“And that is term almost over and done with,” Ashley said as she put her shoulder bag down on the old leather seat, “how are we going to celebrate this august occasion?”


Yvonne, looked up from the other armchair, strumming on her guitar as she said “Oh I’m sure we can think of something, once Chloe gets back.”  The twenty year old student still had her blue club blazer on over her grey patterned dress, her red tights covering her thin legs, her feet in white kitten heeled sandals.  Shaking her head so that her long light brown hair brushed her shoulders, she said “and how was the library today.”


“Full of students cramming for exams,” Ashley said as she removed her long pale green coat and laid it over the back of the chair her bag was sitting in.  She was wearing a long white chintz top with a blue floral pattern at the neck and hem, which sat just above her knees, the sleeves coming down to her elbows.  She was also wearing tights, hers a bright orange, and black flat shoes.  “I’m going to make tea - want some?”


“Why not,” Yvonne said as she started to play Classical Gas, Ashley shaking her head was she walked through to the kitchen.  The two of them had been housemates in the student house since they returned for their second year at Cambridge, alongside Chloe, who at that point was probably wrapping up a tutorial before she came home.


Putting the kettle on, she smiled to herself – and then stiffened as she realised she was not alone in the kitchen…




“I’m back!”


“Hey,” Yvonne said as Chloe came into the room, “all done?”


“All done.”  The blonde was wearing a long sleeved patterned blouse over a pair of dark maroon shorts, crimson tights and white heels, “and I am in the mood for something exciting.  How about…”


“How about you go and draw the curtains over the windows, and then you both sit down, with your hands where I can see them.”


Both girls looked to see Ashley standing in the doorway, her arms behind her back, and behind her a young man in a denim jacket and jeans, looking at them as he held a kitchen knife to Ashley’s side.


“well, looks as if I have a few people to keep me company for a while,” he said quietly, “so you’re all going to do exactly what I tell you to do, and nobody gets hurt, understand?”


“Who are you,” Chloe said as Ashley was pushed over, Yvonne seeing that her wrists had bene tied together behind her back with some black tape as she sat in the armchair.


“I’ll tell you later.  Right now,” he said to Yvonne, “put that guitar slowly down, and put your hands behind your back.  Then your friend here,” he said as he tossed a roll of black tape to Chloe, “can tape your wrists together behind your back.”


“He surprised me in the kitchen – I’m sorry girls, there was nothing I could do,” Ashley said quietly as Yvonne felt her arms been taken behind her back, and then the tug on her wrists as they were taped together.


“It’s all right Ash,” Chloe said quietly as she patted the tape down on Yvonne’s wrists, “who are you anyway?”


“Just someone who needs a place to lay low for a few hours,” them man said as he walked over and took the tape from Chloe, and then taped her wrists together behind her back, “and with such nice company as well.  You’re Ash – short for Ashley?”


As she nodded, he looked at the other two.  “I’ll get your names later – sit down as well, and don’t move.”


As Chloe took a seat, he sat down and looked at them.  “Students, right?  Well, don’t worry, I won’t be here too long, but I do need to make sure you all stay out of the way and can’t tell anyone I’m here.”  He looked at Ashley as she twisted round, and said “You got any washing line in this place?”


“No – why?”


“Hmm – means I need to improvise.”  Kneeling down, he used the black tape to secure the ankles of each girl together, and said “don’t move” as he left the room.


“Funny,” Yvonne said quietly, “any chance one of you can get your phone?”


“Mine’s in my coat pocket over there,” Ashley said as Yvonne looked over, and then managed to stand up, jumping slowly over…


“And where do you think you are going?”


“Damn,” she said as she turned and looked at the young man, who was holding a ball of twine in his hands.  “I see I need to make sure two of you stay right where you are until I’m ready – you’re going to be one, which of you will stay with her?”


“I will,” Yvonne said as Chloe looked on, and the man nodded.  “Right then – both of you, on the floor, on your stomachs.”


Yvonne and Ashley looked at each other as they knelt, and then lay down, the man saying to Chloe “stay there” as he knelt down, and bound their ankles to their wrists, the thin cord tied around the two black bands as they looked at each other.


“On your sides,” he said, the two young women rolling to face each other as he looked at them, then collected the mobile phones.  “Now stay there,” he said quietly as he cut the tape round Chloe’s ankles, took her by the arm and walked her up the staircase.


“We’re stuck,” Ashley whispered as she wriggled round, “what are we going to do?”


Yvonne looked at her, and raised an eyebrow as she said “I can think of something…”



“Is this your room?”


Chloe nodded as they walked in, the man saying “good – right, sit on the bed, and tell me where you keep your scarves.”


“My scarves?  Well, I keep them in the wardrobe – why?”


“You’ll see,” he said quietly, “sit down on the bed.”  As Chloe sat down he opened her wardrobe and took out a selection of long scarves, putting them on the bed before he took a penknife out of his pocket.


“I’m going to cut your wrists free, and I want you to lie face down on the bed, hands behind your back.”


“You’re not going to hurt me, are you,” Chloe whispered as she felt the tape part round her wrists, and then lay down as he put her hands together, palm to palm, and then took a red silk scarf, and wrapped it round her arms, pulling her elbows together as he tied it around and between her arms.


“Oh my god,” she whispered as he took a yellow scarf, and tied her wrists tightly together as well, then rolled her over as he tied the neds of the long scarf round her waist.  She looked down to see her chest forced out, the buttons straining on her blouse as she wriggled round.


“Please, I don’t know what you want, but…”


“Hush,” he said quietly as he took a third scarf, this one a long blue rectangle, and tied one end to the band round her waist, Chloe watching as he laid it down along her legs.  He then went to a drawer, and took out a pair of her panties, smiling as he folded it and said “open wide now.”


“No, please, I promise I whnttshsnhthnn,” Chloe whispered as the panties were pushed into her mouth, stopping her talking before the man covered her mouth with strips of the black tape.


“Now, no reasons why you should not enjoy your time in this room,” he said as he rolled her over, Chloe wondering what he was talking about as she mumbled “uhchldophrhdeehnnnNNNNN


The squeal came as he reached between her legs and pulled the blue scarf back and up, securing the ends to her wrists as t lay against her shorts, rubbing as she twisted round, making Chloe hot as he took a red bandana, and tied her ankles tightly together, then used a yellow scarf to secure her legs below her knees.  Pulling her bound ankles back, he used a grey scarf to tie them to her elbows, and then rolled her over as she looked at him. 


“I’m going to have a look in your friend’s rooms now, have fun…”


Chloe watched as he walked out of the room, and then started to struggle, the scarf between her legs rubbing on her as she did so…




He walked into the next room, seeing the guitar cord books and realising it was Yvonne’s room, and then his smile growing as he looked in a cupboard.




“That – was nice,” Ashley said as she looked at Yvonne, “but I never knew…”


“Well, I never knew how to tell you,” Yvonne said with a smile, “but – well…”


“Hello girls – and especially you,” the man said as he came in, looking at Yvonne.


“Me – why – oh no, you’ve searched my room…”




“Your friend has a secret,” the man said as he used his penknife to cut the two girls twine bindings.


“I know – she just told me how she felt…”


“That’s not what he’s talking about,” Yvonne said quietly as he helped both of them to stand up.


“No it’s not – let’s go to your room,” he said quietly as they both walked in front of him up the stairs, hearing Chloe’s groans before they walked into Yvonne’s bedroom, and Ashley saw the holdall on her desk, lengths of rope visible at the top.


“I’m sorry Ashley,” Yvonne said quietly, “I also like seeing women tied up, and I’ve tied myself up a few times.”


“And now – you’re going to tie your friend up,” the man said as he looked at Yvonne.  “Start by tying her arms to her sides.”


Ashley looked at her flatmate, who nodded and said “if anyone is going to do it, I’d like it to be you, given what happened downstairs.”


“I don’t have a choice, do I,” Yvonne said as the man cut her wrists free, rubbing them before she went and selected a long length of white rope.  Doubling it over, she walked back and passed it round Ashley’s body, pulling it tight under her chest as her blouse top was gathered and raised a little, her arms pulled into her sides.


“It’s a strange feeling,” Ashley whispered as Yvonne took the rope round her, framing her chest as her top was stretched over it, and then tied it at the back.


“I could make it tighter – if you wanted.”


Ashley thought for a moment, and then nodded as Yvonne took the rope under one arm, then lifted her dark hair out of the way as she passed it around the back of her neck, and under the other arm, tying that off as well.


Chloe could hear them talking as she struggled on the bed, wondering why she felt so warm and nice between her legs as she did so…



“It’s – different,” Ashley said as Yvonne took more rope, and removed the tape from her friend’s wrists before she tied them tightly together, taking the rope around and between her arms as she did so.  “How did you manage to tie yourself up?”


“Carefully, and with a pair of scissors to hand – something I don’t think he will let us do,” Yvonne said as she held Ashley’s arms.  “But at least we can be together.”


Ashley nodded as the man came over and checked the ropes.  “Good – sit on the bed, and your friend can make sure your legs are secured as well.”


“Okay,” Ashley whispered as she sat down, and Yvonne knelt, removing her black shoes before she wrapped the white rope around her ankles, the orange tights compressing as well as they were bound as tightly as her wrists.  She then bound her legs together below her knees, smiling as she saw her friend’s reaction to the touch of her fingers on her legs.


“You’re not ticklish,” she said as she tied the rope between Ashley’s legs.


“I know – that wasn’t ticklish,” was the reply as Yvonne stood up, looking into Ashley’s eyes before she leaned over and they kissed each other.


“Ah, young love – gag her.”  The man handed Yvonne a red sponge ball, and a roll of white tape that had been in the bag, Yvonne nodding as she compressed the ball and said “let me do this – the tape won’t harm your hair, so don’t worry about that.”


“How do you know?”


“Trust me,” she said with a smile as Ashley opened her mouth, feeling the ball expand and fill it behind her teeth, and then the tape as it pressed on her neck and cheeks while Yvonne wrapped it around her head.


“I think I’m going to be the same as you soon,” Yvonne said with a smile as the man helped Ashley to lie on her side on the bed, and then tied her ankles to the foot.  He then took more ropes out, and said “yes, yes you will be – hands behind your back.”


“Let me take my jacket off first,” Yvonne said as she let the blue blazer fall to the floor, Ashley looking at her patterned top as the man started to bind her upper body.  The way her grey dress was stretched by the bands framing her chest, and then the way he took the ropes over Yvonne’s shoulder, fed them under the lower band and then pulled back up, almost like a bra… the way Yvonne smiled at her as she twisted round, and then sat down, talking quietly to her as he bound her ankles and legs, the red tights lightening under the two bands, her white shoes left like hers on the floor…




Chloe suddenly started to shake and gasp as she felt something very different happening, wondering what it was as her shorts felt so wonderful and damp, her whole body shaking as she lay there…




Whllfhnnssmhttnuhhr,” Ashley mumbled as she looked at Yvonne, the other girl giggling as she nodded and blushed at the sight of her friend’s lips under the white tape, a sponge ball in her mouth as well as the man tied her ankles to the foot of the bed.


“Have fun,” he said as he left the room, Yvonne nodding as she wriggled closer and pressed her taped lips on Ashley’s, the other girl returning the kiss as they ribbed their gagged mouths together, the ropes rubbing on both of them as they wriggled round.


Ashley then looked down and nuzzled into Yvonne’s chest, feeling the ropes as Yvonne let out a muffled sigh and closed her eyes.  This was turning out to be an exciting night after all…







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