooch on her lapel, “I wish to surprise them.  All on your own tonight?”


He nodded mutely as she caressed his cheek with her glove.


“Good,” she said with a smile, “then got off that fucking seat, asshole, and let my friend into the security room.”


His smile wiped out by the snub nosed gun pointed at him, he watched as six identically clad women, all with the same short dark hair, walked in and closed the doors behind themselves. 


“Miss Bobcat?”


“Why don’t you come with me, sugah,” one of the new arrivals said as she took his arm, “and I’ll make things all right.”  As they disappeared behind a door, one of the others leaned under the desk and locked the external doors.


A few moments later, Miss Bobcat returned, and they could see the guard sitting on the floor, his head to one side and his eyes vacant, blood dripping from the side of his head.


“Oh my Goddess I’ll never get over the thrill of doing that.” Miss Bobcat purred her pleasure. “Murder is the ultimate high.”


“Shall we,” Miss Panther said as they removed their glasses and donned their stocking masks, before stepping into the lift.  The others took a sawn-off shotgun each, and stood patiently, controlling their breaths, fighting the urges that were growing within them, and focusing on the task ahead.


The soft ping as the lift reached the top floor was masked by the sound of shotguns being primed,   All seven took a deep breath as the lift doors opened, and they walked out.


The buzz of conversation was cut short as Miss Tigress fired a warning shot into the ceiling.


“ATTENTION MOTHER FUCKERS AND COCK SUCKERS,” Miss Panther glanced round looking at eyes looking for anyone brave.



“You heard the lady,” Miss Cheetah and Miss Puma said as they walked over to a group of staff that were standing, staring at the seven masked women at the lift doors, “get down on your fucking faces and kiss the carpet, shitbags!”


As theory dropped to the floor, Miss Leopard stood over them as guard, while Miss Panther indicated the first door.  Miss Puma and Miss Cheetah nodded as they kicked the door in, shouting “Hands in the fucking air, shitwads, and don’t make a fucking move.”


Miss Tigress and Miss Bobcat smiled under their stocking masks as they kicked in the second door, surprising a young accounts officer and one of the secretaries.  “Good evening, fuckers, “Miss Tigress said as they came in, “Strip those clothes off.”


“What the hell was that,” a partner said as he poked his head out of the third door, only to be forced back in as Miss Lynx put the end of her gun in his mouth.  “Oh shit, not again,” Allison whimpered as they walked in, followed by Miss Panther, who said simply “right – all your cell phones, tablets, pads and ids – in the centre of the room, before we start to cut them off your body with your limbs.”


“Right, you bastards,” Miss Leopard said as the last id pass was thrown into the pile in front of her, “I want you to be good little obedient dogs and…”


She sensed rather than heard the click behind her, as she spun round and fired one shot into the stomach of the security guard who had come out of the room.  He looked at her, then down at the dark red stain, and slumped to the floor as the three women there screamed.


“This isn’t a fucking zombie movie,” Miss Leopard yelled as she cocked the gun, “This is a fucking robbery, and you lot need to keep fucking quiet.”  She looked at the two men on the floor, and then said “You – got any tape?”


“YYyyyeesss – behind the desk,” he said as he looked at the reception desk.  Miss Leopard walked over, watching them the whole time, and reached over, pulling out the tape.


“Right – I want a volunteer from you three,” she said as she looked at the women.  One of them, a dark haired girl in her early twenties stood up, and she threw the roll of tape to her.


“You four – all your clothes off, now.  I’m feeling creative…”




“Very nice,” Miss Cheetah said as she pocketed the IDs.  “Just remember, fuckers – we know where you all live now, so we can visit any time you want.”


“Why are you doing this,” a blonde woman in her early thirties said.  She was wearing a knee length leather skirt and a white silk blouse.”


“We do it because we enjoy it,” Miss Puma said with a sneer.  “What’s your name, sweetheart?”


“What is it to you?”


As Miss Cheetah watched, Miss Puma walked over and stroked her gloved hand across the woman’s cheek, before she smacked her hard.  “Why don’t we find out,” Miss Cheetah cooed as she started to pant.  “Miss Puma, I think that’s a store cupboard over there – see if there is a broom or a mop in there.”


Miss Puma walked over, opened the door and looked in, then looked back and nodded.


“Excellent – the rest of you, on your knees, hands behind your head, and pray we don’t look your fucking way.  One noise, one little move out of place, and you don’t see the following infinity.”  She looked through the ids until she found the one she was looking for.  “All right, Agnes,” she said as she looked at the woman, and stroked the barrel of her gun down the front of her blouse, “lose the top.”




“Aww, they look so cute,” Miss Tigress said as she looked at the young couple.  They could not have been much older than twenty, the boy wearing a smart suit, white shirt and tie, the girl a grey jersey dress and knee length grey suede boots.


“Well, Jim and Judy,” Miss Bobcat said as she looked at their IDs, “This is truly your lucky nights.  Let me guess – first timers?”


The two nodded their heads as they looked at the masked women.


“Well then, let’s make it a special night – strip off,” Miss Tigress said as she pushed the barrel of her gun into Judy’s back.  She sobbed as she reached round and pulled down the zip fastener, while Jim slowly unfastened his jacket and slipped it off.


“Oh yeas, sugah, that is a nice toned body,” Miss Bobcat said as she looked at Jim.  “Everything, dahlin, right down to those tidy whities of yours.”


Miss Tigress was watching Jud as she stripped to a white bra and a pair of panties, and then removed them as well.


“Good,” she said as she picked up the panties and handed them to Judy, Jim holding his pants.  “now stuff them into each other’s mouth, and taste your fucking juices before we begin.  I can see Jim boy her was turned on by you, and you’re damp as well sweetheart.”


The two looked at each other before they slowly stuffed their underwear into each other’s mouth, while Miss Bobcat pulled some cables out of the computers.


“Right, my dear,” she said as she looked at Judy, “stroke his manhood and make him big and fat or I shoot your cunt off right now.”


The two Pussycats laughed as Judy slowly lowered herself onto her knees, tears running from her eyes as she stroked Jim’s cock with her hands…






“Right, you bunch of mother fucking shitbags,” Miss Lynx screamed as she pointed her gun at the group of men and women, “Which one of you assholes is Harkness?”


“I am,” a grey haired man said as he stepped forward, “What exactly is it you want?”


“I want you,” Miss Panther said with a smile, “to open this safe – both parts.”


“Don’t do it dad,” a young man said, who looked similar enough to be his son.


“Oh, I see we have a brave one here,” Miss Panther said as Miss Lynx walked up behind him, “Show him how we treat the brave ones my dear.”


She watched as the barrel of the gun came up hard between his knees, making him crumple to the floor as a woman in a pink sheath dress screamed “NOOOO!”


“Ah, thank you for identifying yourself, Mrs Harkness,” Miss Panther said as she grabbed her arm, and looked at Allison.  “I remember you,” she said quietly, “you thought it would be a good idea to stand up to us before.  DO you still think it is a good idea?”


“No,” Allison said in a quivering voice as she knelt and put her hands behind her head, “no I don’t…”


“But this little stud does,” Miss Lynx said as she knelt down, pushing the young man onto his back with her gun.  Placing the gun on his head, she whispered, “don’t move,” before she slowly unzipped his pants, pulled his cock out and started to massage it.


“Wha…  What are you doing,” he said as he looked at the masked woman through pain filled eyes.


“Does it hurt?  Tell me it hurts.”


“Yes, yes it hurts,” he moaned.


“You’re a fucking liar, but I can fix that,” she said as she reached up, picked a stapler off the desk, opened it in one movement, and then slammed it down on the tip of his cock.


The room shuddered as one as Miss Lynx said “now that we have an understanding, you shut the fuck up, and you,” she said as she looked at his white faced father, “open the fucking safe!”





“Please, please, don’t make me do thsssffngmmmm.”


The dark haired woman’s pleas were ignored as Miss Leopard forced him to place her lips over the cock of the man, and then she wound the tape round her head and his body, holding it there.  She was kneeling naked on the floor, her wrists taped together behind her back and her ankles secured, as were those of the man whose cock she was being forced to suck.


He was standing back to back with the second man, both naked, both taped at the wrists and ankles, and their upper bodies taped together, tape around both their heads holding their boxer shorts inside their mouths.


“You’re sick,” the other dark haired girl said as she taped her colleagues wrists and ankles, and helped her to kneel in front of the second man.  As she was forced to start sucking his dick, and her head taped into place, Miss Leopard began to feel something moving round in her mouth.


“Fuck,” she said as she felt the packing from her cavity coming out, and realised she had no way of spitting it out.  Closing her eyes for a moment, she was forced to swallow the packing, opening them just in time to see her ‘helper’ run for the emergency exit.


The shot from the shotgun caught her in the knee, making her fall in agony to the floor as Miss Leopard walked over.  “I don’t like cocksuckers who try to run out on me,” she said as she pumped the gun again, “it makes me cranky.”


The other four had to watch as their friend took another shot in the back of the head, before Miss Leopard turned and said “right, cocksuckers -  get to work.”




“no, no, please let me stop…”


“Not a chance, Agnes,” Miss Puma said as she held the gun to the back of her head, making the woman rub the short wooden handle between her legs, “I want to hear you scream.”  Agnes had been forced to take her blouse and skirt off, revealing a pink bra and thong, and now that thong was soaking wet from the juices the wooden handle had made start to flow.


“But I…   I…..”


“You what, you old fucking cunt,” Miss Cheetah said as she watched from where the rest of the group were cowering on their knees.


“I’ve never….”


“Oh for fuck’s sake, are you shitting me?  You’re a fucking Virgin, aren’t you you little cunt?”


Agnes nodded as she looked at Miss Puma with tear filled eyes.


“Well, then, we need to fix that,” Miss Cheetah said as she walked over and pushed Agnes onto her back, her gun against her head as Miss Puma stood up.


“Fuck yourself, bitch – drive it in…”




“I SAID DRIVE IT IN,” she screamed as she made Agnes shove the end of the wooden pole into her passage, Agnes screaming as the wood penetrated her and was forced inside…


“What’s wrong, bitch, don’t like it in you,” Miss Cheetah whispered as she watched her partner push it in and out.  “And this is what’s going to happen to you, your wives, your daughters, any fucking female we find if we have to come calling.  Think of that, asswipes, before we go…”


“I’ve got them covered Miss Puma,” Miss Cheetah said as she stood up, “check the washrooms…”





“Oh yes, I like it,” Miss Tigress said as she wound the cable around both their bodies, forcing Jim deep into Judy, “they do make a loving couple.”  The two office workers were facing each other, Jim forced to fuck Judy as their arms were tightly tied round each other, and their legs tied together.  A band of clear tape held their heads together in a forced kiss.


“I don’t know sugah,” Miss Bobcat said as she saw Judy’s eyes glaze over and heard her moan, “I get the feeling they’re enjoying it too much.  I know I am.”


Miss Tigress nodded as she felt the dampness between her legs, and felt under her skirt.  “Oh yeah, I know what you mean,” she said quietly as she closed her eyes, “I know it…”


“HMGMDDDNNNN” Jim shouted through Judy’s mouth as he felt himself cum, Judy tensing and relaxing in response.


“Aw that’s nice,” Miss Tigress, said as she walked over, “they got a moment of happiness.  I think that should last forever.”


Judy’s scream went unheard as the shotgun was placed next to Jim’s head and went off, before she too was shot in the back of the head by Miss Bobcat.  Both Pussycats collapsed to the floor and screamed in ecstasy as the two lovers fell onto their knees, and toppled over…



“Very good, Mister Harkness,” Miss Panther said as the first safe door swung open, revealing the smaller second safe inside.  “Now open the inner safe.”


Allison was holding her son’s head in his lap, comforting him as she watched Miss Lynx walk over to their mother.


“I think the fucker needs a little more encouragement, Miss Panther,” Miss Lynx said as she walked over to his wife, ad raised her skirt with the barrel of her gun.  “That little lady will tell you what I’m capable of doing if you don’t co-operate,”


“Miss Lynx speaks the truth,” Miss Panther said as she pulled her husband’s head back and stroked the barrel of her gun between his legs.  “now, unless you wish her to have an unscheduled hysterectomy, start opening that inner safe, you little shitstick.”


“Please,” his wife pleaded as Miss Lynx pushed the end of the barrel between her legs.  He went pale, and then started to open the inner safe, as Miss Panther opened a leather case.


“Just place the bearer bonds inside,” she said as she held the bag open, watching Miss Lynx as she stroked his wife’s clit to and fro…


“Is that what I think it is?” Out of the corner of her eye Miss Panther had caught sight of the two huge piles of cash sitting on a shelf.


“Miss Lynx I’m going to need a hand in here.”


“Eat the fucking floor.” Miss Lynx violently pushed the woman’s face into the carpet. “Now stay fucking there till I see what my colleague wants”


“Over there Miss Lynx. “Miss Panther pointed at the piles of cash with her gun.


“Nice.” A little whistling sound escaped Miss Lynx’s lips at the sight of all the money.


“Bag it quick Miss Lynx.” Miss Panther ordered sharply.


Miss Lynx grabbed a sack and started grabbing handfuls of cash and dropping them in the bag. “An unexpected bonus Miss Panther?”


“Yes” Miss Panther laughed, “but we can always find a use for cash.”



Miss Puma kicked the door open, and then walked in, kicking each of the stall doors in before she looked inside.


The last stall had noises coming from inside, and she could see two pairs of shoes under the bottom of the door.   Smiling, she stood back and said “All right you assfuckers, open the door.”


She looked as the door slowly opened out, to reveal two men, both with their pants down, one kneeling and bending over the toilet seat as the other stood behind him, pushing between his ass cheeks.  They both turned and looked at the tall, elegantly dressed, masked and armed woman, before she saw a brown trickle rolling down their legs.


“You know what, just stay put,” she said as she struck them both with the barrel of the gun, knocking them both unconscious before she walked off…





“Thank you, kind sir,” Miss Panther said as she zipped the leather case up, and tucked it under her hand.  As she turned, she saw Miss Lynx now had dragged the cash bag out and returned her attentions to the wife.


The man now saw his wife on her back, her dress pulled up as she forced the barrel of her gun between her legs, pushing into her panties.


“Does that feel good, mother whore?  Does that feel good to you?  Does it excite you, because it sure as fuck is making me excited.”


“You’re a sick bitch,” Mrs Harkness said as Allison said quietly “no, don’t…”


“Yeah you know what – I am,” Miss Lynx said, the shot muffled as Mister Harkness fell to his knees, his face in a silent scream.


“But it feels so fucking FANTASTIC!” Miss Lynx said as she stepped back, Miss Panther watching her.


“Time,” she said as she looked at the clock, showing nine o’clock.  “Remember nobody moves a fucking inch. REMEMBER we have your id’s we know who you are, one word out of place we come and kill your fucking families…GET IT?”


One of the men stood up to go to see if he could do anything for Mrs Harkness, only to be felled by the pistol-whipping from Miss Panther.  “As I said,” she repeated quietly, “Nobody moves a fucking inch.  Enjoy your party.” Swiftly she hit the man again drawing blood as the metal of the gun barrel smashed into his face.


As they walked out, they were joined first by Miss Tigress and Miss Bobcat.


“All clear?”


They nodded as Miss Cheetah and Miss Puma emerged from opposite sides of the corridor.


“This is a work of art,” Miss Puma said as they walked to the lobby, and saw the four young executives.


“I call it still life in fear, what do you think?”


“And these two?”


“Still death,” Miss Leopard said as she pressed the lift button, and they all walked in.


Walking into the lobby, they removed their masks and put their glasses back on, before Miss Bobcat unlocked the front doors, and they walked out into the night…




Hayden’s Planetarium


As Abby, Jo and Cari slowly made their way back from the powder room, the House turned and said “There you are – what happened to you?  We thought those girls you called Nuns had taken you.”


“They tried to,” Jo said as she brushed some dust off her fur, “but we turned the tables.  We spent the last hour tickle torturing her, before her friends came looking for her.”


“Sorry if we scared you,” Abby said as she looked at the House. 


“Are you all right?  You look flushed, excited.”


“Well, it’s not every day a party gets raided,” Carina said as she hugged Tommy.  “Hey – is there any punch left?”


“Not sure – Buffy had it tipped over her.”



The Richmond mansion


“Mary, I am so sorry we got held up,” Juliette said as she and Heather came in, Heather placing the case on the phone table.  “How are the kids?”


“Sound asleep – the girls phoned ot say they are on their way back.  Apparently there was a protest at the party, but they’re not hurt.”


“The outfits…”


“Screw the outfits the fact they are safe is what matters.”


“Who’s safe?”


Diana came in, followed by Sandy.  “Mom met some old friends, so I called a few of my own and we went for a drink,” Sandy said as she took her coat off. 


“Hey there.”


“What happened,” Juliette said as she looked at Tommy, his bowtie slightly askew and his jacket torn.


“Small catfight – a sight to behold, but the girls stayed out of it,” he said as they came in, the boys removing their fur coats as they did so.


“Right, I need to be off,” Mary said as she headed for the door.  “Tell em about it tomorrow when you return the clothes, girls.”


“See you tomorrow, Mary – and see you boys another time.”


“Let’s go,” Tommy said as he took the House and Kevin by the arms, “I know that tone of voice.”


They waited until all five had left, before John said “If there is nothing else, Miss Alexandra, I need to go and collect your mother.  I understand she is rather – exuberant.”


“You mean she’s had a few too many?”


“Precisely – good evening ladies,” John said as he left, closing the doors behind himself.


The group of seven women looked at each other, before they burst out laughing.


“OH man what a night,” Cari said as she threw herself down on a couch, and kicked her legs out.  “We actually fucking did it!”


“We did,” Juliette said as she opened her bag and removed the bonds.  “I’ll have these in the hands of our dealer first thing in the morning.  I think this calls for a celebration.”


She went into the kitchen, returning with two bottles of champagne.  “Jo, darling, get some glasses from the kitchen,” Heather said as she looked at her sister.


“How many?”


“Seven,” Juliette said with a smile, “You all deserve it tonight.”


“What happened to the van?”


“I heard a van caught fire near the bottom of central park,” Diana said with a smile.  She popped the cork of one bottle and poured seven glasses out, handing them round.


“By the way that cash you found Juliette, I did a rough count. It’s about two million dollars.”


“Wowee.” The remarked just came out of Abby’s mouth.


“And they say crime doesn’t pay.” Juliette laughed at her own joke.





“By the way Diana I ran into Missy Auerbach at the show.” Juliette informed her friend.


“Missy Auerbach…now where do I know that name from?...Oh of course she used to be your agent when you were modelling.” Suddenly Diana’s eyebrows shot up.


“I made an appointment for you and Abigail to go see her next week.”


“Eh?” Abby cocked her head to the side.


“Abigail.” Diana took in a large breath. “It’s pretty obvious you have a future in modelling.” Diana paused, “I don’t like it Cherie, but if it’s what you want…”


“Oh it is Mother.” Abigail flung herself into her Mother’s arms.


“Well you are going to need an agent then.” Juliette smiled. “To stop unscrupulous fashion editors like me from exploiting you darling.”


“Oh Aunt Ju THANK YOU SO MUCH!” the gangly teenager hugged the older woman.


“Well anyway,” a slightly flustered Juliette brushed herself down. “Missy looked after my career. She’s the best…. and well everyone thinks you have what it takes…. you’ll need the best.”


“Oh Goddess!” Abby flung herself into the arms of a cheering Jo and Carina.


Juliette shook her head. “What a night,” she said as she picked up the last glass, turned and gave a toast .  “To the future.”


“The future!”  they called out as they drank from the glasses, the younger girls choking as they had champagne for the first time.


“Slowly, dear,” Diana said with a smile, “slowly…”







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